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                                                                           Vol. 2 No. 3 March 15th - April 15th, 2010

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  Page 2                                                                                East Valley Adult Resources                                                                                                        April 2010/May 2010
                                                     East Valley Adult Resources, Inc.
                                                          Administrative Offices
                                                       45 West University, Suite A • Mesa, AZ 85201
                                                        Phone: 480-964-9014 • Fax: 480-898-7306
                                                                www.evadultresources.org                                                                                                                             Dan Taylor, President & CEO
                                                                Affiliated Organizations
                                                                   East Valley R.S.V.P.
         2010 Board of Directors                        247 North Macdonald St. • Mesa, AZ 85201
                                                       East Valley Adult Resources Foundation, Inc.                                It seems like every day we                                  splash.
            Marv Turley-President                                                                                             read about an organization or                                         The pastor turns to the rabbi and asks,
        Karen Stegenga, President-Elect                           480-964-9014 ext. 107
                                                                                                                              business closing or reducing                                     “Do you think the sign should just read:
         Terry Benelli, Vice-President                       Discovery Point Retirement Apts.
           Howard Rubin, Secretary                                    408-924-6474                                            services. It is hard to remain                                   BRIDGE OUT”?
          Joseph O’Reilly, Treasurer                                                                                          upbeat and positive, but that is                                      These jokes and many others can be
                                                       East Valley Adult Resources, Inc. is published on                      exactly what our organization                                    found in “That’s so Funny” on sale in the
                Board Members                          the first of each month by Miller Media Services.     is doing and what we need each one of you to                                      Red Mountain gift shop for $8.00.
       Donna Rodgers • Jeffrey A. Bither
         Amy Fellner • JoAnn Freeborn
                                                                                                             do in your daily lives. Shed this negatively                                           We have been making a push to increase
   Elton Bordenave • Bob Dailey • John Ford                                                                  and embrace the positive! Over 100 years ago                                      lunchtime attendance at all of our Active
           Pat Donohue • Jay Furness                                  MEDIA SERVICES                         William James who was a philosopher and                                           Adult Centers. Our meals are considered the
       Arlene Strandberg • Dan Washburn
                                                                  PRINTING PUBLISHING PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS
                                                                                                             psychologist was quoted: Common sense and                                         best in the Valley, and the price is right, with
   Carla Rogers • Gerald Paulus • Brent Cope                     For advertising information:                a sense of humor are the same thing, moving                                       a suggested donation of $3.00. Menu items
                   Lupe Solis                                   call Miller Media Services at                at different speeds. A sense of humor is just                                     like Chicken Cordon Bleu, Strawberry Patch
                                                                  (480) 361-4431 or e-mail                   common sense, dancing.                                                            Spinach Salad, Pizza Bar and many others
                                                               ads@millermediaservices.com                        We all need a sense of humor as we move                                      have become favorites. So if you have not
                          Acknowledgments:                                                                   through life so I have taken it upon myself to
                                                                                                             help you with this. The following two jokes
                                                                                                                                                                                               checked out the menu please go to our website
                                                                                                                                                                                               at http://www.evadultresources.org and see
     “We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from our major contributors.”                          are in our own joke book “That’s So Funny”                                        what sounds good. Call in a reservation and
                                           Corporate Trailblazers                                            published by Jane Eck, Center Director, Red                                       check it out, you will not go away unhappy.
             East Valley Adult Resources Foundation, Leisure World Foundation of Arizona, Inc.,              Mountain Active Adult Center.                                                     On Fridays we even offer frozen meals to take
The Arizona Republic/News 12-Season for Sharing, The East Valley Tribune, Banner Baywood Medical Center,          A motorist was caught in an automated                                        home to utilize over the weekend.
    Banner Heart Hospital, St. Luke’s Health Initiatives, Southwest Ambulance, Bashas’, UnitedHealthcare     speed trap that measured his speed using radar                                         As a final note, April is one of my
                                             Business Partners:                                              and photographed his car. He later received a                                     favorite months of the year because it marks
       ADT, Affordable Home Care Solutions, American Tax & Financial, Angels Cremation & Burial,             ticket in the mail with a photo of his car and                                    the start of the baseball season. Yogi Berra,
   Arizona Regional Medical Center, AZ Commission for Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Arizona Relay Service          license plate.                                                                    a baseball legend, is known for his off beat
          Banner Baywood Campus, Beehive Homes, Carestone , Care-To-Go, CIGNA HealthCare
        Cochlear Americas, Copper Heights , Copper Village , East Valley Hearing, Family Home Care
                                                                                                                  Being an arrogant fellow, he mailed the                                      and head scratching quotes; see what you
          Fellowship Square - Brown & Center, Fleming Financial Services, Fountain View Village              police department a photograph of a $200                                          think of this one: “You can observe a lot by
       Gifford Health Institute, Good Samaritan Society - Mesa Good Shepherd, Health Net of Arizona          check.                                                                            just watching”.
               Healthsouth East Valley Rehab, Home Instead, Horizon Bay @ Apache Junction                         Several days later, he received a letter                                          Let’s Play Ball!!
             Hospice of Arizona, Hospice of the Valley, Integrity Chiropractic, Legacy, Lifeways             from the police with a photograph of
          Medicare PHR Choice, Meldrum Mortuary & Crematory, Merrill Gardens Mesa, MetLife                   handcuffs.
             Millett Law Office, Mountain View, Next Care Urgent Care, Preferred Care Partners                    He immediately mailed his $200.
         Safeguard MedAlert, SCAN, Solterra, Springdale Village, Swagel Wootton Hiatt Eye Center                  A rabbi and pastor from the local churches
      The Court at East Mesa, The Grand Court Mesa, The Springs of East Mesa, Village Oaks at Mesa,          are standing by the side of the road, pounding
                                    Visiting Angels, Waddell & Reed Inc.                                     a sign into the ground that reads: THE END
                                           Government Entities:                                              IS NEAR! TURN YOURSELF AROUND
          Area Agency on Aging –Region One, Pinal-Gila County for Senior Citizens, City of Mesa              NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!
                  City of Tempe, City of Apache Junction, City of Chandler, Town of Gilbert                       “Leave us alone, you religious nuts!”
                                        Community Sponsors:                                                  yelled a driver as he sped by. A few seconds
    Discovery Point Retirement Apartments, Desert Club, Mesa United Way, United Way of Pinal County          later they heard screeching tires and a big
                                     Valley of the Sun United Way

                                                                                                              STROKE, HEART DISEASE, ANEURYSM

                                                                                                                                                               Are You At Risk?
                                                                                                                                                      Affordable Cardiovascular Health Screening
                                                                                                              1 HEARTSOUND™ (Heart Screening)

                                                                                                                  As many as 50 percent of all heart attacks occur
                                                                                                                  before any symptoms are apparent.             This
                                                                                                                  ultrasound of the heart detects any enlargement
                                                                                                                  or abnormalities that may be indicators of serious
                                                                                                                  disease.                                                                                         April 30th
                                                                                                              2 ATRIAL FIBRILLATION SCREENING
                                                                                                                  Atrial fibrillation is a common heart rhythm problem
                                                                                                                  found in approximately one in every 150 people. It
                                                                                                                  can cause palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue                                  Red Mountain
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Christian Center
                                                                                                                  and risk of stroke. Leads are attached to the skin
                                                                                                                  to measure and record the electrical impulses
                                                                                                                  given off by the heart.

                                                                                                              3 STROKE SCREENING                                                                      740 N. Power Road
                                                                                                                  Stroke is the most common cause of long term
                                                                                                                  care admissions in the United States. It is also the                                     Mesa, AZ
                                                                                                                  third most common cause of death.                This
                                                                                                                  ultrasound of the carotid artery shows the level of
                                                                                                                  plaque build up that puts one at risk of stroke.                                            All 6 Tests,
                                                                                                              4 ABDOMINAL AORTIC ANEURYSM                                                                  Immediate Written
                                                                                                                  Aneurysms form as a result of weakening in the
                                                                                                                  arterial walls. When an aneurysm ruptures, over                                            Results and
                                                                                                                  80% of the time it is fatal. This screening is an
                                                                                                                  ultrasound of the aorta detecting aneurysms and                                            Consultation
                                                                                                                  other abnormalities.

                                                                                                              5 PERIPHERAL ARTERIAL DISEASE                                                                      Only $175
                                                                                                                  Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a condition
                                                                                                                  where blood circulation is restricted. It affects over
                                                                                                                  8 million Americans. This ultrasound detects signs
                                                                                                                  of circulatory problems in the lower extremities.
                                                                                                              6 THYROID SCREENING                                                                               Required
                                                                                                                  It has long been recognized that excess,
                                                                                                                  deficiency and variations in thyroid hormone levels                                                         Call
                                                                                                                  are related to depression, osteoporosis, and
                                                                                                                  cardiovascular disorders, especially in the elderly.
                                                                                                                  This ultrasound screening of the thyroid detects                                        602-254-7130
                                                                                                                  cysts, nodules and other abnormalities that may
                                                                                                                  indicate signs of thyroid disease.

                                                                                                               Blood Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure and Pulse included for free
                                                                                                                The HEARTSOUND™ Heart Screening:                                  $100.00                     Cathedral Health Services
                                                                                                                All other individual tests:                                        $45.00                 A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
                                                                                                                Complete Screening - All Six Tests:                               $175.00                P.O. Box 16252 Phoenix, AZ 85011

                                                                                                                         All Fees are paid at the time of service by cash, check, VISA, Discover or MasterCard.

