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                Art Nouveau                            Art Deco                         Expressionism
                  Cubism                              Surrealism                           Pop Art

Art Nouveau
1. "Art Nouveau Bing: Paris Style 1900" and "Berlin 1900-1933: Architecture and Design" at the Cooper-Hewitt
    Museum, New York, Miriam R. Levin, Technology and Culture, Vol. 29, No. 3 (Jul., 1988), pp. 622-632. (JSTOR login
2. "Art-Nouveau" Stained Glass and Ironwork, José María Peña, Jon R. Snyder, The Journal of Decorative and
    Propaganda Arts, Vol. 18, Argentine Theme Issue (1992), pp. 222-241. (JSTOR login required)
3. Anatomy of an Exhibition - Art Nouveau, 1890-1914 - Information about the development of the National Gallery's
    well known exhibit.
4. Antique Jewelry Online - Art Nouveau Jewelry - Small page that describes details of the style specifically in terms of
    jewelry design.
5. Art Nouveau Furniture - Furniture maker Julian Hamer illustrates his inspirations, chiefly Art Nouveau architecture
    and furniture, but also modern sculpture and Celtic and Maori art.
6. Art Nouveau Lamps from Europe - Art Nouveau lamps created by Armindo Da Costa and made with a brass patina.
7. Art Nouveau Sampling - Examples of Art Nouveau commercial posters.
8. Art Nouveau Section - A personal site that presents details about glassware and home furnishings in the style.
9. Artcyclopedia: Art Nouveau - Provides brief overview of the movement along with a chronological listing of Art
    Nouveau artists.
10. Artcyclopedia: Louis Comfort Tiffany - Links to the artist's works in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.
    From Artcyclopedia.
11. ArtLex on Art Nouveau - Background information, artists, examples of artists' works, and resource links.
12. Aubrey Beardsley Collection - Brief biography and finding aid for this special collection of the artist's correspondence,
    at the University of Texas at Austin.
13. Aubrey Beardsley, 1872-1898 - His illustrations for Malory's "Le Morte d'Arthur."
14. Aubrey Beardsley, C. H. Gibbs-Smith, The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 107, No. 746 (May, 1965), p. 256. (JSTOR login
15. Beardsley - Half a dozen of his illustrations, including the cover of "The Yellow Book." Book review of Mark Samuels
    Lasner's "A Selective Checklist of the Published Work of Aubrey Beardsley."
16. European Art Nouveau - A basic definition of the movement, whereby clicking on the title or the icon in the upper
    left corner will lead to two picture galleries.

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17. Louis Comfort Tiffany - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Includes stained-glass windows, paintings, interiors,
    mosaics, lamps, jewelry, metalwork, and enamels.
18. MoMA The Collection: Louis Tiffany - Collection of the American artist from 1898 to 1921. Biography is also available
    focused on factors that influenced the work of the art nouveau artist.
19. Mucha Museum - Art that involves women of a religious looking appearance painted in light pastel colors.
20. Mucha, Alphonse (1860-1939) - An illustrated biography of one of the premier Art Nouveau stylists at the turn of the
    last century.
21. Olga's Gallery: Alphonse Mucha - Collection of works of a Czech artist with a biography and historical comments.
22. Suite 101: Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, or the Age of Doodling - An examination of Art Nouveau that attempts to make
    correlations with the act of doodling as an artistic act.
23. The Artistic Decoration of Cloth Book-Covers, Gleeson White, The Decorator and Furnisher, Vol. 25, No. 4 (Jan.,
    1895), pp. 129-131. (JSTOR login required)
24. The Athenaeum - Louis Tiffany - Features a total of 8 paintings of the American artist in high detail. Artworks date
    and medium are also available.
25. The Power of Line in Illustration, Mabel Key, Brush and Pencil, Vol. 5, No. 5 (Feb., 1900), pp. 200-205, 207-217.
    (JSTOR login required)
26. The Role of Woman in the Iconography of Art Nouveau, Jan Thompson, Art Journal, Vol. 31, No. 2 (Winter, 1971-
    1972), pp. 158-167. (JSTOR login required)
27. Violet Books: Art Nouveau Ghosts and Others - A pictorial gallery of rare dustwrappers and ornate bindings of
    antiquarian fantasy and supernatural fiction.
28. with links to information about Gustav Klimt, Aubrey Beardsley, and Alphonse Mucha.

