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LIONS Energizer


									November / December 2008                                                                                                                                 Page 1

                                                   LIONS Energizer
                                             LIONS INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT 4-C6

Inside this
                                                           Second District 4-C6 Meeting
Second District Meeting            1
Visioning is Believing             1
                                                                           Ever want to tell the District Where to GO?
4-C6 District Officers             2                                                            Come to the
Report on USA/Canada               2                                             SECOND DISTRICT 4-C6 MEETING
Forum 2008
Introducing Our Region Chairs 2                                                  “Visioning is Believing”
District Master Calendar for       3                                                   Your ideas are welcome!
                                                                      Saturday, November 8, 2008                       8:30 am-2 pm
Second District Meeting            4
Agenda                                                                                   Prunedale Grange Hall
District Directory Additions       5
and Corrections
                                                                           Lunch by The Prundale Lions Club $10
4-C6 Joins the Globalstar          6         17890 Moro Road (exit Hwy 101 at San Miguel Canyon, at stop light, Moro Rd, turn
Membership Team                                               right proceed up a slight hill to Grange Hall)
Sharing Electronic Documents       7                                              See Meeting Agenda on Page 4
Lions Helping Lions                7
White Cane Days Kudos

AJ Robinson Screening Unit

                                          Visioning is Believing                                                                  By DG Marlene Duffin
Changes                                   What a wonderful way to reenergize by listening to the motivational speakers at the Li-
San Jose Holiday Parade            8      ons USA Canada Forum. "Visioning is Believing" is the theme for our Nov. 8th District
                                          Meeting. Fitting right in was David Okerlund who talked about "Managing the Margins of
AJ Robinson Mobile Health      8
Screening Unit After the Holi-
                                          Greatness". His theme was everything starts with a dream. "Good is the enemy of
day Parade                                Great" the Good ask "why" the Great ask "what if". He felt we stop creating new ideas
                                          around age 38.
Lions 4-C6 Will Help Santa         8
Claus                                     So, LIONS we have to open our minds wide to create a vision of what more our Lions
Support Student Speaker            9      Clubs can accomplish. We need new ideas to inspire our District to serve.
                                          David Okerlund feels redun-
Taste of Saratoga                  9
                                          dancy is the enemy of
Walk for Hope                      10     change. Our Clubs should
News From MD 4 California          11     be encouraging flexibility
2009-90th MD-4 Annual              12     and the strong belief to do
Convention Form                           well while doing good. We
News of Our Clubs                  13-    must keep our ethical val-
                                   15     ues as we accomplish our
                                          goals, this strengthens our
Reminder to File 990 Form          15                                                A spectacular opening performance by the local Saskatoon,
with IRS
                                          faith and service to others.
                                                                                     Saskatchewan Indians highlighted an outstanding USA Canada
Memorandum                         16     See you at the Prunedale                   Forum that featured outstanding speakers including Interna-
Accolades “We Serve”               18     Grange.                                    tional President Al Brandell

                               Please send your club news and comments to District Newsletter Editor Lion Wen Doong at
November/December 2008       LIONS Energizer                                                                  Page 2

4-C6 District                     Report on USA/Canada Forum 2008
Officers                                                                                         By VDG Joe Pugliese

District Governor                 Linda and I had the pleasure of traveling
                                  to Saskatoon, Sasketchewan, for the
Marlene Q. Duffin
                                  USA/Canada Forum.
                                  The Forum provided an opportunity to
Vice District Governor            meet the leaders in Lions Clubs Interna-
Joe Pugliese                      tional, the International President and
                                  Past Presidents, and to learn more about
                                  the History of Lionism, Leos Clubs, Youth
Cabinet Secretary                 Exchange, Lions Missions, to name just a
Bob Ferber                        few. Seminars included such topics as
                                  how to be a master of ceremonies, club         development, chartering a new club,
Treasurer                         women in leadership roles, website devel-
Bob Stewart                       opment, ideas for fundraising, a diverse        list of topics too numerous to list.
Region 1                          And of course, there’s the Forum Store,
                                  the Pin Trading, and just plain fun of
Lois Ferber
                                  meeting Lions from all over the USA and        Canada.
Region 2                          The luncheon and dinner speakers were
Mary Kelly                        inspirational and motivational. Corry Collins, the Saturday Night Closing            Speaker, had the room mesmerized with his story of being near death, in a
                                  coma, on life support, and somehow he woke up and was left with zero physical
Region 3                          residuals and how it changed his life. His message of what he learned upon
Joe Armas                         being given a second chance was to never give up, keep the faith, live life every
                                  day, make every second count, and always keeping one‘s humor. Something to
                                  think about as we live our daily lives as committed Lions, eh?
Region 4
                                  Attending a Forum is an experience that I highly recommend to everyone if you
Michael Olson                     can possibly do it. Next year’s Forum will be in Memphis, TN, home of Elvis          Presley’s Graceland and Beale Street Blues, and promises to be great fun.
Region 5
Jean Westcott                     Introducing Our Region Chairs
Region 6
Judy Nunes
David Lawson
                                                                                       Back Row: Lois Ferber, Mary                                                             Kelly, Joe Armas, Michael
                                                                                       Olson and Jean Westcott;

                                                                                       Front Row: Bob Stewart
                                                                                       Treasurer, Joe Pugliese VDG,
                                                                                       Marlene Duffin DG and Bob
                                                                                       Ferber Secretary 
November/December 2008   LIONS Energizer                                                      Page 3

District Master Calendar for 2008 — 2009                                  Updated October 15, 2008

