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					                                                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2007

                                                                Lafayette News Network
 Creating a strong local economy • Promoting the community • Providing networking opportunities • Representing the interests of business with government

City of Lafayette to Conduct
Parking and Transportation Survey                                                                                     Upcoming Events
City Plans to Improve Parking, Reduce Traffic Congestion                                                        New Member Reception
                                                                                                                    Thursday, November 1st
In the recent survey about Downtown Lafayette, more than half of the respondents were dis-
                                                                                                                4:30-6pm, Oakwood Athletic Club
satisfied with parking, and felt that more on and off-street parking is needed. The City of
Lafayette is conducting a follow-up survey among employers and employees to determine how                                Tri-Chamber
parking can be improved. The survey will also ask about the awareness and use of ridesharing                           Business Expo
incentives. Discouraging solo driving will help to improve parking availability and reduce traf-                     Thursday, November 8th
fic congestion.                                                                                                    4-7pm, Crowne Plaza Hotel,
    Each employer will receive an employer survey and the appropriate number of employee                                    Concord
surveys. Employers are asked to distribute the surveys and return them to the City of Lafayette.                  Coffee with the Mayer
The survey will also be available on the city website. The survey will close on November 16,                         Friday, November 9th
2007.                                                                                                                8am, Chamber Office
    For your convenience, a copy of the employer survey is also included as an insert in this
newsletter. Please complete it and return it to the City at your earliest convenience. This em-                     Entrepreneur’s Club
ployer survey is identical to the one you should have received from the City. Please complete                       Thursday, November 15th
it only once. We are duplicating our distribution efforts because a good response is critical.                      8:30pm, Chamber Office
    To encourage employees to respond, several Lafayette businesses have offered prizes. Diablo                 Thanksgiving Community
Foods is contributing a $125 gift card, the Oakwood Athletic Club is offering a package of                              Breakfast
passes, a bag and apparel worth $250, and the Lafayette Park Hotel is offering a one night stay                    Friday, November 16th
in the hotel. The Chamber of Commerce and the City of Lafayette are also contributing cash                        7:30am, Lafayette United
prizes to bring the total prize value to over $1000. Employers who participate will be thanked                        Methodist Church
in the local newspaper.
    For more information, contact the survey consultant: Valerie Brock. 510-595-1510, email:                    Business Issues Meeting                                                                                          Thursday, November 29th
                                                                                                                  8:00am, Chamber Office
Measure J
                                                                                                                        Ribbon Cutting
What is Measure J?
Measure J will renew and increase important funding for local elementary and middle schools                           Tuesday, November 6th
in the Lafayette School District. In 1992 local voters approved a parcel tax that provides                              4:30, Queen Bee
locally controlled funding to support core academic programs that make Lafayette schools                            Thursday, November 8th
among the best in the State. The existing school parcel tax is set to expire in June 2008.                        4:30pm, ABsolute Center
What programs will Measure J support?                                                                              Tuesday, November 13th
If passed, the Measure J will continue to:                                                                      4:30pm, Lafayette Pet Shoppe
•	 Ensure	stable,	locally	controlled	funding.	                                                                      Thursday, November 15th
•	 Support	critical	programs,	including:		preserving	small	class	sizes,	K-5	science	teachers	                      4:30pm, LoveBugs Salon
    and instructional technology support.
•	 Attract	and	retain	teachers	–	Our	beginning	teacher	salaries	are	6th	out	of	7th	of	our	
    neighboring districts.
•	 Eliminate	structural	deficit	caused	by	the	State	no	longer	funding	vital	programs	such	as	
	 K-5	reading	specialists,	instructional	materials	and	library	support.	
                                                                                                                November Mixer
•	 Reduce	parent	subsidies	of	core	instructional	programs,	for	example	instructional	aides.                      Wednesday, November 14
                                                                                                                      5:30 - 7:00pm
Why do we need a higher parcel tax?
Funding for our schools is declining and the cost of maintaining programs increasing.                                MINUTEMAN PRESS
This is due to several ongoing problems:                                                                          3289 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette
•	 State	funding	for	local	schools	is	unstable	and	insufficient.		  continued on page 2
      Thanksgiving                           Presidents Message                                        LAFAYETTE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                                                                           MISSION STATEMENT
                                                                                                        To promote and maintain a healthy
        Breakfast                                         Stacy Spell                                 business climate and to preserve and
                                                                                                      enhance the quality of life in Lafayette.

