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                                                                                      6            Poker Run and BBQ at Lake Casitas
                                                                                      8            R.U.F. Visits Rancho Camulos
                                                                                     10            Perfect Weather for a “Great Strides” Cystic
                                                                                                   Fibrosis Walk in Santa Barbara

                                                                                     12             October Camarillo Breakfast Meeting
                                                                                     14             October Santa Barbara Breakfast Meeting

      Thank you, Firefighters, for all that you have done.
                                                                                      2            PCA/SBR Calendar of Events
                                                                                      2            Tentative 2009 Activities Schedule
                                                                                      3            Santa Barbara Region Board of Directors
                                                   On the Cover                       3            SBR Board Appointees
                                                                                      4            President’s Column

                                                A tribute to the 20
                                                                                      5            Editor’s Column
                                                 editions of “Der                    18            September Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                               Auspuff” created by                    19            Zone 8 Information
                                              outgoing Editor Janice                 21            Tech Corner
                                                                                     22            New and Transferred Members

                                                     Deisgned by
                                                                                     23            Members’ Anniversaries
                                                    John Alfenito                    27            Directory of Advertisers
                                                                                     28            Classified Advertising

  The Porsche Club of America celebrates the finer things in life. We desire the comfort of good friends and good conversation, and we praise to a fault
  the world’s finest automobile. Join PCA’s Santa Barbara Region today. Please visit for more information on the Club.

Der Auspuff, which translates as “the exhaust,” is the official publication of the Santa Barbara Region, Porsche
Club of America. Chartered regions of PCA are granted permission to reprint any material herein provided full credit is given to the
author and Der Auspuff (with the exception of copyrighted material). Any statement appearing in Der Auspuff is that of the author, and does
not constitute an opinion of the Porsche Club of America, the Santa Barbara Region, its Board or Appointees, the Der Auspuff Editors, or its
Staff. The Editorial Staff reserves the right to edit all material submitted for publication. Deadline for submittal of material to be considered
for Der Auspuff is the 10th of the month preceding the month of publication.

                                                                    Porsche Club of America      Santa Barbara Region December 2008 1

                                                  What’s Going on With PCA Santa Barbara

                                                December 2008
                                                Saturday, December 6 ......... Camarillo Breakfast, Way-Point Cafe - 9:00 a.m.
                                                Wednesday, December 10 ... Board Meeting
                                                Saturday, December 13 ....... Santa Barbara Breakfast, Moby Dick Restaurant - 9:00 a.m.
                                                Saturday, December 20 ....... Holiday Party

                                                January 2009
                                                Saturday, January 3 ............. Camarillo Breakfast, Way-Point Cafe - 9:00 a.m.
                                                Saturday, January 10 ........... Santa Barbara Breakfast, Moby Dick Restaurant - 9:00 a.m.
                                                Wednesday, January 14 ....... Board Meeting
                                                Friday, January 16 ............... Three-Night Four-Day Monterey Adventure

                                                February 2009
                                                Saturday, February 7 ........... Camarillo Breakfast, Way-Point Cafe - 9:00 a.m.
                                                Wednesday, February 11 ..... Board Meeting
          Members of the R.U.F. group           Saturday, February 14 ......... Santa Barbara Breakfast, Moby Dick Restaurant - 9:00 a.m.
    touring the gardens at Rancho Camulos.
                Article on Page 8.              Saturday, February21 .......... Tour of the Reagan Library

2    December 2008 Santa        Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

President                  Secretary                            Activities                         Editor
Nicolas Liakas             Nadine Tracy                         Oscar and Toni Briones             Janice Herndon          
818.706.6016               805.898.1565                         805.450.7735                       210.240.6552

Vice President             Treasurer                            Goodie Store                       Past President
Dave Mosesson              Carol Mathieu                        Jeanne and John McNair             Joe Carastro         
805.526-6725               805.484.2559                         805.494.1527                       805.968.9962

                           Membership                           Jacob Castroll
                           Dave Stone                 

Advertising                            Autocross                                         Insurance
Bill Sampson                           Richard Shaw                                      Jim Brown                             

Archives                               Brian Cable                                       Rally
Burt Misevic                                                    Joe Schneider                                                           
                                       Michael Zois
Concours d’ Elegance                                                Webmasters
Bill Sampson                                                                             Anuroop and Rashi Gupta                   Forum Moderator                         
                                       John Alfenito
Chester and Joan Yabitsu

Printer                                Cover Editor                                      Production Editors
Mike Pomerantz                         John Alfenito                                     Ray Jordan
Sir Speedy Printing                                                                      John Alfenito
1661 Pacific Avenue #20                 Proof Editors
Oxnard, California 93033               Susan Stone
805-487-8300                           Birgitta Baker
                                                                     Map to the SBR Breakfasts

                                                        Porsche Club of America   Santa Barbara Region December 2008 3

                                                                          activities and events. Veteran and more recent members answered
                                                                          the call for assistance, and each devoted time, effort and treasure in
                                                                          making certain that our combined efforts succeeded. Did they ever!
                                                                          It may be easily determined and confirmed by reviewing the past
                                                                          two years’ monthly issues of Der Auspuff.
                                                                             The friendships and lifelong relationships that have been formed
                                                                          among our members are most rewarding. The fellowship we enjoy is
                                                                          difficult to find in other regions, and we have seen many members of
                                                                          other Zone 8 regions transfer to our own because of our camaraderie
                                                                          and diverse activities. New members have been welcomed with open
                                                                          arms, and our membership rolls have grown by about 20% during
                                                                          the past two years. More so, our relationship with the two Porsche
                                                                          dealerships within our region have improved and expanded, and we
                                                                          are grateful and indebted to them for their support.
                                                                             It is somewhat expected that I set forth here the names of
                                                                          those who have shared the awesome responsibility of the club’s
   My membership in PCA/SBR dates to the fall of 1994. I                  management, and to whom I owe the aforesaid gratitude and
purchased my first Porsche, a 993 Cabriolet, at Rusnak Westlake            thanks. To do so, however, would require two or three additional
and submitted my membership application forthwith. Several years          pages in this newsletter; the list is so lengthy. I have frequently in
passed before I attended my first event, the Camarillo breakfast,          public and in private arenas conveyed my deep sincerity for and
and soon thereafter commenced my volunteer phase as editor of             keen awareness of their support and loyalty to the club, and I will
Der Auspuff, a position I occupied for three years during which our        take every opportunity to do so again – one on one. I ask that each
region won the Heinmiller Award twice and best in class once. Since       of you accept that I will always remember your contributions and
then I have served as the club’s president for the past two years and     that I look forward to “paying it back.”
have contributed to the formation and management of numerous                 I will continue to serve as a voting member of the Board as
committees and activities. It is time for new management to guide         the club’s past president, but the reins are being handed to a most
our efforts into future years, and I look forward to my continued          qualified, competent and likeable individual. David Stone will bring
participation as an aide, and the ability to enjoy in peace and without   his own style and objectives to the forefront and undoubtedly will
interruption a breakfast or lunch with fellow club members.               serve us all well.
   My service to the club was supported and defined by the                    I wish you all well, lots of success, and happy times together.
selflessness of numerous members of our Board of Directors, both              Have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, and a
elected and appointed, and dozens of volunteers in our frequent           wonderful New Year.

