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									                                                                                                                                   August 09
                                              SILVER EMU - for sustained and exceptional service
                                              Richardson, Allan Grant: Regional Comm (Disabilities), Hunter and Coastal Region
                   Adult recognition Awards

                                              Sattler, Shirley Dorothy: Assistant Scout Leader, 1st Terrigal Scout Troop

                                              DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD - for distinguished service
                                              Melville, Euan Gordon: Regional Deputy Chairman, Hunter and Coastal Region

                                              SILVER WATTLE - for outstanding service
                                              Bayliss, Kenneth Robert: Regional Comm (Special Duties), Hunter and Coastal Region
                                              Peters, Mark Stephen: Scout Leader, 1st Terrigal Scout Troop

                                              SILVER ARROWHEAD - for excellent service
                                              Adams, Marie: Supporter, Hunter and Coastal Region
                                              Cowley, Guy: Honorary Leader (Region), Hunter and Coastal Region
                                              Hogno, Jane Elizabeth: Group Leader, Seaham Scout Group
                                              Jupp, Michael Thomas: Venturer Scout Leader, Lower Hunter Venturer Unit
                                              Keeble, Margaret Jane: Group Leader, 1st Gosford Scout Group
                                              Sparkes, Hugh Gregory: Group Leader, 1st South Wallsend Scout Group

                                              CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - for good service
                                              Allen, Linda Sue: Trainee Leader (Venturer), Cessnock City Scout Group
                                              Anderson, David John: Scout Leader, Toukley/Haven Scout Troop
                                              Cree, Geoffrey Paul: Venturer Scout Leader, Maryland-Shortland Venturer Unit
                                              Edmonds, Keith William: Venturer Scout Leader, Cooks Hill City Venturer Unit
                                              Evans, Michael John: Cub Scout Leader, Kotara Cub Pack
                                              Furchert, Evan Christopher: Scout Leader, 1st Garden Suburb Scout Troop
                                              Geale, Elizabeth Jean: Cub Scout Leader, 1st Mayfield Cub Pack
                                              Hawes, Gerard Joseph: Scout Leader, 1st Paterson/Bolwarra Scout Troop
                                              Hollingshead, Glen Anthony: Assistant Joey Scout Leader, 1st Medowie Joey Mob
                                              Jarvis, Aleasa Anne: Cub Scout Leader, Broken Bay Cub Pack
                                              Keller, Robyn Anne: Cub Scout Leader, 1st Clarence Town Cub Pack
                                              MacDonald, Lynne Janet: Group Leader, 1st Ourimbah Scout Group
                                              McKinley, Elizabeth: Supporter, Hunter and Coastal Region
                                              Milsom, Shane: Fellowship Member, Central Coast Gang Show Scout Fellowship
                                              Oliver, Tara: Group Secretary, 1st Medowie Scout Group
                                              Phelps, Raeshel Bernadette: Joey Scout Leader, 1st Branxton-Greta Joey Mob
                                              Power, Anthony Gerard: Scout Leader, Kotara Scout Troop
                                              Power, Pamela Gai Mary: Assistant Cub Scout Leader, Kotara Cub Pack
                                              Pratt, Margaret Therese: Assistant Scout Leader, Maryland-Shortland Scout Troop
                                              Robinson, David Bruce: Assistant Scout Leader, Dungog Scout Troop
                                              Robinson, Timothy David: Venturer Scout Leader, 1st Wallsend Venturer Unit
                                              Stocks, Nerida Gail: Group Leader, 1st Anna Bay Scout Group
                                              Thomas, Cathy Margaret: Cub Scout Leader, 1st Belmont Cub Pack
                                              Ward, Tracy Anne: Joey Scout Leader, 1st Denman Joey Mob
                                              Wiffen, Darryl: Scout Leader, Seaham Scout Group

                                                                              Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
 Regional Commissioner’s Report        3
 Members Support 4
 Smoke Signals 5, 6
 Adventurous Activities List   7
 Appointments, Youth Awards        8
 Venturing Out   9
 Cubs  10
 Joeys 11
 Rovers 12
 Scouts 13
 Adventurous Activities   14
 Training Courses    15
 Gallery   16
 Tree Jamboree, Property Issues, Region Visits        17
 Property Reports, From Region Office, Camp Kariong               18

                                       Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Regional Commissioner’s Report
   I cld a “group” night with all sections involved at   is, I genuinely believe we are not on the front foot
   the Lake Cinema Boolaroo. They were there to          in asking people to help us. Worst case scenario is
   see the move “Ice Age 3”. The main purpose            to be told no. I frequently hear ‘no one will help us,
   of my visit was to congratulate the Group on          no one available, I’m too busy’ etc.
   their sustained 100 plus membership with a nice
   clock suitably engraved. Warners Bay has 147          We all have the same time, it’s just how we spend
   members. More importantly they have held their        it. Most people if approached will assist. They are
   numbers, in fact, increased them in recent years.     just waiting to be asked.
   They are the largest group in NSW.
                                                         Congratulations to all the awardees in this year’s
   The enthusiasm and commitment of all concerned        World Scout Day awards for your ongoing com-
   is a credit to them. As you know I’m “big” on num-    mitment and dedication to our movement. I look
   bers and indeed this group epitomise all my sen-      forward to seeing you all personally very shortly.
   timents of performance ongoing in that regard.
   Congratulations Warners Bay!                          Steve Fernie
                                                         Regional Commissioner
   I also had the pleasure of being guest speaker on
   11th July at the Glenrock Branch of the BP Guilds’
   AGM. It was very well attended and it was indeed
   a very pleasant evening and I appreciated the op-
   portunity to be involved in a small way of such an
   organised group of people.