German Expressionism
1. CGFA: Franz Marc - Image gallery of artist's works and a short biography.
2. CopiArte: Franz Marc - Image gallery of artist's works, features 124 paintings.
3. Edvard Munch - The Dance of Life Site - Guide to the Expressionistic world of Edvard Munch. Includes large picture
    gallery, periodical articles, biography, quotations, essays, links and a bulletin board about Edvard Munch.
4. History of Russian Painting: Wassily Kandinsky - A very detailed biography and some images.
5. Kandinsky, Wassily at Norton Simon Museum - Image gallery of artist's works.
6. Munch - Museet - Official web site of the Munch Museum in Oslo. Both, in Norwegian and English language. Offers
    up to date information about the museum, a general overview about Edvard Munch, images of his work with
    explanations, and online exhibitions.
7. Wassily Kandinsky - Biography and a gallery of artist's works.
8. Wassily Kandinsky - Olga's Gallery - Collection of works of the Russian Expressionist artist with a biography and
    historical comments.
9. WebMuseum: Marc, Franz - Artist's biography and gallery of his works.
10. WebMuseum: Wassily Kandinsky - Short biography and about 20 of his works.
11. Raw Art: "Primitive" Authenticity and German Expressionism, Joseph Masheck, RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics,
    No. 4 (Autumn, 1982), pp. 92-117. (JSTOR login required)
12. German Expressionism: 1905-1925, H. Stefan Schultz, Chicago Review, Vol. 13, No. 1 (Winter - Spring, 1959), pp. 8-
    24. (JSTOR login required)
13. German Expressionism and Primitive Art, L. D. Ettlinger, The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 110, No. 781 (Apr., 1968), pp.
    191-192+194-201. (JSTOR login required)

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1. An Early Sculpture by Jacques Lipchitz, Cathy Pütz, The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 142, No. 1173 (Dec., 2000), pp.
   777-779. (JSTOR login required)
2. Artchive - Biography and images of Léger's works
3. ArtLex: Cubism [ ] - Cubism and cubists are defined, with artwork examples from history.
4. Ballet Mecanique - Watch Fernand Léger's Short Film
5. Cubism [ ] - Provides information on well known cubist painters and chronological image listings of artworks.
6. Cubism and the Early American Modernist, Abraham A. Davidson, Art Journal, Vol. 26, No. 2 (Winter, 1966-1967), pp.
   122-129+165. (JSTOR login required)
7. Cubism Movement - In-depth essay covers the history, development, artists and paintings of the modern art
   movement. Includes artwork gallery.
8. Cubism Movement [ ] - In-depth essay covers the history, development, artists and paintings of the modern art
   movement. Includes artwork gallery.
9. Cubism: Picasso [ ] - Provides samples and descriptions of paintings by one of the developers of the art style.
10. Fernand Léger at the Museum of Modern Art
11. Fernand Léger versus Cubism, George L. K. Morris, The Bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art, Vol. 3, No. 1, Fernand
    Léger Exhibition (Oct., 1935), pp. 2-8. (JSTOR login required)
12. Guggenheim Collection - Braque [ ] - Highlight of works, biography and suggested reading list.
13. Guggenheim Collection - Movement - Cubism [ ] - Guggenheim Museum collection of cubism works. Provides
    information about the artwork and artists.
14. Guggenheim Collection - Picasso [ ] - Highlight of works, biography and suggested reading list.
15. Jacques Lipchitz - Article for an exhibition at The Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2004.
16. Jacques Lipchitz: His Life in Sculpture, Jacques Lipchitz, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, New Series, Vol.
    30, No. 6 (Jun. - Jul., 1972), pp. 284-288. (JSTOR login required)
17. Picasso and Cubism, Georges Monnet, Dominic Faccini, October, Vol. 60 (Spring, 1992), pp. 51-52. (JSTOR login
18. Picasso, Cubism, and Reflexivity, Edward F. Fry, Art Journal, Vol. 47, No. 4, Revising Cubism (Winter, 1988), pp. 296-
    310. (JSTOR login required)
19. Picasso, Popular Music and Collage Cubism (1911-12), Lewis Kachur, The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 135, No. 1081
    (Apr., 1993), pp. 252-260. (JSTOR login required)
20. Sources of Cubism and Futurism, Daniel J. Robbins, Art Journal, Vol. 41, No. 4, Futurism (Winter, 1981), pp. 324-327.
    (JSTOR login required)
21. Tate Collection - Images of works in the Tate collection.
22. Varieties of Cubism, Charles W. Millard, The Hudson Review, Vol. 24, No. 3 (Autumn, 1971), pp. 476-481. (JSTOR
    login required)
23. WebMuseum: Cubism [ ] - Brief definition of the art style.
24. Worldwide Art Gallery - Cubism [ ] - Learn about the art style which began early in the 1900's.