4   December 2008 Santa         Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

                                                                                            Der Auspuff would like to thank the 2008 Board of Directors
                                                                                        under the very competent leadership of Nick Liakas. Without its
                                                                                        guidance and careful planning, Santa Barbara Region would not
                                                                                        have attained the success it has this past year. A huge thank you
                                                                                        also goes out to the numerous volunteers who have contributed
                                                                                        so significantly to the Club’s events. There are so many behind-
                                                                                        the-scenes duties that are so important to a successful event. Thank
                                                                                        you to our advertisers who directly contribute to the continued
                                                                                        existence of Der Auspuff. When you visit their establishments,
                                                                                        please be sure to let them know that you saw their advertisement
                                                                                        in the publication.
                                                                                            I especially welcome John Alfenito as our 2009 Editor. Der
                                                                                        Auspuff is in your very competent hands. I especially appreciate
                                                                                        the cover of this month’s issue that John compiled - a collage of all
                                                                                        the issues I have published as Editor. As this is my final monthly
                                                                                        issue, I am passing the baton to John next week so he can start on
                                                                                        the January 2009 issue. I certainly look forward to putting my feet
    Lots of jobs are unlike any other and, as I know, and John
                                                                                        up and reading future issues.
Alfenito is about to find out, publishing Der Auspuff is one of
                                                                                            I look forward to my new position with the Club, Chair of
them. It has been a challenge and at times an ordeal. It has also
                                                                                        Membership, as well as supporting John in any way I can. I will
been a privilege, a pleasure and an exciting two-year tenure for
                                                                                        remain a voting member of the Board and will keep involved in our
me, with a lot of stress and fun all mixed together. While there
are surely smiles on our faces when the issue is out, my farewell is
                                                                                            Like Nick, I also look forward to having more time to converse
also bittersweet. I will miss this job. Der Auspuff certainly leaves
                                                                                        and get to know my fellow Porsche drivers better. The time I spend
its mark on an editor and, no question, the editor leaves his or her
                                                                                        with other members of the Santa Barbara Region means so much to
mark on the readers. Der Auspuff has reflected my affection for
                                                                                        me. It has been my pleasure to serve as your Editor.
the Santa Barbara Region as well as the amazing cars we drive. My
goal for Der Auspuff was to make the magazine about YOU, the
membership, and memorializing the fun times we have enjoyed                                 Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year.
together. And have we ever had some great times.

                            Since 1972
                            Bob Campbell’s

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                           Santa Clarita, California
                                                                                                       REPAIR & SERVICE
                                                                                                           OVER 70 YEARS OF COMBINED PORSCHE
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                                                                                                          No affiliation with or approval of Porsche AG or Porsche Cars North America is intended or implied

                                                                           Porsche Club of America      Santa Barbara Region December 2008 5

                     Poker Run and BBQ at Lake Casitas
By Ted Lighthizer
Photos by Janice Herndon

    Forty-one Porsche enthusiasts were
undeterred by one of the worst weeks in
financial markets since 1929 as they gathered
and waited for the start of this year’s Poker
Run and BBQ at Lake Casitas Recreation
Area. Doreen Pankow and Ted Lighthizer,
event hosts, got off to a wild start with the
eager gamblers who all wanted to draw the
first card to their hopefully winning hand at
once. Fortunately for all, Gary Weaver jumped
in to help Ted when Doreen had to leave in
advance of the group with the five members
manning the three card stops on the route to
Lake Casitas. The scenic route took us from               Members serving themselves the delicious BBQ chicken, tri-tip and sausage lunch.
Camarillo to Lewis Road, then to Highway
118 through Saticoy, crossing over the 126 to             stop, the group reached Santa Paula and joined the
Telegraph Road, taking us into Santa Paula and onto       scenic Highway 150 north for some twisty mountain
Highway 150, passing through Ojai and on to Lake          roads and beautiful scenery. Card stop three, our last
Casitas.                                                  and most precarious stop, was manned by veteran
    As planned, by 10:00 a.m. all attendees had           poker run card dealer Mike Jacobs. Mike did a great
been accounted for. Twenty-two beautiful Porsches,        job of keeping up with the flow of traffic even though
ranging from Targas from the 70s to a stunning            he was working unassisted, unless you count the TV
2008 911 Coupe owned by Donald and Linda                  tray he cleverly used to make his card stop work so
Kuckenbaker, began the 50-mile route to Lake              smoothly. This was the last stop before completing
Casitas led by Oscar Briones, Activities Chairman.        our back roads drive to Lake Casitas, now only 16
The Poker Run’s first stop came at the Briggs School       miles away. The reverse route on Highway 150 used
where Janice Herndon and Ray Jordan, two SBR              in this year’s Poker Run allowed for a new look at
members who never stop giving of their time and           a familiar, fun drive enjoyed often by PCASBR
talents to the club, dealt the second card to each        members.
player with no mis-deals reported. The dealers at            Porsches started arriving at Lake Casitas around
the second stop were Kevin and Diane Grizzard,            11:30 a.m. and were greeted with bright, sunny
two members who volunteered for this year’s event.                                                                    Ben Eichner won one-half
                                                          skies along with the smells of BBQ smoke and food              the pot for his high
Kudos to Kevin and Diane for stepping up and              cooking on the grill. Players drew their fifth and final            poker hand.
helping out when needed. Shortly after the second         card at our lunch spot at the Lake Casitas Group One

                           Porsches entering Lake Casitas Park.                                       Members Jeffrey and Rosalee Merrick.

6   December 2008 Santa       Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

                  The card dealers: Kevin and Diane Gizzard,                                Thank you to event organizers Ted Lighthizer and
                 Mike Jacobs, Janice Herndon and Ray Jordan.                                         Doreen Pankow. Great job.

covered picnic area. Now the fun started       tri-tip. Good conversation was had by
as each poker player had to declare how        all as we enjoyed lunch with friends
they wished to play their hand, either         both old and new.
high or low, as the winner in each                 After lunch a game of Frisbee started
category would end up splitting the            up on the spacious lawn accompanying
pot of $155.00. After polling all players      our eating area which just about
for the highest hand, it was determined        finished Ted for the day. Others
that Ben Eichner, son of Elliot Eichner,       checked out the many Porsches at the
won high hand with three kings. Low            event or explored the lake, marina and
hand was won by Steven Bernston with           numerous points of interest inside the
Nadine Tracy’s expert drawing with             Lake Casitas Recreation Area. To learn
                                                                                                        Members Hassan and Shireen Rashid.
what I believe was a 10/6 low hand.            more about this fun place to visit, go to
Congratulations to both winners and   Additional kudos
not to worry as we do not report these         for this event need to go to Mike and
winnings to the I.R.S.                         Karen Turek for their support and to
    We then turned our attention to the        Oscar and Nick for the role they play
delicious BBQ lunch catered by Chef            in the success of our club at each and
Aaron Johnson with Q-Time Catering             every event. We look forward to seeing
in Ojai. Lunch included “all you can           YOU at one of our many events in the
eat” tossed green salad, potato salad,         coming months. Until then, drive and
cole slaw, garlic toast, and baked beans       enjoy your Porsche with feeling, as there
along with BBQ sausage, chicken and            is no substitute.

                                                                                                           Member Kathy Boyd with guest.

     Members receiving their fourth card from dealer Mike Jacobs.                          Steven Bernston with Nadine Tracy accept the
                                                                                           low poker hand winnings from Doreen Pankow.

