Final Review – English III CP

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					                         Final Review – English III CP

15 questions from confusable words;
    Effect vs. affect
    They’re, their, there
    Whose vs. who’s
    Its vs. it’s
    Weather vs. whether
    Two, to, too
    Farther vs. further
    All ready vs. already
    Bring vs. take
    Fewer vs. less
    Good vs. well
    Loose vs. lose
    Than vs. then
    That vs. which
    Were, we’re, where
    Who, which, that
    Who vs. whom

5 questions from the Crucible
    Know Main characters
    Know BASIC plot line

15 questions from the Scarlet Letter
    Major characters (Dimmesdale, Chillingworth, Hester, Pearl)
    Plot line
    Symbolism of ‘A’ and sunshine
    Author

10 questions from Bell Work
    Grammar review
          o Punctuation
          o Coordinating Conjunctions
          o Word choice
          o Prepositions
          o Etc
20 questions from Huckleberry Finn
    Know plot
    Main characters involved with the story
    Symbolism of the River
    Quotes and meanings (on the same sheet with symbolism of river)
    Satire
          o Religion
          o Civilization
          o Society
20 questions from the Great Gatsby
    Plot (beginning through the end)
    Main characters and their relationships
    Symbolism of the green light (can mean a few things…the American
      Dream because Gatsby looks at Daisy’s green light and she is so close
      yet far.)
    Symbolism of the valley of ashes. This is a land of ashes between New
      York City and West Egg. It represents the moral and social decay of
      those who openly pursue only wealth and regard nothing for anyone else.
    Themes
          o Decline of the American Dream
          o Shallowness of the Upper-Class
    Background on F. Scott Fitzgerald

15 questions on literary terms
    Symbol
    Euphemism
    Metaphor
    Simile
    Personification
    Hyperbole
    Satire
    Alliteration
    Connotation
    Denotation
    Oxymoron
    Foreshadowing
    Foil
    Onomatopoeia
    Theme
    Thesis
    Synecdoche
    Irony
    Caesura

One essay question. Choose from the following in class;
   Compare/contrast the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald to Jay Gatsby.
   Explain the symbolism of the Mississippi River in Huck Finn.
   Explain how the American Dream is an underlying issue in three of
     the stories we have read.
   What is the American Dream? What do authors have to say about