                                                                                                                 Services provided by Cathedral Health Services are considered preventive screenings and are not diagnostic tests; therefore, Medicare does not cover
                                                                                                                  them. Clients paying for services are responsible for determining whether these services are covered by private insurance and for submitting these
                                                                                                                                                           charges to their insurance company for possible reimbursement.
April 2010/May 2010                                                           East Valley Adult Resources                                                                                      Page 3

The Power of Positive Thanking…                                                                           East Valley Adult Resources Foundation, Inc.
by Marianne Williamson in the Oprah magazine                                                                         2010 Board of Directors
     GRATITUDE has a cleansing effect on           been given the chance to learn–to rise up on          Officers:	              									Board	members:
the soul, healing us from the inside out. To       my own, ultimately attaining a sense of being         Douglas Gray, President                                  Nathan Skinner • Ann Weber
say thank you is an act of spiritual power.        that I can call my own.                               Jacqueline Hough Frame, Vice-President                   Tom Rhodes • Aaron Mathey
The very act of saying a sincere thank you              VERY OFTEN I say “Thank You” when                David Weed, Treasurer                                         Kjersten Dockery
hones our personality, making us humbler,          a gift in my life is packed in silk and satin and     Nancy Fleming, Secretary
gentler, more loving people. When something        wrapped beautifully in ribbons and bows. But
good happens and we give thanks for it,
recognizing it as a blessing, then its positive
                                                   just as often, I say thank you when the gift
                                                   has been wrapped in heartache. Thank you,                   Fraud Target: Senior Citizens
effect expands within us.                          because I’m determined to see the lesson.           By the Federal Bureau of Investigations
     THERE IS MERIT, as well, in expressing        Thank you. Because I know there’s a gift
                                                                                                            Why should Older Adults be                    she is counting on the fact that the elderly
gratitude for gifts we would rather not have       here, even if I cannot yet see it.
                                                                                                       concerned?                                         victim will not be able to supply enough
received. I have heard people proclaim,                 I HAVE SEEN that after every devastating
                                                                                                            It has been the experience of the FBI         detailed information to investigators such as:
“Thank You!” upon hearing that they have           loss, there comes at last-because of what I
                                                                                                       that the older adults are targeted for fraud for   How many times did the fraudster call? What
cancer, their grandchildren are in trouble or      learn-a stunning win of some kind. And when
                                                                                                       several reasons:                                   time of day did he/she call? Did he provide a
relatives are about to lose their home. These      that win arrives, it is more than wrapped
                                                                                                       1) Older Americans are most likely to have         call back number or address? Was it always
people were certainly not ignorant of the          in ribbons and bows: It is accompanied by
                                                                                                       a “nest egg,” own their home and/or have           the same person? Did you meet in person?
facts. They were probably schooled in using        shooting stars. And then I do not shout.
                                                                                                       excellent credit all of which the con-man will     What did the fraudster look like? Did he/she
the act of giving thanks as a tool for the         “Thank You,” I whisper it. My gratitude
                                                                                                       try to tap into. The fraudster will focus his/     have any recognizable accent? Where did
assumption of spiritual victory.                   reverberates softly through my entire being.
                                                                                                       her efforts on the segment of the population       you send the money? What did you receive
     GRATUTUDE IS AN OPENER of                     I know I have touched a nerve, not only in me
                                                                                                       most likely to be in a financial position to       if anything and how was it delivered? What
locked-up blessings. Gratitude journals are        but in the universe itself, and I feel in those
                                                                                                       buy something.                                     promises were made and when? Did you keep
not just lovely, they work. Saying thank you       moments that life is grateful to me as well.
                                                                                                       2) Individuals who grew up in the 1930s,           any notes of your conversations?
automatically reminds us of our place in a         Gratitude lies at the heart of the universe, and
                                                                                                       1940s, and 1950s were generally raised to               The victims’ realization that they have
greater scheme of things.                          I want it at the heart of me.
                                                                                                       be polite and trusting. Two very important         been victimized may take weeks or, more
     LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS FUN, but it is                  Let us use the remainder of 2010 to
                                                                                                       and positive personality traits, except when       likely, months after contact with the con-
always a gift. It is a continuous lesson in how    discover just how many ways there are to
                                                                                                       it comes to dealing with a con-man. The con-       man. This extended time frame will test the
we can choose to become the person we are          say thanks. One way is to support the mission
                                                                                                       man will exploit these traits knowing that it is   memory of almost anyone.
capable of being. What I am grateful for is        of East Valley Adult Resources to provide
                                                                                                       difficult or impossible for these individuals to   5) Lastly, when it comes to products that
life itself. I believe that slowly but surely,     Opportunities to Connect, Contribute and
                                                                                                       say “no” or just hang up the phone.                promise increased cognitive function, virility,
good thing by good thing and disaster by           Care for Each Other. Financial support of the
                                                                                                       3) Older Americans are less likely to report       physical conditioning, anti-cancer properties
disaster, I am becoming a better person. Life      Friends Campaign or the Mother’s or Father’s
                                                                                                       a fraud because they don’t know who to             and so on, older Americans make up the
appears, when I am thinking most clearly,          Day Campaigns will make a difference for the
                                                                                                       report it to, are too ashamed at having been       segment of the population most concerned
to have a grand design. While I cannot say         older adults served by the various programs
                                                                                                       scammed, or do not know they have been             about these issues. In a country where new
I am grateful for my pain, I am grateful for       and services East Valley Adult Resources
                                                                                                       scammed. In some cases, an older victim            cures and vaccinations for old diseases have
the fact that it is never meaningless. I have      provides.
                                                                                                       may not report the crime because he or she         given every American hope for a long and
                                                                                                       is concerned that relatives may come to the        fruitful life, it is not so unbelievable that the
                                                                                                       conclusion that the victim no longer has the       products offered by these con-men can do
                                                                                                       mental capacity to take care of his or her own     what they say they can do.
                                                                                                       financial affairs.                                      Protect Yourself…get educated and ask
                                                                                                       4) When an older victim does report the crime,     questions.
                                                                                                       they often make poor witnesses. The con-man
                                                                                                       knows the effects of age on memory and he/
         May Financial Presentation
            Elder Law Answers
                               Presenter: Jason S Millett, Attorney                                             April Financial Presentation
                                                                                                                      All about IRAs:
                                       Millett Law Office

     In honor of May being Older Americans Month, the May Financial Presentation will                                One	of	the	most	powerful	retirement	
allow you to Ask the Legal Expert. Bring your legal question(s) and receive advice that will
get you on the road to resolving your issue(s); or at least giving you peace of mind.                                   savings	tools	available	to	you
     Think about legal issues older adults are facing:                                                                             Jason Vos - Waddell & Reed Financial Advisor
     • How do you prevent yourself from being financially exploited? If it happens to                       If you’ve considered converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, now may be
         you, what do you do?                                                                          the time. The rules governing conversions of traditional IRAs, 401(k) rollovers and other
     • Can your Financial Power of Attorney take advantage of you?                                     qualified retirement plans into Roth IRAs have changed – making Roth IRA conversions
     • What are the problems with joint bank accounts?                                                 much more attractive starting in 2010.
     • How can you protect your property?                                                                   •Attend this presentation and receive a quick refresher on Roth IRAs.
     • If you have appointed an executor of your estate, what powers have you given to                      Although contributions to Roth IRAs aren’t deductible (unlike traditional IRAs), the
         them when you are alive or deceased?                                                          qualified distributions from Roth’s are normally income-tax free. Roth IRAs also offer two
     • Why would you do a Social Security Administration Representative Payee                          other advantages over traditional IRAs.
         form?                                                                                              •Attend this presentation and learn the two advantages.
     • Can you gift $13,000 a year and still be eligible for ALTCS (Medicaid) in                            Current rules on conversions. If you wish to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA
         Arizona?                                                                                      (whether you’re single or married), your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) can’t
     • Do you surrender any rights when you execute a power of attorney for health care                exceed $100,000. Plus, if you’re married and filing a separate tax return, you don’t qualify
         or financial?                                                                                 for a Roth IRA conversion at all. These conversion limitations are being lifted after 2009.
     • Can you change your power of attorney or advance directives after you sign it?                       •Attend this presentation and learn of the new opportunities for Roth IRA
         Who do you tell?                                                                              conversions in 2010.
     • How often should you review your legal documents, who should have a copy of                          This presentation will answer all your questions as to the conversion. Is the conversion
         them and where should you keep them?                                                          in your best interest? Do you have to make the payment of the income tax on the conversion
     • What is the difference between a guardianship and a conservatorship? What                       in your 2010 tax return?
         recourse do you have if your physical and/or mental status improves and you are                    Attend this presentation and find out how to take advantage of a once in a lifetime
         no longer in need of this legal intervention?                                                 chance to convert a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Why would you want to do this – what
     • Can you change an Irrevocable Living Trust?                                                     advantage to you?
     Remember to take an active role in your legal affairs now, when you are physically and                  “People don’t plan to fail...they fail to plan.”
mentally well. Don’t wait for others or the court to make these decisions for you.

                  May Presentation Dates:                                                                                 April Presentation Dates:
Apache Junction                   Red Mountain                    Mesa                                 Apache Junction                     Red Mountain                     Mesa
Active Adult Center               Active Adult Center             Active Adult Center                  Active Adult Center                 Active Adult Center              Active Adult Center
1035 N. Idaho                     7550 E. Adobe                   247 N. Macdonald                     1035 N. Idaho                       7550 E. Adobe                    247 N. Macdonald
2nd Wednesday                     3rd Monday                      Last Monday                          2nd Wednesday                       3rd Monday                       Last Monday

Wednesday, May 12th               Monday, Mayl 17th               Monday, May 24th                     Wednesday, April 14th               Monday, April 19th               Monday, April 26th
10:30am to 11:15am                10:00am to 11:00am              10:00am to 11:00am                   10:30am to 11:15am                  10:00am to 11:00am               10:00am to 11:00am
Classroom Check at Counter        Multi-purpose Room A            Classroom 1 - Room Change            Classroom 117B                      Multi-purpose Room A             Classroom 3
  Page 4                                                                  East Valley Adult Resources                                                            April 2010/May 2010

                      Expand Your World                                                           Living with Alzheimer’s and other Dementias…
         An exciting educational opportunity for adults in the east valley is enjoyed by
members of New Frontiers for Lifelong Learning (NFLL), Mesa Active Adult Center, and
Red Mountain Active Adult Center. “New Frontiers” is a peer-led, self-directed organization
                                                                                                    Making		Sense,	Making	Time	and	Making	Progress…
of over 400 members sponsored by Mesa Community College. Some study group topics
include: history, travel, art, music, spirituality, health, computers, photography, nature, and
                                                                                                      A	Practical	Guide	to	Hands-On	Care	&	Caring
book reviews. Social activities include luncheons, tours, traveling, plays, and concerts.              Whether you are the primary caregiver for a loved one with dementia or part of a loving
Many opportunities for volunteering at Mesa Community College are also available.                 care team – you know how confusing, frustrating, lovely and wistful it can be – all at the
For more information about NFLL: www.NewFrontiers-Mesa.org or call 480-461-7497.                  same time.
     The ability to attend classes at the Active Adult Centers has expanded the program for            Susan A. Kasprak is the Social Worker/Community Relations Director with Copper
NFLL members. See opportunities below to get involved in Lifelong Learning at an Active           Village – a gated Memory-Care community in Mesa. Her experience with families and
Adult Center near you:                                                                            residents has run the gamut and she will be sharing many discoveries, insights and ideas
April Classes & Activities - Mesa Active        Thursday the 15th:                                from her work.
Adult Center:                                   Lunch - 11:15 for $3 and presentation: Women           This will be an interactive session so please come with your examples, questions and
Mondays 5th & 12th:                             & Spirituality, “The Burning Times”               problems. This is the place to share what you’ve learned and ask for help for where you
Quilt a Block (1:00-3:00) (materials fee)       (RSVP: 827-2699 several days advance)             are stumped.
                                                                                                       The presentation will cover many topics. Learn the signs of dementia, how to
Monday through Friday every week:               Friday the 2nd, 9th, & 16th:                      communicate as your loved one stages over time, what to do to minimize and/or redirect
Flab Blaster (exercise) (9:00) (fee)            Classical Philosophy in a Contemporary World      behaviors.
Hustlers (billiards) (8:15-4:00) (fee)          by Con Downey (1:00-3:00)                              You will also discover ways to ensure that as the caregiver you “make the list.” Often
Lunch for $3 (11:30)                            Every Friday:                                     times in the list of “things-to-do” those who are the most responsible for others are the
(RSVP - 962-5612 - 1 day advance)               Singing for Fun (10:00-11:00)                     least responsible when it comes to their own well-being. Things to watch for, discussion of
Tuesday the 6th, 13th, & 20th:                                                                    realistic boundaries, unraveling the love from the guilt, and finding ways to make time for
                                                April Classes & Activities - Red Mountain         yourself will be explored.
Argumentation: The Study of Effective           Active Adult Center:                                   Last, but certainly not least, each person who attends this presentation will receive a
Reasoning (1:00-3:00)                           Monday through Friday every week:                 complimentary copy of the highly acclaimed book set titled, “Coach Broyle’s Playbook for
Tuesday the 6th:                                Lunch for $3 (11:30) (RSVP: 218-2221 – 1 day      Alzheimer’s Caregivers” along with his handy pocket reference of “Tips & Strategies.” This
Guitar for Beginners (10:00-11:00)              advance)                                          set is one if not the best hands on practical how-to guide available today. Topics include
Continuing Guitar (11:00-12:00)                 Every Wednesday:                                  – pacing, sundowning, resisting care, using the bathroom/shower, home safety, dressing,
Studio Art (1:00-3:00)                          Ballroom Dancing (1:00 -3:00) (fee)               wandering, communication, in the car, eating and taking care of yourself.
Tuesday every week:                             Every Thursday:                                        This will be a very informative session, and may be just the place to either start your
Ballroom Dancing (1:00-4:00) (fee)              Basic Spanish (9:30 -11:00)                       understanding or get some extra help in your journey with your loved one. Don’t miss this
Wednesday the 14th:                             Line Dancing (1:30 -2:30)                         great opportunity!
“Heaven’s Cowboys” a history of cowboys                                                                Upcoming Presentation featured through the Vital Signs program:
presented by Mike Dunn (10:00-11:30)            Every Friday:                                          April 14th (9:15-10:15) – Mesa Active Adult Center
                                                Computer Club (9:45-11:15)                             247 N. Macdonald – Mesa, AZ 85201
Wednesday the 14th & 28th:                      Evening Line Dancing (7:00-8:00)
Bookshelf (book discussions - “Invented                                                           * Article provided compliments of Copper Village Gated Community - 5037 E. Broadway
Country” & “While My Sister Sleeps”)                                                              Rd. - Mesa, AZ 85206 – 480-924-4073

