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					                                                                                                Spring 2005 Issue

                                      The Oak Leaf
                        A Myers Park Homeowners Association Newsletter

                                 In May of 1905 John Nolen (1869-1937) accepted a challenge that would change both his
                                    life and that of Charlotte NC. At the dawn of the 20th century John Nolen created Char-
                                  lotte’s first public park—Independence Park as well as the landmark Myers Park neighbor-
                            2       hood — our home. Nolen’s goal was a neighborhood designed in harmony with nature.
Map of Neighborhood
Social                                         In honor of this important part of our history,
Event Sponsors              3
                                the Myers Park Homeowners Association and Queens University of Charlotte
Preservation Week           4                                  invite you to an

Myers Park Stories          4

                                 “OLD FASHION” NEIGHBORHOOD SOCIAL
President’s Letter
                                      Sunday afternoon, May 15, 2005 12:30-4:00 p.m.
Midtown Mall and            7
Cinema Redevelopment
                                      Our Goal: Have fun as you take a step back in time—experience an
Preservation Awards         8
                                                    afternoon at the turn of the century.
Club Colony                 8

Myers Park Baptist          9       Bring your picnic lunch, your family and join us!
Cornwell Center                                        Rain or Shine—It’s All Free!!!
Queens University          10
                                Events:         Picnic on the Lawn—In front of Queens University of Charlotte
Treescape Restoration      11
                                                “Meet and Greet” your Neighbors and Friends
MPHA Board                 13
                                Entertainment: 12:45-1:15 p.m.            Myers Park High School Jazz Band
                           13                  1:30 - 2:00 p.m.           Truly Yours—Barbershop Quartet
Ad rates
                                               2:30-3:30 p.m.             Queen City Brass Band

                                                Roaming around the grounds:       Hardin Minor/Gold Standard Chorus
                                                Storyteller:                      Linda Anderson

                                Games:          Children’s Area—with games from the turn of the century

                                Exhibits:                “John Nolen Neighborhood Maker” Exhibit
                                                                  From the Levine Museum of the New South
                                                         Conversations with Tom Hanchett about
                                                                  John Nolen and the Exhibit 1:00, 2:00, 3:00
                                                         Dirk Allman—Largest privately held collection of early memorabilia
                                                         Antique Cars, Antique Coke Truck and Antique Fire Truck
                                                                                                            (Continued on page 2)
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“Old Fashion” Neighborhood Social                                                                             —CONTINUED            FROM PAGE        1

 AND MORE……...

 John Nolen’s distinguished career is the inspiration for today’s exciting “New Urbanist” planning movement nationwide.
 Tom Hanchett, historian for the Museum of the New South has said that by 1911 Myers Park, one of the most important
 garden suburbs of its era, had been transformed from 1000 acres of treeless cotton fields into a lush landscape of winding
 streets and tree shaded residences. “Designed aright from the first and only influenced by the best practice in modern town
 planning,” Myers Park featured greenway parks and the handsome Nolen-designed campus of Queens College at its center.
 Nolen highlighted Myers Park in his book New Towns for Old (honored as one of the 10 most important planning books in
 U.S. history by the American Society of Landscape Architects) and today the neighborhood is listed on the National Register
 of Historic Places.

 So start planning your picnic lunch and join the fun on the lawn in front of Queens University of Charlotte. The events and
 music will be typical of the early 1900s. See if your lawn was one of those designed by John Nolen in the Levine Museum’s
 traveling exhibit on John Nolen: Neighborhood Maker. A “Conversation” about the exhibit, with historian Tom Hanchett, will
 be held several times during the afternoon.

                The event is free and will happen rain or shine with the picnic and entertainment moving indoors.
                                    One vendor will be available for those who wish to buy ice cream, hot dogs, food and drinks.

