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            Instructions to Deploy XNA Games to Xbox360
In order to deploy games to the Xbox360, we need a subscription membership to the XNA
development community called App Hub. Although this subscription has an annual cost of $99,
you will be given a free 12-month subscription to App Hub. To do this, you will need to create a
Windows Live ID account, register that account through Dream Spark, then make an Xbox360
Gamertag to upload your games to the Xbox360 console.

Step 1). You will receive an e-mail from JKB that will register that account under the MSDN
Academic Alliance Program. This e-mail includes your username-login ID and your login
password (you can change this once you login). You will have free access to all of the software
applications provided through MSDN framework—enjoy! Login into your MSDN account via
this link:

Note***If you don’t see the ATLAS logo in the top-left corner as shown above, you will not be
able to login. The Computer Science department also has an MSDN network so be sure not to
conflate these, as your account will only work under ATLAS.

Step 2). After logging into your account, click “Search by product titles” under Software Search.
Scroll all the way to the very bottom and select XNA Creators Club Online Academic
Subscription. Glick Go.

Step 3). You will now see the following screenshot.

Click “Add to Cart” then select Download. You must select “I Agree” to the terms and services
agreement page that comes up. Click the “Check Out” button.

Select the “Invoice No.” or “Download” link to bring up the following page. The Access Key
you see highlighted in red is your XNA/App Hub Subscription Code. You **MUST** save the
Access key exactly as you see it. Save this code by e-mailing it to yourself or writing it down and
keeping it in a safe place. Note that this code can only be used once—make sure you follow all
the steps correctly.

Step 4). Now we will be creating your AppHub account (formerly known as XNA Creator’s
Club). The following instructions will be for those who do not have a WindowsLiveID or
XboxLive gamertag. You will need a WindowsLiveID to create your account on AppHub; you
will also need an XboxLive gamertag to deploy your games onto the Xbox360 itself.

**NOTE** If you already have an Xbox360 Gold Account, you can register your account on
AppHub with the WindowsLiveID you used for your Gold Account. However, you will still need
to activate your student membership with Dream Spark and activate your XNA membership
subscription code via the XboxLive website.

Go to the following link to create your AppHub and WindowsLiveID account:

If you do not have a WindowsLiveID, click the “Sign Up Now” link; otherwise, use the e-mail
connected to your WindowsLiveID if you already have one and sign-in. New users should keep
in mind the e-mail address for your WindowsLiveID and AppHub account will be identical.
After you fill out the necessary username information, AppHub will send you a confirmation
email to the designated account. Be sure to confirm your account through the email verification


Step 5). After you have verified your AppHub account through email, you will then need to
register your AppHub account with the Dream Spark website. Choose the “Student” account type
and click Next.

Now you will be asked to validate your Dream Spark account—chances are you don’t have this
yet. Microsoft DreamSpark has a partnership with the University that provides students with
Microsoft professional tools for free. The membership through DreamSpark will validate your
“student” verification with App Hub. Click the “Visit DreamSpark now to get verified” link as

seen below.

Step 6). Before you can create your DreamSpark account, you need to verify your student
standing by specifying your school. Click the following selections as seen below:


Note***You MUST use your Colorado.EDU address in order for this to work.

After clicking “Verify” you will receive an e-mail from DreamSpark in your Colorado.EDU
address, not your AppHub e-mail address (if you’re using two different accounts). You must

verify your DreamSpark account by clicking the activation link in the e-mail they send you. Be
sure to do this as soon as possible, as the activation link expires in five days.

Step 7). Now that you have finished your DreamSpark registration, complete the “account
creation” process on your AppHub account. Keep in mind you will have to provide personal
information, such as home address and cell phone. Once complete, AppHub will send you a
confirmation e-mail—this will be sent to the same e-mail address you sign onto AppHub with.
Confirm your AppHub/WindowsLiveID account by clicking the link they give you.

Step 8). Now you will need to create an Xbox360 Gamertag (XboxLive account). You will use
this to sign-in to an avatar on the Xbox itself and connect to XboxLive—XNA can’t deploy
without an active XboxLive membership. Use your WindowsLiveID account to sign-in at the
following link and create your Gamertag name and avatar:

Step 9). Once your Gamertag/WindowsLiveID is created on the XboxLive site, you are now
ready to redeem your Activation Key for the AppHub Subscription. Make sure you are signed
into your WindowsLiveID account on the Xbox site—you can check this by looking at your
Account Name in the top-right corner (next to my avatar profile pic). Go to the following link:

Select “Redeem Code” then click Next. You are now ready to redeem the Activation Key you
got from the ATLAS MSDN Academic Alliance Website.

Step 10). Once your click “Redeem,” you will be navigated back to the AppHub homepage. To
confirm if the code was in fact redeemed, check your e-mail account you registered with
AppHub and look for an e-mail that says “MICROSOFT*MKTPLACE Activation confirmation
for App Hub Trial Membership (12-month).” This e-mail will confirm that you have successfully
activated the App Hub 12-month membership.

***If you didn’t get the AppHub 12-month Confirmation e-mail or got an error with your
subscription code, go to Step 11—otherwise skip to Step 12***

Step 11). You can also redeem your prepaid membership code on the Xbox360 itself. Sign into
XboxLive using the Gamertag you just made or associated with AppHub by using your
WindowsLiveID account name and password. After signing into your Gamertag account,
navigate to “My profile  Account management  redeem code” on the Xbox360 Dashboard.
Enter your code to receive your AppHub membership.

Step 12). Before you can deploy your game (debug in Visual Studios), you need to do a few
more things. First, on the Xbox360 you want to deploy to, you need to run “XNA Game Studio
Connect.” This is the software pack on the Xbox that networks with Windows during
deployment. Open XNA Game Studio Connect by going to (on the Xbox360 Dashboard) My
Xbox  All Games  (scroll down to) XNA Game Studio Connect. Select “Launch.”

After you launch, you should see a blue screen with “XNA Game Studio Connect” in the top-left
corner. The middle of the screen should read “Waiting for computer connection.” Now go back
to your computer.

Click Windows Start  All Programs  Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0  Microsoft Game
Studio Device Center. You should see the following screen:

If you don’t see a thumbnail of an Xbox already on the screen, click the “Add Device” button
next to the green plus-sign. Enter the code you see from XNA Game Studio Connect on the TV
and name the device “ATLAS-Xbox”. You should now see the thumbnail of the Xbox console in
the XNA Game Studio Device Center screen.

Step 13). You are now ready to deploy your game to the Xbox360! You must keep
**BOTH** XNA Game Studio Device Center on Windows and XNA Game Studio Connect on
the Xbox360 running simultaneously to deploy your game. Simply go into Debug mode in your
Visual Studios Solution file and you should see your game appear on the screen! Remember you
can always exit out of the Xbox360 game by pressing “Select” on the game controller.

  Congratulations—you have now successfully deployed your very first game to the Xbox360!


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