                                                                    Porsche Club of America    Santa Barbara Region December 2008 7

         R.U.F. Visits
       Rancho Camulos
    Article by Rusty B. Tubs
    Photos by Rusty B. Tubs and John Alfenito

    California history and legend were on the R.U.F. agenda on
October 23, 2008 as fourteen members traveled to Rancho Camulos
in Piru. This national historical landmark is nestled within a working
ranch accessed off CA Hwy 126 about two miles east of town. It is
best known for its portrayal of Spanish, Mexican, California and
American cultures and it has sparked romantic tales, songs and                       The original decorative fountain at the front entrance.
movies regarding its inhabitants and their lifestyle. Ramona has
inspired four motion pictures and a pageant performed annually              settings for Jackson’s novel, Rancho Camulos became not only a
in Hemet, California, since 1923. One of the silent movies starred          tourist Mecca in and of itself, but was also emblematic of California’s
Mary Pickford and was shot on the Rancho.                                   colonial past in both reality and in fiction. It is a tribute to the power
    Although Rancho Camulos became well known among                         and influence of Jackson’s novel that her popular fiction achieved a
Californians for the accomplishments of three generations of Del            capacity to fire the collective imagination of the American public to
Valles in both the political and agricultural history of the state, it is   an extent that the more prosaic reality of colonial California might
                                                     best recognized as     never have equaled. It was in large part this brand of fictionalization
                                                     the “Home of           and romantic invention that induced Americans to move in vast
                                                     Ramona.” When          numbers from east to west, with expectations of discovering the
                                                     Helen       Hunt       fabled land of Ramona.
                                                     Jackson published          Maria Christopher, the President of the Docent Society of the
                                                     her best-selling       Rancho, greeted the R.U.F.ians. Spectacular grounds fronted the
                                                     novel     Ramona       adobe residence
                                                     in 1884, it was        that was framed
                                                     her intention to       by an ancient
                                                     supply the general     walnut tree. Seven
                                                     reader with an         glorious Porsches
               The family chapel.
                                                    appreciation            parked underneath
of the California Indians’ plight as illustrated by the trials and          the trees and
tribulations of the fictional girl, Ramona. Disappointed that A              in front of the
Century of Dishonor, her earlier book reciting the past injustices          adobe. The tour
of the Indians, received so little notice, she wrote Ramona hoping          commenced with
to elicit popular support for the Indians, much as her acquaintance         a brief background
                                                                                                                Old bells from the 1830’s.
Harriet Beecher Stowe had done with Uncle Tom’s Cabin.                      on the Rancho’s
    The original Rancho was a 48,000 acre land grant issued by the          history and ownership. It proceeded through the adobe residence,
Spanish government in the 1830s and was later confirmed by the               the separate structures containing the kitchen, a schoolhouse and a
Mexican government. It encompassed what is now the northeast                family chapel.The winery has been abandoned for quite some time,
area of Ventura County and almost all of present day Newhall                but the building itself is still in fair condition and is stuffed with
Ranch in Los Angeles County. As one of the most widely recognized           farm machinery and equipment that dates back to the turn of the
                                                                            last century. One wonders if there are any Porsche “garage queens”
                                                                            hidden in that building. Descendants of the Del Valle family still
                                                                            volunteer their services to the landmark.
                                                                                The two-hour tour was punctuated with a showing of the silent
                                                                            movie starring Mary Pickford. The eleven-minute cinema projected
                                                                            a rapturous romance that ended in tragedy. The film, which was
                                                                            shot at the Rancho, contains many scenes of the adobe structures,
                                                                            gardens, chapel and fountains. It is a guide to present day historians
                                                                            and preservationists, and also serves as a diary from which restoration
                                                                            plans are drawn.
                                                                                The movie was followed by a picnic lunch that was enjoyed on
                                                                            the south lawn of the schoolhouse. As usual, conversation was lively
                                                                            and everyone’s spirit was lifted. These R.U.F.ians know how to enjoy
               Docent Maria Christopher addressing our group.                   To participate in the R.U.F. events, please contact Nick Liakas.

8    December 2008 Santa        Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

                                                         You are cordially invited to our annual

                                                PCA-SBR Holiday Dinner Party
                                                       Saturday, December 20, 2008
                                              The Pierpont Inn, 550 Sanjon Road, Ventura, CA
                                                The Holiday Party will include the installation of the 2009 PCA-SBR Officers
   Enjoy fine dining, ocean views, holiday decorations, music, dancing, and wonderful camaraderie and conversation.
                                          No-host cocktails 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
                                Cost $70.00 per person (including activity fee, tax & tip)
  You may select either Beef (tri-tip with sherry mushroom sauce), Chicken (topped with havarti cheese, grilled prawns and
  al fresca sauce), or Roasted Salmon (with crab, brie and tarragon beurre blanc). Please send in your reservations and
  payment early as participation is on a first-come-first-served basis. Our Holiday Party can accommodate 110 people only.

                 R.S.V.P. no later than December 14, 2008 with your payment to PCASBR:
                c/o Oscar & Toni Briones, 4985 Old Oak Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93111
                       Please include your name and entrée preference(s) along with your check.
                     Contact or (805) 450-7735 for more information

                                                          Porsche Club of America     Santa Barbara Region December 2008 9

                   Perfect Weather for a “Great Strides”
                   Cystic Fibrosis Walk in Santa Barbara
By Carol Mathieu

   Saturday, October 18, turned out to be a glorious day for the
“GREAT STRIDES: Taking Steps to Cure Cystic Fibrosis Walk”
by the beach area just south of Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara.
John, Haley, Haden and Hunter Mann and Haley’s friend Helen
were joined by Brian and Paige Kavanagh, Paige’s friend Samantha,
Terri and Jeff Koskie, Linda and Jon Cotton, Steve and Janet Kaller,
Nadine Tracy and Carol and Tobe Mathieu, in the Fight against
Cystic Fibrosis, the Santa Barbara Region Porsche Club 2008
   The day turned out to be glorious in more ways than one. The
weather was perfect, and the money raised by our 15 walkers will
help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Please join me in thanking our
Club Members who gave up their Saturday morning to participate
in this very worthwhile event. Walkers met at the park at 8:45 for
a continental breakfast before walking the 5.2 mile path along the
beach. We walked south towards the Cabrillo Bath House, then
made a u-turn and walked north past the Santa Barbara Yacht Club
and back for a bottle of water, Subway sandwich, great conversation                     Hunter Mann. A child’s precious smile.
and pats on the back for jobs well done to support finding a cure for
this very debilitating disease.                                        or more. Remember, each donation is fully tax deductible. Once
   It’s not too late to support your Club’s walkers. Donations can     you have donated online CFF will get the tax deductible paperwork
be made on line at: Go to Find        to you for your taxes.
a Walker located on the upper left-hand side of the page. It will         To those of you that have supported this charity through your
take you to an area where you can enter the name Hunter Mann.          kind donations of time, auction items or money, Shannon Kavanagh
Hunter has two sites – choose the site that is Team Porsche Club       and I, co-leaders of the Porsche Club Charity for 2008, want to
and donate any amount that you are comfortable with: $1 - $1,000       thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

