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EDUC Mini Teacher Work Sample


									EDUC 4106 Mini Teacher Work Sample

Mini Teacher Work Sample

* Contextual Factors
   Criterion                                            Performance Rating
                   Indicator Exceeds                                   Indicator
                                             Indicator Acceptable                                 Score
                   Expectations                                        Unacceptable
Knowledge of
Community,               3                        2                         1
School and
Classroom          Teacher displays a        Teacher displays          Teacher displays
Factors            comprehensive             some knowledge of         minimal, irrelevant, or
                   understanding of the      the characteristics of    biased knowledge of
NA                 characteristics of the    the community,            the characteristics of
                   community, school,        school, and               the community, school,
                   and classroom that        classroom that may        and classroom.
                   may affect learning.      affect learning.
Knowledge of
Characteristics          3                        2                         1
of Students
                   Teacher displays          Teacher displays          Teacher displays
NA                 general & specific        general knowledge of      minimal, stereotypical,
                   understanding of          student differences       or irrelevant knowledge
                   student differences       (e.g., development,       of student differences
                   (e.g., development,       interests, culture,       (e.g. development,
                   interests, culture,       abilities/disabilities)   interests, culture,
                   abilities/disabilities)   that may affect           abilities/disabilities).
                   that may affect           learning.
Knowledge of
Students’           3                             2                         1
Approaches to Teacher displays               Teacher displays          Teacher displays
Learning      general & specific             general knowledge         minimal, stereotypical,
              understanding of the           about the different       or irrelevant knowledge
NA            different ways                 ways students learn       about the different
              students learn (e.g.,          (e.g., learning styles,   ways students learn
              learning styles,               learning modalities).     (e.g., learning styles,
              learning modalities)                                     learning modalities).
              that may affect
Knowledge of
Students A’              3                        2                         1
                   Teacher displays          Teacher displays          Teacher displays little
NA                 general & specific        general knowledge of      or irrelevant knowledge
                   understanding of          students’’ skills and     of students’’ skills and
                   students’ skills and      prior learning that       prior learning.
                   prior learning that       may affect learning.
                   may affect learning.
Implications for
Instructional            3                        2                         1
Planning and
Assessment        Teacher provides         Teacher provides           Teacher does not
                  specific implications    general implications       provide implications for
NA                for instruction and      for instruction and        instruction and
                  assessment based on      assessment based on        assessment based on
                  student individual       student individual         student individual
                  differences and          differences and            differences and
                  community, school,       community, school,         community, school, and
                  and classroom            and classroom              classroom
                  characteristics.         characteristics.           characteristics OR
                                                                      provides inappropriate
                                                                      Total Score:

* Learning Goals
     Criterion                                           Performance Rating
                     Indicator Exceeds         Indicator               Indicator
                     Expectations              Acceptable              Unacceptable
Challenge and             3                         2                       1
                     Goals reflect several     Goals reflect several Goals reflect only one
NA                   types or levels of        types or levels of    type or level of
                     learning and are          learning but lack     learning.
                     significant and           significance or
                     challenging.              challenge.
                          3                         2                       1
                     Most of the goals are Some of the goals     Goals are not stated
                     clearly stated as     are clearly stated as clearly and are
                     learning outcomes.    learning outcomes. activities rather than
                                                                 learning outcomes.
                          3                         2                       1
                     Most goals are            Some goals are          Goals are not
                     appropriate for the       appropriate for the     appropriate for the
                     development; pre-         development; pre-       development; pre-
                     requisite knowledge,      requisite knowledge,    requisite knowledge,
                     skills, experiences;      skills, experiences;    skills, experiences; or
                     and other student         and other student       other student needs.
                     needs.                    needs
Alignment with
National, State or        3                         2                       1
Local Standards
                     Most of the goals are     Some goals are         Goals are not aligned
NA                   explicitly aligned with   aligned with national, with national, state or
                     national, state or        state or local         local standards.
                     local standards.          standards.
                                                                       Total Score:

* Assessment Plan
  Criterion                                          Performance Rating
                Indicator Exceeds                                     Indicator
                                           Indicator Acceptable                                Score
                Expectations                                          Unacceptable
Alignment with
Learning            3                           2                          1
Goals and
Instruction    Each of the learning        Some of the learning       Content and methods
               goals is assessed           goals are assessed         of assessment lack
NA             through the                 through the                congruence with
               assessment plan;            assessment plan, but       learning goals or lack
               assessments are             many are not               cognitive complexity.
               congruent with the          congruent with learning
               learning goals in           goals in content and
               content and cognitive       cognitive complexity.
Clarity of
Criteria and         3                          2                          1
Standards for
Performance     Assessment criteria are    Assessment criteria        The assessments
                clear and are explicitly   have been developed,       contain no clear
NA              linked to the learning     but they are not clear     criteria for measuring
                goals.                     or are not explicitly      student performance
                                           linked to the learning     relative to the
                                           goals.                     learning goals.
Modes and            3                          2                          1
                The assessment plan        The assessment plan        The assessment plan
NA              includes multiple          includes multiple          includes only one
                assessment modes           modes but all are          assessment mode
                (including performance     either pencil/paper        and does not assess
                assessments, lab           based (i.e. they are not   students before,
                reports, research          performance                during, and after
                projects, etc.) and        assessments) and/or        instruction.
                assesses student           do not require the
                performance                integration of
                throughout the             knowledge, skills and
                instructional sequence.    reasoning ability.
Soundness            3                          2                          1

