; 15th October 2010
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15th October 2010


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									             STICKLAND’S C.E. V.A.                                                                  Summer Lane

               PRIMARY SCHOOL                                                                          Dorchester
                                                                                                   Dorset DT2 0JP
                                   Headteacher:                                          Tel/Fax:    01935 83287
                             Mr Ian Robinson BA NPQH                               office@sticklands.dorset.sch.uk

        7th February 2011
Dear Parents,

Headteacher’s Award
The Headteacher’s Award for this week was awarded to Elsie Langley for always following the class charter
and being a great role model to others, Jack Constable for working enthusiastically in all practical lessons,
Nathaniel Ould for working really hard on his Hansel and Gretel house whilst his partner was away and
Georgina Constable for a responsible and mature attitude to her work.
Work of the Week
Work of the Week for this week was awarded to Ben Majeika for a fantastic painting of his own invented
traditional tale villain, Emilia Jones for a great advert as an estate agent, Ivy Langley, Mollie Diment, Isobel
Jones and Tilly Reynolds for their Hansel and Gretel house, Rebecca Glover, Lily Turnbull, Tim Girling, Archie
Hammett and Alexandra Adams for their courtroom hearing of the three little pigs versus the wolf.
Rainbow Certificates
This week Rainbow certificates were awarded to Oliver Majeika and Thomas Childs for not giving up, Archie
Mullins for completing work set in the time allowed, Erin Webb, Ivy Langley and Sean Williams for solving a
problem and Jan Hammett for working hard at his maths to ensure he gains a good understanding.

Bee Attitudes
Each Wednesday a member of the clergy from the Melbury Team leads the school in worship. This term we
are looking at the Beatitudes, teaching of Jesus which guides us in the way we live our lives. Each week two
children will be asked to wear a badge to remind us of the message from that week’s assembly. So far we
have been encouraged to Bee Humble and Bee Sorry! This week we have to Bee Gentle!

Life Education Van
Please not the change of date to Thursday 17 February.

Please find attached a letter from FOSSA and

Learning a Musical Instrument
We have a child who has expressed an interest in learning to play the clarinet. To make music lessons as
affordable as possible we always look to a number of children learning the instrument together. If you would
be interested in your child learning this instrument could you let the office know. Similarly, if your child is
interested in taken up another instrument such as drums or violin we also have individual children who would
like to learn these instruments.
Visit to Carymoor Environmental Centre on Tuesday 1 March 2011
Letters for this trip went out last week, please ensure you return the reply slip and the voluntary contribution to
the office.

Car Park
The school car park is intended primarily for staff and visitors to the school. A number of parents use it in the
mornings to drop off and in the afternoons to pick up. In recent weeks parents parking in the bays and coming
into school with their children has prevented staff from using the car park, as not all staff arrive before 8.50am.
In order to help could parent please adhere to the following:
      If just dropping off in the morning you are welcome to pull in to the car park to drop off;
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       If parking up and walking in to school please park in Fore Street;
       When collecting at the end of the day parents can park in the bays that have been vacated by staff.

We received few and mixed responses to this idea so we have decided not to pursue this any further for the
time being.

Yours sincerely

Ian Robinson

        Dear Parents,

               Thank you to those who attended the Annual General Meeting of FOSSA
        (the parent teacher association for Stickland's school) on Tuesday 18th January.
        We have a new Chair person - Sarah Langley. With thanks to Alison Reece for
        her generous contribution in this role. Chris Ould remains as Treasurer.
        Thanks to Rachel for her hard work as secretary, she has stood down as this
        role conflicts with her duties as Governor. We are now seeking a volunteer for
        the position of secretary.

                               SECRETARY NEEDED FOR FOSSA
                                It is vital that we recruit someone.
                 You would need to be able to contribute an hour or so a week.
                  Duties include, letters to parents and other interested parties,
               minuting meetings, providing posters, general communications and
                        helping the committee in its fund-raising activities.
                               The work in this role can be shared.
               Please make your self know to Ian Robinson, Sarah Langley or any
                      other committee member if you are able to volunteer.

                  We have two fund-raising activities coming up soon:-
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    On the 26th of February STAMPEED an Appalachian dance band, is
       playing at Evershot Village Hall.. FOSSA have been invite to run a raffle.
Free entrance with collection and bar profits to The Air Ambulance.
A fun local evening out - come along and support two good causes
FFI http://www.band-on.co.uk/home.html

    On Friday 1st April after school we are holding a
MOTHER'S DAY AFTERNOON TEA - come along, be spoilt, and enjoy delicious
cakes and sandwiches. Further details to follow.

