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									                             OUR COUNCIL’S 24TH YEAR

                     Knight News 
                               Volume 24 Issue 4 – March/April 2008
                                  Knights of Columbus
           Catholic Family Fraternal Organization - First and Always Catholic
                      Charity * Unity * Fraternity * Patriotism
                            Supreme Office website:
                     K of C Ontario Provincial website:
              Archdiocese Western Zone website:
      Credit Valley Council #8661 – Charter, April 1984 website:

            NEXT MEETING – Mon. March 17, 2008 – Fraternal Dinner at 7 pm and
                                 Meeting at 7:30 pm

     SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT                                      ST. FRANCIS TABLE

We will celebrate our 25th anniversary in         Sunday, March 30 – our next visit to the St. Francis
                                                   table to clean, cook and serve lunch. Meet at ST.
     the Spring of 2009. This will be a            Joseph Church at 9:15 am to car pool, and return
   special event, and we are asking our           to St. Joseph by 3 pm. Contact DGK Ben Aguilar
  members to help plan it. If you have                              (905) 507-2338
any pictures from our past years, or any
   memories of any particular projects,                NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS
  events, or socials, please submit them
          to GK Denis O’Sullivan                     Once again comes the opportunity to consider
                                                   stepping forward and standing for nomination and
              (905) 826-5754                         election as an Officer in our Council 8661. An
 ****************************                     excellent personal growth experience, and a chance
            STREET CLEAN UP                        to make your mark on the running of our council.
Saturday, March 29, we will conduct our            Call Bro. Ray Bechard, Nomination Committee
 Spring Street Clean Up – Creditview Rd                    Chairman with any questions –
                                                                   (905) 812-8665
from Britannia Rd to Bristol Rd. (meet at
    St. Joseph SS at 10 am) – and Erin
                                                         SECOND DEGREE CEREMONY
  Centre Blvd from EMPkwy to WC Blvd.               Sunday, Apr. 20 – meet at NO FRILLS PLAZA – in
 (meet at Gonzaga SS at 10 am) – bring             front of the Dollar Store – Bristol and Creditview –
  your teens to receive volunteer credit                      1:30 pm – return by 4:30 pm
       hours Call Bro. Tom Cheslea
             (905) 997-0618                               THIRD DEGREE CEREMONY
                                                    Sunday, April 13 at 12:30 pm – meeting at NO
                                                         FRILLS parking lot … to return by 6 pm.
         AND EVENTS IN THIS ISSUE.                  Call or send an email to Bro. Ray Bechard (905)
  A COUPLE OF NEW ONES HAVE BEEN ADDED,                  812-8665 right away to reserve a spot.

           In 2006 … over $139 million in donations and over 64 million hours of service    1
      In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in donations and over 574 million hours of service
            Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations
Grand Knight’s Column                                              Deputy Grand Knight’s Column
By Bro. Denis O’Sullivan                                           By Bro. Ben Aguilar