NA              Assessments appear to      Assessments appear         Assessments are not
                be valid; scoring          to have some validity.     valid; scoring
                procedures are             Some scoring               procedures are
                explained; most items      procedures are             absent or inaccurate;
                or prompts are clearly     explained; some items      items or prompts are
                written; directions and    or prompts are clearly     poorly written;
                procedures are clear to    written; some              directions and
                students.                  directions and             procedures are
                                           procedures are clear to    confusing to students.
Based on the         3                          2                          1
Needs of        Teacher makes              Teacher makes              Teacher does not
Students        adaptations to             adaptations to             adapt assessments to
                assessments that are       assessments that are       meet the individual
NA              appropriate to meet the    appropriate to meet the    needs of students or
                individual needs of        individual needs of        these assessments
                 most students.          some students.                  are inappropriate.
                                                                         Total Score:

* Design for Instruction
     Criterion                                           Performance Rating
                     Indicator Exceeds        Indicator                  Indicator
                     Expectations             Acceptable                 Unacceptable
Alignment with
Learning Goals             3                       2                          1

NA                   All lessons are          Most lessons are           Few lessons are
                     explicitly linked to     explicitly linked to       explicitly linked to
                     learning goals. All      learning goals. Most       learning goals. Few
                     learning activities,     learning activities,       learning activities,
                     assignments and          assignments and            assignments and
                     resources are            resources are              resources are aligned
                     aligned with learning    aligned with learning      with learning goals.
                     goals. All learning      goals. Most learning       Not all learning goals
                     goals are covered in     goals are covered in       are covered in the
                     the design.              the design.                design.
Representation of          3                       2                          1
                     Teacher’s use of         Teacher’s use of           Teacher’s use of
NA                   content appears to       content appears to         content appears to
                     be accurate. Focus       be mostly accurate.        contain numerous
                     of the content is        Shows some                 inaccuracies. Content
                     congruent with the       awareness of the big       seems to be viewed
                     big ideas or structure   ideas or structure of      more as isolated skills
                     of the discipline.       the discipline.            and facts rather than
                                                                         as part of a larger
                                                                         conceptual structure.
Lesson and Unit
Structure                  3                       2                          1

NA                   All lessons within the   The lessons within         The lessons within
                     unit are logically       the unit have some         the unit are not
                     organized and            logical organization       logically organized
                     appear to be useful      and appear to be           organization (e.g.,
                     in moving students       somewhat useful in         sequenced).
                     toward achieving the     moving students
                     learning goals.          toward achieving the
                                              learning goals.
Use of a Variety of
Instruction,              3                        2                          1
Assignments and Significant variety           Some variety in            Little variety of
Resources           across instruction,       instruction, activities,   instruction, activities,
                    activities,               assignments, or            assignments, and
NA                  assignments, and/or       resources but with         resources. Heavy
                    resources. This           limited contribution       reliance on textbook
                    variety makes a clear     to learning.               or single resource
                    contribution to                                      (e.g., work sheets).
Use of Contextual
Information and            3                       2                          1
Data to Select
Appropriate and        Most instruction has     Some instruction        Instruction has not
Relevant Activities,   been designed with       has been designed       been designed with
Assignments and        reference to             with reference to       reference to
Resources              contextual factors       contextual factors      contextual factors and
                       and pre-assessment       and pre-assessment      pre-assessment data.
NA                     data. Most activities    data. Some activities   Activities and
                       and assignments          and assignments         assignments do not
                       appear productive        appear productive       appear productive
                       and appropriate for      and appropriate for     and appropriate for
                       each student.            each student.           each student.
Use of Technology
                            3                        2                       1
                       Teacher integrates       Teacher uses            Technology is
                       appropriate              technology but it       inappropriately used
                       technology that          does not make a         OR teacher does not
                       makes a significant      significant             use technology, and
                       contribution to          contribution to         no (or inappropriate)
                       teaching and             teaching and            rationale is provided.
                       learning OR provides     learning OR teacher
                       a strong rationale for   provides limited
                       not using technology.    rationale for not
                                                using technology.
                                                                        Total Score:

* Instructional Decision Making
  Criterion                                              Performance Rating
                Indicator Exceeds                    Indicator               Indicator
                Expectations                         Acceptable              Unacceptable
Professional           3                                    2                     1
                Most instructional decisions are     Instructional           Many
NA              pedagogically sound (i.e., they      decisions are           instructional
                are likely to lead to student        mostly appropriate,     decisions are
                learning).                           but some decisions      inappropriate
                                                     are not                 and not
                                                     pedagogically           pedagogically
                                                     sound.                  sound.
Based on               3                                    2                     1
Analysis of
Student         Appropriate modifications of the     Some modifications      Teacher treats
Learning        instructional plan are made to       of the instructional    class as one
                address individual student           plan are made to        plan fits all with
NA              needs. These modifications are       address individual      no modifications
                informed by the analysis of          student needs, but
                student learning/performance,        these are not based
                best practice, or contextual         on the analysis of
                factors. Include explanation of      student learning,
                why the modifications would          best practice, or
                improve student progress.            contextual factors.
Between                3                                    2                     1
and Learning     Modifications in instruction are   Modifications in        Modifications in
Goals            congruent with learning goals.     instruction are         instruction lack
                                                    somewhat                congruence with
NA                                                  congruent with          learning goals.
                                                    learning goals.
                                                                            Total Score:

* Analysis of Student Learning
  Criterion                                           Performance Rating
                 Indicator Exceeds                                     Indicator
                                           Indicator Acceptable                                 Score
                 Expectations                                          Unacceptable
Clarity and
Accuracy of           3                         2                           1
                 Presentation is easy to Presentation is               Presentation is not
NA               understand and          understandable and            clear and accurate; it
                 contains no errors of contains few errors.            does not accurately
                 representation.                                       reflect the data.
with Learning         3                         2                           1
                 Analysis is fully         Analysis of student       Analysis of student
NA               aligned with learning     learning is partially     learning is not aligned
                 goals and provides a      aligned with learning     with learning goals.
                 comprehensive profile     goals and/or fails to
                 of student learning for   provide a
                 the whole class,          comprehensive profile of
                 subgroups, and two        student learning relative
                 individuals.              to the goals for the
                                           whole class, subgroups,
                                           and two individuals.
of Data               3                         2                           1

NA               Interpretation is         Interpretation is           Interpretation is
                 meaningful, and           technically accurate, but   inaccurate, and
                 appropriate               conclusions are missing     conclusions are
                 conclusions are drawn     or not fully supported by   missing or
                 from the data.            data.                       unsupported by data.
Evidence of
Impact on             3                         2                           1
Learning         Analysis of student       Analysis of student         Analysis of student
                 learning includes         learning includes           learning fails to
NA               evidence of the impact    incomplete evidence of      include evidence of
                 on student learning in    the impact on student       impact on student
                 terms of number of        learning in terms of        learning in terms of
                 students who              numbers of students         numbers of students
                 achieved and made         who achieved and made       who achieved and
                 progress toward each      progress toward             made progress
                 learning goal.            learning goals.             toward learning goals.
                                                                       Total Score:
* Reflection and Self-Evaluation
  Criterion                                           Performance Rating
                 Indicator Exceeds                                      Indicator
                                         Indicator Acceptable                                   Score
                 Expectations                                           Unacceptable
of Student            3                       2                              1
                 Uses evidence to        Provides evidence but no       No evidence or
NA               support conclusions     (or simplistic, superficial)   reasons provided to
                 drawn in Analysis of    reasons or hypotheses to       support conclusions
                 Student Learning        support conclusions            drawn in “Analysis of
                 section. Explores       drawn in “Analysis of          Student Learning”
                 multiple hypotheses     Student Learning”              section.
                 for why some            section.
                 students did not
                 meet earning goals.
Insights on
Effective             3                       2                              1
Instruction and
Assessment      Identifies successful    Identifies successful and      Provides no rationale
                and unsuccessful         unsuccessful activities or     for why some
NA              activities and           assessments and                activities or
                assessments and          superficially explores         assessments were
                provides plausible       reasons for their success      more successful than
                reasons (based on        or lack thereof (no use of     others.
                theory or research)      theory or research).
                for their success or
                lack thereof.
Among Goals,          3                       2                              1
Instruction and
Assessment      Logically connects       Connects learning goals,       Does not connect
                learning goals,          instruction, and               learning goals,
NA              instruction, and         assessment results in the      instruction, and
                assessment results       discussion of student          assessment results in
                in the discussion of     learning and effective         the discussion of
                student learning and     instruction, but               student learning and
                effective instruction.   misunderstandings or           effective instruction
                                         conceptual gaps are            and/or the
                                         present.                       connections are
                                                                        irrelevant or
for Future            3                       2                              1
                 Provides ideas for      Provides ideas for             Provides no ideas or
NA               redesigning learning    redesigning learning           inappropriate ideas
                 goals, instruction,     goals, instruction, and        for redesigning
                 and assessment and      assessment but offers no       learning goals,
                 explains why these      rationale for why these        instruction, and
                 modifications would     changes would improve          assessment.
                 improve student         student learning.
for                   3                       2                              1
Development      Presents a small        Presents professional          Provides no
                 number of               learning goals that are        professional learning
                 professional learning   not strongly related to the   goals or goals that
NA               goals that clearly      insights and experiences      are not related to the
                 emerge from the         described in this section     insights and
                 insights and            and/or provides a vague       experiences
                 experiences             plan for meeting the          described in this
                 described in this       goals.                        section.
                 section. Describes
                 specific steps to
                 meet these goals.
                                                                       Total Score:

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