November 8     Student Peace Poster Contest Final Judging
               District Membership/Cabinet Meeting Prunedale Grange 8:30am
               Greenfield Anniversary Dinner
November 20    Prunedale Reverse Truck Draw Drawing 831-663-3456
November 28    Santa Cruz Host Christmas Tree Lot Elks Lodge George 831-423-0819
December 5     Gilroy Omelets & pancakes Bill Hart 408-847-7829
December 7     San Jose Holiday Parade Peter Herrera 408-262-9299 Alan Woertink 978-1011
December 13    Freedom Lions Christmas Party Norma Conrad 831-722-3889
               Cabrillo Host Holiday Party 831-688-3356 guests invited $16
December 16    Sunnyvale Host Christmas Party Hugh Donagher 650-967-4541
January 17     Salinas NorthStar 1st anniversary Celebration 831-757-0157
               Santa Clara Host Cioppino Feed $40 408-244-1054 or 408-241-2520
January 17-19 Leadership Institute at Harris Ranch Greg Snow 408-354-8500
January 24     DeAnza-Cupertino Crab Feed Phil Lellman 408-255-3093 or 408-255-3093
January 31     Diabetes Lunch Rene & Maggie O.DeLuna 925-516-2506 Val Isaacson 408-278-7077
February       Student Speaker Contest Pat Khan 408-741-1616
February 7     District 4-C6 Women's Information Workshop Leticia Acosta 408-255-6261
February 9     Salinas Northstar Casino Trip Sonny 831-757-0157
February 11    Beverly Burbank Valentines Party Eugenio Ramirez 408-209-4684
February 13-15 MD4 Convention Fresno Coordinator Virgil Williams 831-455-1041
February 21    3rd District Membership/Cabinet Meeting Santa Clara Valley Blind Center
               Governors Roast PDG Chris Morris 408371-6866
February 23    Student Speaker Club Contest Completion
February 24    Scales of Justice Jumbalaya Feed Jim Goodheart 408-323-1557
February 28    Los Gatos Cioppino Feed St Mary's Hall $35
March 14       Scotts Valley Cioppino Feed
               San Jose Host St. Patrick's Day Dinner 408-993-8669
March 15       Student Speaker Zone Contest Completion
March 22       Healthy Club Workshop Santa Clara Valley Blind Center Joe Pugliese 408-996-
               Milpitas Host Magic Family Show 2pm Dinner show 6pm 408-469-1991
March 28       City of Hope Trip Maureen Moore 831-724-7919
April 11       Carmel Host Breakfast with the Bunny 8:30am Nick Nicholson 831-648-4250
April 28-May 2 4-C6 District Convention Don Simpson 408-238-1919
May 16         Almaden Super I Care Bike Classic
May 17         SJ Visionary Fiesta Santa Clara Valley Blind Center
June 4         Cupertino Host Wild Game Feed Bob Ferber 408-268-6739
June 7         San Jose East Valley Pancake Breakfast Val Esquivel 408-251-3563
June 27        Santa Cruz Host 80th Anniversary
July 4         Santa Clara Host Linguica/Tri-Tip Central Park Kiely Blvd
August 15      Sunnyvale Host Annual Family BBQ
November/December 2008     LIONS Energizer                                                                  Page 4

             Second District Meeting Agenda (9 - 2 PM                     Nov-8, 2008)
8:30-9:00   Sign In and Coffee (Official Greeter—Zone Chair Judy Nunes)
            Club Presidents—Pick up your Packets from PDG Rene De Luna and Secretary Bob Ferber
            Members—Buy Pins and Directories from Cabinet Secretary Bob Ferber
9:00-9:15   Video (Wen Doong, Tech Committee)
9:15        Call to order (Region Four Chair Michael Olson)
            Pledge of Allegiance (Zone Chair Bob Madsen)
            Invocation (District Chaplin Arlon Moon)
            Song (Susan Moon and songsters)
            Introduction of Guests, PDG's, Tailtwister, First time attendees (Michael Olson, Region Four Chair)
            Roll Call (District Secretary Bob Ferber)
            Constitution & Bylaws (Chair Jeff Lockner)
            Cabinet vote to place on the ballot at the May District Convention an amendment to include a Second
            Vice District Governor in the 4-C6 Constitution & By-Laws which ratifies the vote taken by Lions Inter-
            national at the convention in July 2008
            Introduction of District Governor (Zone Chair Maureen Moore)
            District Governor Report (DG Marlene Duffin)
            Introduction VDG (Zone Chair Jan McClure)
            Vice District Governor Report (VDG Joe Pugliese)
            Cabinet Secretary and Treasurer Report (Secretary Bob Ferber & Cabinet Treasurer CT Bob Stewart)
            Convention Update (PDG Don Simpson)
            AJ Robinson Unit (PDG Chris Morris)
            Diabetes Lunch Jan 31 (PDG Rene Ozuna deLuna)
           Visioning is Believing Panel (PDG Bob Froom and Committee)
           Women's Development Day (Leticia Acosta)
           Soledad Lioness Report (President Lourdes Infante)
           DAMES (PRC Ray Maglalang Senior Leadership Institute)
           Awards (DG Marlene Duffin)
           Freedom Lions presentation Hero's Banner
           Tech Team Presentation (Hugh Donagher and Committee)
Lunch      Prunedale Lions (Salad, Smoked Pork Tenderloin Beans French Bread — $10)
           Committee Reports
           Eyeglass Mission to Mexico (Liz Crooke and Lila Johnson)
           Peace Poster Contest (Medy Malate, June Fauson, Paul Grabeel, and Medy Malate )
           MD4 Convention (PDG Virgil Williams)
           City of Hope Trip (Zone Chair Maureen Moore)
           Introduction of visiting Governor Jane Perry (Marlene Duffin)
           Introduction of visiting VDG (Joe Pugliese)
           Club Announcements (30 seconds or TA will get you)
Close Formal Meeting
Workshops (Approximately 1 - 2 PM)
           So You Want to be District Governor (IPDG Bob DeUnger and Committee)
           Does YOUR Club want to be a Winner? (Club Contests Rick Silveria & PDG Don Simpson)
           Using the Lions Web Site (John Kelly, Hugh Donagher and Tech Team)
Next Cabinet Meeting — February 21 Santa Clara Valley Blind Center (101 N Bascom, San Jose)
November/December 2008      LIONS Energizer                                                          Page 5

