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           When you need us


           Premium Care               7

           Classic Care               9

           Other Membership options   11

           Comparison table           13

           More for our Members       15

           Things you should know     17

        Wherever you’re heading,
        it’s reassuring to know
        NRMA are there for you.
        From breakdowns to flat batteries,
        flat tyres to keys locked-in,
        we’ll be there within an average
        time of 30 minutes*.

        After all, we’ve been helping our
        Members get back on the road for
        more than 90 years. And with over
        500 patrol vans providing Roadside
        Assistance on duty 24 hours a day,
        we’ll keep you moving.

        Roadside Assistance choices
        When it comes to deciding the right level of
        Roadside Assistance for you, think about the
        distances you’ll be travelling, the cover you’re
        looking for and the size of your car.

        If you drive every day or take the odd road trip and
        want the convenience of Accident and Major Breakdown
        Assistance, then Premium Care is for you. If you just
        drive to the shops and want the simple assurance that
        you’ll never be stranded, take a look at Classic Care.
        You’ll find a full comparison table on pages 13 & 14,
        and prices at the back.

3   * Based on operational performance statistics Jan 2010 – Sep 2010.   4
    When you                                          1   Have your vehicle registration and

    need us
                                                          Membership number ready.

                                                      2   Make a note of your whereabouts:
                                                          suburb, street, cross street, landmarks
                                                          and the direction you were going.

    Keep this guide at hand in your glovebox,
    and if you need assistance follow steps 1 to 4.
    Alternatively, you can download our
                                                      3 Call 13 11 11
    ‘NRMA Assist’ iPhone application, which               24/7 anywhere in Australia.
    lets you request assistance anywhere in               If you have Premium Care Membership,
    NSW and ACT, and gives us your GPS location.
                                                          call 1300 772 273.

                                                      4   After requesting assistance,
                                                          stay with your car until we arrive.
                                                          If you’ve broken down, switch
                                                          your hazard lights on and ensure
                                                          you’re safe.

                                                          If your car’s on the side of
                                                          a dangerous road, stay put and
                                                          keep your seatbelt on (people
                                                          are sometimes injured standing
                                                          on the side of the road waiting
                                                          for assistance).

5                                                                                                   6
                                                                      With accident and full breakdown assistance
                                                                      anywhere in Australia and generous towing allowances,
                                                                      Premium Care looks after you on and off the road.

                                                                      Designed for those who drive over 20km from
                                                                      home or those with a 4WD or SUV up to 3.5 tonnes,
                                                                      Premium Care gets you where you need to go.

                                                                      Major Breakdown Assistance
                                                                      For those times when you’re over 100kms from home
                                                                      and your car’s going to take more than 24 hours to fix,
    Includes:                                                         we’ll organise your accommodation, car rental, car transport
      Unlimited callouts no matter how many times you                 and passenger transport home – and cover up to
      need us, Australia-wide, 24/7.                                  $3000 towards the cost.
      We’ll fix on the spot or tow you to someone
      else who can.                                                   Accident Assistance
      Help if your keys are locked in or you run out of fuel.         Accidents happen, but if you’re over 100kms from
                                                                      home and it’s going to take more than 24 hours to get
      Flat tyres changed on the spot.
                                                                      your car moving again, we’ll organise and pay for your
      Up to $100 towards a locksmith.                                 accommodation (up to $300 for the room) while you
      Flat batteries jump started or we’ll arrange replacement.       wait for it to be repaired, and for the rail or coach tickets
                                                                      home for you and your passengers.
      Car hire if yours is out of action far from home.

      Accommodation after a major breakdown or accident.

      Transport home for you and your passengers.

      50kms of free towing in metro and country areas, or
      towed to an NRMA Country Service Centre near-by.

      100kms of free towing in remote areas.

      Taxis if your car needs to be towed:
      up to three times a year, up to $50 each time.

      Free 6-point Vehicle Health Check of windscreen,
      tyre tread, oil, battery, charging system and water.

      More4Members discounts including Thrifty car rental,
      Travelodge Hotels, car servicing at NRMA MotorServe
      and more.

      Caravan/ trailer Roadside Assistance and minor repairs.

7                                                                 Premium Care Membership terms and conditions apply.                 8
                                                                      On the other hand, if you only drive locally, Classic Care

                                                                      gives you the basic assurance that you’ll never be stranded
                                                                      by providing as many callouts as you need and limited
                                                                      free towing. Not to mention free maps, More4Members
                                                                      discounts and more.