                                                     GRAND OPENING
               OF MESA
                         7524 E. Southern Ave, Suite 105, Mesa (Southern & Sossaman)

                        Over 47 years experience in Internal Medicine
                     & Pain Management. We Specialize in the following:
                           Thyroid                                                       Shingles                                         Bursitis
                           Diabetes                                                     Knee Pain                                        Headaches
                          Headaches                                                     Cholesterol                                      Tendonitis
                          Pelvic Pain                                                  Joint Disease                                   Fibromyalgia
                         Osteoporosis                                                  Heart Disease                                  Chronic Fatigue
                        Allergies/Sinus                                                Tennis Elbow                                  Chronic Back Pain
                      Women’s Health Issues                                           Hip & Leg Pain                                Neck & Shoulder Pain
                          No Appointment Necessary. Walk-ins Welcome.
                  Pain Management by Appointment Only. So Call or Stop in Today.
April 2010/May 2010                                                           East Valley Adult Resources                                                                                       Page 5

  It’s easy.                                                                                                 We’re celebrating National Volunteer                What are you doing this summer? Many
  In just 10 minutes, you can make a difference. One of the shortest census forms                      Week April 18th - 24th. A representative             organizations lose part of their base when the
  in history, the 2010 Census form asks 10 questions and takes about 10 minutes to                     from East Valley RSVP will be visiting               winter visitors leave. Can you help out? If
complete.                                                                                              your workstation to deliver the Presidential         you have a little extra time and can share it,
  It’s important.                                                                                      Volunteer Service Awards (sorry they are so          consider volunteering at another organization
  The 2010 Census is a historic event that will help shape our nation’s future for the next 10         late). We once again want to thank you for           this summer.
years. With accurate census data, we can create a portrait of our nation’s growing population          all that you do during the year to help make              Next year’s recognition luncheon will be
and determine what’s needed to better provide for everyone.                                            a difference in your community.                      held on March 24, 2011. The theme will be
  It’s safe.                                                                                                 Have ideas for the direction of RSVP? Is       “Volunteers the Heart of America”.
  By law, the Census Bureau cannot share your answers with anyone, including other federal             there an unmet need in your community that                We will be wearing red, white and blue.
agencies and law enforcement entities.                                                                 RSVP volunteers can address?                         No hot dogs or hamburgers. Plan on meat,
  All Census Bureau employees take an oath of nondisclosure and are sworn for life to protect                We are recruiting RSVP Advisory                potatoes, and apple pie.
the confidentiality of the data. The penalty for unlawful disclosure is a fine of up to $250,          Council Members from Gilbert and Chandler.
000 or imprisonment of up to five years, or both.                                                      If interested, please contact Judy at 480-775-            Do you have leadership qualities,
  Completing the 2010 Census form will shape the future for you, your community and the                1466.                                                experience with fundraising, writing
country.                                                                                                     If you are a Winter Visitor, please let us     grants, doing research, web design, social
  For more information, visit the 2010 Census Web site at http://www.census.gov/2010                   know when you plan to leave and approximate          networking? We have the position for you
                                                                                                       date of your return. We wish you safe and            with East Valley RSVP. Be a part of the Team.
A Day in the Life of Home Delivered Meals                                                              happy travels.                                       Call Judy or Shirley at 480-775-1466.
Lynne Van Gould, Director                                                                                    Have you noticed the space on the back
      The Home Delivered Meals program serves      Volunteering is a valuable experience, and we       of the new timesheet that asks for your story?
over 400 elderly, disabled, and homebound          want to make it the best one possible for our       It’s very important for us to report these
individuals daily. It is our pleasure and honor    volunteers and clients. We work hard to pair        stories once a month. Soooooo…please let us
to deliver a hot meal and a friendly visit each    people up when they go out together. We value       know what you are doing and how it affects
day. Our clients mean a lot to us, and so do our   every member of our HDM team, you are each          the lives of those you serve.
monitors and volunteers.                           one of a kind, working together to make the
      Volunteers play an important role in the     program a success.
Home Delivered Meals department. In the                 We have been told time and time again that          Presentation	from	Leisure	World	Foundation	in	support	of	
beginning, volunteers may not always realize
how valuable they are. Wondering why they
                                                   people who volunteer get so much more then
                                                   they give. That has always been my experience.
                                                                                                                 Outreach	Services	and	Home	Delivered	Meals.
are accompanying a monitor. The may not            April is Volunteer Appreciation month, a perfect
know how they are making a difference…             time of year to thank our volunteers. So as
but the answer is simple…Our homebound             April brings spring showers, it also cultivates a
people always enjoy seeing another face, and       heartfelt THANK YOU to all that have helped
it tickles them to know that people are thinking   make the Home Delivered Meals program as
about them and care enough to serve them.          great as it is. We could not do it with out you!

                                                                                                       Left to right: Pete and Norma Kjeldgaard, Patty Yatsko, Chuck Krueger, Dan Taylor, Chuck Boerner

                                                                                                                                      Fear of Frailty
                                                                                                       Lack	of	Activity	Threatens	Local	Seniors’	Independence
                                                                                                            Fear of frailty is of paramount concern         of mobility, balance disorders and falls in
                                                                                                       not only for East Valley area seniors, but           older adults, and director of clinical research
                                                                                                       those local adults ages 35 to 62 – many of           for the University of Pittsburgh Institute
                                                                                                       whom are daughters – worried about the               on Aging. Medical professionals describe
                                                                                                       health and safety of their older loved ones.         frailty as a syndrome of weakness, fatigue
                                                                                                       That’s according to results of a recent national     and decline in physical activity that may
                                                                                                       survey of seniors and adult children, which is       be triggered by hormonal or inflammatory
                                                                                                       reflected in the lives of local older adults, that   changes or chronic disease states. For some,
                                                                                                       reveals staying physically active is a major         frailty results from a heart attack or stroke,
                                                                                                       challenge for seniors.                               while another senior might experience falls
                                                                                                            Lack of activity can lead to a downward         and weight loss.
                                                                                                       spiral of poor health resulting in frailty,               Dr. Studenski said that frailty can be
                                                                                                       a condition that threatens the mind, body            both prevented and reversed by activity.
                                                                                                       and social life of older adults, according           “One of the core ideas in aging is that there
                                                                                                       to senior care experts. “We regularly see            are underlying problems in the body’s self-
                                                                                                       seniors who are literally trapped in their           correcting mechanism. For example, when
                                                                                                       homes because they are too weak to perform           a young person is bleeding, the body self-
                                                                                                       many of the activities they need to remain           corrects by increasing the heart rate. But
                                                                                                       safe and independent, or to even enjoy life,”        older adults, because of medication or health
                                                                                                       said Mahnaz Pourian, owner of the Home               problems, may have lost the ability to self-
                                                                                                       Instead Senior Care office in Gilbert, AZ.           correct by being able to increase their heart
                                                                                                       “That’s why staying active is viewed by so           rate. Through activity, though, seniors can
                                                                                                       many as vital to healthy aging. Differences          build both physical and mental reserves that
                                                                                                       in perceptions between family caregivers             can help their bodies better tolerate problems
                                                                                                       and seniors can make addressing these issues         that come with aging.”
                                                                                                       challenging for many families.”                           So, in a very real way, family caregivers
                                                                                                            This problem is what prompted Home              who can encourage and integrate physical,
                                                                                                       Instead Senior Care to develop the                   mental and social activities in seniors’ lives
                                                                                                            Get Mom Moving Activity Cards and               are helping them ward off frailty and stay
                                                                                                       Web site at www.getmommoving.com, both               healthy. And that addresses seniors’ biggest
                                                                                                       designed to help keep seniors engaged and fit.       fear of losing their independence as well.
                                                                                                       These resources provide the tools by which           “This topic is at the heart of the concerns that
                                                                                                       seniors can fight frailty.                           we see each day in the lives of seniors and
                                                                                                            Frailty can be difficult to define, but most    those who care for them,” said Home Instead
                                                                                                       know it when they see it, said Stephanie             Senior Care’s Mahnaz Pourian. “Fear of
                                                                                                            Studenski, M.D., M.P.H., one of the             frailty keeps seniors worried about whether
                                                                                                       nation’s foremost authorities and researchers        they can stay home.”
  Page 6                                                                  East Valley Adult Resources                                                           April 2010/May 2010