District Directory Additions and Corrections
Email addresses/Phone Numbers                           Tuscany RE at 1451 Mccarthy Blvd, Milpitas
Brian Rountree, webmaster—                              San Jose Almaden Super—Secretary Steve Marks 955                             Garden Dr., San Jose 95126; 408-243-0914 smarks-
Past ID Joe DiDuca—
                                                        San Jose East Valley—Secretary Carla Evans 408-274-
Pres Jim Hunt—                4728; BayAreaIndoAmerican Secretary Jullie Mallison
Songmaster John Lochner—     

Pres Dirk Van Straaten—                  Treasurer Leena Wadhera
Tom Smith—
                                                            Meeting Date 2nd Monday of the month
Steve Marks—phone # 408-243-0914
                                                        San Jose Host Secretary Barbara Stone 372 Avenida
Don Simpson—delete phone # 866-531-1417                 Palmas, San Jose, 95123 408-629-5530 barbarab-
                                              ; Treasure John Prevolos 2490 Meri-
Lanny Ross—                          dan Ave., San Jose 408-269-4512
Ignacio Villegas—phone: 408-569-9397          

Carla Evans—phone: 408-274-4728
                                                        Meeting Dates and Location changes
John Kelly—cell phone: 408-910-6597
                                                        King City— bi monthly 1 & 3rd Monday
Pat Carey—
                                                        San Martin—Regular Meeting 1st Tuesday of month
PGD Ed Rittue—43 Primrose Lane;
                                                        Cupertino DeAnza PM Club—Roundtable Pizza 4400
Cupertino DeAnza Secretary—Kerry Edmonds Ed-            Stevens Creek, San Jose 6:30pm first Wednesday of                                       month
Esther Tuiao– cell phone 408-921-0391                   San Jose Maharlika — 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 7 PM
Jan McClure                                            2nd Thursday 1217 Pembroke
                                                                             Dr., San Jose
David Lawson
                                                                             4th Thursday 536 Rainwell Dr
Club Officer Information
                                                                             San Jose
Milpitas Host Treasurer—Brant Whiteside                 Milpitas Host — Zahir's Restaurant 174 W Calaveras
San Jose Los Amigos President Alberto Gomez—1163        Blvd, Milpitas (Interchange 880/Hwy 237)
Plum St., San Jose 95110 408-205-2583                   Almaden Super — Every Wednesday 7:00 - 8:00 am at
San Jose Pioneer—Secretary Mun Han; Treasurer Ming-     Denny's, 1140 Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose, CA 95118,
chen Wang 650-588-9350                                  408-266-6299
Soledad Lioness—President Lourdes Infante 913 Ter-      Milpitas Vietnamese — Meeting Date 2nd Sunday of
raza St. Soledad 831-678-4963                           month

Secretary Debbie Perez 480 Belle St 831-678-3547
Greenfield Secretary—John Brueggerman 267 Palo
Verde St Greenfield 93927;
King City Secretary—Robert Garcia 831-385-4546;
Treasurer Ron Higginbotham 832-385-4049
November/December 2008      LIONS Energizer                                                                     Page 6

4-C6 Joins the Global Membership Team                                                              By DG Marlene Duffin

International GMT Member Pat Dimond coordinated a very successful work-
shop on Oct 18th at San Martin Lions Hall. Close to 50 Lions attended repre-
senting 23 District Clubs.
Membership Coaches Karen Fillmore and Liz Crooke with "straight man" PDG
Chris Morris started out with interactive skits entitled "JUST ASK". What you
are passionate about in Lions interests other people; for example, dogs can
lead into a discussion about canine companions, health issues discuss dia-
betes, cancer City of Hope trip and Walk.
                                                                                 Membership Coaches Karen Fillmore
PDG Chris discussed where you can find Lions: neighbors, friends, family,        and Liz Crooke discussed member-
business associates, at service projects, civic and social groups. The impor-    ship.
tant thing is JUST ASK. If rejected, smile and say Thank you. Never give up,
just ask someone else.
Next, a Great Panel of Lions discussing how they grew their club. Jean West-
cott member of the new charter club "Mission Trails of Carmel" stressed local
service projects as bringing in new members, Tom Smith, Almaden Super
said MAKE Membership a priority. Every meeting speak a few minutes about
Membership. Set a goal, such as a new member every quarter.
Tony Avelar, President of Santa Clara Host, has brought in 11 new members
with several more waiting in the wings. Believe in what you are doing, share
the passion. Use the internet to find new members.                               Panelist Tom Smith (Almaden Super)
                                                                                 discussed what works and what does
Ray Maglalang, Milpitas Executive, noted the club projects of Youth Exchange     not.
and Chamber of Commerce Mixers as places that they have recruited many
members. He uses Direct Contact with potential members & hands out bro-
The next exercise was "The Elevator Speech". Lions learned how to sell Lions
in 30 seconds. 3 points to make are:
    1. 1.3 million men & women throughout the world are serving their com-
    2. Sight preservation is a major goal motivated by Helen Keller
    3. Leadership Development training that is useful in every day life
Skit on all the attributes of a poor Club Meeting was presented by Chris, Liz,   PDG Pat Dimond discussing with Wen
Karen, Jean, and Lois Ferber                                                     Doong about his presentation at
                                                                                 lunch with Bob Ferber, Cabinet Secre-
Why people do not join or leave Lions, a few reasons are:                        tary
    1. Start meeting late
    2. No agenda
    3. Too many people talking at the same time
Wen Doong gave an outstanding presentation on the use of the Web and
finding potential Lions. How our web sites should have keywords on our web-
site so persons interested in volunteering can find our clubs on the Inter-
net. The Tech Team is putting on a workshop at the next cabinet meeting to
help clubs with their web sites.
After lunch Jim Goodheart discussed membership retention with great in-
sight, noting the do's and don'ts . Pat Dimond presented Global Membership       Jim Goodheart discussed member-
Team pins to all the meeting participants.                                       ship retention in the afternoon ses-
November/December 2008       LIONS Energizer                                                                        Page 7

