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                         Mid-Michigan Chapter
Boar d o f d i r ec to r s

Board Members
John Abbott
David Brown
Jack Davis
Ronald Haas
Judith Ann Hall
DeAnne Hamilton
lee Hendrickson    James Smit                Michael King               Lee Hendrickson             Nancy Mc Clintic
Darryl Horton      Chair                     Vice Chair                 treasurer                   Secretary
Jerry King
Michael King
lillian Kumata
Ismat lal
James lammers
                   Help share the Red Cross story
Art luna
nancy Mc Clintic
                   Those of us who know the American Red Cross          stories within the pages of this annual report
Bryan McCracken
                   know the significance of the programs and            and at Red Cross LIVE. When I listen to
David Mulder
                   services offered to our community. We know           Donna’s story, it is obvious there are days it is
Michael pacheco
                   the Red Cross is continuously helping to prevent,    difficult for her to tell strangers about the loss
Susan Schuster
                   prepare for and respond to emergencies. We           of her beloved Joey. By sharing her loss with
Dawn Semple
                   know the Regional Food Distribution Center           others at Red Cross LIVE, Donna is able to
phyllis Shance
                   made 7,422,635 pounds of food available to           communicate the importance of learning First
James Smit
                   families who are struggling to make ends meet        Aid/CPR in a way no brochure or poster ever
todd Surline
                   last year. We know every three days, a family        could. Red Cross LIVE is real people with
Vince Villegas
                   affected by a house fire faces great uncertainty,    real stories.
lawrence Wilhite
                   but finds shelter and comfort from the efforts of
leah Wolf
                   a disaster volunteer. We know the 9,246 people       The Mid-Michigan Chapter is doing great things
John Wracan
                   trained in First Aid/CPR this year will be able to   by sharing the message through Red Cross
                   save a life.                                         LIVE, but it is not enough. If we are going
                                                                        to continue to be successful at providing the
                   Unfortunately there are still so many who            programs our community so greatly needs, each
                   don’t know. During 2006-07, Red Cross LIVE           of us has to take responsibility for sharing the
                   emerged as a way for the community to learn          value of the American Red Cross. Look for Red
                   just who we are and what we do. During Red           Cross LIVE dates on our website and attend a
                   Cross LIVE programs, people hear personal            Red Cross LIVE session; share with someone
                   testimonials from those whose lives have been        why you care about the Red Cross; invite others
                   impacted by the American Red Cross. They             to actively learn more; and you could save a life.
                   learn of the many services we provide and
                   discover ways they can become involved and
                   continue the efforts of the Red Cross.

                   People, like Donna Addy, who lost her fiancé         James Smit
                   while she was six months pregnant, share their       Chair, Board of Directors

                                                                20 0 6 -20 07          An n uAl          R ep o R t
                                                                                                      H ig H lig Hts

Highlights & Accomplishments                                      The Mid Michigan Chapter would like to salute the
                                                                  following organizations for their generous
                                                                  sponsorships of the “Be Red Cross Ready”
                                                                  Fundraising Breakfast:
    “Be Red Cross Ready”
     Breakfast an enormous success                                            Gold:
                                                                              Mid-Michigan MRI, Inc.
     In its second year, the annual fundraising breakfast                     Accident Fund Insurance Company
     proved again to be a noteworthy event. Held May 16,                      Analysts International
     2007 at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center,                         Gadaleto, Ramsby and Associates
     this year’s breakfast, themed “Be Red Cross Ready”,                      Bronze:
     included 70 table captains and brought out just under                    Auto Body Credit Union
     500 people.                                                              Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan
                                                                              Delta Dental of Michigan
     Attendees gathered to hear personal testimonials from
                                                                              MSU Federal Credit Union
     those whose lives have been impacted by the American
                                                                              Michigan State Medical Society
     Red Cross. This event resulted in gifts and pledges in
                                                                              National City
     the amount of $336,475. In addition, 140 individuals
                                                                              Physicians Health Plan of Mid-Michigan
     committed to multi-year pledges, up to five years.

                                                                    At the 2007 “Be Red Cross Ready” Breakfast, Meghan
                                                                  Gonzales recounted the terror her family faced three years
                                                                  ago when her toddler, KayLeigh, suffered severe blood loss
                                                                    following a routine tonsilectomy. Rushing KayLeigh to
                                                                    the hospital, Meghan was told her baby was in cardiac
                                                                  arrest. Meghan spent the night talking with her, singing to
                                                                   her, and praying over her. She continued to lose blood as
                                                                   fast it was given to her. After receiving six units of blood,
                                                                               KayLeigh is a healthy six year old!

  20 0 6 -20 07        An n uAl         R ep o R t
H ig H lig Hts

                  Thank You Dart Foundation

                   William A. Dart and his father, William F., together       Historically it has been the Dart Foundation’s
                   founded Dart Container Corporation. Since 1960,            preference to make grants in support of education
                   Dart Container has grown to become the world’s             for youth (primarily math, science and engineering).
                   largest manufacturer of foam cups and one of the           Other major areas of support have been health,
                   leading producers of single-use food service products,     disaster relief and journalism programs that focus
                   employing more than 7,000 people at 18 production          on the accuracy of news reporting on scientific
                   facilities in seven countries. William A. and Claire       and environmental issues. The Dart Foundation
                   Dart established the Dart Foundation in 1984.              also supports a variety of charities in plant-based

                                                                              Dart Container and the Dart Foundation have
                                                                              generously supported the work of the American
                                                                              National Red Cross and the Mid-Michigan Chapter
                                                                              for more than 15 years.