                                                                       “Should You Be
Assistance For Independent Living                                    Concerned…These                                              Free Peer Counseling
                 480-966-9704                                       People Were Alarmed”                                          Services at the Active
      5 Reasons to Call:                                              A woman gains consciousness in the Heart Hospital
                                                                 Emergency Room at 3:00 am, a Disabled Veteran, a woman              Adult Centers!
        ►Affordable Non-Medical In-Home Services.                attacked by a home intruder, and a woman awakes at 5:00
                                                                 a.m. hearing a strange clicking noise. Come learn what these           Are you a senior who might benefit from having a
        ►Friendly Volunteer Services.
        ►Qualified Staff Fingerprinted and Trained.              people have in common, and why you should be concerned…          “sounding board” to help you work through a problem?
        ►Care Plans that Enhance Independence.                   Speaker Laurel Smith uncovers all at the upcoming Vital Signs    The Senior Peer Counseling Program may be the
        ►An Organization that Cares About You.                   presentations:                                                   answer.
                                                                                                                                         The Senior Peer Counseling Program, under the
                                                                 April 7th (9:15-10:15) – Mesa Active Adult Center
                                                                                                                                  guidance of EMPACT-SPC (a non-profit behavioral
     Adults age 55 and above who need assistance with April 13th (9:00-10:00) – Red Mountain Active Adult Center
activities of daily living due to chronic health conditions that April 21st (9:30-10:30) – Discovery Point Retirement Community   health agency), has a variety of programs available for
threaten the individuals ability to remain in their own home. April 22nd (10:30-11:15) – Apache Junction Active Adult Center      those who would like to receive help:
                                                                                                                                        Individual peer counseling:
         Assistance for Independent Living (AIL)
                                                                                                                                  Meet with a trained peer counselor to work through any
     45 W. University Drive, Suite B, Mesa, AZ 85201
        Phone (480) 966-9704, Fax (480) 898-7306                                                                                  problems you may have or to get support and guidance
                www.evadultresources.org                                                                                          for dealing with life transitions, depression, or stress.
                                                                                                                                        Caregiver Support Groups:
  LEGAL SERVICES - TAX PREPARATION                                                                                                Group Participants can receive helpful information, care,
   Personal, Farm & Business                                                                                                      and support in dealing with their role as a Caregiver.
    Midwest Farm Background                                                                                                             Grief Support Groups:
    All Federal & State  E-File                                                                                                  Group Participants can receive comfort and support in
     Very Reasonable Rates                                                                                                        dealing with their loss of a loved one. Learn about the
    File from AZ - Leave Later                                                                                                    stages of grieving and ways of developing new coping
              Probate Avoidance                                                                                                       If you would like additional information about any
   Living Trusts - Wills - Power of Attorney                                                                                      of the peer counseling services, please contact Sandra
    DALE R. THORSON, Attorney, CPA                                                                                                McNally at (480) 962-5612.
      AZ Attorney 27 Years  CPA 36 Years
       Evening & Weekend Appointments
                (480) 641-3000
            31 S. 63rd St. #2, Mesa
   (SE Corner of Main & 63rd St. 1/2 mile west of Power Rd.)
 dale@dalethorson.com - Web address: www.dalethorson.com
April 2010/May 2010                                                                 East Valley Adult Resources                                            Page 7

 World Laughter Day - May 2, 2010                                                                               Miller Media Services can Build your business
- Article provided by SCAN Health Plan Arizona
      World Laughter Day was first observed in 1998. Since that time advances in science continue             through targeted, local advertising and reach over
to demonstrate that mirthful laughter has many health and healing qualities. On World Laughter
Day, laughter leaders and laughter lovers will gather all over the world to laugh, along with offering              32,000 local active-adult households!
intentions for peace, freedom, compassion, kindness, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness and
                                                                                                                Call today for special rates in any of our seven
      Dr. Kataria and Steve Wilson are acknowledged as world leaders in a fun new exercise known                           community publications!
as LaughterYoga that is sweeping the world. Laughter Yoga started in India with just 5 people in
1995 and has spread worldwide with more than 5,000 Laughter Clubs in 55 countries.
What is Laughter Yoga?
Laughter, yogic breathing and unique exercise movements are combined to create Laughter Yoga.
Evidence suggests that the physiology and bio-psychology of laughter is very much like that produced
by moderate exercise.
• By laughing we initiate powerful positive changes in our body, mind and emotions.
• Anyone can laugh without relying on humor, jokes or comedy; it bypasses the intellectual system
      that normally acts as a brake on natural laughter.
• Laughter is the only technique that allows adults to achieve sustained hearty laughter without
      involving cognitive thoughts.
• It crosses all barriers; it is accessible and effective for people of all ages, gender, ethnicity, social
      status and most physical conditions; it can be done standing or sitting.
• It offers opportunities for group dynamics & social connections.
Why is Laughter Yoga good for YOUR health?
• Laughter enhances circulation and oxygenation through the body.
• Laughter releases endorphins which creates a positive state of mind and boost optimism, self
   confidence and self-worth. They also provide natural pain relief.
• Laughter decreases cortisol, thus providing an antidote for the harmful effects of stress.
• Laughter eases muscle tension.
• Laughter increases the body’s T-Cell counts, which are the cells of the immune system that kill
   invading bacteria harmful to the body.
• Laughter conditions abdominal muscles.
• Laughter increases catecholamines, which are known to boost mental function. Thus, laughter
   improves mental alertness, memory and interpersonal responsiveness.
     Don’t miss your opportunity to learn first hand the benefits of “Laughter Yoga” – SCAN Health
Plan will be presenting the program at the following Vital Signs presentations:
                     April 7th (9:30-10:30) - Discovery Point Retirement Community
                                 6210 E. Arbor Ave – Mesa, AZ 85206
                     April 15th (10:30-11:15) – Apache Junction Active Adult Center
                                1035 N. Idaho – Apache Junction, AZ 85219
                                   Remember to laugh for YOUR health!
  Page 8                                                                   East Valley Adult Resources                                                              April 2010/May 2010

                                                                           Sister Cecelia leads the center in a sing along
                                                                   19th    Red Mountain Singers perform
                                                                   21st    MJ Moore entertains
                                                                   22nd    “The Dixie Chick” tap dances
                                                                                                                                                     the essence of life
                                                                   23rd    Performance by David Grimes
                                                                   26th    Birthday/Anniversary celebration with Keven                               Tuesday- 9:00-10:00am
                                                                           Moen                                                                     Terri Rucker-480-218-2221
RMAAC’s own, Henry Rice,        FRIENDS Bingo fundraiser was a     27th    Wii Bowling Tournament
                                big success in raising funds for
in one of his CRAZY hats!                                                                                                         April 6th
                                the center                                                                                        East Valley Hearing
                                                                   3rd     Ken & Taska perform                                    Topic: “Consumer Seminar on Hearing Loss & the Latest
 April-May 2010 Events!                                            5th
                                                                           Pen Pal Carnival
                                                                           Accordian Bob performs
                                                                                                                                  Hearing Technology”
                                                                                                                                  Speaker: Dr. Scharber
Join us for workshops and events at 7550 E. Adobe—480.218.2221                                                                    * Discussion related to hearing loss and resources available
                                                                   7th     Mothers Day Celebration
                                                                   10th    Keven Moen of Moen Alone performs                      to help you.
Strategies for Online Marketing in Social Networks                 13th    Ken & Taska perform
Are you trying to figure out who you should LinkIn with                                                                           April 13th
                                                                   14th    MJ Moore entertains
past, present, and future customers and get them to “find                                                                         ADT
                                                                   17th    Carol Loven performs
you on Facebook” and “follow you on Twitter”? Or, are you                                                                         Topic: “Should You Be Concerned…These People Were
wondering how might you use blogs, YouTube and Flickr
to help market your business or organization? Come to this
                                                                   Red Mountain Multigenerational                                 Alarmed”
                                                                                                                                  Speaker: Laurel Smith
workshop to discuss and brainstorm strategies for using                Center is WiFi READY!                                      * A woman gains consciousness in the Heart Hospital
various social networking technologies to market you and/or                                                                       Emergency Room At 3:00 am, a Disabled Veteran, a woman
                                                                       You’re invited to help design and be involved with
your business. There will be minimal instruction on how to                                                                        attached by a home intruder, and A woman awakes at 5am and
                                                                   a multigenerational club for internet teaching, special
use these technologies; instead, the focus will be on developing                                                                  hears a strange clicking noise. Come and learn What these
                                                                   presentations and BYOC LAN gaming.
strategies for using them.                                                                                                        people have in common and why you would be concerned.
                                                                       This group meets on Thursday afternoons from 3:30 to
Thursdays, March 25 and April 1; 6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                                   6:30 at the Multigenerational Center.
Two 2 hour sessions for $15- reduced price (minimum 15                                                                            April 20th
Instructor: Shelley Rodrigo, National Speaker, Writing and          Social Services Directory
                                                                   INDIVIDUAL SERVICES ON SITE
                                                                                                                                  Integrity Chiropractic
                                                                                                                                  Topic: “3 Secrets to Stress Management”
Film Studies Educator                                                                                                             Speaker: Dr. Shapiro
                                                                   Individual Peer Counseling Mondays (By Appointment)            * Tips & techniques you can use to reduce the effects of stress
Line Dance in the Evenings                                         Attorney General Office - 1st Tuesdays (9:00-11:30)            on your life. Learn to more effectively manage stressors
Everyone welcome! Line dance is fun to learn and great             Blood Pressure Checks - Tuesdays (9:00-11:00)
exercise, too. No partner is needed! Join us Thursdays at          Benefits Assistance - Wednesdays (8:30-11:00)                  April 27th
7:00 p.m. in MPR B & C. $2.00 - members and $2.50 -                Legal Assistance - Wednesdays (9:30-11:00)                     Home Instead Senior Care
nonmembers.                                                        Master Gardener on site – Mondays, Thursdays (9:00-11:00)      Topic: “Activities for the Mind, Body, and Soul”
Instructor: Marjorie (Gramma) Jones                                GROUP SERVICES ON SITE                                         Speaker: Margaret Zukas
                                                                   Parkinson’s Support Group – Mondays (1:00)                     * Learn about activities to stimulate health, brain function,
Rejuvenate Your Life on a Mental, Physical and Spiritual           Vital Signs - Tuesdays (9:00)                                  and wellness.
Level                                                              Parkinson’s Exercise - Tuesdays (1:00)
This 6 week class will explore in depth how to rejuvenate your     Senator Kyl’s Staff - 3rd Tuesday (10:30)                      May 4th
core by releasing subconscious patterns using acupressure,         Deaf Support - Tuesdays (11:30)                                Medicare PHR Choice
essential oils and learning the major meridian points. Clear the   Recovery Inc. (depression, stress) - Wednesdays (9:15)         Topic: “Personal Health Records - What’s in it For You?”
cells of stress, anxiety and fear and bring health and balance     Caregiver Support Group – Thursdays (10:00)                    Speaker: Marie Hawkin
into your life.                                                    AARP Defensive Driving – 3rd Thursday (12:30) Call for         Learn about personal health records and the importance of
Thursdays, April 8 to May 20; 6:45-8:15 p.m.                       schedule 480.654.4040.                                         having your personal health information collected in one
Six 1 ½ hour sessions for $40 (minimum of 6 students)              Survivors of Suicide Support Group – 2nd & 4th                 safe, password protected on-line account. In the event of a
                                                                   Thursday evening (6:30 pm)                                     medical emergency if you cannot speak for yourself, your
Survivors of Suicide                                               Grief and Loss Group - Fridays (9:30) and (1:00-2:30)          PHR could.
Grief surrounding a suicide is always complex. Support             Alzheimer’s – 1st & 3rd Friday (2:00)
groups are one of the best ways to help yourself and connect                                                                      May 11th
with other survivors.                                              OUTREACH SERVICES
                                                                   Assistance for Independent Living (AIL) - Monday thru Friday   Health South Rehab Hospital
2nd and 4th Thursdays; 6:30-8:00 p.m.                                                                                             Topic: “Understanding Stroke”
Office F                                                           (480.966.9704)
                                                                   Home Visits/Resources - Monday thru Friday                     Speaker: Julie Barth
                                                                   (480.218.2221 - Patty or Yvette)                               * Learn the ways in which a stroke can affect a person, therapy
Try The Café @ Red Mountain before sessions and savor our                                                                         options, and ways to decrease the risks of having one.
Thursday evening specials!                                         Home Delivered Meals (480.962.5612 - Lynne or Alice)