   One of the salient points that National is
   addressing, is communicating involvement. You
   have heard me before talking about the complex
   refurbishment of Stockton Scout Hall. I was over
   there recently working and having difficulty with
   some of the more intricate ceiling joints in terms
   of gyprock. I wasn’t happy with the job I had
   done at all. There are three hotels in Stockton. I
   thought someone must be able to help me.

   I walked into the Gladstone Hotel and asked the
   bar person if there was a plasterer on the premis-
   es? He said yes and pointed to a gentleman by the
   name of Mark Blanch. I went over and introduced
   myself and told him what I was doing and asked
   if he could advise me. Mark immediately said he
   would come back with me to the hall and solved
   my plastering problems. Furthermore, he put me
   in touch with the local Prawners Club who are in
   the process of painting the inside ceiling for me.
   I’m not that clever in this approach but my point

Page 3                                                      Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Members’ Support
   The July Leaders News on the Web is now avail-             port any suspicions and allegations of sexual,
   able on line. There is a link to the site on the Region    emotional or physical impropriety. The report
   Web Page. This Leader News contains samples of             should be made direct to the State Office, or the
   how to fill in the details section of the July A1 form.    Chief Commissioner If you find this difficult then
   Please read it .It is important that all details and in-   contact whoever you would feel comfortable
   formation is on the form so that parents can make          talking to, your Regional Commissioner, Regional
   an informed decision to allow their young person           Commissioner Members Support, District Com-
   to attend the Activity on the form.                        missioner or Group Leader. State Office will pro-
                                                              vide guidance and direction as to what action you
   The new July A1 form and the A1 Guide are also on          should take and a decision will be made as to who
   the Branch web site and has a link from the Region         will mange the Incident. It is important that the
   web site.                                                  correct process be followed.

   This is the only form that is to be used for activi-       By following the correct process time will be saved
   ties. All other forms are to be destroyed. If an old       and the possibility of repercussions lessened. Let
   form is submitted for activities it will be sent back      me stress again, NOTIFY IMMEDIATELY, DON’T
   to the applicant. Please also read the Leaders Sup-        WAIT FOR THE INCIDENT REPORT TO GO IN - IT
   port Guide LSG29.                                          COULD BE TOO LATE.

   When an Incident Accident form is submitted to             Grahame Pricter. JP.
   Region please attach a copy of the A1 activity form        Regional Commissioner Member Support
   if the Accident occurred whilst attending a Scout
   Activity (See back of form at the top of the page)
   Also please note the information at the top of the
   front page of the form regarding sexual harass-
   ment and assaults. If there is no one available at
   Branch ring either the Regional Commissioner on
   0438 684 820 or the Region Members Support Per-
   son on 4943 5849 or 0402 335 410.

              DO NOT INVESTIGATE.

   (There can be no exception or variation to this
   Those at all levels of the Association must re-

Page 4                                                           Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Smoke Signals
Games and Activities
    Some resources than are useful:                          Kangaroo Hop
    Knots:-                                                  Equipment: ball                            Description: The players are divided into teams
    On this website each knot automatically “ties it-        with a chair in front of each team. The first player
    self” when the page opens. Fast and Slow buttons         grips the ball between their feet and hops around
    allow each animation to be replayed. Many of the         the chair and back to their team. They hand over
    animations can also be reflected left for right or in-   the ball and the next player goes. The team to fin-
    verted with the Normal, Mirror, Inverted, Rotated        ish first is the winner.
    buttons under the title. To study each stage, the
    animation can also be played step by step: just          Blind Square
    move the mouse over the row of numbered but-             Equipment: Large rope tied in a circle
    tons under the knot. For many knots an extra but-        Description: The object of this game is to have
    ton, Structure, shows a picture which helps under-       a group of at least eight players form a perfect
    stand the way the knot “fits together”.                  square while blindfolded. After the players have
                                                             put on blindfolds, place a rope that is tied in a cir-                cle, in each person’s hands. Players must then form
    Scouts/ropework.pdf                                      the rope into the shape of a square. When they be-
    The ropework section of the Irish Scout Handbook.        lieve the square has been formed, they place the
    A good overview of knots and lashings.                   rope carefully on the ground and remove their
                                                             blindfolds. All players must have at least one hand                on the rope at all times
    The pioneering section of the Irish Scout Hand-          Electric Circuit
    book. A good overview with material lists and in-        Equipment: none.
    structions.                                              Description: The players stand in a large circle. One
                                                             player leaves the room. One of the players in the
    Backwoods:-                                              circle is chosen to be the generator. Three or four                other players around the circle are chosen to be
    Scouts/baack.pdf                                         electrical goods (toaster, radio etc). All the players
    The backwood living section of the Irish Scout           hold hands and the player returns from outside
    Handbook. Some good information for Scouts.              and stands in the middle. The generator starts
                                                             passing the current round the circuit by squeez-
    Campcraft:-                                              ing the hand of the player on their right. When the                current passes through one of the electrical items
    Scouts/room.pdf                                          they make the noise of that item. The current goes
    The campcraft section of the Irish Scout Hand-           round the circuit until it reaches the generator
    book. Some good information for Scouts.                  who then passes it back the other way. The player
                                                             in the middle must guess who the generator is.

