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[...] each member of my family had an emergency backpack designed to equip us with the necessities of life for at least seventy-two hours: * a change of clothes * five packets of nuts and raisins * one silver space blanket * three freeze-dried food bars * two water bottles * a poncho * a tiny first aid kit * a candle * matches * a bright orange plastic flashlight Second, our family had an emergency water supply, in case a nuclear attack or ash falling from the skies rendered the water in the swimming pool unfit to drink: industrial-sized water barrels lined the back of the house, with enough water to last us a few weeks, assuming a consumption rate of two gallons of water per person per day. In Sunday School, we rehearsed the list of signs of the times compiled from the words of the prophet Isaiah, John the Revelator, Book of Mormon prophets, and our own local homegrown experts, balding, heavy-set men who worked as aerospace engineers during the week, led Boy Scout outings on Saturdays, and studied Egyptology in their home offices on Sundays after church.\n Like bees in a hive, we were, all about our business - workers, receivers, and foragers - held together by the frequencies of our dance.

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