                                                                about your setup, operating system, software, etc, so
Sharing Electronic Documents                                    that we may give you effective guidance.
                                            By Tech Committee
                                                                Once you have mastered the simple art of creating a
Emailing out a flyer, or posting an electronic flyer to a       PDF document, you should use this in all situations
web site is a quick and cost effective way to help              where the recipients of your document do not need to
spread the word about your event or fund raiser. Some-          edit it, simply to read it for information. This means you
times we run into problems, however, because not eve-           can send word processing documents, spreadsheets,
ryone uses the same brand of computer, operating sys-           page layout documents, scanned files, images and just
tem (Windows, Mac, Linux) or software (MS Word, MS              about any other type of document as a PDF.
Works, Apple Pages).
                                                                Questions about this topic and other technical support
At some point, you have probably experienced the frus-          issues can be emailed to lionstech-
tration of receiving a document that you can't open, or
that doesn't open properly. Luckily, a relatively simple
solution exists for this problem. We now have the tools
to exchange documents in a nearly-universal format
called "Portable Document Format", shorthanded as
                                                                Lions Helping Lions
"PDF." This format, created by Adobe, distills documents
that exist in proprietary formats such as .doc (or .docx)       Seen enjoying the Monterey Lighthouse Bar B Q are
into documents that end with .pdf, that can be read on          VDG Spouse Linda Pugliese, Cabinet Secretary Bob
any computer running Adobe Reader (available for free           Ferber, PDG Dennis Miller and RC Mary Kelly. Scales
from                     of Justice Lions cooked, Scotts Valley Lions helped
readstep2.html).                                                while PDG Steve & Sandy Brown coordinated all the
Creating a PDF is as easy as printing a document. Using         activity.
the tools and procedures outlined below for either Mac          Over 80 Lions and
or PC, simply "print" the final version of your document        friends enjoyed the
to a PDF file for electronic distribution by email or web       lunch and contrib-
site posting.                                                   uted to a good
On the Macintosh, if running Mac OS X, select                   cause that will
>File>Print and from the dialog box that opens next,            keep Monterey
where you would normally tell the computer how many             Lighthouse Lions
copies to print, etc., simply select the button labled          solvent and able to
"PDF" in the lower left corner, then select "Save as            contribute back to
PDF", name the document and select the location                 their community.
where you want it saved.
On Windows, you may already have software to do the
same thing. If not, you can install a free tool called Pri-     White Cane Days Kudos
moPDF from Once this tool                                                       BY DG Marlene Duffin
is installed (or another like it), simply print the docu-
ment, selecting the PrimoPDF "printer" as the target            Thanks to all the Clubs that participated in White Cane
printer (rather than your HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark or          Days.
other printing device), name the file and select it's loca-
                                                                WHO benefits monetarily: mostly The Blind and Visually
tion.                                                           Impaired Center in Pacific Grove and the Santa Clara
You will now have a PDF that will look and behave the           Valley Blind Center.
way you expect it to on virtually any computer it's             WHO benefits organizationally:
opened on.                                                      YOUR CLUB working together to
                                                                meet the public and let our com-
If you are experiencing trouble with this process, feel
                                                                munities know our mission of
free to email the Tech Committee for some feedback. If
you do email us, please be sure to include some details         "Sight Preservation"
November/December 2008      LIONS Energizer                                                                          Page 8

AJ Robinson Screening Unit Changes                                                                By PDG Chris Morris

We have made a couple of policy changes for scheduling the AJ Robinson Unit. As of the first of the year anyone
wishing to use the unit must have their contract and check in to the scheduler one month prior to the event. No
contract, no check, no AJ. The main reason for this is to prevent our having to run around to schedule drivers at the
last minute. Our drivers have a life too! So does the scheduler.
One of the things that we have found out over the last few years is that the people who have not sent in their con-
tracts and are late with their checks are the same folks who have not lined up their volunteers and health care pro-
fessionals. Remember, you are responsible for staffing the unit for your events. Hopefully we can get all of the
clubs working a couple of months in advance to make sure that their event is a success.
We continue to hear success stories from the screenings. It seems like every time we go out to the public with dia-
betes screenings there is someone with an undiagnosed case of diabetes. At the screening at Mission College we
again found someone with a blood sugar high enough to cause an immediate trip to the hospital. That is a success.
Every time we prevent someone from a heart attack or stroke, every time we keep someone from kidney damage,
we have helped. “We serve.”

San Jose Holiday Parade                                      A J Robinson Mobile Health Screening
                                      By DG Marlene Duffin   Unit After the Holiday Parade
                                                                                             By Val Isaacson (Almaden Super)

Want to be on TV?                                            Once again the Almaden Super Lions Club is sponsor-
Come join our march downtown San Jose, Sunday, De-           ing the AJ Robinson Mobile Health Screening Unit after
cember 7. Family invited!                                    the San Jose Holiday Parade Sunday 12/7/08 at Cesar
Wear Lions shirts, jackets, vests. Staging area is Santa     Chavez Park from 10 am to 4 pm. Lions will be recruit-
Clara St. and Delmas Ave., San Jose.                         ing people to the screening, having participants sign
Parade starts at 8:30 am so be there before 7:30 am          forms before entering unit, and assisting with screen-
Information check out or call          ings for blood pressure, vision, and hearing inside the
408-995-NOEL; Questions contact Alan Woer-                   unit. Please contact Lion Val Isaacson at cell number
tink or Peter Herrera 408-590-          408-464-3896 if you can help .

