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May 06


									              The     View                                             St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church and School

                                                                                                                            May 2006

Vacation Bible School
                                    A Medieval Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

                      hat ideas come to you when                                                       gain a closer relationship with God
                      you think of the Mid-                                                                   and that He always wants
                      dle Ages? Knights                                                                           you to be seeking Him.
                      in shining ar-
                                                                                                                       Each day begins
                      mor, damsels
                                                                                                                        with a time of wor-
in distress, and castles protecting
                                                                                                                        ship in song in our
a city at war? These are all images
                                                                                                                        Gothic Cathedral.
that come to mind when we think of
                                                                                                                      Our crafts and activi-
the Middle Ages. Yet there was so much
                                                                                                                  ties focus on the experi-
more including Gothic Cathedrals reaching
                                                                                                             ence of a medieval pilgrim.
towards heaven and the heyday of holy journeys
                                                                                                     Children will even learn about the
in search of God.
                                                                       labyrinth and how it can be used on their spiritual journey. The
For centuries people have been seeking God. We seek God                daily games will try to help children understand that traveling
through prayer and worship and sometimes we even travel to             on God’s journey is difficult but brings laughter and fun as well.
find a new feeling of God in our hearts. In our medieval pilgrim-      Cathedral School guides children in the scripture passages each
age we hope to give children the experience of finding tangible        day and helps them work in their diocese to understand the daily
ways to feel God. The kids will discover the trials of pilgrimage as   themes. Each day ends with a medieval banquet and dramatic
well and the amazing rewards that await them at the end of their       tellings of Saintly tales. This experience will bring all the magic
journey. We will teach the children that you can always work to        of the Middle Ages into the wonders of their faith.

      Upcoming Events                                    VBS Information
                                                                                               This	year	there	is	a	specific	program	
	     	   May                                      Dates: June 26th–June 30th
                                                                                               just	for	preschool	children	that	cor-
    14    Mother’s	Day		                           Time: 9 am–Noon                             responds	to	the	Elementary	school	
	   25	   Ascension	Day	
                                                   Cost (includes a t-shirt):                  program.	They	are	included	in	both	
	   29	   Memorial	Day
                                                         one child $20                         the	beginning	chapel	and	banquets	
                                                         two children $17 each                 each	day	and	even	share	some	craft-
     4    Pentecost		
	    7	   8th	Grade	Graduation	                          three or more $15 each	               time	with	the	older	children.	
	   18	   Memorial	Day	                            Scholarships	available                      Call	Shivaun	Nelson	at	346-2697	x	147	
	   26	   Vacation	Bible	School	                                                               for	more	information.
                                                   Sign-up kick off—May 5th	
Staff and ContributorS
                                                                 The Rev. Dr. Robert G. Certain,                    “Father Dan” Rondeau joined
    Program Staff
                                                                 rector of the parish, is in his                     the St. Margaret’s Staff in1993.
    The Rev. Dr. Robert Certain, Rector
    Barbara Gibson, Head of School                               thirtieth year of service as a                      He earned his Masters in Social
    The Rev. Daniel Rondeau, Associate Rector                    priest of the Episcopal Church,                     Work at San Diego State. Father
    John Wright, Organist-Choirmaster                            and has been at St. Margaret’s                      Dan has served congregations
    Patrick Blythe, Development Officer                          since 1998. He has served                           in both the Roman Catholic
    Frederick Swann, Organ Artist-in-Residence   congregations across the southern third of the     and Episcopal Dioceses of San Diego. He was
    Chet Hecht, Parish Life Coordinator
                                                 USA, and literally “from sea to shining sea.” He   ordained in the Roman Catholic Church and
    Shivaun Nelson, Youth and Family Minister
                                                 is the author of three books and a number of       served until his marriage in 1980. He entered
    Administrative Staff
                                                 published articles. His leadership has led us to   the Episcopal Church in 1981 and was received
    Bill Harris, Parish Administrator
    Debby Jansma, Parish Secretary
                                                 understand that the Church exists primarily for    as a priest in the Episcopal Church in 1985.
    Amanda Di Vita, Publications                 the benefit of those who do not yet know the
    Carolyn Adams, Publications                  Lord Jesus Christ.                                 John Wright has been organist-choirmaster
    Darlene Fletcher, Controller                                                                    of St. Margaret’s since 1999.
    Stacey Ross, Finance Assistant                                Patrick Blythe as Director        He formerly held similar
    Rosie Rivera, Finance Assistant (School)                      of Stewardship and Develop-       positions in Memphis, San
    Ahmo Hadzibegovic, Sexton                                     ment, is responsible for annual   Antonio and Oklahoma City.
    Richard Villalobos, Sexton                                    giving, capital campaigns,
    Norma Cardenas, Housekeeper                                                                     He has degrees in organ from
                                                                  fund-raising activities, and      Pittsburg State University and
    Maria Green, School Housekeeper
                                                                  planned giving. He was            The Conservatory of Music of the University of
    Susan Reed, Nursery Attendant
                                                 formerly the Executive Director of Institutional
    Volunteer Staff                                                                                 Missouri at Kansas City. He is a member of the
                                                 Advancement at Butte College, where he also
    Kate Reeves, Parish Nurse                                                                       American Guild of Organists, the Association
                                                 taught estate planning, investments, and finan-
    Don Poorman, FIND Chair                                                                         of Anglican Musicians, the Royal School of
    Jim Laraby, FIND Co-Chair                    cial planning. While at Butte College, Patrick
                                                                                                    Church Music and the American Choral
    Bob Klink, Admin                             raised over $85 million for facilities.
                                                                                                    Directors Association.
    Shivaun Manley Hinman, Outreach Chair
                                                                  Chet Hecht joined the staff of
    Retail Staff                                                                                                   Barbara Gibson is serving her
    Neil Castren, Maggie’s Corner Manager                         St. Margaret’s in 2003. With a
                                                                                                                   fourth year as Head of School
    Renate Knoblauch, Cellar Door Manager                         Master’s degree in Counseling
                                                                                                                   for St. Margaret’s Episcopal
    Celia Butch, Assistant Cellar Door Manager                    Psychology and a background
    Stan Hirsch, Assistant Cellar Door Manager                                                                     School. She has over thirty years
                                                                  in church and non-profit pro-
    Richard Borgardt, Cellar Door                                                                                  of experience in teaching and
                                                                  gram development and man-
    School Board                                                                                                   administration in both public
                                                 agement, Chet is responsible for promoting
    Linda Smith-Finer, Chair                                                                        and private schools across the United States.
                                                 our mission “To Know Christ and Make Him
    The Vestry                                                                                      Mrs. Gibson received her Masters in Education
                                                 Known” through developing and coordinating
    Curtis Barlow, Senior Warden                                                                    from the University of Utah and completed
                                                 small group ministries, and parish events and
    Kathleen Pippin, Junior Warden                                                                  her Education Administration credentials at
                                                 activities that will promote fellowship, educa-
    Joyce Dash                                                                                      Central Washington University.
    Miles Gullingsrud                            tion, worship, service, or evangelism within our
    Mario Hernandez                              parish and in our community.
                                                                                                    Kate Reeves, a Master’s-
    Gary Johnson
                                                                                                    educated Registered Nurse, was
    Dick Leavitt                                 Shivaun Nelson joined the
    Loren Rice                                   staff of St. Margaret’s in the                     formerly the Administrative
    Leni Roberts                                 beginning of June 2005 as the                      Director of a large urban
    Bob Spiegel                                  youth and families minister. She                   Emergency Department
    Michelle Hathaway, Treasurer                 graduated from the University                      in Orange County. She has
    David Erwin, Chancellor                                                                         been extensively published in professional
                                                 of California Berkeley with a
    Debby Jansma, Clerk
                                                 Bachelors of Arts in Medieval History and is       journals, was the 1988 recipient of the National
    Newsletter Staff                             considering ordination. She works with the         Emergency Nurses Professionalism Award, and
    Amanda Di Vita, Publisher
                                                 Junior and Senior high school students, plans      is currently certified in Hospice and Palliative
    Carolyn Adams, Graphic Design
    Barbara Blythe, Editor
                                                 education and activities for children, and helps   Care. She holds a lifetime teaching credential
                                                 to develop fellowship between parish families.     from the State of California.