                                      Trexler                       Queens University of Charlotte
                                   “John Nolen—
                                   Maker” Exhibit

                                    Tom Hanchett
   Fire Truck

                            Morrison Hall
                                                                              Burwell Hall
                           RAIN LOCATION

                                                                               Coke Truck
                              Children’s                                                                                            Chapel

                               Games                      McEwen    Car                      Car

      Dana                                                                          STAGE

                         Teller                          Dirk                                               Charlotte
                                                        Allman                                               Garden
     Skyes                        Walker                Display                                               Club
                                                    Picnic Area                                                    Picnic Area
                                                                                               Fire Truck

                                                            Meet                                                         Historic
                                                             and          Popcorn

                                                                          Selwyn Avenue
The Oak Leaf                                                      Page 3

       A Big Thank You to the Sponsors of Our
     MPHA “Old Fashion” Neighborhood Social
 Our “Old Fashion” Neighborhood Social is made possible through the
   generous donations of the following underwriters and sponsors.
Underwriters:                           :

                               LandCraft Properties
                                               Lynn Salton with
Page 4                                                                                                               Spring 2005 Issue

                                         Preservation Week
                                May 8-14, 2005 - Schedule of Events
 Historic Charlotte invites you to join the celebration of Preservation Week, a nationwide effort to showcase grassroots preser-
 vation activity in local communities. Most events below are free and open to the public (unless otherwise noted), but reser-
 vations are generally required.
                  Learning Series—Swapping Myers Park Stories
    May 10        Burwell Hall, Queens University (free and open to the public)
   7:30 pm –      Join historians Dr. Tom Hanchett of the Levine Museum and Mary Kratt for a discussion and special sneak preview of
    8:30 pm       the new traveling exhibition John Nolen: Neighborhood-Maker. John Nolen created Charlotte’s landmark Myers Park
                  neighborhood at the dawn of the 20th century, and his distinguished career is the inspiration for today’s hot “New Ur-
                  banist” planning movement nationwide.

    May 12        Historic Neighborhood Awards Reception
   6:00 pm –      The Morehead Inn ($5 for Historic Charlotte members and $10 for non-members in advance. $10 / $15 at door.
    8:00pm        Space is limited. Reservations suggested, call 704-375-6145)
                  In partnership with the Charlotte Historic District Commission, join us for a reception catered by The Morehead Inn, with
                  hors d’oeuvres and drinks to celebrate Preservation Week. During the reception, the winners of the Children’s Poster
                  Contest will be announced, followed by the presentation of the 2005 Historic Neighborhood Preservation Awards.

                  John Nolen: Neighborhood Maker Opening Reception
    May 14        Burwell Hall, Queens University (free and open to the public)
   11:00 am -
                  In partnership with the Levine Museum of the New South, exhibit curator Dr. Tom Hanchett and special guests will help
     12:30        unveil this traveling exhibit. Join us for a brief discussion about the man and his neighborhoods followed by a light
                  reception. Possible tree-planting by Myers Park traditional students

    May 14        Cycle Through the Past: John Nolen’s Myers Park
   1:30 pm –      Meet outside Burwell Hall, Queens University($15 for Levine members and Historic Charlotte members; $20 for non-
    3:00 pm       members. Reservations required, call 704-333-1887 x 224)
                  In partnership with the Levine Museum of the New South, enjoy a leisurely afternoon as we bicycle through the historic
                  Myers Park neighborhood. Led by historian Dr. Tom Hanchett, this slow-paced tour will take a closer look at the
                  neighborhood so carefully designed by John Nolen in the early 20th century. Space is limited for the 1 ½- 2 hour tour;

            Historic Charlotte, Inc. P .O. Box 33113 Charlotte, NC 28233 Phone: 704.375.6145 Fax: 704.375.6152
                                                    E-Mail: info@historiccharlotte

Myers Park Stories—Share Your Own!!
         The Myers Park Homeowners Association would like to invite you to share your memories of Myers Park.
 Many of our homeowners have lived in or near Myers Park all of their lives. Mr. Brooks shared some of his memories at our
 recent annual meeting. Many people have encouraged the MPHA to try to capture these memories in writing.

 If you would be willing to write down your memories and share them with others as a feature in The Oak Leaf, or be willing to
 have some one come and tape record your memories, please let us know. We would love to feature “Stories from Myers
 Park” in every issue of The Oak Leaf.

