; Chemistry 11 Mole Review
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Chemistry 11 Mole Review


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									Chemistry 11                                Test Review - ans wers

   1. Write the formu la and determine the mo lar mass for each of the following chemical co mpounds:
   Name of co mpound                  Chemical Formu la                     Molar Mass (g/mol)
   Bariu m ch loride                  BaCl 2                                208.23
   Sulfur trio xide                   SO3                                   80.07
   Copper(I) phosphate                Cu3 PO4                               285.62

   2. Determine the number of representative particles/grams in each of the following:
   Grams                                                Representati ve Particles
   23.8 g NaOH                                          3.26 x 10 23 f.u.
   1.0 x 10 g                                           3.5 x 1025 molecules of C6 H12 O6
   13.55 g Cl2                                          1.151 x 10 23 molecules

   3. Determine the number of mo les found in each of the following substances.
   Grams or mL/L                                          Moles
   12.68 g NaCl                                           0.2170
   21.0 L NO2                                             0.938
   56 ml O2                                               0.0025
   25.8 g Fe2 O3                                          5.85

   4. How many atoms are in 23.0 g of NaCl? 4.47 x 10 23 atoms
   5. The percentage composition of Teflon, a substance used for the nonstick surface of cooking utensils, is 24% carbon and 76%
       fluorine by mass. What is the empirical formu la of Teflon? CF2
   6. Analysis of an acid shows it to contain 0.17 g of hydrogen, 2.82 g of sulfur and 5.67 g of o xygen. What is the simplest
       formula for th is compound? H2 SO4
   7. An ore containing zinc, carbon and oxygen and having a mass of 485.35 g is analyzed and found to contain 46.59 g of carbon
       and 186.37 g of o xygen. What is the emp irical formu la of this co mpound? ZnCO3
   8. A compound consisting of aluminu m and chlorine has a mass of 17.82 g. The alu minu m in the compound has a mass of
       3.60g. Find the percentage composition of this compound. Al = 20% , Cl = 80%
   9. A compound consisting of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen has a mass of 40.85g. Analysis that the compound contains 10.90 g
       of carbon and 0.90 g of hydrogen. What is the percentage composition of this compound? C = 27% , H = 8% , O = 71%
   10. Calculate the mass of metal in 1500 kg of PbO. 1.4 x 10 6 g of Pb
   11. Find the mass of alu minu m present in 58.52 g of alu minu m o xide. 29.3 g of Al
   12. Calculate the amount of hydrogen present in these compounds:
                350 g C3 H8 63.6 g of H
                20.2 g NaHSO4 0.17 g of H

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