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									                                                      MARYLAND ARCHITECT                                                                     Spring 2011

                                                       President’s message
                                                       Steven Kahle, AIA, LEED AP
     IN THIS ISSUE                                                                                         year AIA Maryland

                                                       A      s the new year begins the AIA Maryland
                                                              Board of Directors primarily focuses
                                                                                                           hosts a luncheon for
                                                                                                           our State legislators.
  1  President’s Message                               its attention on the activities within the
                                                       Maryland General Assembly. The legislative
                                                                                                           This event provides
                                                                                                           an opportunity for
  2 State Board of Architects                          session began January 12th and runs until           the Board and rep-
                                                       April 11th. During this time we are work-
  3 2011 Legislative Session                           ing with our lobbyist, Joe Miedusiewski, to
                                                                                                           resentatives of the three Maryland Chapters
                                                                                                           to meet informally with legislators from
                                                       vigilantly monitor legislation that may impact
  4 Update from Your Directors
    Atlantic Regional
                                                       our profession. We are also particularly aware
                                                                                                           throughout the State.

                                                       of the economic environment that has so             On the national level the Board partici-
                                                                                                           pated in Grassroots which took place the
  6 A/E Buyer/Seller Beware –
    You May Owe Sales Taxes
                                                       significantly impacted our profession and we
                                                       will be sensitive to legislation and advocacy       first week of February and included a day
                                                       efforts that may impact job creation. With          of Capitol Hill visits in which AIA lead-

  8 Sustainable Maryland Certified
    YAF/COD Ideas Competition
                                                       Joe’s excellent assistance, over the past several
                                                       years the Board has done a great job position-
                                                                                                           ers from every state in the country met
                                                                                                           with their senators and representatives to
                                                       ing itself as a resource for our legislators, es-   discuss issues affecting our profession. This
  9 Welcome New Mid-Atlantic
    Associate Director
                                                       tablishing a mutually beneficial dialogue. The      event is very impressive and a wonderful
                                                                                                           example of the significance of the AIA to
                                                       Board readily provides assistance with a range
     2011 Spring Lecture Series                        of issues including sustainable communities,        our profession. This is the fourth Grassroots
                                                       high performance buildings, preservation,           that I have participated in and I am always
10 2010 AIAKit of PartsHonor
   Award –
           Maryland                                    and accessibility.                                  amazed by the Institute’s organization of
                                                                                                           such an effort and the enthusiasm shown by
                                                       The Board also maintains a dialogue with            the participating architects who arrive from
11   2010 AIA Maryland Honor
     Award – MONARCH Systems
                                                       other state design professionals through the
                                                       Maryland Council of Design Professionals.
                                                                                                           all corners of the country.

