End of Unit Review - Reproduction by malj


									                           End of Unit Review - Reproduction
                  This is a review to help you prepare for your end of unit test. When you
                  have fully reviewed each section, place a check mark beside it to help
                  keep you organized.

Be sure to use many different strategies for review: memorization, reading over notes,
making up new notes from you textbook, going online for further explanations, checking
out youtube videos to help understand processes, use of study groups, extra help etc.

Section One – The Cell

    Cell Theory – this includes the 4 postulates of cell theory
    Timeline of Cell Theory – developments in technology, main influences (Schwann,
     Schleiden, Virchow, and Braun, use of letters books and lectures to spread
    Label plant and animal cell
    Define cell organelles
    Differences in animal and plant cells.
    Nucleus – Understand the function of the Nucleus, where it is located in the cell, and
     why it is important.
    Mitosis – why it is important, what is replication and when does it happen, what are
     the four phases of mitosis and what happens in each phase, role of Interphase, what
     is the Cell Cycle.
    Cells in our Bodies – why is cell replacement important.
    Words to Define and Understand:
         1. Chromatin
         2. Gene
         3. Double-Stranded Chromosome
         4. Centromere
         5. Regeneration
         6. Spindle Fibres

Section Two – Asexual Reproduction

      Asexual Reproduction – define it
      Explain the advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction
      Bacteria – what is Binary Fission
      Fungus – three modes of reproduction: fragmentation, budding and spores.
      Plants – what is Meristem and why is it important?
      Reproduction through stems and roots
      Words to define and Understand:
          1.   Fragmentation
          2.   Budding
          3.   Spore
          4.   Meristem
          5.   Cloning
          6.   Grafting

Section Three – Sexual Reproduction

      Sexual Reproduction – define it
      Explain the advantages and disadvantages
      Variation –define it and why is this an advantage - - what is the value???
      Meiosis – explain why this process is important and what it creates
      Difference between Meiosis and Mitosis
      Fertilization – explain what happens in this stage
      Sexual Reproduction in Animals – what is the sequence all animals follow to
       reproduce, what 2 requirements need to be met for sexual reproduction to be a
      External and Internal Fertilization – define and understand the differences
      Sexual Reproduction in Plants – Angiosperms and Gymnosperms – be able to fully
       explain the differences and similarities (focus on Angiosperms)
      Label a Flower
       Words to Define and Understand:
           1. Gametes
           2. Zygote
           3. Homologous Pairs
           4. Diploid
           5. Haploid
           6. Crossing Over
           7. Variation
           8. Gonads
           9. Seed
           10. Pistil
           11. Stamen

For your final test you must bring all your notes to class – as the second portion is open
book. Here you will problem solve using the information you bring to class. You may not
bring your textbook for this portion – only your notes!

Good Luck – Please come for extra help during the designated Lunch Periods if you have any
questions 

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