    Please contact Emily Stephenson-Green at 704-332-8228 or stephenson-green@carolina.rr.com to share your stories,
                                for more information or to volunteer to help with this project.
The Oak Leaf                                                                                                                    Page 5

Dear Neighbors…...
                                                         By Susan Shaver, MPHA President,
 One of my New Year’s resolutions was to start saying ”no” more often. Like many of you today, I have more commitments than
 time. My husband likes to say that I’m the busiest woman he knows who doesn’t have a real job. Nevertheless, I accepted the
 position of President of the Myers Park Homeowners Association (MPHA) and I am honored to serve the Association for 2005. Al-
 though I’m not sure how I got here, but I’ll do my best to continue the great efforts of past presidents.

 My husband and I moved here from Memphis, Tennessee almost 12 years ago. We were lucky enough to find a home in Myers
 Park and have lived in the neighborhood since then. When we first came here, all we really knew was that Myers Park was an
 “older" community, it was close to Presbyterian Hospital and that it had great trees. We have learned a lot in twelve years! It is a
 wonderful community with a rich history. How many residential areas have a growing University right in the middle of them? Our
 parks, our trees, our churches and our mix of residential and commercial development make our neighborhood truly special and
 worth protecting.

 In my opinion, the most important issue we face is allowing, and even fostering, new growth and development in the neighborhood.
 The question is whether this can be accomplished without damaging our neighborhood. Is there really a way to allow developers to
 built multi-family facilities without compromising our green space, adding to already congested (and often speeding) traffic or de-
 stroying the ambiance of our community? Should we allow property owners to do whatever they wish to their homes regardless of
 the consequences to neighbors? Should we be concerned about potential crime and traffic problems when we’re getting a new
 commercial development with a Target!? I don’t know the answer to these questions but I do know that the issues will not go away.
 They must be faced and every attempt made to find reasonable compromises. That’s what the Myers Park Homeowners Associa-
 tion Board of Directors tries to do.

 Another issue that cannot be forgotten is the health and maintenance of our trees. What would Myers Park be without our oaks?
 Our trees have suffered tremendously from the canker worm infestation, the drought, Hugo and the ice storm. Many are nearing
 the end of their life expectancy. New development often requires that mature trees be destroyed. We should be very concerned!
 I’m sure you have noticed that during the winter months several trees were taken down and many trees have been planted this
 spring. This is part of a combined city and neighborhood project to maintain our canopy. Your concern, your input and your extra
 $10 donation helped to make this possible.

 I’ve shared my two biggest concerns with you. What are your concerns? Do you care that traffic speeds by your home, children and
 pets ? Does it really matter if one more old house is torn down? Who needs an oak tree when we can get Bradford pears to grow
 quickly and look pretty? Is development good? Is it bad? Who owns the “floating pink toilet” of Myers Park? I could go on and on.
 The point is that the MPHA cannot function without your input.

 Finally, I hesitated accepting this position. I am not an attorney, not an architect, not in real estate nor am I in development. I’m
 not up to date on all the zoning issues and I have mixed feelings about the development of our community. I didn’t feel qualified
 for the position. Over the last several weeks I have come to believe that maybe I do possess a few qualities that will make me suc-
 cessful. I am fairly patient (you should hear my husband laughing), I am a good listener and I know how to compromise. Not bad
 qualities to have when your dealing with such complex issues. Most important, I have a wonderful Board of Directors, with years of
 experience, to support and guide me. I just might be able to do this job after all!

 Please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions or the occasional complaint. My phone numbers and email address
 are on the website and in the newsletter.

 Susan Shaver, President

  Recently you should have received the 2005 information about joining the Myers Park
          Homeowners Association. We hope that you will be returning it soon.
 There are 2200 homes in Myers Park. Join today! Become a member of the Association!
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                           Your Neighborhood
                            is our Specialty.