 Page 5                                                         Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Smoke Signals
Games and Activites                                        153rd Birthday Bash
   Guard the chair                                         The Hunter and Coastal Scout Region would like to
   Equipment: Soft Balls, Chair                            invite you to the 153rd anniversary birth of Robert
   Description: Some Joey Scouts guard the chair           Baden-Powell (1857 – 1941) Founder of the Scout-
   while the rest of the Mob tries to hit it with a soft   ing movement BP’s Birthday Bash is a free event
   ball. Time this, and then change the Joey Scouts to     and will be held at Stockton Scout Hall area on the
   see who lets through the most hits.                     21 February 1010. The day will have lots of activi-
                                                           ties for all scouting sections. So come along and
   Centipedes                                              help make BP’s Birthday Bash the best yet.
   Equipment: Nil
   Description: In relay team formation, each Joey         Program.
   Scout bends down and holds on to the ankles of          9:00am Opening Parade
   the Joey Scout in front. They race to the other end     9:20am Scouts Own and flag party
   of the room.                                            9:45am Activities commence
                                                           12:00 Lunch
                                                           1:00pm Activities re commence
   Take the fruit pieces and slide them up the skewer      3:00pm Finish / Pack up
   in alternating order. Use your imagination here.
   Any fruit! Any order! Go nuts with your creativity.

   Greg Allen
   Regional Commissioner Resources
   Phone: 0407 361 080 after 5.30pm

Page 6                                                        Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Activities List
   August                           September (cont...)

   0938 Braf Caving                 0944 Level 2 Flatwater
   (Lower Hunter District)          26 - 27 Sep
   29 - 30 Aug                      Closes 4 Sep
   Closes 7 Aug                     Costs $15 (Scouts, Venturers)
   Costs $10 (Scouts Only)

                                    0945 Braf Rockclimbing (CC
                                    Lakes District)
   0939 Rock Climbing               26 - 27 Sep
   (Gosford District)               Closes 4 Sep
   5 - 6 Sep                        Costs $10 (Scouts only)
   Closes 14 Aug
   Costs $10 (Scouts Only)

