Corporate Responsibility

					Directors’ Report: Business Review ¦ Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility
At Inchcape, we recognise that Corporate Responsibility                                             and define ourselves. We believe that
                                                                                                    our commitment to CR will deliver a
(CR) is a long term programme. Our approach is                                                      sustainable approach to our business for
to ensure that we make responsible, economic,                                                       all of our stakeholders and their varying
environmental and social behaviour intrinsic to the way                                             needs. To this end, when we reviewed
                                                                                                    the approach to our CR journey in
we work. Inchcape’s CR Programme is recognised by our                                               2007, we specifically reviewed, with the
continued inclusion in the FTSE4Good index. We also                                                 assistance of an external consultancy,
                                                                                                    our stakeholders and their needs. We
take part in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s review and                                             review this on an annual basis across our
have qualified and registered for participation in the UK                                            markets and engage with them during
Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme.                                                    the course of the year on our approach.

                                                                                                    Our CR Committee
                                                                                                    To emphasise the importance of CR,
                                                     Our responsibilities                           this year we established a Board CR
      At Inchcape, we take                                                                          Committee which met four times in 2010.
                                                     This section of the Annual Report sets out     It is chaired by David Scotland, a Non-
     responsibility for the                          the Group’s key principles of its Corporate    Executive Director. Its members in 2010
     impact of our activities                        Responsibility (CR) Programme and              were Michael Wemms, a Non-Executive
                                                     how we have taken further steps in our
     on five core areas and                           CR journey.
                                                                                                    Director, the Group Chief Executive, Group
                                                                                                    HR Director and the General Counsel
     our key developments                                                                           and Group Company Secretary. Day
                                                     In particular, building on our programme
     during 2010 have                                in 2008 and 2009, throughout 2010 we
                                                                                                    to day management of CR activities
     focused on these:                               have been collecting data to enable
                                                                                                    are delegated to an operational CR
                                                                                                    Committee which meets monthly at the
                                                     us to measure the Group’s CO2 footprint
       Our environment page 26                       and discuss these steps below. We have
                                                                                                    Group’s head office and to local CR
                                                                                                    Committees and Champions within each
                                                     been developing our CR initiatives for our
       Our people page 27                            customers and our people. Finally, we
                                                                                                    of our businesses.

       Our brand partners page 28                    have provided highlights of some of our
                                                                                                    Governance and management
                                                     achievements in respect of the Group’s
       Our customers page 28                         impact on the communities within which         Good governance is a fundamental
                                                     our many businesses operate.                   element of CR. We have clear goals,
       Our communities page 29                       We continue to be committed to
                                                                                                    which are effectively communicated and
                                                                                                    have demonstrated strong leadership,
                                                     integrating socially responsible behaviour
                                                                                                    strong performance management and
                                                     into every aspect of how we operate
                                                                                                    transparent reporting. As a UK listed

     Our CR journey
     CR is an evolving journey. We have taken a number of steps which have resulted in significant progress in raising awareness of CR
     issues and in changing the way that we operate and how we can help our customers. We believe that CR is an important part of
     our future and we are committed to building on the good work that has been done to date.

       The past                    2007                         2008                      2009                      2010
       160 years                   Customer 1st                 Core purpose              CR strategy               Continued
       Inchcape has                ‘strengthen                  defined, values            implemented               focus on CO2
       a heritage of               and expand’                  refreshed                 and KPIs listed           emissions
       integrity and a             corporate                    People strategy           Focus on CO2              tracking for the
       history of caring           strategy defined              announced                 emissions                 Group
       for its local               Focus on                                               tracking for the          Raising
       markets, its                encouraging                                            Group                     employee
       people and its              local community                                                                  engagement
       customers                   support                                                                          through

24      Inchcape plc ¦ Annual Report and Accounts 2010
                                                                                                                                                        BUSINESS REVIEW
company, we are required to comply                  Priorities. This allows us to be efficient with
with a variety of legislation including             our resources and to benefit from the
the UK Corporate Governance Code.                   growth opportunities in emerging markets.
Details on our approach and how we
                                                    Verification and assurance
have complied are set out at                          The Board is responsible for the strategic
governance.                                         direction of all CR initiatives, and the
                                                    programme as a whole, as part of the
Subsidiary governance                               risk management programme. The
The Group has in place minimum                      Board is ultimately accountable to our
standards across all of its subsidiaries.           shareholders for our CR Programme.
These polices are set out in the Group’s            Management of the CR Programme has
Subsidiary Governance Manual and                    been delegated to the CR Committee.
compliance is verified annually, through             Above all, the CR Committee’s role is

