July 2009 - Renton Lions Club by wuyunyi


									       RENTON’S ROAR
                   RENTON LIONS CLUB
         Multiple District 19/District 19-B/Zone B-5
            Home Club of P.I.D. Roger R Richert
                               P O Box 554
                        Renton, WA 98057-0554
              Bulletin Editor: Ray L Peretti (253-631-9386)
                             July 2009
 Queen Lion Roberta’s Last Stand…Meeting of June 17th
Her last meeting was also our first meeting of the summer season at the
Renton Lions Youth Camp with dinner provided by our famous caterer:
Lion Jan Tanner and her support staff.

But this was Queen Lion Roberta‟s final fling as our leader and she
ended it with her same style that provided such a successful year for the
Renton Lions Club.

Our Program was presented by Greg Taylor, standing in for Captain
Terry Masango of the Renton Salvation Army. Greg is not only a Renton
City Councilman, but also a Renton Salvation Army Advisory Board
member and Chairman of the Salvation Army Food Bank‟s Fundraising
Committee. Greg made us aware of all of the programs the Salvation
Army has to help the homeless and needy of our community.

He was eager to share information with us on “Weekend Backpacks”
which ensures that needy school age kids are given backpacks filled with
nutritious food to carry them through the weekend, sometimes sharing
with their siblings. These packs are distributed in such a discreet
manner that other students are not aware.

Greg concluded by inviting us to a special screening of Where GOD Left
His Shoes at the IKEA Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, June 30th.
Because of our club‟s donations to the Renton Food Bank, we had a table
for eight at the reception and reserved seating at the movie.

[Ed. Note: Lions Rosemary, Roger, Roberta, Robert L, Corey, Lynn P and
Ray all attended (with our sailor son Kendrick) to represent the Renton
Lions Club.]
Our Tailtwisters Wyman and Wayne finished the evening with three get
rich quick rounds of Tail Twister Bingo. A good time was had by all, and
the Tailtwisters were thanked for making this past year fun and lively.

Lions Club Family/Friends Picnic last Sunday, June 28th.
We had a large gathering of members, family and friends on the shores of
the Cedar River for an excellent event. There were about 70 adults, and
scores of kids. We enjoyed BBQ ribs and hot dogs (thanks to Lions Bryce
and Jason), loads of side dishes and yummy deserts. The younger kids
(not club members) participated in various games to work off the sugar.
We had an art contest: finger painting on the butcher paper table covers
and the media was barbeque sauce. There were two secret judges and
their selections were: 1st Place to Carlene Clark, 2nd Place to Lion Homer.

This note was received from proud mother Corne‟:
“The picnic was great. Please tell Jason thanks again for doing the art
competition. Carlene is so impressed that she won. One day we can say
that she won her first art competition at a Lions Picnic and people will
say: What medium did you use: bbq sauce!”
[Guess that means Homer's entry was 'mixed media'!]

The Met Coffee and Wine Bar…
A week ago The Met hosted another of their drives for the Renton Food
and Clothing Banks. This one had a little different feature. They
requested baby clothes, diapers, baby food, and other baby related items
as these are desperately needed. All the money collected ($160) went to
the food bank to purchase whatever we didn't provide. Thank you Tara
and Mike! The Renton Lions Club was well represented with Lions Lynn
P, Ray, Jan, Debbie, Wyman, Shannon and Andrew.

And speaking of the Clothes and Food Banks, Lion Lynn P reported
the final totals for the year ending June 30th. The Food Bank was
provided with just less than 1 Ton of Food, and we provided the Clothing
Bank with over 5000 pounds of clothing! To help you visualize how
much clothing, imagine 8 Honda Minivans full of clothes.

