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                                                                                    Staff from the Toronto office after their 200km cancer fundraising ride to Niagara Falls.

Community collaboration gives new meaning to Macquarie teamwork
On the face of it, Leeds in the UK and Frankfurt in Germany have little in common. But football and
fundraising for a particular cause brought Macquarie staff from both offices together recently.
As highlighted in the last edition of Macquarie in the Community, staff in Leeds have raised thousands
of pounds for the Bradford Burns Unit, a world renowned centre of excellence in burns research. These
efforts sparked MacCap’s Klaus Thalheimer to encourage his colleagues in Frankfurt and Munich to
support the fundraising appeal by bidding for football memorabilia.
More than £1,200 was raised in June through an auction featuring items such as football pennants, photos
and shirts. The German staff bids helped the Leeds team get closer to meeting their fundraising target.
One of Macquarie Group’s goals is to encourage teamwork. The Leeds and Frankfurt office
collaboration demonstrates how this value has transcended business objectives and can be used
effectively when the common goal is helping others in the community.
Staff from the New York ITG and Business Services Division teams and the Detroit CAF office have also                Philadelphia staff tong up to cook for families with
                                                                                                                     sick children.
given new meaning to the word teamwork. All three groups worked together recently to ensure the
seniors at an East Harlem center could access digital technology that assists their independence and
connects them to an online community.
ITG volunteers Rob Schiffl and Valeri Vinogradav assembled tables and chairs donated by BSD with the
monitors donated by CAF and the hardware donated by ITG to create a new computer lab, enabling
ITG’s local not-for-profit partner, OATS, to serve triple the number of seniors in its computer classes.            Issue Three // 2010
Teams from Philadelphia to New York have also come together to partner with local Ronald McDonald                   Contents
houses and provide meals for families with critically ill children. In Philadelphia, staff champion Grace
Geronimo led a group who chopped, seasoned and sautéed delicious meals for weary families, while in                 ➔➔    Message from the Foundation
New York, ITG graduates were joined by senior ITG management to host a Make Your Own Burger Bar.                    ➔➔    Our staff in the community
Eugene Semetsky enjoyed seeing the looks on the faces of tired families who had just returned from the              ➔➔    Staff snapshot
hospital, saying “this is definitely the way to volunteer – good food and a good cause!”                            ➔➔    Regional news
In June, staff from across Canada and business groups partnered to raise money for cancer research,                 ➔➔    Contact us
teaching and care. Participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer in British Columbia and Ontario, a total
of $C184,000 has been raised. The Ride is particularly poignant in Toronto at the moment as BFS
Toronto’s Artem Karlikanov is undergoing treatment at one of the hospitals supported by the ride for a
rare form of throat cancer. Overall, 23 staff took part in the ride, with Grant MacKenzie leading the
Ontario team and Reyna Stevenson and Matt Bartram leading the fundraising efforts, organizing band
                                                                                                                                           Cert no. SGS-COC-006100
nights and casual Fridays prior to the ride.
Message from                I am happy to announce the appointment of three new members of the Foundation Board.

the Foundation              To reflect the Foundation’s increasing global presence, Paul Daitz from MacCap in New York,
                            has joined the Board. Paul is currently the Chairman of the United States’ East Coast Community
                            Advisory Committee and has been instrumental in leading the development of Macquarie New
                            York’s high school internship program. He is also Chairman of the Inspire USA Foundation,
                            a not-for-profit organisation that aims to help young people lead happier lives, and is actively
                            involved with Facing History and Ourselves, which helps young people learn about civic
                            responsibility and tolerance.

                            Tanya Branwhite from MSG and Michael McLaughlin from FICC have also joined the Board,
                            representing their respective global businesses. Tanya helped launch the Macquarie INSEAD
                            2009 Cohort Education donation program for the School of St Jude in Tanzania, resulting in
                            a new boarding house for students, and is also the corporate relations ambassador for the Anika
                            Foundation, which raises funds in support of research into the causes and treatment of adolescent

             David Clarke   Michael McLaughlin is involved in a number of not-for-profit organisations based in Greenwich,
               Chairman     Connecticut. He contributes time and resources to United Way, Junior League, Convent of the
                            Sacred Heart, ReserveAid, and the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation.

                            Together with David Bennett, James Hodgkinson, Kris Neill, Nigel Smyth, Greg Ward, Sheryl Weill
                            and Julie White, the Foundation Board has a great diversity of skills and knowledge with which
                            to manage Macquarie’s philanthropic activity.