      Unlimited callouts no matter how many times you
      need us, Australia-wide, 24/7.

      We’ll fix on the spot or tow you to someone
      else who can.

      Help if your keys are locked in or you run out of fuel.

      Flat tyres changed on the spot.

      Flat batteries jump started or we’ll arrange replacement.

      20kms of free towing in Sydney, Newcastle,
      Blue Mountains, Illawarra and ACT.

      Free towing in country areas to an
      NRMA Country Service Centre near-by.

      More4Members discounts including Thrifty car rental,
      Travelodge Hotels, car servicing at NRMA MotorServe
      and more.

9                                                                 Classic Care Membership terms and conditions apply.               10
                  Traveller Care
                  Should you already have manufacturer Roadside Assistance,
                  but want extra cover for your car and trailer when you’re far
                  from home, Traveller Care provides Major Breakdown and
                  Accident Assistance.

                  Club Care

                  Even without NRMA Roadside Assistance, Club Care brings
                  you free maps, our Open Road bi-monthly magazine,
                  motoring advice and holiday services. Plus discounts on
                  vehicle servicing, travel, home and lifestyle products and
                  services through our More4Members Rewards Program.

                  NRMA BusinessWise
                  Whether you have one or one thousand vehicles, we’ll keep
                  your business moving. BusinessWise, our Roadside Assistance
                  for business, helps you cut costs by reducing vehicle downtime.
                  Members have access to many business discounts and
                  benefits ranging from fuel discounts, vehicle servicing,
                  batteries, windscreens, office supplies and more through the
                  More4BusinessMembers program.

                  We’ll also provide your business with specialised tools to
                  make good fleet management business decisions, including
                  free technical advice, access to our vehicle cost calculator
                  and bi-monthly copies of Australian Business Auto.

                  NRMA Free2go
                  Young drivers (aged 16-20 yrs) receive their first year of

                  Roadside Assistance for FREE and their second year HALF
                  PRICE as part of this three-year program. It’s free to join and
                  Membership is ‘personal’, so you’ll be covered in any private
                  vehicle, whether you’re the driver or passenger.

                  Tow Plus
                  For just $10, add ‘Tow Plus’ to your existing Premium Care
                  or Classic Care Package and increase your towing distance
                  allowance by 10km in any direction, in metro and country areas.

11                                                                                  12
    Inclusions at a glance
     The Benefits                                      Premium Care       Classic Care   Free2go      Club Care

     Roadside Assistance                               Yes                Yes            Yes          –

     Number of callouts each year                      Unlimited          Unlimited      4            -

     Locksmith costs                                   Up to $100 p.a.    –              –            –

     Free 6-point vehicle check (tread, battery etc)   Yes                –              –            –

     Taxi Benefit (up to 3 times each year)            Up to $50          –              –            –

     Towing for vehicles                               Yes                Yes            Yes          –

     Tonnes                                            Up to 3.5t         Up to 2.5t     Up to 2.5t   –

     Metropolitan area                                 Up to 50km         Up to 20km     Up to 8km    –

     Country area                                      Up to 50km         –              –            –

     To the closest Country Service Centre             Yes                Yes            Yes          –

     Remote area                                       Up to 100km        –              –            –

     Rescue & Repair (we arrange it all for you)       Yes                –              –            –

     Towing for trailers/ caravans (under 2 tonnes)    Yes                –              –            –

     Major Breakdown Assistance                        Up to $3000 p.a.   –              –            –

     Car rental                                        Up to $700         –              –            –

     Accommodation                                     Up to $700         –              –            –

     Passenger transport (coach or rail)               Yes                –              –            –

     Vehicle transport (towing/vehicle transporter)    Yes                –              –            –

     Cover Australia-wide                              Yes                –              –            –

     Accident Assistance                               Yes                –              –            –

     Accommodation                                     Up to $300         –              –            –

     Passenger transport (coach or rail)               Yes                –              –            –

     More4Members Rewards Program                      Yes                Yes            Yes          Yes

     Open Road Magazine                                Yes                Yes            Yes          Yes

     NRMA MotorServe car servicing discounts           Yes                Yes            Yes          Yes

     Thrifty car rental discounts                      Yes                Yes            Yes          Yes

     Travelodge Hotel discounts                        Yes                Yes            Yes          Yes

13 Membership terms and conditions apply.                                                                         14
     More than        More4Members

                      In addition to Roadside Assistance, your Membership
                      gives you access to our invaluable More4Members
                      Rewards Program. Entitlements include free maps,
                      our Open Road bi-monthly magazine, discounts

                      on NRMA MotorServe Car Servicing and exclusive discounts
                      with some of Australia’s biggest brands in travel, home,
                      lifestyle and more.