 A message direct from our New Lion President Rosemary

July is upon us, and we are transitioning to a new Lions‟ year. We owe a huge
debt of gratitude to President Roberta Logue, and our 2008-2009 Board of
Directors, who provided the Renton Lions Club with „kind and gentle‟ leadership
during one of the greatest years in Renton Lions‟ history. And, the thanks
mustn‟t stop there! Each of you, in your unique way, has added to our
wonderful “Renton Renaissance”.
Renton Lions were able to provide a myriad of necessary services this year:
 Greater Renton community [youth activities at RLC Youth Camp, helped
   provide a BrailleNote for a student, local sight & hearing efforts, hosted the
   Health Screening Van, a scholarship based upon community service and
   academics, supported Vision House, collections of amazing amounts of
   food/clothing/children‟s books for local needs, provided leadership training to
   2 Renton Lions for future community betterment, and much more]
 Regionally [provided dinners for residents of Ronald McDonald House,
   collected and provided used eyeglasses for NW Lions Eyeglass Recycling
   Center and hearing aids for the Northwest Lions Foundation for Sight &
   Hearing‟s „Hearing Aid Bank‟, and much more]
 Nationally [supported Leader Dogs for the Blind], and
 Internationally [provided funding to Lions Clubs International Foundation
   (LCIF) for efforts to eradicate preventable and reversible blindness around the
   world, and provided funding to C.A.R.E. to support efforts in keeping children
   free from working in underground mining].
Our Lion members worked diligently at RLC Concessions last fall, and this
spring, to secure necessary funding to continue these, and other, community
services during the upcoming 2009-2010 Lions‟ year. And, our wonderful red
aprons saw us feeding the masses at Renton River Days Pancake Breakfast,
Bohunk Night, Salmon Homecoming, the Halloween Party, Italian Night, Pioneer
Night, and our Family Picnic. Boy, are we great cooks!

Tail Twisting brought us a wide diversity of entertainment, and great prizes, too!
Programs were interesting, and thought provoking.          We returned to our
wonderful tradition of making many interclub visitations; and we wore our new
uniform jackets, shirts and pins with pride. Good fun & fellowship was a
significant indicator of our tremendously successful year.

Congratulations, Renton Lions Family, all. Our Renton Lions Club is filled with
heroes! We have served well – together - during our “Renton Renaissance” year.

“Renton Renaissance – Phase II” is now „in process‟, as we share thoughts and
insights during our RLC „every member questionnaire‟ telephone visits. If you
haven‟t received a call yet, please, know that you will sometime soon. This is an
effort to record the „pulse‟ of the Renton Lions Club, and to determine
perceptions about our club and its involvements…past…present …and future.

We begin our 71st full year of service [on July 1st at our regular meeting, and
potluck dinner] at our beautiful RLC Youth Camp, with a pledge from your
executive officers to focus on “we/us/our” involvement this year…not
“me/I/my” Lionism. Our Renton Lions Club belongs equally to all of us. And
we hope you‟ll share that attitude. Please, invite your friends and neighbors to
join us at meetings this summer, so they may experience this outstanding
venue. With your help, our meetings will begin and end promptly. Please,
expect lots of interesting information, great food, and fine fun & fellowship…as
we „fuel up‟ to go out and serve. July is a busy month, with Renton River Days
and other activities. Please, consider participating in our 2 main events
[Pancake Breakfast & RRD Parade] on July 25th, as well as the Renton-area
Lions‟ RRD Kids Day Booth [craft projects, and reading to children] on the 22nd.
And, earlier in the month, on the July 18th, we have an opportunity to provide
volunteer services to disabled children at the unique “Challenge Air 2009 Fly
Day” at Paine Field. More on that later.

Thanks for all you do, friends. It‟s my honor to serve as your president. God
bless. Rosemary

Editor’s note: We had already received information on the
Challenge Air 2000 Fly Day and edited it for Renton’s Roar. This is
an important event to note, plus there is a very strong need for Lion
Fly Day…at Paine Field on July 18th. All Lions are being asked to
volunteer to help 135 handicapped kids enjoy a day of flight. Each child
will enjoy a 30 minute flight, ground displays, fun activities and lunch.
Lions are needed to help load and unload planes and whatever is needed
to make this a memorable experience. Handicapped kids ages 7 to 17
are currently being selected from schools in the Snohomish County area.
Lions Club International is a national supporter and local Lions Clubs
are being asked to help. In 2009 “Fly Day” will be in a dozen cities
across the U.S. This will be Everett‟s third year.
If you volunteer, you must register in advance with Lion Art Ruben at
(425) 514-5464, or sign up through ChallengeAir.org.
Don‟t miss the fun! Volunteer to help.

Volunteer Details for 2009 Challenge Air Everett Fly Day: (All
volunteers should register through their website at www.challengeair.org
– registration – volunteers… to receive event details and directions.)
Goal: 125 volunteers for the day of the event.