                            TRUST · SATISFACTION · INTEGRITY
                                                                                                                                                        “Take it from me, these
                                                                                                                                                         guys are honest, fair, and
                                                                                                                                                         will treat you with the
           The nation’s premier buyers of gold, silver, platinum and coins,                                                                              respect you deserve.”
                  with over 53 years of professional jewelry experience.                                                                                            — Dave Ramsey
                                                                                                                                                                  The Dave Ramsey Show®
       You’re Cordially Invited to.. Red Mountain Active                                                                                                “I did the research, so you
               Adults Center “Gold for Good” Fundraiser                                                                                                  don’t have to! Gold Stash
              20% of Proceeds to Support Red Mountain Active Adults Center                                                                               for Cash are the people you
                                                                                                                                                         can trust.”
        You will get premium prices for all of your precious                                                                                                          — Linda Cobb
                                                                                                                                                                       The Queen of Clean®
        metals and receive 100% of payment for your items.
                                                                                                                               Bring all your gold, silver, platinum and coins,
                                       Hosted by: Red Mountain Active Adults Center
                                           Date: Wed, Apr 7th                           regardless of condition.
                                           Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm                   We offer the industry’s best
                                        Location: 7550 E Adobe St · Mesa, AZ 85207
                                        RSVP Terri Rucker at 480-218-2221 or               pricing for your items.
                                        email trucker@evadultresources.org          Visit us online at goldstashforcash.com
April 2010/May 2010                                                        East Valley Adult Resources                                                                                Page 9

                                                                                                                                April Springs Forward
                                                                                                                                                                   Small animals that hibernate
                                                                                                                                                              are usually coming out of their
                                                                                                                                                              burrows in April. The birds fly
                                                                                                                                                              back northward or they settle
                                          1                                  2                                                                                down to have their families. The
                                                                                                                                                              bees and butterflies begin to gather
                                                                                                                                                              nectar from the first flowers of
                                                                                                                                                              the season. In some parts of the
                                                                                                                                                              world, it’s planting time. In other
                                                                                                                                                              parts, it’s the harvest season.
                                                                                                                                Professional baseball begins in April. Spring cleaning starts,
                                                                                                                                and people begin mowing their yards again.
                      5                                                      6                                     3                  We are just as busy at the Mesa Active Adult Center. On
                                                                                                                                April 2 we will be closing early so there will be no bingo
                                                                                                                                in observance of Good Friday. Get ready for the opening of
                 Highlights                                    1. Kathy Brian & Larry Bergnach taking a trip around the
                                                                                                                                Baseball season by joining us on April 5 at the center to cheer
                                                                                                                                on our home team the Diamondbacks vs. San Diego. Game
Apr 1      Classic Philosophy - 1:00 (New Frontiers)                floor                                                       starts at 2:10 pm. Come for lunch and then get a good seat to
Apr 2      NO BIG GAME BINGO                                   2. Jean Rinkenberger & Warren Richards tow of our great          watch the game with popcorn and peanuts. Cookie Lee fine
Apr 2      CLOSE EARLY (3:00) GOOD FRIDAY                           volunteers!                                                 fashion jewelry will also be joining us that day. Are people
Apr 5      “Diamondback’s Opening Day” Game - 2:00             3. Leliani Crandall shows us how to do the real Hula…she         telling you that you can’t hear?…Stop by and get your hearing
                                                                    was born in Hawaii                                          checked on April 6. Entertainers will be here all month starting
           (popcorn, peanuts, and hot dogs)
                                                               4. Nornee Smith & John Jenkins put their heads together
Apr 5      “Quilt a Block”- 1:00 (New Frontiers)                                                                                with Carl Nyberg (April 7), Dancer Dixie Roberts (April 9),
                                                                    about the upcoming Pool Tournament
Apr 6      Audio (Hearing) Screening - 8:30                    5. Irene Herrera dealing Black Jack to Ken Higgs while Shirley   Bob Dofsak (April 16), Uncle Ozzie (April 21) and wild
Apr 6      Acoustic Guitar - 10:00 (New Frontiers)                  Zent looks on                                               woman of the piano, Carol Kepner. There will be a Cholesterol
Apr 6      Continuing Acoustic - 11:00 (New Frontiers)                                                                          and Blood Sugar screening on April 29. You must be fasting
Apr 6      Studio Art - 1:00 (New Frontiers)                                                                                    for 8 – 12 hours. There is so much more going on, so pick up
Apr 6      Study of Effective Reasoning - 1:00 (New
           Frontiers)                                              Volunteer Opportunities                                      our activity calendar and join the fun.

Apr 6      Burgi Crandall’s “Let’s Dance Band” - 1:15         Bingo Assistants, Bingo Callers, Dish-Up Silverware Wrappers
           (every Tuesday)
Apr 7      Entertainer Carl Nyberg - 10:30                    Needed ASAP Café Volunteer
Apr 8      Potpourri Luncheon TBA reservations needed -       Specialize Café Volunteer Position
           11:30                                              Getting café set up for the day and break down
Apr 9      Sing for Joy - 10:00 (every Friday)                Preparing coffee and assist customers
Apr 9      Dancer Dixie Roberts - 10:30                       Ability to handle money
Apr 12 Volunteer Meeting - 10:00                              Pleasant personality
Apr 12 “Quilt a Block” - 1:00 (New Frontiers)                                                                                                      the essence of life
Apr 13 Study of Effective Reasoning - 1:00 (New               Please contact Center Director, Leslie DeJong (480) 962-5612
           Frontiers)                                                                                                                                Wednesday- 9:15-10:15am
Apr 14 Eldervention “Farewell Gathering” - 10:15
                                                                            Exercise Room
                                                                                                                                                     Anne Magee-480-962-5612
Apr 14 Book Shelf - 1:00 (New Frontiers)
Apr 14 Heaven’s Cowboys - 10:00 (New Frontiers)               Pump it up; work it out, in our new exercise room. Doors          April 7th
Apr 15 Potpourri Luncheon “The Burning Times” -               open at 9:00 Tread mills, bicycles, weights, exercise balls,      ADT
           11:30 reservations needed                          Nautilus and an abdomen cruncher all available for your           Topic: “Should You Be Concerned…These People Were
Apr 21 Entertainer Uncle Ozzie - 10:30                        pleasure.                                                         Alarmed”
Apr 22 UN Desconsito – 8:00                                                                                                     Speaker: Laurel Smith
Apr 19 MAAC Advisory Meeting - 8:15                           Members .50 and Non-Member $1.                                    * A woman gains consciousness in the Heart Hospital Emergency
Apr 29 Cholesterol & Glucose screening - 8:30 *Fasting        Our exercise room is operated by our volunteers. There will       Room At 3:00 am, a Disabled Veteran, a woman attached by a
           necessary*                                         be times the room is closed because there are no volunteers       home intruder, and A woman awakes at 5am and hears a strange
Apr 30 Entertainer Carol Kepner - 10:30                       to operate it. We ask for your understanding, in this case. In    clicking noise. Come and learn What these people have in
May 3      Cookie Lee Fine Fashion Jewelry show - 9:30        order to avoid this situation, why not volunteer some of          common and why you would be concerned.
May 5      Entertainer Elizabeth Latham - 10:30               your time to keep things up and running?
May 7      Mother’s Day Celebration - 9:30                                                                                      April 14th
May 10 Foot Screening - 8:30                                                                                                    Copper Village
May 10 Volunteer Meeting - 10:00                                                                                                Topic: “Living with Alzheimer’s and other Dementias…making
May 12 Vision Screening - 8:30
May 12 Book Shelf - 1:00
                                                                     Meet a Great Fellow
                                                                  Please take a moment and congratulate Joe Wilson for
                                                                                                                                sense, making time, and making progress”
                                                                                                                                Speaker: Susan Kasprak
May 17 MAAC Advisory Board Meeting - 8:15                                                                                       * A practical guide to hands-on care and care giving.
                                                             receiving the Melvin Jones Fellowship award of the Lions
May 31 CLOSED IN OBERSERVANCE OF                                                                                                An interactive session providing practical tips & tools.
                                                             Club. It is an honor that is not given to every member. This
           MEMORIAL DAY
                                                             reward is given only to those who demonstrate exemplary
                                                                                                                                April 21st
  Travel Club For Seniors                                    service to his club and the community for which it serves. Since
                                                             the day Joe walked into our center he has given us his all, no
                                                                                                                                Home Instead Senior Care
                                                                                                                                Topic: “Activities for the Mind, Body, and Soul”
Apr 4 – Easter Brunch at Carefree Inn - $110                 matter what is asked of him Joe will surpass our expectations
Apr 5 – Kearny Winkleman Spring Flower Tour - $60                                                                               Speaker: Margaret Zukas
                                                             every time. We at the Mesa Active Adult Center are so proud
Apr 9 – Organ Pipe National Monument & Picnic - $75                                                                             * Learn about activities to stimulate health, brain function,
                                                             of you Joe and we feel blessed that you walked through that
Apr 11 – Nogales Historic Home Tour - $99                                                                                       and wellness.
                                                             door of ours! Congratulations Joe, you deserve it.
Apr 12/13 – The Fort Tour Scenic Loop thru Sierra Vista -
              $209                                                                                                              April 28th
Apr 14 – Casa Grande Ruins & Bedallions - $60
Apr 15 – Estrella Community College Culinary Arts - $72
                                                                    Social Services Directory
                                                               INDIVIDUAL SERVICES ON SITE
                                                                                                                                East Valley Hearing
                                                                                                                                Topic: “Consumer Seminar on Hearing Loss & the Latest Hearing
Apr 17 – Verde Canyon Train Ride - $110                                                                                         Technology”
                                                               •Benefits Assistance - Friday (8:30-11:00)                       Speaker: Dr. Scharber
Apr 18 – Jazz & Blues Festival in Glendale - $60
                                                               •Veterans Assistance – Monday (9:00-11:00)                       * Discussion related to hearing loss and resources available to
Apr 19/21 – Smooth Water Rafting - $539
                                                               •Blood Pressure Checks - Wednesday (9:00-11:00)                  help you.
Apr 23 – Tubac for the Day - $60
                                                               •Individual Peer Counseling - Wednesday (By Appointment)
Apr 25 – New Musical Instrument Museum & Kirkland
                                                               •Legal Assistance - Tuesday (9:00-12:00)                         May 5th
          Commons - $70
                                                               •Senator Kyl’s Staff (To Be Announced)                           Medicare PHR Choice
Apr 27 – Madera Canyon - $70
Apr 30/May 2 – Fun Run on Historic Route 66 - $349                                                                              Topic: “Personal Health Records - What’s in it For You?”
                                                               GROUP SERVICES ON SITE                                           Speaker: Marie Hawkin
Call Jeff Reed at 480 497-2478 for information or details of
                                                               •Caregiver Support Group - Wednesday (10:00)                     Learn about personal health records and the importance of having
forthcoming trips.
                                                               •Grief and Loss Group - Wednesday (1:00)                         your personal health information collected in one safe, password
                                                               •Low Vision Support Group - 1st & 3rd Friday                     protected on-line account. In the event of a medical emergency if
    WiFi Comes To                                              •Friendship Group - 1st & 3rd Wednesday                          you cannot speak for yourself, your PHR could.

