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					Timetu a panv!Bustout the rcdShani. andaftq a good
Long$iff .ircLa w*kends of Aphl 2426 af,d|,lay1-3.
Ill be dn99in9out tie Hawkwdlc   RacingHawk, and
                                                           TheEslltiig @ntarof the USnobrcyding <eie it
                                                                                                                 iethe pLc€forewrrtunky hcebikeand bal
                                                                                                                                      oli         odd
posjbly PhitWhite's Duhish, to lac€at S.aE bnt and         hone to tne top nc€ teanr notor tuneB, chassis        ad in the U5,Theopei piB allowyou to cb*ly
Wi[ou tutuallyI pkn on cjElingthe ttacksavingat my         3p.ciatisti andaftlmarlet supplieEii the sond, BdnE                                          -
                                                                                                                 3oneof the .oobstold nachineon thetJack andI
f?nstjlc the ou.en of, a friqgin'orj.gel lo tjEe to tEsh   sone cish - you[ fird rored,hg yofll haveto buy..     dont neanthe pacemakeis. otherendof the
the enduEnebilc tryiig to lc€p upwith the L@ls.                                                                  3penun ieatuEs moden
                                                                                                                                the            and
                                                                                                                                         Twim Singbs     ck$*,
                                                           seaa PointRa@.y i5 Ear SanFan.jm lEhe of
(Thaf5 a 3tanto ny qcue! tu bw Lap      tjnes...) Phit                                                           ThBjs wf€E th€ Hawlcom€!in, JD Hod, backc*f boy
                                                           Zeitgeisl ti.l@tbs tid.wa[ pdhng, $ne big of Ed
beingthe +ud pilot that hei! rill fly out - laatnq the                                                           thi3 i$ue, n the Eattleof th€ lwins F champioird will
                                                           bndgethNend3 oI beibr oudti's andm&& naiy
ddvingupto yluE ttuly, Ihe dutiesof editoEhipn4r                                                                 mabtn.tnpnoh ohioto huniliate locab(HahtSet
                                                           Hawkro*55ub!dib€6,rlle tE* hd E@ntlybe.
baw me,I{s 1750milesion Auslinto SanFunciso .                                                                    himupl)HawbEcein wdalcla$es in AHRMA wiu
pbasehave                                                  ENBted t€.t!d.g in@ed eftg for tl'e are6 and
         some coffte ftr ne whenI Eachthe tridl                                                                  be on the tnck on both Satldly3 andSundayr,
                                                           moE amneiitiB Id sp€ctitod ne tiglrt 3lipFery
Ihe Ealftason thisshindig
                        how@ri! to cebbEte   the           a pertu pb@ to dpbit. Haw(t abitjtis. And. p.rf€ct              awaEthat marry youdont qivea flip
                                                                                                                  ow tm weLl            of
ten yeaibidhday o( belowdbil€. Iei yeau,tom spdl
               of                                          pbc€t hep myhik sfttyin the bad(ofth€ pict...         abootacing. Just come oLntu th€ p€ophtlrei.
      two         ore
Pluss, cyundeu, rcarwheet thousnd, of
                                 nut,                         file
                                                           Fe€L to bdq eggtine6 to ma* ny pDgE$, our             R.n.nber tr€ 500susb6dib€E? Vz ofyou aE in
Lyal hN. I fimly beliew that the Hawk the fll cult
                                      is                   multi-tibnt€d aft diEtor lihu$a shiodin witt 6re .5              m
                                                                                                                 Guronh. We'E     n9onsohehaintlMrce    $minar
bikein Americ. A popular'tuH bjke- h th.t posibb?          weua5se@atl/orlru,6 sub.dib€tsand.ontributoE.         androBrw,is wi[ FakedaiLlble a naintenan.estltion
The6ct is re haveow 500Nawkwoic      5ub$dbe6                                                                    ior sulrdibeE to adju5t lubechains,
                                                                                                                                       and            chek tic
                                                           Thee@.d wal *i[ find ut in Caufonia'3
                                                                                               high &5.!t.
iitenationally sal6ft n. TheHa*t hd gone!p jn vatue                                                              pBuEs andcGanyour steed,  lilelis i3 sofing on sone
                                                           Wilbw Spnnge IntematiodL [.@ay is .bout an hour
                 yeau indeed
toi the ListseveGl           findjnga pefed                                                                      senimaiqip. deaLs sll 4ughtan you, andIm hiting
                                                           outsidelA andn hM G "th€ F$tst Rdd in tn€
ehple tu under          i5 nea{yjmpcibla, Rid.r
                 $2500.00                                                                                        op nanuh.tuE6 tu pize 3wag qiw away.
                                                                                                                                          to             host
                                                           !V64 I fi6t dpenenc€d oidnanurry ,tEn I
whoyeaEagoeschewdou Dounttu a zippierHuni@ne                                                                     nides at leastonedinN eachseland, I an surcyou
                                                           ac@mpanied of Ha*irc&    nacingtone6, J€ff
arc nowLoohng o$ bihs with a V,twin lu+ jn thjer
            at                                                                                                   wilt enjoyyouef. IheE is nobettlr wayto med peopte
                                                           Na5h Advan@d
                                                              of      ll.rtor sporB,to t€st for the up.oming
hsit'   Het,I ILbet you dont wantto seuWuu, doyou?                                                               whodig the Hawk you do, ihan to ome to a 6LE
                                                           seaon, I hada chan.eto dde hi5sup€monoon the
Ih jnq'tiis all of you weetof the continentlt djvideto                                                                             attefthd by p&ple whodig tne
                                                                                                                 celebutingth€ Hawk,
                                                           trac& andI haveto s.y $it I do Nm haw the cjois
mak tnis FUy.ActELtyrd hketo seesohe of you iiom                                                                 Hawi( youdo. I an suE ylu wili enjc,y
                                                                                                                      tjke                           youEer.
                                                           to tit a 6e 130.000ft.tian trtic into tlm 3 at tull
                                                                                                                 Ti.l€tr aE cheap, hoteli are,..unn - ryajlabb,f you
ebewherc       the
         making nde'IheEsno need drcne
                                     to      on            hooqiein toD g€ri t bowto $e Go& of tD€edhee Ihe
aboutthe beautjes Catifoni!. EVERY naq jn the                                                                    liw in CaufoniaM1l b. sendinq po5tcldswith maps
                of               bjl<e                     windis Lqend.ryald tie Ecing is witing - to saythe
                                                                                                                 andothernec6ary inbmation. If youMnt to add
U5 .ones out of the WestCoasl and EVERY
                                      U5                   teasLAid rosnond is, ahhhfoq€tnble 8ur rh.r thc|(-.
                                                                                                                 youRlt to thjs Ust,@ntlct ne via iait or emajl In
mtgaziie b€autifirt
        ha       bjker on beautjfllrcade,
                                                           Eoii drs E6 ki[ he mder th€ .6piG      of the         goingto st*k up on tlo-Doz apptytu a rew gasod,
into beautifulsunsei!.Tho5e you who connGte
                                                           AmenionHistori.RicingtlotoqdE A<@iation.AHRr,lA       Ha{k flocl g8.,,torq@Wur nut - n/5tine tu a party!
throlgh L smogae wetcome 6U me n.m* nD*
        Vohne6, Ieue 1

                                                               Youhrve D.obabty  noticedthat thit nsue it tnicker         o.e glance.FiEt pEctrce in th@ w.ek I havea
l,letissa     -
        Shihmin Ad onedor                                      by four paqet ttEn Ue lnt one W€E ceLebtatjng              bacLup planif I dont maiaqe get my notof

                                                               the loth anniverary of out betovedHark. A decad€           together time for thatfiBt tce - youlee nv
MattLiLleno    Iifohaijoi SeMcet
                                                               aftet it wis a showoom              has
                                                                                      flop, the Hawk be.ome                                           the
                                                                                                                          Brother a stRet Hawk, I have keyto
                                                                                                                                h.s           and
PrcpEss        and
       Prcducboi Printinq
                                                               one of the nost souqht .ftet Jepan6e bite5 fron            gdage.Ihink helt iotice?