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Specializing in residential real estate

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                                      in South Charlotte
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                                  •   Ranked in top 10% for
                                      Listings and Sales
       Jim Garrett
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                                                                                             ♦   Member of NAPO, IAPO & NSGCD
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Redevelopment To Bring Shops And Towers To Midtown
                                                                                                  By Cameron Furr
 The redevelopment plans for the Midtown Mall area are moving rapidly. As most everyone knows, Pappas Properties is
 working with Target and Home Deport Expo to develop the parcels where the old Midtown Cinema and Mall stood.

 Everyone is excited about the Target store. But because of the other
 plans for development, the Board of the Association has asked City
 Council not to approve the requested rezoning based on the present
 plan. Most alarming, the plan calls for a condo tower of up to 20 sto-
 ries and an office tower of up to 16 stories. These would be the largest
 buildings outside of the I-277 loop other than the pink condo tower on
 South Blvd. The heights requested are more than twice the height
 specified in MUDD zoning plans adopted by the City council and the
 City’s planning staff.

 In addition to the two towers and in addition to the Home Depot/
 Target, the plans call for an additional 275,000 square feet of com-
 mercial uses (shops and restaurants) but no shops that face or enliven Kings Drive. This additional commercial part alone is
 more retail than in all of Cotswold mall but the Midtown Project is on a much smaller parcel. Current plans are available
 online at http://www.charmeck.org/Departments/Planning/Rezoning/Rezoning+Petitions/2005+Petitions/2005-060.htm .

 To support the towers and the shopping, there will be two parking garages with more than 2100 parking spaces, which we
 anticipate will create a much higher volume of traffic. Both parking garages face Kings Drive. The Board is also concerned
 what the tall buildings and high level of retail may mean for
 the redevelopment of Cherry neighborhood, which appears on
 the horizon.
                                                                  Myers Park Clock Company

 At the rezoning hearing on April 18th, concerns expressed by
 the Homeowners Association included (1) the height waiver
 the developers have requested, (2) the amount of square foot-
 age to be placed on the property, (3) increased traffic and fail-
 ure of City to consider the effect of the traffic on Myers Park,
 (4) lack of shops along Kings Drive and (5) whether the project
 would be truly pedestrian friendly or be dependent on vehicu-
 lar traffic. City Council will vote on the rezoning on May 16th.

 We are hopeful that the developers will continue to meet and
 talk with the Association to address our concerns, so that the
 redevelopment can occur in a way which will not impact Myers
 Park negatively. If you have comments about the develop-
 ment, pro or con, please let the Board know.
                                                                                  Antique Clock Sales
                                                                             Professional Clock Restoration
                                                                               Professional Clock Repair
                                                                                   Clock Appraisals

                                                                                  (704) 372 4227

                                                                             Consultations by Appointment
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2005 MPHA Preservation Awards
                                                                                                               By Scott Baker
 The Myers Park Homeowners Association recognized three families for outstanding renovations and additions to homes in the Myers Park
 neighborhood at its annual meeting at the Duke Mansion on March 23rd. The three homes recog-
 nized show that renovating older homes can be done to match the lifestyles of today’s families
 while preserving the architectural heritage of the neighborhood.

 Richard and Alina Bartlett were architects for the renovation of their home at 1147 Queens Road.
 The house, completed in 1923, showed signs of neglect and disrepair plus extensive water dam-
 age. The Bartletts recognized the potential in the home with its simple yet elegant floor plan, but
 wanted to adapt it to the needs of a family of four with growing teenagers. They restored the front
 rooms of the house, while adding a new family room and master bedroom to the back of the home.
 By swapping the uses of the original dining and living rooms, and relocating the kitchen, they cre-
                                         ated a floor plan that flows seamlessly from old to new, and
                                         allows for the comfortable entertainment of family and
                                         friends. The respect paid to the original facade and room arrangement is the basis for the current
                                         application for historical tax credits being made by the Bartletts.

