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					Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)                                                       February, 1999

 No 2 (18)         Press Service of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania         February 1999

     Visit to the People’s Republic of China
                         (by Chairman of the Seimas Vytautas Landsbergis)

                                                  Chairman of the Seimas Vytautas Landsbergis on his visit to China

   On 8 February 1999, Vytautas        cial state meeting of the Chairman    tries are wide apart, however, there
Landsbergis gave a press confer-       of the Chinese Parliament and the     are sound enough grounds and
ence about his visit to the People’s   parliamentary delegation took         possibilities to demonstrate a cer-
Republic of China.                     place. A really large country         tain proximity to Lithuania and the
                                       showed an attentive and concerned     mutual neighbour, that is, a large
  At the invitation of the Chair-      attitude to our country and ex-       country located beyond us, which
man of the Meeting of People’s         pressed its desire to co –operate     of late has shown interest in Eu-
Representatives Li Peng, an offi-      with a small country. Both coun-      rope.
February, 1999                                                             Parliamentary          Mirror No.2 (18)
                                                                           The present time is the period of great changes
                                                                       for the People’s Republic of China on the whole.
    CONTENTS                                                           During the last 20 years, after Den Ciao Pin de-
                                                                       clared the new doctrine of openness and co–opera-
    Visit to Kuwait                                                    tion, great changes took place, first of all, in the
    (by Vytautas Landsbergis) ........................... 4            economic life, relations with foreign countries and
                                                                       large international companies and corporations
    Plenary Sittings .......................................... 5      during the last eight years in particular. China often
                                                                       makes effective use of the free economic zones, or,
    International Relations ............................. 7            as they sometimes call them, zones of special de-
                                                                       velopment. It is already for one year that the doc-
    The Seimas Delegation in China                                     trine about co–operation with the European Un-
    (by Loreta Zakarevièienë,                                          ion has been adopted.
    Spokeswoman to the Chairman                                            Taking into account the fact that we are an asso-
    of the Seimas) .............................................. 8    ciate member state of the European Union, and are
                                                                       less restricted than full members of the European
    Report of Seimas Members                                           Union, and soon we are going to become a member
    Alfredas Stasiulevièius and                                        of the European Union, I often underlined that on
    Rasa Melnikienë about their                                        the one hand we were interested in China’s invest-
    Business Trip to Great Britain .................. 11               ments in Lithuania, and on the other hand it would
                                                                       be useful for China to invest in Lithuania and estab-
    Report of Seimas Members Alfredas                                  lish itself, as if, in a certain point of freight trans-
    Stasiulevièius and Rasa Melnikienë                                 port and other communications. Finally, geographi-
    about their Business Trip                                          cally it is the nearest country. I saw that somebody
    to Denmark ............................................... 12      made jokes when interpreting this saying of mine in
                                                                       our press, however, in fact, I was also joking when I
    Legislative Procedure in the Seimas ......... 13                   said that if you jumped over Russia, you found your-
                                                                       self straight in Lithuania, which is already Europe,
    Family and Child’s Affairs                                         and there one could work.
    Commission .............................................. 15           This was given a positive approval at different
                                                                       levels. As you know, we met with the highest au-
    Declarations and Recommendations
                                                                       thority – the Head of the Parliament, his Deputy
    of EU-Lithuania Joint Parliamentary
                                                                       Head, the Vice Prime Minister, the Foreign Minis-
    Committee ................................................ 17
                                                                       ter and with Chairmen of Parliaments of the largest
                                                                       Provinces of China. There also are Meetings of Peo-
    Joint Meeting of the Baltic Assembly
                                                                       ple’s Representatives with their Chairmen and their
    of the Nordic Council ............................... 19
                                                                       own Governments in China.
                                                                           The People’s Republic of China is not highly
    Appeal to the Nordic Council .................. 21
                                                                       centralised or governed from Peking. It has a lot of
                                                                       possibilities to carry out independent actions at the
    Resolution Regarding Commemoration
                                                                       level of provinces. By its scope, co –operation with
    of the 10th Anniversary
                                                                       a province having the population of several million
    of the Baltic Way ....................................... 21
                                                                       would quite suffice Lithuania. We may communi-
    Decision .................................................... 22   cate at both levels and seek to establish first of all
                                                                       the economic, investment and transit links with the
    Parliamentary Group of Social Democrats                            People’s Republic of China.
    Takes Further Interest in Future                                       In other respects this is a vast country both in its
    of the Lithuanian Airlines ........................ 22             width and depth, that is, its past. We treat our East-
                                                                       ern neighbour as a large state which sometimes
    No More Tourist Visas for Lithuanian                               threatens us with something, we sometimes are
    Nationals to the Schengen States .............. 23                 worried about what is going to happen in that neigh-
                                                                       bouring state. That neighbouring country looks
    Meeting in Seinai ...................................... 24        quite deplorable compared to China, at least I
                                                                       formed such an impression.

Parliamentary          Mirror No.2 (18)                                                          February, 1999

     The importance of China is           in them, Lithuania, in particular.       Lithuanian delegation, people who
rapidly increasing: in 10, 20 or 30       When in China we established re-         wanted to register a new party were
years the People’s Republic of            lations and shall maintain them by       on trial. We know very little how
China shall play and important            correspondence. A large group of         the People’s Republic of China
role in the world, as well as in          business people went to China to-        models its present and future po-
Euro–Asia, and shall influence our        gether with us. They have strong         litical life which is sure to become
affairs, as well as those of Europe.      contacts there and the fact that they    multiparty one day. Currently it is
We should not lose time. It is im-        arrived in China together with the       only symbolically multiparty.
portant that China should under-          group of parliamentarians contrib-       Only the ruling party is consoli-
stand, as its high officials said, that   uted greatly to their strong position.   dated, which is a privileged party.
it was urgent for it to co–operate            The following conclusion             People who register other parties
with Lithuania. We have to be             which is quite critical with respect     violate the law. These are the an-
more active and open not only to          to Lithuania is that our country is      swers which my personal logic dic-
the West but also to the East.            simply too passive. We do not show       tated.
     There are many cities, prov-         any initiatives to co–operate, to             We were received by the Vice
inces, huge free economic devel-          attract, receive investments and         Chairman of the Parliament who
opment zones in which new com-            trade flows and the initiatives of       is the Chairman of the Democratic
plexes of international production        our state institutions are also few.     Party. That party was established
corporations are rising. On the last          It seems we have no wish, or         under Gomindan. It has its historic
day of our visit to China, in a com-      perhaps we do not know that it is        roots. However, after the Commu-
paratively small Chinese town, on         possible to take over the extensive      nist Party had taken root, Mao Dze
Saturday, we saw streets crammed          and amazing experience of China          Dung allowed those parties which
with working people who worked            in free economic zones. We must          collaborated and did not confront,
especially diligently.                    make haste to start doing something      to exist, and formally they have
     The workforce in China is            in this field – we cannot lose time      existed till the present day. Chair-
cheap. However, it is not only for        as time is money. In China people        men of these parties are Vice
this reason that large corporations       work hard and intensively. There-        Chairmen of the Parliament now.
invest in China where qualified           fore, I shall ask our executive power    However, absolute ruling of one
workers can be employed to work           and parliamentarians to treat the        party is recognised and people
on a production –line and produce         whole geopolitical existence be-         wishing to establish a party which
first–class computers of hi –fi tech-     tween Russia and the West in an-         is not provided for in laws or the
nologies for the monthly payment          other way. This shall open more          Constitution stood trial.
of only 100 US dollars, as it is said     versatile possibilities for Lithuania         In fact I had an opportunity to
in Lithuania. Those people are            rather than restrict them.               say that we in Europe can hardly
simply industrious, they work hon-            I looked through one of many         understand such a punishment.
estly and diligently.                     Chinese newspapers just to form          There might be possibilities to
     Officials, as well as heads of       an idea of what is written about         make them milder in the future.
provinces follow the economic             direct foreign investments in bil-       Such possibilities are created by
growth of cities and provinces. It        lion of dollars. If in 1992 they ac-     their customs and order, however,
is interesting to hear them record-       counted for 11 –12 billion dollars,      currently this is a completely new
ing for how many years the eco-           in 1998 they reached almost 60           thing.
nomic growth remained 13 % a              billion US dollars. This means,               All the leaders of China and the
year. Currently it is often com-          that within a six–year period the        highest leaders – heads of prov-
plained that due to the crisis in         investments increased six times,         inces – emphasise the importance
Asia (last year was the year of great     powerful capital is coming to work       of stability. Western investors ap-
disasters for China) the growth           in China, which also shows its           preciate it too. According to the
reached up to 10.5% of the pro-           present and future strength.             Western standards, the democracy
duction growth. We would like                 Speaking about the wave of ar-       of China is far from perfect, the
these figures in Lithuania to be be-      rests in the present day China,          same can be said about the human
tween 5 and 7%.                           Vytautas Landsbergis said that he        rights. However, the fact that there
     The People’s Republic of China       discussed this issue with the Chair-     are no revolutions, revolts and re-
is eager to co–operate with all the       man of the Meeting of Representa-        bellions shows that large amounts
countries, large or small, it is well–    tives of the People of China, as on      of capital may be invested in the
disposed to them and is interested        the eve of the departure of the          country.

February, 1999                                                      Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)
                                        Visit to Kuwait

             Vytautas Landsbergis (left) and Speaker of the National Assembly of Kuwait Ahmad Ab-dulazeer Al-Sadoon
    On 24 February, 1999 Vytau-         is a pity that many possibilities dis-   were not sufficiently developed,
tas Landsbergis gave a press con-       cussed during the visit of Kuwait        there were Consulates in some
ference about the visit of the          delegation to Lithuania in 1992,         countries only. Though Kuwait is
Seimas delegation to Kuwait             were not turned to practical ac-         a small country, it is a powerful
which he headed.                        count. Today we are trying to es-        exporter of oil and a powerful coun-
    The Chairman of the Seimas          tablish intensive relations for the      try of oil, which can be of use in
gave a short outline of the relations   benefit of both countries. We have       the case of crisis. The distribution
between Lithuania and Kuwait            supported Kuwait and are going to        network of the pipeline which was
which go back to 1990 when              support it in the future and want        built with the help of the low–in-
Lithuania, after declaring the 11       both countries to co–operate in          terest loan received from the Ku-
March Act on the Re–establish-          every possible way. Kuwait prom-         wait Foundation was opened in
ment of the State of Lithuania,         ised to provide support to our coun-     December. Currently there is
fought for its real independence        try in the United Nations in Lithua-     Lithuania’s application for receiv-
experiencing blockades and the          nia’s striving for membership in         ing another extra loan under the
threat of war, and Kuwait was sim-      the Commission on Economic and           same favourable conditions to be
ply occupied by neighbouring Iraq       Social Development. Co–opera-            able to develop the program fur-
and was immediately incorporated        tion in international organisations,     ther, so as to provide urban and
into it as a state that no longer ex-   as well as humanitarian and eco-         rural population of the Northern
isted. Its situation was similar to     nomic matters were also ad-              Lithuanian region with natural gas.
that of Lithuania in 1940 and           dressed. Assistance to the young             During our visit to Kuwait we
Lithuania supported the inde-           people of our country who want to        had an opportunity to visit the
pendence of Kuwait and provided         study the Arab language is of great      Ministry of Oil and on our way
not only political support but also     importance too. Attention was            back we met with the representa-
sent physicians to that country fol-    drawn to the fact that diplomatic        tive of the Kuwait State Oil Com-
lowing the liberation of Kuwait. It     relations with the Arab world            pany in London who was commis-

Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)                                                         February, 1999

sioned by the Minister to make             We also met with members of              The scope of issues that were
clear Lithuania’s needs and co–        the organisation of family mem-          discussed during those several days
operation possibilities.               bers of the kidnapped people. This       of the visit of the Lithuanian del-
    During our meeting with mem-       organisation is quite young, it was      egation to Kuwait was really wide.
bers of the Parliamentary Commis-      established only last year. To my        We experienced the hospitality of
sion and the Secretary of Foreign      mind, Lithuanian deportee organi-        the country and formed the impres-
Affairs, participation in oil busi-    sations could establish relations        sion that the people of Kuwait were
ness, as well as the exhibition of     with that organisation as Kuwait,        eager to co–operate and have direct
Lithuanian production and invest-      being a rich country, could assist       contacts with Lithuania. Due to the
ment projects of Lithuania were        us in a humanitarian sense. Also, I      said historic circumstances and
discussed. The importance of co–       handed over the request of the           similar fate Lithuania, in fact, finds
operation in a political sphere for    Sunit religious community of             Kuwait a close Arabian country
small countries was also empha-        Lithuania to assist them in build-       which could assist us in training
sised.                                 ing a mosque here.                       diplomats for other Arab countries.

    On 4 February 1999, Minister
                                       LENARY              S       ITTINGS
                                       Basic directions in energy devel-        analysis of the problems of
of Economy Vincas Babilius ac-         opment were adjusted and made            Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant and
quainted the Seimas members with       more precise in the National En-         possible options of discussing the
the major directions in the Na-        ergy Strategy presented that day.        exploitation of the Plant are given
tional Energy Strategy.                The following strategic goals of         considerable attention.
                                       Lithuanian energy are established.:          The document states that
    Speaking to the Seimas mem-            reliable and safe delivery of        Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant is
bers Minister of Economy Vincas        energy with minimum expenses;            the main source of energy in
Babilius reminded of the Law on            increase of the efficiency of        Lithuania. During the last five
Energy adopted in 1995 which           energy consumption;                      years the Plant produced 80–85%
defined the general provisions of          implementation of principles         of electric energy with the least
energy activities, the basic princi-   of a market economy in the energy        production expenses. General in-
ples of energy development, func-      sector;                                  stalled generating power (nuclear
tioning and management, taking             decreasing the effect on the         and non–nuclear) of electric en-
into account the development of        environment;                             ergy is twice higher than the coun-
economy under the market condi-            regional co–operation;               try’s needs. Determining the
tions. According to the said Law           preparation of Lithuanian en-        length of exploitation of two blocs
the National Energy Strategy cov-      ergy for the integration in the Eu-      of the Nuclear Plant shall have a
ers the following sectors: 1) elec-    ropean Union;                            major impact on the further de-
tric energy sector; 2) thermal en-         improving energy manage-             velopment of the electric energy
ergy sector; 3) gas sector; 4) pe-     ment.                                    system of the country. The length
troleum and its products sector; 5)        According to the authors of the      of exploitation shall mainly de-
other fuel sector. The following       National Energy Strategy, with the       pend on the results of increasing
provision is established in the Law:   aim to achieve the said goals it is      its safety and reliability. It is ex-
the National Energy Strategy shall     necessary to create an adequate          pected that the licence permitting
be worked out for no less than a       legal and institutional infrastruc-      to further exploit the first bloc of
20–year period and shall be revised    ture. This must be done within the       Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
at least every 5 years. The Minis-     immediate three years.                   shall be issued in 1999. Two ex-
try of Energy shall be responsible         The National Energy Strategy         treme cases of exploitation of
for the development of the Strat-      presents economic forecasts of the       Ignalina Nuclear Plant were se-
egy and it shall be approved by the    Lithuanian economy (three pos-           lected for assessment in the Na-
Seimas on the proposal of the          sible scenarios are as follows: a fast   tional Energy Strategy. This ena-
Government of the Republic of          growth – optimistic, basic – a mod-      bles to compare economic, social
Lithuania.                             erate growth and a slow growth –         and other consequences of the
    The first National Energy          pessimistic) and forecasts of en-        closure of the Plant. These cases
Strategy was approved in 1994.         ergy needs related to them. The          are as follows:

February, 1999                                                     Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)
     1) early forceful stopping of      help minimise social and eco-           tions for their economic activity
Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant            nomic problems of the national          in investing assets, in establishing
when Bloc I is stopped in the year      scale, as well as in the whole terri-   joint and foreign capital enter-
of 2000, and Bloc II – at the end of    tory of Visagin.                        prises, in co–operating and devel-
2005. In such a case the Plant              The parliamentarians were in-       oping production, expanding trade,
would be closed if Bloc I were not      terested in an “accelerated regime”     intellectual and technical co–op-
issued a licence; due to other rea-     (Bloc I is stopped in the year 2000,    eration;
sons that are related to safety; upon   Bloc II – in 2005) provided neces-          2) to create conditions recog-
the adoption of corresponding po-       sary funds are obtained. The Min-       nised and applied in international
litical decisions;                      ister of Economy said everything        practice for the activity of the in-
     2) nuclear reactors of both        would depend on the amount of           vestors of both countries (citizens
blocs are exploited as the techni-      the funds allotted and the way the      and economic entities);
cal project of Ignalina Nuclear         funds would be used. He informed            3) to grant legal guarantees rec-
Power Plant provides for.               that in the immediate future            ognised in international law to the
     The National Energy Strategy       (within 2–2.5 months) a detailed        investors on the territory of
states that upon the closure of         model – a plan of the major stages      Lithuania and attract foreign capi-
Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant and        of the closure of the Plant and the     tal in such a way;
having started to generate electric     funds required for it – should be           4) to protect interests of the
energy at thermal electric power        prepared. The Minister promised         citizens and economic entities of
stations, in 2015 the level of the      to submit a “rough” model in a          the Republic of Lithuania which
release of poisonous substances         three–week time to be considered        are investing on the territory of the
and carbon dioxide into the atmos-      at the Seimas Committees. After         economic union of Belgium–Lux-
phere would reach that of 1990          adjusting the said model in Lithua-     embourg;
with the production of electric en-     nia, it would further be harmonised         5) to expand legal regulatory
ergy being reduced by half. The         with the corresponding structures       base for economic co–operation of
National Energy Strategy also           of the European Union. Only then        both undersigning parties;
presents calculated estimate of the     should the realistic date of the clo-       6) to intensify economic, tech-
closure of the Plant. This estimate     sure of the Plant be set.               nical, intellectual co–operation of
totals 9.6 billion Litas. This                                                  the undersigning parties, their citi-
amount needed to close down the         Agreement on                            zens and economic entities under
Plant can be accumulated by in-         Bilateral Stimulation and               most favorable conditions.
creasing the tariff of electric en-                                                 The term of validity of the
ergy by 1.7–2.0 cents per kWh for
                                        Protection of Investments               Agreement is 10 years. After that
the consumers of the country as of      Between the Republic of                 the Agreement is automatically
1999. On account of political rea-      Lithuania and the                       extended for another ten years,
sons, safety requirements or other      Economic Union of Bel-                  however, it can be denounced by
unforeseen causes Bloc I should         gium–Luxembourg is                      the undersigning party 6 months
be closed down by the year 2000,                                                prior to the expiry term of the cor-
Bloc II – by the end of 2005, the
                                        Submitted to the Seimas                 responding validity term, provded
tariff of electric energy should be     to be Ratified                          it notified the other undersigning
increased by 8.1–9.6 cents per          The agreement on bilateral stimu-       party in writing through diplo-
kWh. The funds collected are ac-        lation and protection of investment     matic channels. After cancelling
cumulated in a special fund of the      between Lithuania and the Euro-         the Agreement, the terms of the
closure of the Plant. Losses related    pean Union of Belgium– Luxem-           Agreement shall be applied to the
to “lost possibilities” are assessed    bourg was signed in Brussels on         investments made during the va-
at 13.2–15.6 billion Litas at 1998      15 October 1997. On behalf of the       lidity term of the Agreement for
prices. Extra expenses for the de-      Republic of Lithuania the Agree-        another 10 years as of the day of
velopment and functioning of the        ment was signed by Foreign Min-         cancelling the Agreement.
system of electric energy in the        ister Algirdas Saudargas.                   The Seimas approved of the
case of closure of the Plant would          By signing this agreement the       Law on the Ratification of the
amount to 7.2–8.6 billion Litas. A      Government sought the following:        Agreement after it has been sub-
longer exploitation of the Plant            1) to stimulate investors of        mitted.
would help accumulate more funds        both countries to invest in the ter-        Preliminary consideration of
needed for the closure of the Plant.    ritory of the other undersigning        the law at a sitting of the Seimas is
A later term of closure would also      party, to create favourable condi-      planned for 16 March, 1999.

Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)                                                         February, 1999

Draft law No. P–1591 of                 to acquire training in educational      lum because otherwise the issue
the Ratification of the                 institutions of Europe or North         of introducing visa regime might
                                        America is too expensive, besides,      be raised. The objective of the draft
Agreement on the Baltic                 educational institutions of the said    law submitted to the Seimas for
Defence College signed by               countries do not provide the officer    consideration is to put a stop to
the Government of the                   with experience in working with         the illegal activity of the Lithua-
Republic of Lithuania, the              national administrative procedures      nian citizens abroad.
Government of the                       and the knowledge acquired does             It is recommended to supple-
                                        not always correspond to local de-      ment the Code of Violations of
Republic of Estonia, the                fence conceptions and the tasks of      Administrative Law by Article
Government of the                       the state’s military defence. Many      173(13) establishing the follow-
Republic of Latvia Sub-                 European countries (Sweden, Den-        ing regulation: “Illegal mediation
mitted for Consideration                mark, Switzerland and the USA) are      in employing a person abroad, as
by the Minister of                      determined to support financially       well as organising such a media-
                                        the establishment and activity of the   tion is subject to a penalty from
National Defence                        said college.                           one thousand to three thousand
The Agreement provides for estab-           The Seimas approved of the          Litas. Similar actions, committed
lishing a joint educational institu-    draft after it had been submitted to    by a person who was subject to
tion – the Baltic Defence College       the Seimas for consideration.           the administrative penalty for the
– for the three Baltic States – Es-                                             violations specified in the first
tonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This       Draft Law Providing for                 part of the said Article, as well
educational institution should be       Responsibility for                      as illegal employment of a per-
established in the city of Tartu in                                             son abroad is subject to a pen-
                                        Employment Abroad and                   alty from three to five thousand
Estonia. The English language
shall be the “working language” of      Use of Invalid Passport or              Litas”. The Code is also recom-
the college. The length of training     Passport Belonging to                   mended to be supplemented by
is 10.5 months. Studies are             Another Person                          Article 204(1) which shall estab-
planned to commence at the col-         According to the data of the Im-        lish the following: “Unlawful use
lege in August 1999.                    migration Service of Great Britain,     of a passport belonging to an-
    The main goal of the Baltic         many Lithuanian citizens who ar-        other person or the document es-
Defence College is to start and con-    rive in Great Britain get illegally     tablishing the identity of the per-
tinuously improve training of mili-     employed and later seek political       son, which is claimed to be
tary senior officers of the Head-       asylum. The number of the Lithua-       invalid in the established proce-
quarters and “training of civil serv-   nian citizens who sought political      dure, is subject to the penalty
ants if it is agreed so”. One of the    asylum in November alone                from one to five hundred Litas.
main objectives of the College – to     amounted to 105, and throughout         Similar actions committed by the
integrate principles and proce-         eleven months – this number to-         person who had bee subject to the
dures of NATO in preparing for          talled 1175. Institutions of Great      administrative penalty for the
NATO membership. The Minis-             Britain want the Government of          violations specified in the first
ter of National Defence pointed         the Republic of Lithuania to take       part of the said Article are sub-
out that the establishment of the       measures to reduce the number of        ject to a penalty from five hun-
college is an urgent task because       the persons seeking political asy-      dred to one thousand Litas”.