   0940 Bushwalking
   12 - 13 Sep
   Closes 28 Aug
   Costs $15 (Scoutss, Venturers)

   0941 Basic Rock Skills
   & Abseiling
   19 - 20 Sep
   Closes 28 Aug
   Costs $15 (Scouts, Venturers)

   0942 Bushwalking Navigation
   (Fennell Bay)
   20 Sep
   Closes 28 Aug
   Costs $10 (Scouts, Venturers)

   0943 Caving Advanced
   26 - 27 Sep
   Closes 4 Sep
   Costs $20 (Venturers)

Page 7                                  Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Appointments                                                 PYNE, Megan Jane SL Taree Scout Troop
   SEC 22ND JUNE                                             SEAL, Tracey Leanne GL 1st Woy Woy Scout Group
   APPOINTMENTS                                              SMITH, Lyndal JSL 2nd Thornton Joey Mob
   BARKER, Lyndal Jane AL(G) 1st Kanwal Scout Group          TRAINEE LEADERS NOT PROCEEDING
   HAMILTON, Lynne Ellen AL(G) 1st Tumbi Scout Group         KAISER, Garry John Trn Asst Ldr(S) 1st Edgeworth Scout
   IRVINE, Craig Gordon AL(G) 1st Tumbi Scout Group          Troop
   PICKIN, Carl Michael AL(G) 1st Kanwal Scout Group         MATHESON, Michelle Trainee Ldr(JS) Charlestown Joey
   TWYFORD, John Victor AL(G) 1st Tumbi Scout Group          Mob
   TRANSFERS                                                 SPIVEY, Andrew Michael Trn Asst Ldr(CS) 1st Avoca
   BRIFFA, Lincoln Richard Fr AL(G) 1st Budgewoi Scout       Beach Cub Pack
   Group                                                     TEMPLETON, David James Trainee Ldr(G) Kurri Kurri
   To AJSL 1st Budgewoi Joey Mob                             Scout Group
   PANNELL, Bernard Michael Fr AL(G) 1st Gosford Scout       REGISTRATIONS
   Group                                                     1st Raymond Terrace Venturer Unit
   To ASL 1st Gosford Scout Troop
   RESIGNATIONS                                              SEC 6TH JULY
   BROWN, Karen AL(G) 1st Nelson Bay Scout Group             APPOINTMENTS
   CARR, Lynette AL(G) Seaham Scout Group                    BAIN, David AL(G) Cessnock City Scout Group
   EARLE, Michael Edwin ASL Seaham Scout Troop               BEAVIS, Kellie Lee AL(G) 1st Budgewoi Scout Group
   EVANS, Linda Ellen AL(G) 1st Merewether Scout Group       BYWATER,DarylStuartAL(G)CessnockCityScoutGroup
   GLADYS, Lynette Therese AL(G) Seaham Scout Group          CHADWICK, Christopher James AL(G) Toukley/Haven
   JARRETT, David William AL(G) Seaham Scout Group           Scout Group
   O’DONOGHUE, Michael John AL(G) 1st Nelson Bay             CLARKE, Mathew Andrew AL(G) Peats Ridge Scout
   Scout Group                                               Group
   PARKER, Robyn Denise AL(G) Seaham Scout Group             CLULOW, Kevin John AL(G) 2nd Thornton Scout Group
   SMITH, Gail Ann CSL 1st Nelson Bay Cub Pack               COWELL, Andrew David AL(G) 1st Raymond Terrace
   SULLIVAN, Michael William AL(G) Seaham Scout Group        Scout Group
   TOWERS, Dawn Clare AL(G) Seaham Scout Group               DELANEY, Grant AL(G) Maryland-Shortland Scout Group
   CALLED TO HIGHER SERVICE                                  GIBSON, Michelle Cheree AL(G) East Maitland Scout
   MARTIN, Philip Trainee Ldr(S) Cessnock City Scout Troop   Group
   16/06/2009                                                GIBSON, Tony John AL(G) East Maitland Scout Group
                                                             LE GRANGE, Kylie AL(G) 1st Anna Bay Scout Group
   SEC 29TH JUNE                                             MCLACHLAN, Michelle Gwenda AL(G) 1st Anna Bay
   TRANSFERS                                                 Scout Group
   GLENDENNING, Andrew Ross Fr ASL 1st Merewether            MEGGS, Robert John AL(G) Peats Ridge Scout Group
   Scout Troop                                               POOL, Adrian Alan AL(G) 1st Anna Bay Scout Group
   To DL(T) Newcastle District                               THOMPSON, Timothy AL(G) 1st Branxton-Greta Scout
   GOWRIE, John Raymond Fr AL(G) 1st Woy Woy Scout           Group
   Group                                                     TRANSFERS
   To JSL 1st Woy Woy Joey Mob                               HAYES, Scott James Fr AL(G) Maryland-Shortland Scout
   ROLFE, Adrian Bruce Fr ACSL 1st Budgewoi Cub Pack         Group
   To ACSL 1st Gwandalan Cub Pack                            To ASL Maryland-Shortland Scout Troop
   RESIGNATIONS                                              PHAIR, Gavin Fr AL(G) 1st Mannering Park Scout Group
   BREKVOORT, Debbie Ann AJSL 2nd Thornton Joey Mob          To ACSL 1st Mannering Park Cub Pack
   BRITTON, Amanda Marree CSL 1st Tumbi Cub Pack             TRAINEE LEADERS NOT PROCEEDING
   “Kookaburra”                                              GODDE, Timothy Joseph Trainee AL 1st Scone Scout
   BRITTON, Leonard Ernest ACSL 1st Tumbi Cub Pack           Group
   “Kookaburra”                                              LAWRENCE, Michael William Trainee AL 1st Scone Scout
   DUCHENNE, Jean Francis Dominiqu AL(G) 1st Avoca           Group
   Beach Scout Group                                         OUT OF RECESS
   FORDHAM, Darren Leslie CSL 1st Stroud Cub Pack            1st Kanwal Rover Crew
   HARRIS, Elizabeth Ann ACSL 1st Ourimbah Cub Pack
   HARRIS, Shaun SL 1st Ourimbah Scout Troop