the year end reporting processes and                to ensure that our day to day business
through Internal Audit reviews. These               operations respond to the opportunities,
policies – recognising that there may               and avoid the risks, posed by CR issues.
be variances in local laws – require that
                                                    Through a network of locally based CR
each subsidiary complies to at least the
                                                    Champions, employees with global
standard set out in the Group policy
                                                    and local responsibilities, support
and to a more stringent standard where
                                                    the work of the CR Committee. Our
required by local law. In this way, the
                                                    activities are focused through our CR
Group can ensure that despite variances
                                                    Aware campaign.
there is a consistent approach to business
taken across all core functional activities,        Health and safety is reviewed by Group
including legal, governance, tax, treasury,         health and safety officers and as part of
finance and HR.                                      the Internal Audit Programme.
                                                    Human resources data is reviewed

                                                                                                                                                        FINANCIAL STATEMENTS
                                                    and verified ultimately by the Group HR
Financial stability and viability is essential
                                                    Director. Community engagement data is
to the operation of the Company and
                                                    reviewed by the CR Committee and the
therefore the sustainability of the Group
                                                    Executive Committee.
and all its initiatives. As set out on page 8
of the Group Chief Executive’s strategic            Other information presented is reviewed
review, we are focusing on our Top Five             by the relevant functional experts.

Progress against our 2010 goals
In 2009 we focused on a small number of core steps that would cement the foundations of our long term CR Programme and allow

                                                                                                                                                        SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION
us to develop a world class approach in the future. We not only met, but exceeded our goals in 2009. Having established these
solid foundations, in 2010 we looked to embed these practices in our global operations, particularly focusing on our people and
our CO2 footprint management.

 Objective                                   What we did                                                                              attainment
 Raising employee engagement                     All employees were part of the appraisal process                                     .
 through the various initiatives from our        All senior employees were part of the talent review process
 people strategy including significant            All senior employees have individual development plans
 reward and development plans
 Extending our employee survey to our            We continued to implement Heartbeat, our employee survey, across the Group           .
 global employee base                            Action plans were implemented to build on results
 Extending best practice in health and           We measured and monitored our accident rates and agreed, on a market by              .
 safety to our operations worldwide              market basis targets for reduction
                                                 We reviewed time lost through accidents and monitored the impact on business
 Supporting our communities in which             We continued to focus on appropriate local initiatives                               .
 we operate through focused initiatives
 Continued collection of CO2 data in             We continue to collect CO2 data, simplifying the system by implementing an           .
 order to establish trends and seasonal          automated data collection process
 variations and eliminate practices              We performed analysis to identify trends
 which do not support both our CO2
 and business strategies
 Identification of CO2 reduction                  Based on above, we are constantly reviewing the opportunities to positively          .
 and/or offset opportunities for our             impact our CO2 footprint in support of our objectives, our shareholders, our brand
 core markets                                    partners, our customers and employees

Directors’ Report: Business Review ¦ Corporate Responsibility continued

Our 2011 goals

                        Objective                                         What we will do
 CR is firmly            Raising awareness of local CR activities and        Each of our markets to showcase local CR initiatives for a designated
 embedded within        employee engagement through the ‘Green              period during 2011
 our Group and we       Baton’ initiative
 seek to harness
 the energies of        Identifying opportunities to demonstrate and        Work with industry bodies to share the learnings we have from two full
 our employees          share our best practices within our industry        years of data collection on improving retail centre efficiencies
 to ensure that we
                        Extending best practice in health and safety        Continue to measure our accident rates and agree targets for reduction
 have a positive
                        to our operations worldwide                         Review time lost through accidents and continue to monitor impact on
 impact on all that
 we do, wherever                                                            business
 we do it.              Continued support of the communities in             Encourage local initiatives and provide support for these
                        which we operate through focused initiatives

                        Building on the data collected to date,             Continue to collect CO2 data
                        continued collection of CO2 data to perform         With greater depth of data, perform more detailed qualitative and
                        further trend analysis, eliminate unproductive      quantitative trend analysis
                        activities and ensure data is as robust and         Review opportunities to improve our positive impact on our
                        reliable as possible                                communities, shareholders, brand partners, customers and employees