                  I      NTERNATIONAL                           R        ELATIONS
Visits of Foreign Delegations to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
   On 28 January 1999, Vice Chairman of the Seimas Romualdas Ozolas received Ambassador of the
Federal Republic of Germany Detlof von Berg.
   On 28 January 1999, member of the Seimas Foreign Affairs Committee Kazys Bobelis received Ambas-
sador of the Kingdom of Denmark Per Carlsen.
   On 3 February 1999, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Vytautas Dudënas received UNDP
Resident Representative to the Republic of Lithuania Cornelis Klein.

February, 1999                                                 Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)
   On 10 February 1999, Chair-
man of the Parliamentary Group
for the Relations with Poland
Þibartas Juozas Jackûnas, mem-
bers of the Group Vladimir
Jarmolenka, Kæstutis Trapikas,
Petras Ðakalinis, Antanas Raèas,
Zygmunt Mackeviè met with a
groups of students of the Euro-
pean Youth Centre of Warsaw

   On 11 February 1999, First
Vice Chairman Andrius Kubilius
received Head of the European
Department of the Ministry of the
Foreign Affairs of the Federal Re-
public of Germany Vilhelm                 On 10 February 1999, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for
Schönfelder and Ambassador of         the Relations with the Knesset of Israel Emanuelis Zingeris, Vice Chair-
the Federal Republic of Germany       woman Rûta Rutkelytë and Mindaugas Briedis met with Ambassador of
Detlof von Berg.                      Israel Oded Ben-Hur.

             Visits of the Seimas Delegations to Foreign Countries
  Bronislavas Juozas Kuzmickas and Alvydas Medalinskas participated in the joint sitting of the Defence
Committee and the Political Committee of the Assembly of the Western Europe, as well as in the meeting with
NATO officials in Brussels (Belgium) on 3-6 February 1999.

   Bronislavas Juozas Kuzmickas and Alvydas Medalinskas participated in the sittings of the Defence and
Political Committees of the Assembly of the Western European Union in Paris (France) on 7-9 February 1999.

   The Lithuanian delegation headed by Laima Lucija Andrikienë participated in the joint sitting of the
Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council held in Helsinki (Finland) on 8-9 February 1999.

           (By Loreta Zakarevièienë, Spokeswoman to the Chairman of the Seimas)
    On 30 January 1999 Chairman       sive and interesting cultural–his-    the Lithuanian parliamentarians
of the Seimas Vytautas Lands-         toric itinerary. Lithuanian parlia-   that currently the number of
bergis and his wife Graþina           mentarians were greatly impressed     Catholics in China accounted for
Ruèytë–Landsbergienë, members         by the architecture and grandeur      600 000 and it increased annually.
of the Seimas Nijolë Ambrazaitytë,    of the Emperor’s Palace (“A For-      The Lithuanian parliamentarians
Þibartas Jackûnas, Èeslovas           bidden City”), as well as by the      found it very interesting that dig-
Jurðënas and Albertas Ðimënas         complex of Heaven Temple famous       nitaries representing different con-
arrived in Peking on an official      by its ancient rites. The Chairman    fessions may be elected to the high-
visit. A group of Lithuanian busi-    of the Seimas, his wife and other     est institution – the National Peo-
ness people went to the People’s      members of the delegation visited     ple’s Congress (Parliament), as
Republic of China together with       the Catholic Church Xuan Wu           well as to the Political Consulta-
the parliamentarians.                 Man which was built in the 17th       tive Council. The Bishop of Peking
    The hosts acquainted the rep-     century by the efforts of Italian     was a member of the Presidium.
resentatives of the Republic of       missionaries. The delegation was      He expressed his wish to establish
Lithuania with the history and cul-   received by the Bishop of Peking.     relations with the Lithuanian
ture of China, prepared an exten-     During the meeting he informed        Catholics.

Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)                                                        February, 1999

     Deputy Chairman of the Pre-       ists should be interested in per-       sponding institutions to establish
sidium of the Parliament of the        formances of Lithuanian artists.        closer relations so that cultural
People’s Republic of China Ding        “If our artists arrived in China,       relations between Lithuania and
Shi–sun (Chairman of the Demo-         your people could form a more           China were encouraged and devel-
cratic Party of China, the former      comprehensive image of Lithuania        oped.
Rector of Peking University) gave      – the country on the Baltic Sea. It         On 1 February 1999, Chair-
a formal dinner in honour of           is not large, however, distinctly       man of the Meeting of Representa-
Vytautas Landsbergis on 31 Janu-       original”, spoke Vytautas Lands-        tives of the Parliament of the Peo-
ary in one of the oldest restaurants   bergis.                                 ple’s Republic of China Li Peng
of Peking which was established            The Minister of Culture as-         received Vytautas Landsbergis, his
in 1864 under Emperor Tongzhi.         sured the Chairman of the Seimas        wife and members of the Lithua-
During the dinner information          that the Chinese knew about             nian delegation. Having congratu-
about parliamentarianism in            Lithuania, though few of them had       lated the Chairman of the Parlia-
China and Lithuania as well as         visited the country. “Cultural re-      ment on the 50th anniversary of
high education in both countries       lations between our countries can       the establishment of the People’s
was exchanged.                         be traced to ancient times”, noted      Republic of China, Vytautas
     In the evening of 31 January      the Minister. He told the guests        Landsbergis, on behalf of the
1999, the Chairman of the Seimas,      about the events thereby China was      whole delegation, thanked him for
his wife and members of the del-       introduced to the world. They           the cordial invitation, warm wel-
egation were given an opportunity      were, for example, exhibitions          come and hospitality. “We are im-
to get acquainted with the art of      which were taken around the             pressed not only by the historic
China – they listened to a tradi-      world. The Chairman of the              legacy of China but also by the
tional Chinese opera at Liyuan         Seimas got especially interested in     present day achievements of the
theatre.                               one of the latest exhibitions –         country”, noted Vytautas Lands-
     “Your visit to our Ministry       ”5000 years to China”. In his opin-     bergis. Referring to his visit to Pe-
shows the attention that you de-       ion, exhibitions of such kind, if       king Conservatory, the Chairman
vote to culture and development        brought to Lithuania, would allow       of the Seimas said: “It is quite pos-
of cultural relations”, said the       our people to get a better insight      sible that during the visit of the
Minister of Culture of China Shu       into distant China, its history and     Peking theatre to Lithuania, you
Ja–ceng receiving Vytautas             culture. The Minister expressed         could visit the Seimas”, and ex-
Landsbergis and members of the         regret that the exhibition was over     tended an invitation to Li Peng to
delegation on 1 February 1999.         and all its exponents were returned     visit Lithuania. The latter noted
Vytautas Landsbergis confessed it      to museums, however, said that the      that he had visited all the former
was his idea to have the meeting       Ministry of Culture of China            Republics of the Soviet Union ex-
as, according to him, the develop-     would take that into account and        cept the Baltic States. “I think I
ment of cultural relations largely     in the future would know what in-       shall find a possibility to come as I
influenced the development of in-      terests Lithuania. Vytautas Lands-      am really interested in that”, said
terstate relations. “Lithuania and     bergis said that Lithuania was in-      Li Peng accepting the invitation.
China signed an agreement about        terested not only in exhibitions but        During the meeting much at-
developing cultural relations”,        also in all kinds of song and dance     tention was devoted to interpar-
noted Vytautas Landsbergis, how-       festivals as they were especially       liamentary co–operation. In the
ever, in his opinion, not everything   popular in Lithuania.                   opinion of Vytautas Landsbergis it
has been done to implement it.             During the meeting issues of        was important to develop relations
     The Minister agreed to the        the development of tourism were         between the Parliaments of China
opinion of Vytautas Landsbergis        also addressed. The Minister of         and Lithuania, to look for more
that cultural co–operation played      Culture of China was deeply con-        versatile forms of co–operation.
an important role in strengthen-       vinced that in the next century tour-   “We would like to receive your ap-
ing relations between the coun-        ism would play an important role        proval in establishing relations
tries, reducing distances between      in the policy of the Government         between Committees”, spoke
the remotest corners of the world.     of China because the number of          Vytautas Landsbergis and under-
Both Lithuania and China have a        people wishing to visit other coun-     lined the importance of friendship
lot to show each other. The Chair-     tries was sill on the increase. And     among Parliamentary Groups. Mr.
man of the Seimas was convinced        culture was the shortest way to get     Li Peng told members of the
that the opera they listened to in     acquainted with a new country.          Lithuanian delegation about the
Peking would have a great success      Members of the meeting agreed           activity of the Meeting of Repre-
in Lithuania, and the Chinese art-     that it was necessary to urge corre-    sentatives of the People’s Repub-