     Mobile Healthcare                                 This group meets monthly and discusses              Joining me in this year’s Maryland delega-
                                                       legislative issues that impact Architects,          tion included Ruth Connell, Kathleen Sher-
13 Member News                                         Engineers, Interior Designers, Landscape            rill, Jason Winters, Pam Rich, Carl Elefante,
                                                                                                           Chris Morrison, Chris Ferger, Paul Klee,
                                                       Architects, and Land Surveyors. This provides
14 Welcome New Members                                 an additional forum for the evaluation of           Helen Wilkes, and Ann Dorough. We divid-
                                                                                                           ed into two groups and enjoyed a successful
15 Notices                                             legislative issues affecting design profession-
                                                       als as well as opportunities for broader based      trip with engaging discussions at each of our
                                                       support. The MD Council of Design Profes-           meetings. The highlight for my group came
                                                       sionals has often taken unified positions in        when we met with Ann Jacobs, Legislative
                                                       the past to support or oppose legislation.          Director in Congressman Ruppersburger’s
                                                                                                           office. Our team was graciously invited to
                                                       During the first two weeks of February the          return for a lunchtime celebration of the ap-
                                                       Board is heavily focused on advocacy efforts        pointment of Congressman Ruppersberger
                                                       on both the state and national levels. Every        as the ranking member of the House
                                                                                                                            continued on page 12
  A Society of The American Institute of Architects
2011 Board of Directors
                                           state board of architects
                                           John F. Corkill, Jr., AIA                        off, will get a “Notice of Intended Action
                                           AIAMD State Board Liaison                        and Consent Order” with a guilty finding
                                                                                            – and a FINE.
Steven Kahle, AIA, LEED AP
President                                  T    he SBOA continues to struggle with
                                                what to do with under-educated archi-
                                           tects. Some architects have claimed upon
                                                                                            3. Those architects who respond within the
                                                                                            30 days allowed, but present CEU’s that
                                           renewing their registrations that they have      are NOT allowed by the Board (not AIA ,
                                           been continually and continuously educated       NCARB, or SBOA – approved), or do not
Carl Elefante, FAIA, LEED AP               in their profession by certifying that they      have 16 Health, Safety, and Welfare CEU’s,
President-Elect                            had their 24 Continuing Education Credits        will be given six months to supply evidence
                                           in place between the dates of their Registra-    that they, indeed, have the proper number
                                           tion period of two years, even though they       and type. Architects who fail to supply such
                                           had fallen short of that mark.                   evidence in six months will get a “Notice of
Daniel L. Bailey, AIA
                                                                                            Intended Action and Consent Order”, with a
Secretary                                  Over the past several years letters have gone
                                                                                            guilty finding and a FINE.
                                           out to such architects, and some have re-
                                           sponded with worthy reasons for their non-       In another action, the State Sunset group has
                                           compliance; fighting wars, terrible illnesses,   declared after their decennial investigation
B. Lee Driskill, III, AIA                  and the like. The SBOA has in all such cases,    that SBOA should have another ten years
Treasurer                                  granted extensions for the missing credits to    of life, with the request that regular reports
                                           be made up. Others have furiously caught         of the balance of the “Special Fund” created
                                           up with their missing CEU’s by attending         from our $68.00 registration fees be sent
                                           every course in sight so that by the time        to Annapolis (the same place that the late,
M. Eileen English, AIA, LEED AP
                                           they have replied, they have the 24 courses      lamented $300,000.00 of that Special Fund
Immediate Past President
                                           required. Some few others have not replied       went), and that SBOA should increase its
Daniel L. Bailey, AIA                      at all, and these recalcitrants have been sent   communication with County Code Officials.
B. Lee Driskill, III, AIA                  notices of hearings after which potential        A letter from an architect to the SBOA asked
M. Eileen English, AIA, LEED AP
                                           fines and suspensions could be levied.           if the City of Annapolis Building Officials
Tom Liebel, AIA, LEED AP
Chris Parts, AIA, LEED AP                  At the December SBOA Meeting, the staff          were within their rights under the Archi-
Kathleen P. S. Sherrill, AIA, NCARB,       added a new/old wrinkle by noting that the       tects’ Law to require that architect to find
                                           actual Architects’ Law itself required that      a Maryland registered P.E. to sign and seal
Alternate: Alan J. Brock, AIA                                                               that part of his construction documents
Baltimore Chapter
                                           an under-educated architect be allowed six
                                           months to make up disallowed CEU’s. After        that included a 15’ span, W12x40 beam.
Steven Kahle, AIA, LEED AP                 discussion, the SBOA asked for a refinement      The SBOA discussed this matter and had
Jason C. Winters, AIA, LEED AP             in the policy to be finally enacted at the       nearly decided to reply that that architects’
Alternate: Christopher S. Ferger AIA       January, 2011 meeting, an event doomed by        seal should be sufficient since architects are
Chesapeake Bay Chapter                                                                      asked to prove their ability to do such beam
                                           highways full of spun-out vehicles during
John F. Corkill, Jr., AIA                  the 6” Blizzard of Thursday, 26 January.         design on the registration exam – when an
Carl Elefante, FAIA, LEED AP                                                                SBOA member read the final page of the
                                           Thus, matters stand as follows with three
Allen E. Neyman, AIA                                                                        letter which presented that that architect
                                           possible scenarios when an architect is
Alternate: H. Michael Hill, AIA                                                             had not actually designed the 12Wx40 beam
Potomac Valley Chapter                     audited at the time of re-registration and
                                                                                            himself, but had asked an Indiana P.E. to
                                           doesn’t have 24 CEU’s as claimed:
Pamela Rich                                                                                 do so. In denying the architect’s request for
Executive Director                         1. SBOA sends letter giving that architect 30    reasons such as, “Plan Stamping”, the SBOA
                                           days to make up the missing CEU’s.               nevertheless indicated that had that architect
Joe Miedusiewski
                                           2. That architect responds within 30 days        actually performed the calculations himself,
                                           but does not have enough CEU’s, so SBOA          they would have supported his request that
                                           permits 30 more days to “make up” those          his seal would suffice.
AIA Maryland                               missing CEU’s. Those architects who do not
9 State Circle, Suite 202                  make up the CEU’s, do not respond in 30
Annapolis, MD 21401                        days, or worse, who blow the whole thing
410.263.0916 Fax 410.263.5603
                                       2     MARYLAND ARCHITECT    S P R I N g   2 0 1 1
2011 legislative session                                                                              You Can Help Raise
                                                                                                      THE VOICE OF ARCHITECTS
Joe Miedusiewski                              An issue of immediate interest to
Lobbyist, AIA Maryland                        AIAMD is support of the Sunset Exten-
                                                                                                   How can architects have a voice in
                                              sion and Program Evaluation of the
T    he Maryland General Assembly                                                                  crafting legislation?
                                              State Board of Architects. Each profes-              By contributing to the Maryland Archi-
     convened its 428th session on Janu-
                                              sional board is evaluated every ten years            tects’ PAC and ArchiPAC.
ary 12, 2011. This session brings with it
                                              by the State. After each evaluation a                What’s a PAC?
some new faces as 2010 was an election
                                              recommendation is made by way of leg-                It’s an organization that contributes
year. After the votes were counted there                                                           to political campaigns. The Maryland
                                              islation as to whether such board should
were thirty-seven changes of legislative                                                           Architects’ PAC and ArchiPAC bring the
                                              continue for another ten years. AIAMD                concerns of the architectural profes-
members. This number includes those
                                              will be supporting the State’s recom-                sion to the attention of our legislators.
who are newly elected, house members
                                              mendation to continue the Architect’s                Why is supporting the PAC impor-
who have returned after being defeated
                                              State Board until 2022.                              tant? Does lobbying and contribut-
previously, and delegates moving from
                                                                                                   ing to political campaigns make a
the house to the senate. After the dust       Another topic which is expected to                   difference? YES!
settled the Democratic Party continued        return is the issue of visitability for resi-        PAC contributions to legislators are
to maintain its substantial majority in       dential property. AIAMD has offered its              the most effective way to be heard
                                              professional advice by way of testimony              in government. Combining our
both houses.
                                                                                                   individual voices into a single source
                                              at previous hearings and plans to do so
State Senator Thomas V. “Mike” Miller,                                                             amplifies the message. Contributions
                                              again. AIAMD board members have of-                  build name recognition for the AIA
Jr., the longest serving State Senate
                                              fered comment and answered questions                 and acquaint and educate candidates
President in the country, was re-elected                                                           with our issues. We all know that the
                                              on issues which have arisen including
unanimously by the Maryland Senate                                                                 average person doesn’t understand
                                              design and site challenges associated
as its leader. Delegate Michael E. Busch                                                           what we do and why it’s important;
                                              with implementing a uniform policy                   candidates and legislators are no dif-
was given the honor of his House’s sup-
                                              of visitability. In the way of one basic             ferent in this respect, and it is up to
port to continue his service as Speaker.                                                           us to educate them. AIA Maryland has
                                              example, Maryland’s diverse topography
Maryland continues to face a budget           poses an especially daunting hurdle for              been a successful leader in
                                                                                                      › Protecting the Practice Act
deficit. The shortfall lies between $1.3      the bill’s advocates to draft a law which               › Defeating a professional services tax
billion according to the Governor and         can be applied uniformly.                               › Preserving and expending historic
$1.6 billion if you use the Department                                                                preservation tax credits
                                              On another front, Maryland’s sluggish                   › Establishing incentives for high
of Fiscal Services numbers. That means
                                              economy has political leaders looking                   performance buildings
legislation with a price tag attached to it
                                              for revenue sources. AIAMD has con-                  Where do you fit in?
will be seriously scrutinized with little
                                              sistently opposed any attempt to include             ArchiPAC and the Maryland Architects’
or no chance of passing.
                                              architects in a professional services tax            PAC cannot function or be successful
Among issues front and center on              and will continue to maintain that posi-             without your financial contributions. No
this session’s legislative agenda will be                                                          donation is too small.
those pertaining to the State’s efforts                                                            Don’t my AIA dues already fund the
                                              Currently under discussion is an                     PAC?
to move ahead with its role in Federal
                                              evaluation of the concept of a Maryland              No. ArchiPAC is only allowed to ac-
Health Care Reform and the environ-                                                                cept individual contributions from
                                              energy bench marking bill for com-
ment. Federal funds have been allocated                                                            AIA members and AIA employees. In
                                              mercial buildings. The AIAMD Board is
to Maryland to proceed with plans to                                                               Maryland, each of the four AIA com-
                                              considering this issue as of this writing.           ponents may only contribute $4,000
implement the beginnings of its health
                                              AIAMD continues to make impressive                   over a 4-year election cycle. If the PAC
care reform system. Additionally, there                                                            were limited to this amount, our voice
are ambitious goals to reduce pollu-          strides as a resource for policy decision            would be reduced to a whisper.
tion in the Chesapeake Bay by reducing        makers. Thanks to the involvement
                                                                                                   Why now?
its diet of nitrogen and phosphorous.         of our dedicated licensed architects,                Elections are over and there are many
However, these plans have hefty price         AIAMD is a sought after supporter of                 new faces in public office. Join your
tags with little or no apparent funding       design and environmental issues by                   fellow professionals in educating our
                                              advocates as well as legislators.                    legislators and donate online now:
sources. This cleanup/protective effort                                                            www.aiamd.org – Click on the
will generate much debate on how to                                                                “Donate” button.
pay for it.                                                                                        www.archipac.org – Click on the
                                                                                                   “Give” button.

                                                                                              S P R I N g   2 0 1 1   MARYLAND ARCHITECT        3
UPdate from yoUr mid-atlantic regional directors
Chris Morrison, AIA                                   Representatives from Maryland in order       3. Jumpstart the Market for Building
Graham Davidson, FAIA                                 to educate them and ask for their support    Retrofits as an Engine of Economic
                                                      with the 2011 AIA Legislative Plan,          Growth
What is Grassroots? Leadership!                                                                    Across the country, building owners,
Advocacy! Networking!
                                                      Rebuild and Renew: The AIA’s
                                                      Plan for Rebuilding Main Street.             state and local governments and school