                                                                                                           the reCtor’S View
                                                                                                            The	Rev.	Dr.	Robert	Certain

                                                   One	that	is	made	to	bear	the	blame	of	others.	

 Scapegoat                                         Bible.	A	live	goat	over	whose	head	Aaron	confessed	all	the	sins	of	the	children	of	
                                                   Israel	on	the	Day	of	Atonement.	The	goat,	symbolically	bearing	their	sins,	was	then	
                                                   sent	into	the	wilderness.

        n recent years, our society has held a                                             of the world. As he hangs on the cross, he never
        fascination for scapegoats. Whether it                                                  speaks one word of condemnation for those
        is in business, government, family                                                         who put him there. He never condemns
        or church, we seem to be having                                                             Judas for betraying him, Peter for denying
        a great deal of trouble accept-                                                                any knowledge of him, the Sanhedrin
ing personal responsibility and are                                                                     for their condemnation of him. He
looking for someone else to take the                                                                     does not condemn Pilate, the Roman
blame. We hear the protestations all                                                                     soldiers, the crowd who called for his
the time. “I’m just a scapegoat; other                                                                   crucifixion, the masses who watched
people were involved.”“It wasn’t my                                                                      him die, or the thieves who taunted
fault.”“She made me mad.”“He made                                                                        him from their own crosses. After the
me do it.”“It’s all her fault.”                                                                         world has given him the worst they
While we seem to be in a period of                                                                    have, his word for us is “Father, forgive
intense blaming, it is nothing new in                                                               them, for they know not what they do.”
human history, dating back at least as far as                                                     Let us take to heart the lessons of Good Friday
Leviticus 16:29–34. On the Day of Atonement                                                  and Easter. We have read the story and we know
the priest is directed to take two perfect goats from                                  the outcome. There is only one scapegoat that has ever
the herd. The first, the “goat of atonement,” is to be sacrificed on      been sufficient to take our blame, anger, and fury—Our Lord Jesus
the altar of the temple for the sins of the people. The priest laid his   Christ. No other person will do: Not our spouse, not our children,
hands on the second, the “scape-goat,” to symbolize the transfer of       not our parents. Our employers, our co-workers, our government
the sins of the people to the goat and it was driven into the wilder-     officials are totally inadequate to the task. Other religions, nations
ness to be killed and eaten by wild animals.                              or races do not have the power to relieve us. Our priest, bishop,
For us Christians, Jesus is both goats. First, he is the Lamb of          denomination will never give us satisfaction. Only Jesus can take it.
God, killed for our atonement (our at-one-ment) with God the              And when he does, he destroys it all and returns it to us trans-
Father. Second, he is the perfect scapegoat—on him is placed our          formed into union with God.
sins, failures and guilt. When he is convicted by the Sanhedrin on         You know the story—trust the outcome. Make the crucifixion of
Maundy Thursday night, the men standing around “lay hands on               Jesus mean something to you by placing all your sins, frustrations,
him” by slapping him, punching him and whipping him. When                  and grudges on his shoulders. Make him your scapegoat. He didn’t
Pilate condemns him to crucifixion on Good Friday morning, the            “deserve” it then, and he doesn’t deserve it now. But the truth is that
Roman soldiers repeat the action. Through this double condemna-            he is the only one who can bear the sin of the world; and the truth
tion, Jesus takes upon himself the sins of both the religious and the      is that he will bear them. On Easter Day, Jesus not only rose from
secular communities.                                                       the dead, but as he left the tomb, he left behind everything that
 I have often heard people say “You shouldn’t be mad at God” or            separates us from the love of God. He took our worst, and gave us
“Don’t blame God for your actions.” I have heard people protest that       back his best.
 they can’t pray when they’re angry. I disagree. When I see a crucifix,   Alleluia. Christ our Passover has been sacrificed for us. Therefore,
 with the beaten and bloodied body of Christ hanging there, I see         let us keep the feast. Alleluia.
 the one who is strong enough to take all the anger, fury and blame