                        Identification of CO2 reduction and/or offset        Based on the above, review the opportunities which positively impact
                        opportunities for our core markets                  our CO2 footprint to support our objectives, our shareholders, our brand
                                                                            partners, our customers and employees

Our environment
In 2008, the Group commenced collecting data on its CO2 footprint, measured against three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

                                                                                                        Measuring our direct costs using a CO2
                                                                                                        metric will present opportunities to work
     Energy       This KPI measures our global electricity and gas usage. Since
                                                                                                        closely with our brand partners as we
                  2008, data has been collected on the basis of megawatt hours for
                                                                                                        can support their CR values and vice
                  electricity and cubic metres for gas.
                                                                                                        versa, ensuring that there is a consistent
                                                                                                        approach throughout all elements of the
     Transport This KPI measures the movement of cars and parts from the point                          supply chain.
                  of ownership (which means legal or contractual ownership) to the
                  point we cease to have legal ownership.This includes test drives.                     We have ensured that all travel is
                  We calculate our CO2 footprint by car or parts kilometres                             necessary and have used alternative
                  depending on the mode of transport with a CO2 multiplier.                             communications where practicable, such
                                                                                                        as conference calls, video conferencing
                                                                                                        and virtual offsite meetings. The cultural
     Flights      This KPI measures the impact of the movement of our people.
                                                                                                        change in our ways of working has been
                  We have recorded the number of flights (each flight leg counts as
                                                                                                        implemented positively.
                  one unit) and calculate our flight CO2 emissions with a multiplier
                  by flight kilometre.                                                                   We have already introduced a number
                                                                                                        of measures into our offices designed
                                                                                                        to protect our environment. These are
At the start of 2009, we refined the process        Namely:                                              highlighted in our code of best practice
to ensure that the collection of CO2 data                                                               that is shared across the Group .
                                                     Additional data is required in order
was sufficiently robust and to build on                                                                  As Inchcape operates three routes
                                                     to understand if there is an impact of
the experiences gained in 2008. In 2010                                                                 to market – distribution, retail and VIR
                                                     seasonality on our data usage;
we have followed the same reporting                                                                     (please see for
basis, but in order to facilitate the data           Whilst there are early indications of trend        more detail) – there are variances in our
collection process, we moved during                  patterns in the data, there is insufficient         CO2 footprint across these channels.
the second half of the year to a more                data to establish if these are actual or           Direct comparisons between markets’
automated process. This makes the                    perceived trends. In particular, as 2009 was       operating channels are unlikely to
process more efficient and will allow us to           the first full year of reporting on the new basis   produce meaningful results. However,
prepare reports and carry out analysis on            and was a difficult year due to the global          we are looking for opportunities to
the data more easily.                                recession, it is not apparent at this stage        exploit synergies between the channels
                                                     how representative the 2009 data will be;          by having a consistent approach to
This data collated has started to provide
us with insights into our CO2 footprint,             Verification and robustness of our data             reduction and offsetting goals and by
particularly now that we are building                remains key. We are ensuring that from             sharing best practices.
month by month comparisons. We still                 the start of the process we are building in        In addition, there are significant variances
consider that additional data collection             sufficient control points so that our data          between our markets engaging in
is required in order to provide meaningful           is capable of independent verification              similar activities e.g. between distribution
guidance.                                            as part of our overall planning process            markets. We measure CO2 responsibility
                                                     for this element of our CR Programme.              from the point where we have control,

26      Inchcape plc ¦ Annual Report and Accounts 2010
                                                                                                                                                 BUSINESS REVIEW
for some distribution markets, such as            The Right Reward – by recognising,             Ethical behaviour
Australia where this control extends to the       celebrating and rewarding the                  The Group’s business ethics policy defines
point of shipment, compared to other              contribution our people and teams              the core ethical behaviours expected of
markets such as Belgium, where our                make to delivering our challenging             all employees. In particular, the Group:
control commences in-country. Therefore,          business ambition;
we will need to devise a sliding scale of                                                         Has zero tolerance of bribes or
                                                  The Right Culture – by creating a great         facilitation payments;
targets as a ‘one size fits all’ approach will
                                                  place to work, where people choose to
not complement our business, nor allow                                                            Has a zero tolerance of fraud or theft;
                                                  make a real difference and deliver the
meaningful CO2 management objectives
                                                  ultimate customer experience for our            Has a strict limit to the value of
to be set.                                        brand partners.                                 corporate hospitality given or received,
2010 analysis                                     Our employee base is diverse and reflects        including the provision or receipt of gifts;
We are looking at how the data collected          the different cultures and markets within       Does not make political donations or
can provide meaningful insights into              which we operate. This diversity creates        incur political expenditure;

