; Death of Salesman Arthur Miller
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Death of Salesman Arthur Miller


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									‘Death of a Salesman’
       Arthur Miller

  Themes – 3rd June 2009
• Make a list of as many themes as you can think of that
  relate to Death of a Salesman (in your books – 3mins):

• American Dream
                   KEY THEMES
•   American Dream as Unrealistic
•   Capitalism, Consumerism and Competition
•   Blurring of Past and Present
•   Success and Failure
•   Family Relationships
•   Loyalty and Betrayal
•   Reality v Illusion (Delusion)
         Complete Themes Chart
Theme:          The American Dream

Example:        p35 ‘…was rich! That’s just the spirit…To walk into a
                p58 ‘And when I saw that, I realised that selling was
                       the greatest career a man could want.’
                p107 ‘He had the wrong dreams. All, all wrong.’

What it represents: The American dream suggests that any one with
  ambition and energy can succeed. However, Miller questions this
  through his presentation of the dream as something unattainable
  and misleading. Ben is presented as a vague, potentially sinister
  character and this suggests that the American Dream requires some
  sort of corrupted, violent approach to succeed against the
  competition. In addition, the idea of the American Dream seems to
  place unhealthy pressure on the likes of Willy, Biff and Happy; all of
  whom struggle to achieve success as defined by ‘society.’
In pairs: Complete the Themes chart with at
  least 3 examples for each theme (use your
  reading charts to assist)

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