                                                               the Late30's. Elery lear fototcyd€ Codumef li€ws           Thi3yeafwe'ttbedoinqstori€s simphnaintenance
(hh$ d,e's d nkttl@ - k hot@&nahq(skutt!)
                                                               putr out. priceguid.lir !*d bik€r,.nd I notjced                          mo&, When the ta3ttihe you
                                                                                                                          andperfornance           wa5
                                                               th.t the tl.wk h.e goneUPin vahe! Findjng cLe.n
                                                                                                                          epli@d the ftuidin you.turls?Doyoustareatthe
Sbve Beaw,selden
              oeemer,     Shimnjn,
                     Meiissa                                   <1o.ooonite nodeLsiltpob.bLy.lsofind ai olner              mlns underthe e.at andwondef whkh bhb js you
L.t Snyder, Tentacte
         Haq                                                                                           than p.rt
                                                               {ho woutd other sett ht kidt into sLavety                  fleL filt€r? ls you bEk€ fluid the san€ cotora! a coat
                                                               with his bike Tolgh to fit tfi€ kiddi. s€at to the         niieE butt?flaveyou beguitd coretate nalingthe
         photoghphfi Butbc[
Contiblting       0.n
                                                               bick of th€ H.wk aiy*ay...seld.i De€nei,an onsuns          of DoLphjis                  rearb6ke? Tineto get
          is a
Hawkworks bimonthty      mshttef intlndedtur                   Haskworh contnhutor, put togeth.r the coE of the
                                                                                                                          sEaiy. Yolt Hawkwill low you for it.
hn! of the Honda  Hawk.Hasksoiki5in noway                      la*k tineLine found h the middL or thi! i5su4
endofed d Epcent ti€ of the8oift otlr
         by                                                    W.'s populat d the spaG .ound th. timetjne *ith            Th. l*t yearhasleen . phenoninaLgrcwthin
Corporation, b$, Any      modifications                                   fon the titt colpLeyo.r. D.spit€ the                                            hundrcd
                                                                                                                          Ha*eo*s, I h.d a list of a couple
mdeftlken  on yorownbike   3hould done
                                 b.     under                                                                             ruhecrjbeB fiBt, No nonet ii the bankbut a
                                                               nunberot pir on tho5elags f,e n€.d nor.. rn
tle superyisiona   qulified mototc$b mechanic,                                                                            coopt hundrd peopbwhoerPected    ton€r'ing in
                                                               b€ggin'yr!Send tto!€ ha@l shot5
                                                                              in                 with a little
                                                               {nte-up on the tnp and{h.E the shot}as tik€n.                                           Shinnin, our very
                                                                                                                          the nail, WeEit not for MeLi3ea
 Subscipnon for6 isuer.
US       is J15
                                                               Youraceu sendstuff ir too - I'd tike to do . Ha{k          tatont€d Fetient dnedor,this litue iaq wouLd
                                                                                                                                 and         art
Residenb North
         ofthe     Anencan continent,                                                                                     tookju3ttikethat - a littl€ iag, Sod or a .heesy
                                                               ra.e6 groaibin cachi$u€ -..d tll(ing lhen up
besidB EsideitsPay r youliveeLs.$heP
       !S           t20.                                                                                                  rp tm€it ne$L€tter fith a bik€ihene. she her
               pllnet5eid U5                                   sent uiethidt. And pteareseid Dir of you hc€t
oi thisshnnking          130 fuidsoily                                                                                                                          tLeibh
                                                               tool Send yourstoryiders- oryodlLhave rcad
                                                                        in                              to                buitt a lookto Haskwdk that is unique,
           !ubscription Eiew.B,
                                                               ahouthowI pin.hed finge6 in th. doorof ny
                                                                                ny                                                     eloLvin9. payfor this mind
                                                                                                                          .id const.ntly        No
codnbutions,photogEph, hft over
                                                                                                                          you - I sendherlree3tuff everynowandthen. 0ut
vahntine5 bes.nttol
                                                                                                                          hos nany gratirchees€ Peanut
                                                                                                                                              and      buttetclackea
                                                               H.skworks Raongis inte.dedto ge..bt sonr                   canyoutakei. a year?WercuPto nearly500
                                                               rtories- b8ides'whooohooo! at $ _ sete
P08ox8052,                                                                                                                3ob<nbq5               iow,
                                                                                                                                    inteoationalLy ThaYs coot- but a
                                                               dcingl'stori€ith.t it. Th€shoL€€8on rel€
                                                                                                                          dropjn the bucket     to            out
                                                                                                                                          compaEd atl the Hawks
78713-30s2                                                     eidrrnce 6ons thi, yed {iBtead ofspnnt E(inq)                         the
                                                                                                                          there,spread wofdPeotL€,
                                                               is thal I wantedto cEate and test tn enqne
                                                               fomub that ritt {att lor thousands miLee the
                                                                                                  of     o.               whichbring5 to ny bst bit of Dmble. a group
                                                                                                                                      ne                        tu

                                                               ttrcet - ind 5ersons tpnnt or enduGnce
                                                                                  of                  tacjng.                                                   support
                                                                                                                          w! hav€a kitlg voi.e in the afterma*et.
                                                               Thisis a 1rn overnotot that.ould h. buitt                                      who
                                                                                                                          flanufadurcrr 3hop5 5upport
                                                                                                                                      and                NawksLet us
                                                                                                    nak€ thout            knowifyou hav€had po5itive.xpenences
                                                               withoutieplncinq odt.nd should
N a w R o c k9 8 . . . . . . . . . ,
      k                                              ..1       65hp  withinthe 3to.k rcdti.e,Ih€ sinplehd i5              companjes. u3knov whochapped
                                                                                                                                    Let                  youf hideand

                                                               that your d€cad€old Hask miqht be gettinq a bttL€          ha5lo5tyouf busine$.I'tlsoonbe offto the
Pase (EditodaL). . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
   2          ..
                                                               tn€d - and nevernad€ enouqhho@Foler rnyway.                         d.alershowin Indjanapoli5 sdarch
                                                                                                                          notorcyci€                         to    for
8 5 , 0 0l 0i t e a n d t i tF t y i n ' , . . . . . . . . 3
           l      s S t
                                                               Sy the endof the yeir wetLloow whatro tand                 Hasl stuff andHawlenthushsts havea rcpod
                                                                                                                          in th€ ned issue,
                                                                                                                                          50 - pleae vote with yourdoltaE
H a w k w oRk s i n g p o t . . . . . . , . .
           r ac Re        .                              4     ehat dosn't, D howmuch
                                                                          A          ifltcost
                                                                                                                          0h - Happy  binh-day you,,,,Happy
                                                                                                                                               to                      to
3mmCloser Insanity, II. . . . .
        to        part                                    5    tu I wdte this (past deadlii€ by the way) r m              yoooo...Happy birth-day dearHonda   HawlGT
                                                               waitjnq for a set of pistoG to l,nd in my hot little       six-fortyie-ven...Happy bidh-day youuuuuu..
                                                               handsto rush off to Ft. llorth fot enginebuitdi.g.         Irust ne ifs betterthatl ttpe itthan sjngjt
s q u i d S c h o o t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ih€y[ meeta neu tiqht€n€d b.Lanced
                                                                                    and      dark and
                                                               a *t ofshot-pe€r€drc&. Rae 5eason in four
                                                                                                  tu                       Rid€on goodpeopLe. the snd be at yourback,
 D o W o n gL i n i 6 . . . . .. .. . . . .
     c    C                                        ...9
                                                               weeks. $t
                                                                     Ihe    ofthin$ to do is too hiq to *e in              andthe nextqa5datjon lessthan 100niLesaway
W a n i i q : D a n g e r c u s V e i o ' n . . . .1 0.

 A dH a w k .. . . . . . . . . . . .
          .                                       ...11