Event Date/Location:
Saturday, July 18, 2009
Paine Field: Castle & Cooke Aviation
9724 32nd Pl. W Building C84

Time Line:
Volunteers should plan to arrive on Saturday, July 18th between 7:15
a.m. – 7:30 a.m. to help setup and attend the volunteer brief. A
continental breakfast will be provided and there will be coffee and juice.
The morning flights are scheduled from 9:30-12:00 p.m. Lunch will be
provided for free from 12-1 p.m. Flights resume from 1-2:30 p.m. and
then we tear down and clean up. Volunteers can expect to be done by 4
pm. (They would not recommend half day volunteers or volunteers
working in shifts.)

Below are some of the duties that we need volunteers for:
Loaders – helping the children get into the airplane…approximately 70
volunteers to help with the loading.
Printing Certificates
Kid‟s Activities and Games
Registration/Welcome Table
Boarding Pass/Weight Table
Taking Photos…bring your camera
Help to decorate the hangar…balloons, etc.
Challenge Air Sales Table
Trash Duty
Food Servers
Please note, each volunteer will be assigned his/her task that morning
and will be given a separate briefing.

Dress Code:
Dress comfortably and weather appropriate for the day – you will most
likely be standing all day so sneakers are best. Also, don't forget your

Last year many Lions and others volunteered. All had a heartwarming
experience of helping handicapped kids.

Don’t miss the fun! Volunteer to help.

             Our new year is upon us.
      So hang on, as we love this Renaissance!

                 Welcome Queen Lion Rosemary
July 1st – This was our first regular meeting conducted by our new
Queen Lion. It was to start promptly @ 6:30. Hey, for the Youth Camp,
she was fairly close. Our dinner was a Potluck, with everyone bringing
lots of food for everyone else. No one could leave hungry that night!

She started her first meeting with a great big THANK YOU to Lion
Roberta for her wonderful Renaissance Year as our President.
This was followed by another big THANK YOU regarding the Lions Family
Picnic and to all who were responsible for a very successful event. The
members who organized our very successful family picnic comprised of
Lions Lynn P, Patty, Jason, Bryce, Carol, and Corne'. Thanks also to
those who attended and brought all of the delicious side dishes.
[Lion Lynn P later reported that we stayed under budget and everyone
had a great time.]

Our meeting program:          Eradicating Knotweed on Youth Camp
Property – Program chairperson, Lion Eleanor Bertagni, introduced our
guest speakers Sasha Shaw and Monica Walker, representing The
Cedar River Council. They spoke to us about noxious weeds and the
particular variety we deal with at the Youth Camp…Knotweed.
Sasa started out explaining how to do prevention of the spreading of
noxious weeds. The best prevention: don‟t give weeds a chance. The
newest established weeds receive the highest priority for removing.
These are non-native plants, which do clear damage to the environment.
The State of Washington requires everyone to get rid of them. Then in
our case, the Cedar River is especially vulnerable to knotweed invasion
because periodic flooding moves the rhizomes from one property to the
next downstream. This means that the flood action encourages the
spread of Knotweed.

King County has a $1 million budget (from a $2.10 real estate tax per
parcel). They are working from the highest infestation, the Seattle Water
Shed. They are now able to work down the Cedar River. The big
challenge is getting the word out. The County needs allowance to enter
properties to do the treatment. It is real important to get everyone
working together to eradicate this weed.

“Invasive Knotweed Control Workshop” - The Cedar River Council will
present this workshop on July 28th from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the
Renton Lions Youth Camp. You are welcome to come and learn all about
Knotweed at this free workshop. There will be an explanation about
what can be done and what is being done to stop this damaging plant
from overwhelming the Cedar River, its many creeks and natural areas.
[Note: A Renton Wilderness Day Camp will also be at the camp, but they
are cooperating and will keep to the baseball field during this workshop.]

Youth Camp Report – Lions Terry and Marsha declared that all they
have are Projects. Many of the projects are in need of help. Please sign
up for what you would like to do to help at the Camp:

Paint the eves of the roof on the pavilion.
Paint the bathroom doors and storeroom door red.
Brace up the patio deck.
Wash curtains in the restrooms.
Paint/wash the walls in the bathrooms.
Pressure wash out side of the building/paint.
Women‟s toilet needs repair (Fred notified on 06-28-09)
Remove moss from restroom roof.
Fix lights on corner of restroom building
Fix light pole near restroom building
Electrical needs (Jason notified on 06-28-09).
Turn on light switch/electric outlet at fire pit.
The bridge needs a brace so kids won‟t fall into the stream.
Nature trail behind the pavilion needs new poles and spikes driven into
the ground.
Some nature trail signs need to be replaced.
General clean up due to flood.
Camp meetings attendance.
Status of property for sale.
Remove root from chopped down tree next to pavilion.