                                      Carey and Warwick Werthmuller lived in their home at 1255 Queens Road West for nearly a decade
                                      before beginning their renovations. They knew they wanted to add additional space and the ameni-
                                      ties found in newer homes – a larger master bath, updated kitchen, informal family room and me-
                                      dia area. By adding on to the original home in two differ-
                                      ent areas, and by matching the Tudor Revival styling of the
                                      original 1938 home, architect Don Duffy met the family’s
 space needs while maintaining the general appearance of the home on its prominent hillside site.

 John and Kim Grant faced a dilemma common to many owners of older single story homes. They
 loved their home at 2233 Westminster Place, but needed more space and wanted to maintain
 their backyard with the shade provided from a mature white oak tree. Working with architect and
 neighbor Kent Lineberger, the Grants raised the roofline and converted a walk up attic area into
 two new bedrooms and baths. The additional space was added in a way sympathetic to the scale
 of the original home and the streetscape of primarily single story bungalow style homes. The
 home was also returned to a more traditional bungalow style by abandoning a colonial blue color
 scheme with white trim and Georgian columns for a look more appropriate to the design of the original home.

Club Colony Organizes Neighborhood Watch
                                                                                            By Heather and David Terrell
 In response to an alarming increase in criminal activity, the "Club Colony" section of Myers Park has formally established a Neighborhood
 Watch Program. The Club Colony Neighborhood Watch section is defined on the map:

                          The initial meeting was held at Myers Park High School Cafeteria on March 14, 2005. Official Neighborhood
                          Watch program recognition by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department requires the participation of 50% of
                          the homeowners in the defined area. The turnout was far better than the minimum required, with almost 70% of
                          homeowners in attendance.

                          Although we have had several problems including breaking and entering and auto theft, the majority of the crime
                          in our area is the theft of items left in cars. Please remember to remove all valuables from your car, and to keep
                          it locked. This will prevent the majority of this type of criminal activity. Let's help each other make the neighbor-
                          hood a safer place to live.

 One key component of the Club Colony Neighborhood Watch program is the email tree. Members who choose to participate are kept in-
 formed of any criminal activity in the area via periodic email as soon as it happens, in order to boost awareness. To find out more about
 the Club Colony Neighborhood watch or to learn how to start a Neighborhood Watch in your section of Myers Park, contact Heather or
 David at dtt@ENOVIA.com
The Oak Leaf                                                                                                                         Page 9

What’s Inside…. MPBC—The Cornwell Center?
                                      by David Pohorence & John Bambach, from Myers Park Baptist
  As we approach our two-year anniversary, The Cornwell Center has seen our fitness program, wellness studio, Learning Center and com-
  munity outreach programs increase in both awareness and attendance. We’re offering new classes and programs, including youth gym-
  nastics, adult and youth pottery classes, family caregiver & CPR courses, after-school programs and many new Learning Center courses.
  Programs and services are offered at affordable prices for all ages, with many free programs and services to members of the Cornwell
  Center. Free classes include fitness classes, Learning Center demos and computer time, and wellness activities like body mass testing
  and blood pressure screening.

                                Much of The Cornwell Center is available for rental including our gymnasium, group exercise room, com-
                                mons/game area, studio, Learning Center, Conference Center and lounge. There’s a 25% discount available
                                to members and non-profit organizations for approved events.

                                We encourage all Myers Park residents to take advantage of everything this fabulous facility has to offer.
                                Visit our website at www.mpbconline.org or check with the front desk at the Cornwell Center for details on
                                any of our programs. We’re open to the community and you don’t have to be a member of Myers Park Bap-
                                tist Church to join The Cornwell Center. Hope to see you soon.