                                                                              The Circle of Humanitarian Award acknowledges
                                                                              donors who have made gifts in excess of $50,000
                                                                              during the fiscal year.

                                                                              We salute Dart Container and the Dart Foundation
                                                                              for their partnership with the American Red Cross in
                                                                              saving lives in this community as well as others around
 Pictured above, Jack McGuire, Interim CEO for the American National Red
                                                                              the globe.
      Cross presents the Circle of Humanitarian Award to Jim Lammers,
    Vice President of the Dart Foundation, along with other representatives
                                                                              Special thanks and appreciation to Dart Foundation
                              from the Foundation.
                                                                              for providing a challenge gift at the “Be Red Cross
                                                                              Ready” Fundraising Breakfast for the second year. Its
                                                                              challenge of $150,000 over three years matched any
                                                                              multi-year pledge made at the breakfast up to $50,000
                                                                              each year.

       Mission statement
      the American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and
      guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental principles of the
      International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disaster and
      help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

                                                                              20 0 6 -20 07         An n uAl         R ep o R t
                                                                               Prog r aM se rvice s

                                                                           Armed Forces
                                                                           Emergency Services
                                                                           connects military with family
                                                                           The American Red Cross is the only government-
                                                                           appointed agency to communicate emergency messages
                                                                           between military members and their families. The
                                                                           Mid-Michigan Chapter assisted with 683 cases during
                                                                           the 2006-07 fiscal year.

                                                                           Armed Forces Emergency Services volunteers
                                                                           brief departing service members and their families
                                                                           regarding support that is available through the Red
                                                                           Cross during their deployment. Both active duty and
                                                                           community-based military can count on the Red
                                                                           Cross to provide emergency communications that link
                                                                           them with their families back home. Volunteers also
                                                                           provide information regarding financial assistance and
    Blood Services
                                                                           International Social Services
    The American Red Cross provides 80% of the blood
    used by Michigan hospitals. Donations of blood help
                                                                           provides hope
    save the lives of newborn babies facing complications,
                                                                           Each year, armed conflict and natural disasters
    individuals overcoming trauma or undergoing
                                                                           separate millions of people from their families.
    surgeries, and friends and neighbors who are battling
                                                                           The Mid-Michigan Chapter of the American Red
    cancer or leukemia. One donation can save up to three
                                                                           Cross helps families reconnect around the world by
                                                                           delivering personal messages to families separated
                                                                           across international boundaries by war and civil unrest.
    This year, 104 volunteers shuttled blood to hospitals
    stretching over 64 counties from Lake Huron to Lake
    Michigan and from the Ohio border to Sault Ste.

    In the Blood Donor Room, 66 volunteers worked
    throughout the year to ensure a friendly welcome and
    comfortable experience to those who donated. An
    additional 76 volunteers worked at community mobile
    blood drives.

                                                                              While the brave men and women of our armed forces are
  John Cauley, Chief Executive Officer of the Mid-Michigan Chapter,
                                                                            serving our nation, the American Red Cross hopes to provide
comments, “It is overwhelming to realize we can put men on the moon,
                                                                            comfort by coordinating emergency messages from loved ones
 but we are unable to manufacture blood. Donations are the only way
                                                                                              to those stationed abroad.
         blood needed to save countless lives can be obtained.”

  20 0 6 -20 07            An n uAl           R ep o R t
Prog r aM s e rvi ce s

          Disaster Services
          are on call 24/7

                                                                         Emergency Food & Shelter is
                                                                         open when others are closed
                                                                         The Mid-Michigan Chapter Emergency Food &
                                                                         Shelter program is available after hours for unexpected
   Many volunteers with the Mid-Michigan Chapter have been               emergencies when other community pantries and
 dually trained to be Disaster Action Team members, responding to
                                                                         shelters are not accessible.
                  local disasters, as well as national.

        The Disaster Action Team trained 325 volunteers
        this year and delivered assistance during 106 local
        disasters providing victims with food, clothing,
        temporary shelter, vital medications and eyeglasses.
        In addition, the Disaster Action Team reached out
        to the community and completed 36 preparedness
        presentations that trained 1,415 participants to be Red
        Cross Ready in the event of a disaster or emergency.
                                                                          During the 2006-07 year, 1,680 nights of emergency shelter
         Staff and volunteers are on call 24 hours a day, 365
                                                                                              were provided.
         days a year, to assist families who have been affected by
         single family fires, floods, tornadoes, etc. Caseworkers
         help families with immediate needs and work to
                                                                         In 2006-07, food, personal care items, diapers and
         develop a permanent recovery plan utilizing Red Cross
                                                                         formula, and information referrals were provided to
         assistance and community resources.
                                                                         7,118 people needing emergency assistance. In addition,
                                                                         the Emergency Food & Shelter caseworkers assisted
                                                                         with temporary housing needs to determine what
                                                                         services and/or solutions best fit the needs for each
                                                                         individual case. Our goal is to obtain public shelter
                                                                         when available and to facilitate an understanding of
                                                                         the various community agencies that can assist them
                                                                         in the process of obtaining permanent housing.