10    December 2008 Santa       Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

                                                              Explore Big Sur,
                                                            Carmel-By-The Sea
                                                                  & Monterey
                                                                   January 16-19, 2009
    The Santa Barbara Region will tour the Central California Coast during the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend,
    January 16-19, 2009. The itinerary features the picturesque communities of Big Sur, Carmel, and Monterey.
    Friday, January 16th - Afternoon departure from Santa Barbara driving North on 101 through San Luis Obispo to a
    dinner stop at The Main Street Grille/Bar-B-Que in Cambria. Arrive at the Best Western Monterey Inn for lodging.
    Saturday, January 17th - A docent-lead tour of Point Sur Lighthouse followed by lunch at The Big Sur River Inn.
    Return to Carmel for cruising along the world-famous Seventeen Mile Drive. Saturday evening dinner on your own.
    Sunday, January 18th - At your leisure explore the wonders of Monterey and Carmel such as the aquarium, the wharf,
    Ocean Avenue, Pacific Grove, galleries and other shops in Carmel village. Group Dinner at the Baja Cantina in Carmel
    Valley, a car lover’s delight!
    Monday, January 19th - Return home via Carmel Valley Road. Travel the beautiful and sparsely inhabited back roads
    through the mountains, rivers and lakes. Connect with 101 South by King City.
          If you wish to join us on this adventure, please register with Nancy & Doug Maletz no later than
          December 16, 2008. Use the form below. You must make your own hotel reservations by calling
          The Best Western Monterey Inn (877) 373-5345 before 12/16/2008 to take advantage of the
          discounted Porsche Club rate of $116.10 - $146.10 depending on your accomodation.
          Mention you are with the club to get the lower rate. Aquarium tickets are available at the hotel.
          The price/fee of $75-per-person includes lunch on Saturday, dinner Sunday evening,
          The Lighthouse Tour, and your SBR Activity Fees. Meal choices will be provided upon registration.
          Note that the Seventeen Mile Drive imposes a per-vehicle charge.

    Mail this form to: Nancy & Doug Maletz, 2896 Woodflower St., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

    Your Name(s):

    Phone #:                                               Cell Phone #:

    E-Mail Address:

    Payment enclosed payable to PCA/SBR:                                            (No refunds after 12/31/08)

                             Contact Nancy & Doug at (805) 532-1412 or

                                                     Porsche Club of America   Santa Barbara Region December 2008 11

By Jeff Koskie
Photos by Ray Jordan                                                      A rainbow leads to a pot of gold - Porsches
                                                                       lined up on the airstrip at the Camarillo Airport.
    November 1, 2008 - The first day of         from Porter Ranch and his sister Sharon,
November brought welcome rain to a             visiting from Georgia, showed up in
parched Southern California. However,          Mike’s 1967 912 that was sporting new
the rain, thunder and ferocious winds didn’t   paint, a freshened engine, and an air horn!
seem to dampen the club’s spirit, with 76      Don and Kris Galloway of Santa Barbara
members, 23 Porsches, and numerous             arrived in their beautiful 2002 911 Turbo.
“alternate vehicles” showing up for the        Prospective members Thomas and Patty
monthly breakfast club meeting at the          Duck of Moorpark brought their 1987
Way-Point Café in Camarillo. Those that        911 Carrera.
attended were rewarded with a beautiful            Guests included Rick Hopkins from
rainbow that highlighted the Porsches          Granada Hills (a Harley friend of Jeff
parked on the runway.                          Koskie’s who will someday cross over!),
    New members and guests also braved the     Rick Shaw’s friend Carlos Avelar of
storm. New member Mike Macchiarella            Ventura who is looking to buy a 993, and                       Brian and Linda Rubino.


          Stop renting! Start investing!

        The only small warehouse space
      available for sale in the Conejo Valley.

     Perfect as a leased investment, business
          location, or showroom for your
             prized vehicle collection.

                                                                                                       Store one appreciating
                                                                                                        asset inside another!

                                                                                                       LAVERY BUSINESS PARK
                                                                 2631-2639 LAVERY COURT, THOUSAND OAKS, CA.

        Tony Principe (805) 497-4557 x236                                                             UNITS FROM $266,490

12    December 2008 Santa       Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

                                              that just a few concours shirts are still
                                              available, so contact him soon if you want
                                              one of these beautiful shirts.
                                                 Folks were reminded to sign up for
                                              upcoming events including the Palms
                                              Restaurant road trip, the Holiday Party,
                                              the Big Sur Run and the Ronald Reagan
                                              Library Tour.
                                                 A big thanks goes out to Mike Hodson.
                                              Mike manned the gate for arrivals and
           Robert Charbonneau.                departures through the downpours.
                                                 All in all, despite the weather, the
Kent Bodin’s neighbor, Bernie Siwek, who      breakfast meeting had a nice turnout and
is looking to purchase a 928 and install an   was another opportunity to catch up with               Bev Charbonneau speaking
                                                                                                        with Paul Bocovich.
American drivetrain.                          our Porsche Club friends.
    Wayne Greko brought a very special
guest, his grandson Scott Reeder of Oxnard.
Scott is serving in the United States Navy
and came to say goodbye before shipping
out for Afghanistan on November 24th.
He received a nice round of applause, and
we all wished him a safe tour.
    Ballots for the new board members
were passed out by Oscar Briones. Don’t
forget to vote. A ballot can be found in
the November Der Auspuff. Thanks and
appreciation were shown to the outgoing
board members.
    Bill Sampson thanked all volunteers
from the Concours. As always, it was a
truly enjoyable event. Bill also mentioned                                 John Graham, Denis Friezner, and
                                                                         James Brewer have some good laughs.

                                                          Porsche Club of America   Santa Barbara Region December 2008 13

      November                               acquisition of Steve
                                             brought his son,

        Santa                                Nicholas, with him
                                             to the meeting.
                                                 Right       after

       Barbara                               Steve arrived, the
                                             usual variety of
                                             Porsches began to

      Breakfast                              fill the reserved
                                             parking area. By the           Kathryn LeMay, Susie Thomason, Nancy Carastro
                                                                              and Gretchen Olenberger having some laughs.
                                             time the meeting

      Meeting                                started, a total of
                                             34 cars and 42 people were enjoying a         latest book “Porsche Sixty Years” for our
                                             very lively conversation. Kathryn Eisler      members was also in attendance. Walt
By Oscar Briones
                                             LeMay, a former member, just moved            Branscome from the Santa Barbara Auto
Photos by Ray Jordan
                                             back from Hawaii. Randy Leffingwell, a          Group drove a 2009 997 Carrera 4S with
                                             renowned writer and photographer, who         the new PDK feature.
    Even though Santa Barbara is referred    made himself available to autograph his           The meeting was conducted by our Vice
to as “the American Riviera” it’s very
common to have cool, misty and overcast
skies along the beaches very early in the
morning. However, for our breakfast
meeting this was not the case, for it was
warm and sunny as the cars began to arrive
at the Moby Dick Restaurant.
    For a moment it looked like it was
going to be a Porsche Turbos-only meeting
as the first five cars were Turbos including                                                         Peter and Tania Hopps had
                                             Walt Branscome with the 2009 997 Carrera 4S           a great table inn t he corner.
a black 2005 Turbo Cabriolet, the latest     he brought from the Santa Barbara Autogroup.

14    December 2008 Santa      Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

                                                                                                   Der Auspuff editor, Janice Herndon, details the
                                                                                                   membership stats while Vice President, Dave
                                                                                                                Mosesson, watches.

           Members getting settled for the great breakfast at the moby Dick Resturant.

President, Dave Mosesson, as our President,            Oscar Briones, our Activities Chairman,
Nick Liakas, along with Dave Stone, our            reviewed the upcoming events. Oscar
Membership Chairman, were attending a              informed us that the Holiday Dinner Party
                                                                                                           Roberta and George Lehtinen
Presidents Meeting in Los Angeles.                 is filling up rather fast and there is limited               enjoying their meal.
   Dave had our future Membership                  space so, if you want to attend, sign up
Chair, the current Editor of Der Auspuff,           now.                                            of Los Olivos’ back roads and enjoyed wine
Janice Herndon, give us the membership                 Finally as a example of the kind of         tasting at the Rusack winery.
and attendance information as practice             camaraderie that has developed between              Dave thanked everyone for attending.
for her new position. Needless to say, she         members at the breakfast meetings, a group      We hope to see you soon at one of the
performed marvelously.                             of us decided to take a Porsche driving tour    upcoming events.

