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									                                            Joel Moranton
                                  5356 Alonzo Rd Vacaville CA 95687
Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara CA Sep. 2007
      Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography – concentration Digital Imaging
Specialized Classes
       Automotive photography, Nature photography, Color management, Zone System, Sports photography,
       Lighting studio, Digital Manipulations
Equipment Knowledge
       Cameras: Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Sinar, Horseman, Toyo, View Camera, SLR
       Lighting Equipment: Norman, Hensel, Profoto, Speedotron, HMI, Strobe, Tungsten
       Digital formats: 35mm slr, Medium, Large, Scan back, Tri-capture, Single-capture
       Noritsu QSS-3011 Noritsu QSS-3212
Light Control
       Automotive Lighting, Product Lighting, Available Light, Portable flash, Studio
       Mac and PC, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Light Room, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dream
       Weaver, VR Works, Foto Biz, Foto Quote, Leaf Capture, Photomatix, Final Cut Pro
       HDR, 360* view, Black and White printing and processing, Digital Compositing, Large format printing,
       Digital Retouching, Color Management for any out-put, View camera movement and correction,
       Animated gif,
Professional Experiences:
Teacher’s Assistant in Black and White labs Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA
      Checking out and returning photography equipment, Teaching students how to use darkroom equipment,
      Mixing and maintaining B+W chemicals                                   7/2005-11/2007
Photographer, Argosy Cruises Seattle WA
      Taking pictures of guests boarding the ship, color correct and print images under short deadline, selling
      images to guests after cruises, familiar with Noritsu printer and program 3/2008-8/2008
Photography Lab Tech, Robi’s Camera Center Lakewood WA
      Printing and maintaining on Noritsu printer, color correct and print images, inventory chemicals and
      paper, B+W processing and printing, shooting art copy work, RA-4 C-41 and E-6 chemicals
Lead Photographer, RCH Designs, Huntington Beach CA
      Photograph Automobiles and products for: Al and Eds Auto and Sound, Rancho, Mastercraft, Dynomax,
      PAS Magazine, Dirt Sports Magazine and many other. Studio maintenance and scheduling, Photoshop
      images, Edit video, update Facebook, back up and keyword images
                                                                                            8/2009- 3/2010
Photographer/Photo Editor, 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine, Gig Harbor WA
      Taking images for assignment, editing, color management, out-put ready print, Published in Mar/April
      2008, July/August 2008, Sep/Oct 2008, July/August 2009, Cover Story-Sep/Oct 2009, Cover Story
      November/December 2009, July/August 2010                   Free Lance 1/2008-current
Lead Photographer, Kodak/Qualex, Vallejo CA
      Supervising team members, managing guest services, photographing guests at memorable times at Six
      Flags, working with Kodak computer systems and printers.                 4/2010-current

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