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					PPG Industries, Inc.

  Indiana University
   September 20th, 2005
• PPG – do you know who we are?
• Financial Leadership Program
• Characteristics of FLDs
• Opportunities/Positions for FLDs
• Specific Career Paths
 PPG – Who Are We?
• Mutation of P&G – Sorry, but No!
• Points per Game – Nope!
• Pittsburgh Plate Glass – Used to be!
• Power Play Goal – Nah…
• Global producer of Glass, Fiberglass,
 Coatings, and Chemicals
• HQed in Pittsburgh, PA
• 30,000+ Employees Worldwide
• 100+ Manufacturing Facilities
• 21 Different Countries
• Composed of 15 SBUs
• Continuous dividends since 1899
• Over 100,000 shareholders of which
  25,000 are current or retired PPG
• Grouped into Glass, Fiberglass,
  Coatings and Chemicals
PPG Global Operations

Australia • Argentina • Belgium • Brazil • Canada • China • England • France • Germany
  Ireland • Italy • Japan • Mexico • Netherlands • Philippines • South Korea • Spain
                 Taiwan • Thailand • Turkey • United States • Venezuela
PPG-Financial Results


      Glass       Coatings

  Total Sales – $9.5 Billion
PPG-Global Sales &
 Operating Income
        Sales             Operating Income

Chemicals                     Chemicals
  20%                           23%
            Coatings      Glass           Coatings
Glass         55%          7%               70%

      PPG - Coatings
• World’s No. 1 producer of
  transportation coatings
  – Two of every three new cars on the
    road today contain PPG coatings
  – PPG’s color palette includes more than
    60,000 colors covering virtually every
    vehicle model manufactured over the
    past 60 years
       PPG - Coatings
• World’s leading producer of industrial
  – Used on thousands of applications
    ranging from golf balls to refrigerators
      PPG - Coatings
• A world leader in packaging coatings
  – Its Bairocade coating, which seals
    carbonation inside plastic beverage
    containers, was recognized by R&D
    Magazine as one of the top
    technological breakthroughs of 1997
      PPG - Coatings
• A leading supplier of coatings and
  sealants to the world’s commercial,
  military and general aircraft
  – Sealants, coatings used on satellites,
    missiles and space telescopes
  – Sealants used on NASA’s space shuttle
    solid rocket boosters
      PPG - Coatings
• Maker of Olympic, Lucite, Pittsburgh
  and Porter brand paints/stains
  – Among the most respected names in
    the North American consumer finishes
          PPG - Glass
• World’s leader in production of
  windows for commercial, military and
  general aviation aircraft. PPG
  aircraft transparencies:
  – Seal in cabin pressure, protect pilots
    from airborne hazards
  – Heated to reduce effects of fog
    and frost
  – Can darken to reduce glare
  – Can display instrument readings
          PPG - Glass
• One of the world’s largest
  manufacturers of flat glass
  – Fabricated into a wide assortment of
    finished products for homes,
    commercial buildings, aircraft, furniture
    and motor vehicles
          PPG - Glass
• One of the world’s largest makers of
  original and replacement automotive
  – Tinted, coated, heat-absorbing glass
    improves comfort, reduces load on air
  – Full line of replacement glass parts for
    vehicles dating back to 1949
    PPG – Fiber Glass
• Producer of continuous-strand fiber
  glass used for a variety of purposes
  – Including electronic circuit boards,
    recreational boat hulls, tub and shower
     PPG - Chemicals
• Producer of specialty chemicals
  – Including optical products, silicas, fine
• A leader in the production of chlor-
  alkali chemicals
  – Used in plastics, water purification,
    pulp/paper manufacturing, oil drilling,
    aluminum production
     PPG - Chemicals
• Developer of Transitions – one of the
  world’s fastest-growing optical
  – Plastic photochromic lenses
    automatically darken and lighten
    depending upon exposure to sunlight
Finance at PPG

