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					                                                                                               JJ, Tiffany and Savannah
                                                                                                      in December 2008.

                           2 5 th   anniversary               edition          ,2       summer           2009

Family Ties
Tina and Billy Wetzel had gotten their hopes up before. Four times, in fact.

So when they received a call from Tina’s sister in 1999 saying she’d heard through another relative’s friend that
a four-year-old boy needed a “forever home,” they approached with caution.

“The grandfather called when he found out Billy and I were interested — and that’s when we found out that the
little boy actually had two sisters as well,” remembers Tina. “He asked me if we wanted JJ; I told him we wanted
all three of them.”

Earlier that year in Houston, the biological parents of Savannah (5), JJ (4) and Tiffany (2) had their parental
rights terminated after severely neglecting all three children and sexually abusing Savannah. The grandparents
and several other relatives had been ruled out as possible caregivers due to their own histories — leaving the
children available for adoption.

Donna Botrie was their court appointed advocate volunteer through Child Advocates. Since being assigned
to the children’s case, she had worked tirelessly within the system, coordinating with countless caseworkers,
therapists and attorneys to ensure the three children stayed together through eight different foster homes.
Although thrilled with the possibility that the children could stay together forever, she remained guarded when
Tina and Billy first came from Maryland to meet them.

“I’ll never forget being at the CPS offices and Donna coming around the corner with all three children in tow
— their bond to her was evident immediately,” says Tina. “We all went out to lunch and I remember feeling like
she was cross-examining us! Looking back on it now, I can certainly appreciate her intense desire to make sure
‘her’ kids were going to a good family and a good home.”

And that they did. But not without a few hiccups along the way. Several issues regarding contact with the
grandparents still needed to be addressed and the children remained in foster care in Texas for what turned out
to be a year-long transition.
“She was the                         Family Ties                          CONTINUED
                                     “Between the time we met the children and the time all the required paperwork and residual
one person                           legal proceedings were completed, Donna was my lifeline — I really think she was the reason
                                     I was able to stay sane,” remembers Tina. “She was the one person involved in the whole
involved in the                      thing that I could call and talk to and actually trust to give me real information — she was
whole thing                          Tina credits Donna with always keeping the children
that I could call                    ‘number one’ on the priority list, especially as the
                                     legalities dragged on with the grandparents. Because

and talk to and                      the Wetzels hadn’t been in the picture when the
                                     children were initially taken into care, they really didn’t
                                     have the whole story regarding their past. Donna was
actually trust                       able to tell Tina a lot of things that Tina feels now she
                                     truly needed to know in order to protect and help her
to give me real                      children.

                                                                                                                   l to r: Savannah, Tiffany, Tina,
                                     Finally, Savannah, JJ and Tiffany (then 6, 5 and 3,                                      Billy and JJ in 2000.
                                     respectively) arrived at their new home in Maryland.

                                     “The kids were so happy. I honestly don’t know who was happier, though, them or us,” says
                                     Tina. “We spent months just delighting in the opportunity to experience so many ‘firsts’
In Harris County alone, 4,300        with them — both for them as kids having a normal, healthy childhood and also for us as a
children languish in foster care
because of life-threatening abuse    Nine years later, Tina and Billy continue to juggle their busy household and, according to
                                     Tina, there is never a dull moment!
and neglect. With our current
                                     Savannah, now 15, is a typical teenager: rolling her eyes at everything and avoiding summer
resources, Child Advocates can
                                     school with her sheer will; JJ, 14, loves science — he received a special award near the end of
provide a volunteer to less than     the school year — and can’t live without his iPod; and Tiffany, now almost 13, is a laid-back
                                     social butterfly who often keeps the peace between her two older siblings.
half of them. If you would like to
help us provide critical advocacy    Only a few things are mandatory in Tina and Billy’s house: homework hour and a family walk
                                     (complete with the dog) every weeknight and a movie night each weekend.
services for more children, please
consider becoming a volunteer or     Tina is realistic about the emotional scars her children will always have because of what they
                                     went through early in their lives.
making a financial donation online
at           “We aren’t perfect, but what household with three teenagers is?” she says.

                                     Although on-going therapy and an occasional set-back are facts of life in the Wetzel
                                     household, Tina and Billy’s no-nonsense parenting approach allows the children to feel
                                     loved and supported while still keeping them moving forward.

                                     “Billy and I just want to turn these kids out into the world to be the best they can be,” says
                                     Tina. “Of course they’re going to have some luggage to take with them, but as long as it’s a
                                     few bags they can handle, that’s fine.”

                                     Still today, Tina and Donna keep in touch via email and holiday cards and make it a point
                                     to talk on the phone a couple times every year.