Registration of Reservations for the Camp.
What type of group? How big a group? Need for Port O Potties?
Our committee chairs get presented with all of the problems that occur
at the camp. From bad checks and plugged toilets to whatever…
They work closely with Eagle Scouts. So, if you know of any Eagle who
needs a project, we have some!

Usage rates: Scouts and other youth groups - $20 per day; Private
groups, i.e. Old Timers - $350 per day; Renton Lion members - donation
(amount unspecified) which helps to cover the expenses for water, sewer
and garbage.
It was noticed that the Old Timers are in the process of replacing our flag
pole. When the project is complete, we will install a plaque on the base
to note their donation.

Induction of our newest member – Membership Director Andrew
conducted a brief (preference of the two participants) but meaningful
induction of Shannon Monti into the Renton Lions Club. Lion Shannon,
when asked, stated that she has heard of, and read, the Lions Code of
Ethics and the Renton Lions Club By-Laws. This was probably one of
the fastest inductions of recent history, but we are all very happy to have
Lion Shannon as a member.

Our New Tail Twister – introduced himself to the Club. Lion Roger was
returning to this position after a 40 year hiatus since last serving as our
TT. His Assistant Tail Twister, Lion Terry, was unavailable while his
sons are in town for this month, so Lion Roger called upon our last year‟s
TT Wyman to give him an assist. When the two of these Lions get their
creative juices going on Tailtwisting, be prepared for anything.

They started out with the Birthdays –
07/02 – Lion Paul Long (Absent to Hawaii)
07/03 – Lion Ray Peretti received a very special birthday song from the
kids in attendance (Lion Corne‟s daughters and Lion Carol‟s grandsons).
It was indeed, very special.
07/03 – Lion Jan Tanner called for a group song. Not bad either.
07/08 – Queen Lion Rosemary Richert had the center table sing to her.
07/14 – Lion Roger Richert requested that Lions Patty and Jason sing
Happy Birth day to him. (Wanted to keep it in the family)

             Sailor Guest Kendrick with pie for ATT Lion Wyman.

Then, out of the ancient history of Renton Tailtwisting, they delved into
the old “pie in the face” shtick. This was made available to any Lion who
has a birthday this fiscal year. For $20 Lion Lynn P gave it to her home
on leave Sailor Son, Kendrick, who successfully pushed the pie into the
face of Assistant TT Wyman.

At the next meeting, Lion Wyman will be Tail Twister, and Lion Jason will
be the Assistant Tail Twister. Stand by…

100% Attendance Pins – were distributed by our old Queen Lion
Roberta to most of the club. Those in attendance to receive pins were
Lions Wayne, Carol, Corne‟, Wyman, Bob M, Pete, Lynn P, Ray, Roger,
Rosemary, Mike, Terri, Jan, Homer, Marsha, Ila, and Roberta.
 100% Attendance Pins to Lions Pete, Wayne, Mike, Marsha, Homer, Ila,
   Terri, Carol, Wyman, Jan, Lynn, Rosemary, Roger, Corne', Ray and

White Cane Days Pins - President Rosemary presented NWLFSH pins to
Lion Corne' and Lion Wyman in recognition of their great fundraising
efforts for White Cane Days.

All of this was followed by a very short board meeting after our regular
meeting. The boards approved the 2009-2010 Budget and it will go to
the general membership for acceptance. The board also approved the
establishment of the Gayl Bertagni Culinary Arts Scholarship. More
details to follow later.