 Financial Leadership
Development Program
         FLD Program
•   Broad Finance Opportunities
•   Actual Job
•   1st ~ 18 mos; then 2-3 yrs
•   Ownership of Career
•   Promote / Reward Performance
•   Diversity of Assignments
•   OTJ Training
     Development Goals
• Build broad skills and experience in a
  variety of financial disciplines
• Provide insight into the complexity of
  managing financial problems in a global
• Develop planning, control, and
  management skills needed to achieve
  PPG’s Goals
• Provide successors for financial
  management opportunities
       FLD Characteristics
•   Leadership Skills
•   Adaptability
•   Effective Communication Skills
•   Strong Analytical Skills
•   Ability to Learn Quickly
•   Geographic Flexibility
•   GPA >= 3.2 on 4.0 scale
•   Majors: Accounting, Finance, Economics, and
    Management Studies
    – Must have at least 2 terms of accounting
  Functional Opportunities
• Managerial Accounting
  – Financial Analysis, Long-Range Planning, Capital
• Financial Accounting
  – Inventory Control, A/P, A/R, Payroll, Costing
• Internal Auditing
  – Internal Controls, Asset Verification, Frequent Travel,
    Can Satisfy Experience for CPA
• Treasury
  – Cash Management, Debt/Equity Financing Issues,
    Credit Management
• Tax Administration
Financial Accountant- Controller’s Staff

Position Description:
• Complete a variety of SBU specific
  accounting/reporting activities including
  consolidation accounting/reporting, PPG
  long range plan data gathering &
  assimilation, and oversight for macro SBU
  accounting items.
• Ensure application of appropriate
  FASB/GAAP accounting principles
  Financial Accountant- Con’t

• Ongoing interaction with various
  SBU, Corporate, and international
  PPG functions
Skills and Success Factors:
• Solid PC Skills
• Attention to Detail
• Business Knowledge
• Account Analysis
  Financial Accountant- Con’t

Skills and Success Factors:
• Financial Analysis
• Technical Accounting Skills

Other Information:
• General Office
• Indirect Supervision of Clerical Staff
• Travel is <10%
            Staff Auditor
Position Description:
• Assist Senior Auditor in performing all
  fieldwork at an audit location. Fieldwork
  can include some of planning of the audit,
  identifying key transactions and risks at
  the unit, ensuring that the unit has proper
  internal controls in place to address the
  identified risks, and testing the unit’s
  internal controls to ensure that they are
  functioning properly.
      Staff Auditor – Con’t
Position Description:
• Assist with discussion and communication
  of all findings to various levels of PPG
• Perform various ad hoc projects, as
  requested by Audit Managers.
Skills and Success Factors:
• Communicate & Share Information
• Learn Continuously
• Size up Situations
     Staff Auditor – Con’t
Skills and Success Factors:
• Foreign language proficiency
• Internal controls
• Technical accounting skills
Other Information:
• Based out of General Office; audits
  performed at any PPG location worldwide
• Travel is 50-75%
     Staff Auditor – Con’t
Daily Duties:
• Interview different associates who
  perform different functions
• Data analysis and transactional
  testing is done to verify internal
  controls are in place and functioning
• Document the process and testing
 Revenue/Sales Accountant
Position Description:
• Ensure timely and accurate accounting
  relating to PPG revenue stream.
  Participate in development and
  maintenance of various SBU specific
  revenue reporting mechanisms.
• Identify and pursue opportunities to
  maximize PPG cash flow. Maintain
  appropriate internal control environment.
• Ongoing interaction with SBU Marketing,
  Sales and Logistics functions.
 Revenue/Sales Accountant
Skills and Success Factors:
• Attend to Detail
• Communicate & Share Information
• Solve Problems
• Account Analysis
• Internal controls
• PC Skills
Revenue/Sales Accountant
Other Information:
• General Office and select plant
• Supervision of non-exempt
• Travel is <10%
        Dan Lemansky - IU ‘97
• 1997 - Oak Creek, WI – FLD Trainee (Industrial
• 1998 – Oak Creek, WI – Staff Accountant
  (Industrial Coatings)
• 1999 – 2000 – Oak Creek, WI – Cost Accountant
  / MBA – Marquette University (Industrial
• 2001 – 2003 – Pittsburgh, PA –
  Financial/Business Planning Analyst (Packaging
• 2004 – Present – Pittsburgh, PA – Accounting
  Manager (Architectural Coatings)
     Mark Guenthenspberger - IU ‘94
• Staff Accountant
  Chlor-Alkali SBU; Lake Charles, LA

• Financial Accountant
  Chlor-Alkali SBU; Pittsburgh, PA

• Sr. Cost Analyst
  Chlor-Alkali SBU; Natrium, WV

• Financial Project Coordinator
  Coatings Controllership; Pittsburgh, PA

• Financial Analyst
  TrueFinishTM Industrial Coatings; Pittsburgh, PA

• Manager, Credit Services
  Architectural SBU; Louisville, KY
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