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275 PICTORIA DRIVE | CINCINNATI, OHIO 45246                         

a pp e t iz e rs                                       en tr ees                  served with two sides

Fried ribs                                             p-u-l-l-e-d pork plate
our st. louis rib, lightly breaded and flash fried,    rubbed and smoQ’d 14 hours till tender 13.99
served with an orange-maple glaze 6.99
                                                       smoQ’d Fried chicken
spicy peel and eat shrimp                              half a chicken, smoQ’d and fried 12.99                  served with our own hickory chips
marinated in oil and spices…..served warm 8.99
smoQ potato skins                                      homemade meatloaf made from ground bison
                                                                                                               p-u-l-l-e-d pork sandWich
                                                                                                               topped with our mustard slaw 7.49
hickory smoQ’d pulled pork, our tangy carolina         served with a bbq demi glace 15.99
sauce, cheddar cheese and green onion…..served                                                                 brisket sandWich
with sour cream 6.49
                                                       Frenched bone-in pork chop
                                                                                                               topped with our mustard slaw 7.99
                                                       with blueberry jalapeno bbq glaze 17.99
buFFa-Q Wings                                                                                                  turkey bacon club
plump wings are smoQ’d, sauced, and finished on
                                                       brisket plate
                                                                                                               we smoQ the turkey 7.99
                                                       rubbed with our own house blend, smoQ’d tender
the grill…with celery and bleu cheese 7.29
                                                       and sliced thick 14.59                                  blFgt
rib tips                                                                                                       fried green tomatoes add a twist to a classic, with
the succulent meaty tip of the rib…rubbed and slow
                                                       smoQ’d chicken and WaFFle
                                                                                                               our horseradish sauce 7.49
                                                       smoQ’d, fried chicken breast and a sweet potato-
smoQ’d 6.49
                                                       pecan waffle finished with maple butter and syrup       southern Fried catFish
cajun corn dogs                                        14.99                                                   or you can have it blackened, with lettuce and
house smoQ’d andouille sausage bites dipped in a                                                               remoulade 7.99
spicy cornmeal batter with a spicy ketchup 6.99
                                                       st. louis dry rub ribs
                                                       a rack of fall-off-the bone ribs,                       bacon cheeseburger
Fried okra                                             dry rubbed with our own house                           a half pound with cheddar and apple wood bacon
served with a smoQ’d tomato relish 5.99                blend 14.99 half slab                 si des            7.49
                                                       20.99 full slab
stuFFed peppers                                                                                $3.29 each      smoQ’d chicken breast
mild banana peppers stuffed with cheese, wrapped       baby back ribs                                          smoQ’d chicken, bbq sauce, cheddar and bacon
in a wonton wrapper and flash fried…..served with      seasoned and smoQ’d and               Collard Greens
our smoQ’d tomato relish 7.49                          finished on the grill with bbq        Southern Green
                                                       sauce 15.99 half slab                          Beans    buFFaloaF sandWich
Fried green tomatos                                    21.99 full slab                                         our home made meatloaf made from ground bison
lightly coated in spicy cornmeal and flash fried….                                             Mustard Slaw    on thick toasted bread 7.29
served with jalapeno cream sauce and sweet             halF and halF rib                       Baked Potato
pepper relish 6.49                                                                                             brisket reuben
                                                                                                       Fries   smoQ’d brisket and mustard slaw make this a
                                                       half a rack of each 21.99
                                                                                                               reuben unlike any you’ve had 7.99
s ou p s                                               uncle jerry’s shrimp
                                                                                               Hickory Chips
                                                                                                               bbQ burger
                                                       and grits                              Mac & Cheese
                                                                                                               a half pound with bbq sauce, cheddar, caramelized
smoQ’d chicken and sausage                             stone-ground cheddar grits,            Cheddar Grits    onions and garlic 7.49
gumbo                                                  shrimp, andouille sausage,
the envy of new orleans 3.50 cup 4.50 bowl                                                  Red Beans & Rice
                                                       onion, tomato, bell pepper and
corn choWder With lime-ancho                           garlic with a jalapeno cream             Sweet Potato   desserts
                                                       sauce 16.99                                    Brulee
shrimp                                                                                                         sour cream and smoQ’d apple pie
a creamy base of corn, potatoes and lots of            neW york strip                         Mashed Potato
                                                                                                               smoQ’d granny smith apples make this an instant
vegetables…finished with lime-ancho marinated          14 oz of center cut choice strip         Baked Beans    classic 4.99
shrimp 3.25 cup 4.25 bowl                              steak, grilled to perfection 25.99
                                                                                                               cinnamon bun cheesecake
                                                       smoQ’d bbQ chicken                                      a cinnamon and orange cheesecake with a
salads                                                 half a smoQ’d chicken, finished
                                                                                                               cinnamon bun crust topped with fondant icing 4.99
                                                       on the grill with bbq sauce 13.99
house salad                                                                                                    smoQ’d peaches and cream
                                                       Farm raised catFish                                     smoQ’d peaches, vanilla bean ice cream and
topped with spiced pecans, red onion, bacon,           southern fried or blackened 15.99
apples and smoQ’d cheddar cheese 3.99                                                                          caramel sauce 3.99
                                                       (all u can eat on Friday 17.99)
caesar salad                                                                                                   bread pudding With maker’s mark
                                                       casheW crusted chicken
made with cornbread croutons 3.99                      boneless chicken breast crusted with chopped
                                                                                                               we use glazed donuts, cherries and berries 4.29
smoQ’d turkey and berry salad                          cashews and sautéed, served with a sweet pepper
mixed with smoQ’d turkey, berries, spiced pecans,      relish 14.99                                            chocolate chip Volcano cake
green apples and feta cheese in our caramel apple                                                              stuffed with a gooey chocolate center 4.99
                                                       southern Fried shrimp
vinaigrette 8.49                                       dusted in seasoned flour and flash fried...with
smoQ-house salad                                       blueberry jalapeno bbq sauce for dipping 16.99          Ki d ’s M en u
hickory smoQ’d pulled pork atop fresh greens with      chicken and dumplings
tomato, egg, and bacon tossed in our sweet smoQ-       smoQ’d chicken and made-from-scratch dumplings          hamburger
house dressing 7.29                                    make this old standard new and exciting 12.99           choose one side 4.50
caesar With chicken or brisket                         orange-maple glazed salmon                              chicken Fingers
with cornbread croutons and your choice of smoQ’d      grilled with an orange--maple glaze 18.99               choose one side 4.50
chicken or brisket 7.49
                                                       molasses marinated petite beeF                          pulled pork sandWich
Fried green tomato-caprese salad                                                                               choose one side 4.50
fried green tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese
with peppers and onions in maple balsamic
                                                       marinated in molasses and grilled finished with         cheese or pepperoni pizza
                                                       shrimp, onion and tomato in a smoQ’d slab bacon         choose one side 4.50
vinaigrette finished with jalapeno cream drizzle and
                                                       demi glace 19.99
sweet pepper relish 7.99

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