VeStry noteS
Debby	Jansma

March Vestry
The April meeting of St. Margaret’s Vestry was held                                  Wardens report: Kathleen passed out an article about
on April 6, 2006 at 5 pm in Karns Hall.                                               the Golden Rule and Faith. Love one another and
                                                                                  agree to disagree at times. Curtis passed out committee
                                                                            assignments for each Vestry member. Nine committees. All
The Pet Columbarium was discussed in detail as a service to
                                                                        accept and approve.
parishioners and a revenue source for the church. Start up costs
would come from the human columbarium fund which has                    Stewardship report: Patrick handed out a summary of pledge
$51,000. Motion made by Bob Spiegel and seconded by Dick                results to date and as compared to last year. A chart reflecting the
Leavitt. Discussion. Dick amends motion to poll parish for interest     gifts needed to close the budget gap was also distributed. Patrick
and defer building until some presale has been done. Seconded           reported a playground grant request was developed by a team
by Bob Spiegel and approved except for one “no” vote from Miles         consisting of Patti Whittle, Bill Harris and Shivaun Nelson. We have
Gullingsrud. Passed. Poll the parish during the next two weeks and      been notified we are finalists, and indications are our request will
come back to the next meeting with details of interest.                 be approved on May 1st. In May RSI will give a detail report on our
                                                                        capacity for the capital campaign.
The Outreach committee minutes are presented. They would like to
distribute $7500 to Camp Stevens and $2500 to Kairos. The funds         Retail: Prospective tenant for old locations. It was suggested that
would come from the Watson memorial fund specifically set aside         we get lights for the street windows to light up at night.
for Outreach. A motion to approve these distributions was made
                                                                        All other reports accepted.
by Bob Spiegel and seconded by Curtis Barlow and approved by all.
Discussion.                                                             Old Business:
                                                                        Resolution regarding salaries from Miles Gullingsrud. Tabled from
The School report was given by Linda Smith-Finer, Board Chair.
                                                                        March meeting. Motion to remove from table. Discussion. Finance
Linda reported about 37 students paid their deposit for next year.
                                                                        committee discussed and recommended a study of salaries from
The number of new contracts and returning students indicates
                                                                        like churches for comparison. Study to be complete by Sept. 6,
we should have about 170 students next year. She also stated the
                                                                        2006. The finance committee and compensation committees
car raffle was successful and the car was won by Mr. & Mrs. Olivier
                                                                        review salaries for budget purposes. Discussion. Motion for resolu-
from the parish. They will be donating their older Cadillac to the
                                                                        tion as stated made by Miles was NOT approved. 8 “no,” 1 “yes.”
school to sell. The Head of School search committee recommends
Dr. Kim Marshall should be offered the position as the new head         The motion was revised to accept the Finance Committee’s recom-
of School. A motion made by Curtis Barlow and seconded by Dick          mendation for study of the total compensation costs as compared
Leavitt to offer a one year contract to Dr. Marshall with renewal op-   to total revenues. Passed.
tion. Actual contract will be brought to the Vestry for approval. All   Loren Rice presented some questions of interest for newer Vestry
approve except one “no” by Gary Johnson. Passed.                        members. Responses were made and distributed for review.
Financial reports were given by Darlene Fletcher, Controller, fol-      Flower sale on Saturday.
lowed by discussion. Finance committee report also enclosed.
Motion to accept reports made by Kathleen Pippin and seconded           Adjourned 6:40 pm to Executive Session.
by Bob Spiegel and all approve. Discussion and questions.               (Subject to corrections/official minutes to be done at a later date)

                                                                        LiVing weLL inStitute CLaSSeS

                                    [      Living Well Institute will be
                                             on summer break from
                                            May 30 until September 5                                   ]
                                                Classes Between
                                                   the Masses
   Tuesdays in the Son                               Sundays at 9 am
       Holy Communion 5:30
      Dinner 6:00 • Classes 6:45                    Fellowship Sunday	
                                                     May	7,	8:30—Noon	                   Weekend Fellowship
      Develop a Hearing Heart	                        Parish	Breakfast                     Scrapbooking “Crop & Craft”
     with	the	Rev.	Dan	Rondeau	                                                                 with	Andrea	Hecht		
       Each Tuesday—Join anytime	                                                              Friday–May 26—6–10 pm
  A	course	on	spiritual	discernment.                                                   Bring	your	own	supplies	and	enjoy	the	
                                                                                        fun	and	fellowship	while	preserving	
           Labyrinth Walk                                                              your	fondest	memories.	Call	Andrea	to	
         “Tongues of Fire”                                                                 RSVP	and	for	more	information		
                May 16                                                                               at	200-8656.
      For	more	information	call		
       Alice	Sleight	323-2399.
   Introduction to Acoustic Guitar	
            with	Chet	Hecht	
       May 2, 9, 16, 23—Join anytime	
 Have	you	ever	wanted	to	learn	to	play	
the	guitar?	Learn	about	the	instrument	     Write the History of St. Margaret’s
 and	some	basic	chords	and	rhythms.                      May 14, 21, 28	
                                             Join	us	to	share	your	stories	and	
                                          photos	of	St.	Margaret’s.	We	will	discuss	
                                           the	history	project	and	begin	assem-
                                               bling	our	permanent	archive.

PariSh Life
Chet	Hecht

Adventurers at the Huntington Library

                n Friday, April 21st, twenty
                adventurous spirits traveled
                to San Marino to spend
                the day at the magnificent
                Huntington Library. From
weather, to food, to company, a joyful time
was had by all.

                                                                                   PaStoraL Care
                                                                                  The	Rev.	Dan	Rondeau

Camp Stevens—Good for Body and Soul

                astoral Care Ministry isn’t       Contact information:
                just about visiting the sick,     The	Rev.	Dan	Rondeau	ext	105	
                interceding for those in need     Kate	Reeves,	RN	ext	171
                of prayer, or counseling others
                in moments of life-changes.
 Pastoral Care includes the encouragement
 of healthful living, of encouraging horizon
 expanding experiences (like camping),
 and worship of the God who has created
“all that is, seen and unseen.”
I have been associated with Camp Stevens
since 1983. Currently I serve as the Co-
Chairman of the Camp Stevens Board of
Directors. I am proud of the opportunities
we provide children, adults and families at
Camp Stevens: “a peaceful place apart.”
Check out the summer camping oppor-
tunities for children, teens, adults and
families. Allow the staff and the programs
of the camp to get you involved with the
beauty and wonder of God’s creation, and
with the joy of meeting new friends and
building a community over the space of a
few days, or a week.                                                    Pa s s a g e s
Summer Camping brochures are available                                  Transfered in:
in the Narthex, in the Church Office, and                               Richard	and	Sandra	Hester
in the School Office. I will be happy to talk                           Baptisms:
with you about the camp. And, you can                                   Allison	Ruth-Lezette	Black	
check out the various opportunities online:                             Alyssa	Michelle	DeLeon                                                    Leah	Elizabeth	Dusek	
                                                                        Trevor	Dal	Millman	
Throughout the year, the Camp provides                                  Chloe	Lee	Overgaag	
a wide variety of experiences to challenge                              Jack	Lane	Pinkert
and build the body and nurture the soul.
                                                                        We Are Saddened by the Loss of:
Discover Camp Stevens.
                                                                        Donald	Beitler	
For more information about Camp Stevens:                                Fern	Bergerson                                                     George	Ludwig	
760-765-0028                                                            Ann	Price	
                                                                        Polly	Richmond