Art Deco
1. American Art Deco, 1920-1940
2. Art Deco Society of Los Angeles - Aims to save historic Art Deco structures throughout the world. Preservation issues,
   news, events. Pictures and listings of Art Deco buildings in the Los Angeles area.
3. Artlex on Art Deco - The Art Deco entry from this visual arts dictionary provides a description and examples of the
   style, with links to related entries and web-sites.
4. Boston Avenue United Methodist Church - The official site of this towering Art Deco church in Tulsa, designed in the
   1920s by Adah Robinson, gives a history and illustrated description, with commentary on its religious symbolism.
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5. Building the Chrysler Building - An illustrated history by Emily Zimmerman, part of America in the 1930s.
6. Deco Nut - A Deco fan provides photographs of Art Deco architecture, especially in Omaha, art and design. Feature
    on unusual period radios. Personal pages.
7. Decopix - Randy Juster provides dozens of spectacular photographs of the world's major Art Deco buildings, along
    with a discussion of the style and examples of art and design of the period.
8. European Art Deco, 1920-1940
9. Hunt for Art History: Art Deco:
10. Rockefeller Center - NYCTourist describes this Art Deco complex of commercial buildings in New York built 1929-34.
    Includes images of Art Deco and Art Nouveau murals and mosaics.
11. Tamara de Lempicka
12. The Art Deco Society of New York - A non-profit organization for the study, preservation and celebration of all forms
    of Art Deco. Membership, events, newsletter, links.
13. Victoria and Albert Museum: Art Deco Database:

1. Andre Breton-What is Surrealism? - A lecture given in Brussels on 1st June 1934 at a public meeting organised by the
    Belgian Surrealists, and issued as a pamphlet immediately afterwards
2. Artchive - Rene Magritte - Excerpt from the artist's biography by Abraham Marie Hammacher and a collection of
3. Artchive: Salvador Dali - Images, links to related books, and a complete Salvador Dali chronology.
4. Artelino - Salvador Dali - Artist's biography.
5. Atget and Man Ray in the Context of Surrealism, John Fuller, Art Journal, Vol. 36, No. 2 (Winter, 1976-1977), pp. 130-
    138. (JSTOR login required)
6. Between You and Me: Man Ray's Object to Be Destroyed, Janine Mileaf, Art Journal, Vol. 63, No. 1 (Spring, 2004), pp.
    4-23. (JSTOR login required)
7. Biddington's: Surrealism. - A concise description of the 20th century visual arts and literary movement Surrealism at
    Biddington's Pedigree and Provenance.
8. Carol Gerten's Fine Art - René Magritte - Lots of huge scans of Magritte's works.
9. Collage as Jokework: Freud's Theories of Wit as the Foundation for the Collages of Max Ernst, Charlotte Stokes,
    Leonardo, Vol. 15, No. 3 (Summer, 1982), pp. 199-204. (JSTOR login required)
10. Dali 2000 - Image galleries of artist's works, a brief bio, and various links to other surreal and Dali sites.
11. Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation - Official website of the institution that manages the painter's artistic, cultural and
    intellectual legacy.
12. Guggenheim Collection - Joan Miró - Features the biography, works, and suggested readings.
13. History of Surrealism - Good introduction to Surrealism maintained by Monica Sanchez.
14. Hungryflower - Surrealist painters' links and biographies, including Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo, Ana
    Mendieta, and Francesca Woodman.
15. Journal of Interactive Media in Education - Joan Miro - Read about the artist, his background, and works.
16. Magritte Foundation - Provides copyright and rights information about the artist's work. Based in Brussels.
17. Man Ray and the Machine, Barbara Zabel, Smithsonian Studies in American Art, Vol. 3, No. 4 (Autumn, 1989), pp. 66-
    83. (JSTOR login required)
18. Max Ernst Exhibition, Anne Rorimer, Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago (1973-1982), Vol. 68, No. 4 (Jul. - Aug.,
    1974), pp. 1-4, (JSTOR login required)