Mesa Active Adult Center                                           OUTREACH SERVICES
                                                                   Monday thru Friday (8:00-4:00)
                                                                                                                                May 12th
                                                                                                                                Fountain View Village
      You are invited to visit our center with your computer,      (480) 962-5612                                               Topic: TBD
sit in the café with a great cup of coffee, and email friends or   •Home Visits & Resources                                     Speaker: TBD
surf the net. We are excited about having WiFi and hope you        •Loan Closet
will come relax, have a snack, and use our free WiFi.              •Assistance for Independent Living – (480) 966-9704
  Page 10                                                               East Valley Adult Resources                                                                  April 2010/May 2010

                                                                                                                                                        Daily Delights
                                2.                                                               1.   Best Dressed for our Day of the Cowboy
                                                                                                                                                     Bikes/Treadmills+ - Wednesdays at 10:00
                                                                                                                                                     Bridge+ - Wednesdays at 1:00
                                                                                                 2.   Deflated Elaine & Lora entertain the           Knit Krochet Klinic – Tuesdays from

           1.                                                                                    3.
                                                                                                      Arlene Lewis shows us her own homemade
                                                                                                                                                     10:00 – 12:00
                                                                                                                                                     Line Dancing Class* - Thursdays at 1:15
                                                                                                      Stick-horses for Day of the Cowboy             Pinochle+ - Wednesdays and Fridays at 1:00

                                                                 3.                              4.

                                                                                                      Pat and Sherron at the Friends Breakfast
                                                                                                      Celebrating February Birthdays
                                                                                                                                                     PoKeNo+ - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30
                                                                                                                                                     Stretching and Toning+ - Tuesdays and
                                                                                                                                                     Thursdays at 10:00
                                                                                                                                                     Tuesday Trivia – Tuesdays at 11:30
                                                                                                                                                     Walking+ – Monday and Friday at 10:00
                                                                                                                                                     Social Bingo - Monday at 1:00
                              4.                                                                                                                     Friday Afternoon Movie - Friday’s at 1:00
                                                                                                                                                     Memory Loss Support Group - Wednesday’s
                                                                                                                                                     at 10:00
                                                                                                      Entertainment                                  Crafty Ladies - Friday’s at 10:00
                                                                                                                                                     +indicates membership required program
                                                                                                  April 2nd Easter Celebration with Keven
                                                                                                  April 5th Andy & Friends
                                                                                                  April 9th Carl Nyberg
                                                                                                  April 12th Auctioneers

                          5.                                                                      April 16th Dave Grimes
                                                                                                  April 19th MJ Moore
                                                                                                  April 23rd Arizona Bob
                                                                                                  April 26th Monthly Birthday Party
                                                                                                             with JB the Singing Cowboy
                                                                                                  May 7th Keven Moen
                                                                                                  May 10th MJ Moore
                                                                                                  May 14th Dave Grimes
                                                                                                  May 17th Arizona Bob
                                                                                                  May 21st Carl Nyberg
                                                                                                  May 24th Monthly Birthday Party                              the essence of life
                                                                                                             with JB the Singing Cowboy                       Thursday- 10:30- 11:15am
                                                                                                                                                              Lora Keller-480-474-5260

                                                                                                                                                     April 1st
                                                                                                                                                     * No Vital Signs Presentation
                                                                                                                                                       Art of Healthy Living Expo
                                                                                                      Triad of Apache                                  9:00-12:00 – Red Mountain Center

                                                                                                          Junction                                   April 8th
           Highlights                        Friday Afternoon                                         Triad of Apache Junction is a program
                                                                                                                                                     Home Instead Senior Care
                                                                                                                                                     Topic: “Activities for the Mind, Body, and
                                                                                                 that was initiated in 1999 by the Pinal             Soul”
April 15 10:30
                 Vital Signs
                 Line Dancing Class               Movies                                         County Sheriff’s Office and the Pinal County
                                                                                                 Attorney’s Office to bring law enforcement,
                                                                                                                                                     Speaker: Ma
                                                                                                                                                     * Learn about activities to stimulate health,
April 16 10:30   Music by Dave Grimes                  All movies start at 1:00 p.m              senior-helping agencies and senior volunteers       brain function, and wellness.
         1:00    Friday Movie: “Left                                                             together to address the needs of the 55+
                                            (Free popcorn with membership if you pre-sign up!)                                                       April 15th
                 Behind”                                                                         population. The program is coordinated by
April 19   Earth Week - Wear Recycled       April 16th : Left Behind                                                                                 SCAN Health Plan AZ
                                                                                                 the Outreach Specialist at the Apache Junction      Topic: “Laughter Yoga”
           Clothes                          On an overseas flight to London, a                   Active Adult Center. Presently there are
           10:30 Music by MJ Moore          journalist and a pilot are caught in the                                                                 Speaker: Karen Richards
                                                                                                 four Triad programs available to residents of       * Laugh yourself to health – it’s a complete
           12:00 T.O.P.S                    middle of the most incredible event in               Apache Junction. Telephone Reassurance
April 20   Bring in aluminum cans           history. Suddenly, without warning, dozens                                                               well being workout!
                                                                                                 provides a daily morning phone call to a senior
           8:00 Benefits                    of passengers simply vanish into thin air.           living alone. 911 Cell Phones are given free        April 22nd
April 21   10:30 Fun Bingo                  But it doesn’t stop there. It soon becomes           of charge to area seniors. Guardian Angel           ADT
           10:00 Memory Loss Support        clear that millions of people are missing            Pendants provide emergency assistance for           Topic: “Should You Be Concerned…These
                 Group                      from around the world.                               homebound seniors when they can’t get to            People Were Alarmed”
April 22   Earth Day - Wear Green           April 23rd: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels                  the telephone. The Senior Resource and              Speaker: Laurel Smith
           10:30 Vital Signs                A remake of the 1964 film farce Bedtime              Information Book is filled with valuable            * A woman gains consciousness in the
           1:15 Line Dancing Class          Story. Steve Martin and Michael Caine take           contact information for a variety of services.      Heart Hospital Emergency Room At
April 23   10:30 Music by Arizona Bob       over the roles originally played by Marlon           Call Elaine at (480) 474-5260 for more              3:00 am, a Disabled Veteran, a woman
           1:00 Movie: “Dirty Rotten        Brando and David Niven: two international            information.                                        attached by a home intruder, and A woman
                 Scoundrels”                con artists, plying their trade on gullible                                                              awakes at 5am and hears a strange clicking
April 26   10:30 Monthly Birthday Party
                  Music by JB the Singing
                                            wealthy women up and down the Riviera.
                                            Martin and Caine vie over the honor of                    Social Services                                noise. Come and learn What these people
                                                                                                                                                     have in common and why you would be

                 Cowboy                     fleecing ingenuous heiress Glenne Headly (in                                                             concerned.
April 27   8:00 Benefits                    a role originated by Shirley Jones).
                                            April 30th : Old Dogs                                                                                    April 29th
           12:30 PoKeNo+                                                                          INDIVIDUAL SERVICES ON SITE
                                            John Travolta and Robin Williams team up                                                                 Fountain View Village
April 28   10:00 Memory Loss Support                                                              ♦Benefits Assistance PGCSC - Tuesdays (8:00)
                                            in the Walt Disney Company’s Old Dogs,                                                                   Topic: TBD
                 Group                                                                            ♦Blood Pressure Checks - Tuesdays
                                            a family comedy that pairs the two as close                                                              Speaker: TBD
April 29   10:30 Vital Signs                                                                      (10:00 -11:00)
           1:15 Line Dancing Class          business partners whose lives are thrown into         ♦Legal Assistance - call to schedule appointment   May 6th
April 30   1:00 Movie: “Old Dogs”           disarray when twin seven-year-olds are put            (480-474-5260)                                     Medicare PHR Choice
May 3      9:00 Attorney General            into their care. Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston,      ♦Apache Junction Ride Choice - Monday thru         Topic: “Personal Health Records - What’s
           1:00 Social Bingo                co-stars, along with the couple’s daughter,           Friday (480-474-5260)                              in it For You?”
May 4      10:00 Diabetic Support Group     Ella, who makes her big-screen debut .                ♦Banner Health Community Wellness Clinic - 2nd     Speaker: Marie Hawkin
           12:30 PoKeNo+                    May 7th: Amelia                                       & 4th Monday (9:30 -11:30)                         * Learn about personal health records
May 5      10:00 Memory Loss Support        Hilary Swank and Richard Gere star in                 GROUP SERVICES ON SITE                             and the importance of having your personal
May 6      1:15 Line Dancing Class          director Mira Nair’s biopic tracing the life          ♦T.O.P.S. - Mondays (12:30)                        health information collected in one safe,
May 7      10:30 Music by Keven Moen        of famed aviator Amelia Earhart -- who                ♦Grief Support Group - 1st & 3rd Monday            password protected on-line account. In the
           1:00 Movie: “Amelia”             made history in 1932 by becoming the first             (10:00-11:30)                                     event of a medical emergency if you cannot
May 8      11:30 Mothers Day Tea &          woman ever to fly solo across the Atlantic            ♦Diabetes Support Group - 1st Tuesday (10:00)      speak for yourself, your PHR could.
                 Silent Auction             Ocean.                                                ♦Dental –Tuesdays (9:00)                           May 13th
May 10     10:30 Music by MJ Moore          May 14th: The Time Travelers Wife                     ♦Memory Loss Support Group –Wednesdays             Hospice of the Valley
May 11     8:30 Advisory Board Meeting      A Chicago librarian suffers from a rare               (10:00)                                            Topic: “Living with Chronic Disease. –
May 12     10:00 Memory Loss Support        genetic disorder that sends him hurtling              OUTREACH SERVICES                                  Programs & Services”
May 13     1:15 Line Dancing Class          through time whenever he is under extreme             (480-474-5260)                                     Speaker: Carolynn Richel
May 14th   10:30 Music By- Dave Grimes      duress; despite the fact that he vanishes at          ♦Home Visits/Resources - Monday thru Friday        * Learn about resources available to lesson
           1:00 Friday Afternoon Movie:     inordinately frequent and lengthy intervals,          (8:00-4:30)                                        the effects pain has on you and your quality
                 The Time Travelers         he attempts to build a stable future with the         ♦TRIAD of Apache Junction - Monday thru            of life
                 Wife                       beautiful young heiress he loves.                     Friday (8:00-4:30)
April 2010/May 2010                                                            East Valley Adult Resources                                                                                                 Page 11