Support for the Renton Food Bank –
Staples Office Supplies is having their 1 CENT SALE on back to school
supplies. They have some great deals! So get down there and load up
with supplies. As you know, Our Renton Food Bank is an awesome
supporter for Our Community. Each year they put together backpacks
with school items for our children with needs in Our Renton
Community. Plus other goodies are available at their stores. Their ad
says: “Schools out. But the $1 deals are in!”
We can do so much with this sale. Please check your Sunday paper, or
go on line to see the sale items. With the coupon in the paper, if you
spend $20 or more, you can save an additional $5.00!
Items may be brought Wednesday to our meeting at the Youth Camp.
Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

We had our first look at the new flag pole provided by the Old Timers
Picnic group. In fact our Queen Lion for the evening, Lion 1st VP Lynn,
brought a flag with her and we had an unofficial ceremony. Our US Navy
Petty Officer 3rd Class guest (aka Lion Lynn‟s son) hooked the flag and it
was raised. Then the club gathered for the Pledge of Allegiance and the
singing of America. Think it gave everyone some good feelings. So a big
THANK YOU to the Old Timers.

After everyone fed themselves on the Men‟s Cooking of ribs, corn on the
cob, baked beans, salads, rolls and dessert, the Queen Lion returned the
meeting back to order and called upon Lion Eleanor to introduce our
guest speaker:

A Renton River Days Program by Toni Nelson was great as Toni was
one of the main founders of the RRD and has a long history with the
event. Actually, Toni will be the Chair next year for the 25th RRD. For
those who do not know Toni, she has been just about everything in the
Renton Community. She owned the Renton Flower Shop for 35 years,
been a member of the Soroptomists since 1971, a Salvation Army Advisor
since 1972, in 2002 she organized and still oversees the Tuesday
Farmers Market at the Piazza, was a member of the Renton Lady Lions,
an activist in the Downtown Business area, and served many years on
the Renton City Council. It is her desire to have Renton be the best city
in which to work and play.

Toni told us that somewhere back in time, in the early 1980s, the
community came together to form the Renton Aviation Days. This was a
celebration of the 50th anniversary of Wiley Post and Will Rogers flying
out of the Renton Airport on their fateful flight to Alaska. [The Renton
Lions Club operated a concessions trailer at the airport for that event,
and sponsored Margi Dobson as a Renton Aviation Days Princess in the
Seattle Seafair Parade.]
This later evolved into the Renton Western Days. There was a parade,
booths on Williams Street between 2nd and 3rd, and a street dance at
The Longacres Race Track approached the city as they wanted something
to build around their premier event, the Longacres Mile. Barbara
Shinpoo was the mayor and hired Char Baker, who has always been
active in the community, to put it together. The next year Pepsi said they
would make a substantial donation of $5k. Now it is up to $400k. The
City still gives $10k, plus all of the City services from Tuesday through
They established a Kids Day, which is free to all of the youth. Later
Sandy Chastain (former Renton Lion) came on as a full time position with
the City.
In 1999, the Renton IKEA store decided they wanted to give a little more
to Renton as a $20k per year sponsorship and $5k in kind services, plus
some more.
This has always been a Family Celebration (no Beer Gardens). The
sponsors are “real good people” and open to new ideas. Bring them a
proposal and they will see if it fits in. Last year the Lions Clubs, Rotary,
Kiwanis Clubs and Soroptomists put $80k back into the community
through all of their supportive efforts in RRD.
Next year will mark the 25th Anniversary of Renton River Days. Toni will
be the Chairperson and is already coming up with ideas to make this
event even bigger and better.

And speaking of the Renton River Days:
Kids Day is on Wednesday and we are in need of Lions volunteers from
10 to 5. You will help the kids in making book marks and reading.
Pancake Breakfast Volunteer T-Shirts were issued to our volunteers
after you signed the City of Renton Waiver.
River Days Parade Chair Lion Bob M reported we have 4 entries. We
will start with the Renton Lions Banner leading the way for the 4 cars.
Lion Red Bingham (Edmonds Lions) is bring down a car and trailer (a
float), then we will have a „57 T-Bird with Lions Rosemary and Roberts
(our royalty), then a „60 T-Bird with Lions Homer, Pete, Eleanor and
Marsha. These will be followed by a ‟54 Bentley. According to the chair
“We are all going to have a hell of a good time!”
Lion Kevin is looking for volunteers for handing out the balloons at the

DUES ARE DUE! Get your payment to Lion Treasurer Paul. Dues are
$45 for Half Year or $90 for a Full Year.

August 26th is Bohunk Night and speaking of Lion Kevin…this will be
the Renton Lions 35th Annual Bohunk Night. It was established as a
counter to the Italian Night. For those not in the know, Bohunks are
people from Central and Eastern Europe who require that you must eat
cabbage in various and delicious forms. The food is great and there is
always a lot of it. The tickets are now available at $20 per person. It is
held at the Memorial Youth Camp so the number of people is limited.
Don‟t wait, get your ticket now! They go fast!!!