Page 8                                                          Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Venturing Out
   Thanks goes out to Hugh Mooney and Lindsay             scheme.
   Wilson for their efforts as Venturer section Zone
   Leaders. They have both retired as Zone Leaders to     Any details should be submitted to Region so
   focus on equally demanding roles of Region Com-        they can be shared on the Regional venturer’s
   missioner for Rovers and Water Activities Team Co-     website Examiners also need to
   ordinator and Examiner.                                be approved, to ensure all awards are of suitable
                                                          standard and challenging to the Venturers. Also
   Cook’s Hill City, hall rededication, members in        register on the website and take an active part in
   ‘pow wow’ with the “Chief” “He’s my hero”, Paul        Venturing in the Hunter and Coastal Region.
   Harrigan in his Centenary Scarf and woggle.
                                                          2009 Important Dates
   During last month I had the greatest of pleasures      Leadership Course NOW 15th - 16th August held
   in attending the celebrations and local presenta-      at Kariong cost $45
   tions to the Queen’s Scout awardees Alexandra          Jungle RoVenture 2009 September 12-13th at
   Gerdsen, Kayla Outhred and Andrew Parker. Well         Glenrock cost $20.
   Done and Bravo!                                        Initiative Course 26th 27th September 2009 cost
                                                          $5 - TBA
   Each of these individuals are now undertaking          Unit Management Course 11th October 2009 at
   demanding University studies and I am sure their       Gosford District Hall.
   scouting experiences will see them rise to meet        Region Venture 5th – 6th December - TBA.
   any and all future challenges.
                                                          2010 Planner dates
   In visiting a number of combined unit activity         Unit Management
   nights over the past month, I have met many lead-      Sunday 21st March 2010 at Teralba Hall
   ers and noted how their enthusiasm for venturing       Saturday 18th September 2010 at Kanwal Hall
   is fostering great programs where the venturers        Leadership Course is 26th 27th June 2010 at Glen-
   are being challenged, participating and having         rock
   fun. Keep up the good work.
                                                          Queen’s Scout Awards Government House
   Venturers should have nominated for the Leader-        Saturday 5 September2009 at 10.00am
   ship Course in August and be lining up for the Jun-
   gle RoVenture and Initiative courses in September.     Phillip Murphy
   Region Team Visits to each district started in July,   Regional Commissioner Venturer Scouts
   with specific emphasis on the development of           43283247
   Venturing in the Region. Leaders be sure to attend     0418675406
   and participate in the discussion workshop direct-
   ly affecting your Section.

   Experienced Examiners – Still seeking Unit or Zone
   examiners for any particular badge in the award

Page 9                                                       Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
   COMMISSIONER CHALLENGES                                   date for the cook off.
   Yes they are on again; same rules as last year. I en-
   courage you all to complete these challenges as           *Note all Packs*
   you should be doing all the requirements needed           No District is to organize a major Cub event be-
   already.                                                  tween the Regional Cuboree (Sep 2010) and the
                                                             State Cuboree in January 2011. This two month
   Your DCSL also has a set of Commissioner Chal-            period has been accepted across the State.
   lenges, different to your own and will need your
   help as one of the challenges is to collate a district    REGIONAL EVENTS:
   calendar with all Cub pack visit dates. So please         Palava – Glenrock 22 August
   nominate a date to your DCSL; if you don’t then           Catalina Cub – 3rd-4th October
   expect a surprise visit from your DCSL and possi-         Future Scout day 9th January 2010
   bly your DC as well. As in the past all tasks are to be   Regional Cuboree Sep 24th-26th 2010
   completed by 31st October.                                BP Bash 21st Feb 2010

   Regional Cuboree is on September 25-26 2010               David Main
   Please remember these dates when planning next            Regional Commissioner (Cub Scouts)
   years calendar. We have inspected the Mt Penang           Ph. 49905580
   site and everything is coming together nicely.  
   There will be better access to the gardens; all ac-
   tivities will be in one area.

   Will be held at Stockton on the foreshore, Ken Bayl-
   iss has put together an energetic group of mem-
   bers to formulate this event. Any suggestions, I
   am sure Ken would be delighted to hear them. Re-
   member the Cub section will need leaders to help
   as we will be running 2-3 activities on the day.

   The badge order form will be out soon. Pre order
   your badges as there will be no extras available.
   Closing date is the end of September.

   I need to know which packs will be participating
   in the Regional Cook off before the end of August.
   Once we know who is attending then we can set a

Page 10                                                         Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
                                                           Joey Scouts visiting the centre will receive a badge
                                                           and certificate as part of their visit. This badge is
                                                           not a badge that can be brought it can only be
                                                           earned by visiting the centre. To make a booking
                                                           for the centre please contact Vic Sparks Ph: 4947

                                                           JOEY SCOUT PROMISE CHALLENGE
                                                           Leaders please note the following policy for the
                                                           Joey Scout Promise Challenge Hunter & Coastal
   The badge for the fun day has now been selected.        Leaders are required to submit the Joey Scouts
   I would like to thank all those who entered. The        completed work for the Challenge to the District
   Joey Scout designer will be announced at the            Wandarrah within a three month period of com-
   opening parade at the Fun Day.                          pletion. Applications after this time span will not
                                                           be accepted.
   Our Fun Day this year will be held at Jesmond Park.
   The theme is “Lost in Space”. There will be a wide      Please ensure the Joey Scout is 7.6 yrs when com-
   range of activities from Flying fox to alien cooking.   mencing the Challenge.

   The Fun Day form is available from the Region Web       Marilyn Hocking
   site or from your District        Regional Commissioner Joey Scouts
   Leader.                                                 Phone 49811828
   Lake Macquarie Joey Scouts held a District family
   camp at Glenrock Scout Centre. Some of the activi-
   ties included a bushwalk, net dipping, face paint-
   ing. There were 90 in attendance over the week-

   I am repeating this part of my article from last
   month’s Bulletin in case you missed it. From Au-
   gust 2009 the Joey Scout Section will have instilled
   a program and activities that may be used whilst
   visiting the Centre. Everything a Mob will need to
   run the program is supplied.