                            This year we are reflecting on and celebrating the Foundation’s 25 years of support to the
                            not-for-profit sector. At an event commemorating this recently, we announced the establishment
                            of the Macquarie Social Innovation Award to recognise, promote and reward new ideas that work
                            to meet pressing community social needs, alleviate disadvantage and promote social inclusion.

                            The $A100,000 award will be presented bi-annually to an Australian not-for-profit organisation
                            which demonstrates their organisation or program has benefited or has the potential to create
                            additional benefit to the Australian community.

                            In a similar vein to the way Macquarie rewards staff for working collaboratively across the Group,
                            the Foundation is looking to recognise and reward organisations which forge positive social
                            outcomes. See for more details.

                            Foundation Partners
                            At its recent Board meeting, the Foundation approved a number of new grants to community
                            organisations with whom we have an existing relationship. These included:
                            •   the HOPE program, which through a blend of vocational, educational, and social services
                                helps New Yorkers transcend poverty and prepares them to find and keep a job;
                            •   East London Business Alliance, which assists in the transfer of business skills and resources to
                                community and voluntary projects in East London through an employee volunteering network;
                            •   Social Ventures Australia Consulting, which provides funding and strategic support to
                                not-for-profit organisations focusing on education and employment;
                            •   The Prince’s Trust, which gives practical and financial support to young people in the UK
                                enabling them to move into work, education or training; and
                            •   Royal Perth Yacht Club for its Sailability program, which offers local people with disabilities the
                                opportunity to sail.
                            The Foundation would also like to congratulate Can Too, a key fundraising body for Cure Cancer
                            Australia. As at 31 August, Can Too had raised $5.5 million since its inception in 2005. The
                            Macquarie Group Foundation is Can Too’s principal supporter and is pleased to recognise its
                            great success in raising funds for all types of cancer research.

                            Note: Unless otherwise stated, all monies raised by staff mentioned in this newsletter include
                            Macquarie Group Foundation matching and are denominated in local currency.
           2    4