Join city leaders, residents, and                                                                               2007 Officers
                                                November-time is flying by
                                                                                                              EXECUTIVE BOARD
the    business    community      for
                                                     Time to be thankful                                           President:
breakfast as we have done for 27                      Take time for that                               Stacy Spell, Oakwood Athletic Club
                                                                                                             1st Vice President:
years. The 28th Annual Com-                                                                              Larry Duson, Bank of the West
                                            Time to reevaluate the necessities                                 Vice Presidents:
munity thanksgiving Breakfast                    Always need to do that                                          Larry Blodgett,
                                                                                                            Blodgett’s Floor Covering
will be held on Friday, Novem-                       Time for yourself                               Steve Cortese, Cortese Investment Co.
                                                 Always NEED more of that                                  Edward Zeidan, Nerd4Rent
ber 16th from 7:30am -9:00am                                                                           Treasurer: Caesar Perales, CPA
                                                                                                        Immediate Past President:
at Lafayette United Methodist                     Time to think of others
                                                                                                                Budd MacKenzie,
                                                 Should be time every day                              Law Offices of Budd E. MacKenzie
Church, 955 Moraga Rd., Lafay-
                                                       Time to be happy                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS
ette. Reservations can be made
                                                              Yes                                         Joanne Archer, Polly Bernson,
                                                                                                           Kathy Bowles, Tony Eichers,
by calling the Lafayette Chamber
                                         There never seems to be enough time                                 Mike Heller, Chris Lane,
of Commerce at 284-7404 or                                                                                 Tim McKinley, Ute Medford,
                                               Time to make some time!
                                                                                                            Sandi Mitchell, A.J. Nisen,
visit                                                                            Steve Palsa, Wendy Tamis,
                                             Cheers for a happy, healthy and                                      Greg Woehrle
Cost is $15 per person.                        fun holiday season in and
                                                   around Lafayette!                                         ADVISORY BOARD
                                                                                                      Judy Carney, Ann Denny, Steve Falk,
                                                                                                       Dennis Garrison, Teresa Gerringer,
                                                                                                          Joan Grimes, DeWitt Mosby,
Measure J continued from page 1                                                                           Eddie Roodveldt, Ed Stokes,
•	 Local,	state	and	federal	expectations	and	standards	continue	to	change	and	require	                           Jesse Wellen
   additional district resources.                                                                        CHAMBER OFFICE STAFF
•	 Declining	enrollment	results	in	a	reduction	in	revenue	that	far	exceeds	the	reduction	                Jay Lifson, Executive Director
   in ongoing costs from having fewer students.                                                          Karen Rose, Director of Events
•	 The	cost	of	providing	quality	educational	programs	increases	each	year	due	to	                        Linda Carlson, Office Manager
   inflation and other factors                                                                                  Barbara Gilmore,
                                                                                                         Membership Services Director
What will happen if Measure J does not pass?                                                           LAFAYETTE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
If Measure J does not pass, class sizes will increase, teaching positions, classroom aides and           100 Lafayette Circle, Suite 103
counseling positions will be eliminated. Less funding will be available for textbooks, in-                   Lafayette, CA. 94549
structional	materials	and	technological	equipment.		Lafayette	School	District	will	struggle	to	
                                                                                                             (925) 284-7404
remain	competitive	with	surrounding	districts	for	retaining	and	attracting	qualified	teachers	             FAX (925) 284-3109
and support staff.                                                                           
For More Information about Measure J:

                                                                                                  373 Village Dr., Orinda, CA 94563

   New Board                                   The Lafayette Chamber of Commerce is proud to
                                               announce the 2008 Board of Directors.

