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									Martha Vye, Editor, 330-644-7490 or vye@uakron.edu                            April/May 2011

                      THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON

               WOMEN’S CLUB
                       Visit us on-line at www.uakron.edu/groups/fwc

                                 Spring Salad Luncheon
                                 Saturday, May 14, 2011

                                 At home of Leslie Bain
                                 13403 Mt. Eaton Road (this is also State Rt. 94)

11 a.m.       Installation of New Board
12 Noon       Luncheon

Members are asked to bring a salad for 6 to 8 people. Bread, dessert, coffee,
tea and soft drinks will be provided.

RSVP by May 12 to Leslie Bain 330-658-1965 or bain@ohio.net.

Directions: From Akron, take either Interstate 77 or 76 west until you intersect
Rt. 21. Turn south on 21 towards Massillon. Continue on 21 until you encounter
Rt. 585. Turn right (west) on 585 towards Wooster. Travel approx 5 miles to
intersection of Rt. 94. Turn right (north) on 94. Travel approximately 1/4 mile--
cedar home with green roof on right. Long gravel drive--ample parking in front
of home.

Dues, dues, dues for the 2011-2012 academic year will be due soon. Our fiscal year is June 1 to
May 31. Please complete the form at the end of this newsletter and send it along with your
check to Beverly Brockett; her address is on the form. Associate members who are regular
participants in Special Activities are encouraged to pay full dues ($20).
                                    Special Activities
                                  Chair: Jan McMillin (440-838-0985)

   Newcomers are welcomed and encouraged to join any of these groups. Please call the
   chairpersons to let them know of your interest.

     Afternoon Book Review             Chair: Kathy Zbinden (330-836-3566)

This group meets the last Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m. The details for the meetings for the remainder
of this academic year follow:
Date           Hostess               Selection

April 26       Carolyn Cox             The Help by Kathryn Stockett
May 31         Carolyn Ryan            South of Broad by Pat Conroy
June 28        Jean Questel            Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati

   Evening Book Review

Co-Chairs: Sherry Yoke (330-676-0611) and Laura Monroe (330-666-3747)

This group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Here are the remaining selections for this
academic year:

April 20   The Help by Kathryn Stockett to be reviewed by Iris Kuehls. Carolyn Cox will host.

May 18     Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali to be reviewed by Laura Monroe. Laurel Winters will host.

Call either of the co-chairs if you have a question.

♣♠ Bridge Groups
Women’s afternoon: Chair: Iris Kuehls (330-836-8623)

This group meets the fourth Thursday at noon for lunch and bridge.

The next meeting dates are April 28 and May 26. The group will continue to meet at Rockynol. Lunch
and bridge will be in a room off the main dining room at Rockynol.

Women’s evening: Chairs: Iris Kuehls (330-836-8623)

This group meets on the first Monday evening of each month at 7:30 except for August and September.
Anyone interested in afternoon or evening bridge as a regular player or as a substitute should call Iris.

On April 4, Barbara Hansford will host at her home; on May 2, Carolyn Cox will host.
 Gardening        Chair: Kathy Sasowsky (330-670-0454)

Please call Kathy at number above or e-mail kc@sasowsky.com if you are interested in the
    Gardening Group this spring or summer.

   Gourmet Dinner                 Chair: Martha Vye (330-644-7490)

  The dates and hosts for the Gourmet Dinner Group for the remainder of this academic year follow:

    April 9                  Sharon and Bob Gandee
    May 21                   Sylvia and Howard Johnson

   Hiking         Chair: Sonia Dial (330-867-9540)

Date                    Trail                           Location                    Contact         Comments
9-Apr Bath Road Heronry & Lower O'Neil's Woods Riverview Road                      Carol Ellis   Saturday hike –
                                                                                                 rain date 4/16
21-Apr   Boston Run Trail - Virginia Kendall         Happy Days (Rt.303)           Carol Ellis
5-May    Covered Bridge, Blue Bells & Riding Run     Everett Road                 Bev Cinovec
  19-    Oxbow Trail - Cascade Valley                Cuyahoga Street               Sonia Dial
 2-Jun   Jackson Township North Park                 Fulton Rd. NW                 Sonia Dial
16-Jun   Bath Nature Preserve                        Ira Road                      Leslie Bain
30-Jun   Willow Trail - Firestone Metro Park         Warner Road                  Bev Cinovec
 7-Jul   Schumacher & Valley Link - Cascade Valley   Cuyahoga Street               Leslie Bain
21-Jul   Ledges - Virginia Kendall                   Ledges Road                  Carolyn Cox
4-Aug    Gorge Trail - Gorge Metro Park              Front Street                 Bev Cinovec
18-Aug   Brecksville Geologic Exploration            Chippewa Creek Drive          Leslie Bain   Dr. Roger Bain
                                                                                                 to lead hike
 1-Sep   Bedford Reservation - Cleve Metro Park      Gorge Parkway                 Sonia Dial
15-Sep   Springfield Bog & Wingfoot State Park                                     Iris Kuehls
29-Sep   Whipps Ledges - Hinckley Reservation        Bellus Road                   Leslie Bain
 6-Oct   Tinkers Creek State Park                                                  Carol Ellis
27-Oct   Allardale - Medina Parks                    Remsen Road                   Iris Kuehls