our CO2 footprint and therefore how we            a range of perspectives that allow us to
can ensure that our activities have a             constantly challenge and improve the            Seeks to avoid actual or perceived
positive impact. We have carried out initial      way we do things as we work towards our         conflicts of interest;
analysis which shows how many CO2                 goal of putting the customer at the centre      Prohibits the misuse of information;
tonnes we produce per pounds sterling of          of our business.
revenue against each of our KPIs.                                                                 Conducts appropriate due diligence
                                                  Talent and performance management               in the selection of our joint venture and
The actual figures produced are of                 Talent planning and performance                 other partners.
limited relevance until we have sufficient         management sits at the heart of our
data to analyse the significance of any                                                           Employee communications
                                                  people strategy as we look to ensure we
trends that emerge. However, the early                                                           During 2010, more than ever before, we
                                                  have the right people in every role. Whilst
analysis does show that there is an                                                              have regularly communicated with our
                                                  our processes are continuous, there is a
opportunity to reduce our CO2 footprint                                                          employees to ensure they were always
                                                  more detailed review and planning session
by implementing changes in how we                                                                well informed of the forces acting on
                                                  conducted within each of our markets and

                                                                                                                                                 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS
rely on utilities, particularly electricity and                                                  us as a Company, the state of the
                                                  at head office at least once a year. 2010
gas in our retail centres. We are looking                                                        automotive industry and the actions we
                                                  was the fourth year for this process. The
at how this can be implemented and the                                                           were taking to address these. Through
                                                  processes are designed to ensure that we
potential for a positive impact.                                                                 the various forums and channels of
                                                  constantly upgrade our talent and look to
                                                                                                 communication we were able to create
                                                  create the right development opportunities
                                                                                                 much higher levels of involvement with
Our people                                        for all our people.
                                                                                                 our people on business priorities. This
During 2010 we continued our rigorous             Arising out of the talent planning process     was achieved in several ways, including
focus on our Top Five Priorities – growing        we have made several key people                Group Chief Executive roadshows,
market share, growing aftersales,                 decisions, including secondments,              monthly employee meetings, a monthly
improving margins, controlling working            promotions, lateral development moves,         Group-wide newsletter, weekly customer
capital and being selective with our              mentoring, and in many cases enhanced          letters, and through cascading messages
capital expenditure. This has meant               the development plans of the individual        through line managers.
a continued focus on our cost base.               on-the-job. As a global business we
Despite this, our customer and employee           are also able to provide international         Employee survey

                                                                                                                                                 SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION
satisfaction and engagement scores                opportunities to our people and this           Our annual Heartbeat survey is an
remain at high levels and our clearly             allows us to create even more stimulating      important part of our overall employee
defined people strategy continues to               career paths and personal growth for           engagement programme. We encourage
have a positive impact.                           many of our talented people. In 2010 we        our line managers to use the results of the
                                                  have made changes within the Group             survey to create action plans that will help
Our people strategy has the ultimate goal
                                                  Executive Committee and each of these          their teams increase levels of engagement.
of having ‘Engaged People in Winning
                                                  changes was a consequence of this              We were delighted that well over 90% of
Teams’. We believe that in our business it is
                                                  talent planning process.                       our entire Group’s population participated
only when our people are fully engaged
                                                                                                 in the third year of Heartbeat in 2010. We
that we will see the fruition of our business     Our analysis continues to validate our
                                                                                                 have seen an increase in the levels of
strategy. After all, it is only when our          belief that talented people who are
                                                                                                 engagement in our people and going
employees really want to give the best            fully engaged and aligned with our
                                                                                                 forward we intend to continue this process.
customer service that we will become the          Company’s leadership skills and values,
most customer-centric automotive retail           yield higher levels of customer satisfaction   The Heartbeat survey is conducted for
company in the world.                             and profit.                                     us by the Gallup organisation, which is
                                                                                                 the world’s leading provider of employee
We continue to believe that this goal will        In the future, we will continue to focus
                                                                                                 surveys. This allows us to benchmark
be achieved through four areas of priority:       our efforts on ensuring that each of our
                                                                                                 our progress against other world class
The Right People – by becoming a                  employees has a meaningful growth plan
                                                                                                 companies, as well as providing us with
magnet for talented people who live               that takes into account their strengths,
                                                                                                 deep insights at a team level into the
our values and enjoy working in winning           development areas, aspirations as well as
                                                                                                 areas we need to work on to further
teams delivering outstanding results;             the needs of the business. We recognise
                                                                                                 increase engagement.
                                                  that each individual has their own unique
The Right Learning – by equipping our             growth style and requirements and that
people to excel today and providing               the nourishment of this growth is core to
exciting development opportunities                the growth of the individual and, through
for the future, aligned to our                    that, the growth of the Company.
business strategy;