                              AUTOMOTIVE LEGENDS

                              PORSCHE                                                                                            997 TURBO
                                                                                                                                 GT2/ GT3
                              VEHICLE SERVICE, REPAIR AND RESTORATION                                                            996
                              VALUE. EXPERIENCE. SATISFACTION                                                                    Cayman
                                                                                                                                 Carrera GT
  SUMMER                                                                                                                         Carrera

  SPECIAL                                                                                                                        Cayenne
 15K/20K Service
       986 996                                                                                                                   968
       987 997                                                                                                                   944
      Our Price                                                                                                                  928
       $530                                                                                                                      914

 Free Estimates                                                                                                                  356

                         PORSCHE                            (805)987-0822
     PORSCHE                                                390 Camarillo Ranch Road
                                                            Camarillo, CA 93012

                                                                 Porsche Club of America    Santa Barbara Region December 2008 15

                                   November Board Meeting
Minutes Recorded by Nadine Tracy

   November 12, 2008                                                        Concours: Bill reported that the concours went very well with
                                                                        an amazing turnout. We had 40 judged cars and 36 displayed cars.
    Thank you to Marge and Burt Misevic for hosting the November        The number of judged cars exceeds the turnout for each region in
dinner board meeting at their home. Their gracious hospitality          our zone that has had a concours so far this year. So, we can all
and delicious meal made this board meeting a treat. And a warm          be proud of our participation. The raffles and silent auction were
“welcome back” and “great to see you” to Chet and Joan Yabitsu.         quite successful as well with over $2500 raised. The event should
    Present were: John Alfenito, Jim Brown, Kent Bodin, Mike            net around $6000. So congratulations to all who worked so hard
Hodson, Steve and Janet Kaller, Oscar and Toni Briones, Janice          making this an artistic and financial success.
Herndon, Ray Jordan, Joan and Chet Yabitsu, Dave Stone, Dave                Autocross: There is a need for a chairperson and/or committee
Mosesson, Bill Sampson, Jeanne and John McNair, Marge and Burt          members. Those interested, please contact Richard Shaw.
Misevic, and Nadine Tracy.                                                  Archives: Burt is in need of photos for the book he is putting
    Dave Mosesson called the meeting to order as Nick Liakas was        together commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Santa Barbara
unable to attend the meeting.                                           Region. Pictures from the 1960s are especially needed. Please
    Secretary: October minutes were approved as submitted.              contact Burt if you have any photos to add to this special project.
    Treasurer: Report was approved as submitted.                            Webmaster: All editions of Der Auspuff are up to date. Concours
    Membership: 27 new members joined our region last month             results were uploaded on the website as has a new flyer for 2009
and membership stood at 715 by the end of October.                      advertising.
    Activities: Oscar reported good response in signing up for the          Safety: No report.
Holiday Party at the Pierpont Inn, Ventura. Nancy and Doug                  P.M.S.: No report
Maletz are hosting the Explore Big Sur, Carmel by the Sea and               R.U.F.: The group is planning its next visit to Los Olivos.
Monterey event scheduled for January 16-19, 2009. Dave Mosesson             Old Business: Nick Liakas and Mike Hodson are getting together
is looking into a go-cart event.                                        to purchase the storage trailer for autocross equipment. $2500 will
    The Memorial Day event scheduled for the Sacramento area has        be the purchase price.
been cancelled due to the scheduling of a major jazz festival for the       Jim Brown will be providing to the club information provided
Memorial Day weekend; large numbers of people are expected to           by National with regard to insurance coverage that National does
attend making hotel arrangements difficult, restaurants unavailable       have on the trailer and its contents. Jim will also contact National
and parking lot availability and security at the hotels questionable.   regarding obtaining a draft document for anyone who will be
A committee is needed to research a new venue for this date.            towing the trailer.
    Editor: Janice reported that the December issue is coming               A motion was made and passed to have Jim Brown obtain the
together. She has enjoyed being the editor of the Der Auspuff and        necessary insurance to cover comprehensive and collision on the
welcomes John Alfenito as the new editor.                               trailer.
    Distribution: 723 issues of the November Der Auspuff were                Storage rental costs for the trailer were researched and were found
labeled and mailed. No additional funds for postage are due.            to be between $160 and $190 per month. A motion was made and
    Advertising: Bill reported that the books have closed on 2008       passed that the club enter into an agreement with Mike Hodson
advertising and he has collected over $17,700 for the calendar year     to use his storage facility for the trailer, pay him $175 a month for
2008. For 2009, rates will be the same except for full page ads.        said facility, and make it effective from July 1, 2008 as he has been
    Goodie Store: John stated the Goodie Store was closed at the        storing all autocross equipment in his unit since before that time.
Camarillo breakfast and sales at the Santa Barbara breakfast were           New Business: Check out the forum regarding the upcoming
disappointing.                                                          Motor for Toys charity event scheduled for December 7, 2008. It is
    Insurance: Jim has filed for all certificates through January         a fun, worthwhile event.
2009.                                                                       The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm.

16    December 2008 Santa       Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

                      50% of our Gross Revenues are directed to one of
                      our member charities or a nonprofit of your choice.
                      It’ s that simple.

         Individual Solutions                                       Business Solutions

                ~ Anthony Robbins

                          888-77-ENSURE                                                     Neil McAuliffe
                                                             PCA/SBR Member
                            CA Insurance Lic #0454144                                        805 497-2332

                                                        Porsche Club of America   Santa Barbara Region December 2008 17

18   December 2008 Santa   Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

                                  ZONE 8 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
January                                                          What is Zone 8?              We are one of the most active zones
19 Sat Z8 Presidents Meeting and Awards Banquet                  in the country, holding several events per month throughout the
                                                                 southwestern United States. These include Rallies, Tours, Tech
February                                                         Sessions, Driving Schools, Autocrosses, Time Trials, Concours, and
23 Sat LA Literature and Toy Show for Porsche and VW             Social Events. Whether you drive a 356, a 997, or any model in
24 Sun Porsche Swap Meet                                         between, you gain a great deal more enjoyment from your Porsche
                                                                 by being a part of the Porsche Club of America.

March                                                            Zone 8 of the Porsche Club of America is comprised of 13 club
1/2 Sat/Sun Z8 SDR Time Trial - Streets of Willow                regions throughout Southern California, Arizona and Southern
1/2 Sat/Sun LVR Drivers Ed - Spring Mountain                     Nevada. The Regions in Zone 8 are Arizona AR, California Central
1/2 Sat/Sun LVR Las Vegas PCA and SCCA Drivers Ed Track Event    Coast CCCR, California Inland CAI, Golden Empire GER, Grand
- Spring Mountain Racetrack in Pahrump                           Prix GPX, Las Vegas LVR, Los Angeles LAR, Orange Coast OCR,
                                                                 Riverside RR, San Diego SDR, San Gabriel Valley SGVR, Santa
7/9 Fri/Sun AR Club Race - Pheonix International Raceway
                                                                 Barbara SBR, Southern Arizona SAR.
8 Sat SDR Autocross - Qualcomm Southeast Lot
8 Sat LVR Members Breakfast at Rio Secco Golf Course
11 Tue 53nd Porsche Parade - Registration Begins
16 Sun Z8 OCR Autocross
19 Wed SDR Tech Session at JMC Motorsports
28/30 Fri/Sun LVR Cars and Coffee Drive to California
30 Sun SDR Tour - Porsches for Pets