                                                                                 20 0 6 -20 07           An n uAl           R ep o R t
                                                                         Prog r aM se rvice s

   Health & Safety                                                  Red Cross Volunteers
   The Mid-Michigan Chapter successfully trained 9,246             Red Cross Volunteers:
   people in First Aid/CPR, and Automated External                        •	 Offer availability at all times.
   Defibrillator (AED) use during the 2006-07 fiscal year.                •	 Leave their families in the middle of the
   After completing training, they are prepared to save                        night to help another family find a place
   the life of anyone in need whether it be a loved one, a                     to sleep.
   co-worker, or anyone in need.                                          •	 Take time every few months to give away
                                                                               one of the world’s most precious gifts:
                                                                          •	 Teach strangers how to save a life.
                                                                          •	 Assist military families desperate to get
                                                                               word of an emergency to a loved one
                                                                               far away.

                                                                   Without our volunteers, this community would be
                                                                   deprived of a host of lifesaving services. This year,
                                                                   1,819 active volunteers gave 101,593 volunteer hours
                                                                   to make each program and service available to the

    The Mid-Michigan Chapter of the American Red Cross
                                                                    Critical Volunteer Needs:
     offers a variety of Health & Safety classes, including                   •	     Switchboard /receptionist
                  First Aid/CPR certification.                                •	     Food sorters, fork lift driver, and
                                                                                     volunteers with CDL to pick up and
   Also during the 2006-07 year, 3,276 individuals                                   deliver food
   were trained in water safety and an additional 268                         •	     Blood drivers, donor room aides, mobile
   in babysitter’s training, providing members of our                                blood drive volunteers
   community with skills necessary to safely perform                          •	     First Aid/CPR and AED instructors
   their duties as guardians and caretakers.

   Forty-two people completed Instructor Training,
   almost four times as many as the previous year.
   Quality training of instructors is necessary to
   guarantee the continued success of the health and
   safety programs. Volunteer instructors provide the
   leadership and skill sets needed for class participants
   to learn how to save a life.

   It is the vision of the Mid-Michigan Chapter to train
   200,000 people over the next five years in First Aid/
   CPR to ensure that one in every three people will be
   prepared to respond to an emergency.

                                                                         Adequate volunteers help keep our staff costs low.
                                                                  For every paid staff person, there are 55 volunteers able to assist.

20 0 6 -20 07        An n uAl            R ep o R t
H ig H lig Hts

    Our community is full of heroes
    For generations the American Red Cross has been a hero to thousands of people in our
    community by furnishing aid during times of disaster, seeing to the well being of military
    families, providing citizens with lifesaving First Aid/CPR skills and providing a safe, clean
    blood supply.

    During the month of March, dozens of other companies and organizations become heroes
    by participating in a grass roots community campaign. These groups pledge to raise $1,000
    to benefit the American Red Cross.

                                            Each contribution of $1,000 will provide:
                                            •	    clean up kits for 56 families who have flood or storm damage to their

                                            •	     about 15,000 pounds of food to 150 families in a community.

                                            •	     groceries for up to 32 disaster victims.

                                            •	     a warm replacement coat, clothing and shoes for 15 children.

                                            •	     infant and child CPR training for 20 parents.

    Find out how you can become a hero by contacting Terry Hickey at
    517-702-3325 or email

                                                                              20 0 6 -20 07         An n uAl       R ep o R t
tH e r eg i o nal foo d d istr i Butio n ce nte r

                                             Regional Food
                                             Distribution Center

                                             The Mid-Michigan Chapter is the only
                                             American Red Cross Chapter to have
                                             its own Regional Food Distribution
                                             Center (RFDC). The RFDC organizes,
                                             coordinates and distributes products
                                             to 217 agencies in seven counties. The
                                             effort of feeding the hungry in mid-
                                             Michigan is possible in large part by
                                             the membership RFDC holds with
                                             America’s Second Harvest, the Nation’s
                                             Food Bank Network. America’s Second
                                             Harvest provides a networking
                                             framework for more than 200
                                             member food banks and food rescue
                                             organizations. In partnership with
                                             the RFDC, America’s Second Harvest
                                             is committed to fighting hunger and
                                             assisting those in need.

 20 0 6 -20 07   An n uAl   R ep o R t
tH e r eg i o nal foo d d istr i Butio n ce nte r

                      Meijer makes it possible
                      Meijer cares about the community and it shows. This
                      year, Meijer donated 3,469,676 pounds of food to the
                      Regional Food Distribution Center (RFDC) to aid             A Member Of
                      in the fight to feed the hungry (an estimated value of
                      $5,863,752 of donated product that Meijer would have
                      otherwise been unable to use). Through a partnership
                      with the RFDC, Meijer found a place where the
                      donation of goods could improve the lives of those
                      who are in need.

                      Meijer’s caring for the hungry does not stop at product
                      donation. Meijer is also able to coordinate special
                      purchases of products that are always in demand, but
                      may be difficult for the RFDC to obtain through

                                                    Dave Mulder, Director of
                                                    the Lansing Distribution
                                                    Center for Meijer,
                                                    believes this is a part of
                                                    the Meijer culture.

                                                     “Meijer is a family-owned
                                                      company that cares
                                                      about the community.
                                                      While they want to
                      Dave Mulder,                    remain competitive, it is
      Director of the Lansing Distribution Center     personally important for
                                                      the Meijer family to stay
                        true to their feelings of compassion and commitment
                        to caring for others.”

                      Damaged packages, seasonal surplus, or perishables
                      that are close dated are examples of products that are
                      unsuitable for the stores. Meijer uses these products to
                      aid in the mission of the Regional Food Distribution
                      Center to fight hunger.

                     “We care about the Red Cross and the services it
                      provides. Those who are hungry are real people who
                      need our help. I take great pride in working for a
                      company that takes ownership of that responsibility.”

                      The Mid-Michigan Chapter salutes Meijer for its
                      community partnership in serving hungry families.

