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					Unit 3 Games
   Materials
     – 60 pennies, 12 nickels, 6 dimes
     – 2 dice
   Players put all the coins in a bank.
   Players take turns. For each turn, a player rolls both dice and takes as
    many pennies from the bank as the total number on the dice.
   At the end of each turn, a player makes any possible exchanges from
    the bank – 5 pennies for a nickel, 5 pennies and 1 nickel for a dime, 2
    nickels for a dime or 10 pennies for a dime.
   To pick up the last pennies, the total number on the dice must match
    the total value of the remaining coins.
   The winner is the player who has more money.
         Dime-Nickel-Penny Grab
   Materials
     – Master sheet
     – 10 dimes, 8 nickels, 20 pennies
 Players mix the coins together on the gameboard.
 One player grabs a handful of coins; the other players takes the coins
  that are left.
 Players help each other count the coins collections and determine
  which players has more money.
 The player with more money wins the game.
                        Before and After
   Materials
      – 4 decks of cards using only cards 1-10
   One player shuffles the cards and deals 6 cards, at one time, to each player.
   Each player places 2 cards side by side and face-up in front of him/herself on the
    playing surface. Each player holds the remaining 4 cards in his/her hand. The dealer
    puts the rest of the cards face-down in stack.
   Players take turns. For each turn, a player looks for any number in his/her hand that
    comes immediately before or after any face-up number on the playing surface. The
    player puts the card on top of the face-up number. The player puts down as many
    cards as possible in this way.
   The player draws as many cards as needed from the stack so that he/she is holding 4
    cards again.
   If a player can’t place any cards when it is his/her turn, the player takes 2 cards from
    the stack and places them face-up on top of the 2 face-up cards in front of him/her.
    The player tries to place a card s second time. If a player still can’t place a card,
    his/her turn is over.
   The game is over when:
      – There are no more cards in the stack
      – No players can place any more cards
   The player holding the fewer cards at the end wins.

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