G     rassroots is the AIA annual
      conference for Leadership,
Advocacy, and Networking. Local and
                                                      When architects work, the nation
                                                      builds. Architects are the leading edge
                                                                                                   districts want to lower energy bills by
                                                                                                   retrofitting their buildings, but lack
                                                                                                   the financing to do it. By increasing
                                                      of a design and construction industry
regional components from all over the                                                              incentives for efficient building designs
                                                      that accounts for one in nine dollars
country came together in February in                                                               and renovations that show real results,
                                                      of Gross Domestic Product. Architects
Washington, DC for this action-packed                                                              Congress can create jobs while securing
                                                      are businesspeople and community
event. This year’s theme, DESIGN |                                                                 our energy independence. Congress
                                                      leaders who design the neighborhoods in
VOICES, celebrates and strengthens the                                                             should increase the Energy Efficient
                                                      which we live and work. Congress has a
role of architects to advocate for stronger,                                                       Commercial Building Tax Deduction
                                                      chance to enact policies that unleash the
better communities; empower our                                                                    from the current $1.80sf to $3.00sf.
                                                      entrepreneurial spirit of America’s design
collective voice; and communicate that                                                             4. Pass a Transportation Bill to Get our
                                                      professionals to create economic growth
design matters.                                                                                    Communities Moving Again
                                                      and rebuild our struggling communities.
Leadership and Networking                                                                          Our current transportation system is
                                                      This is the AIA’s four-step Blueprint for
Grassroots provides an opportunity                                                                 broken. Crumbling infrastructure and
                                                      Rebuilding Main Street:
for your component leadership and                                                                  rising congestion have crippled our
executive directors to choose from                    1. Unfreeze Credit, Create Jobs              nation’s competitiveness, reduced safety,
dozens of workshops to improve your                   Thousands of needed construction             and increased greenhouse gas emissions.
component programs, learn what’s up                   projects that would employ millions of       In addition, outdated transportation
in other AIA components across the                    Americans are on hold because credit is      laws and tax policy have slowed projects
country and how to access new resources               frozen. Banks received billions in federal   down, deprived the public of a voice
from AIA National. Specifically,                      taxpayer bailouts; now it’s time to ensure   in the planning process, and forced
Grassroots enables us to provide better               those banks lend. Congress should            Americans into longer and longer
and more diverse programs and services                support efforts to reign in regulatory       commutes. Architects have a long
to you, the AIA member.                               overkill in the wake of the banking crisis   record of providing solutions that get our
                                                      by passing legislation such as the Equal     communities moving again; all we need
During Grassroots, the local and regional
                                                      Treatment of Covered Bonds Act, which        is for Washington to act. Congress needs
components get their first introduction
                                                      unleashes the market for sounder, more       to enact transportation reform legislation
to this year’s candidates for National
                                                      straightforward financing alternatives to    this year that gives people real choices in
AIA leadership, as well as the proposed
                                                      risky, exotic Wall Street securities; and    how they move.
revisions to the Institute Bylaws. The
                                                      the Capital Access for Main Street Act,
election of the national leadership and                                                            Quick Links:
                                                      which would help prevent large numbers
voting on the bylaws changes occur at                                                              For more information about:
                                                      of commercial foreclosures and free up
the National Convention, this year in                                                              AIA advocacy efforts: www.aia.org/
                                                      credit to help small business get back to
New Orleans from May 12-14. During                                                                 rebuildandrenew or contact the AIA at
Grassroots your component and regional                                                             govaffs@aia.org.
leadership participated in a Town Hall                2. Remove Regulatory Burdens that            Grassroots: http://www.aia.org/
style meeting or Member Congress, in                  Hold Small Business Back                     components/AIAB086246.
which the proposed bylaw revisions and                Small architecture firms and sole
                                                                                                   2011 National AIA Convention in New
other issues raised by components were                practitioners know all too well
                                                                                                   Orleans: http://convention.aia.org/
raised and discussed.                                 the burdens of high tax rates and
                                                      burdensome paperwork. In 2010, the           Current slate of proposed revisions
Graham and I look forward to visiting                                                              to the AIA Bylaws: http://www.aia.
                                                      AIA helped defeat a plan to increase
each component in the Mid-Atlantic                                                                 org/aiaucmp/groups/aia_members_only/
                                                      payroll taxes on thousands of small
region later this spring to discuss the                                                            documents/pdf/aiab087395.pdf
                                                      architecture firms that organize as S
proposed bylaw revisions and National                                                              We encourage you to explore www.aia.
                                                      corporations. Now Congress needs
AIA Leadership candidates.                                                                         org for news and resources available to
                                                      to pass the Small Business Paperwork
Advocacy                                              Mandate Elimination Act, which would         you through your AIA. Please contact
Another key objective of Grassroots                   repeal the expensive and unneeded new        us with comments or concerns at
is for your leadership to reach out                   Form 1099 paperwork requirement              cmorrison@cunninghamquill.com or
to our Senators and Congressional                     slipped into the health care reform bill.    gdavidson@hartmancox.com.
4      MARYLAND ARCHITECT     S P R I N g   2 0 1 1
                Your AIA Maryland Delegation on Capitol Hill

                                                                                                                                                                                  Executive Directors Ann Dorough (AIAPV) and Pam Rich
                                                                                                                                                                                    (AIAMD) at Grassroots leadership conference in DC.

                                                                                                AIAMD Delegation Group 2 - Hart Senate Office Building (l to r): Carl
                                                                                                 Elefante, FAIA (Pres-Elect/AIAMD), Helen Wilkes, AIA (Pres-Elect/
                                                                                                 AIAPV), Chris Morrison, AIA (Mid-Atlantic Regional Director), Ann
                                                                                                Dorough (Executive Director/AIAPV) and Pam Rich (Executive Direc-
                                                                                                tor/AIAMD) [Missing from picture: Paul Klee, AIA, President/AIAPV]
                   AIAMD Delegation Group 1 - Hart Senate Office Building (l to r):
                   Kathleen Sherrill, AIA (Pres-Elect/AIABalt.), Jason Winters, AIA
                 (Director/AIAMD & AIACBC), Ruth Connell, AIA (President/AIABalt.),
                    Chris Ferger, AIA (President/AIACBC), Steven Kahle (President/
                   AIAMD), and Mandy Palasik, Assoc. AIA (Mid-Atlantic Regional
                                           Associate Director)

                                                                                              AIA Maryland delegation meeting with Karen Murphy, Legislative
                                                                                                             Aide in Senator Mikulski’s office.

         AIA Maryland delegation meeting with Lucinda Lessley, Legislative
                    Director in Congressman Cumming’s office.

                                                                                                                   Chris Ferger, Jason Winters and Kathleen
                                                                                                                            Sherrill enjoy the party!

