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									        AWWA Webcast Program – FAQ Sheet

What is a webcast?
  o A webcast is a type of educational program that delivers audio streaming
      in real-time over the Internet combined with synchronized Powerpoint
      presentation capabilities. AWWA webcasts typically last 90 minutes in

What are the system requirements to view a webcast?

   o   PC with a Broadband Internet connection
   o   Current web browser
   o   Sound Card
   o   Speakers
   o   Real Player, version 10.0 or higher or Windows Media Player, version 9.0
       or higher

I have purchased an AWWA webcast group license registration. Does this
mean that I can tell everyone at my site/location how to access the webcast
so they can watch from their PC’s?
    o No. The webcast site license agreement allows a site to view the webcast
       through just one Internet connection. If there are several employees that
       want to watch at their own personal computer, each individual will have to
       purchase a single license registration.

I purchased a bundled package. Can other site locations view webcasts
with this package?
    o No. Each site must purchase a bundled package to view the webcasts
       through one Internet connection.

How can I avoid having technical problems on the day of the webcast?
  o Involve someone from your Information Technology (IT) Department to
      help decide if your computer software and hardware can technically
      accommodate a webcast.
  o If the webcast location is within an organization, distribute an e-mail
      communication in advance and ask employees to avoid heavy Internet
      use over the 90 minute time period of the webcast.

On the day of the webcast, the slides would not keep up with the audio or
the sound faded in and out. What happened?
   o More than likely, there was heavy Internet usage occurring at your
      location, which impacted the webcast program. In today’s business
      world, more and more training programs are delivered over the Internet.
      The Internet can be slower than usual if there is heavy usage. Meeting
      the system requirements above is just the first step in ensuring a webcast
      will be successful at your location. The two most important items to
      consider are the Internet connection bandwidth and the demand on that
      bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be pushed
      over the line, i.e., the size of the pipe. If there is a larger amount of

       AWWA Webcast Program – FAQ Sheet
      usage, there is congestion just like a traffic jam. It is important to be
      aware of other drains on the Internet system. Variables that could impact
      the webcast include: Windows media player issues, firewall issues,
      configuration of your IT environment, and anti-virus software.

Can I view the webcast from home?
  o Yes, but you must be sure that you have a high speed Internet

What happens if I have paid for a webcast license and am unable to see
the webcast due to technical difficulties?
   o Everyone who pays for a webcast license is entitled to a complimentary
      archive license. You will have thirty days from the date of the live
      broadcast to view the archived program an additional time.

Will I receive Education Credits for watching this program?
  o Not all states will award CEUs/PDHs for webcasts because webcasts are
        considered “distance learning” (as opposed to “classroom learning/face-
        to-face instruction” at conferences, seminars, etc.) and attendance cannot
        be verified by the education program provider. It is the individual’s
        responsibility to apply to the state for CEU/PDH approval. AWWA
        encourages you to read the information on the approval process located
        on our website at:
  o Select the link “Webcast” link.


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