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									Semco Maritime presentation

Semco Maritime is an authentic brand that originates from a solid
base in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Semco Maritime's objective is to create customer solutions and
innovative designs leading to long-term relationships with clients.

Over the past three decades, Semco Maritime has become a
respected and experienced partner in international engineering and
contracting with 1500 employees.

Semco Maritime hold facilities in Denmark, Norway, UK, US,
Singapore, El-Salvador, Guatemala and UAE.
Semco Maritime world wide
 Head office: Semco Maritime A/S

Semco Maritime: Norway

Semco Maritime: UK

Semco Maritime: CA, US

Semco Maritime: Houston, US

Seguco S.A: Guatemala

Semco Maritime: S.A de C.V

Semco Maritime: U.A.E

 Semco Maritime: Singapore
Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and
Personnel Policies

                                    Danish departmental
 ISO 9001   ISO 14001   OHSAS 18001    order no. 923.
Semco Maritime participate as main- or
subcontractor within the below market

                        Floating and mobile units

    Infrastructure     Fixed oil & gas installations
     Semco Maritime market sectors -
     Floating and Mobile units and
          fixed oil and gas installations
      Semco Maritime – competences

Feasibility                   Detailed                                        Operations &
  Study           FEED       Engineering   Construction     Commissioning

      Our competences and capabilities cover a wide range of engineering disciplines,

      •   Steel structures
      •   Piping
      •   Mechanical equipment
      •   Electrical systems
      •   Instrumentation systems
      •   Communication systems
      •   Control systems (SAS)
Semco Maritime – competences
Yard and fabrication facilities
Multidisciplinary projects – customer specific solutions – high quality – on-time

Total management responsibility
Being a single-source supplier we put great effort in supplying high-
quality services on time.
Quality is assured by our own production planning and control

Experienced workforce
The in-house engineering and fabrication disciplines of Semco
Maritime ensure optimisation of our resources (close cooperation
between engineers and production personnel helps minimising
mistakes, thus increasing the speed of production) and skills during
construction of new offshore modules and platforms, units, skids etc.

We are capable of modifying and repairing existing equipment such
as pipes, tanks and other carbon steel and stainless constructions.
Semco Maritimes competences
Yard and fabrication facilities
Multidisciplinary projects – customer specific solutions – high quality – on-time
Workshop facilities
Our workshops contain all the facilities required for ensuring optimal
quality throughout the process.
All equipment built, rebuilt or repaired in our workshops is followed by
service test reports, certificates or other required documentation, and
projects are usually completed in accordance with required

Areas of yard specialisation
Topside modules and constructions, i.a.: Process,
    Accommodation, Bridges, Flare towers, Jackets
Steel construction, :Templates, Subsea valve stations
Subsea piping
Semco Maritimes competences –
Rig upgrade - your preferred rig repair yard
Engineering and project survey
Semco Maritime project and engineering services can offer
you a complete front engineering package, by means of
offshore inspection surveys we performs the necessary
measurements where and when required.

Crane replacement
Semco Maritime has replaced and installed a number of
cranes, onboard drilling rigs and oil platforms.
We can offer a complete service including removal and
disposal of the removed crane, pedestal, kingpost and
boom, installation of the new crane and a full commissioning
Semco Maritimes competences –
Rig upgrade - your preferred rig repair yard
Accommodation and accommodation upgrade
Our accommodation engineering service is a key concept
within our rig project team, we have executed a significant
number of these projects both in the port of Esbjerg and
around the world.
Spud can/tank repair
Semco Maritime has experience in spud can repair using
the cofferdam technique as well as extensive experience in
tank repair both in a yard and offshore. Prefabrication and
installation of complete new shaker houses is another of
our specialities.
Power upgrade
Semco Maritime has executes a large number of electrical
power upgrades of drilling rigs both offshore and within a
Semco Maritime - competences
Manpower - consultants
Customer requirements
Our organisation adapts to the needs and requirements of individual customers and of
individual customers and projects. Involvements varies from the hiring of specialists – small
installation teams for specific tasks – to the recruitment of large workforces for major
reconstruction work on drilling rigs and production platforms.
Semco Resources
Semco Maritime provides consultants, i.a. engineers and technicians, to industries all over
the world. With our special know-how we qualify and develop new technicians and engineers
within our company, so that we can offer well qualified consultants for our customers.
Consultancy Engineering – specialist Engineers
Our expertise includes, mechanical and electrical systems, structure, piping,
instrumentation, control and documentation. We are capable pf performing:
Feasibility Studies, Front End Engineering & Design (FEED), Detailed Design,
Theoretical studies and analysis, Specialised modelling and measurements.
Semco Maritimes competences –
Component Sales
Customer focus
Individual customers have their own systems,
ways of working, and needs.