    The new board members include                                       Tony Eichers - Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa
    Dennis Garrison - Oakwood Athletic Club                             Mike Heller - Concord BMW
    Eddie	Roodveldt	-	Smith	Barney	                                     Joanne Archer - Sew Fine Interiors
    Barbara Townsend - Futures Explored.                                Polly	Bernson	-	Diablo	Rapid	Print
                                                                        A.J. Nisen - Bank of America Mortgage
    Returning to the board will be:                                     Steve Pulsa - Minuteman Press
    Sandi	Mitchell	-	Empire	Realty                                      Wendy Tamis - Clocks, Etc.
    Edward	Zeidan	-	Nerd4Rent                                           Greg Woehrle - Woehrle & Son Builders
    Budd	MacKenzie	-	Attorney
    And incoming President Larry Duson, Bank of the West.               The board will be asked to approve the slate at their Novem-
    Larry is the first board member in the chamber’s 60 year his-       ber meeting. They will also be asked to approve the three at-
    tory to repeat as president for a second term.                      large directors and advisors picked by the incoming president
                                                                        and the elections committee.
    Board members in the second year of their term include:
                                                                        Thank you to Chris Lane (past president), Ute Medford,
    Stacy Spell - Oakwood Athletic Club
                                                                        Kathy	Bowles	&	Tim	McKinley	for	the	contributions	they	
    Steve Cortese - Cortese Investment Co.                              have made to our organization as board members.

            Introducing Sustainable Lafayette
There is growing concern about climate change and residents & businesses alike want to
find ways to reduce their impacts. Sustainable Lafayette is a new, grass-roots effort designed
to help residents and businesses discover effective ways to reduce our impacts, including
greenhouse gas reduction.

Sustainable Lafayette has created an extensive website that features “Success Stories” writ-
ten by local residents. Each success story describes an environmental living practice that
residents or businesses can review and learn from. Stories range from home composting and
solar energy to recycling and alternative transportation options. Many of these practices are
easy and inexpensive to adopt and are effective in reducing environmental impact. They
also improve energy and resource efficiencies which will save money!

Sustainable Lafayette recently joined the Lafayette Chamber and looks forward to working
with Chamber staff and members to help local businesses reduce their environmental im-
pacts. Please visit our website at to review a variety of success
stories and other helpful information. In fact, a new section was added for business suc-
cess stories. Chamber members are encouraged to share their environmental successes with
other businesses and the greater Lafayette community!

       Alan ‘AJ’ Nisen
       Mortgage Loan Consultant
       MBA, Notary & Lafayette Chamber
       Board Member

       Phone: 1.925.688.3820
       Mobile: 1.925.963.5836

Judge says “No-Match” is a No-Go, at Least for Now
By Jay Strauss                                                                                         October Mixer
Last week, small business owners were let off the hook, at least temporarily, when a federal             Washington Mutual
judge in San Francisco blocked the implementation of a recent Bush administration initiative                   Bank
that would have used the Social Security system to go after employers of illegal immigrants.
As	you	probably	know,	employers	and	employees	are	required	to	prepare	and	file	a	form	I-9	             Washington Mutual Bank was
within 3 days of a new hire. If the social security number reported does not match govern-              buzzing at the recent mixer
ment records, the Social Security Administration sends a “no-match” letter to the employer,             put on by Patricia Morales
informing them of the discrepancy, but, by itself, until recently, imposing no significant af-                  and staff.
firmative duty on the employer.
   However, under the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) recent “no match” policy,                Members and guests enjoyed
employers would have 90 days after receiving the letter to verify the immigration status of an             the warm and friendly
employee whose social security number did not match official records. The DHS regulations                atmosphere and dined on
outlined a so-called “safe harbor”, imposing a significant administrative burden on employers.           hors d’oeuvres created by
Any employer who ignored the letters could have faced criminal charges and fines. To avoid                Chef Dan Leff. Five new
penalties, employers would have to confirm the status of their workers and ultimately fire any         members were in attendance
who proved to be illegal.                                                                              and met many other Chamber
Opponents said the plan’s fatal flaw is its reliance on error-filled Social Security records that      members. Everyone loved the
could lead to the firings of hundreds of thousands of citizens and legal residents.                       violin music provided by
   Since August, the DHS has sent out 140,000 no match letters to employers. But Judge                           Mark Shaw.
Charles	R.	Breyer	of	the	Northern	District	of	California	put	those	letters	on	ice	until	the	
court resolves whether or not the rules are legal, a blow to the administration’s ongoing ef-            Thanks to all the Members
forts to crack down on illegal immigration. Saying the administration’s plan “would result              who donated prizes for our
in irreparable harm to innocent workers and employers,” U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer              raffle, Lafayette Car Wash,
barred authorities from threatening to prosecute businesses that fail to fire employees whose                  Sandra Meyers,
Social Security numbers don’t match government records.                                                 Ware Designs, Washington
   Breyer’s ruling is likely to keep the proposal on hold until sometime next year. The injunc-        Mutual Bank, Gold Coin Car
tion is binding until the case goes to trial, a proceeding that is many months away. But the           Wash and Lafayette Chamber
administration is virtually certain to appeal, asking to let the new system take effect while it       of Commerce. Kudos to our
is	being	challenged.	The	appellate	court	might	act	on	such	a	request	by	the	end	of	this	year.          fantastic Ambassadors who
At the time of this writing, it is not know what the administration will do about interim “no-             helped with the event.
matches,” but a few things seem clear if you receive a no-match letter:

•	 Determine	whether	the	mistake	was	on	your	part	or	the	employee’s	(the	form	could	have		
   been mistakenly filed out)—if there was an innocent mistake, send in a revised W-2c

•	 Do	not	take	any	adverse	employment	action	against	the	employee,	since	that	could	be		
   characterized as discrimination, and could also interfere with your business

•	 Document	a	clear	record	in	your	files

•	 Continue	to	monitor	the	situation	through	the	Chamber	of	Commerce,	which	will	
   attempt to keep you abreast of further developments.
                                                                                                          Patricia Morales and staff
Jay Strauss is a practicing attorney, a former Chamber of Commerce President (1994) and former Mayor   from Washington Mutual Bank
of Lafayette (2000) and current chamber member. He can be reached at

New Member                      WELCOME!

ACUPUNCTURE _________________                two children enrolled in local schools. He   Contact: Shannon Boehme
Lafayette Acupuncture Center                 is a member of the American Institute of     MARKETING SERVICES _________
919	Moraga	Road                              Certified Planners, and has nearly twenty    CN Direct Marketing, Inc.
Lafayette, Ca 94549                          years of work experience in the BayArea.     San Leandro, Ca 94578
962-2287 (phone) 962-4372 (fax)              Current clients include the City of Lafay-   (510) 851-0407 (phone)        ette, City of Walnut Creek, and Port of      (510) 276-8777 (fax)           Oakland.                           
Contact: Elliot Wagner,O.M.D. L.A.C.                                                      Contact: Lois B. Trill
                                             EDUCATIONAL SERVICES _______
BEAUTY SALONS                                The University of Learning                   PSYCHOLOGIST_________________
& SERVICES ____________________              1280 Boulevard Way, Suite 200                Roxanne Mysinger, Ph.D
Skin Wisdom                                  Walnut Creek, Ca 94595                       3744 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite 305
874 Birdhaven Court                          899-4746 (phone)                             Lafayette, Ca 94549
Lafayette, Ca 94549                                 (408) 316-8754 (phone)
323-1091 (phone)                                                              Contact: Jeanine Tredinnick                                                                 Roxanne	Mysinger,	Ph.D	is	a	licensed	
Contact:Timberly Scott                       Who says learning can’t be fun? Check        clinical psychologist providing psychologi-
                                             out The University of Learning, a new        cal/neuropsychological assessment and
CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS _____                  boutique	leaning	center	on	Boulevard	Way	    psychotherapy for children, adolescents
Lamorinda Democratic Club                    in Walnut Creek. As the center directors     and adults. Her extensive background
Lafayette, Ca 94549                          and credentialed teachers, they provide      in	public	education	(K-8	teacher;	school	
323-2796 (phone)                             small group academic assistance based on     administrator) also makes her a natural                               the California State Standards. At The U,    advocate for families and school personnel                    children learn by research, discovery, and   searching for answers on behalf of the
Contact: John Hall                           exploration, which makes learning fun.       children they serve.