Brother Knights and Families:                                      Brother Knights and Families:
          Here is some information regarding our council for       Is life tough? Is life challenging? Does life pick the right times
those who were unable to make our February meeting.                for challenges? Or does life happen at “inconvenient” times?
          For starters, only 1/3 of our membership have paid
this year's dues. The economics of our situation are fairly        The answer to all of these questions is … Life just is!
simple. The council pays an assessment to Supreme office
and to the State office for each member on our roster to cover     From the Salt & Light Video called “Turn The Tide”, there is a
the cost of overhead and the monthly Columbia magazine.            phrase that makes sense to me …
So, if you are not paying your way for this, your fellow Knights
are, and that’s not a fair situation. REMEMBER YOUR ANNUAL         “Life is a series of losing and finding, and there is no need to
DUES AND PLEASE PAY THEM NOW.                                      give up hope during the losing phase … for the finding phase is
          We were honoured by the Fourth Degree,                   on its way!”
specifically Brother Joe Matthews, with a plaque and a
medallion for our support. By the way, thanks to the Fourth        God gives us the strength to face the challenges of life … as long
Degree Brothers for their presence at the Stations of the Cross    as we let Him do it, and learn to recognize it when He does.
at Merciful Redeemer on Feb. 1.                                    Accept the guidance and inspiration that He sends to you.
          For the Feb. 18 meeting, the turnout was sparse. I
think we should reconsider for next year the timing of this        The true test of us as human beings is not whether we cause
meeting. I'd like to hear from you brothers, the pros and cons     good or bad things to happen or keep from happening in our
of moving it to the following Monday, the fourth Monday of         lives. The true test is how we handle it when things do happen.
February, to avoid the Family Day long weekend.
          This month is the close of Lent, and our March           And that is the time that we need to ‘Let Go and Let God’ be the
17 meeting will be special in a couple of ways. First off, it      answer to our questions and our challenges. But be ready … you
being Holy Week, we'll attend Mass first at 7:30 pm. And,          don’t want to miss it.
that mass will be said in memory of Mrs. Betty Bechard, Ray
Bechard's mother. Please attend this special meeting.              We must always keep in mind that there are people watching us
          As for me personally, I think most of you know by        as we handle our life challenges … and some of the most
now that life has been challenging for the past few weeks.         important people watching us are our children, and our extended
My father, John O'Sullivan, passed away Feb. 10. Thank you         families. We have an excellent opportunity to set the example of
to all who took the time to attend the funeral home visitation,    how our faith and trust in God can help us in dealing with our
and pray the rosary, it gave me a feeling of true fraternity.      challenges. They will learn from our example.
I have found the past two weeks a foggy existence. Only this
week have things started to return to normal as far as my          Do you have some challenges in your life? Do you recognize the
energy and enthusiasm go. I still have further to go. My           answers that God has sent to you?
father's passing was prefaced by that of my first cousin, just
two weeks earlier, at age 67. I think her death was in many        I believe that just being a member of the Knights of Columbus,
ways harder to bear, as it seemed for a good while that she        and reaching out to our Brother Knights is one of the answers
had beaten the cancer that took her in the end. Well, I have       that God has sent to us.
re-learned all too well that key lesson from our first degree:
Tempus fugit. Memento mori. Time flies. Remember Death.            But it can’t be there for you if you hide from it.
 Vivat Jesus,                                                      Vivat Jesus.
Brother Denis
                                                                   Bro. Ben
We are coming up to our 25th anniversary
year and we are looking ahead to a                                 God and Brother Knights … making a
celebration … do you have some ideas that                          difference in our Parishes and Communities.
would make it special ???
                                                                   SQUIRES’ CORNER
                                                                   The Knights of Columbus Squires
Did you know…there is help for post-                               program is for boys from 10 to 18
         abortion women?                                           years old. Your father does not
 If you or someone you know needs help, please                     have to be a member of the K of C.
 call Fr. Heffernan at (416) 261-7136 or Angelina                  We meet in the school gym at St. Gregory’s every
 at (905) 430-7990 at Second Chance Ministries.                    Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. There is a brief
  Locally you can reach Kay and Deacon Brian du                    meeting and then various activities, like basketball,
            Quesnay at (905)823-9562.                              volleyball, floor-hockey follow. Call Bro. Silvestro
                                                                   Ruscetta, Squires’ Chief Counselor (905) 542-3167

              In 2006 … over $139 million in donations and over 64 million hours of service    2
         In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in donations and over 574 million hours of service
               Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations
From Our Chaplain … Fr. Boniface Perri … at St. Joseph Church.
 My Dear Brother Knights and Families:

         We often talk about Easter as the most important celebration in the Church, and obviously with good
 reason. It is the moment that Jesus bodily rose from the dead, and is a time of great joy as we see the hope for
 which we long for fulfilled. Though we were dead through sin, Jesus, full of mercy, came down from Heaven and
 took on our human nature, to be with us and to teach us how to remain with him forever. But more than that
 He loved us to the end by taking on our sins and dying on the cross for us; so that, the price for our sins now
 paid, we may have the promise of resurrection for ourselves. And where Christ went, we hope to follow. The
 resurrection thus is the key to understanding all of what Christ did and said. This fills us with immense
 thanksgiving and joy.
         And so, my dear Brother Knights, let us rekindle that joy and devotion to Christ this year, not just by
 celebrating Mass on Easter, which I know you all do anyway, but also going to the celebrations during the three
 days that come before it, the Tridium; I would like to encourage especially those Brother Knights who have
 never attended the entire Tridium, the celebrations of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter vigil to think
 about doing so this year, as they paint a dramatic and powerful image of Christ’s life for us.
         I encourage all of you to relive the institution of the Holy Eucharist, the Church and the priesthood on
 Holy Thursday. Jesus gave us these great gifts so that through them He may be with us always. In it, be with
 Christ as he shows us through the washing of the feet that in this new Church we are called to serve one another
 in humility and charity, as He is about to do. Stay then at the Church as the Altar is stripped; it is done usually
 at the end of Mass and with no fanfare, and realizes that no one from that point on to the celebration of Easter
 will genuflect: for Christ is not there. He has gone to suffer His passion for us. Come and spend time with Him
 at the Altar of reservation as He waited at the Garden of Gesthemenee for the soldiers to come, and took upon
 Himself the sins of the world. Relive that passion, in all its emotion and power on Good Friday, going to Church,
 with prayer and fasting, to venerate that tree of suffering which for us will become the sign of our triumph, and
 to walk with Christ the way of the cross. Finally we are with Christ at the tomb singing for joy of the
 resurrection, that reality in which we were all baptized and wherein lies our joy and our glory.

 May God Bless you all
 Fr. Boniface

                         TO HIS FIRST DEGREE CEREMONY

FIRST DEGREES – Thursday, Mar 6 – Sts. Martha and Mary Church – 7 pm
                Thursday, Apr. 3 – May 1 – June 5
                                  HERE IS YOUR CHANCE
SECOND DEGREES – SUNDAY, Apr. 20 – St. Patrick’s Church – arrive at 2 PM
THIRD DEGREES – SUNDAY, Apr. 13 – St. Maria Goretti School – Royal Orchard Dr., Brampton
                 Arrival at 1 pm – home by 5:30 pm

              WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS FOR February and March
NAME                                   SPOUSE          SPONSOR                 SOURCE                  PARISH
Pierce Fernandes                       single          Philip Fernandes son                            SJ
Miguel Basurto                         Claudia         Vincent Moraes          church                  MR
Zaid Rassam                            Hyam            Ray Bechard             church                  MR
Jeff Beach                             Colleen         Ray Bechard             Council #3305           SJ
Anthony Ukonga                         Patricia        Ray Bechard             Council # 13            MR

          In 2006 … over $139 million in donations and over 64 million hours of service    3
     In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in donations and over 574 million hours of service
           Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations
                          Schedule of meetings and events 2007‐08 fraternal year
      Mar 3 Officers’ Meeting               Merciful Redeemer church           7:30 pm
         17 General Membership Mtg.         St. Joseph Church Hall             7:30 pm
         TBA Family Games Night             St. Joseph Church Hall             7:00 pm
         23 Easter Sunday
         26 Sing-a-long                     Erin Meadows LTC Centre            2:00 pm
         29 Street Clean Up                 Creditview and Erin Ctr Blvd       10:00 am
         30 St. Francis Table               meet at St. Joseph church          9:00 am
                                                                                                 Your participation is
      Apr 7 Officers’ Meeting               Merciful Redeemer Church        7:30 pm              essential to the
          12 Family Skating                 Vic Johnson Arena        4:00 pm to 6:00 pm          success of our many
          12/13 Membership Drive            both churches –                 all masses
          14 General Membership Mtg.        St. Joseph Church Hall          7:30 pm
                                                                                                 programs. Help out
          19 Ladies’ Appreciation           Dinner and Line Dancing         7:00 pm              or attend, or do both.
          23 Sing-a-long                    Erin Meadows LTC Centre         2:00 pm              Plan for it NOW.
          27 St. Francis Table              meet at St. Joseph Church       9:00 am

