Ed Tech Master Program

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					Ed Tech Master’s Program
      CEP 800/ 815/ 822

        East Lansing
         June 30, 2011
• Morning
   – Discuss the readings
         • Paulson, T. (2007). Feeling the Tug? Managing the Tensions that Pull
           Leaders in Different Directions.
         • McLoud, S. Are we irrelevant?
         • Cuban, L. What it takes to lead a Fortune 500 company and yes a
         • Cuban, L. The dilemma of leadership.
     – Presentation on educational leadership
        - Web 2.0 Jigsaw “Cool Tools for School” presentations
-   Extended lunch (12 - 1:30)
    -   1:00 Camtasia session (?)
• Afternoon
   – Educational leadership photography activity
   – Introduce exploring key topics in technology and education
      wiki project
   – Free work time
       Discussion of readings
• McLoud, S. Are we irrelevant?
• Paulson, T. (2007). Feeling the Tug? Managing the
  Tensions that Pull Leaders in Different Directions.
• Cuban, L. What it takes to lead a Fortune 500
  company and yes a school
• Cuban, L. The dilemma of leadership.

• Take 15 minutes with your groups and discuss the
  McLoud. Are we irrelevant?
• We are living through information
  – “Largest expansion in expressive capacity
    in human history”
  – We are no long strictly consumers, today
    we are engaged in a “multidirectional
     • We saw this with Sean Nash and his students
     • Punya’s daughter & Sci-Po / Math-Po
     • Voicethread
  McLoud. Are we irrelevant?
• What does this mean for learning?
• What can educators do better?

• Starts with educational leaders!
     Paulson, T. Feeling the tug?
1.   Celebrate Progress and Build a Dynasty of Excellence
2.   Take the Best From Tradition and Change
3.   Sell the Need for Change by Using Fear and Hope
4.   Drive a Compelling and Flexible Vision
5.   Value Experience and Lifelong Learning
6.   Be Tight and Loose
7.   Value Empowerment and Limits
8.   Care Enough to Confront and Support
9.   Take Your Job Seriously and Yourself Lightly
Cuban, L. What it takes to lead…

•   Passionate Curiosity
•   Battle-Hardened Confidence
•   Team Smarts
•   A Simple Mind-Set
•   Fearlessness
Cuban, L. What it takes to lead…

“But if there is one thing that has been
learned from the leadership literature, it is
that the setting has an enormous
influence on what a principal,
superintendent, and CEO does, much
less what he or she and accomplishes.”
Cuban, L. The dilemma of leadership…

• Tension between wanting the approval
  (affection and respect) of those you
  supervise while, at the same time, being
  responsible for judging their
• As Cuban notes this is not specific to
  his situation
      Educational Leadership
• Is about tensions!
       • Individuals with conflicting interests / needs
       • Seeking approval and passing judgment
       • What are some other tensions?

       The opposite of a correct statement is an incorrect statement,
         but the opposite of a profound truth is another profound
         truth. — Niels Bohr
• In your groups spend 10 minutes listing tensions
  that you as educational leaders face
   – We will use it in the afternoon
            Essential Tension(s)
Top down - Bottom up               Individual - Social
Online – Face to face              Standardization – Customized
Computer - Network                 Normative Assessment – Formative
Private - Public                   Assessment
Local - Global
Closed - Open                      Test Performance - Creativity
                                   Width - Depth
Continuity – Innovation
                                   Flexible - Rigid
Statis – Change                    Just in time – Predetermined
Conservative – Spontaneous         Knowledge as fixed – Knowledge as
Singular focus – Multi-focused     flexible/constructed
Disciplinary – Transdisciplinary   Student led – Teacher led
    / interdisciplinary
   Web 2.0 Wiki presentations

• Keep it brief
  • Your category
  • Specific tools that were selected
  • Quick descriptions
    • Thumbs up – Thumbs down
  • Brief Q&A
Extended lunch!

Meet back here at 1:30
  Leadership tensions activity
• Did everyone bring props…and a camera?

• We will be visually representing leadership tensions
  – Individually (but with the help of your group) you
    will take photographs that represent the tensions
    we’ve discussed
  – Use Pixlr.com or Photoshop to seamlessly
    combine your two images into one (Brandon will
    walk us through the basics)
      Exploring Key Topics in
     Technology and Education
• Each group needs to choose their TOP 2 topics and
  submit them (via a scrap of paper) to Kristen
     – We will try to accommodate everyone’s first choice

•   Developing information literacy, technology skills (in students):
•   Meeting the diverse needs of your students, assistive technologies,
    particularly through the idea of Universal Designs for Learning (UDL):
•   Social and ethical uses of technology (particularly digital equity,
    intellectual property, and copyright) and healthy practices in the use of
    educational technology:
•   Using Technology to Facilitate/Develop Creativity and Critical Thinking
    Skills in Students:
•   Using Technology to Engage in Professional Development &
For the rest of the afternoon…
• Work time…
  –You need to have a draft of your Understanding
  understanding video done

  –Each group should meet with Brandon to review their videos

  –Each individual needs to talk to either Punya or Kristen about
  their DreamIT project ideas
              For tomorrow…
• Mishra, Koehler & Henricksen. (2011). The 7 trans-
  disciplinary habits of mind: Extending the TPACK
  framework towards 21st Century Learning
• Cuban, L. (2010). How one science teachers integrates
  laptops into lessons.
• Cuban, L. (2010). Confusing technology integration with
  instructional reform.

• Pizza Party!
• Understanding understanding presentations
• Discuss online portion of class