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					                                           TEMPLATE FOR USP

 ID:                                       STATION:
 DATE:                                     USP(NAME /NO)

                                                                 OBSERVATI              REF. IN
                                                                    ONS/                STATUS
  SL. NO.            TEST ITEM                 REFERENCE                     REMARKS
                                                                  RESULTS                FORM
                                                                  (OK/NOK)             (Item No)

 1.0        PRE SWITCH ON TEST
 1.1        Verification of connectivity Ensure that all links
            diagram as per approved      connected are duly
            connectivity plan            acceptance tested.
 1.2        Check of power supply
 1.3        Check of documentation
 1.4        Hardware conformity check
 1.4.1      No. of communication
            application module(CAM)
 1.4.2      No. of clock generator cards

 1.4.3      No. of SP-CCS7 cards
 1.4.4      No. of xxxx10ca cards
 1.4.7      Specconn table details
 1.5        Check of spares
 1.6        Check of hardware alarms
            and its extension
 1.7        Software conformity check
 1.8        OS, Applications, &
            RDBMS, version licence etc
            (if applicable)
 2.1        System restart by Power
            ON/ OFF- Manual & reboot

 2.2        Back up and restoration
 2.3        Redundancy check for
 2.3.1      Clock generator card

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                                           TEMPLATE FOR USP
 2.3.2      SP-CCS7 in CAM 0/1/2---
 2.3.3      Power supply
 2.4        Check of Alarm
            maintenance in SS7 Links
 2.4.1      Local
 2.4.2      Remote
 2.5        Check of Alarm
            maintenance in SS7 route
 2.5.1      Local
 2.5.2      Remote
 2.6        Data check
 2.6.1      Creation / Deletion /
            Modification of HSL & LSL
 2.6.2      Change status –
            Active/Inactive, Standby
 2.7        Functional check
 2.8        Maintenance of log file for
 2.8.1      Links
 2.8.2      Commands issued
 2.9        Test for small server with
 2.10       Test for work station
 2.10.1     As per BOM
 2.10.2     Run diagnostic and record
            the results and verify with
 2.10.3     Check all relevant
            installed software as per
 2.11       Test for printer (if any)
 2.11.1     As per BOM
 2.11.2     Check for self-test.
 2.11.3     Connect with a host and
            take one printout.
 2.12     Test for router
 2.12.1   Getting UP and Running Chassis mounted on the
          Rack Modules Inserted in the
          slots as per Design Check DC Input Voltage
          to Power supplies

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                                           TEMPLATE FOR USP   Power Supplies installed
            and connected   Power Supplies Switched
 2.12.2     Prepare to Configure the Switch   Connect the Console
            Cable to Master CP slot –
            Blinking LED   Connect the other end of
            the Cable to PC Serial
 2.12.3     Establish a Console Port Connection   Start Hyper terminal on
            the PC   Set the PC COM (Serial)
            port settings to:   Bits per second – 9600   Data Bits – 8   Parity – None   Stop Bits – 1   Flow Control – None
 2.12.4     Connectivity Details   Login using RS-232 port (
            Console Port )   Login using Telnet to
            Management IP   Login using HTTP to
            Management IP
 2.12.5     Software Conformity
            Software Version check
 2.12.6     Set the Switch IP Configuration
            Configure the CP slot 5       config bootconfig
            Management IP                 net mgmt ip
                                          <IP>/<Mask> cpu-
                                          slot 5
            Configure the CP slot 6       config bootconfig
            Management IP                 net mgmt ip
                                          <IP>/<Mask> cpu-
                                          slot 6
 2.12.7     Configure Switch Ports

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                                      TEMPLATE FOR USP
            Configure the Port Auto- config ethernet
            negotiation               <port> auto-
                                      negotiate disable
            Configure the Port Speed config ethernet
                                      <port> speed 100
            Configure the Port Duplex config ethernet
            mode                      <port> duplex
 2.12.8     Configure VLANS   Create VLAN               config vlan <vid>
                                      create byport 1
                                      name <VLAN
                                      name>   Assign Ports to VLAN      config vlan <vid>
                                      ports add <ports>   Remove ports from VLAN config vlan <vid>
                                      ports remove
                                      <ports>   Assign IP address to      >config vlan <vid> ip
            VLAN                      create <VLAN_IP>/

 2.12.9     Configure Spanning Tree Enable Spanning Tree on config ethernet
          ethernet port            <port> stg 1 stp
                                   enable Disable Spanning Tree on config ethernet
          ethernet port            <port> stg 1 stp
 2.13       Test for small LAN

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