      May 5 Officers’ Meeting               Merciful Redeemer church            7:30 pm
                                                                                                 Committee members
          3 Street Clean-Up                 Creditview and Erin Ctr Blvd.       9:00 am           work hard to ensure
         20 Election of Officers            General Membership Mtg.                               a quality event …
                                                                                7:00 pm Tuesday this month only
         17-19 Provincial Convention        Double Tree Int’l Hotel-Saturday   12:00 pm           show them that you
         21 Sing-a-long                     Erin Meadows LTC Centre             2:00 pm
         24 Street Clean Up                 Creditview and Erin Ctr Blvd        10:00 am
                                                                                                  appreciate it by
                                                                                                 coming out with your
      June 2   Officers’ Meeting            Merciful Redeemer Church           7:30 pm           family and friends.
           7   Street Clean-Up              Creditview and Erin Ctr Blvd.      9:00 am
          16   General Membership Mtg       St. Joseph Church Hall             7:30 pm
          14   Officers’ Training Session   St. Francis Xavier Church          8:00 am–2:00 pm
          22   MR Church Picnic             Streetsville Memorial Park         1:00 pm
          25   Sing-a-long                  Erin Meadows LTC Centre            2:00 pm
          29   SJ Church Picnic             Streetsville Memorial Park         1:00 pm
          29   St. Francis Table            meet at St. Joseph Church          9:00 am

                   We have a successful K of C council … What does that mean?
We plan a well-balanced Service Program in the 5 areas – Church, Community, Council, Family
and Youth – as the guidelines from Supreme suggests. There are opportunities to volunteer at
 all levels of availability, from 2 hours per month to 5 hours per week. You get to choose, and
we do our best to match the person with the job. As with life, nothing happens until you make
    it so. And don’t deny your family to opportunity to enjoy our social and liturgical events.

                                        OTHER EVENTS COMING UP …

Western Zone Retreat – an opportunity to join Brother Knights from the K of C councils in the
area from Yonge St to the west Mississauga border. It is held at the Martyrs’ Shrine in Owen
Sound on May 24, 2008 – contact Bro. District Deputy Michael Rodrigues to register.

Travelling Icon Prayer Services – an incon of Mother Mother of Mercy will be circulating in our
area August 19-25, 2008 – watch for more details to arrange to attend this special event.

Credit Valley Council 8661 25th Anniversary Dinner Dance – in the Spring of 2009, with the
date to be finalized, we will be celebrating 25 years since the Charter of our Council, and the
contributions that we have made to our parishes of St. Joseph, St. John of the Cross, and
Merciful Redeemer, our surrounding communities, and to our members, both past and present.
Be sure to watch for this event, and plan to participate.

Ontario Provincial (State) Convention – on the weekend of May 17-19, 2008, the 105th
convention will take place at the Double Tree Int’l Plaza Hotel. All members with a valid current
            In 2006 … welcome million in donations and over 64 million hours of service
membership card are over $139 to attend the business sessions and visit the hospitality suites.
                                               Knights and their spouses and visit of convention.
Plan now to get together with some Brother donations and over 574 million hoursthe service
       In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in
Vendors with K of C products will have their wares on display (shirts, rings, ties, etc.)
               Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations

    Mark your calendars and volunteer to help
    out at the bingo.
                                                                 This is still a significant source of funds for
    Mon., Mar 10 - 5:30 pm                                       our charitable work and support. Please
    Mon., Mar. 23 - 8:30 pm                                      make the effort to offer to help whenever
                                                                 possible. It does not have to be every
    Sun., Apr. 6 - 5:30 pm                                       month.
    Sun., Apr. 20 - 2:30 pm
    Sun., May 4 - 11:00 am
    Sat., May 17 - 8:30 pm                                       Please contact Bro. Teddy Harjanto (905) 824-
    Sat., May 31 – 5:30 pm                                       3623

                Pledge Your Prayers – by Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec
                                 (reproduced from the February 2008 Columbia Magazine)

    Cardinal Marc Ouellet asks that we pledge our prayers, whether or not we are in
    Quebec City June 15-22 – the International Eucharistic Congress Pledge:

    Jesus, I pledge to respond to your invitation to take part in the Sunday Eucharist with my
    brothers and sisters gathered together.
    For where two or three meet in my name, I am gathered there among them (Mt 18:20)
    I pledge to carefully listen to your Word. I will meditate and pray on your Word. I will put
    your Word into practice and do what you say, day after day.
    And the Word became flesh and lived among us (Jn 1:14)
    I pledge to support priests in their ministry and recognize that you are acting through them
    in the Eucharist and other sacraments.
    While they were eating, Jesus took a loaf of bread, and after blessing it he broke it and gave it to
    the disciples, and said: “Take, eat: this is my body” (Mt 26:26)
    I pledge to welcome your love by partaking of your Body and to take the time to prolong our
    encounter in prayer and adoration.
    I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never by hungry; whoever believes in me will
    never be thirsty (Jn 6:35)
    I pledge to recognize you in all people, especially those who are the most difficult to love,
    seeing in everyone a brother, a sister, because God’s Spirit dwells in everyone.
    Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? (Cor 3:16)
    I pledge to stand by you, Jesus crucified, along with your mother, the Virgin Mary, helping
    my brothers and sisters who suffer in body, mind and spirit.
    Just as you did it to one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did it to me (Mt