CONSULTANTS _________________                FURNITURE ____________________               SENIOR SERVICES _____________
Piedmont Planning                            Design Within Reach                          Alzheimers Association
Consultants LLC                              973	Moraga	Road                              251 Lafayette Circle, Suite 250
3643 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite A               Lafayette, Ca 94549                          Lafayette, Ca 94549
Lafayette, Ca 94549                          962-0733 (phone) 962-0737 (fax)              284-7942 (phone) 284-8032 (fax)
299-2993 (phone) 299-2913 (fax)                                                                       Contact: Allondra Stevens                    Contact: Ruth Gay
Contact: Steve Buckley
                                             INTERIOR DESIGN ______________               Better Care Choices
Provides project management services for     Season’s Interior Design                     Walnut Creek, Ca 94595
local government agencies and industry for   Lafayette, Ca 94549                          932-1400 (phone & fax)
land use planning, permitting and envi-      385-0293 (phone)                   
ronmental assessment. The owner, Mr.                          Contact: Linda Wurth
Buckley, is a homeowner in Lafayette with

                                                                                                              Ribbon Cutting
Renewing Members                                                                                                Garth and Marcia
                                                                                                               Jacomber, staff and
   Renewed in September                                                                                          friends from the
                                                                                                               Chamber celebrate
     More than Fourty Years                                                                                    with a ribbon cutting
      JaCo Distributors, Inc.                                                                               at their beautiful nursery.

   More than Thirty-five Years                                                                               Please stop by to see
          Fumble Fingers                                                                                    all the fantastic changes
         Futures Explored                                                                                        they have done.
     More than Twenty Years                       Mt. Diablo Nursery                                          3295 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
   Allstate Insurance Company
   Episcopal Homes Foundation
                                                                                           ting properly at the table, selecting the cor-
   Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian
                                                                                           rect utensils for each course, techniques for
                                                                                           eating a variety of foods, and other ways of
       Betty S. Vodzak, DDS
                                                                                           being a gracious guest at the table.
     More than Fifteen Years                                                                  This class is divided into two sections.
      Terracorp Management                          NEXT MEETING                           Day one, the students will learn and practice
      &	Real	Estate	Services                Nov. 15th, 8:30am, Chamber Office              table skills and other aspects of dining eti-
                                                                                           quette. Day two will meet at Zio Freddo’s in
       More than Ten Years             Our Entrepreneur’s Club keeps growing with          Pleasant Hill to apply these new skills while
    American Cancer Society            new people sharing new ideas. Here is a             enjoying a five-course lunch.
  Cortese Investment Company           note that Gail Johnson sent me about a con-            Gail Johnson, of Lasting Impression, has
         Home Systems                  nection she made while attending the eclub.         been teaching presentation skills and eti-
    Jackson’s Wines & Spirits                                                              quette for the past 15 years. In a world
      Market-Ability, LLC              Dear Jay,                                           where manners are rapidly diminishing, Gail
   Parker	Harrison	Real	Estate         Yes, the following endeavor is as a result of the   believes that social graces can make one
          Prive Jewelers               Entrepreneur’s Club. I met Mariessa at the last     stand out from the crowd. Trained through
          Temple Isaiah                meeting and we have gotten together several times   AICI, Association of Image Consultants In-
                                       to put this class together.The power of network-    ternational, she provides business and social
       More than Five Years            ing always amazes me.                               etiquette training to people of all ages.
          Companion Care
                                                                                              The University of Learning is a hands-
      Diablo Valley Carpet Care                   Etiquette 101:
                                                                                           on, active learning center located in Walnut
J.	Rockcliff	Realtors	–	Mary	Schulze        A Table Manners Workshop
                                                                                           Creek. Our classes are small, personalized,
       Lamorinda Chiropractic          With the holidays quickly approaching, why          and designed to support all learners. Our
          Massage Cottage              not replace that sense of horror you get            curriculum is taught by experienced, creden-
    Prudential	California	Realty	–	    watching your child eat with a sense of pride       tialed teachers, and directly supports the
              Len Cohn                 in their table manners? Image Consultant            California State Standards.
              US Bank                  Gail Johnson and The University of Learning            For more information call Gail Johnson at
         Nancy Verrier, MFT            in Walnut Creek are offering “Etiquette 101:        925-284-9294 or The University of Learn-
       More than One Year
                                       Table Manners Workshop” for children ages           ing at 925-899-4746. You may also visit our
     1031 Exchange Options             7-12. This two day class will focus on sit-         website at
            Art	Room
  Diablo Light Opera Company             Grand Opening
       Excel in Marketing               & Ribbon Cutting
        Gerow Properties                    Owners, Edward and
   Hamilton Sterling Insurance            Esther Soon, Yshel Lok
             Services                      and Boon Leung Thian
      Haws Plaza Auto Body                     celebrate attheir
Richard	S.	Horn,	Attorney	At	Law          restaurant with friends.
         Metro Lafayette                    Kopitiam is open for
   Security	Pacific	Real	Estate	–	       breakfast and dinner and
          Rose	Brudigan                  offer catering and private
            Jay Strauss                     dinners after 7pm for
      Style	Bath	&	Kitchen              groups from 15-49 people
  Waiterock	Kennel	Group,	Inc.          with no room rental charge.             Kopitiam Restaurant