February, 1999                                                       Parliamentary          Mirror No.2 (18)
lic of China which was convened
for a five–year period, spoke about
its specificity, explained the func-
tions of the standing Committee
which adopted laws, told about the
committees and their activity. It
turned out that the Parliament of
China was elected for no more than
two terms of office. At the close of
its seventh session the Standing
Committee of the Meeting of Rep-
resentatives of the People of China
finished considering issues which
were very important for the whole
of China. Due to them, as well as
due to the recognition of a private
business as a new sector, amend-                Chairman of the Seimas Vytautas Landsbergis (left) at the meeting with
ments in the Constitution of the          Chairman of the Meeting of Representatives of China Li Peng (first on the right)
country shall have to be made. The
Chairman of the Seimas was deeply         the future of the Kaliningrad re-        fought for its integrity, is closely
convinced that the decisions              gion.                                    related to that town. The repre-
adopted by the Parliament of China             At the close of the meeting the     sentatives of Lithuania visited his
shall be of paramount importance          Chairman of the Seimas asked Li          Mausoleum, the most honourable
to the future of the country. “The        Peng about the legal protection of       place in the province, called the
state must be governed on the basis       the culture of Tibet and was as-         sacred place of China. “The world
of laws, it is only in this way that it   sured that Tibet was in no danger        belongs to all” – this motto of the
can become legal”, spoke Li Peng          whatsoever. “A sight is worth a          leader of the Chinese revolution is
and pointed to current difficulties       thousand words”, noted Li Peng           carved over the entrance to his
which were caused by the crisis of        and suggested that Vytautas              place of rest.
West–East Asia.                           Landsbergis and those Lithuanians             Vytautas Landsbergis, his wife
     During the meeting Li Peng           who were interested in the issue of      and members of the Seimas del-
took interest in Lithuania’s past,        Tibet should come and make sure          egation also visited the Institute of
the origin of its language and its        by themselves.                           Arts of Nan–king. This is the old-
relations with Russia. Li Peng                 Following the meeting the for-      est high school of China which
wanted to know if upon the break          mal dinner was given in honour of        shall celebrate the 87th anniver-
down of the Soviet Union, Lithua-         Vytautas Landsbergis, his wife and       sary of its establishment this year.
nia managed to avoid economic             the Lithuanian delegation in the         2800 students – future musicians,
recession, which, unfortunately,          presence of the group of Lithua-         artists and designers studied there.
had affected every post–commu-            nian business people.                    According to Vytautas Landsber-
nist country. The host was sur-                On 2 February 1999, Vytautas        gis, it would be very useful for the
prised to hear the latest statistical     Landsbergis and his wife Graþina,        Institute of Arts of Nan–king to
economic indices. Vytautas                as well as members of the Seimas         establish relations with the Lithua-
Landsbergis asked Li Peng to en-          delegation, accompanied by the           nian Academy of Art. After din-
courage business people of China          Lithuanian business people, ar-          ner the Chairman of the Seimas
“to come to Lithuania with capi-          rived in the province of Kiang Su        and the delegation accompanying
tal” where conditions for invest-         (72 million population), the town        him met with the Chairman of the
ment were especially favorable at         of Nan–king (2 million popula-           Standing Committee of the Parlia-
the moment. According to Vytau-           tion). From the 3rd till 15th cen-       ment of the province of Kiang Su.
tas Landsbergis, the crisis in Rus-       tury that town was residence of five     “Though geographically Lithuania
sia hardly had an effect on its Far       dynasties and competed with the          is far away from China, the people
East and Far West. The Chairman           capital city of North China Peking       of this province know about your
of the Seimas mentioned Lithua-           for many years, therefore, it was        country”, said the Chairman of the
nia’s assistance to the Kaliningrad       still called the capital city of the     Parliament welcoming the guests.
region. “Hong Kong was better             South. Sun Jat–sen, the name of          He informed the guests about the
than Port Arthur”, such was               the founder of the Republic of           development of the province, pre-
Vytautas Landsbergis idea about           China, its first President who           sented good statistical economic

Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)                                                          February, 1999

indices. Following 20 years of re-     Landsbergis, figures were really         Lithuania sought for ever more
form, recently economic indices        impressive. Such a progress              dynamic and comprehensive re-
in the region have increased by        would not be possible if people of       lations with China, as well as its
12%, the average income of the         China were not so industrious and        regions. The visit of the delega-
population grew up by 4%,              the tactics of the Government            tion to Nan–king confirmed the
whereas prices were reduced by         were not so consistent. The Chair-       desire of the Lithuanian delega-
2%. According to Vytautas              man of the Seimas assured that           tion to co–operate.

    On 24–27 January, 1999,            mittee of the House of Commons           came to examine the reports sub-
Head of the Seimas Commission          of the United Kingdom and the            mitted by the General Auditor.
on Parliamentary Supervision of        National Audit Institution of the        The General Auditor submits re-
the State Control A.Stasiulevièius     United Kingdom, discussed how            ports of two kinds to the Commit-
and Deputy Head R. Melnikienë          to make use of the experience of         tee – reports of a financial audit
went on a business trip to Great       the said institutions in the activity    and those of the audit of the activ-
Britain.                               and further development of the           ity. The first reports assess whether
    The aim of the business trip       Lithuanian State Control and the         the means allotted to state institu-
was to get acquainted with the ob-     Seimas Commission on Parlia-             tions were used in accordance with
jectives, functions, methods and       mentary Supervision of the State         the estimate confirmed by the
organisational structure of the ac-    Control.                                 House of Commons (its equiva-
tivity of the National Audit Insti-        The State Report Committee           lent in Lithuania is the conclusion
tution of the United Kingdom, as       at the Parliament of Great Britain       of the State Control about the state
well as with the principles of form-   was established in 1961 and a year       budget). Reports of the audit of
ing the State Report Committee of      later it became a Standing Com-          the activity are related to the study
the House of Commons of the            mittee of the House of Commons.          of the efficiency of the monetary
United Kingdom, its competence,        The Statute regulates its compe-         value and the economy, efficiency
relations with other Committees        tence and establishes that the main      and usefulness of Governmental
of the House of Commons, princi-       aim of the Committee is to exam-         institutions. In this case economy
ples of organising work and report     ine reports related to assignations      is understood as minimum ex-
examining procedures.                  of the Parliament allotted to fi-        penses on resources necessary to
    During their business trip the     nance the state expenses, and be-        carry out the activity, at the same
parliamentarians visited the State     ginning with 1934 it examines            time seeking to maintain a strict
Report Committee of the House          other reports submitted to the Par-      control of the activity; usefulness
of Commons of the United King-         liament.                                 – is the ratio of the result, i.e. com-
dom and the National Audit Insti-          The Committee consists of 15         modities and services to the
tution of the United Kingdom,          members and is formed on the prin-       recourses necessary to achieve
met with Head of the State Report      ciple of proportional representa-        them; effectiveness is the ratio be-
Committee Rt. Hon David Davis,         tion of parliamentary parties. The       tween the planned and real value
General Auditor Sir John Bourn,        Committee elects the Chairman            of the activity, showing how the
employee of the State Report           who traditionally is a representa-       result of the activity corresponds
Committee Ken Brown, Director          tive of the opposition. The Com-         to the planned effectiveness.
of the National Audit Institution      mittee meets twice a week. Deci-              In 1966–1983 the Institution
David Clark, Director of the Na-       sions are adopted on the basis of        of the General Audit formed a
tional Audit Institution Richard       mutual agreement. During the meet-       part of the State Treasury and
Maggs, Director of the National        ings it was emphasised that the de-      Audit Department, that is, was a
Audit Institution Jim Rickleton,       cisions of the Committee eliminate       part of the executive power and
Assistant to General Auditor Jim       the interests of political parties and   its main function was the corre-
Marsall and others.                    resolve state objectives.                spondence of the conclusions
    The parliamentarians got ac-           After the National Audit Act         concerning the use of assignations
quainted with the history and com-     was adopted in 1983, the main            to the estimates confirmed by the
petence of the State Report Com-       objective of the Committee be-           Parliament. The employees of the

February, 1999                                                     Parliamentary          Mirror No.2 (18)
General Audit carried out stud-        mons and at the proposal of the           RECOMMENDATIONS AND
ies of the monetary value effec-       public.                                   PROPOSALS
tiveness, however, they were not           As often as three times a year            In applying the experience of
established by the Statute.            the General Auditor submits a             the State Report Committee of the
    In 1983, after the National        Memorandum and a list of reports          House of Commons of the United
Audit Act was adopted, the inde-       to be completed within the com-           Kingdom Parliament, it would be
pendence of the General Auditor        ing three months to the Commit-           expedient to do the following:
was consolidated and he became         tee. On the basis of the Memoran-             1) to reorganise the Commis-
the official of the House of Com-      dum the Committee plans its pro-          sion of the Parliamentary Super-
mons appointed by the Queen.           gram and distributes the notifica-        vision of the State Control into a
This shall be done upon the rec-       tions to the officials who are to take    Committee, handing over to it the
ommendation of the House of            part in the sittings. The General         functions of the Economic Crimes
Commons, with the proposal of the      Auditor also supervises the actions       Investigation Committee. Also, to
Prime Minister, having co–             of the Government related to the          expand the parliamentary control
ordinated the issue with the Chair-    recommendations of the Commit-            of the use of the state–owned prop-
man of the Report Committee.           tee, as well as examines the Gov-         erty and funds and assure that the
    The General Auditor is             ernment’s answers to the applica-         Government should implement
granted a complete freedom to          tions.                                    the recommendations of the State
choose the studies of the effective-       Since 1978 evidence and re-           Control;
ness of the monetary value, how-       ports have been made public, ex-              2) in drawing up working plans
ever, in drawing up his programs       cluding the cases when they are           to obligate the State Control to
he is to take into account the pro-    related to a state secret.                devote special attention to the stud-
posals of the members of the Com-          Since 1993 the Committee has          ies of the effectiveness of the mon-
mittee. Taking into consideration      submitted a report about each             etary value;
this fact, a two–year program is       study conducted – up to 56 reports            3) in fulfilling its functions, the
adopted. The program of the sec-       at each session. The Government           Commission on Parliamentary
ond year is preliminary. Other is-     provides answers within two               Supervision of the State Control
sues can be submitted by other         months after receiving the Com-           should make the consideration of
members of the House of Com-           mittee’s conclusions.                     the reports open.