                                                       Porsche Club of America   Santa Barbara Region December 2008 19

20   December 2008 Santa   Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

   TECHNICAL CORNER – Bolt-On Performance Upgrades for your Porsche
   by Dean Lewellen and reprinted in part from Going Places, official       (read programmed) to account for changes in compression ratios,
newsletter of the Arizona Region PCA                                      camshaft profiles, air mass flows, exhaust headers, and other
                                                                          modifications. The rev limiter cutoff value and fuel/air ratio in
   Our normally aspirated Porsches (read non-Turbos) leave the            the cylinders can be altered and controlled as well. Pay particular
factory in Stuttgart with engines that are leaders in the automotive      attention to the words “compatible combination” when thinking
industry in terms of specific power output--horsepower per liter.          about chips, air boxes and exhaust systems. Remember, a mapped
The Boxster and Boxster S engines are rated at 80 hp/l and 78             chip upgrade that provides a marked increase in the fuel flow rate
hp/l, respectively, and the 2002 996 engine is rated at 89 hp/l.          to the injectors will not increase the engine’s power output without
In comparison, the 2002 Corvette engine outputs range from 61             a matching increase in the amount of air flowing into the cylinders
to 71 hp/l. Run of the mill BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, and Mercedes-             from the intake system to maintain the mapped fuel/air mixture
Benz engine outputs are in the 65 to 75 hp/l range. The Ferrari           ratio. A higher performance exhaust system is also required to
550 Maranello, known for its “off the scale” performance, has an           collect and handle the increased flow of exhaust gases exiting the
engine that is rated at 88 hp/l, comparable to the 996. High specific      cylinders. In other words, the total performance goal is sort of like
power output engines are not a new Porsche feature, the 1969 911S         sitting on a three legged stool where all three legs must be present
engine was rated at 85 hp/l, thirty-three years ago, producing 170        and compatible with each other for a good balanced result.
hp from its 2.0 liter displacement engine. All of the foregoing may           To take advantage of the higher potential gains from a Stage
be just “folksy news” after completing a series of driver’s education     2 or Stage 3 mapped chip, some internal engine parts will need
days, a time trial or a season of autocrosses and we find ourselves        upgrades to operate at the higher engine revs where the additional
wishing for more top speed down a straight or faster acceleration         power is made and the performance is felt. The 3.2 liter and 3.6
out of a corner.                                                          liter 911 engines from 1984 through 1998 all need higher strength
   All non-turbocharged Porsche engines from the Model Year               connecting rod bolts, and, higher strength valve springs and
1984 and on are equipped with an electronic engine management             retainers to operate above 7000 rpm for prolonged periods. These
system called Digital Motor Electronics (DME). The heart of the           modifications may stretch the term “bolt-on” somewhat past the
DME system is a digital microprocessor (chip) that controls the fuel      limit, but the experiences of those going down this road before us
flow to the injectors as well as controlling the ignition spark timing.    have proven them to be wise and necessary investments. A higher
A reliable bolt-on increase of 12 to 15 horsepower can be obtained        performance camshaft upgrade should be considered as well when
from a good Stage 1 chip that is programmed to be compatible with         the valve spring and retainer changes are made.
the fuel octane level available here and leaves the rev limiter cutoff         The high flow intake system that matches up with the Stage 2 or
unchanged. Autothority, Fabspeed Motorsport and Weltmeister are           Stage 3 mapped performance chips can be either an internal velocity
recognized suppliers of replacement DME chips.                            cone type like a PowerFlow unit or a performance air box type like
   Performance gains from bolt-on aftermarket exhaust systems             a Weltmeister or even your drilled out Original Equipment air
are minimal at best. They sound wonderful, even sound more                box. A K&N air filter’s higher flow capacity would be compatible
powerful, but at most 5 additional horsepower is the very best one        with these air box setups. The matching high performance exhaust
can expect when the stock engine rpm range and the stock camshaft         system should consist of a header system for collection and flowing
profile is maintained. Keep in mind that 5 horsepower is within            of cylinder gases to a muffler/exhaust pipe system. A properly
the power variations that exist from the temperature from a hot           matched Stage 2 or Stage 3 setup will provide a real and measurable
day to a cold day. Porsche really does a very good job of providing       performance increment from the additional raw power output plus
sufficient muffler flow capacity with their Original Equipment                 the higher rev capacity available.
exhaust systems, they are just too quiet for some folks.
   On the air intake/filter side of the engine, Porsche’s design and
OEM parts provide intake air flow that is nonturbulent and properly                          356 Tech Tip - Rear Deflectors
metered for good drivability. Again, bolt-on modifications in the                          by PCASBR Member George Lehtinen
way of air boxes and special filters result in a more sporting sound
but little if any power increase. The addition of five or six 1 inch to           New replicas of the original chrome Leitz “butterfly”
1 1/2 inch diameter holes in your OEM plastic air box outer cover             luggage racks are available, but, like most 356 restoration
                                                                              parts, they are not cheap.
will enhance airflow a little while certainly making a nicer sound                Any potential thief is likely to have a crescent wrench, so
at wide open throttle. Expect no more than 5 horsepower from the              removing the ususal hex head mounting bolts and walking
addition of these extra air inlet holes.                                      off with your rack would be a snap.
   The sum of the above parts is between 20 and 25 horsepower                    Security bolts, such as pin-Torx drive bolts, are not
at the top end which will provide some noticeable gains in top                commonly available in the metric 8mm x 60 mm size.
                                                                                 Stainless steel pan head bolts with an allen key drive
speed from your basic stock engine--not bad. The on-board Mass                (available over the internet from the Bolt Depot for a few
Air Flow Sensor and the oxygen sensors in the exhaust will make               dollars each) provide increased security.
the corrections necessary to handle these subtle power gains. Still
not satisfied? Read on, but bring your checkbook.
   Larger bolt-on engine power increases, thirty or more                         Der Auspuff welcomes input and knowledge members
horsepower, can be achieved through a compatible combination                  wish to share with their fellow Porsche enthusiasts. Please
                                                                              send any technical information you would like to share to
of a “mapped” DME chip upgrade, a high flow air intake system        
and a high performance exhaust system. A chip may be “mapped”

                                                                Porsche Club of America   Santa Barbara Region December 2008 21

                     NEW AND TRANSFERRED MEMBERS
           NEW MEMBERS
                                            Steven Gouoruhk                      Antoine Taylor
J. Brian Adlawan                            Moorpark, 2008 987                   North Hills, 2008 997 C4S
Santa Barbara, 1994 968
                                            Philip Henius                        Victor Villard
Robert Benton                               Santa Barbara, 2004 996 C4S          Santa Barbara, 2007 997
Oak Park, 2008 997
                                            William and Alisa Kling              Desmond Warren
Marilyn Boyd                                Malibu, 1964 356C                    Carpinteria, 1989 911
Camarillo, 2006 Cayman S
                                            Richard and Linda Lange              Greg West
Steven Casey                                Westlake Village, 2008 Cayman S      Newbury Park, 2008 997
Santa Barbara, 2008 Cayman
                                            David Mousiki
Brian Cullinan                              Los Angeles, 2007 997                            TRANSFERS IN
Agoura Hills, 2008 997C4S
                                            Fritz and Gretchen Olenberger        Craig and Michele Adney
Chris Farley                                Santa Barbara, 2008 987              Arroyo Grande, 1983 911SC/ 1996 993
Santa Barbara, 2008 987 S                                                        Transfers from Central Coast Region
                                            Bela Racz
Steven Finnick and Kevin Harley             Santa Maria, 2006 Cayman S           Dean and Karen Colin
Thousand Oaks, 2006 997S                                                         Camarillo, 1997 993
                                            Pamela and Ernie Rozo                Transfers from Los Angeles Region
Douglas Frank                               Nipomo, 2008 997
Calabasas, 2008 997S                        Robert Sadler                        Robert and Daria Fenton
                                            West Hills, 2008 Cayman S            Newbury Park, 1996 993 Turbo
Steven Freeman                                                                   Transfers from Grand Prix Region
Moorpark, 1983 944                          Mark Serjak
                                            Thousand Oaks,2008 Cayenne S/ 2006   John and Jared Graham
Saman Ghalili                               997                                  Century City, 2009 997 S
Beverly Hills, 2009 997                                                          Transfers from Los Angeles Region
                                            Michael Shuman
Andrew Gorman                               Los Angeles, 2008 GT2                Bertin Pulido
West Hills, 2009 Cayenne GTS                                                     Buellton, 2008 Cayman
                                                                                 Transfer from Monterey Bay Region