St. Margaret’S ePiSCoPaL SChooL
Barbara	Gibson
                                                  If	you	would	like	additional	information	about	SMES,	please	visit	our	website	at	
                                            	or	contact	our	Head	of	School,	Mrs.	Barbara	Gibson		
School News                                                      via	her	email	address	at

               hings have certainly been exciting around the          possible. I was very proud to show our visiting judges just how
               school lately. Once again, our students have done      great SMES students are! The following is a complete list of this
               exceptionally well in the Palm Desert Art and Essay    year’s winners:
               contest! SMES swept the Essay Awards in Grades         Riverside County Qualifiers
               5, 6 and 7, and placed 2nd for Grade 8. I’m so proud      Nico Bergmann (8th Grade)—Just Keep Swinging
of the effort from each of our students, and thank the faculty           Lauren Ashley Panawa (7th Grade)—Is Radiation Devastation
for their diligence in making certain SMES received our sixth            Aaron Miller (6th Grade)—Desert vs. Beach
straight Perpetual Trophy!
                                                                      8th Grade
Perpetual Trophy Winners                                                 1st Jazmin Grimaldi—Pure Water or Pure Hype
(100% School Participation) Learning Tree, Washington Charter,           2nd Tyler Wanner—Catching Waves
and St. Margaret’s Episcopal School                                      3rd Sara Nofeliyan—Pricey Lips
Mural Awards                                                          7th Grade
8th Grade class of SMES—1st Place                                        1st William Tingle—Pop Goes the Bubble
Individual Art Awards                                                    2nd Alyssa Zack—Caffeine Craze
Kindergarten:     3rd Place—Joseph Puccio                                3rd Daytona Williams—Which Wood You Use?
Second Grade:     2nd Place—Victoria Miller                           6th Grade
Sixth Grade:      1st Place—Daisy Connor                                 1st Griffin Wade—Wax-on, Wax-off
Seventh Grade:    3rd Place—Remy Vincent                                 2nd Cha Cha Wilhoite—My Toil in Soil
Added attraction: 9th grade SMES alumni: 3rd Place—                      3rd Jack Hodgkins—CSI St. Margaret’s
                  David Westengard
                                                                      5th Grade
Essay Awards                                                             1st Amanda Owens—Rat Race
5th Grade                                                                2nd Austin Del Rio—Zapster
    1st Place—Pauline Perslow                                            3rd Ryan Garcia—Time to Rot
6th Grade
                                                                      4th Grade
    1st Place—Ghazal Babai
                                                                         1st Angelica Lakatos—Twisting Twisters
    2nd Place—Elisa Livreri
                                                                         2nd Oliver Maize—Hole in One
7th Grade
                                                                         3rd Austin Hanna—Cool, ing A Soda
    1st Place—Lauren Ashley Panawa
    3rd Place—Christian Spangenberg
8th Grade
    2nd Place—Jeffrey Stewart
All 1st place winners (yes, the entire 8th grade can attend!) and
their teachers have been invited to attend the Awards Ceremony
on Thursday, May 4th. Student Art and Essays are on display
until mid-May at the Palm Desert Visitor Center.
And now a word about our Annual Science Fair…As always
our Science Fair Coordinator, Mrs. Miller did an excellent job in
putting the event together. Every student worked very hard to
follow all the specific guidelines to make their project the best           SMES	winners	of	the	Palm	Desert	Art	and	Essay	Contest

                                                                                                            nurSe’S noteS
                                                                                                                         Kate	Reeves

Let’s Be Safe and Sane

                     e have been overwhelmed these past few
                     years with statistics regarding deaths from
                     war and natural disasters, both here in the
                     United States and throughout the world. The
                     situations in Iraq and the entire Middle East,
the Sudan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and our own Gulf Coast all
bring home the fragility of life and how everything can change in     Accidents DO happen, of course. But a little common sense and
the blink of an eye.                                                  proactive prevention can help to reduce this unnecessary loss of
                                                                      life. Examples of these include ALWAYS wearing a seat belt, not
I certainly don’t intend to denigrate these tragedies, but there is
                                                                      drinking and driving, using safety gear during sports activities
even a more startling statistic in the United States—our horrific
                                                                               (helmets, knee pads, etc.), removing hazards in the home
accidental death rate.
                                                                                      that may cause a fall, especially with older adults
Right here, EVERY HOUR, about 18 people                                                    (draping cords and throw rugs to name a
die from injuries. This group spans all age                                                   few), being sure swimming pools are be-
groups, both sexes and all races. The                                                           hind locked fences, and NEVER allowing
leading cause of fatal injuries is always                                                         anyone to swim alone.
motor vehicle accidents. In some years
                                                                                                  We can’t do anything about tsunamis
more people are killed in traffic ac-
                                                                                                   and earthquakes, and we also can’t
cidents than were killed in the whole
                                                                                                   do much about the situations in oth-
Viet Nam war. The death rate in car
                                                                                                   er countries, but we can and should
crashes is almost twice as high for
                                                                                                  take a good look at what we are doing
males than females and the highest
                                                                                                 to protect ourselves and our loved ones
number are in the ages from 15 to 25.
                                                                                               from accidental death or injury.
The leading cause of non-fatal injuries
                                                                                            Let’s have a safe and sane summer!
requiring treatment is unintentional falls,
which particularly affect the elderly, and account
for two-thirds of the injuries treated in Emergency De-
partments in adults 65 and older. In folks 75 and older, the death
rate from falls is five times the death rate in the younger group.
Children ages one to four are more likely to drown than be killed
in traffic crashes—and this is especially true here in California
where swimming pools are so common. Kids under the age of
14 also account for a third of the traumatic brain
injuries seen in a year.

youth and faMiLy
Shivaun	Nelson

                                                                                                          Lori	Meena	and	
                                                                                                          Alicia	Bergmann

Prince of Egypt	movie	and	Passover	Dinner	night	for	all	ages    Laura	Green,	Renee	and	Sasha	Young	
                                                                prepare	Easter	eggs