Wondering Where This House Went?
Ever wonder what happened to the yellow house on the corner of 3rd Street and Queens Road?
Last fall we included an article about it in the newsletter. The house was going to be given away,
but you had to provide the lot and the movers. As a result, one of Myers Park older homes has
been saved, although it will not continue to reside in Myers Park (it was recently moved to Luther
Street in the Cherry neighborhood). The MPHA appreciates the sensitivity of the developers, New
South Properties, in working to save this structure. The Association continues to hope that we can
stop the tear downs that are happening around Myers Park. As a National Historic District, it is
important that we save every home that “contributes” to our historic designation.
Page 10                                                                                                             Spring 2005 Issue

2005 Royals Summer Sports Camps —
                                                      Queens coaches and players share expertise, build fundamentals
                 By James La Barrie ’99, Assistant Sports Information Director, Queens University of Charlotte

 As it starts to get warmer and the school year inches to a close, area kids and parents are trying to
 find out what there is to do this summer. For kids between the ages of 4 and 17 looking to be active,
 have fun, meet new friends, and pick up a new sport or learn more about one, then the sports camps
 at Queens University of Charlotte is just what the doctor ordered!

 The NCAA Division II coaches at Queens will be sharing their knowledge in a fun and exciting learning
 atmosphere on the beautiful campus of Queens University of Charlotte. Kids will learn from coaches
 and both current and former collegiate players who will teach the fundamentals of their sport
 while stressing the importance of good sportsmanship, rules of the game, and team concepts.

 Says Craig Murden, associate vice president for University Relations, "We're excited to have Bank of America sponsor our Royals Summer
 Camps. These camps fall inline with the ideals of both Queens and Bank of America in the effort to be more involved in the community by
 offering quality development programs catering to the whole family. This sponsorship also provides Bank of America a Royals Club mem-
 bership within our athletic marketing program. This partnership is positive for all involved."

 Regional Marketing Coordinator for Bank of America, Chris Jarrett is pleased with the partnership. "We selected the summer camp spon-
 sorship because of our commitment to be more involved in the community. This program also allows for three of our branches to come
 together to support Queens and the many
 families who seek positive programs that aide                                2005 Royals Summer Camps:
 in their children's development when school is Basketball Camp for Boys and Girls             Basketball Camp for Girls
 out. Queens has had a long stand-
 ing commitment to the community, which         Ages 5-16                                      Ages 9-17
 makes this cooperation a natural fit."         Coach Brian Good                               Coach Beth Gattuso
                                                    Lacrosse Camp for Boys                     Soccer Camp for Boys and Girls
  The menu of sports camps being offered have       Ages 9-18                                  5-12
 increased to include varying age groups and
 varying interests in different sports. Among       Coach Jim Fritz                            Coach Fred Norchi
 the award winning coaches on hand this sum-        Soccer Mini-Kickers Camp for Boys and      Sports and Computer Camp for Boys
 mer is Coach Fred Norchi (CVAC and South           Girls                                      Ages 5-12
 Region Coach of the Year). Coach Norchi will
                                                    Ages 4-5                                   Coach Fred Norchi
 be coaching soccer camps for boys and girls
 between the ages of five and twelve and a          Coach Fred Norchi
 "mini-kickers" camp for kids aged four and five.   Tennis Camp for Boys and Girls             Volleyball Camp for Boys and Girls
 Basketball, lacrosse, tennis and volleyball
                                                    Ages 5-15                                  Ages 6-16
 camps are also on the menu.
                                                    Coach Phyllis Pharr                        Coach Chrys Baker

                    Visit www.queens.edu/royalscamps for camp information and downloadable applications.

                                                               STEVEN G. GRIFFIN, DDS
                                                                                     817 East Morehead St. Suite 250
                                     ♦    Complete Family and Cosmetic Dental Care
                                     ♦    Insurance Processed
                                     ♦    Welcoming adults and children
                                     ♦    UNC-Chapel Hill graduate "84 BA, '88 DDS.

                                                     "Your Myers Park Neighbor For 14 Years"
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Restoration of Myers Park Treescape
                                                                                                             By Michael Abbott
 The beautiful Myers Park Treescape is a legacy from the efforts of Myers Park planners and planters. It adds considerable value for Myers
 Park properties while enhancing the pleasure of those visiting and living in our community. The MPHA is vigilant and active in encouraging
 city initiative and “volunteerism” among citizens to maintain and enhance Myers Park landscaping. THANK YOU! Voluntary contribu-
 tions of $10 from nearly 80% of MPHA Members have developed a tree fund with a balance of nearly $8,800 for tree replanting.

