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                                               Microsoft Xbox 360 [2005]

                                               "Break out of linear, limited gaming. Dive into ground-breaking
                                               entertainment that is always connected, always personalised,
                                               always in high-definition."

                                               Microsoft has revealed its new console, the Xbox 360. As can
                                               be seen from the picture opposite, the console is smaller,
                                               curvy and more stylish than the console before it, with the
Xbox 360 Specs                                 addition of the PS2 feature of being able to stand vertically or
Specification        Description               horizontally.
CPU                  Custom IBM PowerPC
                                               The Xbox 360 can be customised using a variety of faceplates to
                     Cores x3 symmetrical      suit your style or furniture.
                     Clock         3.2 GHz
                     speed         each        As can be seen from the specs, the Xbox 360 boasts a
                     2 hardware threads        custom-built IBM PowerPC CPU running at 3.2GHz with memory
                     per core
                                               at 512MB RAM. The graphics chip is a custom-built ATI chip
                     1 VMX-128 vector unit
                     per core                  capable of advanced antialiasing and shader effects. This means
Memory               Custom ATI                that the Xbox 360 will have the processing power to deliver true
                     RAM       512 MB          720p and 1080i wide-screen HDTV images for all of its games -
                               (Shared         similar to what the PS3 can achieve.
                               with GPU)
                     VRAM 512 MB               Microsoft are set to continue and improve their Xbox Live
                               (Shared         feature, being available in silver and gold tiers, with the addition
                               with CPU)       of a new feature: Xbox Live Marketplace where users can access
                     eDRAM 10 MB               a multitude of demos, maps, skins etc. for download. However,
Memory               Main          22.4 GB/s   there are no details of an additional cost for this service.
                     eDRAM 256 GB/s
                                   21.6 GB/s
                                                                            Probably the most interesting feature
                                                                            of the Xbox 360 is the Media Center
L2 Cache             1 MB
                                                                            Extender where you can stream
Graphics             Custom ATI @ 500
                     MHz                                                    video, audio and photos from
Hard drive           20 GB Removable                                        networked PCs running Windows
                     1080i                                                  Media Center Edition. also media can
Resolution                                                                  be streamed from portable music
Audio                5.1 Digital                                            players, digital cameras, and
                                                                            Windows XP PCs. Also the Xbox 360
Game Format HD-DVD
                                                                            will have a video camera attachment,
Controllers  Supports four 2.4 GHz
             Wireless                                                       possibly similar to Sony's Eye-Toy.
Wireless     Wi-Fi-ready IEEE
Connectivity 802.11 a/b/g (needs               Currently the Xbox 360 retails for around £200. You can have the
                                               choice of whether to buy your system with a 20 GB hard drive -
Input/Output 3 USB 2.0 ports
             Ethernet (RJ45)
                                               its necessity is up for scrutiny but is a useful addition for caching
             2 Memory Slots                    etc.
Other        Interchangeable Face
Features     Plates                            The Xbox 360 uses the main gaming format, HD-DVD technology
             Media Center Extender             compared to the slightly more advanced Blu-ray technology
             Xbox LIVE                         (BD-ROM) used in the PS3. The Xbox 360 is backwards
             Eye-Toy like camera               compatible with the top Xbox games.

                                               The Nintendo Wii finally had its details announced, and is an
Top Games                                      interesting alterantive to both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. For
   Halo 3                                      many though, the Wii will be seen as the "family" console rather
   Project Gotham Racing 3                     than the graphical realism and power of the big two.
   Need for Speed Most Wanted
   Call of Duty 3                               VERDICT
   Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 5                                            The Xbox 360 as with its predecessor
   Gears of War                                                            will prove to be a worthy competitor
   Dead or Alive 4                                                         to its Sony counterpart, the PS3. As
                                                 Extra                     long as Microsoft deliver on games
                                                 features                  like the Xbox-only exclusives they did
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                                                 Cost                      before, there is no reason why the
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                                                                           Xbox 360 can't be the best console

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