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									Metal Powders
Author: Joseph Capus

Edition: 4

Metal powders are just a tiny fraction of the global metals industry, yet they play a key role in such high-
profile sectors as cars and consumer electronics. The global value of metal powder consumption has
risen since 2000 to over $3.7 billion from under $3 billion. Part of this increase is due to recently
escalating primary metal prices. The increase in overall tonnage shipped is in the order of 20 per cent.
This fourth edition of "Metal Powders: A Global Survey of Production, Applications & Markets 2001 2010"
has been completely revised to include the most up-to-date information available, in order to provide a
coherent picture of the development and status of the metal powder industry. The report is an overview of
the production, applications and markets for metal and alloy powders. The market data is presented
primarily in terms of tonnages because of the widely different prices of these powders. Markets for each
of the metal powder types are discussed in terms of the major application areas. Market data for the main
geographical areas are based on industry statistics, supplemented by company annual reports and by
private estimates.; Other data and forecasts have been compiled from literature surveys, personal visits
and telephone interviews. It offers a review of metal and alloy powder consumption by type of powder and
by geographical area; market forecasts to 2010; technical overview of metal powder production; and
worldwide review of major producers.

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