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19. Max Ernst: Dada & the Dawn of Surrealism, William A. Camfield, MoMA, No. 13 (Winter - Spring, 1993), pp. 7-11.
    (JSTOR login required)
20. Olga's Gallery - Joan Miró - Collection of works with biography and historical comments.
21. Olga's Gallery - René Magritte - Collection of works of the Belgian Surrealist artist with a biography and historical
22. Olga's Gallery: Salvador Dali - Collection of works of the Surrealist artist with a biography and historical comments.
23. Remedios Varo: Voyages and Visions, Janet Kaplan, Woman's Art Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2 (Autumn, 1980 - Winter,
    1981), pp. 13-18. (JSTOR login required)
24. Research Centre for Studies of Surrealism - Centre promotes research excellence in studies of dada and surrealism
    and their impact on modern thought and culture.
25. Salvador Dalí Archives - This private repository of information about Salvador Dalí was established in New York City
    with the approval of the artist.
26. Salvador Dali Museum - The official site of the museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, featuring a comprehensive
    collection of works by Dali.
27. Salvador Dali Oil Paintings - Online exhibition of artist's oil paintings.
28. Salvador Dali, American Art, Vol. 7, No. 4 (Autumn, 1993), p. 110. (JSTOR login required)
29. Smithsonian Institution - Animals in Art - The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden present the Spanish artist
    and his work "Circus Horse".
30. Surrealist Manifestos - Includes the translated Manifesto of Surrealism, Secrets of the Magical Surrealist Art, and A
    Surrealist Manifesto (written mostly by André Breton).
31. Surrealist Resources and Links - Many contemporary, international links for surrealism and related movements.
32. The Art of Remedios Varo: Issues of Gender Ambiguity and Religious Meaning, Deborah J. Haynes, Woman's Art
    Journal, Vol. 16, No. 1 (Spring - Summer, 1995), pp. 26-32. (JSTOR login required)
33. The Fabulous Fiction of Two Surrealist Artists: Giorgio de Chirico and Max Ernst, Renée Riese Hubert, New Literary
    History, Vol. 4, No. 1, The Language of Literature (Autumn, 1972), pp. 151-166. (JSTOR login required)
34. The Surrealism Server - Extensive collection including a bibliography, image gallery, surrealist games, and the
    Surrealist Compliment Generator.
35. The Surrealists Website - Information about the movement of the early 20th century. Artist biographies, surrealist
    manifesto, history and galleries.
36. Virtual Dali - A biography and photographs of the artist and galleries of expandable thumbnails of his works. Also
    Dali links and wallpapers. Requires Flash to view.

Pop Art
1. "Dine, Jim (1935-)."DISCovering Biography. Online Detroit: Gale, 2003. Discovering Collection. Gale. Los Angeles
   Public Library. 26 Oct. 2010.
2. "Johns, Jasper (1930-)."DISCovering Biography. Online Detroit: Gale, 2003. Discovering Collection. Gale. (LAPL card
3. "Johns, Jasper (1930-)."Encyclopedia of World Biography. Suzanne M. Bourgoin. 2nd Detroit: Gale
   Research, 1998. 17 vols. Discovering Collection. Gale. (LAPL card required)
4. "Koons, Jeff (c. 1955-)."Newsmakers. Louise Mooney. Detroit: Gale Research, 1991. Discovering Collection. Gale.
   (LAPL card required)
5. "Lichtenstein, Roy (1923-1997)."Newsmakers. Terrie M. Rooney. Detroit: Gale Research, 1998. Discovering
   Collection. Gale. (LAPL card required)
6. "Lichtenstein, Roy (1923-1997)."UXL Biographies. Online Detroit: UXL, 2003. Discovering Collection. Gale. (LAPL card