Attending the celebration of Congressman Ruppersberger’s appointment as ranking member of the House                                                                     Cartoon Courtesy: Peter Kuttner FAIA, AIA Board Vice-President
Intelligence Committee – February 3rd in Ruppersberger’s office in the Rayburn Building. Pictured (l to r):
Ruth Connell, AIA, Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Kathleen Sherrill, AIA, Jason Winters, AIA, Steve                                                          S P R I N g      2 0 1 1     MARYLAND ARCHITECT                      5
                                    Kahle, AIA, and Chris Ferger, AIA.
a/e bUyer/seller beWare – yoU may oWe sales taXes
Daniel Bailey, AIA                                                  The Comptroller of Maryland is charged to oversee compli-
Penza Bailey Architects                                             ance with the payment of State taxes whether you are an in-
                                                                    dividual or a business. As a result of the State’s budget deficit,
A    s a service oriented industry, most Architectural and
     Engineering firms, and in fact, most Accountants who
support those firms, are unaware of the extent to which a firm
                                                                    the Comptroller’s Office has taken a proactive role in auditing
                                                                    service-oriented firms, especially Architectural and Engineer-
                                                                    ing firms. The State is also trying to encourage you to “Buy
must pay Maryland sales tax for goods bought or sold by that
                                                                    Maryland”. Though these audits are performed on a random
respective A/E firm.
                                                                    basis, please be mindful of the fact that a significant effort is
This type of tax is referred to as a Sales and Use Tax. Most        underway. The State has indicated that on the average, they
of us experience this tax every day when we purchase a retail       have been collecting $14,000 per firm (no differentiation in
product from a retail establishment. However, you may be            size) per audit.
surprised to learn that many items your firm purchases, or
                                                                    There are different types of audits performed, but all typically
even items your firm charges your client, may be unknowingly
                                                                    require a thorough analysis of your accounting and financial
subject to a Sales and Use Tax.
                                                                    records. The audit is performed by a Field Auditor for Busi-
Some items for which you may be subject to Sales and Use Tax        ness Tax Audits. To give you time to prepare, the auditor will
are as follows:                                                     arrange with your office ahead of time. Their audit will review
    1) You buy products online: This includes all software          4 years (or from the start of your firm) of specific financial
       and software licenses; professional use licenses, such       records and documents. These documents may include, but
       as AIA Contract Documents; computer hardware;                not be limited to:
       production products such as printing paper; etc.                 •	   Tax	returns,	including	all	supporting	forms
    2) You charge your Client for in-house printing and                 •	   Profit	and	Loss	Statements
       copying: you may be subject to a Sales and Use Tax               •	   Detailed	Receipts	–	for	everything
       for the sale of that product.                                    •	   Invoices
    3) You markup your reimbursables that are charged to            For certain items under review, the auditor will look at records
       you by others: Many firms apply a % markup on such           with a sample 3-month period (fiscal quarter). They will
       items as reproduction. Therefore, you may be subject         then take that sample period and multiply times 4 to develop
       to a Sales and Use Tax on that markup.                       the yearly Sales and Use Tax liability. Typically, you have the
    4) You purchase furniture or fixtures for your firm:            choice for that sample period. The auditor recognizes that
       Most firms may have purchased fixtures that have             some items are purchased once a year, or that certain periods
       a sales tax applied to the material. However, if that        are heavier than others. They will amortize certain amounts
       fixture requires field fabrication, the labor to set up or   over the four year period. Once the sales tax liability is deter-
       install that fixture may be subject to a Sales and Use       mined, penalties and interest will be attached. You have the
       Tax.                                                         right to appeal the auditor’s findings.
    5) You reimbursed an employee for an item they pur-             But why wait to hear the bad news. Be diligent and responsi-
       chased on your behalf: If they had no receipt, or the        ble. There are a number of ways to keep current with the State
       amount did not record the tax, you may be subject to         sales tax regulations:
       tax on the full amount.
                                                                        •	   Keep	good	and	detailed	records	of	all	of	your	receipts		
These are just a few of the potential sales tax liabilities for              and invoices
which your firm may be subject. To further educate yourself             •	   Keep	your	records	within	easy	access
and ensure your compliance, please visit:                               •	   Require	your	employees	to	file	their	receipts	on	a		
    •	     http://business.marylandtaxes.com/taxinfo/                        timely basis with all of the proper information: date,
           salesanduse                                                       establishment, project, applied taxes, etc.
    •	     COMAR	(Code	of	Maryland	Regulations),		 	                    •	   Maintain	an	online	sales	tax	account	with	the	State:			
  Title 03, COMPTROLLER OF THE                         As you purchase items that require a sales tax but do
           TREASURY, Subtitle 06, SALES AND USE TAX                          not apply that tax, such as online vendors, you can file
Such items as webhosting, FTP or SharePoint sites, airline                   that payment quarterly through an account set up for
flights, seminars, memberships, professional licenses, and do-               your firm via: https://interactive.marylandtaxes.com/
nations are just a few of the items not subject to sales tax.                Business/bFile/OSC/SelectApp.aspx

                                                                                                             continued on page 8

6        MARYLAND ARCHITECT   S P R I N g   2 0 1 1
                                                                    Is it
                                                                a Building?
                                                                   Or a Monument
                                                                       to your

             Announcing the                                                   Brick in Architecture Awards
Its beauty stands the test of time. It embodies aesthetic achievement and enduring       Enter February                   th
performance. It gracefully balances form and function. It is recognized as an            www.gobrick.com/ArchitectureAwards
outstanding achievement.
The Brick Industry Association is pleased to announce the 2011 Brick in Architecture     April 30, 2011
Awards. Starting in February, you are invited to submit outstanding residential, non-
residential and landscape architecture projects featuring clay brick and earn national   Contact Sandy Speer at speer@bia.org
recognition for your excellence in design.                                               for more information.

                                                            Brought to you by the Baltimore-Washington Brick Distributor Council:
                                                            •   Capital Brick, Inc.                           • L.C. Smith, Inc.
                                                            •   Frederick Block, Brick & Stone                • L&L Supply Corporation
                                                            •   General Shale Brick                           • Potomac Valley Brick and Supply
                                                            •   Glen-Gery Brick Center                          Company
sUstainable maryland certified                                                                    a/e bUyer/seller
Allen E. Neyman, AIA                                 of “Certified Sustainable” is strong. (See
                                                                                                  beWare... Continued
StovallSmithNeyman and                               link www.SustainableJersey.com)
                                                                                                   continued from page 6
Associates, Inc.                                     In two formative meetings, SMC task

A                                                    force discussions have been circling                                                  	
                                                                                                     •		Charge	your	clients	the	appropriate				
      program in the works will help
                                                     around other relevant programs and                 sales tax when required and file
      Maryland communities choose a
                                                     practices already in place in Maryland             that sales tax payment promptly
direction for their greening efforts and
                                                     communities. Some jurisdictions have               through your sales tax account
to become more sustainable. Sustain-
able Maryland Certified (SMC) is an                  adopted green building requirements,            •		Be	careful	how	you	markup	your		
initiative sponsored by the Environmen-              for example, a finding again suggesting            project reimbursables: confer with
tal Finance Center at the University of              support for the initiative.                        your accountant and the State regu-
Maryland. The purpose is to support                  Over 100 participants work one or more             lations
Maryland’s municipalities “as they look              task forces. Three Maryland architects          •		For	non-online	purchases,	make		
for ways to protect natural assets and               are in involved in this effort, including          sure the tax is properly applied
revitalize their communities.”                       Ralph Bennett, AIA, Bennett Frank Mc-
                                                                                                  As with any of your financial and ad-
Stakeholders, led by the Maryland                    Carthy, Chuck Cooper AIA, Frederick
                                                                                                  ministrative responsibilities, be sure to
Municipal League (MML), first met in                 Ward Associates, and, Allen E. Neyman,
                                                                                                  always confer with your accountant and
September of 2010 with an idea that                  AIA. All sit with the built environment
                                                                                                  legal advisor.
the State of New Jersey had already                  group.
developed. “Revitalization” and “sustain-                                                         Good luck and be profitable.
ability” are promoted together in the
initiative, defining the perspective lent                YAF/COD Ideas Competition 2011
by the MML. The wide interdisciplinary
nature of the initiative is impressive and
the SMC task force is widely diverse.                  Now in its second year, the Young Architects Forum (YAF) and the Committee
The task force committees are assigned                 on Design (COD) are proud to announce the Ideas Competition 2011. This year’s
to the fields of natural resources, com-               design problem centers on the concept of universal design and focuses on a
munity action, social equity, health and               hypothetical Olympics/Paralympics village for the city of Tokyo in the year 2020.
wellness, local economies, agriculture,                The intent of the project is to function as temporary facilities for two groups of
and planning and built environment.                    athletes and then have the facilities be adaptable for mixed-use and residential
To evaluate communities in New Jersey,                 applications moving forward.
criteria and evaluative formats, similar               The esteemed jury includes Michael Graves FAIA, Hansy L. Barraza AIA, Karen
to that used in LEED applications, were                Braltmayer FAIA, and Walter J. Hood Jr. ASLA.
adopted. At this time a similar approach               Entries are due by 5:00 p.m. EST on Monday, March 14, 2011. The winners
for Maryland is contemplated. In a                     will be announced at the NAC/YAF Reception at the AIA National Convention in
departure from the LEED format, the vi-                New Orleans on Thursday, May 12. Winning entries will also be displayed at the
sion appears to be broader in scope and                Convention, and all entries will be included in an Awards book published by the
could incorporate, among many other                    Young Architects Forum.
considerations, social, behavioral, politi-
cal, educational and economic objec-                   This year’s competition is sponsored by Toto, and Toto is generously awarding
tives. Economic objectives are forefront               the first prize winner $2,500 as well as airfare, registration, and hotel accom-
in many discussions, and there is much                 modations for the COD/NWPR Annual Conference in Tokyo, Japan in November
hope, that the initiative will generate                2011. Prizes will also be awarded for second and third place, as well the special
needed financial support.                              prize for the best universally-designed bathroom—a Toto Washlet Seat and entry
                                                       display at the Toto booth at the AIA National Convention.
Whether or not funding is there, leading
communities under the rubrics of sus-                  For more information and to download the complete program and competition
tainability appears to be popular. Based               requirements package, please log on to http://www.aia.org/yaf and click on the
on the continuing experience of “Sus-                  link below the Ideas Competition 2011 banner.
tainable Jersey Certified”, the desire for             Jon Penndorf, AIA, LEED BD+C is the Young Architects Forum Regional Liaison
local municipalities to attain the status              for the Mid-Atlantic.