     10         11
                                                                 1 Don’t eat the robots!                             5 New Zealand staff assist colleague
                                                                The range of talents exhibited by ITG staff in      Earlier this year, David Pretorius’s three children
                                                                Toronto is remarkable, with witnesses recently      were involved in a tragic car accident that killed
                                                                attesting to their skill at building robots out     David’s four-year-old son Adam and paralysed
                                                                of Lego, marshmallows and spaghetti.                his six-year-old daughter Holly. Following the
                                                                August was a busy month for Toronto staff,          accident David, from BFS in Auckland, and his
                                                                volunteering at Focus on Youth summer camp          family spent weeks at the Starship Children’s
                                                                projects funded through United Way to provide       Hospital while Holly endured four life-saving
                                                                activity for children living in Toronto’s high      operations, including brain decompression and
                                                                poverty neighborhoods. A robotics project           spinal fusion in two places. Macquarie staff
                                                                helped the children learn about engineering         offered their support with meals and assistance
                                                                while staff also volunteered to serve breakfast     through this phase and when Holly came home
                                                                and help supervise the Urban Arts Culture           began contributing to a fund to support her
                                                         1      Shock Festival. “For me, the experience was         ongoing rehabilitation. Driven by CAG’s Giles
                                                                a reminder that there are many organizations        Ellis, a total of $131,000 was raised by local staff
ITG’s David Brown with summer camp kids and their Lego
                                                                that greatly benefit from Macquarie’s charitable    across all divisions, clients and colleagues in
                                                                work,” ITG’s Monique Cadogan said.                  other Macquarie offices for the Laura Fergusson
                                                                                                                    Trust, which specialises in rehabilitation care.
                                                                 2   Macquarie men in a race across the             David said he and his family are “eternally
                                                                planet                                              grateful” for this generosity and hope that one
                                                                Two Macquarie staff who participated in one         day Holly may walk again through medical
                                                                of the world’s toughest endurance events            advances developed through research.
                                                                through the Kimberley region in Australia
                                                                recently managed to not only complete the            6 Kids tool up for school power
                                                                250 kilometre race but also finish within the top   Detroit CAF staff have gone back to school,
                                                                10. Carrying their own water and sustenance         cleared the clutter, and brought the theatre to The
                                                                through a gruelling desert environment, FICC’s      Children’s Center, one of the largest child-serving
ITG’s Kenny Flake, Jet Ibanez, June Santos, Ruthie Solis        Gabriel Szerda (based in New York) finished         agencies in Michigan. For many families, school
and Ric Bernabe with representatives from Hospicio de
                                                                seventh and MFG’s Patrick Hodgens (Sydney)          supplies simply do not fit into the budget so staff
San Jose.
                                                                finished ninth in the RacingThePlanet event         collected pencils, notebooks, and other materials
                                                                featuring 188 competitors from 35 countries.        for vulnerable children to start the school year with
                                                                Gabriel raised more than $117,000 for FACES         the right tools for success. They have also spent
                                                                (Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures) and      several evenings organizing the ‘Closet of Stuff’,
                                                                ReserveAid while Patrick raised $US1,000            creating a boutique-like atmosphere to allow
                                                                for Oxfam. The two are now discussing               those who need emergency clothing and food to
                                                                whether to compete together in 2011’s Gobi          ‘shop’ with dignity. The team has also planned
                                                                event, representing Macquarie in an attempt         additional activities, including a movie night for
                                                                to win the team category.                           families who are otherwise unable to afford to
                                                                                                                    have a night out.
                                                          6       3 Not just for the environment
CAF’s Silvia Kirkland and Cindy Buck from the Detroit           Baby formula, sardines, soap and sugar were           7   Little Buddies blossom in Hong Kong
office flanking The Children’s Center representative while
                                                                some of the necessary items donated to a local      and London
organizing the “Closet of Stuff” for those in need.
                                                                charity by the Manila office recently as part of    Little buddies sang for their Big Buddies, gifts
                                                                its quarterly community donation program. The       were exchanged and a sense of sadness tinged
                                                                Hospicio de San Jose - which serves as an           the Emmanuel Primary School’s Big Buddy
                                                                orphanage for abandoned and neglected               graduation ceremony recently. The Hong Kong
                                                                children, and a home for the elderly and people     office recently celebrated five years of the
                                                                with special needs - received the items from the    program at the Kowloon school, with 20 staff
                                                                proceeds of the Manila Resource Centre’s            supporting an equivalent number of students in
                                                                3STEP program which recycles and sells cans         their English reading. The new Big Buddy
                                                                and plastic bottles.                                English reading program starts in October at
                                                                                                                    Wan Chai.
                                                                 4   Comedy inspires in Dublin                      The London Big Buddy program marked the end
                                                                Laughter being the best medicine, Irish             of its 2009/2010 program with a picnic and quiz.
                                                                comedians doled it out in droves at Macquarie       All of the little buddies showed a marked
2    FICC’s Gabriel Szerda celebrates at the end of a
                                                                Dublin’s fundraising night for Reach Out, part      improvement in their standard assessment tests,
     gruelling Australian desert race.                          of Inspire Ireland’s support for vulnerable young   achieving levels above that expected for them at
4    From left: Elaine Geraghty (Inspire Ireland), Colin Hunt   people. The evening raised more than €6,000,        the beginning of the academic year.
     (MacCap) and Trudi Gunning (CAF) getting inspired.         featuring funny men Joe Rooney, Pat McDonald,
9    Children from the Bann Tharn Namchai Orphanage,            Cian Hallinan and Declan Rooney. CAF’s Trudi
     recipients of Hands Across The Water fundraising.
                                                                Gunning and MacCap’s James Hooper led the
     ITG staff dress down for genes research in Hong Kong.
                                                                organising committee, attracting 127 attendees.
     Macquarie LEADS interns in New York work on their
     final group project, a video about their experience in
     the program.


