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									WEEK   TOPIC CONTENT                   EXPLANATORY NOTES                     TEACHING /RESOURCES              Asses Opps        AFL   CWRCym   Essential Wales   PLTS/LANG

             Edexcel BTEC
              Level 3 Certificate
              in Business

             Edexcel BTEC
              Level 3 Subsidiary
              Diploma in

       Unit 2 - Business

       10 Credits


       Introduction to business                                           Are you suited to this course?      Induction                        C3.1.1            IE
       resources. What resources      Brainstorm factors of production                                        booklet
       are needed?                    – What resources do we need,        Induction booklet                                                    C3.1.2            TW
             Human Resources         Categorise resources in to bullet   Assessment of prior learning        induction tick                                     EP
             Physical and            point headings.                                                         list when ready
              Technological                                                                                                                                      Categorise
              resources                                                                                                                                          Interpret
             Financial Resources                                                                                                                                Examine
          Need to know how to                                                                                                                                    Evaluate
          interpret financial

       Human resources                Introduction to the whole                                                                                                  IE
       management and                 assignment.                                                                                                                SM
                                      Describe the recruitment            Candidates create flow chart of     P1- Describe                                       Analyse
       Recruiting and retaining the   process.                            recruitment process.                the recruitment                                    Describe
       right people (1)                                                                                       documentation                                      Research
                                      Research in to staff profile        Analyse job description.            used in a                                          Account
                                      (characters).                                                           selected
                                                                          Create list of requirements for a

                                                                          Complete application form

       Recruiting and retaining the   Match skills to post                Describe the attributes they        P2 – Describe                                      CT
       right people (2)                                                   already possess or expect to        the main
                                                                          possess by end of course.           employability,                                     Describe
                                                                                                              personal and                                       Link
                                                                          Link skills to one job role         communication                    C3.1.1            Examine
                                                                            SOW, BUSINESS BTEC NATIONAL, 2010/11, KKS
WEEK   TOPIC CONTENT              EXPLANATORY NOTES                    TEACHING /RESOURCES               Asses Opps       AFL   CWRCym   Essential Wales    PLTS/LANG
                                                                                                        skills required                  C3.3.1            Forming
                                                                                                        when applying                    WWO               patterns
                                                                                                        for a specific                   PS                Relationships
                                                                                                        job role.                                          Extent
                                 Changing patterns of                                                                                                      Outline
                                 employment. Relationships          Examine the importance of           M2- Assess                                         Sum up
                                 between organisational             employability and personal          the importance
                                 objectives and human resource      skills to a selected organisation   of
                                 planning – the impact on           when recruiting new staff and       employability
                                 recruitment, training, appraisal   keeping old staff.                  skills in the
                                 and remuneration. Recruitment                                          recruitment
                                 and selection methods.             Case study                          and retention
                                                                                                        of staff in a

       Physical Resources        Importance of managing physical       School case study – look at      P3 – Describe                    C3.3.1            IE
                                 resources in a selected               what we have here.               the main                         WWO               TW
                                 organisation.                                                          physical and                                       EP
                                                                                                        technological                                      CT
                                                                          Buildings and facilities     resources
                                                                          Materials and waste          required in the                                    Describe
                                                                          Plant and Machinery          operation of a                                     Research
                                                                          Equipment including ICT      selected                                           Collaborative
                                                                          Planned maintenance          organisation .                                     Extent
                                                                           and refurbishment
                                                                          Emergency provision
                                                                          Insurance
                                                                          Security

       Technological Resources                                         Guest speaker on ICT             P3 – Describe                                      IE
                                                                                                        the main
                                                                                                        physical and                                       Describe
                                                                          Intellectual property e.g.   technological                                      Examine
                                                                           designs, drawings, text,     resources                        C3.1.2            Research
                                                                           music, video,                required in the
                                                                           accumulated experience       operation of a                   C3.3.1
                                                                           and skills, software         selected                         ICT 3.2.1
                                                                           licences, protection in      organisation .
                                                                           patents and copyrights

                                                                                                        M2 – Assess
                                                                                                        the importance
                                                                                                        and personal
                                                                                                        skills in the
                                                                                                        and retention
                                                                                                        of staff in a
       Know how to access                                           Internal sources – Owner’s          P4-Describe                                        IE
                                                                      SOW, BUSINESS BTEC NATIONAL, 2010/11, KKS
WEEK    TOPIC CONTENT          EXPLANATORY NOTES                      TEACHING /RESOURCES               Asses Opps      AFL   CWRCym   Essential Wales   PLTS/LANG
       sources of finance                                          savings                             sources of
                                                                   Capital from profits                internal and                                      SM
                                                                                                       finance for a                   C3.2.1            Describe
                                                                      External sources – banks         selected                        ICT 3.2.1         Identify
                                                                      e.g. overdraft, business         business                                          Compare
                                                                      loan, commercial mortgage,                                                         Contrast
                                                                      venture capital, hire                                                              Evaluate
                                                                      purchase, leasing, factoring
                                                                      ,share issue

                                                                      IS7 P.62 PA RESOURCE

       Be able to interpret                                        Teacher ppt on different                                                              IE
       financial statements                                        sources of internal funds                                                             RL
                                                                   Pupils discuss advantages                                                             EP
                                                                   disadvantages of using each                                         C3.1.3            TW
                                                                   one                                                                                   CT

                                                                   Brainstorm where can get                                                              Brainstorm
                                                                   capital from using external                                                           Identify

                                                                   Teacher ppt of different sources
                                                                   of external funds

                                                                   Pupil discussion of advantages                                      C3.1.3
                                                                   and disadvantages of each one

                                                                   Identify which is suitable for a
                                                                   small or large business