                      Just show your card at participating More4Members
                      partners or quote your card Membership number online.

                      Reduce your insurance premium
                      Your Roadside Assistance Membership also entitles you to
                      exclusive NRMA Insurance discounts. The savings add up,
                      so call 132 132, visit your local NRMA office or

15                NRMA Insurance is an independent company from NRMA Motoring & Services.   16
                                                                  Current fees:
                                                                  If you’d like to find out what the current NRMA fees are
                                                                  (including joining fees, Subscription Fees, ‘On-Road Join and Go’
                                                                  and service fees), please visit, call us on 13 11 22
                                                                  or visit your local NRMA office.

                                                                  1. Areas covered
     you should know                                              We provide services in NSW and the ACT. You’ll also receive
                                                                  benefits from affiliated motoring organisations in other states
                                                                  and internationally – visit for full list of
     This document extracts part of the terms & conditions        organisations.

     of your NRMA Membership. Visit or call         1.1 Country Areas
     13 11 22 for a copy of the full terms & conditions of NRMA   Outside the Metropolitan Areas of Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle,
     Motoring & Services Membership packages and benefits.        Central Coast and Wollongong, Motoring Assistance is provided
                                                                  by our Country Service Centres – which cover most Country Areas
                                                                  throughout NSW. Service is only available on private property
                                                                  or any trafficable road accessible to normal, two-wheel-drive
     Requiring Assistance                                         Vehicles. Service may not be available on: open fields; beaches;
                                                                  creek beds; parks and ovals; tracks, trails or service roads used for
     If you breakdown, call 13 11 11 from anywhere in Australia   logging or forestry or by electrical authorities; in national parks
     for Roadside Assistance.                                     or wilderness areas; on public or private property where entry
                                                                  may cause damage or is restricted; any other locations where
     If you’re a Premium Care Member, call 1300 772 273.          conditions cause an area to become unserviceable.

     All entitlements must first be authorised and arranged       1.2 Remote Areas
     by us. Without authorisation, you will not be reimbursed     If you break down in a Remote Area (all areas of NSW outside
     for any costs incurred by you.                               Metropolitan and Country Areas), we will try to organise
                                                                  Roadside Assistance through the nearest Country Service
     To speak with us about your Membership, call 13 11 22 or     Centre. There may be occasions when we’re unable to find an
     visit your local NRMA office.                                appropriate service provider to assist you. In these rare
                                                                  instances you’ll need to arrange your own rescue or recovery at
     Membership information is also provided on our website       your own expense.
                                                                  2. Premium Care
                                                                  2.1 Roadside Assistance
                                                                  Only your nominated Vehicle and any Trailer attached to it are
                                                                  entitled to Roadside Assistance.

                                                                  2.2 Towing for your Vehicle and Trailer
                                                                  In Metropolitan Areas, the first 50km in any direction from the
                                                                  point of Breakdown is free-of-charge.

                                                                  In serviced Country Areas, you can choose to be Towed free-of-
                                                                  charge to the town of the attending Country Service Centre or