Page 11                                                       Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
   ROVER BL1 AND BL2 TRAINING.                          email Camping pro-
   The venue for the courses HAS CHANGED from           vided at Ourimbah Scout hall at $2-$3 per person
   Kanwal Scout hall to Ourimbah Scout Hall. The        with a courtesy bus from the RSL to the camping.
   Rover Introductory is on 5th August, Rover Pro-      All proceeds from the night go to Camp Quality so
   gramming on 6th August. Cost is $10 per course,      it is worthwhile to get behind the event.
   applications due 31st July. For more information
   please contact Mark Cosgrove on 0427042549 or        SnowMoot is back on, run by RazorBack Rovers,                              although the event is not supported by the BRC.
                                                        Accommodation is at NSW Alpine Activity Centre.
   MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (previously Car Rally) is       Base cost is $215 which includes; National Park En-
   on the 5th & 6th of September. Rovers from across    try, Accommodation, Breakfast (both mornings)
   NSW meet at the Thornleigh ‘Maccas’ overflow car     dinner Saturday night (own cost), $10 for McDon-
   park at 8am. Directions and rules are given and      alds on the return trip, and coach travel. Addition-
   you begin your journey to the first checkpoint,      al costs include the hire of snowboard/skis and lift
   along the way testing your mental, observation,      passes. Visit
   and having fun skills. There are three checkpoints   for more info, if you wish to go or would like more
   with team orientated activity to win points and to   details please contact Brendo: unclebrendo@ya-
   laugh at each other, with the middle checkpoint
   having a sausage sizzle. The ending is a secret -
   most likely an awesome location, expect there        Last month the Bulga service camp was on again
   to be dinner, bands, DJs, awards and the chance      with East Maitland and Byattunga Rovers in atten-
   to tell tales around a fire with mates and other     dance. The camp has been a yearly event for the
   crews. Accommodation is at a hall location with      Region with work being done to the hall and its
   hot showers and breakfast on Sunday. The price       surrounds with this camp completing ceilings in
   for this 24hrs of adventure is $30 prepaid or $35    the hall, fixing of the paddock fences, general tidy-
   at the door. For more details contact Nick Hood on   ing up and painting was undertaken.
   0432856110 or
                                                        Over the past month Rovers have been on activi-
   Some news from our Olave Program rep; there          ties including 4WD to Freeman’s Waterhole with
   may be an Olave Cocktail party coming up in No-      local Venturers, attending Queen Scout Presenta-
   vember in Sydney with all Rovers being invited       tions, knighting of squires, NLMR catering for the
   to the event. A great opportunity to improve re-     District Joey Camp, joint pizza night with Ventur-
   lationships with the Olave Program participants.     ers, Harry Potter 6 premiere fundraising night,
   Stay tuned.                                          bonfire weekend with activities for Venturers,
                                                        Xbox nights, attend trivia nights and attend BRC
   A reminder about the RRC Hypnotist night which       SPEW (Strategic Planning and Education Week-
   is being held at Ourimbah-Lisarow RSL on 14th        end) weekend.
   November, tickets are only being sold before the
   night at $30 each. Tickets are on sale at each RRC   ROVERS (CONTINUED NEXT PAGE)
   and through Andrew Seddon: 0423367993 or

Page 12                                                    Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Scouting Around
    AJ2010:                                               ROVERS (CONTINUED)
    Our latest numbers for the Region Contingent
    is 446 Youth, 12 Venturers and 125 Leaders. This      Upcoming events for crews include ¼ century
    amounts to approx 13 Troops. The task of assem-       birthday party, nostalgia night, pool/billiards,
    bling the Troops together has begun and the NSW       State Rally, and Knighting Ceremonies.
    Contingent Leaders has approved the H&C region        Great news! AJ2010 is looking for more helpers
    Troop Leaders.                                        and as a result applications are still open for Lead-
    Once again may I remind you of the date of the        ers, Rovers and Venturers. The cost of the 2 week
    Hunter & Coastal Region’s Contingent Pre Jambo-       camp is only $680 for Rovers. There is a huge range
    ree Camp to be held on the weekend 7th & 8th          of activities that you can help out on. If you have
    November 2009 at Glenrock. This camp is compul-       specific skills or a specific job in mind speak to me
    sory for all those camping within the Troop Lines     and we will try and get you allocated to the activ-
    at the Jamboree.                                      ity you want to help out on.
    I will have the Transport cost for our Contingent     Please don’t forget about the NSW Hike for Hun-
    members by the 1st week in August.                    ger. It is the annual service project of NSW Rovers
                                                          and is coming up soon. NSW Rovers is trying to
    CATALINA CUP                                          collect 10,000 food items for the 10th anniversary
    Don’t for get to put in your diary the Catalina Cup   of the initiative. The cut off date for collection is
    weekend 3/4/5th October. To be held at Rath-          the 7th November where we will hand over the
    mines. A great weekend is planned for all. See you    food items to the Wesley Newcastle Mission.
                                                          Yours in Rovering
    Kevin Allen                                           Simon Spinks
    Regional Commissioner (Scouts)                        RRC PR Officer
    Email:                           Email:
                                                          Mobile: 0403 932 837