                                                                   Discussion on how firms decide
                                                                   which form of finance is most
                                                                   suitable ie. Costs, availability,
                                                                   time required and purpose, size

       BUDGETS / CASHFLOW     Nature and purpose of budgets        PHILIP ALLAN UPDATES                P6- Illustrate                                    IE
                              and their limitations. Budget                                            the use of                                        RL
                              preparation methods. Cash flow       IS4                                 budgets as a                                      SM
                              forecasting – the construction                                           means of                                          EP
                              and interpretation of cash flow      WS4                                 exercising                      C3.3.1            TW
                              forecasts.                                                               financial                       N3.1.1            CT
                                                                   IS3A                                control of a                    N3.2.1
                              Provision of appropriate liquidity                                       selected                        N3.2.2            Construction
                                                                   WS3A                                company                         ICT3.1.1          Interpretation
                              Provision of reserves to address                                                                         ICT 3.1.2         Provision
                              emergencies                          IS3B                                M4 – Analyse                    ICT3.1.3          Analyse
                                                                                                       the reasons                     ICT 3.3.1         Evaluate
                                                                     SOW, BUSINESS BTEC NATIONAL, 2010/11, KKS
WEEK   TOPIC CONTENT         EXPLANATORY NOTES                   TEACHING /RESOURCES            Asses Opps        AFL   CWRCym   Essential Wales   PLTS/LANG
                                                               WS3B                             why costs                        ICT3.3.2          Reflect
                                                                                                need to be                       PS
                                                                                                controlled to

                                                                                                D3 – Evaluate
                                                                                                the problems
                                                                                                they have
                                                                                                identified from
                                                                                                costs and
       BREAKEVEN ANALYSIS   Types of costs: fixed and          Ws1 Philip Allan updates                                                            IE
                            variable, direct and indirect                                                                                          RL
                                                               IS2 PA – booklet
                            (overheads).                                                                                                           SM
                                                               WS2a                                                                                EP
                            Break-even analysis, including                                                                       C3.3.1            TW
                            the construction and use of        AS2a                                                              N.3.3.1           CT
                            break-even charts.                                                                                   N3.3.2
                                                                                                                                 ICT3.1.1          Define
                            Contribution: Nature and                                                                             ICT 3.1.2         Compare
                            significance                                                                                         ICT3.1.3          Contrast
                                                                                                                                 ICT 3.3.1         Reflect
       PROFIT AND LOSS      Purpose and use, measure of        IS9                              P5- Interpret                                      IE
                            trade performance, establishing                                     the contents of                                    RL
                            profit figures                                                      a trading and                                      SM
                                                                                                profit and loss                  C3.3.1            EP
                                                                                                account and                      ICT3.1.3          TW
                                                                                                balance sheet                    ICT 3.3.1         CT
                                                                                                for a selected                   ICT3.3.2
                                                                                                company                          PS                Interpret
                                                                                                                                 WWO               Compare

       BALANCE SHEET        Purpose and use, establishing      IS10                             P5- Interpret                                      IE
                            net worth, business valuation                                       the contents of                                    RL
                                                                                                a trading and                                      SM
                                                               WS10B                            profit and loss                                    EP
                                                                                                account and                      C3.3.1            TW
                                                                                                balance sheet                    N.3.3.1           CT
                                                                                                for a selected                   N3.3.2
                                                                                                company                          ICT3.1.1          Interpret
                                                                                                                                 ICT 3.1.2         Analyse
                                                                                                                                 ICT3.1.3          Compare
                                                                                                                                 ICT 3.3.1         Evaluate

       RATIO ANALYSIS             To determine solvency eg    IS 11A                           M3 – interpret                                     IE
                                   current ration, acid test                                    the contents of                                    RL
                                                               IS 11B
                                   ratio                                                        a trading and                                      SM
                                                                                                profit and loss                                    EP
                                                                 SOW, BUSINESS BTEC NATIONAL, 2010/11, KKS
WEEK   TOPIC CONTENT   EXPLANATORY NOTES                    TEACHING /RESOURCES           Asses Opps      AFL   CWRCym   Essential Wales    PLTS/LANG
                         To determine profitability    IS 11C                           account and                     C3.3.1            TW
                           eg gross profit percentage                                    balance sheet                   N.3.3.1           CT
                                                                                         for a selected                  N3.3.2
                            Net profit percentage      WS11B                            company                         N3.2.1            Interpret
                                                                                         explaining how                  N3.2.2            Analyse
                            Return of capital          WS11C                            accounting                      N3.1.1            Compare
                             employed                                                    rations can be                  N3.1.2            Evaluate
                                                        Ratio booklet
                                                                                         used to                         N3.1.3            Reflect
                            To determine               BS6 questions                    monitor the                     ICT3.1.1
                             performance eg stock,                                       financial                       ICT 3.1.2
                             turnover, debtors’                                          performance of                  ICT3.1.3
                             collection period, asset                                    the                             ICT 3.3.1
                             turnover                                                    organisation                    ICT3.3.2
                                                                                         D2 Evaluate                     WWO
                                                                                         the adequacy
                                                                                         of accounting
                                                                                         ratios as a
                                                                                         means of
                                                                                         monitoring the
                                                                                         state of the
                                                                                         business in a

                                                                                         P7- illustrate
                                                                                         the financial
                                                                                         state of a
                                                                                         given business
                                                        Links to HR and budgets –        D1 – evaluate
                                                        leave as final task?             how managing
                                                                                         resources and
                                                                                         budgets can
                                                                                         improve the
                                                                                         performance of
                                                                                         a business

                                                          SOW, BUSINESS BTEC NATIONAL, 2010/11, KKS

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