 What has been accomplished this planting season?
               ♦   Queens median renovation replaced 63 aging & damaged trees
               ♦   City Co-Op, MPHA & MP Foundation funded planting of 142 additional trees
               ♦   MPHA identified a replacement tree list of 125 more trees that need to be replaced

 Your contributions appear even more critical due to the current city budget crisis which has prompted the proposed elimination of the City
 Tree Co-operative planting monies. Each tree costs approximately $160 (125 Trees = $20,000). Under the City Tree Co-operative Program
 the City pays half and MPHA pays half. Despite City budget issues, the Association’s goal is to replace all missing trees in Myers Park medi-
 ans and City right-of-ways which line our streets. The Association would also like to address on-going tree replanting as new needs arise.

 Although it is difficult to lose “mature” Trees, we must do our part to renew our tree population for the future. Tree replanting is essential
 to replace damaged trees and those nearing the end of their lifecycle. Your contribution to preserve our stately, yet aging tree canopy will
 provide important long-term benefits for Myers Park.

 We welcome additions to our current replacement tree list (http://www.mpha.com/latest_news_from_mp.htm) as well as your comments,
 ideas and involvement to better:
          - Develop collaboration & contributions from city and citizens.
          - Achieve cooperation, counsel & contribution from Garden Clubs and groups.
          - Discover community and matching fund opportunities e.g. MP Foundation, Inc.

                           Thanks for your contributions to perpetuate the picturesque environment of Myers Park.

                                             Amy Hawke has been selling real estate since 1983 and has years of experi-
                                             ence working with both buyers and sellers. As a seasoned Realtor® licensed
                                             in North and South Carolina, she is committed to making certain her clients
                                             have a positive experience and feel confident they have made a wise decision
                                             at the end of the day.

                                                  “I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the hard work and effort that was put
                                                  forth by Amy Hawke in the recent purchase of our new home and more importantly, the sell
                                                  of our previous home. Amy was extremely diligent in every
                                                  aspect of the transaction, which made our life so much easier.”

                                             •    Board Member, Myers Park Homeowners Association
                                             •    Arts & Science Council, fund raiser
                                             •    PTA Board, Alexander Graham Middle School
      Amy Hawke
                                             •    Christ Episcopal, active member and Sunday School teacher
    A Sharper Vision
     704.364.4400 x 463                                  Your Myers Park advocate and neighbor!
Page 12   Spring 2005 Issue
The Oak Leaf                                                                                                                            Page 13

President:                  Susan Shaver                             The Myers Park Homeowners Association Board meets
Vice President:             Emily Stephenson-Green                   monthly, the second Tuesday of every month.
Secretary:                  Christa Lineberger                       Please feel free to contact any of the Board members with
Treasurer:                  Whit McDowell                            your questions and/or suggestions.

First Name     Last Name                      Address               Work Phone         Home Phone                       Email
Michael        Abbott                 1751 Queens Road West        704-333-2417       704-333-1917       michael.abbott@sylvania.com
Jenkie         Atkinson               1553 Stanford Place                             704-377-7065       jenkiejett@carolina.rr.com
Scott          Baker                  1917 Beverly Drive           704-333-6686       704-376-8449       scottbaker@ls3p.com
Connie         Brown                  1100 Granville Road          704-375-2248       704-332-7038       cmbinteriors@carolina.rr.com
Rusty          Bryson                 2009 Dartmouth Place         704-887-1309       704-372-3164       rusty.bryson@amagloba.com
Jack           Copeland               2044 Sherwood Avenue         704-333-4159       704-333-2044       tcoffice@bellsouth.net
Thad           Faison                 2130 Norton Road             704-332-5152       704-332-5152       faison@bellsouth.net
Cameron        Furr                   2034 Dartmouth Place         704-332-0205       704-372-4474       cfurr@grierlaw.com
Amy            Hawke                  2219 Radcliffe Avenue        704-364-4400       704-372-3790       ahawke@carolina.rr.com
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