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					Visit : for providing your mail address
Although a high demand is there regarding google + invitations!! i managed one from the web.
NOT from GOOGLE!!! See i am logged into the the portal --

Need an invite??? just leave your email in comments for this post. I'll let you know further to
have it!!! cheers...

UPDATE : see i am not cheating here. it works.. the following person got invitation from me ..
you may also try..
UPDATE more:: more than        ( past: 16, recent past 22 ) now 30+
          peoples got invite , some invites are still left!!! hurry up man!!!

Google delay: google is causing delay in releasing invite mail os please have patience. for
example see the pic below
*************update on 2011-07-04************

another lucky chap got invites..but after hours of late. so it's working !!!! SOME people
disbelieved me, now see the result!!!

MORE Update, MORE success:

see 1 people get invite within 1 HOUR of sending..of course the entire delay depends upon

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Description: gogole is till for invite only. if u really need an invite hurry up's going to finish