     the odonetefon ny HawltuFed os 50,000oibs,        0f the HawkoMe6I interyi*d,      tne f€w whohad                        yo( deald oder CBR partsif
                                                                                                               b.[ hanngs. Hav€                 F2
I prcdded prevjols
        the      editor tdr{rurb to srite a
                      of                               Epla@dthei. whal t6n.gt     didit do 50 udit ifter      youd tike to do this too- Avoidthe Tjnhn bnnd
high-mileage            when odometer
                   story.  ny      cad                 50,ocomiLs. l.1attLill4moha noe than 68.000nit4s              head
                                                                                                               steenng   beanngs    soneHatk owieu haw
     nites, EatjEdId hawto MitethEstory
30,000    I                            myFlt           and h.5n1yet tou.hed hir I tnink my bdnnqs              hadtroubtewith incorect inw dhnet€r sizs.
                                                       detlnoEt€d moe quicktyb&e        of the quntrty of
Cneitly, ny beloved
                  Littb's1 hasdon than35,0m                                                                            njbs theo.isiMt(yes
                                                                                                               At 75,000                          battery
                                                                                                                                          onsinal!)     save
                                                       dirt nding rd donq lf your bikehasEached50,000
miles,With norc than 10 streetftshes, hundreds
                                             of                                                                            to                            Two
                                                                                                               out.It appean beun6lat that it listedsoLong,
                                                       nita5 you niglt mnt to chal yout b€anng! To do 50,
dirt miles, a couple trark schools, iot ben
          aid      of            thes                                                                          owneu inteM€red
                                                                                                                   I          rcpliced            Eiles.
                                                                                                                                     theiEat 40,000
                                                       rm@ the eh4ls, run yor finqeu a@$ th€ b€atinqs,
babied.   beenatlove,Gtirohia,to Nevada,                                                                       Battery depends battery
                                                                                                                     tife   on       orc, 0eouse ndeny
                                                       locatedineid. the wheeL on th€ hont andinsid€
Anena, Ut!h, andBaja.
                                 been99.999                                                                    Hawk
                                                                                                                  daiLy, newrhad opportuniry th€ chaqe
                                                                                                                      it        th€       fof
                                                       the 4centiic h!.nnq @riet on tie reai TECethe
                                                                                                               to d6in. ff tou dontndein sinterorif youbt thebi
                                                       entir intenor cirunf€rence of the !e ing $wdt
'Ihe                                                                                                                                      nding yodl have
                                                                                                               sjt for wk5 at a timewjthout    it,      to
    goodnewii5that with pEtty mjnihalmaintenance,tin6. Thetittt ba[s of the he.nig 5houldbe LightLy
                                                                                                               changeyou         A           bEnd
                                                                                                                            soonei 8attryTender
youshoutd able dpect 100,000
         be     to               hiles out of your gEaed ando[ sn@thty    li(hl yor fingeu.IheE
                                                                                                               cha4erwillkeep plites
                                                                                                                           the               owf
                                                                                                                                   fron3ufannq unsed
HrsL I iiteMewedabout10otherHaskowne4 each             thould b€ no dnt or gntty t€eling.lirh Senbdoth,oI
                                                                                                               periods. qulity hdery WILL longer be
                                                                                                                     A                  Llst   and
             of    mites then biles.Th€y
witha ninjmum 40,000   on                                                            pottingthe Ear
                                                       Pha cycL8in B6okttn. recomnends
                                                                                                                    in       run   a     blue  ,pecial,
                                                                                                               chiaper thelong than l(-Mat tiqht
unanino6lyagrced oitwasthe hdof th.tnost               canier out and ctea.ing it 4ry oth.i ye& or so a3an
.ontnbuted the longevjty thet bik.s,
         to            of                                                                                                       give5
                                                                                                               fo/runat€ly badery you5ome
                                                                                                                        the                  b.foF
                                                                                                                                  About    befotmy
                                                                                                                           I igno@d). a week
                                                                                                               ddth Gomethins
I oicui Theonebit of naiitenanethatI'm Etigious        Theut   thinq I Eplrc€d wasth€ ctltch. I put iI . new
                                                                                                                     di€d,I attlmpted re+tadthe bike.Nothing,
                                                                                                               batt€ry               to
    n        the                2,000
about changing oil.nd fittorevery    mibsto                                       miLB,546t
                                                       Ban.tt cturchat about44,001,                oth€r
                                                                                                                           the   stillsam.Ituh€dit off,
                                                                                                               conpleielydod; bjk€
2,500mils (3,000+
                mit$ on tongtdpt,I se Golden           osneu €plrced their clutcheshetoen 2t,000 niles
                                                                                                                         omebek, and stafted up,Ihe
                                                                                                               6n anerand,          it     right
spectro, theE a€ plenwof othersometr'me!
       but                                                     mite.,sone
                                                       and45,000         aettiuruniing the odqjnal
                                                                                                               rcstorth€ w*k I noticed neututlight flicknng
       high.q$Lity out thercthat sjtldo an
cherptr,         ojE                                   ctut h rt moe th.n 60,000mibs. I'e nas wheehed
                                                                                                               butdidnt thin[ ..ything of it, Eight   LlterI hada
        job. Iw witieesed
ex.elteil                  osiec debate
                        Hawk          oil              my H.wk, but I do live in Santnncis,   whichrequin3
                                                                                                                               vou         No
                                                                                                               .ompleteLy bike. w ben waned, worling
handi to, dry5,bu! rEnktt,I dontthiik i(s the bdnd     ndiig ut and down5omepEtty steephilis. ThL toM
                                                                                                               batterynoCDI     -
                                                                                                                           rignal no9o.
$ EWh 6 the Eplacefieit lrequeicythat makes
effectiv€,paidcub y on the stEet.                                                                              Th. ownets jntefliewed rcported
                                                                                                                        I           al$           other
                                                                                         niLs untit
                                                       I keptny ,tockehod ht blqhty s2.000
                                                                                                               than    neitioied
                                                                                                                   thore            Two    rcpt
                                                                                                                                above. ownets .edthen
AttHawk   witlsoone, kte, need repi!.e
      owneG        or        to                        th€ bile handt€d utter cEp- I fin.Uy Epb.ed it
                                                                                                                    cabte e5.000
                                                                                                               clutch   at     nil€s,lstrU      odginal
          and        bEkepa& andfllid, air
nres,chains sproclctr,                                 with a 900nRshock.what an imptorcn€nt! Agaii, t
                                                                                                                         About Eported
                                                                                                               obteonnjne,   hatf           tabs
                                                                                                                                     thatthe onthe
filteu, spa{ p[gs, endtjglt bulbr.B*aue I nde          reallyfloggedmy baby.r you an a no€ conreto.nv.
                                                                                                               sat cowt brcken Mine
                                                                                                                      had    off.           inctudins
     miles nofe a $ar, I categodze
20,000    or                         things
                                 these                 ddel you nay q€t oorc mibageout of youG. fi6t of
                                                                                                                                 the                      you
                                                                                                               thetso that attach taillightto the cowl,AL5o,
d peishableLike
              oiland saoline.Foriistlnce,              the opnetsI htlM*d      hadalr€adyEpli@d then
                                                                                                               canget about    mihsout of a frontbrake
                                                                                                                          30,000                     rctoi
      you crbs chanby Bing fEshfuelfitteE
klepjng                                                +ock, not out of n(€$ity, but for tfie de5iEfor
                                                                                                               I'n cuftntly onny thtd.
helF preventexpensjve
                    rcpajE later Th4e .re thinqg       imp@ed handu.q. 8ut trub b. told, whei the 5ho*
you probabLy
           alrcadyknow(dptrbdbrfr       .dro 30I       wasnewa d.dd. ago,it w.snt that grcat.only on€of               l'ly   which p69rcsive
                                                                                                                  next? frrk5,
                                                                                                               What              had            put
won'telabonte theh herc,                               the omeE I intediftd    shll fiad hi3 shockon andwas                  mih3,          need
                                                                                                               in atabout40,000 arcin despecte ofa
                                                       happywith tle perbmanca Witi ju5t oF 40,000             rebuild. seaLs goie;thefiort end
                                                                                                                     The   aE                  conpletety
Edings obvioGty  hehanicaL
              keep             smooth.
                                                       frite5, his bile r.5 orc ofth€ youngedin this grcup.          plan
                                                                                                               nushy,I to putinRaceTech    new
Itt normaLwhen age but jfs paintutwhen
            they                     they
                                                                                                                    new$ab, b6hjn$ and
                                                                                                               spnnqs,    new            oila son
IaiLWhealbeani$seedto go fiBt,I put in tush                                 $e
                                                       Shodlyaft€r I reDlrced shock.I @ded newtteedng
                                                                                                               a posnbl!.Ihe are a thorcuqh
                                                                                                                           orbs due             d
   in            ic     carner rcughty
ones tne Ed eccent beadng    at                        headh€nnq! l4on of ttE odler owrec tomd tnensto
                                                                                                               well.AninteEtinq sidenote.onethid of the
                                  needed be
42,000miles,onty one of the beannqs     to             be houjng up relL &ajn, I cEdit my Ddtirg off oad
                                                                                                               rcspondents boredthen bikesolr to 700cc.Perha
rcpliced, I didnt wantto have dothejob aqaii
        but                 to                         tui $e n4d to dange nim €rliei At 58,000miLs I
                                                                                                                   I          niLes tEshen the enqine
                                                                                                               when hit 100,000,  f[      up
in anoth€r6 monthsfor $e other iwo thai tive tneE. I   optedfor sn€ implowd p€ftman@ andFMe lift by
                                                                                                               sjth an owlboe hL ft naybe            the
                                                                                                                                         I'LLjustchange oit
                             shoirly theEafter,
rcptlcedihe ftont wheetbeanngs                         qoingmti a t peEd @llerbe.dng 6 oppred to oEli
                                                                                                               .nd head                 mihs.
         then debrioEtion ninimaL
erenthough              wrs
Hawkworls         i5
            Racing ALL  JACKTD  !PlWe tooksecond                  for
                                                    the fireeator those    longsti.tr
ptace cL!$ in the fi6t enduEice
      li                          raceottho 5eason, wellturnon the tn.k. Pn suLl     n
oity two lapsbehind yeats
                     tast     champions 1/2 a
                                       and                      the
                                                    sponsoring team       witha frcni.
Lap ahead  ofihnd. Wewerc29thout or 54toiat         endandrer'*heetstand      to
conpetltorbeauns                           an
                    maiyof the middt.weiqht a               the      ror
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coupte   he.vJareight bileswith out{ee Linte
                    das                       twin           The
                                                    changes. rihpl€andiugged
Oeeidedup runninq iacewith mybortheE
                     the                    very    stands  should ableto tarethe
stock niqhttytitd steet motor, ta.ked
      and                          so               abuse             out
                                                           vett shell dunn9      pl|
hoEepowerto ofthe bik.son the track.
               nost                       A
dotaited       kittcomein th€ nextissue aLong
          report                              wiih
                                                    that! about ftry lor now
a ieportofthe 8 hou ra.aon Aprit13th.Welthav. rhe
'hot'                                                             a
                                                    I'veinduded list of lponsor
       notorin tho bikebythen,andhave coupte
othersuqnses try andoarn bigtroPhy.