        Coming Events
            Movie Night
           May 19—5:30 pm 		
       Oceans 11	and	Oceans 12
                                                                                                           Anise	Meena,	Remy	Vince
 Continuing Activities
               Kid’s Word
          Sunday Mornings—10 am 		
     A	liturgy	of	the	Word	service		                 Angelica	Lakatos,	Noann	Sanchez	and	Louisa	Nolan,	
               for	children                                                             ‘Tween	group

             ‘Tweens Group
           Fridays—3:30–5:15 pm 		
     A	third	to	fifth	grade	program
        Middle School Group
         Tuesdays—3:30–5:30 pm
        New	theme	each	week
      High School Youth Group
           Sundays—2–4 pm
        New	theme	each	week
       AIM: youthatmargarets
                                                  Preschool	program	in	the	nursery	at	the	10	am	service

                                                                                                youth and faMiLy
                                                                                                              Shivaun	Nelson

                                Tyler	Wanner
                                                 Bergett	Machlan

                                                                     Grace	Funk,	Tayonia	Lomax,	Tyler	Wanner	and	Jeffrey	Stewart,	
                                                                                                          Middle	School	pin-ball

ent,	Lauren	Ashley	Panawa	and	Bergett	Machlan	

                                                 Lauren	Ashley	Panawa	&	Remy	Vincent	

                                                                                                  Back to the Future	movie	night

            Brooke	Bergmann	and	Emily	Maize          Extra	surprises	on	Easter	morning     Kimberly	Herrera	at Back to the Future

Shivaun	Manley	Hinman

Groundbreaking at Camp Stevens

                enerations of Southern Californians have found in            For	more	infomation	or	to	contact	Camp	Stevens:	
                Camp Stevens a place where the profound beauty of                     PO	Box	2320,	Julian,	CA	92036	
                creation speaks to their inner hunger to be con-                          Phone:	760-765-0028		
                nected to what God has made. It is a setting where                     email:	
                people meet creation and one another in a myriad                     website:
of activities as active participants. Fed by these experiences, they
are inspired to deepen their relationship with God, to live more       place during the first annual appreciation event for members of
lovingly with one another and to become better stewards of God’s       the Camp Stevens Legacy Circle (persons who have included Camp
creation.                                                              Stevens in their wills or other estate plans). Members of the Camp
For the past 50 years, Camp Stevens has provided adventures in na-     Stevens Board of Visitors, our advisory/support group also joined
ture and in Christian community through summer camp sessions,          in the celebration, concluding their annual weekend meeting here.
outdoor education programs, family weekends and adult retreats.        These three structures are ecological roundhouses that will be
The camp also serves a number of groups from the wider commu-          located near the parking lot area. They will house up to six staff
nity that provide programs for special populations including the       people and provide meeting space for a variety of groups. The
deaf, burn victims, people with AIDS and children with cancer.         pre-fabricated components of the roundhouses have already been
Join us in renewing and expanding the great treasure that is Camp      constructed so the shell of the buildings should go up very quickly.
Stevens for the next 50 years and beyond.                              The interior work will take a few months after that and we hope to
St. Margaret’s Outreach Commission is pleased to have made a           start using them in the summer.
pledge to underwrite a new staff cabin at Camp Stevens. After more
than four years of securing plans, zoning permission, building per-
mits, and re-routing of utility lines, we have finally broken ground
for the new staff cabins and community center! Lee Mason dug
the first shovelful of ground for the foundations on October 16th.
Lee is sponsoring the construction of the community center in
memory of her son, Leonard Lee. The long-awaited ceremony took

Groundbreaking!		The	Rev.	Darry	Lee,	Vicki	Bergstrom,	
Peter	Bergstrom,	Soo	Lee,	Ok	Cha	Lee	Mason,		
the	Rev.	C.	Boone	Sadler,	and	the	Rev.	Dan	Rondeau

                                                                                                                              Patrick	Blythe

Deficit Mystery Solved

               ccording to an updated IRS study, taxpayers under-
               paid their federal income taxes by $345 billion. Last
               year the federal government budget deficit was $318
               billion. Think about it; if taxpayers simply paid what
               the law required, there would be no budget deficit.          Help Write the History of
This story caught my attention because we also are facing a poten-          St. Margaret’s
tial deficit in our church budget. In spite of cuts to programs, de-        Most	of	the	history	of	our	church	resides	         in	the	
ferred maintenance, tightened spending controls, and increases in           memory	of	our	parishioners.	Many	long-         time	parishio-
efficiency, we will need additional revenues to balance the budget.         ners	have	passed	away,	and	most	of	us	 have	noticed	our	
Yet, we are perceived to be a wealthy church with many generous             memories	fade	over	time.	We	need	to	create	a	permanent	
                                                                            archive	of	photos,	stories	and	historical	documents	that	
givers. The reality differs from the perception. Yes, we have a few ex-
                                                                            represent	the	history	of	St.	Margaret’s.	We	may	publish	a	
tremely generous givers, but we also have people who refuse to give
                                                                            memory	book	or	create	a	DVD	with	videos	and	photos.
anything, and about 100 households who put a few dollars in the
plate but refuse to pledge. Our average contribution in the collec-         Long	time	members	Caroline	Berkey,	Jean	Smith	and	Ruth	
tion plate is less than the price of a movie ticket, or a fraction of the   Young	have	already	provided	photos	and	information.	I’m	
cost of a performance at the theatre, or a meal out.                        sure	many	of	you	also	have	mementos,	stories	and	photos	
                                                                            to	share.	Thanks	to	the	contributions	of	time,	talent	and	
If everyone pledged a sacrificial amount as the Bible instructs, our        treasure	from	computer	expert	George	Reeves,	we	are	nearly	
church would not have a deficit. In fact, if everyone gave propor-          ready	to	assemble	a	history	of	St.	Margaret’s.	We	need	your	
tionally to their income, we could balance the budget and pay any           help	to	make	this	project	work.	
outstanding debt. It really is that simple. If we just return a small       We	need	volunteers	with	memories	or	computer	skills	for	
portion of God’s gifts to us, any financial problems of St. Margaret’s      the	following	tasks:	
can be solved.                                                              	    •	 Organizing	photos	and	documents		
Yesterday I enjoyed breakfast with Jim Hatfield, a man who is a             	    •	 Identifying	people	and	places	in	photos	
                                                                            	    •	 Video	taping	interviews	with	long	time	members	
wonderful steward of God’s gifts. He gives time, talent and treasure.
                                                                            	    •	 Scanning	photos	and	documents	into	the	computer
Jim tithes regularly, has been a long time supporter of St. Margaret’s
School and is one of the leaders of FIND, which distributes food to         We	also	need	approximately	$1,500	for	computer	informa-
the needy. Jim made a comparison to his giving to the church as             tion	storage	and	a	DVD	writer.
well as other activities he enjoys in life. We had a wonderful discus-      If	you	want	to	volunteer,	contribute	money	or	memories,	
sion about the benefits of giving, and the choices we make with             or	just	have	questions	about	the	project,	please	call	Patrick	
God’s blessings. Jim asked if many people tithed at St. Margaret’s. I       Blythe	at	346-2697	Ext	107,	or	send	an	email	to	blythe@
had to admit tithing is not very common at St. Margaret’s.        