Lions 4-C6 Will Help Santa Claus
                                                                               By Lion John McCarron, Liaison Lion to CDF

The annual Holiday Food Basket program is again underway. The Christmas Dinner Fund, Inc. committee members
have been meeting again this season and expect to provide packed food boxes for some 750 Low Income families.
This CDF was established in 1985 and the number of families served has increased each year. A prominent com-
mittee member and moving force was the Lions’ own late PDG Bob Hansen. Other members of the committee are
members of Kiwanis and San Jose State University Police Dept.
Christmas boxes will be packed on Saturday, December 20, 2008 at 7am in the morning at the SJ University Police
Dept. Garage at the corner of S. 7th & San Salvador Streets in San Jose. It is advisable to wear gloves and warm
clothes. Coffee and donuts will be provided for all volunteers.
The packed boxes need to be delivered to the families in the Santee School area in San Jose. Santa Helper Lions
can expect to deliver boxes to some 125 families. Obviously appropriate sleigh drivers and their vans, trucks, Hum-
mers, stretch limos etc. are asked to volunteer to distribute packed boxes late in the morning or early to mid-
November/December 2008      LIONS Energizer                                                                          Page 9

Support Student Speaker Foundation
                                                                       By PDG Dennis Miller, Student Speaker Foundation Trustee

I would like you all to ask your Lions Clubs in your area to join in and support the Student Speaker Contest by pur-
chasing a patch.
The Student Speaker Contest can not work without the support of our Lions Clubs. I have attached a form for the
patch and the Fellowships available to purchase for your outstanding Lions, Lioness & Leos.
Without our clubs support the Student Speaker Contest couldn’t happen.

Taste of Saratoga and Taste of Morgan Hill
Smiling at their Lion table at "the Taste of Saratoga" are members Rose Marie Dipple and Emily Lo.
With the help of President Berdan Mardinly, they collected about 15 email addresses
of prospective members.
Next weekend at the "Taste of Morgan Hill" Region 3, Zone 2 Lions from Extension
Chair John Kelly and Mary, Gilroy President Marilyn and Eli, Region Chair Joe Armas
and Laila and Zone Chair Allen Ritter and Cathy kept the Lions name visible and talked
to prospective members.
November/December 2008      LIONS Energizer                                                                                 Page 10

Walk for Hope                                                             By City of Hope Walk for Hope Team Captain, Lina Pugliese

With rain threatening, Lions for Hope met at Applebee's parking lot on
a dark but dry Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. to drive to San Fran-
cisco for our second annual Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer for
the City of Hope. There were about 30 brave souls wearing their pur-
ple t-shirts, pink boas, and pink sprayed hair representing the 90-
member District 4-C6 Lions team in yet another gorgeous day along
The Embarcadero. We had the Lions spirit "deep in our hearts, up in
our heads, and down in our feet" as we strolled leisurely for 3 miles.
Our team came in second place in total donations for the San Fran-
cisco walk with $13,785 raised to date. We will have until the end of
the year to make our check to City of Hope even larger when we pre-
sent it at City of Hope's Lions Appreciation Day in March. October is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so keep the momentum going and
if you haven't donated, please go to
lionsforhope and give as generously as you can, whether it's $10 or
Scales of Justice President Lydia Montano's clan was present, all five
of them and Denise from Almaden Super was there with her little dog
on a leash. PDG Carl Anderson had a pink goatee and accompanied
his wife Elaine, another star in raising money. We had a representa-
tive of District 4-C4 attending, Sandee Ige.
We had quite a few folks from "over the hill," City of Hope Chair Mau-
reen Moore from Freedom; Jean Westcott and her daughter Ginger
from Carmel; the Bustichis from Scotts Valley, Irene, Harvey and
Lisa; PDG Denny and star fundraiser Jan Miller from Salinas; June
Fauson from Marina. Joyce Valdez from East Valley bopped along in
her bouncy fancy shoes. East Valley Bob and Valerie Long were on
their way and unfortunately had an incident with their car on the way
and couldn't make it. Next year! Jan McClure from West San
Jose/Campbell was there with her two lovely daughters. Val Isaacson
and Jeff Spedding from Almaden Super were first-timers and had a
good time. It was Scales of Justice Pat Khan's first time, too, and she
was in great form.
Hugh Donagher and Brian Rountree from Sunnyvale always show
great enthusiasm. Milpitas Executive Frances Maglalang walked and
took Ray's place this year. Thanks for your support for Lions! And of
course, Immediate Past District Governor Bob and Suzie, along with
current District Governor Marlene and Vice District Governor Joe
were, as always, in attendance and major supporters. To see all the
pictures go to and click on the link.
A big thank you to all of you who joined the team and walked
"virtually," especially those who reached out and added to the total,
like Heather Ribbs, who raised $1400. You helped us to get our sec-
ond place prize, a basket of Bert's Bees goodies, which will be raffled
off at some time soon for even more funds going to City of Hope.

Congratulations, Lions!
November/December 2008       LIONS Energizer                                                                 Page 11

News From Multiple District 4 California
                                                                                                   BY DG Marlene Duffin

Awards at the MD4 Convention are going to be spectacular. Many 4-C6 Lions will be nominated!

Convention Registration is in the District Newsletter This is a great learning opportunity and Club Presidents
should attend Dates February 13-15 in Fresno contact PDG Virgil for further information

Leadership Opportunities at MD4 Again several positions are open in June, 2009 for MD4 positions Please let me
know if you would like your name submitted for the 3 year term of Leadership, Retention and Extension Committee
and Club Services and MD4 Convention Management Committees.