Directors’ Report: Business Review ¦ Corporate Responsibility continued

Employee reward                                        In our business we seek to eliminate            this has allowed local managers to
We recognise that it is our culture,                   discriminatory practices and to promote         set targets for each centre based on
our values, and the opportunities                      the support of fundamental human rights         customer satisfaction measured through
we provide our people that attracts                    in all of our operations.                       Net Promoter Score (NPS) and sales and
talented individuals to us. However we                                                                 service funnel management analysis.
                                                       We support our brand partners in seeking to
also recognise the need to have well                   enforce positive labour practices including     We have introduced a system for tracking
benchmarked, stretching yet stimulating                the eradication of child labour and a safe      daily customer information for both sales
reward opportunities for everyone. Our                 working environment. We support freedom         and aftersales operations, including retail
management incentive programmes                        of association and, as applicable, collective   centre traffic, sales leads, test drives and
have elements relating to customer                     bargaining arrangements.                        vehicle and service orders. Additionally,
satisfaction in addition to financial                                                                   we have introduced key aftersales
measures. As we have reported in the                   Driven by our values
                                                                                                       operational metrics that not only track
Director’s report on remuneration, this                We believe it is the enthusiasm and             our monthly performance, but allow us
year we have undertaken a thorough                     understanding of our people that will shape     to benchmark our businesses across all
review of our Group remuneration                       and empower Inchcape’s CR culture.              our markets.
strategy to ensure that we continue to                 We combine the local knowledge,                 Results are collected and monitored
align rewards with the specific needs of                enthusiasm and expertise of our employees       daily through a dedicated award-
our business. In addition we have several              worldwide with our clearly defined values        winning web portal. This information is
local and Group-wide schemes aimed                     – Respect for each other, Winning together,     aggregated overnight, providing reports
at recognising people for high levels of               Treating every £ as our own, Integrity          and comparisons against brand, country,
performance and for demonstrating                      without compromise, Pioneering new ideas,       region and across time periods. This
our values.                                            Passionate about customers, Caring for          allows us to measure, for example, the
Employee safety                                        our environment – standards and policies        number of orders taken as a percentage
                                                       to enable us to contribute responsibly and      of leads and to set targets accordingly.
The safety of our people is of paramount
                                                       sustainably to society.                         Importantly, these leading indicators give
importance to us. Many of our people
handle hazardous substances and work                   For more information please visit our website   local management detailed insight into
with heavy machinery. We report and                          particular markets.
monitor accidents and lost time incidents                                                              Our customer understanding is facilitated
to ensure that the safety of our staff and             Our brand partners                              by a mystery shop carried out in each
customers remains at the top of our                                                                    of our retail centres’ sales and aftersales
agenda. We regularly review our policies               We carefully select the brand partners
                                                                                                       operations and by quantitative analysis of
and procedures for our people and                      that we choose to work with in each
                                                                                                       our NPS results. Here, on a monthly basis,
have appropriate training programmes                   market. The automotive industry has
                                                                                                       each retail centre submits feedback from
in place.                                              made significant progress in reducing
                                                                                                       20 buyers and a further 20 non-buyers
                                                       vehicle emissions and we fully support
The 2010 results are set out below. There                                                              about their experience at the centre.
                                                       the investment that is being made by our
is no specific trend or consistency of                                                                  This exercise is also undertaken with
                                                       brand partners in this area.
accidents that has occurred, either in a                                                               aftersales customers.
given location or across the Group.                    In the UK, average new car emissions
                                                                                                       Guidance on best practice as well
                                                       have fallen by over 13% in the last 10
                                                                                                       as detailed recommendations on
                                           Accident    years. The biggest impact that motorists
 Location                              %        no.                                                    opportunities to improve customer
                                                       could have on the environment is
 Australasia                          5            8                                                   service are accessible to all retail centre
                                                       replacing older high emission vehicles
                                                                                                       employees and we actively pursue
 Europe                               6            9   and having their cars regularly serviced.
                                                                                                       knowledge sharing via the network of
 North Asia                          19           29   Improvements in emissions have been
                                                                                                       Inchcape Advantage champions present
                                                       achieved in all vehicle segments.
 South Asia                           3            5                                                   in all of our businesses.
 UK                                  54           80   As an industry leader, Inchcape is close
                                                                                                       We use the Inchcape Advantage
                                                       to CO2 related technological developments.
 Russia and                                                                                            programme to monitor both our own
 Emerging Markets                    13           19   Inchcape brand partners CO2 emissions           performance as retailer for our brand
                                                                                     2009      2010    partners, and the performance of our
                                                                                                       third party retailers where we manage the
 Total                             100          150     Average CO2 g/km          145.75    141.55
                                                                                                       retail network as the distributor.
                                                       This represents a decrease of 2.9%              We believe that this focus on customer
 Average number of employees 2010
                                                                                                       service and sales technology helps us
                                                                                                       deliver a superior retail experience to our
                         Europe                        Our customers                                   customers. Further, improved customer
                         North Asia
                         South Asia
                                                       We place great importance on the quality        service sets us apart from our competitors
         14,068          UK                            of our customer service and as part of our      and builds loyalty, resulting in stronger
                         Russia and Emerging Markets   Customer 1st strategy, in 2007 we launched      relationships with our brand partners and
                                                       the Inchcape Advantage programme                leaving the Group better positioned to
                                                       to deliver outstanding customer service         grow market share.
                                                       “every time, every day, everywhere”. In
See note 3f on page 74                                 2008 the programme was expanded to              Customer 1st in 2010
                                                       include our aftersales operations.               We carried out approximately 2,800
                                                                                                        mystery shop exercises in 237 retail
                                                       Following extensive consumer research,
                                                                                                        centre show rooms across the Group.
                                                       we developed and implemented superior
                                                       customer processes, training and systems         We carried out approximately 2,300
                                                       throughout our retail centres. In particular,    mystery shop exercises in 246 service
                                                                                                        sites across the Group.