    On 20–22 January, 1999,            the General Auditor of Denmark            spections. The institutions and its
Head of the Seimas Commission          Henrik Otlo and its other officials.      head – the General Audit does not
on Parliamentary Supervision of            The number of employees               directly communicate with the
the State Control A.Stasiulevièius     working at the National Audit In-         parliamentarians or other state of-
and Deputy Head R. Melnikienë          stitution totals 275. The Institu-        ficials. He communicates with
went on a business trip to Den-        tion is divided into 4 Departments.       them through the State Report
mark.                                  The Administration consists of 12         Committee of the Parliament.
    The aim of the business trip       employees. Annually approxi-                  At the Ministry of Finance the
was to visit the State Report Com-     mately 20 reports and about 100           Lithuanian parliamentarians met
mittee of the Danish Parliament        different memoranda on the issues         with Minister Magens Pedersen,
and the National Audit Institu-        controlled are prepared and sub-          who acquainted them with the
tions, to become acquainted with       mitted. This can be done by the           principles of forming the state
their structure, activity, working     State Report Committee of the             budget, financial acts, the proce-
methods, the procedure of plan-        Parliament.                               dure of considering the budget
ning and preparing, submitting and         The Committee devotes its             project and the order of adjusting
consideration of special reports.      undivided attention to the audit of       the budget. The project of their
    At the National Audit Institu-     the activity of state institutions, fi-   state budget is submitted four
tion the parliamentarians met with     nancial control, special topical in-      months prior to the beginning of

Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)                                                         February, 1999

its consideration, in August it is     discussion. The National Audit In-      with the State report Committee of
being made more exact, in Septem-      stitution submits its reports to the    the Parliament.
ber – first parliamentary decisions    Committee and the press eight               Members of the Seimas
are adopted concerning the             days prior to the their discussion.     brought documentary and infor-
project, and in November – a par-      The Committee analyses the re-          mation material on the issues of
liamentary discussion is held fol-     ports received, draws conclusions       the state control (audit). In their
lowing which of the two–part law       and publishes them. Publicity is        opinion, in adapting the working
on the budget is adopted (Part 1       the main principle of the Commit-       experience of the State Report
contains articles and funds of the     tee. The Committee does not en-         Committee of the Danish Parlia-
budget; Part 2 contains motiva-        gage in administration activities,      ment and that of the National Au-
tion).                                 does not assume any responsibili-       dit Institution in our country, it
    At the State Report Commit-        ties and does not provide specific      would be expedient:
tee the Lithuanian parliamentar-       instructions.                               1) to recommend the State
ians got acquainted with the work          The Head of the Press Gallery       Control to apply the methodology
of the Committee, its working          of the Parliament told the guests       of the audit of the activity co–
methods, responsibility, aspects of    about the role of the press in striv-   ordinating it with the financial con-
communicating with the General         ing for openness in the work of the     trol in carrying out audit;
Audit.                                 Parliament, about working condi-            2) to recommend that the State
    The Committee is elected for       tions, about the role of journalists    Control should propagate and ap-
a four year term and consists of 6     in the process of forming the pub-      ply the principle of publicity of the
members (4 parliamentarians and        lic opinion.                            activity;
2 specialists). The Committee has          The Head of the Finance Com-            3) in fulfilling its functions, the
its own budget, its members are        mittee of the Parliament acquainted     Commission on Parliamentary
paid salaries. The law provides that   the Lithuanian parliamentarians         Supervision of the State Control
the Committee decides all the is-      with the system of financial ac-        should make the consideration of
sues on the basis of the consensus.    counting of state institutions and      the reports open.
Topics for discussion are chosen       annual information provided about           Taking into account an in-
by the Committee itself and de-        the use of the funds and the remain-    creased scope of work, to establish
mands reports from the National        der, the implementation of the treas-   the position of the advisor to the
Audit Institution. Sometimes the       ury system, the account of the state    Commission and that of a Secre-
General Audit proposes topics for      debt, as well as the co–operation       tary.

               according to the new Statute
                        First Vice Chairman of the Seimas Andrius Kubilius
   Introduction                        letter of the draft law should also          1.3. The Assembly of Spokes-
   Legislation in the Seimas can       be submitted indicating how much        persons, upon deciding to include
be divided into four main parts:       the implementation of the law           the consideration of the draft law
   1) submission of the draft to       would cost or how much it would         in the weekly agenda, also have to
the Seimas;                            save.                                   make decisions concerning propos-
   2) consideration of the draft           1.2. Before submitting the draft    als to the Seimas about which Com-
law at the principle Committee;        law to the Seimas sitting, the con-     mittee should be appointed as prin-
   3) consideration of the draft       clusions (Article 136 of the Stat-      ciple and which as additional; it also
law at the Seimas;                     ute) of the Legal Department and        must propose a preliminary date of
   4) adoption of the draft law at     the European Law Office at the          when the draft law together with the
the Seimas.                            Government of the Republic of           conclusion of the principle Com-
   1. Submission of the Draft          Lithuania (in case the draft law is     mittee, shall be considered at a sit-
Law to the Seimas                      being submitted by the Govern-          ting of the Seimas (Articles 144 and
   1.1. Before submitting the draft    ment) are to be obtained, as well       36 of the Statute).
law to the Seimas, it must be regis-   as the Government and the Seimas             1.4. The Assembly of Spokes-
tered with the Secretariat of the      Committees may be asked to pro-         persons, as well as the Seimas
Seimas Sittings. The explanatory       vide preliminary conclusions.           Board can adopt decisions deter-

February, 1999                                                       Parliamentary         Mirror No.2 (18)
mining to what institutions and         remembered that the Committee              sitting of the Committee in which
persons the principle Committee         must include those institutions or         drafts of laws and those of the con-
must send the draft law to obtain       persons in the list, concerning            clusions of the Committee are con-
conclusions (Articles 32 and 36 of      which the Assembly of Spokesper-           sidered (Article 1478 of the Stat-
the Statute).                           sons or the Board of the Seimas            ute).
    1.5. After the initiators of the    adopted the decision);                          2.7. Upon considering the draft
draft law submit the draft law to           c) the deadline of proposals           law at the sitting of the Committee
the Seimas sitting and answer to        and observations to be presented           which is held no later than 3 days
the questions of the Seimas mem-        by interested persons concerning           prior to the consideration thereof
bers, the Seimas members adopt          the draft under consideration;             at a sitting of the Seimas, the fol-
the decision whether the proce-             d) when the initiators of the          lowing major decisions are being
dure of consideration of the draft      conclusions must submit the draft          made:
law should be commenced or              of the conclusions to the Commit-               a) whether to approve of a draft
whether to postpone the procedure       tee (Article 147 of the Statute).          law prepared by the initiators or
of submitting the draft, or whether         2.3. Unless the Board of the           improved by the initiators of the
to reject the draft specifying the      Seimas or the Assembly of Spokes-          conclusions and the draft of the
motives of rejection. (Article 143      persons decides otherwise, the             conclusions prepared by the Com-
of the Statute).                        principle Committee must publi-            mittee;
    1.6. Providing the decision to      cise the information in the press till          b) whether to approve of the
commence the procedure of con-          what date proposals and comments           amendments concerning the draft
sidering the draft law is adopted,      from the interested persons may be         law presented by the persons hav-
the Seimas must also adopt a deci-      submitted and in what way it is pos-       ing the right of the legislative ini-
sion about appointing principle         sible to familiarise oneself with the      tiative;
and additional Committees and           text of the draft in the procedure              2.8. The Seimas must be noti-
fixing a preliminary date for its       established by the Board of the            fied about the consideration of the
consideration at the Seimas. As         Seimas (Article 147 of the Statute).       draft law and the conclusions of
has been mentioned, proposals               2.4. In the event that several         the Committee at the sitting of the
concerning these decisions should       alternative drafts are considered,         Seimas principle Committee no
be provided by the Assembly of          the principle Committee must de-           later than 2 days prior to the con-
Spokespersons of the Seimas (Ar-        cide at one of its immediate sittings      sideration. At the same time the
ticle 144 of the Statute).              which of the alternative drafts to         draft of the conclusions of the
                                        support and commence the proce-            Committee prepared and signed
    2. Consideration of the Draft       dure of consideration (Part 3 of           by the initiators, as well as the ad-
Law at the Principle Committee          Article 150 of the Statute).               equately amended draft law must
of the Seimas                               2.5. Hearings in considering           be submitted to the Secretariat of
    2.1. Considering the draft law      the draft at the Committee are held        the Sittings (Note: the conclusions
at the principle Committee can be       in those cases when many propos-           must specify what proposals con-
divided into the following proce-       als and observations concerning            cerning the draft law were received,
dures:                                  the draft under consideration are          which of them were taken into ac-
    a) discussion of the prepara-       received from interested persons,          count and how it is proposed to
tion to consider the draft at the       as well as from those who have the         amend the draft law: according to
Committee;                              right of legislative initiative. In this   these proposals formulated the
    b) hearings in discussing the       case hearing is conducted with the         draft law itself must be amended).
draft law;                              aim to examine in more detail all               2.9. Only those amendments to
    c) consideration of the draft law   the proposals received. Such hear-         the draft law put forward by the
at the sitting of the Committee.        ings are held by the initiators of         persons having the right of legisla-
    2.2. One of the following deci-     the conclusions appointed by the           tive initiative are considered at the
sions must be adopted during the        Committee. All the initiators of           sitting of the principle Committee
consideration at the principle          proposals and observations are in-         which were submitted not later
Committee:                              vited to take part in the hearing.         than 2 hours prior to sitting of the
    a) whom to appoint as initia-       During the hearing no decisions            Committee.
tors of preparing the conclusions       are adopted.                                    2.10. Also the amendments for-
of the Committee (usually one of            2.6. Providing the proposals           mulated in the conclusions of ad-
the Seimas majority and one of the      and observations received are few,         ditional Committees are consid-
minority should be appointed);          the hearing may not be held, how-          ered at the sitting of the principle
    b) opinions of what experts,        ever, in that case initiators of           Committee.
institutions, organisations and per-    amendments and observations                     2.11. Representatives of addi-
sons must be heard (it should be        must be asked to participate in the        tional Committees, as well as per-

Parliamentary         Mirror No.2 (18)                                                            February, 1999

sons having the right of legislative         3. Consideration of Draft Laws         taken on whether to approve of the
initiative who presented the drafts      at Seimas Sittings                         draft law confirmed by the princi-
of amendments are invited to take            3.1. During the consideration          ple Committee, then a vote is taken
part in the consideration of the         of the draft law at a sitting of the       on the earlier mentioned amend-
draft law at the sitting of the prin-    Seimas, the following issues are to        ments. Following these proce-
ciple Committee.                         be settled:                                dures the Seimas votes on whether
    2.12. All the amendments sub-            a) whether to approve the con-         to approve the draft law confirmed
mitted for the discussion at the         clusions drawn by the principle            by the Committee which contains
principle Committee by the per-          Committee and the draft law im-            the amendments approved during
sons who have the right of the leg-      proved on the basis of these con-          the Seimas sitting.
islative initiative must be included     clusions;
in the conclusions of the Commit-            b) whether to approve of the               4. Adoption of the Law at a
tee and those amendments which           amendments presented to the con-           Seimas Sitting
were not adopted should be               sideration of the principle Com-               4.1. If the draft law was approved
marked. Amendments adopted by            mittee by the persons who have the         during its consideration, following
the Committee must be included           right of the legislative initiative (in-   at least 2 working days the adop-
in the draft law improved by the         cluding additional Committees)             tion of the draft law at a Seimas sit-
Committee (Article 149 of the            which were not approved by the             ting can be arranged. An edited draft
Statute)                                 principle Committee;                       law and the conclusions of the Le-
    2.13. During consideration of            c) whether to approve of the           gal Department must be distributed
the draft law or adoption of the law     amendments, presented by the per-          to all members of the Seimas not
at a sitting of the Seimas in the pro-   sons who have the right of the leg-        later than 2 working days prior to
cedure established by the Statute,       islative initiative, which were not        the sitting at which it was scheduled
newly submitted amendments,              submitted for the consideration to         to adopt the law.
prior to considering them at a sit-      the principle Committee, however,              4.2. During the time of adop-
ting of the Seimas, must be consid-      which were registered not later            tion of the law, the Seimas sitting
ered at the principle Committee.         than 24 hours prior to the com-            shall decide the following:
    2.14. The consideration of the       mencement of the consideration of              a) whether to approve of every
draft law at the additional Com-         the draft law as specified in the          article of the law;
mittee differs from its considera-       agenda of the Seimas sitting. Pro-             b) whether to approve of the
tion at the principle Committee in       viding the amendments are submit-          amendments which where submit-
that the additional Committee is         ted by the Seimas member, they             ted by the persons who have the
not obligated to organise hearings       are considered at a sitting of the         right of the legislative initiative 24
and the amendments to the draft          Seimas in case at least 10 Seimas          hours prior to the adoption of the
law formulated by the additional         members support them.                      law at a sitting of the Seimas. Such
Committee are not included in the            3.2. During the consideration          amendments shall be considered
draft law before they are not ap-        of the draft law at a sitting of the       provided not less than 1/5 mem-
proved by the principle Commit-          Seimas, first the report of the prin-      bers of the Seimas approved of
tee (or the Seimas). The conclu-         ciple Committee, additional re-            them;
sions drawn by the additional            ports of other Committees is                   c) whether to adopt the whole
Committee must be considered at          heard, then a general discussion is        law (Articles 155–159 of the Stat-
the principle Committee.                 held following which the vote is           ute).