                                                                         20 0 6 -20 07   An n uAl   R ep o R t
tH e r eg i o nal foo d d istr i Butio n ce nte r

                                                                  RFDC Fundraisers
                                                                  Support our mission!
                                                                  Each year, the Regional Food
                                                                  Distribution Center coordinates
                                                                  several events to raise funds and
                                                                  awareness in the fight against
                                                                  hunger. Check the Mid-Michigan
                                                                  website on a regular basis at
                                                                  to learn more about these
                                                                  events and other upcoming
                                                                  Red Cross programs.

                                                                  May—Letter Carriers Food Drive
                                                                  September & October—Harvest
                                                                  October—Make a Difference Day
                                                                  October—Stuff the Mayflower
                                                                  October—Empty Bowls

    Food by numbers
    Number of agencies served by the RFDC            217

    Number of pounds of food distributed this year   7,422,635

    Number of pounds donated to food pantries        2,453,619

    Number of volunteer hours                        16,089

    Total value of food                              $9,474,313

    Number of volunteers                             880

    Volunteer to staff ratio                         127 to 1

    Number of meals a $20 donation provides          100

 20 0 6 -20 07       An n uAl       R ep o R t
tH e r eg i o nal foo d d istr i Buti o n ce nte r

                              20 0 6 -20 07   An n uAl   R ep o R t
                                                                            fi nan cial r e Po r t

   Statement of Activities
   Fiscal Year 2006–2007

     United Way                                   391,637           3%                                                      United Way
                                                                                   9%       5%      3%    9%                Fund Raising
     Fund Raising                               1,181,383           9%      2%                                              Donations In-Kind
     Donations In-Kind                          9,507,050          72%                                                      Grants
     Grants                                       288,521           2%                            72%                       Program Fees
     Program Fees                               1,123,945           9%                                                      Miscellaneous
     Miscellaneous                                711,869           5%
   Total Revenue                        13,204,405

     Armed Forces Emergency Services               78,497            1%                    <1%       1%
                                                                            <1%                            1%
                                                                                        4% 3%        3%     2%
     Blood Services                               143,001            1%           1%

     Disaster Services                            421,285           3%
     Emergency Food and Shelter                   176,669            1%                           84%

     Health & Safety Services                     276,874           2%
     Regional Food Distribution                                               Armed Forces
     Center (RFDC)                             11,174,023          84%        Emergency Services
                                                                              Blood Services               Community Services
     Community Services                           122,915            1%
                                                                              Disaster Services            International Services
     International Services                        31,442          <1%        Emergency Food               Membership and Fund Raising
     Membership and Fund Raising                  543,646           4%        and Shelter                  Management & General
                                                                              Health & Safety Services
     Management & General                         394,059           3%                                     Services to Chapters
                                                                              Regional Food
     Services to Chapters                          63,861          <1%        Distribution Center
   Total Expenses                        13,426,272

                            Net Operating Deficit                   (221,867)

                            Net Assets as of
                              Unrestricted                                1,940,288
                              Temporarily Restricted                      1,348,161
                              Permanently Restricted                      1,787,393
                            Total Net Assets                       5,075,842

                                Financial statements have been approved by the Audit Committee.

20 0 6 -20 07       An n uAl         R ep o R t
toucH i n g live s

    The story of
    Sheriff Deputy Keith Hansen
    As a sheriff deputy, Keith Hansen committed his life to
    saving the lives of others.
                                                                         was in a condition stable enough for surgery. His
    On Friday, March 17, 2006, Hansen’s shift sergeant
                                                                         injuries required many blood transfusions and over
    attempted to pull over an intoxicated driver. The
                                                                         14 units of blood.
    driver led the police in a high-speed chase throughout
    Shiawassee County. Hansen, who was ahead of the                     “I never really gave it a thought as to where blood
    chase, used his vehicle to create a partial road block.              came from. I just assumed hospitals had it when it
    While the driver had plenty of room to go around                     was needed, and they would always have it,” Hansen
    the patrol car in either direction, he instead plowed                admits.
    directly into Hansen’s vehicle at 80 mph.
                                                                        “Your whole world changes. I will never know the
    It took the “jaws of life” to remove the sheriff deputy              people whose blood I received, but they were willing
    from his car. The injuries he suffered were substantial:             to save my life. Blood donors never receive the thanks
    a lacerated liver, torn bladder, multiple fractures                  they deserve for their time and effort. They don’t have
    to his pelvis, a broken left femur, a broken left hip                to do it, they don’t get anything out of doing it…but
    joint, multiple breaks in the right and left tibia, and a            still they donate and save lives, including my own.”
    closed head injury. It was four days before the deputy

                                                                While his vehicle was stopped, Sheriff Deputy Keith Hansen was hit
                                                                by a drunk driver traveling at 80 mph. The jaws of life were needed
                                                                                 to remove Hansen from his vehicle.
                                                                Over a year later, Hansen continues to battle injuries he sustained
                                                                from the accident. The Second Annual Battle of the Badges held in
                                                                     his honor surpassed their goal when 98 donors attended.

                                                                                  20 0 6 -20 07            An n uAl            R ep o R t
                                                                                  toucH i n g live s

   Why training matters:
   The story of Donna Addy
   It was a bitterly cold winter day, but I decided to
   bundle up and endure the cold to take lunch to Joey,
   my fiancé. After eating, I watched him go about his
   work. He walked by the office, pausing as he looked in
   and smiled at me. That was the last time I would see
   him smile.