Business Briefs
Avalon School of Massage Therapy and the Avalon University of Metaphysical Knowledge presents a new
class	–	“Food	as	Medicine;	Mind	as	Healer”	on	Tuesdays,	November	6	–	November	27	from	7:15	pm	–	9:00	pm.	Classes	are	held	at	1280	
Boulevard Way, Suite 214, Walnut Creek. The class fee is $195.00. For more information contact 280-6500
Lafayette Tree of Lights Hospice of the East Bay (formerly Hospice and Palliative Care of Contra Costa) will hold its 21st annual
lighting of the Lafayette Tree of Lights on Sunday, November 11 at 5:30 pm. The tree is located in the parking lot at Mt. Diablo and
Lafayette Circle East. There will be a candlelit ceremony, featuring music, a short talk by a hospice speaker, and the lighting of the tree.
Lights may be purchased in memory or honor of a loved one by calling Hospice of the East Bay at (925) 887-5678. Suggested donation
is $20 per light. Honorees names will be listed in the program at the ceremony.
10th Annual Preschool Fair The Lamorinda Moms Club welcomes local parents to its 10th Annual Preschool Fair. This
informative event will take place on Thursday, November 15, 2007, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at the Oakwood Athletic Club, located at
4000 Mt. Diablo Blvd. in Lafayette. The fair is free and open to the general community. Parents are invited to speak with representa-
tives from more than 30 preschools and learn about the various programs offered by each school. Communities represented at the fair
include: Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda and Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill.
   In conjunction with the fair, the LMC Community Outreach Committee will be gathering donations for the Bay Area Crisis Nurs-
ery (BACN). The purpose of BACN is to prevent abuse and neglect of children by providing support to families who are in crisis.
Its primary service is providing a warm, loving, homelike environment for children birth through five years of age by offering 24-hour
residential care. BACN is in need of new and gently used children’s clothes, Pull Ups (L & XL), vent hair brushes, hair accessories, size
5 and 6 diapers, baby oil, A & D ointment, unscented baby wipes, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Cash donations are also accepted and
greatly appreciated. For more information about the Lamorinda Moms Club, please visit:
Black Tie Transportation graciously provided our shuttle bus service on Sunday, September 16 for the Lafayette Art & Wine
Festival...we thank them for their generous donation.
60 years for EL CHARRO El Charro is a landmark restaurant that has been serving families for over 60 years in Lafayette. They
are continuing their year long celebration with special discounts and programs. Stop in and congratulate our city’s oldest restaurant.
El Charro Mexican Dining- 3339 Mt. Diablo Blvd. They serve lunch, dinner and tare ready to book your holiday reservation.
Mt. Diablo Business Women Networking Dinner,	5:45	-	8:30	PM;	Lafayette	Park	Hotel	&	Spa,	3287	Mt.	Diablo	Blvd,	
Lafayette;	$36	member,	$43	guest,	$48	after	11/2;	This	month’s	speaker	is	Kristen	Cherry	discussing	“How	to	do	a	Marketing	Make	
Over”;	For	more	info:		925-429-9253.