                                     “The kids know her mostly as an old and very dear friend of the family,” says Tina. “It has
                                     been such a long journey and Donna was with us every step of the way — we love her.”
                                     Donna Botrie served abused children as a court appointed advocate volunteer from 1986 to 2003, working on
                                     this particular case in 1999 and 2000. She continues to support Child Advocates and the work we do.
                                                                     Pull for Kids Classic
                                                                     “STUDIO 25”: BEYOND THE VELVET ROPE
Hello all,                                                           The 17th Annual Pull for Kids Classic was a blast from the past
                                                                     as partygoers donned their bell bottoms and platform shoes
Wow — our milestone 25th anniversary year is already half            to celebrate a quarter-century of service by Child Advocates
over. They say time flies when you’re having fun — we think          volunteers.
time definitely flies when you’re working at a furious pace for
Harris County’s abused and neglected children!                       This year’s party and sporting clays tournament brought in nearly
                                                                     $475,000 through sponsorships and auction purchases, enough
October is right around the corner and with it comes an event        to provide 210 abused and neglected children with the services
many of you have heard about already this year — the Forgotten       of a court appointed advocate volunteer this year.
Children awareness/fundraising campaign and display, taking
place October 21-28 at Discovery Green downtown. Whether                                                                   Event chair Bob Davis
you’ve seen a sampling at one of our recent events or a larger               ElPaso employees and guests: (l to r) Cindy
                                                                            and Mark Sebald, Ken Thompson, Gloria and      deserves    a   round
display in another city, I think you’ll agree with me that the                Johnny Moritz and Sharon and John Sousa.     of applause, along
visual aspect of the campaign — cutouts of 850 children                                                                    with his committee,
standing together in one area — is a strong reminder to all of                                                             including Sheryl and
us why we do this work.                                                                                                    Joel Androphy, Jeff
                                                                                                                           Birmingham, Cherie
Even though many who receive the newsletter are able to see                                                                Hassenflu,      Becky
or hear the stories about the children we help firsthand, many                                                             Brusen     and   John
are not. Last year, right here in Harris County, 4,368 children                                                            Lupomech.
were placed in foster care, which was higher than any other
county in Texas. To have a display like Forgotten Children in        Cool temperatures and breakfast from Shipley Do-nuts greeted
our community reminds us why an organization like ours is            more than 250 participants at American Shooting Center, while
critical to these children’s lives and futures.                      the second flight of shooters arrived just in time to grab a burger or
                                                                     hot dog courtesy of Baker’s Street and Jax Dogs. Once everyone
As much as we’d like it, these are not simply cardboard              was done for the day, plenty of cold beverages and snacks (thanks
cutouts; each child in the display represents a real child who       to Budweiser/Silver Eagle and H-E-B) made this year’s shoot
needs a court appointed advocate volunteer. A real child like        one to remember. Camouflage hats and Child Advocates water
2-year-old Kyle, who was brought into protective custody after       bottles also were a hot commodity as folks left to make their way
sustaining multiple injuries to different areas of his body at the   to the evening party.
hands of his mother’s boyfriend.
                                                                     More than 550 guests packed
The Forgotten Children display is exciting for us not only from      “Studio 25” (aka the Methodist
a revenue perspective, but because of the awareness we hope          Training Center) that evening,
it will generate for our cause as well. I want to thank ALL          grooving to the disco favorites
of the volunteers, board members, advisory board members,            spun by DJ Kevin. Dancers
staff, YPC and Friends who have stepped up to help lead this         soothed their tired soles with
effort.                                                              stops at the flipbook booth and
                                                                     silent auctions or nibbling on
On a related subject, we are currently trying to locate a space      Cordua’s        seventies-inspired
close to the Forgotten Children display for our annual court         cuisine washed down by their
appointed advocate volunteer appreciation event. Since we            signature Long Island iced tea.
hold this event each year in October, we hope to be able to tie      A highlight of the night was the
it in to Forgotten Children in a meaningful way. Please be on        flaming Baked Alaska dessert                 Party chair Cherie Hassenflu and her
the lookout for an email soon with more information about            brought out to guests while the              husband Alan on the dance floor.
the date.                                                            DJ played “Burn Baby Burn.”

Thank you all for your on-going support for our mission. I           Eighteen-year-old Cameron Harden kicked off the “Sponsor-a-
hope to see you very soon.                                           Child” portion of the live auction after sharing the inspirational
                                                                     story of how his advocate volunteer changed his life. Auctioneer
Warm regards,                                                        Lynn Spell kept the crowd raising their paddles in the live auction
                                                                     with amazing items including a Hawaiian holiday, a spa retreat,
                                                                     an adorable dachshund puppy, a Grand Cayman getaway and a
                                                                     stay in a Costa Rican penthouse.
The third annual Friends Easter Egg Hunt was a success again
this April with 49 kids and their foster families. Eight Friends
volunteers, including the Easter Bunny of course, led a traditional
egg hunt along with a picnic lunch at Jaycee Park. The Junior
League graciously provided a basket for each little hunter. Many
thanks to co-chairs Susie Hale and Ginger Harris for coordinating
another hit event as well as donating the beverages, dessert and

                                           This years’ added
              An artist at work at the friends Egg Hunt.
                                           activity included
                                           Picasso-style self
                                           portrait painting          PfK guest speaker, Cameron Harden, a former foster child served by Child
                                           for the children           Advocates, opening his new laptop computer courtesy of HP.
                                           with local artist
                                           Van McFarland.
                                           the self-portraits
                                           into a 48 x 60”
                                           assemblage acrylic
canvas painting that was auctioned at the Pull for Kids party.
The painting was purchased by generous supporters Sheryl and
Joel Androphy and now hangs in the Child Advocates’ training

The painting was titled “Sponge Bob and Me” in honor of the
smiling yellow square drawn by 10-year-old Lia (name has been
changed), who can now look forward to a future as bright as the
painting thanks to her Child Advocates volunteer.
                                                                      Chapelwood United Methodist members and Child Advocates volunteers at the
ANGELS Of HOPE LUNCHEON AND fASHION PRESENTATION BY                   recent event thanking Chapelwood for their long-time support.
The Friends of Child Advocates is thrilled to announce that
during our 25th Anniversary year, the Angels of Hope Luncheon
and Fashion Presentation by Neiman Marcus will honor McNair
family matriarch Janice Suber McNair.

Since their humble beginnings migrating to Houston in 1960, the
Robert and Janice McNair family has flourished to prominence
in the city’s business, sports and philanthropic circles. They
have made education and medical research cornerstones of their
philanthropic giving, in addition to supporting Child Advocates’
mission since 1996. They are founders of the Robert and Janice
McNair Foundation and the Houston Texans Foundation
in Houston and the Robert and Janice McNair Education
Foundation in Forest City, N.C.