                                                                  “It breaks my heart to know that Joey never had the chance
                                                                              to see the birth of our daughter, Joy.”

                                                                  for information. Did they get a pulse? Should they use
                                                                  the paddles to revive him? There was a pulse, but only
                                                                  a slight one. Still, a slight pulse was better than none
                                                                  in my opinion. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough.
   I heard a loud crash come from the front of the office
   where Joey had just walked. Running up to the front,           When we arrived at the hospital, Joey, only 37 was
   I found Joey lying on the ground. There was nothing            pronounced dead. It breaks my heart to know Joey
   I could do but call 9-1-1. I sat there, talking to him,        never had the chance to see the birth of our daughter,
   praying over him and watching the clock. Minutes               Joy. He will never see her experience all of the
   ticked by like hours. Five minutes passed. Ten minutes         enjoyment of childhood or grow into an adult. And
   passed. Finally, after more than 20 minutes, the               she will never know her father.
   medical team arrived.
                                                                  I don’t know that I could have saved Joey. But if I
            “If I had been trained in CPR, I would take           had been trained in CPR, I would take comfort in
             comfort in knowing that I tried.”                    knowing that I tried. Today, I am proud to say I am
                                         –Donna Addy              certified in First Aid/CPR. It takes so little time to
                                                                  learn the skills to save a life, but if an emergency were
   Panicked that the most important person in my life             to happen, knowing First Aid/CPR can make the
   was lying there unconscious, I begged the paramedics           difference in having the ones you love remain with you.

20 0 6 -20 07      An n uAl         R ep o R t
toucH i n g live s

                          20 0 6 -20 07   An n uAl   R ep o R t
                                                                                                                                      do no r s

                                                                     Legacy Society
                                                                     The Legacy Society honors those individuals who have made a planned gift to the
                                                                     American Red Cross Mid-Michigan Chapter through their will, trust instrument
                                                                     or insurance policy. Through their gifts, Legacy Society members ensure their
                                                                     personal legacy of giving, as well as the legacy of the American Red Cross for future

                                                                     Anonymous                     Gail e. Jorae                    George e. parsons*
                                                                     Mariella Aikman               Ruth M. Kapphahn*                Helen G. patterson*
                                                                     Zona and Merrill Bailey       Angela Kapuscinski*              leonard M. peters
                                                                     Charlotte o’neil Bain         Joseph J. Kapuscinski            terry D. pinkney
                                                                     leahbelle M. Balbach          Mary K. Kaufman                  Frances A. ploof
                                                                     B. elaine Baur*               lucille Keller*                  Kenneth l. poff
                                                                     Janet B. Beatty estate*       Donald C. King                   Robert e. proctor
                                                                     Winifred Bedford              Harriet King*                    paul and Sally Rankin
Disaster volunteer Joyce Gingrich is seen here registering clients   Daisy V. Bennett*             linda Delgado Kipp               Jean Regentisch*
at an emergency shelter. Services during disasters are provided      William J. Blyth              Jean e. Koelbel                  thelma Scarbrough*
 free to clients thanks to the generous contributions made by        Barbara A. Brochu             Mary e. Kohl*                    edward Schweifler
                   donors throughout the year.                       Ruth A. Brogan trust*         Donald A. Krepps                 Hildegarde and Morgan Seaton*
                                                                     Margaret e. Brown             lillian Kumata                   Kathleen B. Shapiro

Donors make the                                                      Anne and John Cauley
                                                                     eleanor and William Cheney
                                                                                                   Donna l. Kushion
                                                                                                   Suzanne e. Kusmierz
                                                                                                                                    Dorothy J. Simmons
                                                                                                                                    nellie l. Simmons
                                                                     Allan J. Claypool             Donna and lamonte lator          John J. Skamelka*

Red Cross                                                            l. Bradley Conklin*
                                                                     Carol S. Cousineau
                                                                                                   patricia and Frederick lawless
                                                                                                   Catherine S. lewis
                                                                                                                                    Helen M. Skorupski
                                                                                                                                    lauren and John Smythe
                                                                     Shirley Cox                   John H. lorenz                   pauline and Robert Solomon
mission possible                                                     Mary lou Crissey
                                                                     Sandra and John Crowder
                                                                                                   Margaret Frances lorimer*
                                                                                                   Richard B. luers
                                                                                                                                    Carol and Robert Stevens
                                                                                                                                    Sally A. Swiss
                                                                     Geraldine Curtis*             eloise lyman*                    Frank A. tegge
                                                                     Mary Vay and Rollin Dart      George H. Martin*                Karla and Bruce ter Haar
                                                                     Wendy J. Day                  nell G. McComb*                  Denise tidwell*
The American Red Cross, although chartered                           eleanor A. Doersam            Dessie l. McKnight*              Sam B. tidwell
                                                                     Yvonne l. Durliat             Joan and Richard Meinke          elsie D. trachsel*
by the US Congress, does not receive                                 Kim A. Dyer                   Dr. lewis Minor*                 Janette trachsel*
                                                                     Chauncey H. emmett*           Ruth Minor*                      Hazel p. trebilcock
                                                                     eva l. evans                  Donald R. Moore*                 Faye underwood*
funding from the federal government.                                 Anna M. Feldpausch            lorraine and elliott Myers       Robert C. underwood
                                                                     theresa and leon Feldpausch   Karen and James neubecker        loretta Van Camp*
                                                                     Murdo Ferguson*               J. Irvin nichols                 terry Vandlen
                                                                     Helen l. Foster*              louis K. nigg                    Vince Villegas
Through donor gifts, we are able to pursue                           Archie C. Fraser*             Glen D. ormsby*                  Carolyn e. Walker
                                                                     Betty J. Garlick              Stephen W. osborn                Vivian B. Wells*
our mission of providing relief to victims of                        Garr tool Company             Robert D. page                   Ruth Weston*
                                                                     pauline R. Glassbrook*        Andrew J. park                   evelyn G. White*
                                                                     Alice Fortier Grant paton*    Harriet park*                    Gary l. Witzenburg
disaster and to help people prevent, prepare                         Rosamond Hack*
                                                                     Jo Crego Hacker                                                *Deceased
for and respond to emergencies.                                      linda and terry Hagan
                                                                     Marjorie Hahn*
                                                                     elizabeth A. Halsted
                                                                     Rene F. Hammer*
Being a Red Cross donor is more than just                            Bill e. Hanel
                                                                     larry e. Harris*
                                                                     Rebecca B. Harris*
financial support; it is life support. We are                        lori and Robert Hartley
                                                                     Cindy Havens
grateful to all donors who are dedicated                             omar Keith Helferich
                                                                     terry l. Hickey
                                                                     Vera M. Hile*
to helping us save lives, and would like to                          Jessie Jamison
                                                                     elgin R. Jenison
acknowledge their generosity.                                        June e. Johnston