17                                                                                                                                        18
     for the first 50km in any direction from the point of Breakdown.     2.5 Locksmith Service
     If you need Towing for your Vehicle and/or Trailer in a Remote
                                                                            • If NRMA cannot unlock your Vehicle, you can request
     Area outside the Boundary of the Country Service Centre
                                                                              that we arrange and pay for a professional locksmith
     attending your Breakdown, you’ll be eligible for up to 100km
                                                                              (contribution up to $100 incl. GST per subscription year).
     free Towing back to the Boundary of the attending Country
     Service Centre.                                                        • NRMA will not contribute towards locksmith costs if: You
                                                                              make your own arrangements for a locksmith to attend
     2.3 Major Breakdown Assistance                                           your Vehicle; a locksmith was dispatched to You in error or
     If your Vehicle has a Major Mechanical Breakdown which cannot            under false or misleading circumstances; or the request is
     be fixed in less than 24 hours and you’re more than 100km from           made in regard to a Vehicle located at Home.
     Home, you’ll receive up to $3000 (incl. GST) for the following         • The provision of a locksmith to attend your Vehicle may
     benefits, which also apply to a Trailer where expressly stated:          not be possible in some areas including, but not limited, to
        •	 Car	Rental: up to $100 (incl. GST) per day for the base rate       Remote and Country Areas.
           of a car rental, up to 7 days while your Vehicle is being        • NRMA does not guarantee that the locksmith dispatched
           repaired or while you continue your journey. And up to $165        to attend your Vehicle will be able to assist You, gain access
           (incl. GST) towards the rental car relocation fee.                 to your Vehicle, or mobilise your Vehicle.
        •	 Accommodation: up to $700 (room rate only incl. GST)             • NRMA accepts no liability for any loss or damage (including
           for the driver and up to four passengers while the                 without limitation consequential loss or damage) however
           Vehicle or Trailer is being repaired. Excludes pre-booked          caused, which is suffered by You as a result of the provision
           accommodation.                                                     of locksmith services to your Vehicle.
        •	Passenger	transport: we will pay for economy class rail/          • Repairs or replacement of key and/or ignition barrels for
           coach transport to the Member’s Home or intended                   your Vehicle will be at your own expense.
           destination, for the driver and up to four passengers from
           the Breakdown location. Includes cost of travel for one          2.6 Rescue and Repair
           person to collect the Vehicle.
                                                                            • In the event your Vehicle (except motorcycles) needs
        •		 Vehicle	transport: we will pay for road/rail transport for        Towing, you can choose to have your Vehicle towed free-of-
            the Vehicle and/or Trailer to the Member’s Home, intended         charge to an NRMA Approved Repairer to be repaired.
            destination or to a mechanic of your choice. Excludes a
            Vehicle or Trailer that: has been involved in an Accident;      • NRMA Approved Repairers are not able to repair Trailers
            is damaged due to Fire, theft, Flood, Water Damage or             and motorcycles. If a Vehicle being towed to an NRMA
            malicious damage; or is roadworthy and/or                         Approved Repairer has a Trailer attached, that Trailer can
            not immobilised due to a Major Mechanical Breakdown.              be Towed free-of-charge for the first 50km in any direction
                                                                              from the NRMA Approved Repairer location.
     2.4 Accident Assistance
                                                                            • We’ll only Tow your Vehicle to an NRMA Approved
     If you’re more than 100km from Home and your Vehicle is
                                                                              Repairer if it breaks down and requires a Tow in a
     involved in an Accident which cannot be fixed in less than 24
                                                                              Metropolitan Area.
     hours, we will pay up to $300 towards the room rate (incl. GST)
     if accommodation is required for the driver and up to four             • In the event that an NRMA Approved Repairer is closed,
     passengers while the Vehicle is repaired. Excludes pre-booked            we’ll arrange (as soon as is practicable) for a subsequent
     accommodation. We will also pay for economy coach/rail travel            Tow for your Vehicle to an NRMA Approved Repairer.
     for the driver and up to four passengers from the Accident
     location to the Member’s Home or your intended destination.            • NRMA does not guarantee the NRMA Approved Repairer
                                                                              assigned to repair your Vehicle will be able to repair and
                                                                              mobilise your Vehicle.

19                                                                                                                                             20
        • NRMA will not cover the cost of repairs for your Vehicle,       Towing	for	Trailers
          and accepts no liability for any loss or damage (including,     Trailers that are eligible for Towing have the same benefits
          without limitation, consequential loss or damage) however       as the Premium Care Vehicle towing the Trailer at the time of
          caused, which is suffered by You as a result of the provision   Breakdown. If your Vehicle and Trailer need a Tow in excess of
          of an NRMA Approved Repairer to repair your Vehicle.            the distance allowed under Premium Care (see clause 2.2), you
                                                                          must pay for such excess, for both the Vehicle and the Trailer, at
        2.7 Taxi Benefit                                                  Commercial Rates.
        • You will not be reimbursed for taxi costs incurred which
                                                                          Excludes Trailers which:
          are not authorised or arranged by us.
                                                                             • exceed: 2 tonnes Laden Mass; 2.5 metres in width; or 2.6
        • If your Vehicle is eligible for Towing, you can request we           metres in height.
          arrange a taxi to transport You and your passengers, so
          you may continue your journey while your Vehicle’s being           • in our reasonable opinion, is overloaded or not safely
          towed. (See clause 8.3 ‘Towing Limitations’ as to eligibility        loaded or secure.
          exclusions).                                                    In both cases, we may help arrange for Towing, but you must
                                                                          pay the tow cost at the time of service at Commercial Rates.
        • NRMA will contribute up to $50 (incl. GST) per taxi trip,
          limited to three taxi trips per Subscription Year. Annual
                                                                          2.9 Premium Care Conditions
          Taxi benefit may not be carried over to following
          Subscription Years.                                                • Premium Care is only available to Australian citizens,
                                                                               permanent residents of Australia or those that hold an
        • Can only be used at time of Breakdown.                               Australian visa valid for over 12 months.