                                                                April/MAY 2010 Menu                                                                               * Menu Items are subject to availability of food items

            MONDAY                               TUESDAY                                WEDNESDAY                                       THURSDAY                                        FRIDAY
                                                                                                                            APRIL 1st                                       2nd
                                                                                                                            Healthy Living Expo @ RMAAC                     Spring Celebration
                                                                                                                            Chicken Salad Platter                           Baked Ham
                                                                                                                            California Pasta Medley                         Au Gratin Potatoes
                                                                                                                            Carrot & Raisin Salad                           Green Beans
                                                                                                                            Whole Wheat Roll                                Potato Roll
                                                                                                                            Strawberry Shortcake                            Apple Pie
                                                                                                                                                                            Chef’s Special:
                                                                                                                                                                            Tilapia Olympia
   5th                                 6th                                       7th                                        8th                                             9th
    Diamondback’s Home Opener          Roast Pork Loin                           Salisbury Steak                            Chicken Fritter with Country Gravy              Roast Turkey & Dressing
   All Beef Hot Dogs                   Vegetable Rice Pilaf                      Mashed Potatoes                            Black Eyed Peas                                 Mashed Potatoes
   Baked Potato Wedges                 Garden Salad                              Sliced Carrots                             Collard Greens                                  Green Beans
   Sweet Corn                          Whole Wheat Roll                          Whole Wheat Roll                           Whole Wheat Roll                                Whole Wheat Roll
   Whole Wheat Hot Dog Bun             Fresh Oranges                             Cherry Cobbler                             Fresh Fruit                                     Fruit Cocktail
   Ice Cream Sandwich                  Chef’s Special:                           Soup Du Jour                               Chef’s Special:                                 Chef’s Special:
   Chef’s Special:                     Chef’s Choice with Ice Cream                                                         Tuna Salad Plate                                Breakfast Bar
   Chicken Tenders
   12th                                13th                                      14th                                       15th                                            16th
   Shepherd’s Pie                      BBQ Chicken Sandwich                      Chef Salad                                 Fusilli & Three Cheese Lasagna Casserole        Roast Beef
   Mashed Potatoes                     Baked Potato Wedges                       Pickled Beets                              Italian Vegetables                              Mashed Potatoes
   Stewed Tomatoes                     Buttered Corn                             Macaroni Salad                             Roasted Tomato                                  Capri Blended Vegetables
   Whole Wheat Roll                    Whole Wheat Bun                           Whole Wheat Roll                           Whole Wheat Roll                                Whole Wheat Roll
   Fresh Oranges                       Tropical Fruit Salad                      Fresh Fruit                                Apricots                                        Mandarin Orange Cake
   Chef’s Special:                     Chef’s Special:                           Soup Du Jour                               Chef’s Special:                                 Chef’s Special:
   Enchiladas with Rice & Beans        Chef’s Choice with Cookie                                                            Strawberry Spinach Patch Salad                  Honey Stung Chicken
   19th                                20th                                      21st                                       22nd Earth Day                                  23rd
   Country Fried Steak                 Herb Roasted Chicken Breast               Pork Chopette                              Open Faced Oven Roasted                         Sloppy Joe
   Mashed Potatoes                     Italian Mixed Vegetables                  Mashed Potatoes                            Turkey Sandwich                                 Baked Beans
   Chuckwagon Blended Vegetables       Garden Salad                              Succotash                                  Sweet Potato Mash                               Peas & Carrots
   Whole Wheat Roll                    Whole Wheat Roll                          Whole Wheat Roll                           Green Beans                                     Whole Wheat Bun
   Sliced Pears                        Fruit Cocktail                            Peach Crisp                                Whole Wheat Bread                               Fresh Oranges
   Chef’s Special:                     Chef’s Special:                           Soup Du Jour                               Apple Sauce                                     Chef’s Special:
   Fish & Chips                        Chef’s Choice with Ice Cream                                                         Chef’s Special:                                 Pizza & Salad Bar
                                                                                                                            Chef Salad Plate

   26th                                27th                                      28th                                       29th                                            30th
   Birthday Celebration                Baked Rigatoni with Italian Sausage       BBQ Ribette Sandwich                       Seafood Salad Plate                             Baked Tilapia Filet
   Home Style Meatloaf                 Island Blended Vegetables                 Ranch Style Beans                          Tri Colored Bean Salad                          Vegetable Rice Pilaf
   Mashed Potatoes                     Spinach                                   California Vegetables                      Potato Salad                                    Oriental Blended Vegetables
   Sliced Carrots                      Whole Wheat Roll                          Whole Wheat Bun                            Whole Wheat Bun                                 Whole Wheat Roll
   Whole Wheat Roll                    Sliced Pears                              Fresh Fruit                                Tropical Fruit Salad                            Apple Cobbler
   Birthday Cake                       Chef’s Special:                           Soup Du Jour                               Chef’s Special:                                 Chef’s Special:
                                       Chef’s Choice with Cookie                                                            Hamburger Deluxe                                Stuffed Cabbage Roll
   MAY 3rd                             4th                                       5th                                        6th                                             7th
   Swedish Meatballs                   Fish Sandwich                             Cinco De Mayo Celebration                  Chicken Parmesan                                Mother’s Day Celebration
   Mashed Potatoes                     Capri Blended Vegetables                  Ground Beef Taco                           Italian Vegetables                              Chicken Cordon Bleu
   Broccoli                            Steak Fries                               Spanish Rice                               Spinach                                         Island Vegetable Blend
   Whole Wheat Roll                    Whole Wheat Bun                           Refried Beans                              Whole Wheat Roll                                Vegetable & Wild Rice Pilaf
   Peach Halves                        Fresh Fruit                               Flour Tortilla                             Pineapple Tidbits                               Dinner Roll
   Chef’s Special:                     Chef’s Special:                           Lime Sherbet                               Chef’s Special:                                 Chocolate Covered Crème Puffs
   Honey Stung Fried Chicken           Chef’s Choice with Ice Cream                                                         Tuna Salad Plate
   10th                                11th                                      12th                                       13th                                            14th
   Meatball Submarine Sandwich         Lemon Pepper Chicken                      Baked Ham with Cherry Sauce                Spinach & Mushroom Quiche                       Crab Cake
   Capri Blended Vegetables            California Mixed Vegetables               Sweet Potatoes                             Sliced Carrots                                  Oriental Mixed Vegetables
   Broccoli                            Garden Salad                              Cauliflower                                Brussels Sprouts                                Peas & Pimento
   Whole Wheat Hoagie Roll             Whole Wheat Roll                          Whole Wheat Roll                           Whole Wheat Roll                                Whole Wheat Roll
   Fresh Oranges                       Apple Sauce                               Ice Cream Cup                              Apricots                                        Fresh Apples
   Chef’s Special:                     Chef’s Special:                           Chef’s Special:                            Chef’s Special:                                 Chef’s Special:
   French Dip                          Chef’s Choice with Cookie                 Roast Turkey                               Strawberry Patch Spinach Salad                  Baked Potato Bar
   17th                                18th                                      19th                                       20th                                            21st
   Bowtie Pasta & Chicken Alfredo      Roast Pork Loin                           Salisbury Steak & Gravy                    Chicken Fritter with Southern Gravy             Roast Turkey & Dressing
   Spinach                             Scalloped Potatoes                        Mashed Potatoes                            Chuck Wagon Corn                                Mashed Potatoes
   Italian Blended Vegetables          Garden Salad                              Baby Carrots                               Collard Greens                                  Green Beans
   Whole Wheat Roll                    Whole Wheat Roll                          Whole Wheat Roll                           Whole Wheat Roll                                Whole Wheat Roll
   Pineapple Tidbits                   Fresh Fruit                               Cherry Oatmeal Cobbler                     Fresh Fruit                                     Fruit Cocktail
   Chef’s Special:                     Chef’s Special:                           Chef’s Special:                            Chef’s Special:                                 Chef’s Special:
   Ricotta Stuffed Shell               Chef’s Choice with Ice Cream              BBQ Ribette                                Seafood Salad Plate                             Pizza & Salad Bar
   24th                                25th                                      26th                                       27th                                            28th
   Birthday Celebration                Fajita Chicken Sandwich                   Chef’s Salad Plate                         Three Cheese Lasagna Casserole                  Memorial Day Celebration
   Roast Beef                          Baked Potato Wedges                       Pickled Beets                              with Meat Sauce                                 Hamburger Deluxe
   Mashed Potatoes                     Santa Fe Blended Vegetables               Potato Salad                               Italian Vegetables                              Ranch Style Beans
   Mixed Vegetables                    Whole Wheat Bun                           Whole Wheat Roll                           Roasted Tomato                                  Country Blended Vegetables
   Whole Wheat Roll                    Fresh Fruit                               Tropical Fruit Salad                       Whole Wheat Roll                                Whole Wheat Bun
   Birthday Cake                       Chef’s Special:                           Chef’s Special:                            Apricots                                        Ice Cream Sundae Cup
                                       Chef’s Choice with Cookie                 Ham & Cheese Submarine Sandwich            Chef’s Special:                                 Chef’s Special:
                                                                                                                            Chef Salad Plate                                All Beef Hot Dog
   31st Memorial Day Centers Closed

                East Valley Adult Resources, Inc. is funded in part by Area Agency on Aging Region One and Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens

                                                                                      Chicago	Style	                                                    Kitchen Corner
                                                                                 Italian	Beef	Sandwich
   Frozen Fridays Menu                                                       3-lb.
                                                                                     thinly sliced roast beef
                                                                                     14 ½ -oz. can beef broth
                                                                                                                                                 In a sauce pan combine broth, water, wine, garlic, oregano,
                                                                                                                                                 and red and black peppers and bring to a boil. Reduce
  April 2nd                 May 7th                                          ½       cup water                                                   heat to a simmer and add the roast beef and bell peppers.
  Bbq Ribette               Salisbury Steak                                  ½       cup red wine                                                Simmer, uncovered, 5 to 10 minutes or until the peppers
  Baked Mostaccioli         Roast Turkey & Dressing                          6       cloves garlic, minced                                       are tender. Remove from the heat. Keep warm.
                                                                             2       tsp. dried oregano, crushed
  April 9th                 May 14th                                         ½       tsp. crushed red pepper                                     Meanwhile, warm the rolls in a 350 degree oven for 5 to
  Country Fried Steak       Shepherd’s Pie                                   ¼       tsp. fresh ground black pepper                              10 minutes. Spoon beef, peppers, and juices onto the rolls.
  Chicken Tetrazzini        Fusilli Lasagna Casserole                        3       green sweet bell peppers, seeded and cut into strip         Pass remaining juices. Serves 8.
                                                                             8       hoagie rolls, split
  April 16th                May 21st
  Swedish Meatballs         Country Fried Steak
  Quiche Lorraine           Herb Roasted Chicken
                                                                                           SECURITY PLUS OF            NOMAD SELF
  April 23rd                May 28th                                                                MESA                  STORAGE
  Meatloaf                  Meat Loaf                                                       2253 E. UNIVERSITY DR    11139 E.APACHE TRAIL
  Roast Turkey              Baked Rigatoni & Italian Sausage                                  480 615-6070             480 986-1125
  April 3oth                                                                     RENT FROM US AND WE’LL PICK UP YOUR STUFF FOR FREE!!
  Beef Stew                                                                  IF YOU’RE RENTING SOMEWHERE ELSE,
  Pork Chopette                                                              YOU’RE PAYING TOO MUCH!                      WE RENT
                                                                             WE WILL BEAT ANY COMPARABLE
                                                                              COMPETITOR’S PRICING!
Page 12   East Valley Adult Resources   April 2010/May 2010
April 2010/May 2010   East Valley Adult Resources   Page 13
 Page 14                                                                                            East Valley Adult Resources                                                                                                April 2010/May 2010