A rtnp-down tastyea6notor rcvealed but
              of                          tned             ,r,t"ofk. (all even youlust
!ndamagod   internals planfor our'hot iotor.aLb
for Umltinq RPMs the stock
                  lo           3700to prevenl   dank       suppofting molt poputai
                                                                       the            cult
inspeciionhotes rhe cases, ner dank.nd nock
                 in           A                                in
                                                           blkE Amorica.            -
                                                                            Support thit3
rcdswcre shipped   fiom Ptazac\]ctos ourenqine
                                    to                     aLtwete tookin         have
                                                                           forLl'Lt   sone
oxp0d, Nash
       Jafi       ofAdvan.sd  I'lotorSport5, for           plxofthe conpl.te   b*e andsone
tishtening balaicing
          /            ofthe daik andrhoi'peoninq    or    dyno rcsrtt5 thenext$sue.
the stockrods.lhemnk waspoLishsd Gduce to        olL       Ihgi. will bepLentyof stons
sinuoi, and cu,lt look sooooo.ooooL. over lnm              generated         this
                                                                      throuqh effor1:id
arirspistons  deslgied byJWRmepats buhp will               our$avels,        l.t
                                                                        Plea5e melnow
.ompresion 11r1, 1 ovefnotorFll allown. to
             to       The                                  *hat youwanito rc.dabout.
runin AHftMAs    BattLeofrhe Twins when head
                                   f3        *e
W.stfor ihe llawkrLock soatrPoint, Leave
                        at              aid       plenty
of meatinthe cylind.6for anevenlual to 700cis.
                                                           ( 1 r 2 ){ t 1 3 9 6 0
Yod skeetideE intorclted   yet?

The.tose{atio   trannytLower ove6llqearinq splna
tishtweight chain, FiaLd ve formut.s
             520       but                     misht
catlfor a cushdrive            to
                    ellmjnator 9et snatlenou9h     rar
                                                           (3r4 572.1109
sprocket. is goinq donate
           Jeff        to         sonesllcks tromhn
supemono. Long thercat€nt too many flnqs
             As     a5                       rcd
.nd we dde,maft,wo should abte ta( many
                              be       to          Laps
wlth minlmaLchanqlnq                      io
                       of rubber have soapeup
the noney a VFR wheel
            for      roar       (taklng  donarionrglW)
to nat.h the Astratitefioni wheel,  Jim  DaMshom uawk
Conne.tion providing RC ftontend .onpLele
             n          an 30
with mondo    brales that wjtthave be,e 3pru^q
                                    to             to                      siands
                                                           Pit BullMoiotrvd.
suirthe Lighter                           on
                 Hawk. Ltprobably.att the sewtres
of a.ertainsuspension   tuierEhose   company  nane         l2a5)5i3 1911
                                                           Frcnl red Hawk
                                                               and       stands.

Thetdltwdrk factory  coto6have   .hanqediiomthe
silver redreported rhe lirtissue to silver
      and            in                     and
bl!e.11/hy? is no aisqerforthat.WeLL,
          Iherc                                 it
                                          because                  0
                                                           (411393 313
willprovidenorecoitras! photoqDphs
                        for              howz,au           Ured newHawk
                                                               and     Paftr
ohh. th€ iiamewaspowdeicoated tookslikeit!
been ptasti'dippedll ofi alltho bumps
                    cut                 and
bbnnheson the swinqalm,                  and
                          fittedthe hotes, hadrt
                                             gear,         (300) 1 Ll c'/clt
done blicl too. Withbtack
     in                     whe.b andrunn'ns
iho bikewltt tookquiterpankvl

   Romain ofLightSpeadMotorcyctecomp0nantslras
donated beaunluldrbonfrontiender, riototek
lmports BemaId supptyinq
      Jay       is                R5
                           Aprilia 250/121
bodywork giveoui bndthe shaPety shedesrya.
Wepicked a u5ed
        up                     to     atl
                cdbonfibertank offset that
po*de(oatweiqht to holda coupte
               and               moregatlonsof
                                                                                                                                               o      a

                                                                         longs colbr goE ontn€ bft 5i& ofth€ €ngie) whjh                                 top
                                                                                                                                  don'tEce her,so drcpping 5peed
                                                                         you Ene th. notor into the ftanq Dontnqht n aMhi.g                              2                didn't
                                                                                                                                  fiDo r25 b l1t by adding teethto th€ back
                                                                         d n mtjt you q€t th€ E& of $e engim and3sing.m           make feeltoo bad.0n th€ otherhand,
                                                                                                                                       m€                              power
                                                                         pivot bolt jn pbce tE ear nountrngtolt! ako haw !re      wheeli€s a qood
                                                                                                                                         ae      thing,If you're
                                                                                                                                                               dEftinga(1! on
                                                                         of d'@ ilamncouaB. dont toBet to in5t I it. oont
                                                                                             so                                   staights you shoutdn'thavea Hawkanyway,
                                                                         piich d'e eia shih youdothn ot youUhe hatiru li6
                                                                                                                                  A[ in all if the'ds om thing Wu wantto doto you Hawk
                                                                         shen you h.E !o b€atil'e ebcindL fip out wi$ your
                                                                                                                                  af$ tlu get ine sBpensbnsortad tie 3mmo€r
                                                                         newba$'eE onemoE hint - b.6E y.u higlt€naiy
                                                                                                                                  pirt n kit i5 the ti.l€L WelLnaybeeme newn tsidecabs
                                                                         enginemolnt tolrr runtne botb thrcuqhthe nlnt
                                                                                                                                  is th. aBwert@, or a n-trcB ht,,. AndI heai
                                                                         €ngineb6det (b€&*n tn€ tunt doM tub€t, Younay
                                                                                                                                  t!'!6haq€r                       to
                                                                                                                                                wiu soonbeavailabL bolt on $otbilcs..,,
                                                                         haE t! 6ie $e froni of the pngim a litth to pDpe y
                                                                                                                                       time to try to EltoFt a Du@ti Fuet
                                                                                                                                  lllbLL                           916   inj{tion
k t4 au nM Lt mitntr         t tr al ht td, ,bbor @_k rrn M    n?        atigntha hol6. r y.u dont do thi3 no* yousill en! !p
   ftrxh     1tct    6ttld ir r 4n,J tr6-hiJ  th. htjrie
                                                                                                                                  st-up Lr my Ha*{..,. Wh.E'sthat aepinnbotth?
                                                              @bl        haviig to lr6en up a[ $e €ngr@nountingboltsanddo
   rtubha    l'ftid., c ar8 oJ 6&d:     tr* h dp w..
                                                                         it bte( Aqain,dont a5kmehos I tmw thi5l
orceI had headi rDn hy loct shop, rE+ly
         the     bet            the                                                                                               .   lmm over(72nh) wiesco
                                                                         After youE@nnect                      endtut $e ddr          Nationwide (300)949-2827
boEd        in       new     a
     crlindeu ny hand. dmsand new     ht
                                                                         backin, ifs time to figuE out howttE heulh€ dble5 fit.   .   153nild grindcaDs,
 rcatiad I.outd avoiddestinyno lrnqer - I wrs qoinqto
                                                                         DoNT oe$ up the clukh obb rcuting.or ylu'ii bun the          TwoSbtheu (714)550-6070
have putthe Hask
    to             be.ktogether  aqain,I€no@dthe
                                                                         l@lt out of it aqainrtthe h€adeiI told $u not to rsk     .   C6ketFt (indud6vitve *ale), Jao
pils of partsand6$ that hadaccunubted my coafEck
                                     on                                                                                               PLaaHonda (Sao) U CYCLE
                                                                         ne howI knowaboutsch thin$! Aw hsk, a nie lhiny
       md     Betorerou
  a Hawk dugin,             dont  to
                     Easenbb, toqet                                                                                               .   vatw job, J80; cylinderbodns, s80
                                                                         nep c|!kh @bh lool6 b€tteranyway0n@ift.ll
     out the cyljnder
                    walk dth njl! deteqentto rcmde aU                                                                                 Pedohance MobileAL (334)694-3061
                                                                         toqethtr d toohngehob again,do a @mpEsoi
       then      a      of
solveiB, apply lightcoat oil vouon tufthdbond
                                                                         .hech, If the pe$uE h a tittle to{ th.L5 otry !jn.e
withyoff rylindeE dothechorc theshowei
                and        in
                                                                         yoq dn93night not h.w Fated. lf the p65ua in $e
       -         in                    the
  agine menaked theshowf,swabbing oilyBidue
                                                                         hoit qlin(hl t Like poun& Lw, asminewar tlke
                                Ahh,the jol6 or
    the bodnsout of the cyLinde6.
                                                                         the bil@ the guythat did ttE cytinder headwork
                                                                                 to                          .nd                  .       aock€B
                                                                                                                                      metnc    fion 10nn-17Fn
           If you'E tircwingupat THAr
motorcycling,,,    now                      you
                                                                         andhavehin 6x it tu fre. Tlp plouen o. nift sas r        .   3/3 diw nchetandetteroioB(2)
    quali^, testpilotdutyat Magi.
miqht     for                   llountain,
                                                                                  eal Thpguynoti@dthe new*rt sas a bit
                                                                         bent vaLve
    pi3ton dipped smoothty, make the
         rinq3  on      but    surc                                                                 ooh! Nowlp g€tsto do
                                                                         cched, but put it in anyeay.                             .                (disitllhnd)
                                                                                                                                      to'lue wrerch
dngendg.psaE in spec arcalignedjn corcct
                   and          th€                                      th€ job t{i@, andso do I. GetrctiabLhel!.                .              'T" handbFt
        No    btowinq over
tosition, 3ense     oil   those arcrcostjng
                               tou                                                                                                r
                                                                         Didth€ pirton hl dns      d rcmdld hsd nake a                sp.nner Bhow chain
                                                                                                                                            to          tenrion
    neighborin Crown        tookthe enqjne
                    Victona.I            to.
                                                                         differcnce? canrcspond
                                                                                     I        wjth a d€inite hig YE5 that
                                                                                                                    to            .        +andof Ear {rnd
      to have the iew c.ms degEed, OM !dib'!edF!                    do
                                                                         question. add€d. ,hopDing20 poniesto my trBry
                                                                                  It                                              .   ftoit whedltind (oFional)
  an an d.aeits ||i! iM         qtind ww, ap "q tou wd it)
                                                                         sted, Posersas !p from47 hoE5 {rth a 5t g€ I ht
                 hohswegpot on, no nottjngwa5
   ltock atignnent
                                                                         rnd b6nd X pipe)to a hdlttry 67. TheMegacycb
                                                                                                                    153x1         .   pa't5wahs (optioml)
nece$.ry.1ngbd I hadit done      No
                           though. setue rujninq
                                                                         qnnd can mowd the poRr b.nd rp Iron stock.Power
anengine becauseyo( cam3 inpopeiy degreed,
                        aE                 I                                                                                      .   2 sma[pi€c€s hanse6 tooparcund chain3
                                                                                                                                                 ol     to         cam
                                             is 3teady p@gEire ftom 40(x)RPI up to rcd$ne,
alsoperfdned rcd cytinder.am
            the                  fix
                            chain conptjmenG
                                             and5hestiUwantsto puup*t rdlire, It doa t l€
  the drasnqfroDTwo8rcthe6Racing, eayfir,
                                             tongerfor herto spin up thouqh,I conpeG.tei for thj3
ltu sid.e@tuile w 6w tutth 'ltoJ
                                                                         added  lug. Bpaaiuy at lows RFnt by adding2 t*dr
   L\nL\hthee        E1q tiekh ddtutu t tu.@l san b b4tt            Er
                                                                         to the Ear sprcd@L rn6e biggs pinon! maybe onLy  a
   d,i, tun juryia   ttu qqbt    @ ioP dry   b@tu)                                                                                .   bandni&,dpinn, prcac
                                                                         few gamrmoE blt the tlael feeb iL Youdn put in a
    n eyerything torqued   yo!,ttdeed teast
                       down,        at    one                            tighternywhel hut tie bE wil in@* too. You
    peuonto set the enqine
other                       in.I hadtro hebiis
                         back                                            couldmountpiu.s on th€ footpeqs that you
handr, a 12 pack myl"vonte5toutto entjce
     and       of                      their                             souhn't f€e(il but I think the pilLs muld dGg in                                                        .:
                offry frane,sine itwa fre+ty
help,I fiEt taped                                                        the comeEandsp* t€atheGall o€r the plie, r was.
polished I wanted
         and        itnick fiee.                                         tenDtedto dDp jn a hot cDl hq, hlt tib5 of buit€d                                                       t-
                                                                              at      made gunshy
                                                                         cdnks 10omRPM5  me                                                                                      ,:
                  is                             ii
    esiest metnod to ljft tne lr.nt of th. engine and
slidethe lront mounting
                      bott jn witfiouttn" oU,E. ni, wjU                       is             (wry l"d), pa* in the
                                                                         MyHawk a ndeon Sunday                                                     ,:.:''                        ..
                         p6t!E (in @5e tuEo! $e
hol! the enqine tfe proper
               in                    you                                 Ljvinqrcom,and€at otr of Sumliy niqht hnd of bike.I
                                                                                                           1 9 8 9
                                                                                                           tlarch11: CraiqEnontake5the
                                                                                                             Ei Gnd hiqhest)Fofe$jonat
                                                                                                           6ce fini5hby a Haskat oaytona