    On 15 January, 1999, the Cen-        the scientific study “The Effect of        tutions, as well as non–govern-
tre of Crime Prevention of Lithua-       Criminal Justice on the Personal-          mental institutions were invited to
nia together with the Family and         ity and Behaviour of Juvenile Of-          take pat in the discussion.
Child’s Affairs Commission of the        fenders”                                       First Vice Chairman of the
Seimas of the Republic of Lithua-            Members of the Seimas of the           Seimas Andrius Kubilius and
nia organised a discussion of the        Republic of Lithuania, the Presi-          Resident Co–ordinator of the UN
draft of the conception of the re-       dent’s Office, the Government,             and Resident Representative of the
form of criminal justice of juve-        heads of the Supreme and Appeal            UNDP Cornelis Klein greeted the
niles, and of the initiative of the      Courts, interested ministries, serv-       participants.
representation of the United Na-         ices, self–governments, Vilnius                Chairwoman of the Family and
tions Development Programme in           University, the Academy of Law,            Child’s Affairs Commission Vilija
Lithuania presented the results of       the Law Institute, other state insti-      Aleknaitë–Abramikienë reviewed

February, 1999                                                     Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)
the development of the attitude to      ity and Behaviour of Juvenile Of-       ing care and criminal as well as
the child as a special subject of law   fenders”.                               alternative measures:
and its manifestations in interna-          The results of the scientific re-       minimum (general) supervi-
tional legal acts, emphasised the       search showed that arrested juve-       sion – at the level of self–govern-
responsibility of Lithuania, as the     niles are kept in a solitary confine-   ments, medium (reinforced) su-
state which has ratified the Con-       ment cell for about four months         pervision – at the level of districts,
vention on the Child’s Rights, for      and it is related to constant physi-    maximum (strict) supervision – at
its citizens and the international      cal and psychical stress. Accord-       the level of the country.
community.                              ing to the speakers, the causes of          It is planned to reform the ex-
     The Director of the Law Insti-     stress are as follows: beating of ju-   isting institutions, to change their
tute and Chairman of the Board of       veniles, sexual abuse, physical and     subordination. Also, it is planned
the Crime Prevention Centre of          psychical humiliation, hard living      to carry out specialisation of courts
Lithuania Antanas Dapðys dealt          conditions, etc.                        (judges). During the first stage of
with the introduction into this             Having generalised the nega-        the reform it is planned to imple-
problem and the ways of resolving       tive phenomena discussed, the           ment the specialisation of judges
it, changes in the system of preven-    speakers singled out objective dif-     to investigate juvenile cases or to
tion violations of children and ju-     ficulties which the representatives     create separate department of ju-
venile law, as well as the main         of criminal justice encounter. They     venile cases in courts. During the
trends in the planned reform.           stated that criminal justice of the     second stage – to establish special-
     Head of the Department of          country was unable to deal with the     ised courts for juveniles (families).
Problems of Prevention Children         markedly increased criminality of           Work of the Prosecutor’s Of-
and Juvenile Crimes Gintautas           the juveniles and did not meet the      fice is planned to be reformed in a
Sakalauskas presented the analy-        requirements set for a democratic       similar way. During the first stage
sis of the situation of juvenile        legal state.                            of the reform, after the specialisa-
crimes and criminal justice.                The draft of the conception of      tion of its officials has been com-
     Algirdas Augustaitis, Execu-       the reform of criminal justice of       pleted, the possibility shall be cre-
tive Secretary of the State Council     the juveniles was presented to the      ated to establish specialised
of Youth Affairs at the Govern-         participants of the discussion. A       branches at the General Prosecu-
ment of the Republic of Lithuania       criminological and social situation     tor’s Office of Lithuania and Pros-
dealt with principle regulations of     of children and juveniles, deter-       ecutor’s Offices in large cities.
the reform of the juvenile crimi-       mining the necessity of the reform          It is planned to establish a di-
nal justice and its social issues.      of criminal justice was discussed,      vision of specialised investigators
     The Director of the Child’s        the documents of the United Na-         for criminal cases of crimes com-
Rights Protection Agency at the         tions Organisation encouraging to       mitted by children and juveniles
Ministry of Social Security and         carry out the reform were reviewed      at the Investigation Department at
Labour Valdemaras Vadoklis              therein.                                the Ministry of the Interior of the
spoke about the reorganisation of           The main aim of the reform is       Republic of Lithuania. Such inves-
children care institutions in carry-    to help the children and juveniles      tigators shall work at the Police
ing out the reform of criminal jus-     who have committed crimes and           Commissariats of districts, cities
tice of the juveniles.                  violations integrate into an active     and regions.
     Consultant of the Crime Pre-       social life.                                Departments of Control of chil-
vention Centre of Lithuania crimi-          The conception reviews the          dren and juvenile crimes, as well
nologist Antanas Jatkevièius ana-       following social issues of criminal     as other violations of law, depart-
lysed the reform of the criminal        justice of juveniles: the importance    ments of prevention and investi-
justice of the juveniles in courts,     of the family in criminal justice of    gation located inside the same de-
the Prosecutor’s Office and the         children and juveniles, education,      partment, as well as in its local di-
bar. He also reviewed the acts regu-    work and leisure of children and        visions, are planned to be estab-
lating criminal justice of the juve-    juveniles who have committed            lished at the Police Department at
niles and the reform.                   crimes, social psychological assist-    the Ministry of the Interior of the
     Sociologist Eglë Vileikienë        ance, social mediation for the          Republic of Lithuania. Corre-
and assistant of the Department of      youth.                                  sponding reforms shall be carried
Criminological Investigations of            The draft focuses its attention     out at the Department of Correc-
the Law Institute Svetlana              on the trends in the reform of prin-    tion, after it has been handed over
Geèënienë presented the results of      ciple institutions. It is planned to    to the supervision of the Ministry
the scientific study “The Effect of     introduce a system of three levels      of the Interior of the Republic of
Criminal Justice on the Personal-       in the system of institutions apply-    Lithuania. Specialisation of law-

Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)                                                          February, 1999

  First Vice Chairman of the Seimas Andrius Kubilius (left), Resident Co-ordinator of the UN and Resident Representa-
  tive of the UNDP Cornelis Klein and Chairwoman of the Family and Child’s Commission Vilija Aleknaitë-Abramikienë

yers in children and juvenile cases     pressive nature and increasing the       fairs which would investigate the
is also planned to be conducted.        possibilities of re–socialisation        issues of applying measures which
    According to the draft of the       and adaptation.                          are alternative to the imprison-
Conception, national and interna-           The draft focuses special atten-     ment of juveniles. Seeking to speed
tional legal acts are to be co–         tion on the change of norms of the       up the reform it is proposed to set
ordinated, measures applied to ju-      Criminal Code of the Republic of         forth all the norms regulating
venile violators of law should be       Lithuania. It is proposed to estab-      criminal justice of the juveniles in
harmonised by reducing their re-        lish Commission on Juvenile Af-          a separate law.

                              EU-L                            ITHUANIA

                       Fourth Meeting
                                       Brussels, 23 February 1999
   The EU–Lithuania Joint Par-          (European Parliament, Denmark)           Ðerksnys, Deputy Minister of For-
liamentary Committee held its           and Mr. Andrius KUBILIUS                 eign Affairs, representing the
fourth meeting in Brussels on 23        (Lithuanian Seimas). An exchange         Lithuanian Government, Mr.
February 1999 under the chair-          of views on the enlargement proc-        Michael von Ungern–Sternberg on
manship of Mr. Niels SINDAL             ess was held with Mr. Gediminas          behalf of the German Presidency

February, 1999                                                 Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)
of the Council of the EU and Mr       cession negotiations to be opened     ered this report to be a useful in-
Francois Lamoureux, Deputy Di-        with Lithuania shortly;               strument for Lithuania in the fur-
rector General, DG1A of the Eu-           2. regretted that the European    ther reform process, as well as for
ropean Commission. The discus-        Council at its meeting in Vienna      the European Commission and
sion focused on the following is-     on 11–12 December 1998 had left       the EU Member States in giving
sues:                                 to a subsequent meeting any deci-     support to this effort;
    – screening of the acquis         sion to include Lithuania in the          6. expressed satisfaction at
communautaire                         group of countries with which the     the continued positive economic
    – European Commission             EU will open accession negotia-       developments in Lithuania and
Regular Report on Lithuania’s         tions, again recalling the European   welcomed the Lithuanian Govern-
progress towards EU accession         Parliament resolution of 3 Decem-     ment’s efforts in its medium–term
(“progress report”)                   ber 1998 in which the European        economic strategy to define clear
    – European Parliament reso-       Parliament “... reiterates its firm   guidelines for Lithuanian eco-
lution on Lithuania of 3 Decem-       conviction that there should be no    nomic reforms and its integration
ber 1998                              closed groups of accession candi-     into the EU, as well as the privati-
    – outcome of the meeting of       dates, and stresses that the oppor-   sation of large state owned com-
the European Council in Vienna        tunity for a smooth transition to     panies;
on 11–12 December 1998                the phase of intensive negotiations       7. noted Lithuania’s strong
                                      should remain open at all times.”;    political will to become a mem-
    The meeting also addressed            3. expressed its strong convic-   ber of the European Union and
the following issues:                 tion that, in view of the consider-   welcomed the efforts undertaken
    • Follow–up to the recom-         able progress achieved by Lithua-     by the Lithuanian Government
mendations of the third meeting       nia in its preparations for mem-      and Seimas to prepare Lithuania
of the EU–Lithuania Joint Parlia-     bership of the EU, the European       for EU accession;
mentary Committee                     Commission will reflect these de-         8. called on the Lithuanian
    • Recent developments in          velopments in its next progress re-   Government and the Seimas to
the energy sector                     port and that the European Coun-      develop, as outlined in the Acces-
    • Lithuania’s progress in its     cil will, at its forthcoming meet-    sion Partnership, an integrated re-
preparations for EU membership        ing in Helsinki in December 1999,     gional development policy de-
and the implementation of the         decide to open substantial acces-     signed to address regional dispari-
EU–Lithuania Accession Partner-       sion negotiations with Lithuania;     ties, and to set up the legal and ad-
ship, including                           4. welcomed the timetable         ministrative framework necessary
    – public administration re-       proposed by the German Presi-         for the full participation in the EU
form                                  dency of the Council of the EU for    structural funds; was pleased to
    – harmonisation of Lithua-        an agreement on Agenda 2000 at        note that this work had been initi-
nian legislation to the EU acquis,    the extraordinary meeting of the      ated by the Lithuanian Ministry on
with special emphasis on social       European Council in Berlin on         Public Authorities and Regional
policy and employment                 24–25 March 1999; urged the           and Local Affairs which was also
    – economic reform                 Member States of the European         responsible for the drafting of the
    • The role of local and re-       Union to do their utmost to reach     Law on Regional Development
gional authorities in Lithuania and   an agreement concerning the in-       established in December 1998;
the future implementation of the      ternal reforms necessary for the          9. recalled the recommenda-
EU structural funds.                  enlargement of the EU, as the fail-   tion of its third meeting which
                                      ure to reach such an agreement        “...encourages the Lithuanian
   The EU–Lithuania Joint Par-        could jeopardise the momentum         Government, with the support of
liamentary Committee:                 of the enlargement process;           the European Commission/
   on enlargement of the Euro-                                              PHARE programme and the EU
pean Union                                on Lithuania’s preparations for   Member States, to continue its ef-
   1. strongly supported the Eu-      EU membership                         forts aimed at improving the func-
ropean Parliament’s resolution            5. welcomed the European          tioning of the public administra-
adopted on 3 December 1998,           Commission’s Progress Report          tion, recognising that an efficient,
which recognised the substantial      published in November 1998 in         trustworthy and professional pub-
progress achieved by Lithuania in     which the Commission acknowl-         lic administration is of vital im-
creating a functioning market         edged the considerable progress       portance for Lithuania’s ability to
economy and which called for ac-      made by Lithuania in its prepara-     implement the acquis commun-
                                      tions for EU membership; consid-      autaire and to take on the obliga-

Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)                                                       February, 1999

tions of EU membership; notes          comed the Lithuanian Govern-           the Schengen Agreement (Den-
with satisfaction, in this context,    ment’s efforts to enhance action on    mark, Sweden and Finland);
that the Seimas is about to adopt a    third pillar issues; noted the fact    called on the Lithuanian authori-
law on the Civil Service...”; noted    that Lithuania is establishing and     ties to make all necessary techni-
with satisfaction that funds had       institutionalising a standing anti–    cal preparations to facilitate close
been allocated in the 1999 budget      corruption committee under the         co–operation with the Schengen
for the implementation of the Na-      aegis of the Prime Minister to step    area; emphasised the importance
tional Programme of Training of        up the fight against corruption and    such co–operation would have for
the Civil Service for the Accession    fraud in the public sector; noted      relations on all levels between
to the EU; also welcomed the es-       with satisfaction that initial fund-   Lithuania and the EU Member
tablishment on 1 January 1999 of       ing is being provided from the         States;
a Lithuanian Institute of Public       Commission under the ‘catch–up
Administration with the task of        facility’ for the creation of a com-       on the Ignalina Nuclear Power
training civil servants;               prehensive strategy for the elimi-     Plant
    10. welcomed the creation of       nation of corruption;                      15. welcomed the intensified
the Public Information Strategy on         13. noted the positive steps       dialogue between the Lithuanian
the EU established by the Euro-        made to improve management and         Government and the European
pean Committee under the Govern-       control at Lithuania’s eastern bor-    Commission on energy issues; em-
ment of the Republic of Lithuania      der which were recognised by the       phasised the vital importance of the
facilitating the creation of future    EU experts’ mission on Justice and     National Energy Strategy adopted
action plans aimed at informing        Home Affairs; noted that Lithua-       on 23 December 1998 by the
different social groups. This pro-     nia has made the necessary ar-         Lithuanian Government, and called
gramme will be updated annually;       rangements to refurbish the For-       on the Seimas to ratify it without
    11. expressed satisfaction at      eigners Registration Centre in         delay; supported Lithuania’s efforts
the decision by the Seimas on 28       Pabrade and welcomed the fact          to ensure the stability of energy net-
December 1998 to abolish capi-         that Lithuania has become a mem-       works by constructing the Baltic
tal punishment; further welcomed       ber of the International Organisa-     Energy Ring; stressed also the need
Lithuania’s signing of the 6th pro-    tion for Migration on 23 Novem-        to create a realistic plan for the
tocol of the European Convention       ber 1998;                              decommissioning of the Ignalina
on Human Rights and Fundamen-                                                 NPP in accordance with interna-
tal Freedoms and called for early          on the free movement of per-       tionally recognised nuclear safety
ratification of this protocol by the   sons                                   standards; recognised, however,
Seimas;                                    14. welcomed the agreement in      that the implementation of the
                                       principle on the extension of visa–    decommissioning will be costly,
    on the fight against organised     free travel between Lithuania and      and called on the Commission, in-
crime                                  certain Schengen states, which will    ternational organisations and the
    12. insisted on the need to        grant visa–free travel with Ger-       Member States of the EU to sup-
strengthen co–operation between        many, France, Portugal as of 1         port Lithuania financially in the im-
the EU, Lithuania and other can-       March 1999, negotiations having        plementing phase to be specified in
didate countries in order to in-       been initiated with Greece, Spain      the Lithuanian Government’s
crease the effectiveness of common     and the Benelux countries; noted       forthcoming Programme of Action;
efforts to fight drug trafficking,     that this was already in force with    further acknowledged the need to
prostitution, cigarette smuggling      Italy, Austria, the UK and Ireland,    secure alternative energy sources;
and illegal immigration; wel-          as well as with the signatories to     called on the Lithuanian Govern-
                                                                              ment to urgently proceed with these
                               8–9 February 1999, Helsinki (Finland)
   The second joint meeting of the     parliamentarians and ministers,        and Sweden participated in this
Baltic Assembly and the Nordic         including prime ministers, from        forum; Lithuania was been repre-
Council was held on 8 – 9 Febru-       Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ice-        sented by the Lithuanian Delega-
ary 1999, in Helsinki. Almost 200      land, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway        tion to the Baltic Assembly, led by

February, 1999                                                     Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)
Laima Andrikienë, Head of the           only be attained by working to-         woman of the Education, Science
Delegation, and the Government          gether to solve a wide range of so-     and Culture Committee of the Bal-
Delegation, led by Prime Minister       cial, environmental, economic and       tic Assembly, and by Egidijus
Gediminas Vagnorius.                    political problems.                     Bièkauskas, member of the Pre-
    Helsinki also housed the joint                                              sidium of the Baltic Assembly.
meeting of the Presidium of the              The joint meeting of the Bal-          Upon the initiative of the Ad-
Baltic Assembly and the Pre-            tic Assembly and the Nordic             jacent Areas Committee of the
sidium of the Nordic Council. The       Council was opened by Laima             Nordic Council, the Adjacent Ar-
Presidiums have agreed on the fol-      Andrikienë, President of the            eas Committee of the Nordic
lowing cooperation priorities for       Baltic Assembly, and Gun                Council and the Legal Committee
1999:                                   Hellsvik, President of the Nor-         of the Baltic Assembly gathered
    – The Northern Dimension            dic Council.                            for a joint meeting on “Crime Pre-
shall include a Baltic–Nordic                Members of the Delegation of       vention,” where the report was pre-
component; promotion of the             the Seimas of Lithuania to the Bal-     sented by Graþina Imbrasienë,
Northern Dimension must be an           tic Assembly took an active part        member of the Legal Committee
urgent common objective for the         in the discussions concerning all       of the Baltic Assembly.
Baltic and the Nordic govern-           the items on the agenda: 1. North-          Joint meetings of the party
ments.                                  ern Dimension; 2. Security policy       groups of the Baltic Assembly and
                                        in the Baltic Sea Region; and 3.        the Nordic Council, as well as
   – Cooperation to combat or-          Fight against criminality.              meetings of the party groups of the
ganised crime in the Baltic–Nor-             Various aspects of the North-      Baltic Assembly were also held in
dic region must be intensified.         ern Dimension were looked at in         Helsinki.
Ongoing efforts should be supple-       the discussion concerning the pres-         Upon proposal of the Lithua-
mented by a clearer focus on crime      entation by Paavo Liiponen, Prime       nian Delegation, the extraordinary
prevention measures.                    Minister of Finland. Among oth-         session of the Baltic Assembly was
    – Our countries should look         ers, this issue was addressed in the    also convened. It adopted the Ap-
for new ways to safeguard the in-       key note speech made by Vladas          peal to the Nordic Council, the
terests and rights of children, bear-   Vilimas, Leader of the Right Party      Resolution on the Commemora-
ing in mind that changes often put      Group of the Baltic Assembly and        tion of the 10th Anniversary of the
additional strains on families with     member of the Seimas of Lithua-         Baltic Chain, and the Decision on
children. Education presents itself     nia. The discussion of this issue was   the Appointment of the Secretary
as a new important area of Baltic–      joined by Romualdas Ozolas,             of the Baltic Assembly.
Nordic cooperation.                     Deputy Chairman of the Seimas of            During the joint meeting of the
                                        Lithuania. A speech written by          Baltic Assembly and the Nordic
    – Work to implement Agenda          Vytenis Andriukaitis, member of         Council, the solemn presentation
21 must be a vital priority through-    the Seimas, who was not able to go      of the music prize and the litera-
out the region. Energy and envi-        to Helsinki, was distributed            ture prize of the Nordic Council
ronmental problems should be            among the participants of the           took place at the Museum of Con-
viewed and dealt with successfully      meeting.                                temporary Art Kiasma. On behalf
in a regional context.                       The security policy in the Bal-    of the Baltic Assembly, the prize
    – The forthcoming enlarge-          tic sea region w covered in the key     winners were congratulated by
ment of the European Union is a         note speech presented by Èeslovas       Laima Andrikienë, Chairwoman
matter of acute interest to the en-     Stankevièius, Minister of National      of the Presidium of the Baltic As-
tire Baltic–Nordic region. The          Defence of Lithuania. Algirdas          sembly.
Nordic Council and the Baltic           Petrusevièius, member of the                The joint meeting of the Nor-
Assembly agree that all Baltic          Seimas of Lithuania, spoke in the       dic Council and the Baltic As-
countries should be given the pos-      discussions on this issue.              sembly in Helsinki, which was at-
sibility to enter into the negotia-          The issue of the “Combat           tended by the parliamentary and
tion process at the earliest possi-     against Crime” was touched upon         governmental delegations of the
ble time.                               in the key note speech given by         Nordic countries and the Baltic
                                        Liudvikas Sabutis, Chairman of          states, should be evaluated as a
   – The overarching principle of       the Legal Committee of the Baltic       very significant part of the coop-
the Baltic–Nordic co–operation is       Assembly. The discussions of this       eration process in the Northern
common security, based on the rec-      issue included speeches given by        region of Europe. The meeting
ognition that security today can        Romualda Hofertienë, Chair-             dealt with the most important is-

Parliamentary       Mirror No.2 (18)                                                        February, 1999

sues, such as problems encoun-         states in strengthening security       the overall context of euro– and
tered by these countries both in-      and stability in this region of Eu-    transatlantic integration, this fo-
ternally and in mutual coopera-        rope and in developing the eco-        rum is of great importance to
tion, or the place and role of the     nomic, social and other potential      Lithuania’s aspirations for the EU
Nordic countries and the Baltic        of the countries of that region. In    and NATO memberships.