Focus on the Arts
Town Hall Theatre presents the classic holiday tale, “Miracle on 34th Street”. This delightful and tender show is a must-see for
the entire family this holiday season.
  “While Miracle on 34th Street is well known as a movie, live theatre amplifies the experience for the audience,” says Eric Neiman,
Director. “The story of believing in Santa Claus is more relevant now than it was 50 years ago when the movie debuted. If anything,
the commercialism of Christmas has become even more rampant and a message of a true belief in the spirit of Christmas is a very im-
portant one.” This show runs from November 15 through December 29. For more information call the box office at 283-1557 or visit
their website at
Local Photographer’s Work on Display at Fastframe of Lafayette. Nature photographer Howard Wearner will be
exhibiting his spectacular photography at Fastframe of Lafayette from Thanksgiving until the end of the year. Howard originally came
to Yosemite National Park to research a doctoral thesis on Yosemite history and stayed to work in the backcountry of the park. He
has spent a lifetime capturing the beauty and majesty of the park during all its seasons. He spends his winters as caretaker of the Os-
trander Lake ski hut and has taught photography classes for the
Yosemite Association since 1980. He lives off seasons with his
wife Lynne in Lafayette, where he does his printing and sells
his work at art shows in the Bay Area.
   Howard’s photography has been exhibited at many museums
and galleries, including the Ansel Adams Gallery, Fresno Art
Museum, National Park Service Visitor Center, and Yosemite
Valley Art Gallery. His work has appeared in National Geo-
graphic publications and can be seen in the annual Yosemite
National Park calendars.
   FastFrame is located at 3571 Mt. Diablo Blvd., next to Pos-
tino’s.	Call	owner	Anthony	Ruiz	at	283-7620	for	more	infor-

                                                                                                                                                          PRST	STD
                                                                                                                                                          US Postage
                                                                                                                                                        Lafayette, CA
                                                                                                                                                        Permit No. 53

         100 Lafayette Circle, Suite 103
              Lafayette, CA 94549

              Route Box

        Use this box to make sure everyone in the
         office knows about Chamber activities.

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                                                                                                   1                       2                       3
                                                                                                   New Member

                                                                                                    Athletic Club
                                                                                                   4000 Mt. Diablo Blvd.

    4                       5                                                         Thursday, Nov. 8                     9 Coffee with 10
                                              Tuesday, Nov. 6                                               the Mayor                                     Board
                                       Executive Ribbon               Tri-Chamber      Ribbon             8am, Chamber                                  Planning
                                         Board     Cutting           Business Expo     Cutting                                                           Retreat
                                                                                                         Big Band Dance
                                          8am        4:30pm                4pm          4:30pm                                                             8am
                                                                                                          7pm, Chamber
                                        Chamber Queen Bee             Crowne Plaza ABsolute Center            Veteran’s                                Stanford Park
                                                                          Hotel    3658 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Memorial Building
                                         Office 261 Lafayette Circle                                                                                       Hotel
                                                                             45 John Glenn Drive          #101             3780 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
    11                      12                      13                      14                     15                      16                      17
                                                       Ribbon                    Mixer
                                 Veteran’s                                                                               Thanksgiving
                                                       Cutting                  5:30 pm
                                    Day                                                           8:30am, Chamber Office   Breakfast
                                                        4:30pm                Minuteman
                                  Chamber                                                         Ribbon Cutting             7:30am
                                                     Lafayette Pet                Press
                                   Office                                                               4:30pm           Lafayette United
                                                        Shoppe              3289 Mt. Diablo Blvd. LoveBugs Salon Methodist Church
                                   Closed           3517 Mt. Diablo Blvd.                          3746 Mt. Diablo Blvd.       955 Moraga Road
    18                      19                      20                      21                     22                      23                      24
                                                                                 Chamber                Chamber                 Chamber
                                                                                   Office                Office                  Office
                                                                                  Closes                 Closed                  Closed
                             Lafayette Park
                                                                                  at noon
                              Hotel & Spa

    25                      26                      27                      28                     29                      30                      31
                                                                                                     Issues /
                                                                                                   Govt. Affairs
                                                                                                   Chamber Office

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