                                                                                                           TwoBrothe(Racing  gain5 fitst
                                                                                                           Hawk at Elkhart
                                                                                                               sjn           Laks at Road
D A W N O F T I M E                                                                                        Adenca,eventuatLy earijngthe
A wee  PiEF€ciumthink to itsetf                                                                            ProTsinsifodifiedcLaestoppinga
"litoin thelava hnda
              poot      sucks,
naybe should
       I      halee bitchin'nde
                                                                                                               tjrtLr&i\ 'ttrrttutu: tutt tut."
                                                                                                               hbtEdiln| 4, 'xdt lt d. Hrwt."

                                                                                          1 9 9 0
                  1 9 8 3                           1 9 8 8
                                                                                          SLow sales the H.wk at€
                       &cotintroduced, ihe
                                     uri.q          Hondaintrodo@s Hawk Nonh
                                                                    the     to
                                                                                          anribured the tos cost
                      bdic 52-des@ eiginedesjsn     an.dc.. the 6Et chaiFdnve
                                                                                          of th€ cBRFl cortin9onlt
                                 Hawk yeau
                      wiltpowerthe    5             pbductio. notorcy.L nth a
                  Latef-butwith 5haftdriveandt
                                                                                          norc an havjngtwicethe
                                                    Theoldest Hawk   5hLlon the rcad      po{€r Gnd twentytines
                  ELFlHonda     singteiided
                         develop!                   {S€daL   umber Ja{000001) an          the pubticjty) th€ Hawk.
                                                    crn.dir. nodet beLorginq Rod
                                                    [rnn, who tiw5 in Stntfod,            bornd€atiig an ind$try
                   httpr//patent,worptex.jbm.com/   ontino, Gnada.Thebile it bli.k        for No fearandindea5ing
                   earhfor patent 5,007,4s7
                                f        )          sith a touch of bbe n€t,t fl.le and
                                                    the Hawktogo in ied (hctory cotors
                                                                                          r€cod teveB. and'39
                   eLevjsion feature tugitiv€
                          Gruns                     in c;nada, rccording Rod).
                                                                         to       Rod                    on
                                                                                          nodeGtanguish saLe5
                       ju5ticaseekinq one-arn€d
                                                    commltes,  sponnd€5 tou6 o.
                                                                          and             floo6, asthe pncedrop5
                    an whokilLed wifeandset him
                                                    iL rot L50,000km so hi


                                                    fuIE 'NfuMM"
                                                    w Nr*,F10,'8idoJtu tu'

                                                                                                              1 9 9 6
                                                                                                               n PauL               NawkGT
                                                                                                              Homepage Hotland site- Novembei:
                                                                                                                      of        web
                                                                                                                       t!kee overHawkCT
                                                                                                              DanSultock               tist
                    1 9 9 3                                                                                        q archive5 {w.Hawkcl,coh.

                     awlworks Newstetter
                                       foond€dby                                                                                    this tine
                                                                                                                 Austi., underthe
                                                                                                                       TX.               dne.tion
                           une1993,An overyhetming                                                               Robert     fictj5sue
                                                                                                                       Pandyai       MarlApf1997
                                                                                                                         Hawlwo*s(no toiqer Ha*kllvork5).
                        trrnewo*forthe,enr,enrtic                                                                      iher rcjoiceatthe newfomat and
                                                                                                                                  to thDw
                                                                                                                        pafty      llawlttock
                                                                                                                  5urpnse at the1993
                                                                            1 9 9 5
                                                                         J!9: Haw[Wo.ls withG.ry
                                                                                      nove                                         B0T
                                                                                                                    J.0. Hord AHRIiA t3
                                                                                                                1/14r       wjns
                                                                         0d aqain, tine to San
                                                                                 this                                  pion3hip an '89 Hawk.

                                                                                                                  ntmm      grq w4 * 1.tu 3w"

1 9 9 2                                          7 9 9 4                                 A<tuaLfacts by S€td€n Deener, batd
                                                                                         face li8 by l.fi, Inioce.t,
Ivo opts.lreqisteE fi6t H.wl in
                  th€                                     16:
                                                 Febru.ry Din Suuock     proposee
                                                                                         hia b tutttu Mi@, ttq tun 0d he
     odovakia, red 1989frodd, on
               a                                 estabLisiing              on
                                                             a ilalt 6TList the
                                                                                         t!4r Frwidnt ' fatt 4 htui5t nffit d
                                                 Intenet foUo{ed FdnkEvrn
                                                                  by                     ffi$    hi' tifrhr ts. txl*t RJrB . N
                                                 Perdicaro             to
                                                          fiEtne55.9e th. nes
        n Honda           tne
              ceass                              Hawk "lf yougotthit, thee is .
   froh Japai.Prcdudion
                      "Bro{                             titt
                                                 maiting at fla*kcT@dsea.ton."
     another under nane
          !€     the
      400.cand650cc                                            moves
                                                 Dec€mh€r:         to
                                                    zona,andGary taks oeer

 hafonq              by
           e5tabtished chaz

       pLiceLiqht*€iqht Supertmn!at                        ht   i2 ndt tw    M'

    e AMA/CCS weekend Dattona
                      at        Bike
                                                 \ttu     poz2Edtnv tu   tu w

      ninagan AMA/ccs

1a/t stibtuaqe    p.t1'tutur M tu
                                                                                         H A R R YT E N A C L E

   tquidis a bit hiuh. Howmurht'aining you
                                     do          with ne$found apect for holdinq a Linelook owt             "Ho, nkh ehoft I 6iseny forl6in thetnptetrees