Youth Camp Report - Lions Marsha and Terri are “looking for your
body!” They had a work party last Saturday to start a lot of the “clean
up” around the camp, but there is a lot more to do. If you would like to
volunteer for the next work party, just contact one of the chairs. There
will be more notices going out to the members via email, so don„t be shy.
Plus we had a great lunch!

Club Uniforms – Well we are benefitting from a big “OPPS” by Dugan‟s,
our supplier. We have a number of vest still available for a 25%
discount. Won‟t explain the details, but it to our advantage.
Get yours now! See Lion Lynn P.

Entertainment ’10 Books – Lion Fred reported that the books will be
available at the end of August. We discussed the possibility of a link to
our website as to where people can get their books.

Tail Twisting was handled by temporary TT Lion Wyman, and
temporary Asst TT Lion Jason. They started right out with maraschino
cherries. The challenge was to tie the stem…in your mouth! It was
obviously aimed for the visiting kids that night as the grownups didn‟t
have a chance.
Happy/Sad Moments:
Lion Lynn P, happy for having our Navy son home with us, and our Army
son will be home from Iraq in late August.
Lion Corne‟ happy because daughter Charlize turned 6 yesterday. And
for daughter Carlene, who won the art contest at the Lions Family Picnic,
cashed in her Cold Stone ice cream certificate.
Lion Wyman praised our new name tags as the “greatest name tags we
have ever had.” But don‟t lose it or you will have to buy the replacement.
07/02 -Lion Paul Long, back from a vacation on Maui, $5 for the group to
not sing. (Must have heard us before…)
Sorry about the TT pie in the face program. I apologize, but dessert
caused a break in my attention. But I do have a note that it went for $14
to Charlize Clark. THEN, it was then delegated to Mackenzie Richert and
since her dad was the Asst Tail Twister…
          Well, it is Charlize on the left and Mackenzie on the right,
         but we not sure who the melting snowman is in the middle.

A big THANK YOU went out to the Men‟s Cooking Team. Lions Wayne,
Pete, and the others. It was a great dinner and enjoyed by all!

A Good Meeting Award for her first time presiding at the podium by
acting Queen Lion 1st VP Lion Lynn. Well done!

 Fairwood Lions Club 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

                  Wednesday, August 5th 6:30pm

                          6:30pm No-host Social
                         7pm Family Style Dinner
                    Golden Peacock Restaurant
                        14412 Petrovitsky Road
                              Renton 98058
                            Ph: 425-226-1802
                    Cost is $15, and includes hot tea

            Make your reservation by calling or emailing:
       Donna McMillen at 253-859-4722 quiltnut2@comcast.net,
          or Club Secretary Ed Wildeboor at 425-271-8154

                Make checks payable to Golden Peacock
                      Please RSVP by July 30th

 Join us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary with a special family style
  dinner of delicious food prepared by the Golden Peacock Restaurant.

          Our guest speaker will be PID Roger Richert.

Mark your calendars…don’t want to miss anything…

And just to prove that there is life after Renton River Days –
If breakfast and the parade isn‟t enough for you on Saturday, this is all
followed by 19B Cabinet Meeting and Banner Passing. Those of you, who
are still standing and/or able to walk, are welcome to attend this
traditional meeting. Contact Lions Rosemary and Suellen.

August 5th – A Pancake Supper at the Youth Camp. No, this is not the
left over pancakes from the RRD Breakfast! But we hope that the fuses
hold when ever all of those pancakes hit the hot grill.

August 9th - Zone B-5 Ice Cream Social - 2-4 p.m. - bring the family, the
kids & grandkids - Nativity Lutheran Church - 17707 140th Ave. SE,

Also on August 9th – Our Mexican Sister City Cuautla will be visiting
Renton for Jalisco Week. Save Sunday, August 9th for music, dance and
lots of fun! The details are being worked on, but they know they will
need greeters, ushers and lots of other folks to help out…like some
volunteers from the Renton Lions Club! Contact Lion Suellen.
August 12th - Renton Lions Club Board of Directors Meeting beginning
promptly @ 7pm. It will be held at Jan Tanner's Residence in Renton -
adjournment no later than 8:30pm (promise?).

