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					            Institutional Research Review Contacts
                                             For Winnipeg
Prior to commencing any research related activity, approval of the custodian of records and/or institutional
approval are required. It is the Principal Investigator’s responsibility to contact the site to inquire as to the
procedures required to obtain approval at the institutional level.

Health Science Centre

The HSC Impact Approval Form is available in Microsoft Outlook HSC Public Folders, Research Department, for HSC e-mail users.

Researchers can also contact:

Karen Shaw-Allan, Research Protocol Officer, 787-4968,, for the forms, which includes necessary instructions.

St. Boniface Hospital

Cancer Care Manitoba


Judy Dyrland

Administrative Assistant/Research Review Committee Coordinator

Research & Evaluation Unit

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

200 - 1155 Concordia Avenue

Winnipeg, MB R2K 2M9

Phone: 204.926.7034

Fax: 204.947.9970

Concordia Hospital

Gail Smith


Admin Assistant to Dr. Paul Sawchuk, CMO

Victoria General Hospital

Grace General Hospital

Erva Ritson


Seven Oaks General Hospital

Linda Codville

Admin. Assistant to the CMO


Manitoba Assembly of Chiefs

Kathi Avery-Kinew

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Secretariat Inc.

Manager Research and Social Development Initiatives

200-260 St .Mary Avenue

Winnipeg, MB

R3C 0M6


Main office line - 956-0610