 Page 13                                                     Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Adventurous Activities
    It is timely to remind all leaders that there is a need   vance of that and the returned form must be re-
    to complete a risk assessment for all activities they     ceived at the Regional office by the closing date.
    conduct. This is particularly important when con-         This is generally 3 weeks before the activity.
    ducting activities outside the hall. The benefit for a    For all Regional run activity courses the A1 form
    risk assessment is that it identifies all the potential   will be available from the Regional web site or
    hazards and allows you to have suitable controls in       from the Regional office.
    place. It does not mean that we can’t do an activity
    when an activity involves risk but we need to have        The activities calendar for the Region is also on
    controls in place to allow the activity to continue       the web site allowing Venturers, Rovers etc to re-
    with the risk reduced to the lowest possible. If the      view and look at what courses they as individu-
    risk can’t be reduced to an acceptable level then         als or unit/crew would like to be involved in. The
    the activity should not be conducted until another        sectional leader should review any application of
    method and controls are in place which reduces            youth to attend a course and ensure where pos-
    the risk to acceptable levels.                            sible the youth member complies with the prereq-
                                                              uisites. As Scouting is for all, we don’t want to limit
    In Scouting there are many policies and proce-            what is available to any member. If a youth or adult
    dures. The policies and procedures are there to           members has any issues / conditions that may af-
    assist you in running a safe activity not to stop         fect their participation in an activity then we need
    you from running activities. The policies and pro-        to know. Once we understand there are some spe-
    cedures will give you the framework to conduct            cial things that need to be taken into account, the
    the activity. They also place some constraints that       activity coordinator can put additional strategies
    reduce the unacceptable risks etc. If in doubt, talk      in place to ensure that members can take part in
    to your District team or contact me or one of my          the activity. The issues that need to be put in place
    team directly.                                            can take quite some time and there would need to
                                                              be risk assessment etc. Please make contact with
    The new July A1 form is now on the state web              the activity coordinator as early as possible. This
    site. You should all read the leader support guide        should be well in advance of the closing date if
    (LSG29) that works through the requirement of             possible.
    this form. The new form is broken into 2 download
    parts. Pages 1 & 2 are one download and pages 3
    & 4 the other. The form is much the same as previ-        Safe scouting
    ous versions but things to note!
    The form needs to be completed by the activ-              Anthony Butler
    ity coordinator. This person needs to be an Adult         Regional Commissioner Activities
    leader. The form should have as much information
    as possible on it. These forms must be completed
    well in advance of the activity. The State guide-
    lines are a minimum of 14 days. For Regional run
    activities the A1 form will be produced well in ad-

 Page 14                                                         Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Training Courses

  Basic Leadership 1
  29-30 Aug
  Closes 7 Aug
  Costs $125

  Basic Leadership 2
  28-30 Aug
  Closes 7 Aug
  Costs $125

  Cub Advanced Leadership 3 (Apply to State
  18-20 Sept
  Closes 28 Aug
  Costs $130

  Basic Leadership 1 (Apply to Region Office)
  14-15 Nov
  Closes 23 Oct
  Costs $125

Page 15                                         Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09