         In 2006 … over $139 million in donations and over 64 million hours of service    5
    In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in donations and over 574 million hours of service
          Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations
 Our Mid-year Awards Dinner Meeting                           A Knight of the Month Award is awarded
 on Jan. 21 was well attended, and once                       to Fr. Boniface Perri, our Council
 again some well deserved Certificates of                     Chaplain, for the month of November. It
 Appreciation were given to our members                       really represents the contribution that Fr.
 who made a special contribution in the                       B. makes to our Council on an ongoing
 first half of the fraternal year.                            basis. Thank you!

 Bro. Joseph Gliniecki thanked the                            A Family of the Month Award is awarded
 Brothers for the prayers offered for him                     to Rose and Bro. Silvestro Ruscetta, our
 for the loss of his father and also his own                  Youth Chairman, and a PGK. The award
 recovery from some serious surgery. He                       represents Bro. Silvestro’s work with the
 said that he is proof that prayer works!                     Squires, and Rose’s role with the CWL.

There are many excellent spring time events planned for you and your family – come
on out and join in the Family Skating, the Family Games Night/Hockey Night, the
Ladies’ Appreciation Night – inexpensive and fun … mark your calendar.

                    TO BE A KNIGHT, IT IS AN HONOUR TO DO SO ! ! !``
                                 -- by Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe, former State Chaplain

          In 2006 … over $139 million in donations and over 64 million hours of service    6
     In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in donations and over 574 million hours of service
           Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations
                                        Council Officers and Chairmen for 2007-08 Fraternal Year

Grand Knight      Bro. Denis O’Sullivan (Loretta)         (905) 826-5754    Appointed
Chaplain          Bro. Boniface Perri                     (905) 826-2766
Deputy GK                   Bro. Ben Aguilar (Evelyn) (905) 507-2338        Financial Sec.       Bro. Joe Pereira (Brial)     (905) 542-1502
Chancellor                  Bro. Doug Wittman (Anne) (905) 812-7995         Lecturer             Bro. Silvestro Ruscetta (Rose)(905) 542-3167
Advocate          Bro. Tom Cheslea (Wendy)                (905) 997- 0618   Program Director Bro. Ben Aguilar (Evelyn) (905) 507-2338
Recorder          Bro. Nicholas Silveira (Cecilia)        (905) 542-7168    St. J. Parish Coord. Bro. Steve Scrubb (Valerie) (905) 858-0089
Treasurer         Bro. Milton Ribeiro (Connie)            (905) 814-9776                         & Bro. Denis O’S (Loretta) (905) 826-5754
Warden            Bro. Vincent Moraes (Elveera)           (905) 814-6671    MR RT Coords.        Bro. Ray Bechard (Heather) (905) 812-8665
Trustees 3 yrs.   Bro. John Azuma                         (905) 290-8457                         & Bro. Doug Wittman(Anne) (905) 812-7995
                  2 yrs. Bro. Adolfo Proietti (Julia)     (905) 568-2229    Community Dir. Bro. Tom Cheslea (Wendy) (905) 997-0618
                  1 yr.     Bro. John Austin (Theresa) (416) 294-6688       Council Dir.         Bro. Ben Aguilar (Evelyn) (905) 507-2338
Guards            Bro. Ralph Fonseca (Linda)              (905) 286-9289    Family Dir.          Bro. Tom Cheslea (Wendy) (905) 997-0618
                            Bro. Michael D’Cruz (Iris) (905) 813-2070       Youth Dir.(Squires)Bro. Silvestro Ruscetta(Rose) (905) 542-3167
                            Bro. Gavin DaCosta (Cynthia)(905) 824-0680      Membership Dir. Bro. Ray Bechard (Heather) (905) 812-8665
                            Bro. Cristian Baigorria (Paola)(905) 997-2749   Free Throw Chair Bro. John Austin (Theresa) (416) 294-6688
                            Bro. Chris D’Souza            (905) 858-9007    Bingo Chair          Bro. Teddy Harjanto (Janti) (905) 824-3623
                            Bro. Trevor D’Souza           (905) 785-7240    Allocations Chair Bro. Roman Lim (Agnes)          (647) 880-8625
                            Bro. William Wolfs (Marie) (905) 542-0006       CARS Draw Chair Bro. Vincent Moraes(Elveera)(905) 814-6671
                            Bro. Charbel Bassil (Mireille)(905) 607-0797
                            Bro. Robert D’Souza (Noreen)(905) 542-8941      Fraternal Advisor Bro. Ray Bechard (Heather) (905) 812-8665