                               TO THE NORDIC COUNCIL
       The Baltic and Nordic countries support the development of an economically strong and secure
   region in the northern part of Europe. The integration of the Baltic states into the EU is an essential part
   of this process.
       The Baltic states have proved that they are dynamic countries of consistent reforms and have made
   progress in their movement towards the EU. The support given by the Nordic countries to the process
   has been invaluable. Estonia is currently in the process of accession negotiations in 15 areas of acquis
   communautaire, and the decisions taken at the Vienna Summit have reinforced the possibility for
   Latvia and Lithuania to start accession negotiations already in 1999.
       The Baltic states highly appreciate the efforts made by the EU to reach an agreement about Agenda
   2000 as soon as possible. At the same time the enlargement issue has to remain a high priority on the
   timetable for 1999. The active and consistent reforms implemented by the Baltic states is proof to the
   EU member states and the European Commission that the foundation of these states is stable and
       Latvia and Lithuania are looking forward to the Finnish presidency at the EU as a potential time of
   starting accession negotiations. The Baltic Assembly invites the Nordic countries to promote and
   actively support the starting of accession negotiations with Latvia and Lithuania in 1999.

   Laima ANDRIKIENË                     Arnold RÜÜTEL                        Romualds RAÞUKS
   Chairwoman                           Vice–Chairman                        Vice–Chairman
   Baltic Assembly Presidium            Baltic Assembly Presidium            Baltic Assembly Presidium
   Helsinki, 8 February 1999

                                         OF THE BALTIC WAY
      The Baltic Assembly, recalling that on August 23, 1999 we shall be commemorating the tenth
   anniversary of the Baltic Way – an important event of international significance, when the nations of
   Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania who exactly 60 years ago had fallen victim to the totalitarian regimes
   (Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact), demonstrated before the world their resolute commitment to freedom,
      1. to mark the tenth anniversary of the Baltic Way jointly and concurrently in all three Baltic States.
      2. To propose to the national parliaments and governments to set up the state (government) commis-
   sions to commemorate this anniversary.
      3. To recommend to the Baltic Council of Ministers to appoint representatives in order to co–
   ordinate the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Baltic Way.

   Laima ANDRIKIENË                     Arnold RÜÜTEL                        Romualds RAÞUKS
   Chairwoman                           Vice–Chairman                        Vice–Chairman
   Baltic Assembly Presidium            Baltic Assembly Presidium            Baltic Assembly Presidium
   Helsinki, 8 February 1999

February, 1999                                                      Parliamentary        Mirror No.2 (18)
       The Extraordinary Session of the Baltic of the Baltic Assembly resolves:
       1. To appoint Ms. Baiba Molnika as Secretary of the Baltic Assembly.
       2. To grant Ms. Baiba Molnika the right to sign financial documents (payment orders, invoices, bills,
   etc.) of the Baltic Assembly Secretariat within the limits of the budget of the Baltic Assembly.

   Laima ANDRIKIENË                     Arnold RÜÜTEL                           Romualds RAÞUKS
   Chairwoman                           Vice–Chairman                           Vice–Chairman
   Baltic Assembly Presidium            Baltic Assembly Presidium               Baltic Assembly Presidium
   Helsinki, 8 February 1999

Parliamentary Group of Social Democrats Takes Further
      Interest in Future of the Lithuanian Airlines
    On 1 February, continuing the
meeting with the heads of the
Lithuanian Airlines, the Seimas
Parliamentary Group of Social
Democrats held an open sitting–
conference titled “Financial–Eco-
nomic Condition of Vilnius Air-
port; Development Possibilities”.
Participating in the sitting were
Minister of Transport Rimantas
Didþiokas, Vice Minister Algirdas
Ðakalys, Director General of Civil
Aviation Directorate Kæstutis
Auryla, Director General of the
State Company “International
Vilnius Airport” Mindaugas
Ivanauskas, Director for the Air-       Minister of Transport Rimantas Didþiokas (left) and Head of the Parliamentary
port Development Mindaugas                                              Group of Social Democrats Aloyzas Sakalas
Bajerèius.                              international civil aviation were        paid back. “It is already four years
    General Director of Vilnius         completed. Vilnius Airport is a full     that charges introduced by the
Airport Mindaugas Ivanauskas said       member of the Association of Air-        Government in 1995 do not
that since 1993 the Company has         ports of Europe. Last year the           change and satisfy even the poor-
work profitably. In the cause of six    number of passengers serviced was        est companies of Russia and the
years over 26 million Litas of the      462 thousand, this year it is planned    Ukraine”, said the Director Gen-
Company’s funds, over 14 million        to service 500 thousand passengers.      eral. He urged the Government to
Litas of the budget, over 50 Litas of       According to Mindaugas               abolish or compensate from the
the loans received from the Euro-       Ivanauskas, though there are ten         budget for different privileges ap-
pean Investment bank, were in-          airline companies at Vilnius Air-        plied to the Lithuanian Airlines
vested in the development of the        port, the debt of the National Com-      which shall amount to 31 million
airport. During that time the run-      pany’s “Lithuanian Airlines“ is the      Litas this year.
way was renewed, a new system of        largest: 4 million 800 thousand              The Head of Vilnius Airport
flight security began to operate, the   Litas. The Lithuanian Airlines re-       regretted that the Government had
building of the airport was recon-      proaches the Airport for charging        introduced excises on reactive fuel.
structed, a new airline terminal was    too high taxes on landing, which         The price per ton of that fuel costs
opened, the whole infrastructure of     accounts to 13 US dollars per one        580 Litas, however, on account of
servicing passengers was created,       ton at the moment. Besides, after        a high excise, air companies pay
and many other things assuring          the tickets have been sold, 40 Litas     over 1000 Litas per ton.
meeting the requirements of the         of a so–called airport tax is never      Mindaugas Ivanauskas said that

Parliamentary         Mirror No.2 (18)                                                        February, 1999

the Company was looking for 16           million Litas were allotted to        it is planned to devote much atten-
million Litas of investment to ex-       Vilnius Airport from the budget,      tion to a further modernisation of
tend the runway by 500 meters so         whereas 6 million Litas was allot-    the three international airports, as
that aircraft of all types could land    ted to the reconstruction of Nida     well as to select a relevant strate-
in the Airport. “The runway of 3         airport. There are three interna-     gic partner for privatising the Na-
kilometres is a necessity for the        tional airports in Lithuania – in     tional “Lithuanian Airlines”.
Airport of the capital city of Lithua-   Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga.                Head of the Parliamentary
nia”, said its Head. According to           The Minster of Transport, who      Group of Social Democrats
him there were some more very            participated in the sitting, prom-    Aloyzas Sakalas thanked the par-
important things to be done: for         ised to make clear why the Com-       ticipants of the sitting for detailed
safety reasons the only entrance to      pany “Lithuanian Airlines” were       information which shall help
the airport should be widened –          indebted to Vilnius Airport and       members of the Parliamentary
the bridge over the railway fork;        underlined that the program of        Group form a real picture of the
to complete the reconstruction of        developing strategic means of         National Company “Lithuanian
the fuel bases. The director ex-         transportation planned for 1999       Airlines” and form their position
pressed regret that this year only 3     shall be further carried out. Also,   on the issue.


                                                                                  Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
                                                                               Ambassador of the Federal Republic of
                                                                                          Germany Detlof von Berg

    The abolition of the visa regime opens plenty of new possibilities for the Lithuanian Nationals to travel in
Europe. Germany, together with the Tourist Centre of Germany, is taking the opportunity to present itself as
the country of tourism at the open day to celebrate Visa freedom for Lithuanian Nationals to the Schengen
States to be held at the Seimas on 4 March, 1999.
    Visitors are welcome to the Seimas from 13.00 till 16.00 p.m. on that day to get acquainted with the history,
culture of the Schengen countries, as well as with the information material presented by the Embassy.
    Participating in the event shall be representatives of the Embassies of the Schengen states, the delegation of
the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany, representatives of the Company Ostseefisch Kretinga,
Scandlines, winemaking Company “Wachtenburg–Luginsland e.g. and “Shmidt & Söhne, which shall present
their production.
    The visa regime shall become null and void as of 1 March, 1999.

February, 1999                                                    Parliamentary          Mirror No.2 (18)
                          MEETING IN POLAND
    On 14 February 1999, the
Lithuanian Centre of Culture built
by the funds allocated by the Gov-
ernment of the Republic of Lithua-
nia and the funds donated by the
Lithuanians of the World, was
opened in Seinai. The Consulate
of the Republic of Lithuania is lo-
cated next to the Centre.
    As far back as 1897 Bishop
Antanas Baranauskas preached the
first sermon in the Lithuanian lan-
guage in Seinai Cathedral. Of late
many obstacles were posed to per-
petuate the memory of Antanas
Baranauskas in Poland and build
a monument to him.
    Vice Marshal of the Polish
Sejm, Chairman of the Assembly
of Members of the Seimas of the
Republic of Lithuania and the
Sejm of the Republic of Poland Jan
Król took part in the ceremony of
opening the Lithuanian Centre of
Culture and invited all the repre-
sentatives of the Lithuanian com-
munity to take part in the events
organised in Krakow.
    Chairman of the Assembly of
Members of the Seimas of the Re-
public of Lithuania and the Sejm of
the Republic of Poland, first Vice
Chairman of the Seimas of the Re-
public of Lithuania Andrius
Kubilius met with Vice Marshal of
the Polish Sejm, Chairman of the                  The Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania and the Centre of Culture
Assembly of Members of the
Seimas of the Republic of Lithua-       tive of the Human Rights of Poland          During the meeting a prelimi-
nia and the Sejm of the Republic of     (Ombudsman) A. Zielinski lodged         nary agenda of the forthcoming
Poland Jan Król in Seinai and dis-      a complaint against this action with    session of the Lithuanian and
cussed the problems of the Lithua-      the court of Baltstogë.                 Polish Parliamentary Assembly to
nians of Poland residing in a small         Both Chairmen visited the           be held in Krakow in May was also
rural district of Punskas which arose   place of rest of the Lithuanian vol-    discussed. It was established that
after a military unit had been set-     unteers who were killed in defend-      the main theme of the Assembly
tled in the building of the out–pa-     ing Lithuania against the Polish        shall be cultural co–operation be-
tient clinic. Currently representa-     legions in 1920.                        tween Lithuania and Poland.

                                        Parliamentary         Mirror
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