        • We will attempt to transport all passengers travelling             • Premium Care benefits are provided only for Accidents or
          with the Vehicle, provided each person can be safely and             Major Mechanical Breakdowns, regardless of who is driving
          legally transported in a taxi. You must tell us at the time          the Vehicle. (Please refer to clause 2.3 ‘Major Breakdown
          of making the callout if you have any special requirements           Assistance’ and clause 2.4 ‘Accident Assistance’ for full
          affecting your ability to be transported in a taxi.                  entitlements).

                                                                             • Premium Care is not available for Vehicles that are used for
        • Although we make every effort to arrange a taxi, providing
                                                                               commercial purposes, such as rental, hire cars or taxis.
          this service will depend on the availability, particularly in
          Country Areas and Remote Areas.                                    • Vehicles are not eligible for Vehicle transport if they are
                                                                               greater than: 3.5 tonnes Laden Mass; 5.5m long; 2.5m wide;
                                                                               or 2.6m high.
     2.8 Motoring Assistance for Trailers
                                                                             • You’re responsible for abiding by the terms and conditions
     Trailers	covered                                                          of rental car providers when hiring a rental car.
     Includes Trailers used for private recreational purposes only           • You’re not entitled to receive a rental car as part of
     (excludes Trailers used for commercial purposes), provided                Premium Care after you have arrived at your Home.
     the Trailer is registered, roadworthy, does not exceed 2 tonnes
     Laden Mass and is being towed by a Vehicle on a Premium Care            • Car rental is subject to availability and may not be available
     Subscription Package.                                                     in some areas, including but not limited to Remote and
                                                                               Country Areas.
     Roadside	Assistance	for	Trailers
                                                                             • Premium Care is not available for Breakdowns that occur
     Limited to minor/temporary repairs to mobilise the                        outside Australia.
     disabled Trailer. We may also assist with tyre changing,
     provided a roadworthy spare tyre is available and you have the          • Premium Care cover is not available for a Vehicle that
     correct equipment. Excludes other services, such as service to            cannot be opened or started because the keys have been
     accessories including stoves, camping equipment and                       locked in the Vehicle or lost or for a Vehicle with a flat or
     interior lights.                                                          damaged tyre where a roadworthy spare is not available.
21                                                                                                                                              22
        • Premium Care does not include certain costs associated          from the Boundary to retrieve your Vehicle and from the point
          with hire cars such as security deposits, cost of delivery,     of Breakdown back to the Boundary. Towing for Trailers will be
          insurance, fees, stamp duties, airport taxes, excess            provided at Commercial Rates payable by you at the time
          kilometres, fuel and any other costs outside the daily rental   of service.
          fee of a hire car.

        • If you pay your Premium Care Subscription Fee after the         4. Club Care
          ‘expiry date’, Membership benefits will be available only
                                                                          Club Care Membership entitles you to all Membership rights and
          from the payment date and cannot be backdated.
                                                                          benefits except Roadside Assistance, Towing Services and related
        • Accommodation benefits apply only if you choose to stay         Services. If a Club Care Member breaks down and requires
          in the area of the Breakdown or Accident while the Vehicle      Roadside Assistance, they will be required to upgrade to Classic
          is being repaired.                                              Care or Premium Care and must pay an ‘On-Road Join and Go’ fee
                                                                          (additional conditions apply for Premium Care).
        • Premium Care benefits are only available in the
          Subscription Year and may not be carried over to following
          Subscription Years.                                             5. BusinessWise, Traveller Care
        • Premium Care benefits only apply if your Vehicle is repaired       and Free2go
          by a licensed mechanic.
                                                                          Visit for terms and conditions.
        • Premium Care benefits must be taken within 3 months of