District 4-C5 Information At the Cabinet meeting at the Guide Dogs of the Desert Facility outside Palm Springs lis-
tened to a fascinating presentation by "Friends Across the Border", a 4L5 Project. It is dedicated to assisting Mex-
ico with vision exams and other services. They visit Tecate on the second Saturday of each month(Friday thru Sun-
day) They also visit other towns. They encourage any Lion to join them: email friends@friendsacrossthe
Don Ranney and Dr Brian Van Dosen coordinate the operation. For any interested Lions that wish to serve this is a
great opportunity.

Student Speaker Contest MD4 Chair Chris Ohrmund reminds ALL Clubs to let MD4 Office know if they need materi-
als for the contest. Call 805-963-6681 or 800-546-6634 or email 4-C6 Chair is Pat Khan
408-741-1616. Topic is "Water –will California be left High and Dry?"

Healthy Club Workshop March 22, 2009 the MD4 Leadership Committee will put on a "New Officers Workshop" at
the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center. Save the date incoming presidents. VDG Joe Pugliese will coordinate. 4- C3
and C4 will join our District. All Lions are welcome.

Reminder from 4-A1 Newsletter — on their front page DON’T forget to file your 990's or E-File your 990N by the No-
vember 15th Deadline. All Treasurers are expected to comply.

Article from 4C5 Newsletter Diabetes is a disorder that damages the body's ability to utilize food appropriately for
energy. Normally, the food you take in is digested and broken down to a simple sugar know as glucose. The body
requires insulin, an essential hormone produced by the pancreas, to transport glucose from the bloodstream into
the cells to be used as fuel for the body.

A healthy pancreas regulates the amount of insulin based on the level of glucose. If you have diabetes, this proc-
ess malfunctions, and blood glucose levels become too high.

Over time, these elevated blood glucose levels can compromise the body and cause serious complications, includ-
ing heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and amputation.

This is why Districts all over California Walk to Fight against Diabetes.
November/December 2008       LIONS Energizer                                                                    Page 13

From Milpitas Host
Milpitas High Leos build 2 African Libraries!
Milpitas High School Leo Club gathered between 2,000 and 3,000 books all
in one day! The Milpitas Library recently held a "Friends of the Library" book
sale, and at 3:00 pm on a September Sunday afternoon, the Milpitas High
Leos pulled up a moving van, donated by Councilwoman Debbie Giordano,
in front of the library. The leftover books were destined for 5 large garbage
bins waiting outside.
With the help of the Friends of the Library volunteers and Milpitas Host Li-
ons club members, they chose the books that would be suitable for the Afri-
can Library Project, where these books will be shipped to Africa to build 2
                                                                                  Milpitas Leos and Their Book Drive for
libraries in mid-November. Many of the books will also go to Alum Rock
                                                                                  Alum Rock School
School District for their Middle Schools. The books are being stored in a bay
of a shopping mall, which was donated by Shapell Homes in Milpitas for this
Funds needed for shipping:
The Leo Club is currently fundraising to collect enough
money to pay for the shipping of the books! They only
have under a month to raise $1,000, and their deadline is
November 10th. They are planning silent auctions, car
washes, and much more. Any club who are able to help
are requested to send their donations to District Leo Advi-
sor Irene Whiteside. Call 408-469-1991 for details.
Milpitas Host Lions Feed the Homeless
Milpitas Host held their annual BBQ and Halloween Party
for the San Jose Family Shelter on October 24th in conjunc-
tion with Boy Scouts Troop 163. Games were arranged
and conducted by the Boy Scouts while the Lions members
cooked burgers, hot dogs and chili, and served potato
salad, chips and ice cream bars. Approximately 160 were served, and there was enough left over for the next day
at the Shelter.

Memorial to Frank Lemmon                                                                         By DG Lion Marlene Duffin

Frank Lemmon, who was recruited into the Saratoga Lions in 1994 by Marlene Duffin, has held almost every office
and responsibility that the Saratoga Lions Club could provide. He managed the Middle School Awards Program in
1995, served as Club President in 1998-99, Club Treasurer in 2000, Chairman of the Saratoga Lions Charitable
Board in 2004-05, and Club Secretary from 2005 to 2008. And this is only a partial list!
His most valuable accomplishment among many during all these years is his organization and management of our
annual mail campaign to solicit donations for our charitable activities from Saratoga residents. From 2004 through
2007 these campaigns brought in over $75,000 in donations to the Saratoga Lions, far more than all of our other
charitable efforts combined! Frank created the solicitation letters for these drives, acquired lists of the mailing ad-
dresses of likely donors, and made sure that the drives were sponsored by leading Saratoga citizens.
Frank just passed away and he will be missed.
November/December 2008        LIONS Energizer                                                                    Page 14

From Region One Zone Two (Zone Chair Eric Childs )

Gunderson High School in San Jose was the site of the Special Olympics Regional Soccer Playoff Games on Satur-
day 10/11/08. The Almaden Super Lions Club sponsored the Lions A.J. Robinson Mobile Screening Unit for the
event and Lions Rick Silveria and Lanny Ross with “Iron Horse Catering” provided the food for the athletes,
coaches, and supporters. Zone Two Clubs are: Almaden Super, Los Gatos, Cupertino DeAnza, and Saratoga. In
addition Cupertino Host and West San Jose Campbell also assisted. Of the people tested there were three that
probably have diabetes and one that possibly has pre-diabetes, and two who have diabetes but were not in good
control. All of these were referred to their doctors for follow-up. Another example of Lions serving the community!

 Waiting for customers Len Grilli, Val     Almaden Super Lions PDG Don Simp-       Inside the AJ Van workers Zone Chair
 Isaacson, Roger Mason and Eric            son, Rick Silveria and Lanny Ross as    Two Los Gatos Lion Eric Childs, Sara-
 Childs, seated Harry Hall and Jim         they prepare hot dogs and hamburg-      toga Lion Paul Zic, Almaden Super
 Goodheart                                 ers for 600 people.                     Val Isaacson, Cupertino- DeAnza Li-
                                                                                   ons Kathy Golkar working on a spe-
                                                                                   cial Olympics participant.