        20 0 6 -20 07             An n uAl             R ep o R t
                            Delta Dental plans of Michigan,                                       The following gifts                larry l. leatherwood
The Henry                       ohio and Indiana
                            eaton County united Way
                                                                   Estates and                    were received
                                                                                                                                     George & linda logan
                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. McDaniel
Dunant Society              General Motors Corporation             Bequests                       between July 1, 2006               Dessie l. McKnight*
                            Greater lansing Food Bank                                                                                Memorial Healthcare Center
Henry Dunant is
                            Vera M. Hile*
                                                                   The following individuals      and June 30, 2007.                 Michigan Health and Hospital
the founder of the          Ingham Regional Medical                provided estate gifts and                                             Association
International Red Cross/        Center                             bequests between July 1,       Clara Barton                       Mid-Michigan MRI, Inc.
                            Jackson national life Ins. Co.                                                                           linda Racioppi and
Red Crescent movement.                                             2006 and June 30, 2007.        Benefactors                             Michael F. Miller
                            June e. Johnston
His efforts in 1859         Joseph J. Kapuscinski                  We pay tribute to their        $25,000 +                          Alden olson
called for international    Kraft Foods, Inc.                      foresight, vision and          Art and Carra Smith Family         Beverly o’Malia
                            Catherine S. lewis                                                        Foundation                     John C. o’Malia
agreements to ease          Meijer Inc. / Kimberly-Clark           generosity to the Red Cross.                                      primerica Financial Services
                                                                                                  Fitch H. Beach trust
wartime suffering, and      Meijer, Inc.                                                          Capital Area united Way            R. e. olds Foundation
                            Harriet park*                          Geraldine Curtis                                                  Armin S. Roe
for voluntary societies                                            Beverly n. Merritt
                                                                                                  City of lansing
                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. J. Woodward Roe
                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert e. proctor                                        Geraldine Curtis*
to give aid on a neutral    Shiawassee united Way                  estate of Clara Shepard
                                                                                                  Dart Foundation                    Denise and Ralph Shaheen
                            Art and Carra Smith                    pauline R. Glassbrook                                             Frank tegge
basis. His work led to                                             Mr. Donald R. Moore
                                                                                                  pauline R. Glassbrook*
                            Art and Carra Smith Family                                            Granger Foundation                 Vince Villegas
the birth of the Red            Foundation                                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Chad R. Williams
                                                                                                  united Way of Gratiot County
Cross and the Geneva        Sparrow Health System                                                                                    Wayne Williams
Conventions, which          the Kresge Foundation                  The Clara Barton Clara Barton                                     Young-Chevrolet-Cadillac