8     MARYLAND ARCHITECT     S P R I N g   2 0 1 1
neW 2011/2012 mid-atlantic associate director
Mandy Palasik, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP            fund her schooling. In addition, she           She resides in downtown Baltimore with
Regional Associate Director, Middle           was awarded second place and faculty           her two rescued cats and a dog. She is in
Atlantic                                      choice for her thesis and placed first in      the process of completing her IDP and is
                                              the senior focus studio competition at         preparing for the ARE Exams.
                          M       andy
                          is an architec-
                                              Southern Poly.
                                              Her experiences as a young designer
                                                                                             Regional Associate Directors (RAD) serve on
                                                                                             the National Associates Committee (NAC)
                          tural intern        range from project manager of a                representing the Associate membership in his/
                          at ArchPlan         historic preservation/new construction         her respective region. The National Associates
                          Inc., Philipsen     commercial building to construction            Committee is dedicated to representing and
                          Architects in       administrator of a residential townhome        advocating for Associates, both mainstream
                          her hometown        complex. Her interests lie greatly in          and non-traditional, in the national, regional,
                          of Baltimore.       sustainable design and adaptive reuse.         state, and local components of the AIA. Visit
                          Mandy gradu-        In 2009, she became a LEED Accredited          www.aia.org/professionals/groups/nac for
ated Magna Cum Laude in 2009, with            professional, where she now works with         more information.
a Bachelor of Architecture and a Minor        Archplan to build a more sustainable
in Construction Management from               Baltimore. As an environmentalist, she
Southern Polytechnic State University in      believes in practicing what she preaches,
Marietta, Georgia. While in Atlanta, she      and is an avid cyclist and advocate for
served as Team Captain of her school’s        environmental stewardship. Currently,
Freedom by Design Chapter, Secretary          Mandy serves as an active member of
and Treasurer of the Student Govern-          Baltimore’s Young Architects Forum,
ment, active member of the AIAS, as           while also volunteering her free time to
well as the Atlanta Young Architect’s         several local organizations such as One
Forum. She received several architec-         Less Car, Neighborhood Design Center,
tural scholarships from the AIA Atlanta       and BARCS Animal Rescue and Care
as well other local organizations to help     Shelter.

    2011 AIABaltimore Spring Lecture Series

  This spring, the AIABaltimore Spring Lecture Series Com-             Dates & Speakers:
  mittee will continue its tradition of bringing top design            March 10th – Martin Felsen, AIA, of Urban Lab
  professionals to Baltimore for our 2011 series, the only local
                                                                       March 24th – Panel Discussion with Mason White of
  annual lecture series devoted to architecture and design.
                                                                       Lateral Architecture and Kuo Pao Lian of PI.KL & MICA
  As part of its ongoing mission to support architectural dis-
  course within the local design community, the committee              April 7th – Deb Guenther of Mithun
  has chosen the theme of architecture and its engagement              April 21, 2011 – Speaker to be Announced
  with infrastructure. The series will explore how effective re-       Tickets: Save time and money by purchasing advance tick-
  sponses to contemporary urban and suburban challenges                ets through the AIABaltimore office. Series: $35 AIA, BAF,
  require holistic approaches that integrate city infrastruc-          BH, and ASLA members, $45 non-members; Individual: $15
  ture, sustainable-systems, policy-making, and community-             per lecture - available at the door as seating allows, FREE
  building. The series is open to the public.                          Students (valid I.D. required)
  Each lecture will take place at:                                     Payment: Please make checks payable to AIABaltimore
  Falvey Hall at Brown Center                                          and send directly to AIABaltimore, 11 1/2 West Chase
  Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland               Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. Please note support for lec-
  Time: 6 p.m. with reception to follow each lecture                   ture series on all checks.
                                                                       Visit http://www.aiabalt.com/ for full details and speaker
                                                                       information or call AIABaltimore at 410.625.2585.

                                                                                          S P R I N g   2 0 1 1   MARYLAND ARCHITECT       9
2010 aia maryland honor aWard
Kit of Parts
Washington, DC
Architect McInturff Architects
Client Names Withheld

I  t is the proposition of this project that
   a House can be transformed through
select, delicate, and adaptable interven-
tions rather than wholesale renovation.
An existing 1920’s bungalow has been
transformed through a series of strategic,
non-structural interventions, each de-
signed to accommodate domestic func-
tions within the unchanged framework
of the house.

                                                           Living room - Book shelves with TV and fireplace; Shelves with built-in aluminum CD storage drawers (far wall)

                                                                                                                                PHOTOS: JULIA HEINE / MCINTURFF ARCHITECTS

                                                                                                                                                                             Sandblasted glass-backed shelves

                                                           Entry Bench

                                                           revised interior through clear, sandblast-
                       Glass desk with louvers behind      ed or louvered glass.
                                                           Through the addition of these pieces,
A “kit of parts” made of steel angles, alu-
                                                           and by extending them throughout the
minum sheets, glass and hardwood is
                                                           house as needed, the use and experience
transformed from place to place to house
                                                           of the house has been transformed in an
a fireplace, a television, bookshelves, CD                                                                                                                                   Second Floor Hall Shelves
                                                           economical and responsible way.
storage, a desk, bench, stair railing and
credenza.                                                  JURY “Extraordinarily clever solution that is well ex-                                                            DESIGN TEAM Mark McInturff, FAIA, Colleen Gove Healey
                                                           ecuted. The design strategy is simple, adaptable and                                                              CONTRACTOR Added Dimensions, Inc.
A select few windows have been modi-
                                                           can be implemented within a broad range of interior                                                               PHOTOGRAPHER Julia Heine / McInturff Architects
fied or moved to adapt the exterior to the

1 0    MARYLAND ARCHITECT       S P R I N g      2 0 1 1
2010 aia maryland honor aWard
MONARCH Systems Mobile
Location TBD – Mobile Concept
ARCHITECT Hord Coplan Macht

M      onarch Systems Mobile Hospital
       is a healthcare initiative with
intentions on changing the way mobile
healthcare is delivered throughout the

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mobile Hospital

                                                                                dor/lobby unit saddled
                                                                                with 4 units for diag-
                                                                                nostics and treatment.
                                                                                One consolidated ar-
                                                                                rangement links with
                                   The Building Block: a double expandable unit additional groups to
                                                                                add additional program.
                                                                                                                 RENDERINgS: @2010, HORD COPLAN MACHT

