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									   Electronic Solutions Webcasts
   Registration and Webcast Information

   Training Topics:  UnitedHealthcareOnline.com
                     Electronic Payments & Statements (EPS)

   Sessions:            Sessions are held at 2 p.m. (EST) and generally run between 1 and 1 ½
                        hours long. Pre-registration is required; see the webcast schedule below.

     Training Topics                  Upcoming Dates         Registration Information
     UnitedHealthcareOnline.com       April 7                1. To register, click your desired training
     Overview                         May 5                     topic (from the links on the left).
                                      June 2                 2. Choose your session date and fill in the
                                      July 7                    requested information.
     Electronic Payments and          April 21               3. An email will be sent to you from
     Statements (EPS)                 May 19                    messenger@webex.com confirming
                                      June 16                   your registration and providing dial-in
                                      July 21                   information and other session details.
                                                             4. Click the link at the bottom of the email
                                                                to add the session to your calendar
                                                                Refer to the following page for
                                                                information regarding computer set
                                                                up and accessing the webcast on the
                                                                day of your session.

   UnitedHealthcareOnline.com Session Description
   This session provides a detailed overview of the website navigation; includes demonstrations of
   functions such as patient eligibility and introduces helpful reference materials. The session should
   be useful for potential registrants or current users seeking a refresher. Time for Q&A is included. If
   you are experiencing technical problems, need immediate assistance using the website, have login
   or User ID/Password issues, or have questions related to transaction results, data displayed or
   claims submitted through the site, you can call our UnitedHealthcareOnline.com Help Desk at
   (866) 842-3278.

   Electronic Payments & Statements (EPS) Session Description
   This session is focused on basic functionality of the EPS website, as accessed through
   UnitedHealthcareOnline.com. The session should be useful for potential registrants or current
   users seeking a refresher. Time for Q&A is included. Questions of a technical or specific nature
   should be directed to a knowledgeable representative of the EPS Help Desk at (866) 842-3278,
   select EPS (prompt 5).

   New to Webex?
   If you have never participated in a Webex Conference on your computer, you will need to download
   the WebEx Meeting Manager. This is automatically done for you the first time you join a meeting;
   however to save time we recommend you do this at least one day before the meeting.
    Go to https://uhc-enterprise.webex.com/uhc-enterprise
    Click ‘Attend a Meeting’, then ‘New User’ (first blue link on the left side) and follow the
        instructions on the screen
    Answers to minimum system requirements and other FAQs can be found in the Starting,
        Managing, and Attending Meetings section on the Meeting Center page, in the left navigation
        under Support > User Guides
    For technical support, call 888-793-6118

   Day of the webcast: 10 minutes prior to start time
      Log into https://uhc-enterprise.webex.com/uhc-enterprise
      Click ‘Attend a Meeting’
      Enter the session number and password – found in your confirmation email
      A security box will appear; click ‘yes’ and wait a few moments
      You will be brought into the Webcast conference. If you have difficulty joining the meeting at
       this time, please email physician_esolutions@uhc.com

   Audio information:          Dial in #: (888) 844-7278
                               Access Code: 5447883


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