                                                                                                                    One of the longest serving Big Buddy volunteers, Hong Kong’s
                                                                                                                    Albert Ho presents a graduation certificate to his little buddy.
 8 Antipodean treats hit the spot                             11 Macquarie LEADS the way                                 13 Football and finance reach out
In his second successful year of co-chairing                 For five weeks over the North American                    FICC staff in London may know their trading
the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s “A Taste                summer, eight students participated in paid               floor but they copped a challenge on the
Down Under” event, CAG’s Ray Mays helped                     work experience in the New York office,                   soccer field when they played against some
raise almost $166,000 for the association                    marking the third year of the Macquarie                   Hackney students recently. The students, who
dedicated to curing muscular dystrophy, ALS                  LEADS local high school internship program.               came to Macquarie via the not-for-profit Reach
and related diseases by funding research                     Run in partnership with Columbia University’s             Out program, found out more about financial
worldwide. Numerous Macquarie staff                          Double Discovery Center, the program seeks                services from FICC’s Richard King and
attended the food and wine tasting benefit,                  to build and reinforce the connection between             MacCap’s Sara Leong who hosted the visit.
which exceeded last year’s fundraising total by              education and career for NYC students who                 They provided a tour of the trading desks, a
$7,000. Anna Avetisyan assisted Ray’s                        will be the first generation in their families to         presentation on Thames Water and arranged a
voluntary efforts to recruit corporate sponsors,             attend college. More than 60 staff from across            football game against 11 Macquarie staff
increase awareness of MDA and its local                      business divisions participated in the program            (which Macquarie won by the narrow margin of
services, raise much needed funds to send                    as mentors, trainers, and volunteers. Training            5-4). The program works with the Petchey
kids with MDA to a free annual summer camp                   such as project management, public speaking,              Academy, at which Macquarie staff volunteer
and support two local hospital affiliated clinics            and using Excel ‘like an analyst’ was provided            once a week to support students with maths
where patients can see a multi-disciplinary                  and the students also volunteered with                    and English assignments.
health team.                                                 mentors to clean and green a local park and
                                                             attended social activities such as a Broadway              14  Don’t just hug a tree… plant one!
 9    A night of inspiration for Thai kids                   musical and Yankees baseball game.                        Forty-one volunteers from Manila ITG and
When Dominic Bond, from BFS in Sydney,                                                                                 their families overcame dense woodlands,
visited the Bann Tharn Namchai Orphanage in                  12    Kicking up heels to help the homeless               muddy terrain, slippery slopes and aching
Thailand in July he was gratified to see how                 Wearing sneakers to work is an easy way to                feet recently to plant saplings in La Mesa
much the children enjoyed a visit to the beach               raise money for the homeless; it’s tougher to run         Watershed, the primary source of drinking
and a party he was able to organise. For the                 for 24 hours to support them. But Philadelphian           water for millions of Manila residents. The
second consecutive year, Dominic has                         staff have been doing just that, teaming up with          ‘Save the La Mesa Watershed Project’
arranged ‘A Night Of Inspiration’, a fundraising             Back On My Feet, an organization that promotes            involves planting a variety of trees to help
dinner for the charity Hands Across The Water                confidence, strength and self-esteem among the            prevent soil erosion and excessive
which was set up shortly after the 2004 Asian                homeless by engaging them in running. The                 sedimentation. ITG staff Soumendu
tsunami. “The orphanage is a lovely place and                organization’s program includes connections to            Karmakar and Hitesh Chhugani nominated
the children look to be very well cared for and              job training and assistance with education and            the Watershed Project as the recipient of
happy, a true testament to the great work that               housing expenses. Several Macquarie staff serve           their winnings from Macquarie’s Climate
Hands has done and continues to do,”                         as Back On My Feet volunteers, leading                    Change Photo Contest earlier this year.
Dominic said. This year’s dinner raised more                 pre-dawn runs with homeless clients as well as
than $114,000 and Dominic hopes to repeat                    hosting a Wear Your Sneakers to Work Day and
its success for the children next year.                      participating in a “20 in 24” (20 loops in 24 hours)
                                                             fundraiser to raise money. In total, close to
10   Dressing down and eating up for charity                 $8,000 has been raised.
Australian staff have dressed down and eaten
up to raise money for, respectively, Jeans For
Genes day and Australia’s Biggest Morning
Tea recently, raising a total of $2,000 for
genetic diseases research and almost $15,000
for cancer research. Hong Kong staff got
casual too, raising a record $58,468 for their
Jeans for Genes Day, with the Children’s
Thalassaemia Foundation benefiting.
                                                                                                                       ITG’s Jocelyn Arceo gets green with her husband Vic

                                                         our staff
                                                                                                                       at Le Mesa.

                                                         in the

                                                                     8                                                                                              13

New York’s Ray Mays, second from right, at the successful MDA fundraiser.                            Reach Out students challenge Macquarie to a football duel in London.
 15 Sweating it out in the Philippines                             16 Expo 2010 a treat for kids
                                                                                                                                                   Regional news
Six staff and their families and friends built
houses, volunteered at a health clinic, beaded
                                                                  A team of Macquarie Shanghai staff saw Expo
                                                                  2010 through the eyes of underprivileged and
jewellery, plaited hair and made paper                            disabled children when they arranged a trip for 21
aeroplanes at a pre-school, and visited                           students from Jing’an Nanyang School, a special
recovering tuberculosis patients as part of their                 public school close to the Shanghai office. After
slum-rebuilding visit to Bacolod in the                           learning it was a dream for the children to visit
Philippines in June. It was a return visit for                    Expo, staff arranged and accompanied a full day’s
many of the team, with Macquarie staff                            viewing of many pavilions, including the Saudi
contributing to the building of about 20 of the                   Arabian, Australian, Thai, Singaporean, Malaysian,
50 houses in the community. Partnering with                       New Zealand and Indonesian pavilions. MacCap’s
Gawad Kalinga through International Care                          Cliff Shi spoke for the group when he said “we
Ministries, the Macquarie team leveled the                        can do more to improve these children’s lives”
ground, dug trenches and laid bricks to further                   with all attendees intending to continue their
extend the Riverside village.                                     assistance of the school.
                                                                  17   Wine never tasted so good
                                                                                                                                  In Hong Kong: ITG’s Renee Cheung, Gwinny Cheung, and
                                                                  Winding up the week with a tasty beverage is                    Victoria So at left flank three representatives from Ali Oli
                                                                  also a great way to raise money for charity. The                Bakery with MSG’s Roland Sharman and ITG’s Nadia Chiang
                                                                  Tokyo office hosted a fundraiser for the charity                at right.