form the cornerstone
                            united Way of Gratiot County
                                                                   Society          Pacesetters                                      Clara Barton
                                                                   No name better
of international            Henry Dunant                                                          $10,000-$24,999                    Friends
                                                                   symbolizes the spirit of
humanitarian law. The       Leadership Circle                                                     America’s Second Harvest
                                                                                                  Cauley Coaching & Consulting       $1,000-$4,999
                                                                   active volunteerism than
Henry Dunant Society        $50,000-$99,999                                                       Betty J. Garlick                   John W. Abbott
honors lifetime giving to   Accident Fund Insurance                Clara Barton, founder          Garr tool Company                  Accident Fund Insurance
                                Company of America                                                                                        Company of America
the American Red Cross.                                            of the American Red            Keith and lisa Granger
                            American physicians Capital, Inc.                                     Robert G. Herbst                   Victor t. Adamo
We are indebted to the      Anne and John Cauley                   Cross. She brought the                                            Mariella Aikman
                                                                                                  June e. Johnston
                            Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cauley, Sr.       fledging International         MBA Association                    Alliance Interiors, llC
following members of the                                                                                                             Allied Motion Motor products
                            Cauley Coaching & Consulting                                          Meijer, Inc.
Henry Dunant Society,                                              Red Cross Movement-                                               Alvin M. Bentley Foundation
                            Dart Container Corporation                                            Beverly n. Merritt*
whose gifts ensure          emergent BioSolutions                  and its dedication to          Shiawassee united Way              American physicians Assurance
                            Felpausch Hastings, Corporate                                                                                 Corp.
compassion and caring in                                           easing human suffering         Art and Carra Smith
                                 Headquarter                                                      Sparrow Health System              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph n. Aquilina
mid-Michigan.               Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, p.C.   to America. Both in its                                           Auto Body Credit union
                            Betty J. Garlick                       infancy and throughout                                            Charlotte o’neill Bain
                            Garr tool Company
                                                                                                  Clara Barton                       Joan Bauer & Doug langham
Henry Dunant                Jerry and lynne Granger
                                                                   its history, the American      Sponsors                           peter & Kathryn Benington
Founder’s Circle            Granger III Foundation, Inc.           Red Cross has relied on        $5,000-$9,999                      Alice H. Betz
                                                                                                                                     Charles Blockett
$1 million or more          larry e. Harris*
                            l & S Associates, Inc.
                                                                   voluntary support to           Adams outdoor Advertising
                                                                                                                                     Blue Cross/Blue Shield of
Capital Area united Way                                            further the important          Analysts International, Inc.
                            Glen D. ormsby*                                                                                               Michigan
Janet B. Beatty estate                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cauley, Sr.
                            Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. page           humanitarian work of its                                          Andrea Boussie
pauline R. Glassbrook*                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. David J. Donovan
                            prudential                                                                                               Drs. Henry J. Boynton and
                                                                   founder. The Clara Barton      Sal Durso
                                                                                                                                          Cynthia S. Boynton
                            R. e. olds Foundation
Henry Dunant                Armin S. Roe                           Society honors individuals
                                                                                                  eaton County united Way
                                                                                                                                     Bridgewater Interiors
                                                                                                  Gadaleto, Ramsby & Associates
Chairman’s Circle           Mr. and Mrs. J. Woodward Roe           and organizations              Kathleen Gaskin
                                                                                                                                     Margaret e. Brown
                                                                                                                                     Calhoun County CFC
$500,000-$999,999           Hildegarde Seaton*
                            Morgan Seaton*                         who share the spirit           General Motors Corporation
                                                                                                                                     Capital Foot & Ankle Centers, pC
Dart Foundation                                                                                   Shahriar Ghoddousi
                            pauline & Robert Solomon               of commitment she                                                 Capitol Bancorp, ltD
Granger Foundation                                                                                Joyce e. Gingrich
                            Sally A. Swiss                                                                                           Capitol national Bank
                                                                   embodied, and recognizes       Jerry and lynne Granger
                                                                                                                                     Judith Cardenas, ph.D
                            the Harry A. and Margaret D.
Henry Dunant                    towsley Foundation                 donors whose annual
                                                                                                  Great lakes Capital Fund
                                                                                                                                     Jim Caster
                                                                                                  Cindy Havens
President’s Circle          thoracic Cardiovascular                gifts in excess of $1,000      Gary and Carol Higgins
                                                                                                                                     Anne and John Cauley
                                 Institute                                                                                           Diana M. Censoni
$100,000-$499,999                                                  help the Mid-Michigan          Susan Holcombe
                                                                                                                                     Centel Credit union
Fitch H. Beach trust                                                                              IBM Corporation
                                                                   Chapter carry on her work                                         Charles Stewart Mott
William J. Blyth                                                                                  Ingham Regional Medical
Geraldine Curtis*                                                  close to home.                     Center
                                                                                                                                     Chemical Bank and trust
Dart Bank                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. David W. Jaksa

