Panic Disorder

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					Panic Disorder
    The official definition of Panic
   “Panic disorder: A disorder characterized by
    sudden attacks of fear and panic. The episodes
    may resemble a heart attack. They may strike at
    any time and occur without a known reason but
    more frequently are triggered by specific events
    or thoughts, such as taking an elevator or
    driving. The attacks may be so terrifying that
    some people associate their attacks with the
    place they occurred and will refuse to go there
    again.” (
   Panic attacks!
    – The feeling you are about to go crazy
    – Thinking you are going to die
    – Increased heart rate
    – Dizziness
    – Inability to communicate effectively with
      others based on high levels of anxiety
    – Blurred vision
   It is important to note however that while
    Panic Attacks are not detrimental to ones
    health in an isolated manner, the long run
    effects of Panic Attacks can cause severe
    complications in ones lifestyle and may
    result in death. This is because people
    who experience Panic Attacks are prone to
    becoming severely depressed, substance
    abuse, or even suicide. This is why people
    with Panic disorder should seek treatment.
                 Poetry by
   Panic, you're back.
    I would give my life to get away from this feeling, but the very thought of death is alarming. I am
    truly stuck in a rut; torment, bewilderment and distress. I think of jumping in front of a car, but
    the panic about being stuck there on the floor, unable to move, is alarming. I could easily smash
    a window, but the fear of being arrested and trapped in a cell is alarming. I am nervous about
    being anxious, anxious about panicking and panicking about it all. Maybe if I'd murdered
    someone i could justify this feeling, but i have not. I add meaning to it all by writing this, but the
    truth is there is no meaning to it. Is it my fault i feel this way? It must be..My own thoughts and
    perceptions on this world is why I'm panicking. I want to fight it, but i fear panics' wrath. I would
    rather eat $#%^ than feel this way, and i would rather die than eat $#%^. Panic controls
    thought; if you think the world is against you and you're relaxed about it, it isn't a problem, and
    therefore if you feel illogical panic, then everything is a problem. You think thoughts, which after
    the attack, seem inconsequential, but at the time it is worse than death. I think of a safeguard,
    yet it saves me from nothing. I merely add a worrying thought into the equation. If i want to get
    so off my face i can't remember anything - what if i just get ill and don't accomplish oblivion? this
    is exactly what is so tormentuous about panic - the way it overrides and overrules any comforting
    thought you think of. Panic is the most powerful feeling I've ever experienced, and i wish i hadn't
    ever experienced it. I took mushrooms and i soon learnt how to panic, thereafter i've done
    nothing but. Panic plagues me but i don't know why; i panic about nothing and everything....what
    is to panic about in life but imminent danger? I feel i am weak for feeling like this, but i am not. I
    have been very delusional before, and have not felt such fear. A deep breath removes the feeling
    for a moment, but it comes back...there is no escaping this.
   While there may some objection as to what the
    proper treatment of Panic Disorder is many
    specialists it is a combination of cognitive and
    behavioral therapies. Cognitive therapy will help
    patients understand the trigger of their attacks.
    As in help them realize that when they are
    introduced into an environment with a lot of
    people they have a Panic attack. So next time
    they are in a crowded environment they should
    be prepared for a panic attack which will actually
    in turn result in less attacks.
          Treatment Continued
   The behavioral component to the treatment is
    similar to cognitive however it focuses on the
    symptoms of the attack. For example if a person
    suffering from Panic Disorder always gets
    clammy hands before an attack upon the
    realization of this the sufferer can prepare
    themselves thoroughly for the attack. Also
    relaxation techniques can be introduced in order
    to have sufferers “flow through” their panic
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