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7. "Oldenburg, Claes (1929-)."Encyclopedia of World Biography. Suzanne M. Bourgoin. 2nd Detroit: Gale
    Research, 1998. 17 vols. Discovering Collection. Gale. .
8. "Oldenburg, Claes Thure (1929-)."DISCovering Biography. Online Detroit: Gale, 2003. Discovering Collection. Gale.
    (LAPL card required)
9. "Rauschenberg, Robert (1925-)."DISCovering Biography. Online Detroit: Gale, 2003. Discovering Collection. Gale.
    (LAPL card required)
10. "Warhol, Andy (c. 1927-1987)."DISCovering Biography. Online Detroit: Gale, 2003. Discovering Collection. Gale.
    (LAPL card required)
11. "Warhol, Andy (c. 1927-1987)."Encyclopedia of World Biography. Suzanne M. Bourgoin. 2nd Detroit: Gale
    Research, 1998. 17 vols. Discovering Collection. Gale. (LAPL card required)
12. American Masters: Robert Rauschenberg - Biography focused on how the American artist changed his style from
    being an abstract expressionist to a pop artist.
13. Andy Warhol - About Face - Review of the portraits and self-portraits by the American artist in a Miami exhibition.
14. Andy Warhol - Works by the artist in the Tate Collection including essays and drawings.
15. Andy Warhol Biography: From The Velvet Underground To Basquiat - A biography of Andy Warhol, focusing on his
    collaborations through Max's Kansas City and his influence on the New York art scene. (ODP Summary)
16. Andy Warhol Museum - Located near downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, where he was born and grew up.
    The Museum features extensive permanent collections of art and archives, special exhibitions including his work.
17. Andy Warhol Remembered, Mark Lancaster, The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 131, No. 1032 (Mar., 1989), pp. 198-202.
    (JSTOR article; login required)
18. Andy Warhol: Series and Singles - Biography and review of the exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler in Basle. (ODP
19. Andy Warhol: The Artist as Machine, Paul Bergin, Art Journal, Vol. 26, No. 4 (Summer, 1967), pp. 359-363. (JSTOR
    article; login required)
20. Andy Warhol's Mao, 1973, Anne Rorimer, Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago (1973-1982), Vol. 69, No. 3 (May -
    Jun., 1975), pp. 4-7. (JSTOR article; login required)
21. BBC interviews with Andy Warhol - Provides a list of audio extracts taken from a BBC interview with the famous
    artist. (March 17, 1981)
22. Bennett,, Lennie. "NEW PERSPECTIVE; James Rosenquist composes a memoir around his vibrant painting career." St.
    Petersburg Times [St. Petersburg, FL] 15 Nov. 2009: 4L. Gale Biography In Context. (LAPL card required)
23. Bob Rauschenberg Gallery - Provides updated exhibition schedules, archives and biography regarding the Pop
    American artist.
24. Claes Oldenburg, Helen M. Franc. Members Newsletter, No. 6 (Autumn, 1969), p. 1. (JSTOR article; login required)
25. Claes Oldenburg: Fireplugs, Design Quarterly, No. 74/75, Process and Imagination (1969), pp. 36-43. (JSTOR article;
    login required)
26. Claes Thure Oldenburg -'s auction results, biographies, images and books pertaining to this sculptor.
27. Collection Tate - Provides a total of 20 Rauschenberg's artworks, including historical background information on
    most artworks.
28. Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein - The original comic book source images of the artist.
29. Gallery Warhol - Wide collection of the American artist including edition information as well as printer, publisher
    and sizes. The database is also organized by time line.
30. Getty Museum: Andy Warhol - Provides a brief biography including a small gallery with notes, medium, size and
    analysis on each painting.
31. Inspiration and Innovation: The Art of Jasper Johns, Roberta Bernstein, MoMA, No. 23 (Autumn, 1996), pp. 2-6.
    (JSTOR article; login required)
32. Jasper Johns: The Ale Cans Proofs, Wendy Weitman, MoMA, No. 23 (Autumn, 1996), pp. 7-9. (JSTOR article; login