     needto be a squid? it taler is your
   LLY                All                        then crunpl€dinwitDents:'Thecarjutt shot out in            to make GSXR steef
                                                                                                                  my      600   faster?" monent
                                                                                                                                       A        of
     auntlsiqnatute the loan
nvatid           on         papere
                                 rnd                                        I
                                                 hont of ne Auni Milie. DUDE! HADto lay her                       5it€nci5folLowed Peny
                                                                                                            stunn€d             by            "You
cashing yourtittte siste/spiggybank.Addsofre
      in                                                                                                                        Calamanfurther
                                                                                                            wantitto steer            is
  pjlops, protective ofsPF , "NoFea/
        a         Layer   1s,                                                                               hunitiated stories lactory
                                                                                                                     with    of          a![iig to
                                                 Atdanasa3 i pretty 0X teachel His storier weF
     ; andtqiet that throttleto the 5top,No                                                                     th€
                                                                                                            slow st4ering        the    n
                                                                                                                          becalse bike tooiwikhy.
                                                 practied but enteitaining non.thetess,soit of Like
                                                                                                            Thafs"qujclsteerjnq" suzuki
                                                                                                                              in          one
                                                                                                                                      speak. oude
                                                 UncteLouiet pnson etonee- but I digets. ALdana't
 favonte           rcsident5
                          ofthe shatlow               aptrc.chb nding.nd .acjng
                                                 honest                        eas qujte
           pootis SuzukiG5XR
   ofthegene     the      600/750.               rcfrethi.g. when confront d vitn a qu*tion th.t            Theji$oftheruspension    L       the
                                                                                                                               tecture to use teast
           lpot to the puEhde thit tike
   onlybdsht                 of                  rt fted with "{.ith cod€t hook saysin chapt€r              amount everythinggetthebdeljne
                                                                                                                of         to             sttings
       the abilityto become        iivjtibl€
                          immedhtely             thrce,..',Aldana quicl to intenuptandrctort
                                                                sf                                          nqht,Forexampte, a sphng qivs youthe
                                                                                                                         Be        that
n a group more
        of   thanthee biht i3ihat youget         "vthatrhe tuckchampionship that guy M.
                                                                          did                                          of
                                                                                                                 amount saq   eithout     to
                                                                                                                                     having twi3tin the
         tick€t Suzukil
   fieebie    io     rhoolof soed.Ihe            anys.y?"Theansser a big goose
                                                                 is          e99.Thenagain                  adjurtme.t
                                                                                                                    collir of fo* sp(eB aLLthe down.
                                                 codedrws legioB of folto$€B-.od of Like cult...
                                                                                        a                                        fult
                                                                                                            Re-vdve to* to aLlow sBp.nsion
                                                                                                                   the                      tBvelwjth
                                                                                                                            to                   This
 attended at Texas
        .la$     vyofld
                      sp€edway, my
                            where                       lsson pta. is to w€iqhtthe jnsidepegand
                                                                                                            is qujte      of       Co'npukack of
                                                                                                                   oppoiit€ theGl'lD       set-up
          HP  would demoEtizedthe
   iy 51,4 Hawk   be        by                   ,t y bce. Count4uteerthe bih into the cor.er to
                                                                                                                 a                          the
                                                                                                            h.vjng stiff $spenioi to maint.in ch43is
         Gixxlu the tons
               on       sthisht.ButI             mat teanquickty stand up at h5t d po$jble
                                                               and    it
                                                                                                                 nunb€8"                  reets
                                                                                                                           nid<oher Perry thi5
    that whenit came comerinq
                    to      speed,I'dhave        to get that 140HPon tho ground      the
                                                                              thtough fat
                                                                                                            ovenat8 tire and
                                                                                                                   the         js a rootprcbtem chdsjs
to (hpe thesquid frcmny lneepucks. hoped 130 rear tirc. DoB.t sou.d tike your Hiwl( huh?
               qoo              I
                                                                                                            insrabitity,   right
                                                                                                                      50unds ro ne,
thatDavid                     on
             lnopntof hissldtB thetrack                li.s
                                                 Thercin the rub.Thoctari is rined at in$netoor
fortheLast          as
               decads setl ashi3skeleton         pilots.o8pite ALd.nr'ihuhili.tilg outridep.stlt oi         Sowhafs vedid?In th. end, tearned
                                                                                                                    my               I       norc
          teach a thjnsor twoabout
              m€                                 a stockTL 1000duringthe uacksstjons and                    frcn hanging withthetopexped Eceujn
                                                                                                                       out              ctub
       my       speed, th€track
nproving comerinq   And       time                                               biLt over
                                                 coutte$ houBon snalterdisDlacen€it                         attendance fotlowing astheyrcde
                                                                                                                    and        them        sinillr
wn fanlycheap abolt1175 theday, ot rerL
            at        fof                        his extensive.aieer.r a noto(ycte acer ard wnter,          bikes myHawk. amproud lay thatI probabLv
                                                                                                                to     I        to
                                                 the cti$ is definit€ly biasedtor.d   the GSXn
                                                                                             c.oad,                 lesr        than
                                                                                                            Foduced hoB€power anybike            But
                                                 lvith thrt s.id. I did te.rn f.on tn€ basic princip.Lto    theof H.wk    it              th.n most
                                                                                                                       hung outto drybettei        of
I wasouiteDteased lind thatthe 50 or so ridec
                                                 be hste. in the hd .om.a and 9€t jnto the n..t of          thesaltsat€i          jn attendance.
                                                                                                                       spesin'squids           Hahl
                streetguys.nd thosewith racinq
    lptit h€tween
                                                 your b.ck tire assoona3posrihle.
.xp.riene. I wouLd
                 haveto suffE only cta$ 5e$ioN                                                                  time help
                                                                                                            Track wjLt every   get
                                                                                                                           rider .omfodabte
    these9u$. Doit gei meqrong,I'm suE there     Theon-track
                                                           3ylter of @undjobii-foltos-the-lerds             hisd h€tbikenedthe Limit iis abifty. abo
                                                                                                                                   of          If5
  rc some    scientists that gfolp, hut when
        rock€t        in                         (th€ tead 3tudentfitls to the hacl of th. €rpetiacat           to         the
                                                                                                            njce ridewheE chances a Buick
                                                                                                                                    of     swefrjng
  ude"ind an imaginarythottletwist pa$ tor       led pack aftq each lip) iuows ,id€6 to l€an the                       j5 asErea5a SneL[apprcved
                                                                                                            intoyourtan€                     bandana.
    6ation,I a$umethe sout, Roodbon,rold                       the            s.$iont bnng
                                                 fist tinearound t6.k. Ctas36on                                rcconnendation t.ke theSuzuki
                                                                                                            |,ry          is to           rhooLonty
    , pubti,h€r,
              tests, andov€EttGeemjngty)         up key points .nd arc pui i.to DEcti.e in the                     L          optjon, asR€q
                                                                                                            if th€re notanoth.r     such  Pndhorcl
unhappyguyJohnUhch prceented with the
                             u!                                A          of
                                                 on-tBcksessions. hiqhLight the cLss sesions
     for the day:"0on1dash,"Yo! c6sh, youre                    disclssion by I€am Hanner
                                                 wasr suspension        bd                              .
                                                                                                            Iean5uzuh bercached 909.245.6414
                                                                                                                    can       a!
 ut, Jumpto the endofthe dayasthe strcetpunks    cres chicf (.ith Peny.PictuE this: Gixer 0ude askr,

Ifyou wantto inproveyouf ridingshlls withoutdrcppinq
                                                   l20o or tlOo on a
ira.k 5chool,      attending DocWong
            consider       a                   Hdry tvon9,
                                   RidinsCtinic.         a
          in      city,
chirophctor Redwood CA,hostsfreendinqctinicraboutoncea nonth,
              rromnewbies experienced
openio everyone         to         Ecets,Theformatis simpLp: t-
hourlecturetimited a sp€cific
                  to              baed on the teachings porLd
                            subject                   of
rcnowned nce instructor althor KelthCode,
                      and               followed a 4 hournd€
through chaLLenginq incrcdibly
       the       and              Santa
                             5cenjc       mountains.

Thetectures an open
          arc        dircu$ion, subjects
                              and       Gige iion "ComenngConfiden.e:
Tuiing Simptifiad'to   Weather     lechniqu€r"
                              Ridinq          with eye4,     Ndny
                                                       tecture,  dGo
      nde6to undeEtaid rynptom ofndingoveryodhead that youcan
teaches              the                        50
      tean to ridewithinyor Limitt.
                                  Communiq,     are     ar
                                        retations cov€rcd wlL Ihe
         beaksattondees qroups
                     into    ofsto 12nd€6bs.d on slilllewt, The
route    withtightandtwlstytu.ds,opening gEduatty
                                       up               the
                                                throushout d.y and
ending a fait nd€withlot, ofsweepeE Hlqhway a rotalof9r4 tu6 in aU.
                                  up      9,

La( Novehber,l     a
p.riicutarty   cUnic which
          5pecial  in
                                                    - L
(eithCode a guest
        wa      speak€L
Hawksteu astur a*ays
NewJe6ey       1m
        attended, ndeu
      (eith, spodlng newred
in alL,            .
tla David        stardu*,

itLustiated b*ic con.ept5
thathetea.hes his Catifornia
       Schootand     ,everLpe4onat
               rclated           ridinsanecdoter.Ihis quiteuilile
       app€aEn.etea6 agoin !hich h€labonourly
hissuest      ?                            ill6tEted a iew technique
andaltthetheory                    ieenedto qo oveinanynder'head!.
              behiidit. Th.t lecturc