                                                                          About Our Services
          the Major Mechanical Breakdown if the Vehicle remains
          immobilised, provided NRMA has been given 14 days notice
          from the time of the Major Mechanical Breakdown. Any
          out-of pocket costs incurred by you in relation to the Major    6. Roadside Assistance
          Mechanical Breakdown in which NRMA has agreed to
          reimburse, must be claimed within 3 months of the Major         6.1 Providing Roadside Assistance
          Mechanical Breakdown.
                                                                          Vehicles nominated on Premium Care, Classic Care, Basic Care
                                                                          or taxis nominated under a Taxi Membership are entitled to
     3. Classic Care                                                      Roadside Assistance (includes Trailers attached to a Vehicle
                                                                          covered by Premium Care or Traveller Care) to mobilise a Vehicle
     3.1 Roadside Assistance                                              which has become disabled due to unexpected Breakdown.
                                                                          When providing Roadside Assistance we carry out temporary
     Your nominated Vehicle is entitled to Roadside Assistance.
                                                                          repairs and not regular maintenance or permanent repairs,
     3.2 Towing for your Vehicle                                          normally carried out in licensed repair workshops. You are
                                                                          responsible for having your Vehicle repaired permanently at
     In Metropolitan Areas, the first 20km in any direction from the
                                                                          your own expense. When requesting Roadside or Motoring
     point of Breakdown is free-of-charge.
                                                                          Assistance, you will need to provide details of your Membership
     In serviced Country Areas, you will be Towed free-of-charge to       or you will be charged an additional ‘On-Road Join and Go’ fee if
     the town of the attending Country Service Centre. To have your       we cannot confirm a current paid Subscription Package.
     Vehicle Towed other than back to the town of the attending
     Country Service Centre, at the time of the Tow you must pay          6.2 Vehicle Weight
     Commercial Rates for the full costs of Towing.                       We will make every effort to provide Roadside Assistance to
                                                                          Vehicles over 2.5 tonnes Laden Mass which are nominated on
     In a Remote Area, if you break down outside the Boundary
                                                                          Classic or Basic Care and 3.5 tonnes Laden Mass for Vehicles
     of a Country Service Centre, Towing will be provided but you
                                                                          which are nominated on Premium Care. However, there may be
     must pay Commercial Rates at the time of the tow, for the
                                                                          circumstances where we’re unable to mobilise such Vehicles. In
     total distance travelled by the Country Service Centre operator,
                                                                          these cases, we will assist you to make alternative arrangements
                                                                          at your own expense.

23                                                                                                                                            24
     6.3 Emergency fuel                                                     Membership benefits. Further callouts relating to the same
     If a Vehicle runs out of fuel, we will supply enough fuel for you to   Breakdown will be considered an additional, separate callout.
     drive your Vehicle to the nearest refuelling station where you can     If the Vehicle is unattended when a tow truck arrives the tow
     purchase fuel during normal business hours. You will be charged        truck may leave the scene. If this happens, you may have to pay
     and must pay for the fuel at the time of service. If we’re unable      for the tow service to return to the point of Breakdown and tow
     to provide fuel or if your Vehicle uses LP Gas, we will provide        the Vehicle.
     Towing to the nearest refuelling station (subject to your Towing
     entitlements) where you can purchase fuel during normal                6.8 Response time
     business hours. We do not provide this service for Taxis.              We endeavour to provide Motoring Assistance as soon as
                                                                            possible. Response time is not guaranteed and may vary
     6.4 Lockout                                                            depending on the Vehicle’s location and the general demand
     We will attempt to open a Vehicle if the keys have been lost or        at the time your request is received, particularly in Country
     are locked in the Vehicle. NRMA accepts no liability for any loss      and Remote Areas. If you use a mobile phone or GPS device to
     or damage (including without limitation consequential loss or          request Motoring Assistance, where possible and if compatible
     damage) however caused, which is suffered by You as a result of        technology is available, we may use the mobile/GPS device
     the attempt by us to unlock your Vehicle. If we cannot open the        signal to identify the location of your Vehicle.
     Vehicle we can arrange for a professional locksmith to attend the
     Vehicle. Locksmith services are at your own expense (Premium           6.9 Exclusions and limits
     Care Members are entitled to a Locksmith Service – please refer        NRMA Motoring Assistance benefits do not cover:
     to clause 2.5 for further information).
                                                                               • a Vehicle and/or Trailer that’s unregistered or considered
                                                                                 by us to be unroadworthy;
     6.5 Wheel changing
     We will change a wheel with a flat tyre provided you have a               • a Vehicle on which repairs have been attempted by
     roadworthy spare available and your Vehicle is under 2.5 tonnes             anyone (including a licensed motor vehicle repairer), or
     Laden Mass. We will also try to assist Vehicles over 2.5 tonnes             that is partly or fully dismantled;
     Laden Mass, provided you have an appropriate manufacturer’s               • a Vehicle that has suffered damage as a result of a Flood,
     jack available for your Vehicle. If a roadworthy spare is not               theft, Fire, malicious damage or an Accident (Members
     available or if your Vehicle was not provided with a spare by               with Premium Care and Traveller Care Packages are
     your manufacturer we will Tow the Vehicle in accordance with                entitled to Accident Assistance);
     your Subscription Package entitlements. Assistance will not be
     provided for damaged wheels or fitting of a wheel to a rim.               • a Vehicle that has, in our reasonable opinion, suffered
                                                                                 Water Damage;
     6.6 Supply of materials, fuel and spare parts                             • a Vehicle which has been driven or transported to any
     Roadside Assistance does not include the cost or supply of                  licensed motor vehicle repairer including a Country Service
     materials, emergency fuel or spare parts, which must be paid for            Centre;
     by you at the time of service. Spare parts will not be picked up,
                                                                               • any parts, labour or other costs associated with the repair
     delivered or fitted (unless carried in the Patrol vehicle).
                                                                                 of a Vehicle;