(by Co-chairs Val Isaacson & Jeff Spedding)

On Sunday, 10/12/08, Lions, for the first time, was a sponsor for this annual fundraiser for the American Diabetes
Association. This was made possible thanks to the donations from over 10 Clubs. District 4C6 was well repre-
sented by over 35 Lions walking and collecting over $6,000.

Seen pointing to one of the sponsors     After the Team Photo Lions and      Seen in front of our 4-C6 Lions Booth mem-
of the event, LIONS, are DG Marlene      friendly dogs split up so the 10K   bers from the 10 Clubs present including
Duffin, District co-chairs Jeff Sped-    runners could take off and the 5K   SJ Beverly Burbank, SJ North Valley,Salinas
ding and Val Isaacon, and Lions Jen-     walkers could warm up.              Host, Saratoga, Almaden Super, Cupertino
nifer Hanner and Jim Isaacson from
                                                                             Host, SJ East Valley, Militias Executive,
Cupertino Lions.
                                                                             Scales of Justice and Morgan Hill.
November/December 2008        LIONS Energizer                                                                        Page 15

Reminder to File 990                         Pull Tabs for Ronald McDonald House
Form with IRS                                                                               By Jan Miller, Salinas Host

To All 4-C6 Lions Club Presidents, Sec-      Just reminding everyone that I am still collecting for the Ronald McDon-
retaries, and Treasurers:                    ald House and to bring all your pull tabs and Wish List items for the
                                             Ronald McDonald House to the next cabinet meeting! We still have time
The IRS requires all charities and non-      to get more items together, so there's no rush as yet!
profits to file a 990 tax form with the
IRS by November 15, 2008. For addi-          Thank you to everyone who's given in the past and thank you for anything
tional information or obtaining the          you can offer this year again! See you at the Cabinet Meeting!
forms, please go on-line to
and click on charities and non-profits.
This is an annual requirement to retain
your tax exempt status.
The following additional tax filing infor-
mation is shared from Lions District 4-
“Two excellent services can assist with
990 submission. Reference for clubs with over
$25,000 in gross income, and epost- for those needing
the new 990-N, both hosted by the Ur-
ban Institute. These friendly sites lead
the user through the process, step by
step. Once the forms are completed
on line, they can be submitted directly
to the IRS. The Club’s federal ID # is
required. Information is retained by
the site(s) from year to year for Club
filing comparisons.
“An extension for the 990 with the IRS
will be honored by the State of CA as
an extension to the RRF-1 without addi-
tional filings. Go to
charities/forms.php to download a
boilerplate RRF-1 form and the instruc-

Bob Stewart, District Treasurer

We Can Do Better                                                                        By Val Esquiver, East Valley Lions

I was contacted by Joe Iacocca , case manager for City Team Ministries, for glasses for their homeless members.
I told Joe that he was out of our area but would call other Lions Clubs for help. I called three other Lions Clubs but
all declined to help for various reasons.
I called Joe back and said we would provide glasses for six members which we did. We should all work together to
help any organization that seek our help in the future.
November/December 2008      LIONS Energizer                                                                   Page 16


To:      District Governor, Vice District Governor, Cabinet Secretary &Treasure, District Cabinet, Constitution & By-
         laws Committee, Convention

From:    Lion Jeff Lochner (Chair, Constitution and Bylaws Committee)

Date:    August 15, 2008

Re:      Revisions to District Constitution & Bylaws to conform with International Bylaws

         Re: First and Second Vice District Governors

                                          PURPOSE OF THE AMENDMENT(S)

         At the most recent International Convention, Lions Clubs International (LCI) passed an amendment to Arti-
cle IX the International Constitution & Bylaws pertaining to District Conventions & Elections. This amendment re-
quires that District elections now include an election for the position of both a "First Vice District Governor “and a
“Second Vice District Governor.” Included within this Article are various requirements for serving each office.

        Additionally, Article X of the newly amended LCI Bylaws specify the "Duties of District Officers." Included
within these duties are specific duties for the First Vice District Governor and Second Vice District Governor.

In order to comply with the requirements of the LCI Constitution & Bylaws (as recently amended), our District must
amend our Constitution & Bylaws to segregate the position of “Vice District Governor” into two separate positions
consisting of a “First Vice District Governor” and a “Second Vice District Governor.” In addition, our Bylaws must be
amended to properly state the duties of the District Governor, First Vice District Governor and Second Vice District
Governor as detailed in the newly amended International Bylaws.


        Following LCI's passage of amendments to its Bylaws as discussed above, uncertainty remained concerning
how each district would implement these changes into their respective Bylaws. For instance, District 4C-6’s Bylaws
specify that amendments may take place only after submission of the proposed amendment to the Cabinet no later
than the third cabinet meeting followed by 2/3 approval of the voting delegates at the District Convention. Thus, it
was originally thought that full implementation of this new position could not take place until after the 2009 Con-

          However, our district has received instructions from the International Director (and LCI) instructing each
district to implement the new position of Second Vice District Governor for District elections for the 2009-2010
fiscal year and each year thereafter. As a consequence, it is recommended that this position be placed open for the
upcoming District Convention subject to the terms of the International Bylaws (and our proposed amended Bylaws).
Is further proposed that the amended bylaws be placed on the ballot at the upcoming District Convention for ratifi-
cation by the membership consistent with our Bylaws and the International Bylaws.

                                      SUMMARY OF PROPOSED AMENDMENTS

      A "Redline" version of the proposed revised Constitution & Bylaws is attached. In summary, the following
changes are proposed to our Constitution & Bylaws in order to render them compliant with LCI’s newly revised By-

Amendments to Constitution
November/December 2008        LIONS Energizer                                                                    Page 17

Article V. (Officers)

Revise Section 1 - to replace the position of Vice District Governor with a First and Second vice District Governor.