Best wishes

Nancy Castle
(on behalf of FOSSA)

           FOSSA - Friends of Stickland’s School Association
    Minutes of meeting - 18/1/11 - 8.10pm - School Staffroom

Present: Nancy Castle, Anna Edmonds, Sarah Langley (Chair), Clare Morfey,
Chris Ould, Di Powne, Ian Robinson, Marie Stone & Linda Williams

Apologies: Allison Rees, Rachel Wright

   1. Minutes and matters arising

       Excessive electricity bill still not clear which appliance is causing the problem.
        Ongoing monitoring to see if it is/is not swimming the pool pump. I.R.
                                                                                        Page 4

       Sales of bags (50) and recipe books (32). Suggested only producing 50
        (instead of 100) of each item for future sales. Continue to encourage sales of
        remaining stock at upcoming events. Keep in village shop, thanks to them

   Minutes of last meeting approved by all present.

   2. Round up of Christmas Fair

       Agreed a very successful event. Well done all concerned, especially Sarah
        Langley. Money raised £ 918.00 total (includes FOSSA fund raising items
        e.g. bags)

   3. Future fund raising events/items

       Anna suggested personalised Christmas cards for next year
       New stock/gifts for FOSSA to sell , to investigate                       C.M.
       Mother's Day Tea - propose after school on 1st April, in Discovery centre.
        Request FOSSA funds to buy cake ingredients etc. Budget to be agreed. Ask
        dads to help serve (with older kids). Sell tickets @£2.50. Do invites.
       A band/air ambulance fund-raiser at village hall on 26th February has said we
        can run a raffle for school. Agreed £25 cash 1st prize, garden voucher,
        whiskey and wine for runners up.
       Both events to be publicised to parents                                  N.C.
       Reminder from Alison Reece - for local fund raisers at feeder villages to
        school, eg Halstock, to allocate money raised to Stickland's school
                                                                                   Page 5

4. Requests for Funds for school

      Requests for funds need to be given to FOSSA in advance for approval.
      Ian Robinson requests funds for school trip to Carymoor Environmental
       Centre. Educational benefits explained - request for £300 approved. Parents
       will be asked to pay half the costs.

5. A.O.B.

      FOSSA to attend Easter service, serve tea and cakes (requests to parents for
       cakes for this one), and have a merchandise table.
      Ship of Fools will play another gig, ask Gordon Langley when S.L.
      Letter received requesting FOSSA involvement with Evershot Village Fair June
       2011. Meeting clashed with AGM. Reps to attend next one, and find out
                S.L. & I.R.
      School no money to replace Discovery room round tables. FOSSA and school
       staff agree they are cumbersome/impractical. FOSSA will fund raise to
       replace. Replacements to be chosen in consultation with staff.
                D.P. & M.S.& S.L
      Committee reminded that expenditure for (events, merchandise etc.) needs to be
       approved before spending FOSSA funds.

6. Date of next Meeting

Weds 16th Feb - 7:30pm - S. Langley's house
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7 - 9 Parents' Evenings
9 Kingfishers Cake Sale School
Nurse Drop In Session
14 Unihoc Tournament
16 Year 6 Explorer Dome Visit
17 Life Education Van - Whole School Visit
21 - 25 Half Term Holidays
1 Whole School Recycling Trip
9 Year 5/6 West Dorset Schools' Swimming Gala
16 Netball Tournament
18 Red Nose Day Year
5/6 Rugby Festival
25 Achievements Assembly - Parents Welcome
28 Class Photos
29 Year 5/6 Pyramid Choral Concert Rehearsal
30 Year 5/6 Pyramid Choral Concert
31 Woodpeckers' Class Assembly
7 Year 3/4 Volleyball Festival
11 - 25 Easter Holidays
29 Public Holiday
29 Dorset Netball Finals
3 Whole School Rights Day
9 - 13 SATs Week
11 - 13 Year 4's Residential Trip to St Briavels
18 Cricket at Colfox
20 Goldfinches Class Assembly
25 Class Goldfinches & Woodpeckers Cake Sale
Cricket at Uplyme
27 Achievements Assembly - Parents Welcome
30-31 Half Term Holidays
1-3 Half Term Holidays
6 Inset Day
8 Aquasplash at Beaminster Pool
14 Ravens Science Lesson at Beaminster pm
15 Short Tennis Tournament Yrs 3/4
17 Pyramid Swimming Gala
24 Achievements Assembly - Parents Welcome
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29 Key Stage One Multiskills Festival
2 Charmouth Fun Run
8 Year 6 Service at St Mary's Beaminster
9 - 10 Moth & Butterfly Event
11 Moving Up Day
11 - 12 Year 6 Transfer Day
14 Instrumental Workshop
20 Year 6 Lunch
Year 6 Water Fight
21 Last Day of Term
22 Inset Day
25 July to 2 Sept Summer Holidays
5 & 6 Inset Days
7 Children return to school
24 - 28 Half Term
19 - 30 Christmas Holidays
January 2012
2 Bank Holiday
3 Inset Day
13 - 17 Half Term
2 - 13 Easter Holidays
4 - 8 Half Term
11 Inset Day
22 Inset Day

24 July to 31 Aug Summer Holidays
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         5.30PM TO 6.30PM
                   (Term time only)


     BRIDPORT (Astro Turf Pitch)



For further information please contact Emma Davies
                  on 07974 078751

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