     6.7 Un-located or unattended Vehicles                                     • any financial loss or liability in any way connected with a
                                                                                 Breakdown or Accident;
     In the case of a Breakdown, you must be able to provide us with
     the correct location of your Vehicle. Incorrect or incomplete             • freight costs or costs for any sea crossings;
     information may cause a delay in the provision of service. You,
                                                                               • transportation (by a vehicle other than a tow truck) of a
     or an authorised representative who is a licensed driver, must
                                                                                 damaged Vehicle;
     be present with the Vehicle or at an agreed meeting place when
     we arrive. If the Vehicle is not attended when we arrive, service         • costs incurred in making arrangements for pets and
     cannot be provided and one callout will be debited from your                animals;

25                                                                                                                                             26
        • a Vehicle if the Member continues driving against our            7.2 Type of Tow
          advice or the advice of a licensed repairer;
                                                                           Towing will be provided using the most appropriate equipment
        • a Vehicle that has been transported to a wharf, transport        available as determined by us (such as lift-tow, flat-top truck or
          depot, rail head or other similar holding or shipment            trailer) provided the Tow can be made with Standard Towing
          facility;                                                        Equipment and such equipment is available. In Country and
        • a Vehicle that has been used in a car rally or motor race        Remote Areas, limited types of tow trucks may be available.
                                                                           Should Special Towing Equipment be required (such as power
     NRMA Motoring Assistance benefits do not apply:                       winches, extended cables or a 4WD towing vehicle) you must
        • when in the reasonable opinion of NRMA, a Breakdown is           pay Commercial Rates to the Towing provider at time of service.
          deemed unsafe for a Patrol Officer to attempt, or continue       Please refer to clause 8.3 for Vehicle weight limits.
          attempting, to mobilise a Vehicle; or
                                                                           7.3 Towing limitations and costs
        • to a re-occurring Breakdown deemed to be the result of
          a failure to repair the cause of the fault to your Vehicle
          which caused the initial Breakdown.                              Towing benefits will not be provided for:

     In all the above situations we will assist in arranging an               • a Vehicle damaged as a result of an Accident, Flood, theft,
     alternative service or tow at your expense, payable at the                 Water Damage, Fire or malicious damage;
     time of service.
                                                                              • a Vehicle at a Member’s Home if keys are locked in the
     6.10 Excessive Users                                                       Vehicle, lost or stolen;

     If we consider in our reasonable opinion that you have received          • a Vehicle bogged in a location inaccessible to normal two-
     (and continue to request) Roadside Assistance or a Tow for a               wheel drive vehicles;
     Vehicle on an excessive number of occasions in a Subscription
                                                                              • a Vehicle where the Tow has not been arranged by us;
     Year, we may refuse to provide further Roadside Assistance or
     Towing. We will offer an alternative service (at your expense)           • a Vehicle which has been manufactured or modified in
     such as a battery, auto electrical patrol or a tow truck, or charge        ways which in our reasonable opinion will increase the
     you a fee at Commercial Rates for Roadside Assistance, payable             probability of it being damaged during Towing. We may
     at the time the service is requested.                                      ask for modifications (including modified or factory-
                                                                                released accessories) to be removed prior to Towing;