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33. Jasper Johns: The Functions of Irony, Rosalind Krauss, October, Vol. 2 (Summer, 1976), pp. 91-99. (JSTOR article;
    login required)
34. Let the World In: Prints by Robert Rauschenberg From the National Gallery of Art and Related Collections This
    presentation examines prints made by American artist Robert Rauschenberg starting in the early 1960s, nearly a
    decade after he had "countered the introspective canvases of abstract expressionism with works he called
    'Combines.'" (IPL2 summary)
35. MoMA The Collection: Andy Warhol - Collection of the American artist since 1946. Biography is also available
    focused on his inspiration on creating earliest examples of Pop Art.
36. MoMA The Collection: Rauschenberg - Collection of the American artist since 1952.
37. National Gallery of Art - Andy Warhol - Also known as Andrew Warhola, provides a list of the American artist's work
    along with a biography.
38. National Gallery of Art: Robert Rauschenberg - Article focused on the different genre of artworks done by the
    American artist. Works, images and biography is also available.
39. Oral history interview with Robert Rauschenberg - Interview conducted by Dorothy Seckler, audio is included.
    (December 21, 1965)
40. Photoshop Tutorial - A tutorial explaining how to replicate Lichtenstein's unique style using Adobe's Photoshop
41. Pop Art - Art based on Popular Culture - This visual art movement emerged in the 50's, and is characterized by its
    technique and its themes. (BOTW summary)
42. Pop Art and Genre, Stephen Bann, New Literary History, Vol. 24, No. 1, Culture and Everyday Life (Winter, 1993), pp.
    115-124. (JSTOR article; login required)
43. Pop Art and the American Experience, Carl I. Belz, Chicago Review, Vol. 17, No. 1 (1964), pp. 104-115. (JSTOR article;
    login required)
44. Pop Art Movement - Informative details for this major 20th century art movement. (BOTW summary)
45. Pop Art, What is It? - Points out where this movement came from, when it started and what it means (BOTW
46. Pop Art: A Reactionary Realism, Donald B. Kuspit, Art Journal, Vol. 36, No. 1 (Autumn, 1976), pp. 31-38. (JSTOR
    article; login required)
47. Pop Artists - New York City gallery featuring paintings, prints and objects by artists including Haring, Lichtenstein,
    Oldenberg, and Warhol. (ODP Summary)
48. PopArtists: Claes Oldenburg - New York City gallery features some images by the artist.
49. PopArtists: Roy Lichtenstein - Features some images by the artist.
50. Prince of Pop - Andy Warhol - Fansite, featuring thumbnails of images, biography, and quotes.
51. Rauschenberg’s Epic Vision - Article reviewing Robert's style, inspiration and constant focus.
52. Robert Rauschenberg Combines (1953-1964) - Overview focused exclusively to the essential creative phase of the
53. Robert Rauschenberg Foundation - Provides biography, updated exhibitions and mission statements.
54. Robert Rauschenberg: Between Art and Life. "Painting Relates to Both Art and Life. Neither Can Be Made. I Try to Act
    in the Gap between the Two.", MoMA, No. 2 (Spring, 1977), pp. 1-2. (JSTOR article; login required)
55. Robert Rauschenberg: The Early 1950s. San Francisco, MoMA, Lynne Cooke, The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 134, No.
    1070 (May, 1992), pp. 335-336. (JSTOR article; login required)
56. Roy Lichtenstein and the Comic Strip, Albert Boime, Art Journal, Vol. 28, No. 2 (Winter, 1968-1969), pp. 155-159.
    (JSTOR article; login required)
57. Roy Lichtenstein and the Popular Image, Keith Roberts, The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 118, No. 880 (Jul., 1976), pp.
    514-515. (JSTOR article; login required)
58. Roy Lichtenstein Foundation - The estate of artist Roy Lichtenstein with information about exhibitions of his work.

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59. Some Traditional Aspects of Pop Art, John Sandberg, Art Journal, Vol. 26, No. 3 (Spring, 1967), pp. 228-233+245.
    (JSTOR article; login required)
60. The Art Institute of Chicago - Features Andy Warhol’s gallery, including sketches and drawings.
61. The Art Story: Robert Rauschenberg - Comprehensive biography covering his early training, mature and late periods,
    legacy and artistic influences.
62. The Artchive: Robert Rauschenberg - Thorough biography regarding the American Pop artist.
63. The Graphic Art of Jasper Johns, Burt Wasserman, Art Education, Vol. 23, No. 6 (Jun., 1970), pp. 16-19. (JSTOR
    article; login required)
64. The Rebirth of Pop Art: Neo-Pop Art from the Art History Archives
65. The Wrath of Robert Rauschenberg, John Henry Merryman, The American Journal of Comparative Law, Vol. 41, No.
    1 (Winter, 1993), pp. 103-127 (JSTOR article; login required)
66. Three Conversations in 1985: Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, Robert Morris, Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, Robert
    Morris, Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, October, Vol. 70, The Duchamp Effect (Autumn, 1994), pp. 33-54. (JSTOR article;
    login required)
67. We the People: The Art of Robert Rauschenberg and the Construction of American National Identity, Christin J.
    Mamiya, American Art, Vol. 7, No. 3 (Summer, 1993), pp. 40-63 (JSTOR article; login required)

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