The luncheon and fashion style show, scheduled for December 8,
will be co-chaired by veteran fundraisers, friends and neighbors
Kathy Galt and Pat Osborne. For further information call Marla        A little golfer shows her stuff in the Child Advocates and H-E-B Healthy Kids
                                                                      Kingdom at the Houston Children’s festival in April.
at 713-529-1396 x 234.
                                                                    25 YEARS Of CORPORATE SUPPORT
                                                                    Child Advocates owes much of its success over the past 25 years
                                                                    to the tremendous support we have received from Houston’s
                                                                    business community. From sponsoring major fundraisers and
LEIGH RAPPOLE                                                       annual events for our children to allowing shoppers to donate
COURT APPOINTED ADVOCATE fROM 1994 TO 2001                          a portion of their purchases to our program, corporations have
                           “There was the determined 12-            played a key role in our efforts to serve the area’s neediest
                           year-old inching her way across the      youngsters.
                           room with a walker the day after
                           serious leg surgery. There were the      EARLY SUPPORTERS STILL SUPPORTING TODAY
                           brave siblings who smiled while          One of our earliest corporate gifts came from Shell Oil Company,
                           boarding the plane for a fresh start     which donated $600 shortly after our founding to help print
                           with relatives elsewhere. In spite       volunteer training manuals. The former Compaq Computer
                           of their problems, the children I        Corporation (now Hewlett-Packard) also was an early supporter,
                           worked with were often chatty            donating dozens of computers and other equipment to help us
                                                                    better track our children, train our volunteers and correspond
                           and engaging, laughing with their
                                                                    with judges, attorneys and CPS caseworkers. Most recently, HP
                           siblings or showing me around their
                                                                    has provided technology upgrades and a new laptop for one of
                           school. The courage and resilience
                                                                    our children who is an aspiring writer.
of all these children will be with me always. It was a privilege
to contribute to the successful efforts that helped them.”          Both companies supported this year’s Pull for Kids, along with
                                                                    many other businesses. Now in its 17th year, the annual clay
MILES HARPER                                                        shoot and evening party have brought in more than $5.7 million.
COURT APPOINTED ADVOCATE fROM 1989 TO 1995                          Corporations represent the majority of sponsorships.
                           “I found out about CASA from
                           a friend at CPS that knew of my          Many businesses also have supported our work by sponsoring the
                           interest in volunteering in some way     Houston Children’s Festival, which just celebrated its 21st year.
                           for children. I went to the training     Thanks to the early support of companies such as ExxonMobil,
                           having no idea at all how our court      Randalls and AT&T (formerly Southwestern Bell), the festival has
                           system worked with children in the       raised nearly $4 million for Child Advocates. This event could
                           CPS system and was just blown away       not provide smiles for families without our dedicated corporate
                           by the conviction that everyone          sponsors.
                           associated with the system had about
                                                                    RECENT ADDITIONS
                           doing something positive in the lives
                                                                    We are always delighted to have new corporations express an
                           of these kids who faced so much in
                                                                    interest in supporting our mission. Among our more recent
                           the way of hardship. I was assigned      corporate supporters are Aaron Sales & Lease, which is sponsoring
to the case of a nine year old girl who had spent her entire life   a sibling group for the Forgotten Children display, Enterprise,
in the system. Eventually she was placed with family on the         which sponsors our Holiday Party, and Target and Cameron
East coast and I managed to stay in touch for a while after she     Corporation, which make it possible for hundreds of children to
left Houston. I have no doubt that if CASA had not gotten           go back to school with brand new clothes.
involved and been able to help the overworked CPS staffer
that locating and placing the child with her family would have      With more than 25                  A Target team member helps out at the
taken much longer and might not have ever happened. Her             percent of our overall                  Cameron Childspree last summer.
extended family was ecstatic to find her and could not wait to      support coming from
welcome her home. This whole event was such an eye opener           companies, we are
to me about the demands on our system of dealing with kids          so thankful to the
in crisis and how dedicated the staff and volunteers are that       many tenured and
try so hard to make a difference. I don’t think anyone would        new businesses that
say our system is perfect but I know I have met some pretty         donate money and
                                                                    their     employees’
close to “perfect” staff and volunteers who go out every day
                                                                    time, especially in
striving for one goal – to make a difference.”
                                                                    this tough economy.
                                                                The donors listed below contributed to Child Advocates, Inc. between the months of February and May 2009, in an
                                                                amount equal to or greater than the cost of serving one child for one month ($130). Child Advocates also extends our
                                                                most sincere appreciation to the 349 individuals and companies that donated between $1 and $129 during this period
                                                                (totaling more than $20,500), whom we are unable to list due to space constraints.