     7. Towing for nominated vehicles                                         • any Vehicle or Trailer carrying livestock or commercial
                                                                                goods unless the Vehicle or Trailer is unloaded;
     7.1 Towing Benefits
                                                                              • a Vehicle at a repairer, including a Country Service Centre;
     The Breakdown location and your level of Subscription Package
     will determine the Towing benefits which can be provided.                • a Vehicle that requires Towing to a wrecking yard, unless
     You’re entitled to one Tow per Breakdown for the Vehicle. You              the wrecking yard is also a licensed motor vehicle repair
     or an authorised adult representative should arrange to travel             workshop;
     with the Vehicle to its intended destination. We’ll attempt to           • a Vehicle which exceeds 2.5 tonnes Laden Mass and/ or
     transport all passengers with the Vehicle provided each person             5.5 metres in length (for Vehicles nominated on Basic Care
     can be safely and legally transported in the tow truck. You                or Classic Care) and 3.5 tonnes Laden Mass (for Vehicles
     must tell NRMA at the time of making a callout if you have any             nominated on Premium Care or Traveller Care).
     special needs or requirements which may affect your ability to
     be transported in a tow truck. If we are unable to transport all      In any situations above, we may assist in arranging a tow but
     passengers, we will assist in arranging alternative transport at      you must pay for the cost of the tow at Commercial Rates at the
     your expense at Commercial Rates.                                     time of service.

27                                                                                                                                              28
     Toll	costs
     Any Tow (which is not covered under your Subscription Package
     entitlements) and any associated Tow costs, such as toll costs,
     must be paid by you at the time of the Tow. If credit card
     payment is accepted by our Towing providers, you may be
     required to pay the credit card surcharge.

     Clean	up	fee
     You must pay a clean up fee to the Tow provider if contamination
     from your Vehicle makes it necessary for the tow truck to be taken
     off the road and cleaned. If an additional service is required to clean
     up the roadway, you must also pay for this service.

     7.4 Subsequent tows for the same Breakdown
     Once a Tow has been provided for a Breakdown, you must pay for
     any subsequent tows for the same Breakdown at Commercial
     Rates at the time of service. This includes towing for a Vehicle
     that has been Towed after hours to the Member’s Home, a
     holding yard or other place of safety and then needs further
     towing for the same Breakdown. This applies to Trailers that are
     entitled to Towing benefits.

     7.5 Excess kilometres
     If a Tow for your Vehicle (and/or Trailer entitled to Towing
     benefits) is in excess of the distance for which you’re eligible, you
     must pay the Tow provider for the excess distance at Commercial
     Rates at the time of the Tow.

     7.6 Salvage Tow
     If your Vehicle has pulled to the side of the road and has become
     bogged without being involved in an Accident, we will attempt
     to salvage you from the situation without calling for a tow truck.
     If Towing Equipment is required, this will be at your expense.

     Please refer to clause 8.3 for Vehicle weight limits.

     All defined terms used in these terms & conditions are available
     in the glossary to the NRMA Membership terms & conditions
     located at or by calling 13 11 22.

For more information
call 13 11 22 or visit us

New prices effective 1st November 2010,
and are inclusive of GST.
   Joining fee                                                Cost
   Joining                                                    $55.00#

   Level of cover
   Premium Care                                               $171.50
   Classic Care                                               $95.60
   Club Care                                                  $24.40
   Traveller Care (Member)                                    $78.40†
   Traveller Care (Non Member^)                               $102.80

   Year 1 (2 years for 16-year olds)                          FREE
   Year 2                                                     $41.50
   Year 3                                                     $83.50
   3 Year Bundle                                              $125.00

   Gold* Members 25 years+ Member
   Premium Care ($22.40 discount)                             $149.10
   Classic Care ($11.90 Discount)                             $83.70

   Gold Life* Members 50 years+ Member
   Premium Care (50% Discount)                                $85.70
   Classic Care (50% Discount)                                $47.80
   Basic Care (50% Discount)                                  $41.80
   Club Care (50% Discount)                                   $12.20
   Traveller Care (50% Discount)                              $39.20

NRMA reserves the right to increase Membership prices from time to time.
# Waived for drivers under 25 yrs.
†Member must have an additional active subscription to be eligible.
*Discount available on a maximum of 2 subscriptions only.

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