Page 16   Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Tree Jamboree                                             Property Issues
UPPER HUNTER TREE JAMBOREE 2009                           1. Please note: Groups are not authorized or em-
                                                          powered to sign any documents on behalf of the
Following the very successful Tree Jamboree 2007          Scout Association. These include, leases, renew-
at Lake Liddell, Upper Hunter Scouts and Lake Lid-        als of leases, licenses, applications to Council and
dell Trust decided that a similar event would be          Government authorities. All such matters must be
held in 2009. Preparation at Lake Liddell included        submitted to Region.
ripping four kilometers of lines along the fore-
shore with the help of Liddell Coal Company and           2. Alterations, extensions etc proposed by any
purchasing 3520 plants.                                   group must be submitted to Region for approval
                                                          in the first instance. Once Region approval is giv-
The weekend of 18/19 April saw Scouts and fami-           en then groups may proceed.
lies from Cessnock, Branxston, Singleton, Den-
man, Muswellbrook, Scone, Murrurundi and Lones            3. Where groups or districts are using Region
converge onto the site where they set up camp.            controlled properties, locks must not be changed
During the day, teams of Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Ven-        without Region approval.
turers, Leaders and parents set about planting se-
lected species in the rip lines and more as infill into   4. The hiring of halls without Region approval is il-
the established trees from 2 years ago.                   legal and groups doing so should understand that
                                                          there is no insurance should an accident or dam-
As well as planting , the weekend activities includ-      age to the building occur.
ed many other scouting events during the day and          Applications for hire should be submitted in the
night time activities such as a shadow puppet the-        first instance on the prescribed P2 or P3 form.
atre and a movie. The Lone Scout Fellowship had
its inaugural meeting on Saturday night as well,          5. It is recommended where possible that hall co-
where several members were invested. On Sunday            lours should comply with the scout colour scheme
members of the Hunter Region Landcare Network             i.e. green with cream/yellow trim. Colour swatch-
held an information session on a proposed aquat-          es are available from the Region office.
ic plant nursery on the site.
                                                          If any help is needed please contact Tony Venn.
It proved to be a very successful weekend with
almost all the plants being planted. There were           Tony Venn
many tired Scouts on Sunday who will be able to           Regional Commissioner (Property)
look in on the site in future knowing they played         4390 9993
a part in it’s rejuvenation. The Lake Liddell Trust
would like to express its appreciation to the many
people involved in the organising and successful
running of the Tree Jamboree for 2009, especially         Dates for Region
Angus Webster the ADC for Upper Hunter.
Stephen Thatcher (LSF)                                    •   Lake Macquarie 3rd Aug Nth Belmont Hall
Chairman                                                  •   Port Stephens 21st Aug Raymond Terrace Hall
Lake Liddell Trust
PO Box 700                                                •   Gosford 26th Aug Gosford District Hall
Muswellbrook                                              •   Watagan 4 Sept Rathmines Hall
                                                          •   Upper Hunter 11th Sept 2nd Muswellbrook
                                                          •   Manning 18th Sept Forster-Tuncurry Hall
                                                          •   Newcastle 22nd Sept1st Mayfield Hall

                                                              Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
   Property                                                far. The deadline for these returns is 31st August.
                                                           They will not be accepted after this date. Please

   Inspections                                             make sure your return is in so your youth do not
                                                           miss out on their badge or prize.

   As you are all aware, property inspections were         Jenny Kearns
   carried out by State Office 4 years ago. These re-      Region Office Manager
   ports were known as the Pugh Reports. Each
   Group was provided with a copy which included a
   list of items which needed to be addressed.
                                                           Kariong Scout
   The items listed needed to be carried out so as
   to comply with our obligations under our Public
   Liability Insurance. Next year will be 5 years and
                                                           On Saturday 4 July 2009 Scout Camp Kariong hap-
   fresh inspections will be carried out on all halls in
                                                           pily assisted the Gosford District Cub Groups by
   NSW. Please check your Pugh Report and make
                                                           supplying the site for the District Cub Beacon Fire.
   sure all the items which were listed for attention
                                                           On a freezing July night Jeff Murphy and friends
   have been addressed. If you have mislaid the re-
                                                           built a beautiful big fire and its warmth was much
   port for your hall, a copy can be obtained from the
                                                           appreciated. Those who attended were rotating
   Region Office. If you have any questions, please
                                                           and cooking nicely with the cold of the night on
   don’t hesitate to contact me.
                                                           one side of them and the heat of the fire on the
                                                           other and they even managed to join in a little
   Regards to all
                                                           singing with the brave Cub Leaders. We would
   Tony Venn
                                                           like to say “well done” to all those who arranged
   Region Property.
                                                           the night and who braved the cold Camp Kariong
   43909993 - 0427788938
                                                           weather to attend.

   From Region                                             On the same night, Andrew took the chance to

   Office                                                  unveil the updated “Wood Badge Grove”, and
                                                           again we thank all those who braved the cold
                                                           night to come and attend our little presentation.
   ELECTRONIC BULLETIN                                     We would like to especially thank David and Gai
   We hope you like the new look Bulletin. As yet          Green here for their assistance with putting all the
   we have only had response from 27 groups as to          new poles in and attaching all the Wood Badge re-
   whether their leaders and core committee mem-           cipient’s plaques onto the poles. Thank you also to
   bers want the Bulletin electronically or by post.       Region, District and the Groups for assisting in the
   Group Leaders have been asked to gather this in-        funding of the project and also to the Scout Camp
   formation and send it to the Region Office. Lead-       Committee for their continual support. As we un-
   ers please check with your GL/LIC that your details     derstand and are very appreciative of the work
   have been forwarded to the office. This informa-        and time leaders of any kind donate to Scouting
   tion must be at Region Office by 31st August.           we have placed a new plaque in front of the Grove
   All cheques coming into the Region office must be       “Camp Kariong dedicates this grove to all the de-
   made out to either, Scouts Australia or Scout Asso-     voted leaders of the Gosford Scout District”.
   ciation, NSW Branch. There is no account that has
   the Hunter & Coastal name on it and as such some        We hope everyone will feel free to come and see
   cheques that have been made out to this name,           the Grove whenever they would like to visit the
   have been rejected by the bank. Please ensure           Camp and particularly let us know if a name is
   committee and parents are aware of the correct          missing or if a new name needs to be added.
   name for cheques.
                                                           Rebecca Harris
   JOB WEEK RETURNS                                        Camp Caretaker
   We have received very few returns for Job Week so

Page 18                                                       Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09
Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin August 09

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