   (eilh hadteained
That              sofrething the past2 yea6about
                           in                         wdr
                                               teachinq €videnr
wheiwe gatheBd a parking nid-ride workon thir rochniq0e. andhis
             .t        lot      to                    Ne,
head              Cobie patjently
   idins lnstrucior,  Fan,                           on
                                wodedwith e&h nderone oneuntil
theyhadfrdteredthe technique, yea6eirLleL
                           Iwo                        withapptyinq
                                        rider ltruqgted
       to     Thnyear Keith
.oicepts ndinq.                lt             In
                           broke do*n to basics. about hinutet I
.ouldseethe difference.I stnpped
                               iwayexinneo$bodyFovenent sinpti6l
theprocess        ofndlnq.Latefinth. dayitwa eay b nip into myotdbad
hrbits.  I      how€v.r,
      When didn1,     ndinqwassmooiher,    6rter I tookd loBad
to apptyinq iewfound     the
                   skiLtat track.
                                                                        6.eL Ive made of hend5andhave       imm.nsety the opportunity
                                                                                                    beiefited      ffom
Doc       ctinic archetd
     Ridinq             about
                            once nonth.Upcoming dates March
                                .             hde   arc                                      strcet hacknde6.
                                                                        to lean lion €4enen.ed    and
22,Aprit19, May andJune14.A rcseration rccomnended,
              17,                    is          .spe.iarywhen
                                                                        for morcjnfomation,to e5e e a spoton the nextrid€,or to 9e! dtections,
rpe.iat         arc
          speake6 expe.td. ctini6 besin 3 a.m.,andtherer. no qas
                                                                        .alt (650)365-7/75, e-nail Hary Wonq D0CW0N6@aot..om,
                                                                                          or                 at
stops, Iutl H.wktank getyouthrough whoG
     A             witt          the             93
                                       nde,rcuqhty hihs,I m6t
adnit,I ama bitbia5ed.I'ye
                                     N.nyi clinics
                                                 nearly   then
                                                      since                              about(eith CodelCatifornia
                                                                        FormoE information                        Superbike     calt
inception.I'v.  Jroi beiis a mediocrc
                                   stret nd.rto, ReLL,
                                                    beinq mediorc
                                                         a              (313)246.0717 visit then websjte hf.p://www,superbike<hoor,.om,
                                                                                    or                 at
                                                           hav€pEf€red the w€ight5ivingsof.Luminum                   enough rcdiry by installitionof a
                                                                           cliin5 the kit ontyweighs                 rclayand hishs wattase      (I
                                                                                                                                           bulb5. used
                                                                                                                     this technique my Rt30ftiring wjth
                                                                                                                                 Mthout anydifficulty.)
                                                                                                                     55d100w buL,&
                                                           lnrtllLtion of the Venor w6 not as str.igttfofrad
                                                                                                                                            that I havedf
                                                                                                                     Ihe only othercritjci5n5
                                                           as it coutdhaveben. other th.n headtioht
                                                                                                                             afe              the
                                                                                                                     the Venom that whenwashinq
                                                           diasEm GoLorcod.), io otrer etuL iNtructioro
                                                                                                                     bjk€,watergek behind tinted tens
                                                           reE p6!ided, for inrtine M6ing of the 5to.k
                                                                                                                         shich requi€srenovaltoavoid
                                                           hddbmp mountinqplitet is rquiEd to dw
                                                                                                                                  andthe tenscoverha!
                                                           nssary  ct4.6nc€ bet en hin.q andfe.dei I
                                                                                                                          to   rub        it
                                                                                                                     begun teave ma/iswherc
                                                           mutdnt qp(.t specifrcnounting insttudioB on
tut tu,ap.uD6kditu td. 'utu i, BtiN rdd b tu hb rd ti6     most uniwuaL frt fairinqs,but Poredbize did 6k
ptuh*-4,      aB6r'kFq.        t t
                                                           what bike I ere frtting it to whenord.dng, andth.         Does Venon's
                                                                                                                        the             go
                                                                                                                                app€arance with
dtue mdwnMtufleEeB               turo4htd4ot     i' vitu
                                                           iawk/Bos is in th€n appk.tion tist. Alio ny initiat       the qracefuLyet
                                                                                                                                  agqre$ivetinesof the
                                                           fixinq kit contain€dthe mng sire P{bnpe for the           H.sk GT? think ro; I llilt evei go as
Finding faifing that does t detact from the spidt
                                                           Hrwr3 4hn turk tubes.A qui.k calL Po,erbDnz€
                                                                                             to                                                    to
                                                                                                                     far a55a$ngthat I think it add5 the
oithe Na{kGTcrn bea.hltlenge,Inthe ijx yea6
                                                           h3da seco.d in the p6t, but upon€eitt I                   H.wkl uniqu€style.lvith the above
that I have             I
           osn.d my Haw[, haveben ttyingto
                                                           foundt o diffe€nt sizedclimps. Anothet.a[ to              defici.nciee, it worththe 1175pdce?
findthat pefedfainng- weLL endoff antn.y,t
                                                           Po{edrcnze Fnally Enedied this poblen. Ihojt
havecontenpbtedseveiatoption, eid evenmrde
                                                           customer  seMc€wa3rery polit4 .nd apoLgetjcend
andinstaued       fainnght. Afterone
                                                           the frn.l p.n eeiv.d eeE of ni.eLyDokhed
iunmerof Be, I decided
                     thatit snllwasnot whatI
wn Loohng aid €noved it. I coitinued my
sdch fora faidngnoE {ii€d to the compadsize                Theoth€. bEcketr provid€din the fixinq lit Mre of
                                                           titth 6e and I €ndedop hbn.ating ny o$n
                                                           aLuninlnbra<kets cornect P-.larp5to th€
                                                                         to       the
ln 1995atthe lntenatjonat       5how
                        Motorcycle in
                                                           nrin dsenbty. Ig3 .lso sodh roting that th€ nain
        tnglind,I bund th€ hiriig thatl had
                                                           mountinqbraclet block efy a.e$ to the fuse
beentootinqtoL..or I?
                                                           box.I dont thi.k thatthi, n: renous   Drchhm
Thetuiringthat.aughtmyatt.ntionwa5 new
                                  !                        sincein the sir yr./, thrt I're ow@d my H.wk I
d4iqn by Powedrcnze "TheVeiom".Poy€dEnz€i5
                   -                                       have.'t nade'l to openthe fuse box. Inttlllation of
a U,K,based
          nanuhctucfof hinn95,cowlin95,   and              the f.inng bodyequied 5on€ttimming,
rreeB, TheVenoEjs a 3tRFfightlf styb forl                  wa3dle to my racinqstyle clip-oB and not an
faidngmanuftdurcd highinprd plstic. It i,
                liom                                       oveuight by Powedonre. Tnehigh irp.ct pl,stic                     Ltd.,     Lane,
                                                                                                                     Powedonze 44, Btook   tedng,
folk mounted in(orpontes
           and         irteqnltfin                         wB very e.ey to so* sith. 8y uring a oEmettool                   Weltsu$s, tngland
                                                                                                                     Woining,                BN12
headtjghts a lightly
        sth         tintedlenscowi Fixin!kit,              and patjence you cr.'t t€lLth* tne aairi.q has            Tehphoi.:01903-5073oo
tim, andinteinaldash abosupptied.
                   aE                                                                                                Fa* 01903-507683