                                                                                 David and Meghan Shrontz
                                                                                 Santa Barbara, 1999 986

                                                                                 Jennifer Stone
                                                                                 Simi Valley, 1990 944

                                                                                 A big welcome to all our new and transfer
                                                                                 members. We hope to meet you at a breakfast
                                                                                 meeting or an event soon. For all the up-to-
                                                                                 date regional information, please check out
                                                                                 our website at

                                                                                 David Stone
                                                                                 Membership Chairman

22   December 2008 Santa       Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

27 YEARS                            9 YEARS                                         2 YEARS
Michael and Peggy Moore             Angel and Lucas Martinez                        Lowell and Penny Dreyfus
                                    Francisco Rayas Jr. and Elaine Cota             Steven and Marilyn Bachman
25 YEARS                            Ted and Clayton Frech                           Charles and Donna Bell
Alan Surgi                                                                          Rod and Susan Hersberger
                                    8 YEARS                                         Thomas and Arthea Hermann
                                    Gary and Robin Allen                            Richard and Joan Jonsson
Andrew Tymkiw and Michele Hampton
                                    7 YEARS                                         1 YEAR
                                    Richard Banks                                   Brian and Janet Smith
20 YEARS                                                                            Allen and Patrick Trowbridge
Jay Laifman                         Michael and Kathleen Mills
                                    Peter and Daniel Postas                         Doug and Nancy Meier
                                                                                    Thomas Ching
16 YEARS                                                                            Randy Kinsling
Paula Golus                         6 YEARS                                         Christopher and Barbara Wiese
                                    Henry Calles                                    Farhan and Sameer Khaja Mirza
                                                                                    George Woodford
15 YEARS                                                                            Patti McCourt and Richard Kelman
Greg and Tricia Braun               5 YEARS
Masahiro Iwadare                    Lauren Rheaume
                                    Gigi and Angelo Ariondo                         Congratulations to all our members
                                    Jeffrey Merrick and Rosaline Brooks              celebrating anniversaries this month.
14 YEARS                            Matthew and Richard hall                        Special recognition goes to Michael and
Jeffrey and Terri Field              Falin and Karin Shieh                           Peggy Moore with 27 years of faithful PCA
                                    Gregory and Donna Econn                         membership. Best wishes for a safe and
13 YEARS                            Jon and Linda Cotton                            enjoyable holiday season.
Paul Meurer
                                                                                    David Stone
                                    4 YEARS                                         Membership Chairman
12 YEARS                            Craig and Wendy Haworth
Michael and Adrienne Pomerantz      Jorge Raphael

11 YEARS                            3 YEARS
Roberto Michelin                    Robert and Lisa Sternberg
                                    Rich and Nancy Arnesen
                                    George and Jeanne Mitchell
10 YEARS                            Gene Warshawsky and Dawn DaMart
Carla Korda                         Naseem and Shaheen Kahn
Wayne and Houri Greko               Jon Rosenthal

                                                                                      New Member Kathryn LeMay from Santa
                                                                                          Barbara with her 1987 Carrera.

                                     New Member Mike Macchiarella from Porter       New Members Don and Kriss Galloway from
                                    Ranch and his sister Sharon with his 967 912.   Santa Barbara who own a 2002 911 Turbo.

                                                 Porsche Club of America     Santa Barbara Region December 2008 23

                                                                                            The Optimist Creed
                                                                                                  Promise Yourself-
                                                                            To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
                                                                         To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.
                                                                            To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.
                                                                     To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.
                                                                   To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.
                                                                  To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
                                                              To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
                                                             To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
                                                            To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.
                                                            To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the
                                                                                                 presence of trouble.

                                                                  Paid for byBill Sampson ~~ 310.457.2601;

24   December 2008 Santa   Barbara Region Porsche Club of America

 Nick Liakas and the two loves of his life.

   As we come to the end of 2008, we realize that it is not only
the close of yet another year but also the end of the notable SBR
Presidency of the indomitable Nicolas Liakas. For the past two
years, Nick has very ably and enthusiastically served the club as its
official leader. Nick has brought a wealth of new, fresh ideas to the

                                                                         facilitation and negotiation, not to mention being present at nearly
                                                                         every breakfast and club event.
                                                                            We also wish to acknowledge the active support of Nick’s lovely
                                                                         wife, Olga Liakas. Never forget the old adage that behind every
                                                                         successful man is a great woman, and Olga is no exception. Thanks,
                                                                         Olga, for being a gracious and friendly SBR First Lady!
                                                                            For both the evident duties and the non-evident, the Santa
                                                                         Barbara Region expresses its heartfelt gratitude to Nick for the
                                                                         tremendous job that he has done and the inspiration he’s created to
                                                                         other members to be active, to get involved and to make our region
                                                                         the best in the west – maybe the east, north and south, too. He can
                                                                         be very proud of his accomplishments.
                                                                            So a million thanks, Nick, for your service as president, for your
                                                                         dedication and for your genuine love of this organization. May all
                                                                         presidents who follow you aspire to your level of performance.

club, has been a major planner of club events and was the initiator
of the R.U.F. (Retired and Unemployed Folks) Group, for which
he has been its chief and the main activity idea person. Nick has
been the driving force in the club’s amazing increase in membership
and charitable donations. He’s also taken much time to author
many articles for our award-winning, shiny Der Auspuff and for
the Porsche Panorama, doing so with well-honed and impressive
writing skills. Lawyers do like to talk! Fortunately, Nick always has
something interesting to say.
   Some of the duties of president are evident, but many take place
without onlookers and thus are accomplished with no fanfare or
knowledge of the majority of club members. One can only imagine
the many hours given to thought, planning, meetings, phone calls,

                                                               Porsche Club of America   Santa Barbara Region December 2008 25

                              The RONALD REAGAN
                               Presidential Library
                                  Guided Tour & Luncheon

                     February 21,

      Meet at 8:30 am at the Costco parking lot in Westlake Village located on Lindero Canyon Road just north
      of the 101 freeway. We will depart at 9:00 am for a 30 minute ride to the library, parking will be provided
                                      in a secure area for 55 cars free of charge.

      Our group will be given a two hour guided tour of the Library and a special showing of the Magna Charta,
        which will be on display for the month of February. This is an historical document which has been in
                                       Great Britain in their national museum.