For the last 25 years, Semco Maritime has
supplied the offshore and other industries with
explosion-proof installations and maintenance

Our stock materials include:
Offshore/ship cables, glands, junction boxes,
light fixtures, cable ties, beacons, sounders,
trays cable/pipe transits, etc.
Semco Maritimes competences –
Component Sales
Semco Maritime has built strong relations to and entered into agreements with a
large number of recognized manufactures and suppliers:

• Clifford Snell (Ex-lamps, Call points, Sounders)
• Bifold (Instrumentation valves, Double Block Bleed manifolds)
• Milton Roy (Pumps)
• Victor lighting (Ex lighting)
• Jemtland, Norway (Cable Trays)
• Nokia Siemens Networks (Teledata solutions)
• DRAKA Norsk Kabel, Norway (Offshore Cables)
• JS Cable, Korea (Marine & Offshore cables)
• WalSall, UK (Ex-Junction Boxes)
• C.M.P, UK (Ex-Cables Glands)
• Roxtec, Sweden (Fire Transit System)
• Vantrunk (Steel framing systems)
Semco Maritimes competences –
Component Sales
Semco Maritime has built strong relations to and entered into agreements with a
large number of recognized manufactures and suppliers:

• MEDC, UK (Ex-Lamps, Call Points, Sounders)
• Pyropress, UK (Instrument Switches, Fittings)
• Redapt, UK (Ex-Reducers, Adapter, Blindplug)
• DTS, France (Ex Lighting)
• Schischeck, Germany (Ex-Electrical Actuators)
• Esvagt, Denmark (Personnel Baskets)
• Westmarine (Hoisting Stretcher)
• Master clock system
• SemSafe
• SemSound
• SemCam
• Honeywell Zellweger Sieger, Switzerland (Fire & Gas)
• IMT (Helideck lighting)

Semco Maritime´s competences –
Fluid systems
Semco Maritime offers a wide range of solutions;

Fire Extinguishing System
SemSafe Water Mist System
Deluge System
Foam System

Heating & Ventilation Systems
Chilled Water and Gas Cooling Systems
Semco Maritime´s competences –
Fluid systems
Semco Maritime offers a wide range of solutions;

Hydraulic systems
Wellhead Control Panel
Hydraulic Power Pack
Valve Control Panel
Accumulator Panel
Fusible Plug System

Chemical Injection Systems
Pump Skids
Injection Panels
Modification of existing skids
Semco Maritime´s competences –
Transmission systems                                Structured Network
Satellite VSAT / Inmarsat
                                                    Voice Communication
Radio Links (Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint)
                                                    Radio Communication (UHF/VHF)
Fibre Cable
                                                    Telephone Switchboards and systems
Data Networks (LAN)
Large transmission systems (STM1/4)
                                                    Paging systems (UHF)
                                                    Aeronautical Radio systems (VHF)
TV and Video systems
                                                    Public Announcement (PA)
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Entertainment Systems
                                                    Safety Systems
Gyro stabilised Antennas
                                                    Public Announcement and General
Surveillance systems
                                                    Alarm Systems (PA/GA)
                                                    Control and Monitoring
Radio beacons
                                                    Sem-Lon Communication system
Radar systems
                                                    Weather Monitoring
GPS systems
                                                    Environmental Monitoring
Semco Maritime´s competences –
Mechanical, Structural & Piping
Design and development

The structural and Piping and Engineering Department develops, analyses and
manages the manufacturing and testing of wide range of customised products.
Using our in-house knowledge and experience within the mechanical and structural
engineering sectors, we have developed high standards and strengths in the
production of mechanical and structural equipment.
Semco Maritime´s competences –
Service, maintenance and installation
High, maintenance and installation

High flexibility in terms of both personnel and
equipment enables Semco Maritime to carry out
any servicing task – either in own workshops or
at customers anywhere in the world.
All tests and calibration performed by Semco
Maritime are documented in a certificate and/a
service test report.