0n rcceipt ny Venonfairing,I foundthe body
         of                                                Whtf, it {ik€on the road? th€ pan six w€ek5
                                                                                    In                               SteE 3eatty,13 Ajdsvjewsquaie,Feltwe[,
to be of verygoodquality. etlenori5 potished
                        The                                l've put ov€r2,500miLer my bike,irctuding
                                                                                 on                                  Ihetfod, Nodoll,Eigland
to a hightyEftective9to$ black.(Ihe fai.ingis                 tGck time.lhe 6ni5hhash€tdup bnihantly
                                                           5om€                                                          bdtty@thenet.o,uk
aBoavaihbhin hight red,whited dlbon look.)                       60
                                                           showjng nick or c6cks,wjnd is deflectd to                    http://9w,thenet.co.ukl-bst|l
                       attach€s jntegGt
Thenountingbracket,which      the                                      heightin a nomaL
                                                           aboutshoutd€r               ndinqporition,                tkh sdmdt dPhd rotu i@.tur oe!* aJ   ti{.
twin headtight      to
             asembty the iairingbodyand                    but qetting ido a Bcels crouchpbvid€s                     uta, to i@.ri.b d.tiey tu tu @6 hd th.
abo incorpoctes mainmounting
               the           points, abo
                                   is                                wind Dot€ction. Therupplied twin
                                                           respectabte                                               b@5@ d hnshzniLgh jtuB ni4rl Miu M
of qoodquatiry
                       fron heavysteet,                    35q35w hatoqentights tacl sufficje.t poker for        .   tey.u ttut u o1t) 534M ud hw o uN d&k
Thehadware                 ofsteel,I woutd
         bott kit t aBo made                               highrpeedndingat nighl IhG should eaty
                                                                                  a                              l.                o
A note ftom !!ERAs   Vintlqeru145 people  indicatedtnat    o. just sendyour mool,h to Speedbleds P0 3d 306       the motorWhile     yourheads beins
                                                                                                                                                aE      wetded and
the Hawk elgibleto get if5 butt hdcd in WEM
           is                                              Lemont, 60439.By tie waySpedhLe€der now
                                                                    lL                             are           recontoured, couEeportingcanbe doneto inFow
Vintage (n.jnq GSlq
         6              Stngshotr CBR
                                   and      f1!)           distributedthouqh Ru$elt srak poducts, but buy        fiow of gases  into andout of the heads, newvatws
"Regading Honda
             the       Hawk Vintiqe 6, Thevintlge 6
                             in                            tnen dn€d andtett then Hilkloft pnt you,              can heinstilled, Mth a .anehaft to rcalu sei ihings
.l!$ wjll rcFaina PJe1939    cLs. it wiu NoT a 10$ar
                                               be                                                                happenj.g.I   hone5tty know brcakdowna[
                                                                                                                                          don't    the             of
(la$ ir tie tutuE.lJlehaw decided addtt'e uoidi            MoER€aEti aE a%ibble$E!qh sin !.Enno at               the varjatjons, ljust haw ny Ecemoto6andure317cc
                                     to                                                                                                                          'IaLk
                                                           SANG-AMIIG     PTRFoRMANCE   PRoDUCI5 12382o@il Ct,   Alijo Twin.nd 7t0c. Hawk      enqinesbujlt herc,     to
Nawk  (Esadle$ of r€d) to the tist of disibh m&hjEs
                                                           Shelll Imhip, r'lid'ig.n 43315(310)739{571. Hondt     Cdigat stEetlike,    707-463.2424, or cEjg@5abeinet.
fof v6, Thi, is iot 5peofied the 199srul4book. sU lt
                                                           HawlpegeLo6br bEdct ht t50.00.Thit kit in b&r         Tell hr'n i sent youl' - Jim Davjs fawl Conreciion
bespecifredthe 1999ruLebook, a numb4of
              in                   unL*
                                                           CNC  machined  6061T6.bminun bdcl€B tiat n@ the
heE protest in.Usionof ths mrhine, I peronauy
                                                           nod tuot-p€g   tEd€E up md backf-inch. . thift rcd    Doug tl.pjei (1062 Mendoa
                                                                                                                                    W.            AZ
                                                                                                                                             tle5a 35210)is   stilt
don'tseeanypmtats oeuring, A htts of etigibitjtywiU                                                                                      dideain sne spifryzippy
                                                           *&nsion d stainla$ stat @unting h.nlvaE ABo           se[jngthose   lowerchain
bewitten to antore whowouldUke 6c tne Hawk
                                                                                                                                       boad pb#cfor$15.00,Thet
                                                           avriirbb is a conptlt ft htn hwR 6r t245,00,$t        NA5A inve'ted.uttrng
hanrhcturcdatuf the 12-31-88      cut-ofi datetu V6.They
                                                           incLudes@uet b6ck t ht .t@ widl lie additionot        areav.ilibl€ in 5tockand 10nm over5tocksizes.
needto cofiict u5diEctlytur thn btter to be ent to
                                                           cltc machined  aumiiun shift andbuke tlFE .nd eabd
then." Contact   WERA Viniage WEMVintlqe,Inc, 113
                               at                                                                                Goodnes! fof thoie whoarc 5tilLdspaEt€ty *dchins
                                                           hejm-joiitt tu the thifi rDd.nd n.stq qtnds Dd. s.m
ApphMod                       Ft
             oiv€ Longwood 327s0       ({'07)331-4331                                                            ior *rice nan6L5, (833)2s2-5393 get Helri
                                                                                                                                   C.tL              to
                                                           00E5 individut pat6 tu y.u ftsh h4py Hawkn4u
                                                                                                                 PubLic.tioi3 h6 taken   oq publishing  Noida
SteveSeatq/,ouf !K rcp, lends iotjce that oive             outtheE Er, t€Uhin Hrskro*s eit youtoo.
SiepheNon seuiigNawk/srcs
         is                    Eauetstor!14t.00.                                                                                                                            I
                                                           KiyoWatlnibe q.ciig hd nowd, Cont!.t the Ha*t
NotDolliE,Pounds.  (01s07) 714lrl.                                                                               Ton Fitzpatick sougft a rot!ry st€enig danpert0
                                                           tlns at (818)841-0s39 KjyowatinabeRaciig2532
                                                                                                                 repbethe dsily dan.qed    Daytona mount
                                                                                                                                                      side       unit. He
PFI€| ha rccided haiy 6115tu Eruets. r you are             N LamqSt BudankCA91504.Kiyohat ibo rc'dsigned
                                                                                                                                          (W.E.R.) ,eeir theirunit
                                                                                                                 6lled Wo r Endurc   Rjd€t
inteEsted a s.t 6llthen andtheywitL
          in                       coniider                his inhmoosddon fihei high oprcity Eplac€ment
                                                                                                                                   The        unit
                                                                                                                 wouufit r Hawk. W.E.R. nounts frontof     in
desigiiq then.Ihan number (800)776-8!55,
                         is              Coet              Hawk nk. 0f @ul'e the mw ta.k cor€s mth . new
                                                                                                                 the lomriripb.lahp, andi3 connecied a bd and
wouLd in the t175-1200
     be                Eng€,                               ptic€or f73o.oo. H.1 selins a 5pi8 rew ddoi fiber
                                                                                                                 mountjng  p|te to the fnne. Itt ii a toGtoi difficutt
                                                           tlnt fendlr that inco|Do6t6 . tork b6.e tu t300,00,
l4ichad suh{erfion spsdbbedeu rcc€ntLy   5ent a not.                                                             to d!mag.. oiLc.nbe changed the uiit rebuilt
                                                                                                                            Th€                      and
                                                           "Po'ting mightnot be the ben bangbr th€ buck to       byth. owneL hasaninfiniteadjustnent
                                                                                                                               It                            hnqe(no
to telLHa{kwo*,tha!thehd head the amn r                                                                 Go
1.25mm   (tha{sthe tlawk5ke,bud)is beinsnade               ipeak) when   itconesto head .lt15 ne@sary
                                                                                        wo                 ior   cLicktand.6ts about    1300. They   dont have sel-up
longef de.resethe.hance
       to                   thatthesrcrch will             mahngsenous      hoBepomi St@t EilGSe cesin           5pecifiolly the HawlGtthough
                                                                                                                            for                      theydo have   a
rcurd off the ed96. Howaboui that - I write a Litth        Uhah, CAhd deveLopedtlchniqu€ of weldirs uP .nd
                                                                                   a                             gen€Bt  puryose thattitentedpeoPt4.outd
helsage suqge*inga tu to maketh€n Product    better,       then Ecodounng the comb6tion chanb.r of lhe H.wk      prcbably E.dity adapt). Uow*erdueto the popul4ity
andthet 90andactlally   D0IT! oamn, dig that-You
                                    I                      head,thrt doessondeE6r then, impdjnq the              ot the F2lF3front €nd oi th€ Hawk    they aE willing to
canstillget speedbtedeu  thbuqh ichaelva                   comblstjon€fficieicy, ind jncpasi.g tle conpE$ion     looljnto Foducing nountkittu the Hawk.
                                                                                                                                     a                         Any
ww*speedbleede(con    d oltthem at (630)719-4620,          Etjo. Ih€ job @n be@Bidereda bolt on upsEde,a3                                       in
                                                                                                                 HawlndeBmth su.h a set-up th. Washington           Dc
                                                           the heads be En@d sitn th. engiru in $e bile.
                                                                      ci                                                                           a
                                                                                                                 aEashould a ther willneed biketo buildihe
                                                           lhe 5tockptuton,.nd c$in&u aa n*r Ehowd fron          prctotypa They be E&hedat (908)637-6185,

             aw     to
 cAll l-800-4!-cYaLE acce$Plaza    cycL5andyour
                                                           tolSALE 89 Hawk nd, newsDockets
                                                           v€ry goodconditjon,12500.(812) 738-s033.
                                                           BohClrrk -Corydon, h.U@zo€lercon
                                                                                               andchain,         HAWK   CoN Ectloil, A(A Jim oavi{ Hawk
                                                                                                                 .oot stutt ld 3alerLci.g s!bfhd.!: 6061T-6
                                                                                                                 atudinun,                l55
                                                                                                                                                          nest, has

                                                                                                                             5/8' diameter thouwaLL Ajd&h &
 costptus20% djsouiton all Honda0Et1patu,
                                                                                                                 8e.51€y RC-30 seats,
                                                                                                                                5oto       n€qaweightsarngs,
 najordis.ounB afteharket
              on            itehs.Supportthose             |{AIllD Chucl.nd V€6 Pohhtned a conplata stock                                                nachined
                                                                                                                 t17t.00jR.cingn tE.t5! beautitutCNC
                                                           paint4det of bodyMik (any colo4 tink, red cowL                                              lduied pegs,
                                                                                                                 707t T-6atuninun,   stairb55 bushings,
                                                           rnd ftont f€nder,conpLte iiont rnd @r Dasnger         in@eontedchajn     rclterhackel shiftLinl<aqercd:
 HAWK   SIOP:Backlsue           pa9e5 Hawk
                       packet-l48   of
                                                           pegsr.d the headtightbBckets.tontad then c/o 7325
           history, fewads,anda fewphotos
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