                                                                  Table for Two one Friday in July, with the
                                                                  resulting ¥600,000 allowing two African schools                 18   Eat up!
                                                                  to feed nearly 1300 children school meals for
                                                                                                                                  Gooey tiramisu, rich chocolate brownies and
                                                                  12 months. As the wine connoisseurs tasted
                                                                                                                                  homemade meat pies were some of the delicious
                                                                  and bought selections from a wide range of
                                                                                                                                  treats sold at Hong Kong ITG’s morning tea and
                                                      15          French vineyards, MSG’s Simon Rigney said
                                                                                                                                  bake-off. Together with a raffle, which attracted
                                                                  knowing the event was for such a good cause
ITG’s Michael Connell gets a little help building a house                                                                         ticket buyers through an iPad, Shangri-la Hotel
                                                                  made it all the more satisfying.
in the Philippines.                                                                                                               stay and Sogo shopping vouchers, the event
                                                                                                                                  raised over $54,000 as part of ITG’s global
                                                                                                                                  fundraising. This is over one-third of the way to
                                                                                                                                  the Hong Kong office’s goal of a full tertiary
                                                                                                                                  education scholarship for one Po Leung Kuk
                                                                                                                                  program graduate. The Po Leung Kuk/Foreign
                                                                                                                                  Correspondent Club Charity Fund scholarship
                                                                                                                                  program is one of Hong Kong’s oldest charitable
                                                      16                                                                          organisations providing support to orphaned and
                                                                                                                             17   disadvantaged children.
Shanghai staff and kids at Expo 2010’s Saudi Arabian
pavilion.                                                         From left: MacCap’s Yukiko Miyata, Kei Maruyama, Kohei          In Manila, staff staged a ‘cook off’ as part of the
                                                                  Kimura, MFG’s Francisco De Leon, and MacCap’s Shinya            global event, which turned into an ‘eat off’ due
                                                                  Tabata and Matt Dimond.
                                                                                                                                  to the great food selection and some healthy
                                                                                                                                  appetites. Staff raised more than PhP34,000 for
Contact Us
                                                                                                                                  Hospicio de San Jose, a home for orphans,
For more information on
                                                                                                                                  children with special needs and the elderly.
Macquarie Group Foundation
activities, to submit a story for the
next edition or for a printed copy of
this newsletter please contact:
Heather Matwejev
+852 3922 3535
                                                                                                                             18                                      In Manila: Staff got into the foodie fundraising spirit.

My day job is... I work as an Application Tester for                   push to get involved.
                                                                                                                                                   Staff Snapshot
Software Services in the Manila Resource Centre.                       If I could fix one problem it would be... scarcity.                   Jet Ibanez
I got involved with my chosen charities                                I wish that everyone has enough of everything: can                    ITG, Manila
because... there are moments that remind me how                        you imagine a world like that?                                        Jet is actively involved in a variety of ways in
fortunate I am and allow me to be a source of smiles                                                                                         the local Community Advisory Committee.
                                                                       The people who inspire me are... great leaders
for others. It gives me joy when an orphaned kid                       of change. Those who take actions to better
gives you a sweet genuine smile and says thank you                     themselves and the people they serve.
or when an elderly woman embraces you and thanks
                                                                       I’m most proud of... my family and friends.
you for spending one Saturday afternoon with her
                                                                       They have given support and understanding to
and other elders.
                                                                       everything that I do. Every decision I made, no
My community needs more... people who care and                         matter how bad it turns out, they’re always there
share. It’s not enough that you feel sorry for others. It              to cheer me on.
would be a lot better if people do something, even in
                                                                       If everyone could just do one thing to make a
their own little way, to help make other lives a little better.
                                                                       difference, what would it be? I love the quote from
I can help my community by... doing my small part                      the movie Evan Almighty: “How do we change the
to help others and asking my friends to help out                       world? One single act of random kindness at a time.”
too. Sometimes, some people just need a little

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