28       Inchcape plc ¦ Annual Report and Accounts 2010
                                                                                                                                           BUSINESS REVIEW
 We talked to over 85,000 customers for      young people to take up the sport, get       programme continues to provide support
 our vehicle sales NPS programme, 2,000      fit and develop a positive attitude and       and hope to these children and their
 more than 2009.                             sense of teamwork. Matches have been         mothers.
                                             held in Hong Kong between teams
 We talked to over 76,000 service
 customers for our Aftersales NPS, 20,000
                                             and the children have established            Singapore
                                             great friendships.                           Inchcape Singapore (Borneo Motors &
 more customers than 2009.
                                                                                          Champion Motors) is collaborating with
Our NPS performance has improved             Inchcape Australia supports an               the SouthWest Community Development
again across the Group in 2010 in both       exceptional team member                      Council (CDC) to plant 1,000 native
sales and aftersales.
                                             In April of 2009, a young Service Advisor,   plants and trees over a three year period.
                                             Jerome, in the Inchcape Australia team       The project, Tree of Life, aims to create
Supporting our customers                     was involved in a serious motor bike         an environment and ecosystem which
We are committed to providing clear          accident, leaving him paralysed from the     attracts more than 200 local species of

information to our customers to help         waist down and confined to a wheelchair.      birds and butterflies, and contribute to
support them in their vehicle purchase       Within weeks, colleagues rallied together    an eventual reduction of 22,000kg of
choices. This is provided in our showrooms   and raised over AUD$28,500 to help him       CO2 annually.
and on our websites.                         and his family with medical costs and        The Tree of Life project brings together
As part of providing a customer              costs of modifying their home. Throughout    staff of Inchcape Singapore and
focused aftersales service, we offer an      his recovery, Inchcape Australia kept in     residents of the community in a joint
environmental Vehicle Health Check           touch with Jerome and, in late 2010, he      effort to create a vibrant, colourful and
which includes:                              was able to go back to work in a technical   sustainable landscape.
                                             customer relations role, providing expert
 Tyre pressure check                         advice. Jerome has continued to work for
                                                                                          Inchcape Fleet Solutions supports
 CO2 test and emissions test                 the brand he loves and is dedicated to
                                             delivering outstanding customer service.
                                                                                          UK road safety charity Brake
 Air condition check                         Inchcape Australia has been fortunate        During 2010, Inchcape Fleet Solutions
 Engine lubricant test                       enough to retain this talented and           (IFS) signed up as a corporate donor