The concept uses a double expanding                      The groups are then sequenced with
rapid deployment vehicle, with one-but-                  functional considerations and arranged
ton hydraulic set-up technology, as a                    toward the design of a fully functional,
basis of design. The fully expanded 940                  fully programmed 48-bed hospital.
square foot footprint includes automatic
                                                         As designed, portions of the hospital can
leveling capabilities, using aluminum
                                                         be quickly deployed for mobile outreach
components for lightweight construction                                                                                                                 Mobile Hospital: Aerial view
                                                         missions or in response to disaster sce-
and seamless transition between units.
                                                         narios. A 10-unit suite with two OR’s, 8
Telescoping roof sections provide clere-
                                                         recovery bays, and 16 examination bays
story lighting, and fully glazed sections of
                                                         can be packaged, relocated and set-up in
exterior wall allow for maximum sun-lit
                                                         3-days time. The 58-unit, 48-bed hospital
interiors. These modifications to the stan-
                                                         can be relocated in a little over 2 weeks.
dard deployment vehicle were critical to
                                                         With condensed response times and the
improving the quality of space typically
                                                         latest technology, including tele-medi-
associated with mobile delivery applica-
                                                         cine capabilities, this mobile solution
                                                         connects field operations anywhere in
A 5-unit system was developed as a con-                  the world with the highest quality practi-
solidated arrangement – a central corri-                 tioners available.
                                                         The end result is a comprehensive mobile
                                                                                                                                                        Mobile Hospital: Nurse Station - Acute Care Wing
                                                         healthcare solution: MObile Nomadic
                                                                                                                                                        DESIGN TEAM Rolf Haarstad, David Lopez, Daniel
                                                         JURY “This project provides a very elegant solution                                            Umscheid, Chun-Fa Tan
                                                         to a common problem of our time which is getting                                               CONTRACTOR N/A
                                                         critical care to the places that it is most needed as                                          PHOTOGRAPHER Renderings by Hord Coplan Macht
                                                         quickly as possible.”

                                Mobile Hospital: Lobby
                                                                                                                        S P R I N g                                  2 0 1 1     MARYLAND ARCHITECT                1 1
President’s message Continued
continued from page 1                                January 29th. The letter, on behalf of                          invite any AIA member who would like
Intelligence Committee. I encourage                  our membership, requests that the Post                          to get involved with the three Maryland
you to see our Mid-Atlantic Regional                 make it common practice to identify the                         component chapters, the AIA Maryland
Directors’ report in this issue to learn             authorship of architectural design work                         Board, or any of the individual activities
more about the agenda that was taken to              featured in its publications.                                   that occur throughout the year, please
Capitol Hill – Rebuild and Renew: The                Further, I would like to take this oppor-                       do not hesitate to contact Pam or any of
AIA’s Plan for Rebuilding Main Street.               tunity to thank the AIA Maryland Board                          the Board directors. Despite the multi-
Online materials available to AIA mem-               members who served last year and those                          year dedication of many of our Board
bers include the handouts which were                 who have agreed to serve in 2011. We                            members, each year it is necessary for
left with each Senator and Representa-               are very appreciative of the leadership                         new volunteers to ensure the success of
tive (www.aia.org/rebuildandrenew).                  of our immediate past-president Eileen                          our programs.

During the year we will continue to                  English. Including Eileen, Allen Ney-
maintain dialogue with our schools of                man, Chris Parts, and John Corkill, the
architecture and to work with our state              Board this year includes four past-presi-
and component chapter IDP coordina-                  dents. In addition to our past-presidents
tors to assist intern architects and mem-            several of our Board members have                               Steven Kahle, AIA, LEED AP
ber firms with the internship process.               served multiple terms. I am apprecia-                           President, AIA Maryland
This year Kathleen Sherrill takes over               tive of their dedication to serving our                         Steven Kahle Architects, Inc.
for Larry Frank as AIA Maryland’s IDP                profession and impressed by their
Liaison. I would like to thank Larry for             thoughtful contributions. The Board
his excellent efforts and personal drive             would not function
over the last three years to develop our             without the excellent
relationship with educators, students,               and tireless efforts of
and intern architects.                               our Executive Direc-
                                                     tor, Pam Rich who is
I would like to thank Allen Neyman, a                responsible for the day
past AIA Maryland president and long-                to day activities of the
time director on both the Potomac Val-               chapter, organization
ley and Maryland Boards, for bringing                of our Grassroots visit,
to our attention the issue of architectural          legislative luncheon,
authorship in the press. Allen noticed               the design awards
that a recent article in the Washington              programs, and for
Post that focused on the SmithGroup                  coordination of Board
designed Chesapeake Bay Foundation                   communications
Building in Annapolis did not men-                   including the website
tion the Architect. In response, I sent a            and newsletters.
letter to the editor which was published
by the Washington Post on Saturday,                  Finally, I would like to   Front row (l to r): John Corkill, Tom Liebel, Jason Winters, Kathleen Sherrill, Allen Neyman, Lee Driskill
                                                                                Back row (l to r): Carl Elefante, Steve Kahle, Chris Parts, Dan Bailey
                                                                                Missing from group: Eileen English and Joe Miedusiewski (Lobbyist)

1 2   MARYLAND ARCHITECT     S P R I N g   2 0 1 1
member neWs
Hord Coplan Macht promoted the               awarded this honor in 2008), a testament         Care center for students, a 23,000 square
following team members to Associate:         to our tremendous success”, said Melissa         foot Public Safety Fire and Police Facil-
Bridget Parlato – Senior Graphic Design-     Clark, Architect & Owner of bluehouse            ity, a 7,500 square foot Robot Test Facil-
er; Tarek Saleh, AIA, LEEP AP – Project      architecture.                                    ity, a 17,000 square foot material logistics
Architect in HCM’s Housing Studio; and       Grimm + Parker Architects is ranked              facility addition, and a 20,000 square
Scott Walters, AIA, LEED AP – Project        number five on Mid-Atlantic Construc-            foot addition to the Fire Test Laboratory.
Architect in HCM’s Education Studio.         tion magazine’s list of Top Green Design         Purple Cherry Architects was honored
Marks, Thomas Architects announces           Firms in the region, and the highest             by the Home Builders Association of
the promotion of architect Kristin           ranked Maryland-based firm. The rank-            Maryland Remodelers Council with a
Etzel, LEED AP to Associate. 2011            ing is partly based on volume of projects        Gold Award of Excellence in recogni-
AIA President Clark D. Manus, FAIA           registered with sustainability ranking           tion of excellence in design for a whole
recently appointed Tom Liebel, AIA,          systems like the U.S. Green Building             house renovation. The 6,000 SF home
LEED AP, Principal of Marks, Thomas          Council’s Leadership in Energy and               was completely renovated and the
Architects, to serve on the AIA National     Environmental Design (LEED). Grimm               interior space was re-designed to suit
Board’s Advocacy Committee. Martina          + Parker has more than 40 buildings              the needs of a growing family. Purple
Dobrosielski’s volunteer efforts were        registered with LEED, Green Commu-               Cherry Architects was also honored by
recognized by the Neighborhood Design        nities, and other sustainability-based           American School & University magazine
Center (NDC) for volunteering her time       programs. Among Grimm + Parker’s                 for outstanding design in special needs
and creativity, as well as the pro-bono      work is the LEED ‘Gold’ Great Seneca             educational interiors. Opportunity
services. Brad Holder has been appoint-      Creek Elementary, Maryland’s first               Builders, Inc. in Millersville, MD was
ed to the Federal Hill Main Street Design    LEED public school, LEED ‘Silver’ Burke          selected for publication in the magazine’s
Committee. The U.S. Environmental            Centre Library, the first LEED certified         2010 Education Interiors Showcase and
Protection Agency (EPA) recognized           library in Virginia, and “The Alaire,”           is featured on their website at www.
five diverse projects in December 2010,      the residential community at the LEED            SchoolDesigns.com.
for their comprehensive approach to          ‘Gold’ Twinbrook Station, Maryland’s             Gant Brunnett Architects completed
improving quality of life by making cities   first LEED ‘Gold’ for Neighborhood               extensive alterations to the Prince
safer and more pleasant for pedestri-        Development.                                     Georges County, Greenbelt Branch
ans and bicyclists, managing growth to       Becker Morgan Group congratulates                Library located at 11 Crescent Lane in
ensure long-term prosperity and health,      William E. Sieg, AIA and Eric M. Catel-          Greenbelt, Maryland. Library patrons
and revitalizing existing neighborhoods      lier, AIA, LEED AP for passing the Ar-           can now enjoy a revitalized collection
to provide new opportunities. Miller’s       chitectural Registration Examination to          area that includes multiple WiFi stations,
Court won for Smart Growth and Green         become Registered Architects. Mr. Sieg is        private study rooms, public conference
Building. Marks, Thomas Architects           an Associate with Becker Morgan Group            rooms and kitchenettes. A Grand Re-
is now a certified Women Business            and has over 11 years of experience. He          Opening and 40th Anniversary Celebra-
Enterprise. The Minority and Women’s         is a graduate of Morgan State University         tion was held last December.
Business Opportunity Office of the City      with a Master of Architecture and the
of Baltimore has certified our business                                                       Jim Mills, AIA announces the opening of
                                             University of Delaware with a Bachelor           his new business, Design Story Archi-
as a WBE. This applies in Baltimore City,    of Arts in Political Science. Mr. Catellier
Baltimore County, and Anne Arundel                                                            tects, focusing on community-based
                                             has over 8 years of experience and is a          architecture and based in Frederick.
County.                                      graduate of Philadelphia University with         Contact information: 50 Carroll Creek
bluehouse architecture was honored           a Bachelor of Architecture. His respon-          Way, Suite 220, Frederick, MD 21701,
with the prestigious Carroll County          sibilities include architectural design,         240.409.4988, jmills@
Chamber of Commerce Small Business           specifications, and project management           designstoryarchitects.com.
of the Year award, 2010 (1-10 Employ-        for various project types.
ees). Awarded annually, this honor                                                            Ayers Saint Gross (ASG) is one of 15
                                             Colimore Thoemke Architects is                   local businesses honored by Baltimore
recognizes the dedication, innovation        pleased to announce the completion of
and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by                                                       Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for
                                             designs on three new buildings and two           community service. For more than a
small businesses. “As excited as we were     additions at the Gaithersburg campus of
to receive this award, we are even more                                                       decade, architects and planners at the
                                             the National Institute of Standards and          firm have worked to improve Beechfield
proud of the fact that this is the second    Technology. The new buildings include
time bluehouse has won (we were first                                                         Elementary/Middle School through
                                             a LEED/silver 24,000 square foot Day
                                                                                                                   continued on page 14