I thought about Jim’s comments last night, and I couldn’t sleep. I
kept thinking about our pledge results so far, and what they could
be if everyone was like Jim.                                                we can take your name off our list of non-pledging households.
So far this year, the number of pledging households is up, but the          Our goal is 100% participation in this year’s pledge drive. If you
total amount pledged is still under budget. St. Margaret’s needs            have not pledged yet, a volunteer who has pledged will call to
your pledge, and your gift will make a difference. If you have not          encourage you to join them in making a pledge to St. Margaret’s.
made a financial pledge to St. Margaret’s yet, please do so today so        Please greet them warmly, and give generously.

St. Margaret’S haPPeningS

Sunday                                   Monday                            Tuesday                                   Wednesday
	      	 30                              		    1		                         	      2	                                 	     3
	 8	am	 Holy	Communion                                                     	 8	am			     Haystack	Walkers            	 8	am		 School	Chapel	Service
	 9	am		 Spiritual	Growth	Sunday                                           	 11	am	      Women’s	Bible	Study         	 9	am		 Intercessory	Prayer		 	
	 9	am			 Maggie’s	Corner	Open                                             	3:30	pm			   Middle	School	Youth	Group   	       	 Group
	 10	am			 Kids	Word	Worship                                               	5:30	pm			   Holy	Communion              	 10	am		 Service	of	Healing	and		
	 10	am	 Holy	Communion                                                    	 6	pm			     Dinner	and	Fellowship       	       	 Holy	Communion
	 2	pm	 Senior	High	Youth	Group                                            	6:45	pm			   Living	Well	Institute

	      7                                  		    8	                         		     9	                                 		    10
	 8	am			     Holy	Communion              	5–8	pm	 SMES	Dinner	at	Ruby’s   	 8	am			     Haystack	Walkers            	 8	am		 	School	Chapel	Service
	8:30	am			   Parish	Fellowship	Breakfast                                  	 11	am	      Women’s	Bible	Study         	 9	am		 	Intercessory	Prayer		 	
	 9	am		      Maggie’s	Corner	Open                                         	3:30	pm			   Middle	School	Youth	Group   	       	 Group
	 10	am			    Kids	Word	Worship                                            	5:30	pm			   Holy	Communion              	 10	am		 Service	of	Healing	and		
	 10	am			    Holy	Communion                                               	 6	pm			     Dinner	and	Fellowship       	       	 Holy	Communion
	 2	pm	       Senior	High	Youth	Group	                                     	6:45	pm			   Living	Well	Institute

	     14	 Mother’s	Day                   		   15                           	     	16	                                	     17
	 8	am			 Holy	Communion                                                   	 8	am			     Haystack	Walkers            	 9	am		 	Intercessory	Prayer		 	
	 9	am			 Church	Archive	Project                                           	 11	am	      Women’s	Bible	Study         	        	 Group
	 9	am		 Maggie’s	Corner	Open                                              	3:30	pm			   Middle	School	Youth	Group   	 10	am		 Service	of	Healing	and		
	 10	am			 Kids	Word	Worship                                               	5:30	pm			   Holy	Communion              	        	 Holy	Communion
	 10	am			 Holy	Communion                                                  	5:30	pm			   Holy	Communion              	
	 2	pm	 Senior	High	Youth	Group                                            	 6	pm			     Dinner	and	Fellowship
                                                                           	6:45	pm			   Living	Well	Institute	
                                                                           6:45	pm		     Labyrinth	Walk	

	     21	 	                              		   22                           	     	23	                                		    24
	 8	am			 Holy	Communion                                                   	 8	am			     Haystack	Walkers            	 8	am		 	School	Chapel	Service
	 9	am			 Church	Archive	Project                                           	 Noon	       Senior	Lunch	Bunch          	 9	am		 	Intercessory	Prayer		 	
	 9	am		 Maggie’s	Corner	Open                                              	 11	am	      Women’s	Bible	Study         	       	 Group
	 10	am			 Kids	Word	Worship                                               	3:30	pm			   Middle	School	Youth	Group   	 10	am		 Service	of	Healing	and		
	 10	am			 Holy	Communion                                                  	5:30	pm			   Holy	Communion              	       	 Holy	Communion
	 2	pm	 Senior	High	Youth	Group                                            	 6	pm			     Dinner	and	Fellowship
                                                                           	6:45	pm			   Living	Well	Institute

	     28                                 	    29	 Memorial	Day             	      30                                 		    31
	 8	am			 Holy	Communion	 	              	      	 Office	Closed		          	 8	am			 Haystack	Walkers                	 8	am		 	School	Chapel	Service
	 9	am			 Church	Archive	Project                                           	 11	am	 Women’s	Bible	Study	             	 9	am		 	Intercessory	Prayer		 	
	 9	am		 Maggie’s	Corner	Open                                              	3:30	pm			 Middle	School	Youth	Group     	        	 Group
	 10	am			 Kids	Word	Worship                                                                                         	 10	am		 Service	of	Healing	and		
	 10	am			 Holy	Communion                                                                                            	        	 Holy	Communion
	 2	pm	 Senior	High	Youth	Group

                                                                             St. Margaret’S haPPeningS
M o n t h Ly C a L e n d a r

Thursday                                Friday                  Saturday
		     4                                	    5	                 		    6	 	
	 7	am			       Men’s	Breakfast	        	                       	                              2006
	 8	am		
	 10	am	
                Haystack	Walkers
                Widow’s	Support	Group
	6:30	pm			     Boy	Scouts	Meeting
	 6	pm	         Chamber	Singers
	 7	pm			       Adult	Choir	Rehearsal                                                           May
                                                                                       	   14	 Mother’s	Day		
                                                                                       	   29		 Memorial	Day