                                                    FOURTH DEGREE REPORT

Dear Brothers:

I would first like to take this opportunity to thank you for the continued support your council has shown the
Father Gregory Kelly Assembly, especially in joining us for our 50th Anniversary Dinner and Dance that was
held on October 26th. The evening was a great success, with over 300 people in attendance and from all
accounts everyone there had an enjoyable time. Thank you again for helping us celebrate this important
milestone in our Assembly’s history.

On Saturday November 24th, following the 5 PM Mass at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Mississauga, the
Assembly will be holding a Knights of Columbus Memorial Service for our departed Sir Knights and their
families. Light refreshments of coffee and donuts will be served in the church hall immediately after the service.

On Wednesday January 30, 2008, a Fourth Degree Exemplification for the Clergy will be held at St. Justin
Martyr Church, 3898 Highway 7 East in Unionville. For planning purposes, the priests and deacons should plan
on being in attendance from approximately 4:00 PM to 8:15 PM for the degree and the dinner that follows.

Finally, on June 20, 21 and 22, we will again be holding our annual Fourth Degree Exemplification for the 2nd
Ontario District in Niagara Falls. This is open to any 3rd Degree member who has been a member of the Knights
of Columbus for at least one year. More information on costs and accommodations will be provided as it
becomes available.


S.K. Joe Mathews,
                                                           Faithful Navigator

               In 2006 … over $139 million in donations and over 64 million hours of service    7
          In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in donations and over 574 million hours of service
                Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations
For the past several years, the Order has been certified by IMSA – the Insurance
Marketplace Standards Association. What does this mean?

IMSA promotes high ethical standards in the marketing, sale and service of individually
owned life insurance, long term care insurance and annuity products. The IMSA logo,
which we use in our advertising and promotional materials, demonstrates our
commitment to ethical market conduct.

To qualify for IMSA, we vow to:
     • conduct business according to high standards of honesty and fairness
     • provide competent and consumer-focused sales and service
     • engage in active and fair competition
     • provide advertising and sales materials that are clear as to purpose, and honest
         and fair as to content
     • provide for fair and prompt handling of customer complaints and disputes
     • maintain a system of supervision and review designed to achieve compliance
         with these Principles of Ethical Market Conduct.

Our IMSA membership is further evidence of our dedication to high marketplace
standards. When you choose to do business with the Knights of Columbus, you are
selecting a company that holds itself to the highest of standards.

Bro. Ray
Have you visited our websites recently … don’t miss out on the important information there! It’s always changing!
Supreme website – … and … Provincial website –

In for 2006, Knights of Columbus was awarded the A.M.Best A++ Rating, and the Standard &
Poor’s AAA --- one of only 17 out of 2000 insurance companies in North America to receive the
highest from both. And adding the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association qualifications
to these two, and we were 1 of only 6 of the 2000 who achieved all three in North America.

           Is this the day that you said “someday” you would step forward and lend a hand?
 Make a commitment that your council will be a little bit or a whole lot better because you are a member.

 A son, a nephew, a grandson, a neighbour, a father, a father-in-law, a grandfather, an uncle, a
 cousin, a co-worker. Any male person, over 18 years of age and a practical Catholic is eligible
      to join the Knights of Columbus. Share the K of C experience with someone … soon!