                                                                                       Steve’s Handy Company A Company
	Ads	are	paid	in	advance:	                Appliance Services                           You Can Rely On With over 30 Years
                                                                                                                                      Orion Services
                                                                                                                                      We do it all! Roof repairs and coatings
                                                                                                                                                                                   Robak Painting Service, L.L.C 3
                                                                                                                                                                                   generations of Quality Painting. Lic
    $15	for	30	words,	                                                                 Experience. Electrical, Plumbing,              (30 years experience), cooler repairs,       #ROC 104337-Bonded-Insured. We
                                          Semi-Retired Appliance Repairman.            Carpentry, Painting: Inside & Outside.         plumbing, electrical, painting, deck         do: Interior-Exterior; Cabinets, Kitchen,
  20¢	per	word	over	30.		                 Over 35 years experience. Repairs            Miscellaneous Maintenance & Repairs.           coatings, any handyman project. Senior       Bathroom, Block Walls, Epoxy Garage
   Add	a	border	for	$3.                   on all brands. Call 480-982-6394. Ask        Not a licensed contractor. Fountain            discounts. 480-650-6671. Mike                Floors, Remove Wallpaper and much
Deadline	is	15th	of	month	                for Walt                                     of the Sun resident. Free Estimates                                                         more. For Free Estimates, call Frank        Watering systems, gravel spreading/
for	the	following	month’s	                                                             480-924-6858                                   Free Estimates-Specializing in bath          or Jared Robak 480-981-6868 or 480-         removal, trees, cactus, stump removal
       publication.                                                                                                                   remodels                                     586-1090.
                                          Cleaning Services                            Mazon’s Air Conditioning & Heating             Do it all large or small. Specializing in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               and grinding, palm trees. Custom
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               landscaping and yard design. Monthly
  Send	ad	and	check	to	                                                                Service Only $18.95 for a complete             kitchen and bath remodels. Carpentry,                                                    service available. Reliable, excellent
  Miller	Media	Services,	                 Professional fast dry Carpet Cleaning.       A/C system check-up. Includes 20 point         drywall, plumbing, electrical, decks,            Landscaping                             clean-up. Free estimates. LICENSED/
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                                          areas as low as 3 rooms only $45. Fully      Licensed & Bonded. 480-966-7794 or             licensed contractor.                                                                     326-8607.
 or	call	480-361-4431;		                                                               602-579-1012.
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Designing Arizona Landscape
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Specializing in all phases of Sprinkler
   NOTICE:                                and Operated. Rick 602-434-2525.
                                          Amazing Service, Amazing Results.
                                                                                       Techs. Prompt Honest Professional
                                                                                       Same Day Service.
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                                                                                                                                                                                   or remove all trees, and yard clean
                                                                                                                                                                                   up. Irrigation installation and repairs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Repair, PVC, Drip Systems, Trouble
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Shooting. Low prices for Seniors. Free
        Under Arizona law, all            Sunland Springs Resident.                                                                   #114475 George – 820-8711 We love            Relative of resident of Fountain of the     Estimates. Arizona License #243110.
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 licensed by the state unless they fall   be delighted-guaranteed. We clean sun        light fixtures, ceiling fans, recessed         Professional quality work with outstanding                                                  Miscellaneous
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 building permit and are less than        screens and do power washing. Call                                                          to someone who cares. Free Estimates         Service. Lot Cleaning and Hauling.          (Signal Butte & East Guadalupe Rd.)
                                          Rich 480-205-2082.                                                                          and Color Consultation. Call Loren,          Customized Service for your needs. Free
 $1000 for the total contract price.                                                   Electrician-Plumber (Semi-Retired-                                                                                                      UHaul Truck Rentals, loading and
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 In addition, homeowners using                                                         No longer licensed). Experienced                                                                                                        unloading services available. Call now
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 may have access to the Residential                                                                                                                                                Urgent Affordable Tree and Total
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 the contractor is unable and/or                                                       4760 anytime.
 unwilling to perform the job and
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 if alternative dispute resolutions       etc. I love animals. Non-smoker. Call        JDC Homes, for all your remodeling                       Service
                                          Larry 480-986-9842                           needs. 24 yrs experience, licensed,
 available through the Registrar are
                                                                                       bonded, insured. If it involves your home,
                                                                                                                                      Save Money with Us!                          Call Today to Place                         Diversity Singles Club (age 60 plus)
 unsuccessful. For more information                                                    large or small, give us a call. James                                                                                                   meets Mondays at 8:30 a.m. at JB’s
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April 2010/May 2010                                                        East Valley Adult Resources                                                                              Page 15

                                                                                                                                                     the essence of life
                                                                                                                                                       Discovery Point
                                                                                                                                                      6210 E Arbor Ave
                                                                                                                                                       Mesa, AZ 85206
                                                                                                                                                 Wednesday- 9:30- 10:30am
     The Walking Challenge was issued in March – Discovery Pointers and the Red Mountain Active Adult Center walkers                            Mickey Maynard-480-924-5951
participated in a fitness competition to get out and get in shape! More than four dozen Discovery Point members counted steps
all month. Prizes were awarded to walkers in categories from under 60 years of age to over 100 years of age. Walk on!              April 7th
     Toes were tapping as we dusted off our dancing shoes and our polka pumps to dance the night away during our elegant           SCAN Health Plan AZ
birthday tribute to Lawrence Welk in March. Lawrence Welk was born in March and Discovery Pointers love celebrating                Topic: “Laughter Yoga”
and recognizing this music legend. Wally and the Sunland Combo provided the tunes!                                                 Speaker: Karen Richards
     The Arbor Day on Arbor Avenue Celebration, hosted by Discovery Point is Friday, April 30, 11am-2pm. This                      * Laugh yourself to health – it’s a complete well being
GREEN event GROWS bigger and better every year! This year’s theme: Live GREEN – Grow, Rejuvenate, Enlighten,                       workout!
Embrace, Nurture. Discovery Point hosts this event to bring together all of the Arbor Avenue and surrounding area
businesses, their employees and customers. The public is welcome! Enjoy a beautiful April day with a yummy free lunch,             April 14th
lively entertainment, exciting educational information, Farmers Market and much more! Plus, take home epicurean delights           Home Instead Senior Care
from the Discovery Point Bakery, and a one-of-a-kind Arbor Day art, handmade from recycled items.                                  Topic: “Activities for the Mind, Body, and Soul”
     May kicks off our salute to American Veterans and active military personnel in all branches of the armed forces with a        Speaker: Margaret Zukas
fabulous photo display. Discovery Point extends a special invitation to Veterans for a free for dinner very Wednesday              * Learn about activities to stimulate health, brain function,
in May, June and July! Seating is limited and reservations are required; contact Terri at 480-924-6474.                            and wellness.

                                                                                                                                   April 21st

                                           Party Anyone?I believe “Discovery Point” is the party                                   ADT
                                                                                                                                   Topic: “Should You Be Concerned…These People Were
                                                                      capital of all the “homes for the old folks”. They arrange   Speaker: Laurel Smith
                                                                      parties for every occasion and dream up party time           * A woman gains consciousness in the Heart Hospital
                                                                      festivities regularly! I had no idea I could be this busy    Emergency Room At 3:00 am, a Disabled Veteran, a
                                                                      or have this much fun, certainly not at my age anyway.       woman attached by a home intruder, and A woman awakes
                                                                      Seems they are determined to keep us young at heart          at 5am and hears a strange clicking noise. Come and learn
                                                                      with all the activities they plan for us. Within the last    What these people have in common and why you would
                                                                      few weeks we have celebrated Mardi Gras, with eye            be concerned.
                                                                      masks, silly hats, and Mardi Gras beads tossed from the
                                                                      balcony, all this was followed by a Cajun dinner. Then we    April 28th
                                                                      also celebrated Arizona Statehood Day wearing Western        Fountain View Village
                                                                      duds and enjoying a musical cabaret show. Next was the       Topic: TBD
                                                                      Apache Junction Lost Dutchman Parade on Saturday             Speaker: TBD
                                                                      February, 27th. We rode in the parade in “Olley the
                                                                      Trolley” an open air vehicle, of course we all dressed in    May 5th
                                                                      Western garb. Our rockin’ country music filled the air as    Hospice of the Valley
                                                                      we moved down the parade route. It seemed to put the         Topic: “Living with Chronic Disease. – Programs &
                                                                      crowd in a celebrating mood because there was singin’        Services”
                                                                      and swingin’ all along the way. It was such fun! It should   Speaker: Carolynn Richel
be good advertising for Discovery Point because we were such a happy crew.                                                         * Learn about resources available to lesson the effects pain
     Now back at the ranch, our “home sweet home” the busy, fun-filled days continue. Each Friday we enjoy a happy hour            has on you and your quality of life.
with live music and refreshments, non-alcoholic punch of course! Thursday afternoon is movie day, popcorn included.
Wednesdays we have bible study taught by Sister Cecelia, a retired Catholic nun who lives here. She is a delightful, fun loving    May 12th
person, loved by everyone. Almost everyday we can find an exercise class, card games, bingo, a craft or sewing group, or           Mesa Good Shepherd
pick up a book to read from our extensive library. A nurse comes weekly to take our blood pressure, weight, etc, providing         Topic: “Improve Your Balance Through Strength
health records for us. We have a little theatre group, directed by Sister Cecelia. They perform for us several times a year.       Training”
We have some amazing musical talent among us. We also have an all faith church service Sunday afternoon, conducted by              Speaker: Jason Wright
volunteer ministers from the east valley. Our bus takes groups of us to evening concerts and other events. As you can see it’s     * Discover ways you can increase strength, safety, and
never dull. If we are bored it’s our own fault. Of course there are some with a handicap that can’t participate in some of the     maintain independence through activities that build muscle
things but everything seems to be well attended. Oh, yes I forgot to mention our monthly birthday parties. All those having        and improve balance.
their birthday that month are royalty celebrated.
     Maybe aging isn’t so bad after all. If having fun keeps us young I’m sure I have come to the right place!
     Lori White – Age 85 – March 2010

                                                           Arbor Day on Arbor Avenue
                                                                                             Friday, April 30, 11am - 2pm
                                                                                           FREE              Entertainment, Lunch, Information,
                                                                                                     Prizes, Farmer’s Market and More!
Page 16   East Valley Adult Resources   April 2010/May 2010

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