		     11                               	    12                 	    13	               	     4	 Pentecost	
	 7	am			       Men’s	Breakfast	        	                       	                      	    18	 Father’s	Day	
	 8	am		        Haystack	Walkers                                	                      	 26–30	 Vacation	Bible	School
	 10	am	        Widow’s	Support	Group
	3:15	pm	       Youth	Bible	Study
                                                                                       	     4	 Barbecue	&	Fireworks	
	 5	pm	         Vestry	Meeting
	6:15	pm			     Boy	Scouts	Meeting
	 6	pm	         Chamber	Singers
	 7	pm			       Adult	Choir	Rehearsal

		       18                             		   19                 	    20
	     7	am			   Men’s	Breakfast	        	                       	
	     8	am		    Haystack	Walkers
	    10	am	     Widow’s	Support	Group
	     6	pm	     Chamber	Singers
	     7	pm			   Adult	Choir	Rehearsal

		     25                               		   26                	     27
	 7	am			       Men’s	Breakfast	        	 6	pm	 Scrapbooking   	         	
	 8	am		        Haystack	Walkers
	 10	am	        Widow’s	Support	Group
3:15	pm		       Youth	Bible	Study
	6:30	pm			     Boy	Scouts	Meeting

		     1                                		   2                 		    3
	 7	am			       Men’s	Breakfast	        	                      	
	 8	am		        Haystack	Walkers
	 10	am	        Widow’s	Support	Group   	
3:15	pm		       Youth	Bible	Study
	6:30	pm			     Boy	Scouts	Meeting
	 6	pm	         Chamber	Singers
	 7	pm			       Adult	Choir	Rehearsal

VoLunteer oPPortunitieS
Stewardship	of	time	and	talent

Joyce Is a Joy!

                                               his month’s featured volunteer is Joyce Pat-              OppOrtunities FOr the OFFice
                                               terson, art and jewelry connoisseur, and                  Office Receptionist
                                               person extraordinaire.                                    Greet visitors in the office. Answer phones and
                                                                                                         direct questions to appropriate areas. Help with
                                     Joyce volunteers at the Cellar Door, where                          various projects.
                                     she has been a fixture since 1994. She was                          Debby Jansma
                       recruited by Louise Kuenzel, to whom she gives kudos for                          Count Committee
her vision in starting a St. Margaret’s thrift shop. At the Cellar Door Joyce serves                     Help count and prepare Sunday’s offering for
two days week and one of her responsibilities is oversight of the jewelry dona-                          bank deposit. Mondays, 8:30 am
                                                                                                         Debby Jansma
tions. Quality pieces are appraised for authenticity and value (Emerick’s Estate
Jewelry does this as a donation, for which she is very grateful).                                        Collate The View
                                                                                                         Collate pages of our newsletter, affix address
Joyce and her husband of 56 years, Bill, came to the desert in 1994 from Port-                           labels and prepare for mailing. Once a month
land, Oregon, where she was the owner of an art gallery featuring Sister Mary                            Debby Jansma
Corita’s works. Currently Joyce is working with Renata Knoblauch establishing                            Collate The Bulletin
the Cellar Door gallery, where good pieces of art are showcased for sale. Joyce                          Collate and staple pages of the weekly service
                                                                                                         bulletin. Thursday or Friday
plans to donate some of her private collection of Sister Corita silk-screen prints                       Debby Jansma
to this endeavor.
                                                                                                         Kitchen Angels
Joyce is peppy and full of fun and keeps active in addition to her volunteer work                        Assist with Tuesday evening suppers, monthly
for St. Margaret’s by volunteering at the Rancho Mirage Library, where her job                           Parish Breakfast and special events.
                                                                                                         Chet Hecht
is to mend books! She is also “religious” about her aerobics class and loves to
ride her bike, read and travel.
Like all of the volunteers who serve our church, Joyce is a wonderful asset here                         Music Ministry—FOr adults
and to the community as a whole and we celebrate her!                                                    Adult Choir
                                                                                                         Open to all adults who want to “make a joyful
                                                                                                         noise unto the Lord.” This choir sings for the 10
Outreach                                              lay WOrship Ministries                             am service and for special services throughout
                                                                                                         the year. Thursdays 7:15–9:15 pm
Cellar Door                                           Acolytes                                           John Wright
A variety of activities from customer assistance to   Serving God on Sunday mornings
merchandising. Various times                          Shivaun Nelson                                     Chamber Singers
Renate Knoblauch                                                                                         An auditioned group from the Adult Choir, which
                                                      Altar Guild                                        sings a wide range of music for church once a
Maggie’s Corner                                       Ongoing preparation of the altar for worship and   month and for special occasions in the commu-
Assist with sales. Sunday 8–12 & Tues 5–8             communion                                          nity. Thursdays, 6:15–7:10 pm
Neil Castren                                          Ann Leavitt                                        John Wright—to arrange an audition
Devotions Ministry                                    Ushers                                             Music Volunteers
Bringing the Church to the elderly who are            Pass out bulletins, greet worshipers, collect      Assisting in the various aspects of the music
shut-in or infirm. Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday          offering and assist as needed. Saturday 5 pm       ministries such as filing music, assisting with
Lovelace McNelley                                     Sunday 8 and 10 am                                 fitting and maintenance of all choir vestments,
                                                      Craig Johnston                                     preparing snacks, helping with publicity, and
F.I.N.D. Food in Need of Distribution
                                                                                                         volunteering as an usher at music events.
Preparing bags of food for handout.                   Greeters
                                                                                                         John Wright
Whitewater Park, Mondays 7:15–8:15 am                 Help welcome guests, members and friends to
Don Poorman                                           Sunday worship on a rotating basis
                                                      Sundays 8 am and 10 am
                                                      Lovelace McNelley

MuSiC noteS                                                                                                                 finanCe
John	Wright                                                                                                        Darlene	Fletcher