Our services cover the following areas:

Service & maintenance
Hydraulic Systems
Instrument hire
Semco Maritimes competences
Supplier of complete solutions and
innovative designs
Semco Maritime has designed and developed a
wide range of concepts and products.


• Rig upgrade – SemConcept
• Power upgrade
• Power Plant


•   Fire fighting system – SemSafe
•   PA/GA systems – SemSound
•   Control and monitoring systems – SemView
•   CCTV - SemCam
SemSafe Water Mist Fire-Fighting System
SemSafe is an operationally safe, unique fire-extinguishing system which
exclusively uses atomised water, forming dense water mist, which is
extremely efficient at extinguishing fires without using any chemical
additives. This means that the system is one of the most effective and
evironmentally friendly available.

All fire theory is based on the so-called fire triangle, which describes the three elements
required in order for a fire to ignite:
• Combustible material
• Oxygen
• Heat
Maximum efficiency, minimum water consumption and maximum protection for
accommodation and engine rooms. This is the SemSafe water mist fire-fighting system.

The SemSound Public Address/Generel Alarm system is a fully digital system
specially designed by Semco Maritime to the high safety requirements in the oil and
gas industry.
• Fully redundant and digital with CD sound quality.
• Distributed system based on SM and MM fibre optical cables
• Low power consumption and low heat emission
• Software-based setup incl. web-based remote configuration and monitoring

SemCam® CCTV systems

• Special developed to the oil and gas industry.

• High quality system and affordable prices.

• Explosion proof Pan Tilt Zoom camera stations with redundant motor.

• High quality 316L stainless steel, presetting, many different cameras to choose

• IP 67 Fixed camera station ATEX approved with wiper.

• Explosion proof wash system and SS 316L junction boxes.

• Bosch Digital Video Recorder system and network based recording systems
Semco Maritime’s market sector –
Power plants;
More than 20 years of experience in design and construction of cogeneration plants and a
number of industrial process energy plants

Transmission lines & substations;
Semco Maritime offers projects in the business areas of transmission lines and
substations.Semco Maritime is the main contractor and offers full scope of contracting on
all voltage levels to both public and private sector.

Navigation, communication, Airfield ground lightning, Meteorological systems
Airport safety           Airport Utility          Airport safety
systems                  Systems                  systems

Security Systems         Surveillance             Security Systems
Fire protection          systems                  Fire protection
Passenger                Power Systems            Passenger
Information                                       Information
Semco Maritime’s market sector -
Telecommunication and data transmission network systems for:
Platforms, Bridge, Tunnel projects, Large private radio link network e. g.
Kuwait City

Turnkey Contractor

Project Development, Project Management / Engineering, Financing
Services, Commissioning, O & M, After sales service
World-wide Experience
Over the last three decades, Semco Maritime has built up
experience with international projects.
     Power upgrade of mobile offshore units
     IOOC: Alborz rig in UAE
     EDC: Kamoze rig in Egypt

     Rig conversions
     Maersk Contractors: Maersk Giant in Denmark
     Ensco: Ensco 71 in Denmark

     Accommodation upgrades
     GSF: Galaxy II in Scotland
     Ensco: Ensco 71 in Denmark

     Topside fabrication
     Maersk Oil & Gas: Harald West in Denmark
     Maersk Oil & Gas: Valdemar BA in Denmark
World-wide Experience
Over the last three decades, Semco Maritime has built up
experience with international projects.

    Offshore Modifications
    Statoil: Statfjord A/B/C In Norway
    Dong: Siri platform in Denmark

    Communication projects
    Sea Launch platform in the Pacific Ocean
    Data transmission in Kuwait City

    Power Plants
    Geotherm: Diesel Power Plant in El Salvador
    Diesel power plant in Ha Tien, China
    Diesel power plant, Total Fina Elf, Lyon, France
Benefits for Semco Maritimes customers

Semco Maritime
one contractor - Several advantages -
numerous benefits - for all customers

- covering all areas form design to supply of
products and services as well as fabrication
and installation to both the Danish and the
international markets.

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