58+ CHILDREN fOR ONE YEAR                        Mr. and Mrs. William N. Burke                  Mr. and Mrs. Reagan Sirmons                Mr. and Mrs. Ron Orsini
Swalm Foundation                                 Dr. Michelina Cairo                            Mr. Reagan Sirmons, Jr.                    Mr. Mark Paling
                                                 In Honor of Advocate Volunteers                Spark Energy                               Mrs. Kathleen Pluchinsky
29-57 CHILDREN fOR ONE YEAR                      Mr. and Mrs. Dan Castaneda                     Specialized Auto Repair                    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Powell
Child Advocates Endowment, Inc                   Ms. Amanda Chambers                            State Employee Charitable Campaign         Mr. and Mrs. James S. Prentice
Texas CASA, Inc.                                 Chase Bank                                     Ms. Lori A. Stewart                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Preston
Victims of Crime Act                             Mr. John M. Cheesman                           Mr. and Mrs. John W. Storms                Mr. and Mrs. Louis Raspino
                                                 Chevron                                        Mr. David Stroble                          Mr. Rodney Reed
14-28 CHILDREN fOR ONE YEAR                      City of Houston (Combined Campaign)            Sullivan's Advanced Auto Care              Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Davis                           Mr. Travis Cook                                Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sweeney                  Mr. Mark Romanchock
El Paso                                          Cornerstone Automotive - Dairy Ashford         Sysco Corporation                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Rubbo
John P McGovern Foundation
      .                                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Davidson               Target                                     Mr. Scott Santana
National CASA Association                        Davis Hamilton Jackson and Associates          Texas Capital Bank                         Mrs. and Mr. Mary S. Scott
Rockwell Fund, Inc.                              Mr. Cyrus Davoudi                              Texas Children's Hospital                  Scott's Auto Repair and Collision Center
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Alistair Dawson                   The Arena Foundation                       Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Shelsy
6-13 CHILDREN fOR ONE YEAR                       Mr. John T. Elzner                             The Student Bar Association                Ms. Cathy Stubbs
Auto Answers                                     Ernst & Young LLP                              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Thorington         Mr. and Mrs. Chris R. Synek
Berg & Androphy                                  ExxonMobil                                     Ms. Lynda L. Transier                      Mr. Michael Taff
Cameron Corporation                              Mr. and Mrs. Tom Farrell                       Mr. Philip A. Tuttle                       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Thomas
Chapelwood United Methodist Church               First Southwest                                UHY Advisors TX, LLC                       Mrs. Suzanne Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Trey D. Cook                        Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Forbes                    USI Southwest                              Mr. Kenneth Thompson
Harris County Community Services Dept.           Freedom Automotive Services, Inc.              Vinson & Elkins, L.L.P.                    Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.
Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation   Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P .                   Mr. Johnny B. Walker                       Ms. Victoria A. Varner
Republic Waste Services of Texas                 Gibbs & Bruns, LLP                             Watson Family Foundation                   Village Automotive, Inc.
RMS Auto Care, Inc.                              Goldman, Sachs & Company                       Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weill                    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wahrlich
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Scott                     Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau   Weinstein Spira & Company, P .C.           Mrs. Amy Walsh
Shell Oil Company                                Greenberg Traurig LLP                          Mr. Keith Willliams                        Mr. and Mrs. Scott Washburn
Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P  .                Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Grove                  Mr. John Wilson                            Mr. John Watson
Sterling-Turner Foundation                       Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gruen                       John L. Wortham & Son, L.P .               Wellesley Information Services, LLC
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts             Gulf Coast Combined Federal Campaign           Mr. Bob Zorich                             Mr. Brad Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thomas                          Halliburton                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. David Zaozirny
                                                 Hard Rock Cafe                                 ONE CHILD fOR 3 - 6 MONTHS
3-5 CHILDREN fOR ONE YEAR                        Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hassenflu                    ABC Pest Pool & Lawn Services              ONE CHILD fOR 1 - 3 MONTHS
Accenture                                        Mr. and Mrs. James Horsch                      American Express (Employee Giving          Aldine Automotive Inc.
AMF Bowling Centers, Inc.                        Houston Junior Woman's Club                                Matching Gifts)                Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Allspach
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston                 Ms. Sherry Hughes                              Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Bott                 Ms. Katherine Bailey
Mr. Bryan Boyer                                  Mr. Jerry Hyde                                 Mr. and Mrs. Josh Brown                    Mr. Joe Baraban
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. David                      Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne L. Hyzak                   Mr. and Mrs. Rick Burnett                  Ms. Karen Bowden
Mr. and Ms. William J. Gardiner                  Mr. and Mrs. Ken Joekel                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Chevalier           Ms. Cathy Burkell
HESS Corporation                                 Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Johnson                   Mr. Ron Cook                               Ms. Hannah Bushe
MAXIMUS Foundation                               Mr. Gary Johnson                               Cornerstone Automotive - Wilcrest          Mr. David Casares
Mr. and Mrs. William Maxwell                     The Junior League of Houston                   Mrs. Kameron Craft                         Mr. and Mrs. Ron Chovanec
Miller Brewing Company                           Mr. George W. Kaleh                            Customs Cookers                            Mr. Garrett Cook
Newfield Exploration Company                     Mr. Duane C. King and                          Mr. Brian Davis                            Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dabney
Plains Exploration & Production Company                      Mrs. Carmen Delgado                Mr. and Mrs. William Dore                  Mr. and Mrs. Eddy L. De Los Santos
The Prentice Foundation                          Mrs. Karen Klucznik                            Excel Automotive Technology                First Unitarian Universalist Church
Fayez Sarofim & Company                          KPMG LLP                                       Mr. Bobby Fredrick                                     of Houston
The Kiwanis Foundation of Houston                Ladies on the Move Social and Charity Club     Mr. Gilbert Garcia                         Ms. Elvira Fuentes
The M.A.D. Agency                                LD Systems, Inc.                               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guerin                Ms. Katrina Griffith
Theta Charity Antiques Show                      Lighthouse Document Solutions                  Mr. and Mrs. George Harsh                  Ms. Ursula Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Webb                           Mach International                             Mrs. and Mr. Kelly Hewett                  Mr. Elsa Hamilton
Westside Lexus                                   Main Street Capital Partners, LLC              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holcombe               Ms. Claudia Helmkamp
Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation                   Master Auto Service, Inc.                      Ms. Layneigha Holland                      Judge and Mrs. Lynn N. Hughes
                                                 McGinnis Cadillac/Hummer/Mitsubishi            Mrs. Joni Honn                             Mrs. Patricia Johnson
ONE CHILD fOR 6 MONTHS - ONE YEAR                Memorial City Bank                             Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Hoopingarner            Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Jones
The Active Network                               Microsoft                                      The Houston Chronicle                      Mr. and Mrs. John L. Keplinger
Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage                        Mischer Investments, L.P .                     Itzy's Auto Repair Service                 Mr. Kevin Kulish
Andrews Kurth LLP                                Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated              Mr. Don Jackson                            Mr. and Mrs. Ross LeFevre
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Androphy                       Mrs. Michelle Mouton                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jenkins                Ms. Renee Marrou
Dr. and Mrs. Melvyn A. Anhalt                    Ms. Linda C. Murray                            Mr. William Johnson                        Mr. Lucious McDaniel
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.                             Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Nelson                       Mr. Gary W. Junek                          Ms. Christine McMillan
Apache Corporation                               Mr. Mark Plotkin                               Kacal's Auto & Truck Service               Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Morris
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Baird, Jr.                 Mrs. Phyllis Prange                            Mrs. Elizabeth Keeler                      Ms. Cheri A. Muenchausen
Baker Alloy and Metal Inc.                       Ms. Shemin Proctor                             Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Lehmann                 Mr. Ryan Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Baldwin                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pylant                     Ms. Christine Locke                        Dr. Bonnie A. New
Mr. and Mrs. Barry H. Ballard                    Mr. and Mrs. David Quackenbush                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lohman                  Mr. Patrick O'Connell
Bank of America                                  Quanta Services, Inc.                          Mac Haik Dodge Chrysler Jeep               Mr. and Mrs. Nick Payne
Mr. and Mrs. David Batey                         Mr. and Mrs. David Rains                       Mr. Gordon Menard                          Mr. and Mrs. William Perkins
Beck Redden & Secrest                            Randall Thomas Group/Morgan Stanley            Merrill Lynch & Company                    Mr. Robert D. Ulrich and
Mr. James Bennett                                RBC Wealth Management                          Ms. Renee Miles                                        Ms. June R. Russell
BP Fabric of America Fund                        Rusk County Children Advocacy Center           Mr. Gifford Nielsen                        Safeway, Inc.
Mr. James D. Brodnax                             Salners Family Foundation                      Mrs. Bernice Norris                        Mr. George Saltsman
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Brown                     Schulte Charitable Foundation                  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. O'Keefe             Ms. Marie Scanlin
Ms. Kristi Sorrels                       Iris Androphy               James Humphrey         Talitha Taylor
Mr. John Sousa                           Leonard Androphy            Ronald Humphrey        Christina Thompson
Ms. Celina Q. Stabell                    Sheryl Androphy             Suzanne Jennings       Kathryn Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sweet               Allison Atherton            Jamie Johnson          Nancy Thorington
Texas Apartment Association              Al Austin                   Kenneth Johnson        David Tobin
Ms. Katy Traywick                        Barbara Baker               Karen Jenkins          Allison Trum
Rusty Waldrup                            Robert Baldwin              Lilian Kaye            Lydia Valadez
                                         Kenny Baldwin               Ellen and Ron Kerman   Mike Van Hoozer
ONE CHILD fOR ONE MONTH                  Hildegarde Ballard          Jennifer Klontz        Terry Otero Vilardo
AT&T                                     Chawla Bandana              Heather Koogler        Courtney Votaw
Mr. Jerome M. Austin                     Kauffman Barbara            Genie Landon           Judith Walker
Mr. and Ms. Chris Beck                   Davis Barbara               Arne Larsen            Jill & Neil Wasserstrom
Beckwith's Automotive                    Debra Billingsley           Patricia Lawrence      Emily Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Black                 Berne Black                 Linda Laws             Randy Willis
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bratton            Kathleen Blanchard          David Lemcke           Janie Wilson
Mr. Adan Briones                         Craig Blevins               Tracy Letzerich        Mary Wisnoski
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown                 Stephanie Brewster          Vivian Levitt          Judy & Ronnie Yambra
Mr. Will Burdine                         James Brodnax               Tara Lightsey
Mr. Alejandro Capetillo                  Terri Broussard             Sam Listi
                                                                                            fORGOTTEN CHILDREN
Mr. Stan Conly                           Orelessa Brown              Valerie Manis
                                                                                            Sibling Group Sponsors
Ms. Patsy Cravens                        Lanie Brown                 Barbara Manousso
                                                                                            James Brodnax
Mr. and Mrs. Tom DeGeorgio               Betty Burns                 Linda McCarty
                                                                                            Donne di Domani Association
Mr. David Drew                           Angelin Butler              J Mace Meeks
                                                                                            Mark Heeg
Ms. Heather Dunn                         Charles Butler              Sharon Mekic
Mr. Dick Eicher                          Bertha Cabello              Alison Meyers
                                                                                            Child for a Year Sponsors
Mr. Michael Galvan and Ms. Janell Zeug   Angela Calrke               Ahmad Mian
                                                                                            David Baird
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. Gee             Nancy Campbell              Emily Mills
                                                                                            Susan Dudley
Give with Liberty                        David Carlson               Daylin Mitchell        Terrence Gee
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Gottschalk             Alice Carrel                Nancy Mizner           David Quackenbush
Mr. Carey F. Graham                      Charles Comiskey            Dwannah Montgomery     Royal Purple
Mr. and Mrs. Quinton O. Harp             Rhonda Chuter               Julie Montgomery       Barbara Scott
Houston Marathon Committee               Deborah Clark               Barbara Moore          Suzanne Thomas
IBM                                      Alice Clarke                Gloria Moritz          Lynda Transier
Mr. Coley Jones                          Dennis Cohan                Kemper Morse           Blake Young
Ms. Christine Jost                       Katherine Courtney-Hall     Larry Mumphrey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Kaminski          Diana Cox                   James and Jane Munoz   In Honor of a Child Display Sponsors
Mr. Greg Karp                            Jill Cude                   Richard Myers          El Paso Corporation
Mr. Kemp Maer                            Jane Dabney                 Brett Nann             Caroline Finkelstein
Ms. Sharon W. Maguire                    Kevin Daubendiek            Jacqueline Nyman       Ellie Francisco
Ms. Caroline S. Marciano                 Joan Davidson               Ann Ollo               Jeffrey Harfenist
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marvin                 Sally de la Haye            Marie Olsen            Hitachi Foundation
Mr. William Maslin                       Eddy De Los Santos          Scott Patterson        Sanny Sue Holland Hoffman