Revise Section 2 - to replace "Vice District Governor with "First Vice District Governor."

Revise Section 5 - to replace the position of Vice District Governor with a First and Second vice District Governor.

Revise Section 9B (First vice District Gov) to include all the duties for this position specified in the international
Constitution and Bylaws (article X, section 2, subsection (b))

Add Section 9C (Second vice District Gov) to include this position and to specify all the duties for this position as
specified in the international Constitution and Bylaws (article X, section 2, subsection (c))

Article VI (Convention)

Revise Section 1 - to replace "Vice District Governor with "First Vice District Governor."

Revise Section 6 - to replace "Vice District Governor with "First Vice District Governor."

Article IX (Standing Committees)

Revise Section 1.4 - to replace "Vice District Governor with "First Vice District Governor."

Revise Section 10 - to replace "Vice District Governor with "First Vice District Governor."

Revise Section 13 - to replace "Vice District Governor with "First Vice District Governor."

Amendments to Bylaws

Article I (District Governor Election)

Revise Section 1 - to replace "Vice Governor with "First Vice District Governor."

Replace section 2 with a new section 2A specifying the from "Candidacy Requirements for District Governor" as
specified in the international Constitution and Bylaws (article IX, section 4)

Add section 2B "District Governor/First and Second Vice District Governor Elections."Included within this our new
subsections (a), (b) and (C) pertaining to the election of the District Governor, First Vice District Governor and Sec-
ond Vice District Governor, respectively, as specified in the international Constitution and Bylaws (article IX, section
6, subsections (a), (b) and (C))

Revise Section 3 - to replace "and/or Vice Governor" with "First Vice District Governor and Second Vice District Gov-

Move the "Note" for "Family Membership Dues" from the end of the bylaws to the end of the "Dues Table"
November/December 2008        LIONS Energizer                                                                          Page 18

Accolades “We Serve”                                                                  By Cabinet Secretary Lion Bob Ferber

Cupertino-DeAnza presented a beautiful "Soap Box Derby" plaque to member Kathy Golkan for her generous contribution of
funds for a Soap Box Car for special needs kids at the Derby.
Hollister had outstanding financial success with their booth at the San Benito County Fair was that beer that they sold?
Monterey Peninsula Host had over 67 golfers at their Sept. 19 event. Proceeds will benefit the Blind & Visually Impaired Cen-
ter in Pacific Grove.
Salinas Host wants ideas to raise $40,000 for "Eyeglasses for Children". These would go to school children in the area. Any
ideas call President Mark at 831-758-0063. Salinas Leos were seen helping at Cherries Jubilee selling the best food at the
Prunedale had a real "Road Killer" of an event for White Cane Days, even included karoke singing
Cupertino Host is to be commended for the great sign on their new location at Harvest Restaurant De Anza Blvd super visibility
and publicity for Lions
Lions USA-Canada Forum was graced by the presence of DG Marlene & Ronald, VDG Joe and Linda and Scales of Justice mem-
bers Karen Fillmore and Pat Khan. They all found the way to Saskatoon, Canada
Almaden Super worked for Los Gatos Rotary doing the electrical hookups for the Rotary Lobster Fest. Alan Woertink and the
guys earned money for Lions and also enjoyed some of the lobsters
Santa Clara Host celebrated bringing in 11 new members by working them hard at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival. They
served sausages, sandwiches and corn
Cupertino-DeAnza Leos were recognized by the Mayor of Cupertino for outstanding work done at the Cupertino Dinner in the
Park. Lion Charlie Peters- thank you for your work with the Leos.
Milpitas Executive was recognized by the City of Milpitas and received an HONOR AWARD as the Best Service Club and Best
Social Organization in the City. Way to go Milpitas Executive
San Jose East Valley participated in the San Jose Salsa Festival and helped serve over 1000 people at Kids Day in San Jose.
San Jose Maharlika is working on World Service Day at the Northside Community Center Oct 26-Nov 2. this will include giving
flu shots
Cabrillo Host donated $1000 to Hospice of Santa Cruz Co.
BayAreaIndoAmerican had a booth at the Cupertino Dawli Festival. They ended up with two pages of people's email addresses
showing interest in Lions
San Jose Maharlika Lorie Magsugi has a great way to collect used eyeglasses. Her 3 daughters are optometrists and they
bring them to her…
San Jose Host Colombus Octoberfest Celebration was a real Italian-German feast. Food was excellent and the raffle prizes
outstanding. This was a unique joint effort of the Italian Heritage Organization with Lions.
San Jose North Valley is still recovering from the wonderful Hawaiian Luau and all of us holding our breath as visually impaired
Jack Syvertson attempted to do the stick dance.
San Jose West Campbell worked the Pumpkin Patch and served beer at the Fall Festival in Campbell
Pacific Grove & Mission Trails of Carmel are renting golf carts at Laguna Seca for a super joint fundraising effort
Santa Cruz Host went over the TOP with their White Cane Days. Michel Olson did amazing Public Service Announcements on
the local radio station alerting the community to support Lions efforts. The Club also published a full page ad on White Cane
Days and Lions.
Scotts Valley collected over $2,500 for White Cane Days, Good Work!
San Martin President Dirk Van Stratten was shorn of his hair by his dad and it was given to "Locks of Love" Will we still recog-
nize Dirk?
Scales of Justice member Goody (Jim Goodheart) has some great 50 year Lions Eye Foundation pins for sale. $5 for a great
Greenfield Lions worked hard at the city "Harvest Festival" It was a very successful event!
San Jose Visionary will be selling candy at the Cabinet Meeting for its fundraiser Bring a few extra dollars

Send suggestions and news from your club to let the District know that you do great things in your community!
Please contact District 4-C6 Lions Energizer Newsletter editor Lion Wen Doong at

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