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					                             EOG Review Activity 
                                    Goal 2

You have been assigned to create the
next, hot, and hip teen magazine!!
Your team will be responsible for
creating magazine articles with
graphics. Your articles do not have to
be accurate, however please ensure
that all articles are school appropriate.
Each magazine must have at least
eight (8) articles (or two articles per
group member).                              The trend on this one’s surprising, too.
                                            You’d think the recent relative quiet in
Each article must include:                  Iraq would benefit the most hawkish
   1. Title                                 candidate of the three.
   2. Subtitle
   3. Heading                               You will evaluate your magazine by
   4. Illustration(s) with captions         answering the following questions in
   5. Main idea                             complete sentences.
   6. Support inferences with
       relevant facts, reasons, details        1. Why did you include subtitles/
   7. Dateline                                    subheadings in the selection?
   Include other characteristics of            2. What is this text suppose to
   informational texts:                           help you learn?
   1. Bold print- why is it used?              3. How will the reader determine
   2. Italicized words                            the main idea of a paragraph/
   3. key words                                   selection?
   4. Subheadings                              4. What information can you find
                                                  out by reading the bold print?
Your magazine must also include a              5. What is the structure used in
section that includes a graphic aid               your text?
(chart, timeline, maps, etc.) For              6. How can the reader use text
example, your magazine can include a              organizers such as titles,
graph demonstrating the support for               headings, italicized words, bold
each Democratic candidate.                        faced words, captions, etc. to
Remember to include a description of              infer the main idea of an
your graphic aid.                                 article?
                                               7. How do graphic aid in the
ABC Iowa poll: Obama 30, Hillary 26,              comprehension of
Silky 22                                          informational text, specifically
                                                  your magazine?
                                               8. Why did you use graphics in
                                                  your magazine (other than it
                                                  was required)?

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