Ms. Elizabeth P Munson                   Carlo Dechiro               Kip Patterson          Kappa Delta Alumnae Association
Mr. Khoi Nguyen                          Christina Diaz              Cora Pendergrass       Yvonne Moran
Mr. Urban F. O'Brien, III                Anita Dickenson             Johnnie Pennie         Ronald Orsini
Mr. Rich Orr                             Jim Ducker                  Laura Phillips         Robert D. Colvin & Associates
Page.713 Model & Talent Agency           Rachel Dumas                Jim Prentice           Cynthia Sebald
Mr. Daniel Paling                        Roxanne Durham              David Quackenbush      Wells Fargo
Points of Light Foundation               Lisa Ellovich               Gloria Quackenbush     Thomas Wilson
Ms. Franelle Rogers                      Charlotte Ewart             Dorian Raith           Barbara Woolhandler
Mr. and Mrs. David Rowland               Jeanie Eymontt              Diane Rawlings
Ms. Sally Russ                           Eric Fitzgerald             Victoria Rice          Forgotten Children Supporters
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sabatier             Barbara Fitzgerald          Brad Robbins           Kristin Allen
Ms. Jill Sewell                          Kathleen Fitzgerald         Mark Sager             Bobette Bisbee
Mr. Brent Southwell                      Sonya Galvan                Beth Sams              Kevin Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart               James Gilligan              Kellie Sams            Patti Keplinger
Ms. Regina Tario                         Claudia Gonzalez            Barbara Scott          Laura Lasco
The Storybook Cottage                    Kenny Grace                 Shade Shop, Inc.       Nolan Lehmann
Ms. Valerie Tomczak                      Sandra Green                Marlene Shields        Haran Levy
United Way of Tri-State                  Sandi Greenstone            Darryl Shields         Judith Lupo
Mr. Christopher Vasquez                  Paula Guzman                Suzanne Shields        David Massin
Mr Neil Wasserstrom                      Frances Hall                Jordana Slawin         Gloria Moritz
Ms. Sherry Williams                      Paula Hansen                Angela Smith           Amanda Nathan
Mr. Richard Wills                        Patricia Harris             Smitty Snodgrass       Tina Nguyen
Mrs. Suzanne Winkler                     Cherie Hassenflu            Jill Solis             Jett Petit
                                         Mark Heeg                   Sinthia Sonnier        Paul Rodney
25 fOR 25                                William Hightower           Eugene Sonnier         Monica Romero
Rex Adams                                Ann Hill                    Naomi Stearns          Silver Eagle Distributors
Elva Akin                                Richard Hipp                Joyce M Steensrud      Andrew Stackel
Jerry Alexander                          Layneigha Holland           Peters Stephen         Leslie Taylor
Julie Alexander                          Sanny Sue Holland Hoffman   Jeanie Stoller         Kenneth Thompson
Jack Alpert                              Brad Hollingsworth          Lisa Strauser          Ron Vollmar
Michael Alsup                            Virginia Hoops              Donald Taylor          Lawrence Whyte
                                                                                            Arline Worsham
Over the past two years, numerous volunteers have visited         Young Professionals for Children has already accomplished so
elected officials to thank them for their support and explain     much in just the first half of the year! We’ve had FOUR Children’s
the need for more advocate volunteers. Larry Whyte, Debbie        Events, three socials and two fundraising events!
Beakley, Sindi Sonnier, Maureen Holcombe and Julia
Harnsberry-Davis set up and participated in meetings with         RECENT YPC EVENTS fOR THE KIDS
Rep. John Davis, Rep. Sylvester Turner, Sen. John Whitmire,       In May, AD Players of Houston performed a theatrical production
and City Councilman Mike Sullivan. Additionally, Hank             of Charlotte’s Web, and the children had a blast! Chick-Fil-A
Garcia testified in Austin before the House Human Services        was provided after the show as the children got to meet the cast
committee on the need for kinship caregiver funding.              of Wilbur, Charlotte, and all the other farm animals! Thanks AD
Collectively, their efforts and the efforts of other volunteers   Players for donating your time and talents to our children!
across Texas made a huge impact that will allow more children
to have a court appointed advocate in the future.                 Perhaps the favorite of children and volunteers thus far was our
                                                                  Roller Skating Children’s Event! On July 11, we had a great
MS. KENDALL QUACKENBUSH                                           turnout at Dairy Ashford Roller Rink. The older kids especially
She may be only 11 years old, but she’s already proving to be     enjoyed this event, and put our YPC volunteers to the test during
quite an effective voice in breaking the cycle of child abuse.    the Hokey Pokey on roller skates! Special thanks to Amanda Hall
                                 Kendall, daughter of Board       for organizing an amazing event.
                                 Member David Quackenbush,
                                 chose Child Advocates and the    Wii, Wii, Wii, Wii ALL THE WAY HOME ...
                                 plight of abused and neglected   Many YPCers got their game on at Bubba’s Bar and Grill for the
                                 children as the subject of her   YPC Wii Tournament in June. Competitors played singles tennis,
                                 5th-grade paper earlier this     singles bowling and/or partner tennis. Bubba’s generously provided
                                 year. In her own words, “the     chips and queso along with donating 10% of all purchased food
                                 volunteers do so much ...        and drinks to YPC! Spectators and participants had a great
                                 and we need your help!” In       time      cheering
                                 addition, Kendall’s Girl Scout   for their friends,
                                 troop has made stockings for     playing against
                                 our kids at Christmas for the    one another and
             Kendall Quackenbush past two years. We can’t wait    winning trophies!
                                 until you’re old enough to       A BIG thank you
become a court appointed advocate, Kendall, but until then        to Kelly Marcus
— keep up the good work!                                          and Jamie Blake
                                                                  for     organizing
CAMP PINE TREE                                                    this tournament
YMCA’s Camp Pine Tree will host 12 of the children we serve       and to Bubba’s                             Partner Tennis Winners, Robert
this summer thanks to a now three-year relationship forged        for hosting us!                      and Michelle Gentry and second place
                                                                                                      winners,Jamie Blake and Kelly Marcus.
originally by former court appointed advocate volunteer
Haskell Hart. Camp Pine Tree awards scholarships to several       GET INVOLVED!
of our 6-10 year-olds so that they may have the quintessential    Know of a company, organization or group that may be interested
“sleep-away camp” experience.                                     in hearing about Child Advocates? Please let us know! Contact
                                                                  Kendall Pace at We’d love to
DR. ROBERT McLAUGHLIN                                             get your friends involved!
Dr. Robert J. McLaughlin, Ph.D., CGP LSOTP is the Co-
Director of ADAPT Counseling and has been a long-time             Interested in getting in on the fun? Become a new YPC member
friend to Child Advocates, speaking at one of our luncheons,      or renew your lapsed membership for only $35. Go to www.
assisting with our longitudinal study and teaching several and click “join YPC” to print the
of our Advocacy University Grad School classes including          necessary forms, and to learn more about us!
“Juvenile Sex Offenders,” “Child Development,” and
most recently “Child and Adolescent Precursors of Sexual          TWEET, TWEET
Behavior Problems.” Thank you Dr. McLaughlin for believing        Follow us on Twitter @CAI_YPC to keep up with all we’re doing!
so passionately in what our advocates do and lending your         Not yet on Twitter? We also have a Facebook group, Child
time and talents whenever we ask.                                 Advocates’ Young Professionals for Children.
Alliance Graphics | Printing for donating the printing and
design for the entire suite of Pull for Kids printed materials
including save-the-date, underwriter packets, invitations and
programs                                                                   AUGUST