                                                                                           S P R I N g   2 0 1 1    MARYLAND ARCHITECT   1 3
member neWs Continued
continued from page 13                              in March, and Jim Pettit will be leading a
ongoing volunteer efforts and educa-                panel at the Preservation Maryland An-         Welcome New Members
                                                    nual Conference in May.
tional programs. Dana Perzynski, LEED
AP of ASG has earned Evidence-Based                 George, Miles & Buhr, LLC (GMB)
                                                    congratulates two employees for passing      New Architects
Design Accreditation and Certification
                                                    Engineering exams. M. Ella Garcia, P.E.      Antonella D. Cortez, AIA
(EDAC), an approach to the built envi-
                                                    passed the eight-hour Principles and         Wayne John Creek, AIA
ronment based on research. Perzynski
                                                    Practice of Engineering exam and is          Anthony M. Frazier, AIA
specializes in planning academic medical
                                                    now a registered Professional Engineer       Scott C. Galczynski, AIA
centers. ASG has undertaken a study to
                                                    (P.E.) in the State of Maryland. Ryan A.     Tracy Marquis, AIA
envision a new downtown arena and an
                                                    Shockley, E.I., recently passed the Fun-     Andrew Scott Mundroff, AIA
expansion of the Baltimore convention
                                                    damentals of Engineering (FE) exam to        Tom Seiler, AIA
center. The development would replace
                                                    become an Engineering Intern (E.I.).         James A. Smith, AIA
the 48-year-old First Mariner Arena with
                                                                                                 Russell Albert Stacy, AIA
an 18,500-seat venue connected to exist-            Design Collective was hired by Federal
ing convention center. ASG is designing             Realty Investment Trust to lead off the      Advanced to Architect
a new home for the Institute of Integra-            redevelopment of Mid-Pike Plaza in           Carissa R. Chirichella, AIA
tive Health within the historic Broom               Rockville, with the design of two new        Jane E. Lee, AIA
Corn Building in Fells Point.                       transit-oriented mixed-use residential       William E. Sieg, AIA
Mimar Architects, Inc. (MIMARCH)                    buildings totaling 542,000 gross square
                                                    feet. Durham Public Schools selected         Advanced to Emeritus
announces the award of three different
                                                    Design Collective to perform a three-        Michael N. Goldfinger, AIA
state and federal contracts. The first, an
                                                    phase feasibility study and phased           Paul F. Levine, AIA
IDIQ contract from the Department
                                                    renovation of the E.K. Powe Elemen-          Timothy N. Mead, AIA
of General Services. While competing
among other firms across the Mid-At-                tary School, in support of the North
                                                    Carolina State Board of Education’s          New Associates
lantic, MIMARCH won an On-Call                                                                   Narendra Bhushan, Assoc. AIA
services contract with the Department               goals to prepare students for the 21st
                                                                                                 Jessica L Hahr, Assoc. AIA
of Justice – Federal Bureau of Prisons,             century. Upon completion of the study,
                                                                                                 Craig Matthew Hofmann
and a regional IDIQ contract for several            Design Collective will begin full design
                                                                                                 Monica J. Johnson, Assoc. AIA
Mid-Atlantic States for MIDLANT                     services with construction expected to
                                                                                                 Sophia H. Lau, Assoc. AIA
Naval Facilities. MIMARCH’s shared                  begin in May 2011. Design Collective is
                                                                                                 Fred D. Mason III, Assoc. AIA
victory with several other prominent                working with Balchandra Builders on
                                                                                                 Margaret E. McCormick, Assoc. AIA
National firms who won other similar                the design of a new retail and enter-
                                                                                                 H. Robert Mock III, Assoc. AIA
contracts includes PB Americas, Whit-               tainment complex in Chennai, India.
                                                                                                 Elijah L Northen, Assoc. AIA
man Requardt and STV Inc. MIMARCH                   Design Collective was recognized by
                                                                                                 Olusegun B. Odeinde, Assoc. AIA
is now certified in Guam, New Jersey,               the USGBC’s Maryland Chapter at this
                                                                                                 Gabryela Passeto, Assoc. AIA
Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylva-                 year’s 6th Annual Wintergreen Awards
                                                                                                 Noel Rupprecht, Assoc. AIA
nia, Georgia and Maine. Some of our                 Program with two Awards for Excellence
                                                                                                 Noor I. Salman, Assoc. AIA
ventures led our principals to travel to            for the design of the new West Towson
                                                                                                 Jacques Sirvain, Intl. Assoc. AIA
Tokyo, Paris, London, Dubai, Miami and              Elementary School in Baltimore County
                                                                                                 Elizabeth Jenni Thompson, Assoc. AIA
Guam. Furthermore, our principal, Kal I.            and the design of The Fitzgerald, a new
                                                                                                 Damian Andres Trostinetzky, Assoc. AIA
Bhatti, AIA was honored by the National             transit-oriented mixed-use development
                                                                                                 Christopher M. Weston, Assoc. AIA
AIA Board for Citizen Architect/Civic               in Baltimore City. In response to public
Engagement Program for serving on                   policy driving new development and           Transfers – New to AIA Maryland
the Governor of Maryland’s Boards and               increased density along subway cor-          David Cronrath, AIA
Commissions.                                        ridors in the Washington metro area,         Walter Alexander Currin, AIA
                                                    Design Collective’s design for Crescent      Howard Goldstein, AIA
Penza Bailey Architects is pleased to               Falls Church situated a new transit-ori-
announce that Jeffrey Penza has been                                                             Annika Marie Plevich, Assoc. AIA
                                                    ented mixed-use development directly
seated as the new President of Preserva-            on a hiker-biker trail and adjacent to       Returning Allied Professional
tion Maryland. The firm is honored to               a subway station. This 415,000 square        Members
have been selected for two new speak-               foot residential development effectively     Baker, Ingram & Associates
ing engagements. Dan Bailey and Tara                combines contemporary design with            Lee & McShane, PC
Labosky will be leading a panel discus-             sustainable living to achieve LEED NC        Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.
sion at the NFM&T Annual Conference                 Certification.                               Oasis Design Group