             In 2006 … over $139 million in donations and over 64 million hours of service    8
        In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in donations and over 574 million hours of service
              Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations
         Job Opportunities                               Best Wishes for a successful year to
  For Brother Knights and families                        Credit Valley Council #8661
  Looking for a job, or have one to                          From Bro. George Watkins
      Go to our council website and click on the
Forum button – place your resume or                          In memory of his late spouse
        your openings there                                   Joan (Casey) Watkins
                  Pinnacle                               RATES FOR ADVERTISING
                                                            $65.00 PER YEAR

                Bro. Daniel D’Sa
                                                        AUGUST/07 AND JUNE/08.
                                                       DISTRIBUTION TO OVER 250
                                                         MEMBERS EACH ISSUE.

                Royal LePage                           OUR COUNCIL HAS ITS OWN
             Meadowvaletowne Realty                          WEBSITE …
          Bro. Narciso Rodrigues
                                                         SEE PAST ISSUES OF OUR
                  (905) 821-3200                          NEWSLETTERS THERE.
        Email --
       Website --                       WWW.KOFC8661.COM
                                                            And click on Knight News
Personal Service from a Brother Knight in Your Area
                 25th Anniversary of Credit Valley Council 8661

                                         Spring of 2009

If you have any pictures from our past years, or any memories of any particular

     projects, events, or socials, please submit them to GK Denis O’Sullivan

                                          (905) 826-5754

            In 2006 … over $139 million in donations and over 64 million hours of service    9
       In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in donations and over 574 million hours of service
             Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations
      DIXIE-EASTGATE DENTAL CLINIC                               Polaris Freight Services Inc.
             AND LABORATORY
                                                                          International Freight Forwarding
                                                                             Tel: 905-542-7168
                 Dr. Liberty Torres Bellido                                  Fax: 905-567-1470
          1550 South Gateway Rd. #233/235                                        Bro. Nicholas Silveira
             Mississauga, ON L4W 5G8
                                                            Offering very competitive and personalized service
      Phone: (905) 629-2428 Fax: (905) 629-2994             to handle exports and imports both by sea and air as
                                                                           required by customer

                      DESJARDINS                                        Knights of Columbus
      ETOBICOKE AUTO                                                     Fraternal Benefits
                                                             Life Insurance Exclusively for Catholics
                     SALES & SERVICE INC.
 BRO. LEN AND BETTY DESJARDINS INVITE                                 as members of the K of C.
BROTHER KNIGHTS TO BRING THEIR FAMILY                         Life Insurance, RRSPs, RRIFs, Annuities,
 CARS FOR GOOD OLDE FASHION SERVICE.                          Mortgage Insurance, Retirement Planning,
(416) 234-8811             PAGER (416) 336-0581            Education Planning, Business Insurance, Funeral
       64 SIX POINT RD., JUST WEST OF                            Bro. Ray Bechard, (905) 812-8665

See bottom of page 9 in this bulletin for
       special announcement …                                             St. Joseph Tiles
******************************************                   Ceramic Tile Installation -- Bathrooms,
     How about advertising here …                           Showers, Kitchens, Backsplashes, Foyers
  Over 250 circulation 6 times per year.
                                                             No job too big or too small…excellent
  Our Brother Knights and their families
    support their Brother Knights by
                                                                           prices! ! !
      patronizing their businesses.                                  Bro. Dmitry Arkhipov
                                                                        (905) 276-0619
                              •                              Can you lift your husband?
Hairfree                      •
                                  Laser Hair Removal
                                  Laser Wrnkle Removal
Laser Skin Clinics            •   Laser Tatoo Removal              Strange question?
                              •   Laser Lesions Removal
                                                           That is what you will need to do if
                              •   Botox Wrinkle Removal
                                                            you do not have a K of C Long
               Bro. Vianney Elengikal
                                                             Term Care policy to pay the
            Meadowvale Town Centre Plaza
      Ph: (905) 826-3800       Fax: (905) 826-6088
                                                           expenses of the professional help
   Hrs. Mon-Fri. 11a.m. – 8 p.m. – Sat. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.             you will need.
  PLEASE ASK THOSE YOU KNOW TO ADVERTISE IN OUR            Rates: 1/8th page -- $65.00 for 6 issues --August 2006 to June 2007
NEWSLETTER --- PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR SUPPORTERS!                                Circulation approximately 200 per issue

            In 2006 … over $139 million in donations and over 64 million hours of service 10
       In last 10 years … over $1.2 billion in donations and over 574 million hours of service
             Ontario … Top 2006 Jurisdiction with over $8.7 million in charity donations

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