         The library has arranged a special all-you-can-eat Buffet Luncheon under Air Force One. If you have
       never been to the Ronald Reagan library, this is a must. The Oval Office, along with President Reagan’s
      desk is on display. There are pictures of the life of both Ronald and Nancy Reagan, along with the history
      of Reagan’s term of his Presidency. The tour and viewing of Air Force One is nothing short of spectacular.
        This is the plane that flew Presidents from Kennedy to Reagan. We can view the situation room on the
                 plane, the President’s office, and where all the press and guests would sit while in flight.

      The fee for the entire day, including the SBR activity, is $35.00 per person. Please make checks payable to
       PCA SBR and mail them to Steven Kaller at 30423 Canwood St., #227, Agoura Hills, Ca. 91301. Please
                                    mail your checks no later than February 7, 2009.

                              If you have any questions, please call Steve at 818-597-2115, X11,
                                             or email

26   December 2008 Santa   Barbara Region Porsche Club of America


 AAA Development, Inc.                 16
 Affinity Bank                          25
 Aswell Trophy                         24
 Autobahn West                         24
 Auto Dienst                           26
 Automotive Legends                    15
 Bill Sampson                          24
 Bob Campbell 356                       5
 Boykin Automotive Bob’s Alignment 24
 Bumper 2 Bumper                        9
 California Cars Sportscar Collection 24
 California Tire Company               22
 Carrera German Meister                26
 Custom Car Care                       27
 Enriques Mexican Cuisine              20
 Eric Loos Carpet Broker               27
 George Woodford                       24
 Jacob Castroll Insurance              28
 Jeanne McNair, Attorney at Law        28
 Joseph Carastro D.M.D., M.S.          23
 Los Angeles Dismantler                25
 Lynn Kuchera-Troop Real Estate        19
 Monaco Motors                         19
 Neil McAuliffe                        17
 North Hollywood Speedometer           24
 Old Vienna Restaurant                 16
 Paul Bancroft Roofing, Inc.            19
 Performance Products                IBC
 Peter Sabolch D.M.D., P.C.            14
 ProMount Equipment                    13
 Ray DeSilva Realtor                   25
 RS Enterprises Duarte Inc.            22
 Rusnak Westlake Porsche              IFC
 Santa Barbara Auto Group             BC
 Schneider Autohaus                     4
 Vineyard Specialties                  22
 Walt Branscome                        24
 Way-Point Café                        19
 Westcord                              12
 World Class Motoring                  18

                                            Porsche Club of America   Santa Barbara Region December 2008 27

                                   Want to reach more readers? Post your ad on the Forum at

2007 PORSCHE CARRERA 4S                              ORIGINAL CARRERA SUNGLASSES
COUPE - Blk/Sand beige, full leather, Sport          From 1970 to 80’S. Includes case and extra
exhaust,Sport shift,Like new, 9400 miles,            lenses. $ 95.00. Call 805-966-7185.
MSRP $112,000, back-up camera,seats                  (Oct. ‘08)
power/heated,painted      wheels,radar(hi-
tech),Reg. good thru 10-2009, Save over
$30k from new. Love to keep it, bought 997
TT. Must see. Call Jerry (805) 492-9478
cell (805) 341-9081 $75,900.      (Nov. ‘08)
                                                                                            TAHOE SWISS CHALET SKI RENTAL
FOR SALE                                                                                    PCASBR DISCOUNT - Member Birgitta
Pair of “New” 914-6/914 NOS French                                                          Baker is offering special Porsche rental rate on
Orange/Red/Orange rear tail light lens,                                                     her Lake Tahoe cabin for 4 months January
very rare, Part #914.631.947.12, >$600.                                                     through April Swedish Chalet, 5 br, 3 ba at
Set of 16” Polished Fuchs, 7”& 8”- (911SC)                                                  prestigious Dollar Point, North Lake Tahoe
in very good condition, but not Concours,                                                   near many ski areas such as Squaw Valley.
>$600.      914-6 (Swepco) Transmission                                                     Beautiful lakeview, all the amenities including
Side Shifter, >$500. 914-6 Factory Racing                                                   a steam shower for “apres ski”. Call Birgitta
Seat (new in plastic) Black, not rails, make                                                Baker for details and rental fees. 818 395-6195
offer. Call or email Art, 805-553-5057 or                                                    or (Oct. ‘08) (Oct. ‘08)

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28     December 2008 Santa         Barbara Region Porsche Club of America
 Restoration, Maintenance & Performance For Your Porsche ® Since 1964

                                                                                                                                                                                      OR GO TO AUTOMOTION.COM®
                                                                                                                                                                                      7733 Hayvenhurst Ave. • Van Nuys, CA 91406
                                                                                                                                                                                      When ordering, please mention
                                                                                                                                                                                      PRIORITY CODE 1XX8C58

                                                                                      Great Stocking Stuffers! Order in time for the holidays.
                    10% OFFmembers
                  PCA/POC e of your
                                    take                                                                                                                                                                                                                     *GENUINE
                    advantag ount                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PORSCHE®
                       10% disc E.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            CALENDAR
                       ALL THE T                     ply                                                                                                                                                                                                       Supplied with
                                          rictions Ap
                                Some Rest                                                                                                                                                                                                                      attractive
    PORSCHE® SIXTY YEARS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         22.2” X 23.6
    By Randy Leffingwell
                                                                                                       *GENUINE                                                                                                                                                  (59x55.5cm)
    With fine photographs of                                                                            PORSCHE® CREST CAP
    each car and interviews                                                                          White               WAP.080.000.17                           $27.99 EA                                                                             WAP.092.001.19
    with key personnel,                                                                              Black               WAP.080.001.17                            27.99 EA                                                                             $64.99 EA
    Porsche® Sixty Years
    comprises a complete                                                                                                                                                                                                                     LE MANS JACKETS
    and fascinating history of the world’s                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Officially Licensed
    premier name in sports cars. Hardbound                                                                                                                                                                                                    • Unique Styling
    348 Pgs.      883656           $59.95 EA                                                                                                                                                                                                   883476 $128.99 EA

    Strap made from textured leather                                                                                                   *GENUINE PORSCHE®
    with metal ends featuring                                                                                                           CUFF LINKS
    Porsche® logo. Available in                                                                      Elegant cuff links in the shape of the
    brown and black. Length: 12cm                                                                    Porsche® Crest. Dimensions: approx.
    Brown                                                                                            13x18mm. WAP.050.140.15 $87.99 SET
    $64.99 EA                                                                                        *GENUINE REVERSIBLE
                                           Black                                                      CLASP-TYPE BELT
                                           WAP.050.278.19                                            Two-tone leather strap. Clasp-type
                                           64.99 EA                                                  buckle with discreet Porsche® logo.
                                                                                                     Dark brown/black. Adjustable length.
                                                                                                     Max Length: 120cm.
                                            LICENSED PORSCHE®
                                                                                                     Strap width: 38mm
                                            ILLUSTRATIONS                                            WAP.080.300.17
                                            Turbo                                                    $128.99 EA
                                            883460                  $39.99 EA


                                                                                                     FOR FREE CATALOG,
                                                                                                     MENTION PRIORITY# 1XX8C58
                                                                                                            HUGE                                      INVENTORY

                                                                                            er   ™

                                                                                                                                                                                                                GAS   RE
                                                                                                                                                                                                            ®   PRESSU
                                                                                                                                                                                           B IL ST EI
Porsche Club of America
                              PRSRT STD
Santa Barbara Region         U.S. POSTAGE
3708 Greggory Way #5              PAID
Santa Barbara, CA 93105   THOUSAND OAKS, CA
                            PERMIT NO. 238

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