End of Season                                                                Summary of Financial
Donor Reception                                                                     Results as of

                n Saturday, March 25, the Board of the Desert                    March 30, 2006
                Friends of Music of St. Margaret’s held a recep-
                                                                       CHURCH		(Three	Months)	                     Actual               Budget
                tion in appreciation for all the donors who have
                                                                       Total	Donations	&	Other	Income	          $493,936	              $614,157
                made the concert season possible. Nearly one
                hundred people enjoyed the special event at the        Payroll	&	Benefits	                      $307,814	            $321,341	
                                                                       Ministry	Program	Expenses	                 94,215	          				131,097	
Thunderbird home of Joseph Lund and Jim Kelley. The evening            School	Ministry	Expense	                        	0	             													0	
was also in appreciation of Madge Hedlund and all she has              Administrative	Expenses	                  121,139	           			132,898
                                                                       Total	Expenses	                          $523,168	            $585,336
done to further the cause of great music at St. Margaret’s. While
                                                                       Net	Operating	Income/(Loss)		             $(29,232)	            			$28,821
the Quimby organ was still in the planning stages, Madge and
her husband sold a home to create the major gift to the organ          Total	Assets	                           $8,508,491	
project. Through the years following, Madge has also been re-          Mortgage	and	Loans	                     $1,945,725	
sponsible for establishing the organ artist-in-residence position.     Other	Liabilities	                           82,444	                          		
We are grateful indeed to Madge and her forward thinking about         Operating	Fund	                          	4,005,519	                          		
                                                                       Temporarily	Restricted	Fund	 	              207,568	                          		 	
St. Margaret’s and the music here. Also honored was Frederick          Permanently	Restricted	Fund               2,267,235
Swann for his generosity of talent and for so graciously becom-        Total	Liabilities	and	Fund	Principal	   $8,508,491
ing an important part of the music ministry at St. Margaret’s.
                                                                       The	Church	is	controlling	expenses,	however,	total	revenues	con-
The Board wishes to sincerely thank all those who supported            tinue	under	budget	due	to	the	need	for	additional	donations	and	
the DFOM season. We are very proud of our accomplishments              undesignated	gifts.
this year and look forward to a grand opening to the 2006–2007
season with “A Chanticleer Christmas” on November 24.
                                                                       SCHOOL (Nine	Months)	                        Actual              Budget
                                                                       Net	Tuition,	Donations	&	Fundraising	      $793,540	            $817,590
                                                                       Payroll	&	Benefits	                        $771,835	            $796,125	
                                                                       Operating	Expenses	                         161,860	             	186,270	
                                                                       Total	Expenses	                            $933,695	            $982,395
                                                                       Net	Operating	Loss	                       $(140,155)		      $(164,805)

                                                                       Total	Assets	                               $492,234
                                                                       Deferred	Revenue	                           $186,412	
                                                                       Other	Liabilities	                            106,053	
                                                                       Operating	Fund	                              	137,835								
                                                                       Temporarily	Restricted	Fund	                   61,934
                                                                       Total	Liabilities	and	Fund	Principal	       $492,234

                                                                       School	operating	revenues	continue	to	exceed	budgeted	revenues,	
                                                                       while	expenses	continue	below	budget,	precluding	any	need	for	ad-
                                                                       ditional	funds	from	the	Church.
                Fred	Swann,	Madge	Hedlund	and	John	Wright

The DFOM Board—Gail	Beckman,	Patti	Chandler,	Barbara	
Cory,	Jack	Flannery,	Carol	Hall,	Jim	Kelley,	Hal	Laster,	Eva	Myers,	
Wayne	Myers,	Christie	Palmer,	Randy	Rieck,	Rita	Saari,		
Ellie	Tennison,	Gerry	Thibault,	Linda	Thibault,	and	John	Wright.

          Santa Rosa
                            Lisa A. Johnson
                            Computer Consultant


 Will Help: select, purchase and install new computer
 • transfer data from old computer • optimize system
 • select and set-up Internet provider • decipher error
 messages • solve technical problems
 Will Teach: use computer effectively • protect system
 from viruses • the Internet • financial software • label
 printing • burn CDs • scanner • digital cameras
 • PDAs • other electronic devices

                                                 1679 E. Ramsey St. • Banning, CA 92220
                                          Tel: 951-849-3035 Natalie Ext. 250   Fax: 951-849-1587

  With over 30 years in the
 natural stone business, our
Artisans incorporate a unique
  blend of art and craft into
    your individual project.
  An Investment in a natural
stone countertop, vanity, floor,
 fireplace or other furnishing,
   will provide many years of
    beautiful service for you
         and your home.
                Nottingham Barnes & Associates
                         Residential & CommeRCial design seRviCes
          Custom Homes • Interior Design • Renovation • Outdoor Living Areas
         Pool • Spa • Landscape • Interiors • Exteriors • Office Space • Retail

                                           “OUR LOOK IS YOU!”
                                                  Call Now
                                              (760) 409 • 2779

      William Barnes                                                                  Robert Nottingham
                                           AREAS NOW SERVING:
             Palm Springs & Coachella Valley • Los Angeles & Westside • Pasadena Area & SGV
                      Locations Include: Rancho Mirage • Beverly Hills • San Marino

                                                                  Original Jewelery Designs

                                                                  Madeleine Ascott
                          Dr. Betty Baxter                             Semi-Prescious Stones
                         Certified Life Coach & Consultant            Sterling Silver and Crystal

    Inspiring Clarity, Creativity, Balance & Success                      760.578.9698
    (310) 291-7489     
         St. Margaret’s
Cellar Door
”Caring for the World Around Us”

Volunteers are the key to operations at
the Cellar Door Thrift Shop, and as our
business increases we are always in need of   To Donate
                                                                                                          72014 Highway 111
more volunteers. Many tasks need doing.       The Cellar Door accepts donations of                          Rancho Mirage
Hours can range from once a week to many      usable clothing and household goods.                       Magnesia Falls & Hwy 111
days a week. Days and hours of service can    Bring donations to the receiving dock (at                     (760) 773-0501
accommodate your schedule.                    the back ) between 9 am and 3:30 pm.                    Open Monday—Saturday
Why not give it a try?                        Some items may be unacceptable for                              9 am–4 pm
To volunteer call: Renate Burns-Knoblauch     resale. If you are in doubt, please call first.

Donations                                     Furniture
We need and appreciate tax deductible         To arrange for pickup of saleable furniture,
                                                                                                All proceeds from the Cellar Door are used
donations to the Cellar Door. Donations are   please call. Allow a few days lead time to
                                                                                                to fund the charitable outreach of
our only source of inventory. Please think    schedule your pickup.
                                                                                                St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church.
of the Cellar Door for all your giving.

St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church and School                                                                             NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE
47-535 Highway 74
Palm Desert, CA 92260                                                                                                      PAID
                                                                                                                       PALM DESERT, CA
                                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 7

                              Dated Material Delivered to Post Office on April 30, 2006
             47-535 Hwy 74 • Palm Desert, CA • 760-346-2697 • Fax 760-341-1212 •

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