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Motorcyclist's fault costs him
Caution !!!
This video contains actual footage of an horrible accident caused by an error by a

If you are faint-hearted, please avoid watching it.

The footage was taken by a Police-Camera mounted at a busy traffic junction to
monitor traffic load. Also please forward this footage to all the motorcyclists you
know so that the motorcyclists may learn from it.

The motorcyclist is driving in the lane that is meant strictly for going straight,
bearing slightly right at a fork in the road (note the white arrow marking in the
middle of the road). Just when he reached a point, where he should have gone on
straight without slowing down, the motorcyclist suddenly decides to switch lanes into
the lane that is meant to go left only, decelerating rapidly in the process. The big
articulated lorry driving up behind him in it's correct intended lane and at a constant
speed suddenly finds a motorcyclist at a crawling speed right in the middle of it's
path. Even though it trys to break locking it's wheels in the process, the Lorry has no
time or room to stop and resultantly knocks down the motorcyclist and runs over him
making minced meat out of him.

Most of my friends thought it was the truck driver's fault until I convinced them
otherwise. It is clear that it is the motorcyclist's fault. He was in the wrong lane to
start with, he had missed his turning and he should have gone on straight and taken
a turn of the road farther down. He should have been clear in his mind about his
intended direction and switched over to the left lane a long distance back, having
allowed for the vehicle coming up behind him (note the white arrow marking in the
middle of the road).

I see nearly all the motorcyclists committing such wreckless errors on the streets of
Karachi every day. And I am sure they are doing it all over Pakistan as most of the
motorcyclists here drive without having taken proper driving lessons and without
adhering to the rules laid down in the Highway-Code book. In fact most of the
drivers have never read the Highway-Code book because they consider it below their
dignity to "learn". They think they are born drivers and they came into this world
pre-loaded with all the driving skills.

I strongly beleive the Electronic and Print Media in Pakistan should start a campaign
to educate our drivers and motorcyclists with pictures, captions and videos like the
one attached.

May God protect us from such situations.

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