                                Contact Information              E-mail              Phone
                                         Leslie Bain - bain@ohio.net              330-658-1965
                                   Beverly Cinovec - bcinovec@att.net             330-869-9138
                                       Carolyn Cox -                              330-836-9480
                                          Sonia Dial - sdial@uakron.edu           330-867-9540
                                          Carol Ellis - pagellis@roadrunner.com   330-650-2221
                                         Iris Kuehls -                            330-836-8623

   Hikes are all on Thursdays except first one. We leave trailhead at 10 AM.

 Tour Group           Co-chairs: Patty Caplan (330-864-1681) and Sharon Gandee (330-864-4659)

This group plans many events in advance but also does things on the spur of the moment, whenever
someone suggests an interesting activity. Therefore, many activities occur without being in the

Patty and Sharon have a list of those who have attended in the past and they either e-mail or call
everyone on the list. If you are interested in being on the list, contact Patty if you want to be informed
by e-mail or Sharon if you want to be called. This way you won’t miss out on any activities.

      Let’s Do Lunch! Co-chairs: Mary Cooke (330-972-7890) and Frances Donatelli (330-972-7948)

This activity will resume in the fall. Look for the next “lunch out” date in the Aug/Sept newsletter..
Call either Mary or Frances if you have a question.

         Knit/Crochet Group        Chair: Kate Waits (234-678-6319)

This group will meet Tuesday, April 12 and 26.
       Afternoon meeting - 3:30-5:00
       Evening meeting - 6:30-8:00
At the Highland Square Branch Library
807 West Market Street, Akron

Come whenever you can - we're VERY informal. Instruction/advice available at all meetings.
BEGINNERS WELCOME. We provide all materials for beginners.
Questions? Contact Kate Waits - kw269@cornell.edu

                         Women’s Club News and Notes
Note: If you have any news regarding our members such as illnesses, births, or deaths, please call our
Corresponding Secretary Carrie Tomko at 330-338-9115 or e-mail cat22@uakron.edu. Carrie will send an
appropriate card with regards from the Club.

A Note from Carolyn Cox—My thanks to those in the Club who continue to make our Holiday Luncheon such a
success. There were 30 in attendance last December 9. As usual the Women’s City Club was beautifully
decorated. Our table favors in 2010 were blue mugs and decorated holiday pencils, and centerpieces were Yule
trees of various materials, some glitzy, which the bridge winners took home as prizes.

Thanks to Carol Ramey and Iris Kuehls, who as usual helped set up and clean up. Several of you commented that
there was an extra warmth and friendliness this year.

The 2011 date is Thursday, December 8, same time, same place. Save the date!! --Carolyn

Regina Larson’s husband Ralph H. Larson passed away in December 2010. Regina was the Faculty Women’s
Club (now Women’s Club) president in 1965-66 and is now an Honorary member. Donations may be sent to the
Ralph Larson Memorial Fund at The University of Akron Foundation.

Photo Galley
Photos taken at the Spring General Meeting, March 24, 2011, at the Hower House

Left to right: (1) Diane Vukovich, Shelly Durbin, Laura Monroe (2) Kathy Sasowsky and Carol Ramey
(3) Patty LaNasa, Sally Ann Anderson and Dr. Larry Snider (4) Musicians Joseph Leaman and Thomas

                              MEMBERSHIP FORM FOR 2011-2012
                                        (Fiscal year – June 1 to May 31)

Please send this completed form, along with a check made payable to UA Women’s Club, to Beverly Brockett, 851 Lakeview
Court, Kent, OH 44240
Your Name ______________________________Spouse’s Name _______________________________
Your Dept ____________________________Spouse’s Dept ____________________________
Mailing Address (Street) _______________________________________________________________
City, State, ZIP _______________________________________________________________________
E-mail address _______________________________________________________
Home phone ______________________________ Work phone _____________________________
Membership Status: __ Active ($20) __ New Member ($20) __ Associate* ($10)
Scholarship Donation _______
* Associates are those who have been active dues paying members and are now in retirement status.

Associates who are regular participants in special activities are encouraged to pay full dues.
____ Please check here if you do not wish to receive a reminder call prior to WC programs.
____ Please check here if you wish to receive newsletter via U. S. Mail.

Please let us know what special activities you might be interested in (check as many as you like):
____ Afternoon Bridge ____Evening Bridge ____ Afternoon Book Review ___ Evening Book Review
____Gardening ____ Let’s Do Lunch ____ Gourmet Dinner ____ Hiking ___ Tour Group ___ Knit/ Crochet

The U of Akron Women’s Club
c/o Martha W. Vye
71 Whitefriars Drive
Akron, OH 44319


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