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Fra strategi til implementering


									                                      Fra strategi til implementering
                                          Microsoft seminar, 22-Jan-2009

Charlotte R. Winther – Novo Nordisk
Erik Korsvik Østergaard – NNIT
                                                                                      Slide no 2

Novo Nordisk in brief

•   Focused healthcare company                 • Headquartered in Denmark
•   World leader in diabetes care since 1923   • More than 26,000 employees in 80
•   Diabetes care: > 70% of sales                countries (> 50% outside DK)
•   Committed to environmental and social      • Products marketed in 180 countries
    responsibility                             • Sales in 2007: 41.8 billion DKK
NNIT leverancer og ydelser


IT-Strategier (Design/Evaluering)   Intranet, Internet, Extranet        Server Operations (Fysisk/Virtuel)
IT-Service Management (ITIL)        E-handel og selvbetjening (EP)      Desktop & Printer Operations (PLM)
                                    Vidensdeling, søgning, arkivering   Database Mgmt. / Data Recovery
Forretningsoptimering (BPM/BPA)
                                                                        Storage, backup og arkivering
Six Sigma/Lean analyser/implem.     ESDH og dokumentstyring
                                                                        Overvågning, netværk, LAN/WAN
Beredskabsplaner / Risiko Analyse   Vidensportaler (BI, CRM, SAP)
                                                                        Helpdesk, Identity/Access Mgmt.
Miljø- og HR-regnskaber (CO2)       SOA, integration og procesoptim.
                                                                        On-site service og support (IMAC)
BPR-analyser (Processer/struktur)   Design, udvikling og implement.     Application Hosting og Mgmt.
Forandringsledelse/Change Mgmt.     Application Management/Support      Mail, Exchange, AD, Sharepoint
Compliance (DS484, Rigsrevision)    Identity & Access Mgmt.             Firewall, Antivirus, sikkerhed
Business Cases / Cost-Benefit       Governance                          IT Service Management (ITIL)
                                                                            Slide no 4

Future workspace

• A shift in paradigm – trends
     •   Share your knowledge
     •   Breaking down of silos; coordinated work
     •   Cheap, updated and reliable information for fast decision making
     •   Role based services
     •   Relevant information in correct context

     •   Outlook, Office Suite and SharePoint are focal points
     •   Links to data satellites, e.g. SAP, Siebel, Oracle, Documentum
     •   Same amount of emails, but far less documents and attachments
     •   Fragmented communication

     • Social networking and Instant Messaging, video/audio meetings, ...
     • facebook, Wikipedia, blogs, YouTube, …

• The intranet is a service, not system/platform/application/software
     Server-based Excel                                     Docs/tasks/calendars,
      spreadsheets and                                         blogs, wikis, e-mail
     data visualization,                                       integration, project
      Report Center, BI                                       management “lite”,
         Web Parts,                                           Outlook integration,
      KPIs/Dashboards       Business                              offline docs/lists
                           Intelligence      Collaboration

 Rich and Web                         Platform                         Enterprise Portal
  forms based                         Services                            template, Site
front-ends, LOB   Business        Workspaces, Mgmt,        Portal          Directory, My
    actions,      Processes        Security, Storage,                       Sites, social
 pluggable SSO                                                              networking,
                                  Topology, Site Model
                                                                         privacy control

                             Content              Search
   Integrated document                                          Enterprise scalability,
   management, records                                      contextual relevance, rich
     management, and                                         people and business data
        Web content                                                            search
    management with
   policies and workflow
                                                                                                     Slide no 6

                                                  Vision :
  One global intranet to drive knowledge sharing, corporate identity and business excellence
             through enabling global communication, collaboration and efficiency

             New technology
                                                                              Global communication
                                                                                 & collaboration

             Increased personalisation,             3
            individualisation & flexibility
                                                               Efficiency, lean
                                                             business processes
                                                                                        Slide no 7

  What is the GlobeShare solution?

            All Novo Nordisk intranets                     PORTUS

    MS FrontPage,                                                        MS SharePoint 2003
     Lotus Notes,
    on LiveLink ...
    (10+ different

                                     GlobeShare                        MS SharePoint 2007

                          GlobeShare is an integrated part of the
                                Global SharePoint Platform.
                       One platform for web content management,
                       document management, collaboration, search,
                        business process facilitation and workflows,           Out of scope
Out of scope                 with standardised look and feel.

                            More than 14,000 daily unique users
                             More than 1,800 concurrent users                   Novo Nordisk
  Novo Nordisk
    Internet                                                                      Extranet
                 Slide no 8

HQ Portal page
                      Slide no 9

Corporate news site
              Slide no 10

News module
       Slide no 11

                       Slide no 12

Area publishing site
            Slide no 13

Team Site
                                                         Slide no 14

Intranet as a service


          IT architecture                Communication

                              as a

           Information                     Knowledge
           architecture                   Management

                                                                            Slide no 15

MOSS – from idea to action

NNIT uses a structured process for:
• Anchoring MOSS implementation in the organisation
• Establishing a strategy for use of MOSS, e.g. how MOSS should
  support and optimise business processes, knowledge sharing,
  and communication across the organisation
• Clarifying which actions to take to meet the goals, where to
  anchor the initiatives and when to initiate them

 MOSS                Analysis              Prioritisation        Implementation
 Inspiration         Workshops             workshop

 Best practice for   AS-IS                 Roadmap for
 use of MOSS         TO-BE workshops       futures initiatives
                     Existing strategies
                     Future strategies
                    Slide no 16

Change management
                                                      Slide no 17

Change management

• Stakeholder management
• Top management engagement
• Communication plan

•   User involvement
•   Personas and mock-up’s
•   Management presentations
•   Requirement gathering – and feedback on prioritisation
•   Training and support
•   Continual follow-up
                                              Slide no 18

GlobeShare Business Processes
Ongoing and future
•   KPI monitoring
•   Enterprise project portfolio management
•   Off-line capabilities
•   Mobile access
•   Integration to SAP
•   Integration to QMS
•   Business Intelligence
•   Workflows
•   Extranet
•   Excel services
•   …
                                                                      Slide no 19

Governance is at least four-dimensional
 Decisions on          Decisions on           Intranet as a service
  application          content and
 functionality          structure


                 Decisions on               SharePoint platform

                                      Decisions on
                                      platform and
                                                                                         Slide no 20

  Fra strategi til (fortsat) implementering

     Applications                                                                        Change
                                       Business                           Content
   Content                             Processes       Identification                    Ongoing
                                                                        Applications    application
                                                       Prioritisation                   deployment
User Requirements          Ideas         Interfaces                       Support
                                                      Implementation                     Capacity
Expectations        Politics
                                   Regulations                          Governance
                                                                                       Sanity checks
Governance                                                                             Health checks

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