                                                                                                                                           FINANCIAL STATEMENTS
                                             dedicated member of staff, with a long       to road safety charity Brake, which
 Emissions test                                                                           promotes road safety and provides
                                             and bright career ahead of him.
In some of our retail centres, customers                                                  support to families affected by serious
are offered a free Green Test Drive when     Belgium team donate car to local             road accidents.
they visit us for vehicle maintenance.       community hero                               IFS staff have raised a total of £12,000
The Green Test Drive shares tips with the                                                 through various initiatives including the
                                             Sister Florentine, who has been living in
customer on how to drive more efficiently,                                                 Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. As a
                                             Burkina Faso for the past 20 years, works
how to improve their environmental                                                        result of these donations, IFS has gained
                                             tirelessly to help local communities with
impact and ultimately how to reduce their                                                 access to services like Brake’s Fleet
                                             education and health issues. She had
vehicle running costs.                                                                    Safety Forum, which provides road safety
                                             a 17 year old Land Cruiser in which she
We also have accessories available           travelled at least 500,000 miles, and was    resources to fleet managers. Thanks to
that help our customers manage their         in desperate need of a new vehicle.          this burgeoning relationship, the business
environmental footprint, including low       Toyota Belgium was able to offer her a       is able to further enforce its road safety
rolling resistance tyres, which can reduce   new Toyota Hilux, which was shipped to       awareness message to clients and staff

                                                                                                                                           SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION
CO2 emission by around 2% and lower          Burkina Faso in a container – also filled     alike, raising donations in the process.
engine friction lubricants, which can        with generous donations of children’s
reduce CO2 emission by around 1%.            clothes from our staff in Belgium. These     Greek colleagues clean up
                                             were distributed to local communities and    Our Toyota Hellas Greece colleagues
Our communities                              Sister Florentine put her old Land Cruiser   participated in the fourth annual Beach
                                             to rest and is now driving from village to   Cleaning event during June 2010,
Inchcape’s extensive international           village with her new Toyota Hilux.
interests allows the Group to support                                                     Toyota’s Green Month. In association with
many different communities and                                                            Environmental NGO the Mediterranean
                                             Inchcape supports the Mother                 SOS Network and the Municipality of
cultures within our operating markets,
often through sponsorship and support
                                             and Child Rehabilitation Centre              Marathonas, staff volunteered for a
of local charities for local people. We      (MCRC) in Ethiopia                           day and cleaned Schinias beach. The
believe that each business selecting and     This fantastic charity takes in extremely    event really cultivated the spirit of social
supporting local initiatives gives us the    disadvantaged children from Addis            responsibility and volunteerism among
best opportunities to engage with and        Ababa and beyond, provides shelter,          our staff.
work closely in the communities in which     food, education, medical care and
we operate. We have highlighted some of      therapy for children and their parents.      Inch-by-inch bikers cycle 400
the work that we have been undertaking       MCRC aims to help them recover from          miles for UK charity Havens
in our communities in the following          past traumas and equip them through          Hospices
case studies.                                employment and professional training         In September 2010, Nigel Woodman
                                             with the means to be independent and         and James Tayler cycled 400 miles from
Sponsorship of Children’s Soccer             successful in the future.                    Sunderland to Southampton over six days
School in Hong Kong                          Over 2010, staff around the world donated    to raise funds for Inchcape plc’s Charity
Our business in Hong Kong, Crown Motors,     money, clothes and toys, took part in a      of the Year Havens Hospices. The team
sponsored the Arsenal Soccer School          number of fundraising events and, in         raised a total of £10,600 that went to
for children aged from five to 12. Inspired   November 2010, Inchcape agreed to            supporting the invaluable support Havens
by Toyota’s ‘Live Young’ campaign, the       fund the centre’s monthly rental costs       provides for sick adults, children and
initiative helped to encourage over 100      securing their new premises. All of these    their families. For more information on the
                                             ongoing contributions help ensure the        charity see