David L. Baird for donating two Rodeo Uncorked tickets                8    Advocacy University begins. Sign up now for an
                                                                           orientation session to see how you can be the difference
                                                                           in the life of an abused child.
Kenny Baldwin for donating tickets to several Rice University
and Astros baseball games

Bevco International, LLC for donating three cases of wine for
                                                                    15 Cameron Childspree.theCameron isgiving hundreds of
                                                                       significant event for  fourth year,
                                                                                                           sponsoring this

the Friends of Child Advocates Membership Social                           children the opportunity to shop with a volunteer for
                                                                           $100 worth of back-to-school clothing. Email Suzanne
Brandon Boone for underwriting the cost of the tables and                  for details:
chairs for the Friends of Child Advocates Egg Hunt
Christina Gilstrap for donating an assortment of girls clothing
to Gilbert and Rachel’s Closet                                      19     Advocacy University begins. Sign up now for an
                                                                           orientation session to see how you can be the difference
Susie Hale and Ginger Harris for donating beverages, dessert               in the life of an abused child.
and candy for the Friends of Child Advocates Egg Hunt
Julie Handel for donating 60 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for               Advocacy University begins. Sign up now for an
the Friends of Child Advocates Egg Hunt                             17     orientation session to see how you can be the difference
                                                                           in the life of an abused child.
Hilton Houston Post Oak for donating a one-night stay for our
Pull for Kids special guest — former foster child Cameron
Harden and his mom                                                  19 Sherlock’s onbenefitting CAI. Foursomes: $700, singles:
                                                                                     the Green. The British Pub Open golf

Michelle Hundley for arranging the generous donation of                    $200. Register at
helium tanks and helium from Air Products and AirGas so                    registration.asp. For sponsorship inquiries or registration
that we were able to give balloons to so many children at the              questions, call 713-464-8167.
Houston Children’s Festival
                                                                           Forgotten Children. For one week, 850 life-sized cut-outs
Van Mcfarland for donating his time to help our kids get in
                                                                   21-28   — representing the number of children entering foster
touch with their inner artists at the Friends of Child Advocates           care in the US each day — will stand on the lawn at
Egg Hunt and turning their work into a masterpiece for the                 Discovery Green Downtown. Our goal is to secure a
Pull for Kids auction                                                      sponsor for each of the children depicted in the cut-
Laura Lasco for donating plenty of wine and delicious food for
the Forgotten Children kick-off party at The Tasting Room                  NOVEMBER
Kyle V. Mylius of Bridgeway Capital Management for donating           6    YPC Social. 6:30 pm, location TBA
dozens of cuddly teddy bears and baby items to Gilbert and
Rachel’s Closet

Shell Oil Company for donating 50 Houston Zoo guest tickets
for the children and families we serve

Suzie Thomas for helping us secure a half-price Rodeo Carnival
Jumbo Pack for the children and families we serve