1 4   MARYLAND ARCHITECT    S P R I N g   2 0 1 1
Mitigating Disaster through Design &         8th Annual Hands-On Masonry                   Preservation presented by NPS Repre-
Construction Conference                      Workshop                                      sentatives from Atlanta, Georgia. FREE.
March 2 – 3, 2011                            March 26, 2011                                AIA/CES credits. For more informa-
Washington, DC                               Baltimore, MD                                 tion, contact Prof. Dale Glenwood
Engineering News-Record’s conference         Opportunity for young professionals           Green (dale.green@morgan.edu)
will explore issues that are most criti-     to work side-by-side with experienced         AIA 2011 National Convention and
cal to advance the dialogue regarding        masons to learn techniques for laying         Design Exposition
disaster mitigation. www.construction.       brick and block veneer walls. Free for        May 12 – 14, 2011
com/events/2011/mitigatingdisaster           ART Program Participants, $5 AIA As-          Ernest N. Morial Convention Center,
Career and Internship Fair 2011              sociate members, $10 public. Rain or          New Orleans, LA
March 11, 2011, 12:00noon to 5:00pm          shine at Belair Road Supply warehouse.        There’s a design revolution happening.
University of Maryland, School of Ar-        Limited spots available. Contact John         Are you armed and ready? Join the Re-
chitecture, Planning, and Preservation       Padussis, AIA, LEED AP at john_               gional Design Revolution and the future
College Park                                 padussis@gensler.com or 410.230.3032          it makes possible. http://convention.aia.
https://umd-csm.symplicity.com/events/       to register.                                  org/
ARCH2011                                     Brownfields 2011                              The Solar & Wind Expo 2011
TW Perry 3rd Annual Green Building           April 3 – 5, 2011                             May 13 – 15, 2011
Workshop                                     Pennsylvania Convention Center                Timonium Fairgrounds, MD
March 17, 2011, 8am – 5pm                    Philadelphia, PA                              Attendees may browse exhibits and hear
Breakfast at 7am                             The National Brownfields Conference is        top experts in the field of green technol-
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA         the official U.S. EPA and ICMA cospon-        ogy. www.thesolarandwindexpo.com
TW Perry, a company at the forefront of      sored conference focused on brown-
                                             fields redevelopment and revitalization.      5th Annual International Preservation
green building practices and products,                                                     Trades Workshop (IPTW)
invites you to join expert speakers and      Premier national event for discovering
                                             solutions to cleanup challenges, examin-      August 2 – 6, 2011
leading product manufacturers for a day                                                    Thaddeus Stevens College of
of informative sessions and networking.      ing lessons from the field, and turning
                                             environmental liabilities into useful         Technology
Event provides 4.5 AIA/CES credits.                                                        Lancaster, PA
Tickets are $45 purchased before March       resources. www.brownfields2011.org
                                                                                           IPTW 2011 will bring together hun-
7; $65 thereafter and include breakfast,     3rd Annual Baltimore Fine Furnish-            dreds of the best preservation and
lunch, and parking. http://gbw.twperry.      ings & Fine Craft Show                        traditional trades crafts people, as well
com                                          April 15 – 17, 2011                           as architects, preservation consultants,
Vibrant Towns                                Baltimore Convention Center                   building trades contractors and oth-
12th Annual Planning Conference              Baltimore, MD                                 ers from the US, Canada, Europe and
March 18, 2011                               Tickets: Adult one day $10, two days          beyond, who are interested in learning
Easton, MD                                   $15, children under 12 free                   more about preservation and traditional
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy’s             www.FineFurnishingsShows.com; Tel.:           trades techniques, tools, materials and
(ESLC) 12th annual planning confer-          401-816-0963                                  practices. www.iptw.org
ence will carry forward the conversation     National Park Service Workshops at
begun at the 11th annual conference          Morgan State University
– About Town – at which national and         April 21, 9am – 12noon | 1:30pm
local leaders discussed both process         – 5pm; April 22, 9am – 12noon
and product in walkable town design          MSU Student Center
and planning. Vibrant Towns will be an       Baltimore, MD
opportunity for the region’s leaders and     Morgan State University’s School of
residents to contribute to an emerging       Architecture + Planning will host the
definition of “vibrant, sustainable, well-   National Park Service Historically Black
defined” Eastern Shore towns.                Colleges and University Program’s
www.eslc.org/pages/apc12.php                 Southeast Region Cultural Resource
                                             division Workshop Series on Historic

                                                                                        S P R I N g   2 0 1 1   MARYLAND ARCHITECT   1 5
                                                                                                                                                                             Prsrt Std
                                                                                                                                                                           U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                                          Southern, MD
                                                                                                                                                                          Permit #2151

A Society of The American Institute of Architects
Nine State Circle, Suite 202
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

             Founded in 1995, the Maryland Architects PAC works hand-in-hand with AIA
             Maryland to achieve its legislative goals. These two organizations represent your
                                                                                                                                  March 7
             influence in the law-making process. The PAC enables member architects to                                            MD Council of Design Professionals, 6 pm
             participate more fully in electing and re-electing legislators who understand and                                    9 State Circle, Suite 202, Annapolis
             support our profession, our livelihood and our issues. Laws passed in Annapolis                                      March 9
             can enhance or impair the way we do business in dramatic ways.                                                       AIA Maryland Board Meeting, 6 pm
                                                                                                                                  April 4
            Your financial contribution is crucial – show your support today!                                                     MD Council of Design Professionals, 6 pm
                                                                                                                                  9 State Circle, Suite 202, Annapolis
                                Please take a moment and mail your donation to:                                                   April 6
                                                                                                                                  AIA Maryland Board Meeting, 6 pm
                                           The Maryland Architects PAC
                                                                                                                                  April 11
                                            c/o Edward C. Kohls, AIA                                                              General Assembly Adjournment “Sine Die”
                                                                                                                                  April 22
                                              Architects+Planners                                                                 Maryland Architect – Summer Copy Due
                                           1040 Hull Street, Suite 100
                                                                                                                                  May 2
                                              Baltimore, MD 21230                                                                 MD Council of Design Professionals, 6 pm
                                                                                                                                  9 State Circle, Suite 202, Annapolis
                              Enclosed is my PAC contribution in the amount of:                                                   May 4
                               ( ) $50.00     ( ) $100.00   ( ) Other ________                                                    AIA Maryland Board Meeting, 6 pm

                            Make check payable to “Maryland Architects PAC” and                                                   May 10
                            specify “PAC Donation” in the memo line of your check.                                                Maryland QBS Council Meeting, 10 am
                                                                                                                                  The Engineers Club, Baltimore
                                                                                                                                  May 12 – 14
               Donor __________________________________________                                                                   AIA 2011 National Convention and Design
                                                                                                                                  Exposition – New Orleans
              Firm Name ______________________________________                                                                    May 30
              Address ________________________________________                                                                    Office Closed – Memorial Day

              Telephone/Fax ___________________________________
                                                                                                                                  Maryland Architect is a publication of the
               Email Address ___________________________________                                                                  Maryland state component of the American
                                                                                                                                  Institute of Architects. It is provided quarterly
                                                                                                                                  to AIA members, government officials, affiliated
                         Thank You in advance for your generous contribution.                                                     organizations and members of the Maryland
                                                                                                                                  architectural community. Submit editorial and
                                                                                                                                  advertising materials to Pam Rich at prich@aiamd.
                                                                                                                                  org. All items are subject to editorial review.
                                                                                                                                  Questions? Contact Pam Rich at 410.263.0916.

                                                      Printed on recycled paper using vegetable-based inks and 100% wind power.

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