August 19th – This will be the women‟s Competitive Dinner. The ladies
will showcase their culinary skills under the watchful eye of Lion
Zone Chairperson Carolyn Wold [Kennydale Lions Club] will be making
her official visit & have short message for the club in preparation of our
District Governor‟s visit on September 2nd.
Our Program that evening will be King County making a presentation
regarding the RLC Salmon Side Channels & the effects of winter

August 22nd-25th - Nishiwaki Sister City Delegation visit to Renton. On
August 23rd they will be taking an 2 ½ hour Argosy Cruise through the
Ballard Locks. Lion Wyman collected Entertainment coupons from club
members to help defray the cost of their tour.

September 2nd – Will be our Regular Meeting at the Youth Camp.
Lion Jan Tanner will be cooking our feast. This will be the official visit by
our District Governor Janet Rinehart bringing us a message from
Lions Clubs International. There will be a short Board Meeting following
the club meeting.

September 16th – Will be our last Regular Meeting at the Youth Camp.
Where did the Summer go? Any guesses where we will be meeting „in
town‟? Stay tuned for further details.

October 22-25, 2009 – Lions MD19 Fall Forum at the Red Lion Inn at
the Park in Spokane. It starts with a Friday Kick Off Lunch, has a Mardi
Gras Fun Night and runs through the Saturday night banquet. More
information coming.

Call for items that can be included in Renton’s Roar club bulletin:
If you have any items of interest, events and dates to be announced, or
things that should be shared with the club, just email to the editor at
hubinsagy@aol.com. Items of humor are welcome, but they will be
screened to be sure that they are appropriate.

  Renton Lions President                       Renton Lions Secretary
      Rosemary Richert                             Roberta Logue
        425-746-6767                                424-226-2834
     rosemary@richertnet.com                     spring-glen@aol.com

A message from our leader…

The Renton Lions have operated the concession stand at Renton
Memorial Stadium for 44, of the last 45, years. We operate under the
same guidelines and rules as does any commercial restaurant facility,
except for the fact that we are considered 'temporary' because of the
seasonal nature of our operation. Each year we are inspected by the
health department. They take into account our menu and all of our
practices while they are on-site. A new King County law took effect on
April 1st, which states that no King County food vendor may serve foods
containing more than .5g of trans fats. That regulation spurred an
additional inspection recently. It was found that our cheese product was
not in compliance, and another cheese product has now been ordered
from our distributor. And, although we have served the same menu for
quite some time, and successfully had many inspections, the health
department contacted me last week with a new proviso. Seattle King
County Public Health Department [SKCPHD] has now determined that
our concession stand must operate under a level 3 health permit
[because we sell pizzas and chili - which they deem "hazardous
foods"], and as such our stand will be inspected 3 times per year, instead
of 1 time per year.

Thus, we need to be even more vigilant in operating according to proper
health standards. You are strongly encouraged to set aside a couple of
hours to take the health permit test, which is now regularly available in
both Renton and/or Bellevue. According to the rules, we still need to
have at least one person on duty at all times with a valid health card.
That means that if we do have only one person with a valid card on duty,
and that person is called away or needs to leave for some reason, we
would not be in compliance and rightfully would need to shut down.

The test costs $10 cash, is very easy to take [let's face it, the workers at
all the fast food restaurants have passed it], and RLC reimburses your
expenses upon providing a copy of your health card to the concession
chairperson. Once you have passed the test, your card allows you to
serve food at any public/private venue in Washington State. This is very
helpful to the Renton Lions Club because, as our new 'apron' Lions pins
attest, the Renton Lions are the regular purveyors of wonderful food.
Following is the current schedule for SKCPHD testing facilities - please,
note that because the test is a Washington State test, you may take the
test in any county and receive a card that will suffice. Also, please note
that if you previously had a health card, and it expired more than 30 days
ago, you will be considered to be applying for a new card and not a

Tuesdays in Renton – Imperial Bingo Connection
Classes at 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
3100 East Valley Highway
Renton, WA 98057

Fridays in Bellevue - Highland Community Center
Classes at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
14224 Bel Red Road NE
Bellevue, WA 98007

No classes September 4, September 11, Sept 18, November 27 or
December 25
For more information about food worker training and testing at any of
the sites, call 206-296-4791, or their website:

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