Tiny Boxwoods for donating food for the Friends of Child
Advocates Membership Social

Mike Van Hoozer for donating his time to speak to the staff
about leadership and his book Moments: Making Your Life
Count For What Matters Most
The Gift of Themselves All-Star Partner
When we say that our staff and volunteers have been “making                KENYATTA ANDERSON, CPS
a difference for abused children for 25 years,” you may not                Child Advocates salutes CPS caseworker Kenyatta Anderson for
realize that several of these special people have come very                her tireless work in the best interest of Harris County’s children.
close to single-handedly doing just that.
                                                                           She truly values each child she works with — evidenced by the
In celebration of our 25th anniversary year, Child Advocates               way she listens, her encouraging attitude and in the respect that
tips our hats to                                                           she shows to every child. She encourages them all to work hard
our most tenured                                                           and never give up on themselves, especially “her” teenagers.
volunteers     and                                                                                               Kenyatta is also a joy to
staff members. You                                                                                               work with — regularly
are an inspiration;                                                                                              providing      information
thank you for                                                                                                    and consistently following
everything     you                                                                                               up with Child Advocates,
have done for                                                                                                    the attorneys and all other
1,343 children in (l to r) Barbara Angeli, Helen Wheatley, Sonya                                                 parties to the case. She is
Harris County!        Galvan, Marsha Kistler, Mary Kae Dingler, Chastiti                                         diligent in responding to
                         Horne, JoAnn Batey and Smitty Snodgrass.
                                                                                                                 new ideas in the interest
COURT APPOINTED ADVOCATES                                                                                        of the child that otherwise
18 years                                                                                                         may go overlooked.
Smitty Snodgrass          Richard Neyrey
                          Shephali Perkins                                                                        Being a caseworker is not
17 years                  Pamela Powell                                                                           an easy job, but Kenyatta
Bernie Powell             Antoinette Romano                                Kenyatta Anderson
                                                                                                                  goes above-and-beyond to
                          Frank Rosie                                                                             get it done!
15 years                  Ellie Sweeney
Janice Dozier-Houston     Brenda Tolbert
Rosalinda Flores          Wanda Williams
Michelle Gershenson
Marsha Kistler            9 years
                          Laurie Boswell
10+ years                 Terry Boykins
Barbara Angeli            Andrew Chu
JoAnn Batey               Kathleen Forde
Sandra Calloway           Dennis Gardner
Cleo Campbell             Katya Glockner-Dow
Don Campbell              Michael Griffin
Zack Coapland             Donna Guient
Karen Deran               Renee Kariv
Mary Kae Dingler          Joan Mandola
Mark Eisenbraun           Dawn Rodriguez
Stephanie Francis         Helen Ross
Georgia Henry             Kelly Rucker
Chastiti Horne            Nancy Spencer
Charlotte Howell          Stephanie Viator
Nicholas Howell
John Krebs                STAff
Dan Kullman               Kay Anderson, 20 years
Stacy Lord                Marla Endieveri, 11 years
Deanne Malloy             Sonya Galvan, 20 years
Bonnie McMillan           Dody Gwinn, 17 years
John McMillan             Layneigha Holland, 10 years
Linda Murphy              Suzanne Ronne, 13 years
Suzanne Musgrove          Betsi Sanchez, 17 years
25 for 25
For $25, you could fill your car with gas, get a manicure or take
a date to the movies. But did you know $25 could also provide a
court appointed advocate to an abused child for a week? Combine
that gift with the donations from 25 other people and you could
help a child find a safe and permanent home. Together we can
make a difference
for the 2,500                                                            1,257
children waiting
for an advocate
so they too have
a better chance
in life. Maybe
one day, they will
return the favor.
                                                                            As of May 31, 2009
In celebration of the volunteers who have served abused children
through Child Advocates over the last 25 years, the 25 for 25
campaign hopes to reach as many people as possible who will
each make a $25 donation and ask at least 25 others to do the
same. By asking your co-workers, friends and family to donate,
you’ll help us raise money while increasing awareness of our
efforts to end the cycle of child abuse in Houston.

The campaign kicked off in April, during National Child Abuse
Prevention Month, and will end this December. Thanks to                   131
many generous donations, we’ve raised more than $11,000 so
far. That’s enough to provide six children with a court appointed
volunteer for an entire year! For more information and to donate,
visit and click on the “25 for 25” link.

It just got a lot easier to wear your support of Child Advocates on
your sleeve. Our newly expanded online store features a host of
different Child Advocates products for sale, including hats, golf           As of May 31, 2009

shirts and coffee cups.

A wide variety of items will be available with multiple colors
to choose from. Special this year will even be a few items that
bear our 25th anniversary logo. We trust you will find the items
of value and high quality, since they will be will be housed and
shipped by one of Houston’s prominent locally owned companies,
Buffalo Specialties (thanks to Carrie Tollar a long-time Buffalo
Specialties employee and CAI volunteer).

We’ve found that one of our most effective ways to recruit new
volunteers and spread the word for additional support is through        $1,229,055
people like you – our current volunteers and supporters. We
hope these items will strike up conversations so you can help us
help more children. While we expect to raise more awareness
than dollars with this initiative, we do hope it will provide a small
financial benefit as well!
                                                                            As of May 31, 2009
Check it out at and click on “store.”
12-year-old Monica wrote this note (her
foster mother emailed it along with a “perfect
attendance” certificate) to court appointed
advocate, CJ Ingersoll, when CAI closed the case
involving her and her sister.

                                                      NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                        US POSTAGE
                                                   CHILD ADVOCATES, INC.
                                                        PERMIT NO.
                                                       HOUSTON, TX

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