                                                                                              20 0 6 -20 07             An n uAl           R ep o R t
Dr. Robert l. Church and Dr.        Mr. and Mrs. David Karr           SeCC employees via
    Catherine Bristow
Church World Service, Inc.
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Kaschyk
                                    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kells
                                                                          Washtenaw uW
                                                                      Mike Selzer
Dennis e. Cichon                    Kim and Mike King                 Dawn M. Semple                     Glassbrook
A. thomas Clay, Jr.                 lillian Kumata                    lois Serra                         Society
Clinton/Gratiot County              l & l Food Centers                James D. Shaheen
    Department of Human             laGrand Family                    phyllis u. Shance                  For several years, Pauline
    Services                        Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. lammers   Shiawassee Anesthesia Services     Glassbrook drove by the
David/Dorothy Cobb                  Mr. and Mrs. James D. lammers     Shiawassee Community
                                                                                                         building that housed the
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Collisi        lansing Ice & Fuel Company            Foundation
louise A. Crandall                  lee Wayne Corporation             Shiawassee County                  Mid-Michigan Chapter of        Pauline Glassbrook
Kurt Creamer
Karen e. Crofoot-Saunders
                                    Donny & Carla luberto
                                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert e. lucas
                                                                          Board of Realtors
                                                                      Shiawassee Fire Fighters
                                                                                                         the American Red Cross.        Founding Members
                                                                                                         Pauline’s interests grew       Alvin M. Bentley Foundation
Steve Cross (the Red Cedar          Jean Maday                            Chief’s Assoc.                                                Ann Marie Bentley
    Group at Smith Barney)          Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Maguire, III   Dean Sienko                        from mild curiosity about      Dr. and Mrs. timothy A. Brannan
D.l. Walker, Inc., Hobart Sales &   Joseph and Jeanne Maguire         Dorothy J. Simmons
                                                                                                         a landmark to a lasting        Anne and John Cauley
    Service                         Maloney Carpet one                James H. Smit                                                     Mary Vay and Rollin Dart
Mary Vay and Rollin Dart            Audrey Martini                    lauren and John Smythe             relationship with chapter
                                                                                                                                        Dart Bank
Dart Bank                           Masonic pathways                  Carol S. Solomon                   staff and volunteers, whom     thomas J. Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. thomas J. Davis, Jr.   Jeanette McCloy                   Mr. and Mrs. James B. Sorber
                                                                                                         she considered her family.     the Faber Family
Dean Charters and tours, Inc.       MeBS InC.                         St. Mary Church                                                   Betty J. Garlick
Dean transportation                 Michigan State Medical Society    Summit Community Bank                                             Ronald Russell and paulette
Delta Dental plan of Michigan       Michigan State university         tim Swope                          For the first three years of        Granberry Russell
John e. Demmer                           Federal Credit union         Karla and Bruce ter Haar
                                                                                                         service to the American        Jerry and lynne Granger
paul DeWeese                        MSu office of Inclusion and       the Aidmatrix Foundation                                          Mr. and Mrs. Bill e. Hanel
timothy A. Dingley                       Intercultural Initiatives    the pampered Chef                  Red Cross, Pauline worked      terry l. Hickey
Beth D’Mello                        Cathy A. Mulholland               the Rossman Group
                                                                                                         in the blood donor center      Kim and Mike King
eleanor A. Doersam                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Murdock   Sharon J. trumpie                                                 lillian Kumata
Mr. timothy J. Donovan and          national City Bank                Dr. and Mrs. Gregory M. uitvlugt   as a greeter. Several years
                                                                                                                                        William R. lukens
    Ms. Connie l. nichols           national City Bank - private      Michael unsworth                   later, she began helping in    Mr. and Mrs. David o’leary
Margaret Doolittle                       Client Group                 terry Vandlen
                                                                                                         the administrative office,     Mr. and Mrs. Robert e. proctor
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Drayton       Karen and James neubecker         Velocity Information technology                                   Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ramsby
Durand Area High School             William M. newberry               Vernon Hardware & Auto             working closely with the       Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Richmond
Durand Rotary Club                  louis K. nigg                     patricia M. Walker
                                                                                                         executive staff and key        Ryder Systems, Inc.
Mr. David l. evans and Ms. Arloa    Sherrill B. nott                  Wal-Mart Foundation                                               phyllis u. Shance
    G. Marmion                      okemos Community Church -         Waste Management                   volunteers.
                                                                                                                                        Mary ellen Sheets
Felpausch Hastings, Corporate            o.C.C. Women                 Wayne Weaver                                                      the Rossman Group
    Headquarters                    Mr. and Mrs. David o’leary        Christine White
                                                                                                         In 2006, we launched the       Williams Auto World
First presbyterian Church           Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. osborn    Mr. and Mrs. lawrence H. Wilhite                                  Joel and linda Zylstra
Firstbank of Alma                   Stephen W. osborn                 Williams Auto World                Pauline R. Glassbrook
Fraternal order of eagles           owosso Graphic Arts, Inc.         Williamston Community              Society in recognition of
    owosso Aerie no. 851            owosso public Schools                 Schools                                                       Pauline Glassbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Fries          panera Bread Foundation           Janet Wilt                         her lifetime generosity        Society Members
Gannett Foundation, Inc.            Darlene parker                    WIlX-tV Channel 10                 to the Chapter. Pauline        Sal Durso
Mr. and Mrs. Brent R. Granger       Dr. and Mrs. John A. penner       leah A. Wolf                                                      Kathleen Gaskin
                                                                                                         passed away in 2006 at
Gratiot County Community            pharmacia & upJohn                Dr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Wyatt                                      Shahriar Ghoddousi
    Foundation                           Foundation                   Joel and linda Zylstra             the age of 93 and at the       Joyce e. Gingrich
Jane e. Griffin                     physicians Health plan                                               time of her passing was        Great lakes Capital Fund
H & H Jewelry Design                ponderosa Steakhouse                                                                                Keith and lisa Granger
liz & Rob Haar                      Robert e. proctor                                                    recognized as the most         Cindy Havens
Mr. and Mrs. Bill e. Hanel          publicom, Inc.                                                       generous individual donor      Gary and Carol Higgins
Haslett-okemos Rotary Club          puregreen - Mike Franco                                                                             Susan Holcombe
                                                                                                         in the history of the Mid-
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Haubert        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Ramsby                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. David W. Jaksa
Heart of West Michigan              paul and Sally Rankin                                                Michigan Chapter.              larry l. leatherwood
    united Way                      Mr. and Mrs. John t. Reurink                                                                        George & linda logan
lee W. Hendrickson                  Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Richmond                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. McDaniel
                                                                                                         Donors who pledge a
Judith Herbert                      Bernice Roe Smith                                                                                   Memorial Healthcare Center
terry l. Hickey                     David R. Russell                                                     minimum of $1,000 per          linda Racioppi and
timothy and leathia Hodge           Ronald Russell and paulette                                          year for five years are            Michael F. Miller
thomas and Wendy Hofman                  Granberry Russell                                                                              Beverly o’Malia
Mark and Marci Hooper               Ryder Systems, Inc.                                                  recognized as members of       John C. o’Malia
Maxie Jackson                       Sage link Credit union                                               the Pauline R. Glassbrook      primerica Financial Services
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Janssen     Shannon l.W. Schlegel,                                                                              Denise and Ralph Shaheen
                                                                                                         Society. Membership
Sarah Jennings                           Attorney at law                                                                                Frank tegge
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Jurczak      Mr. and Mrs. eric Schneidewind                                       is open to individuals,        Vince Villegas
                                                                                                         businesses or organizations.   Wayne Williams

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