Atomic Structure _ Electron Cloud Review

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					Name _______________________________                      Date __________               Period __________

                                             UNIT 3 Test Review

1. You must use all of your notes, quizzes and graded work to complete this review. A grade will be taken.

2. Fill in the following electromagnetic spectrum:

                                                     nm                 nm

3. Describe the relationship between the following variables:
      a. Color and Wavelength                                     c. Frequency and Energy

       b. Wavelength and Frequency                                d. Speed of different types of
                                                                     electromagnetic radiation

4. Briefly describe what happen that allowed you to see colors in the flame test lab.

5. What is the energy of a quantum of light with a frequency of 4.31 X 1014 1/s or Hz?

6. A certain violet light has a wavelength of 413 nm. What is the frequency of the light?

7. What is the energy of light with a wavelength of 662 nm?

8. Complete the following table

                           Sublevel Number of Orbitals Max number of electrons

9. Answer the following short answer questions

       a. What is the shape of an “s” orbital?                    b. What is the shape of a “p” orbital?
Name _______________________________                         Date __________              Period __________

10. Define each of the following rules:
        a. Hund                                  b. Pauli                                 c. Aufbau

11. Draw orbital diagrams for

       a. Beryllium                              b. Carbon                                c. Aluminum

12. Write electron configurations for

       a. Lithium                       b. Arsenic                   c. Silver                     d. Uranium

13. Write the electron dot diagrams for the following

       a. Lithium                       b. Arsenic                   c. Argon                      d. Calcium

14. Arrange each group of elements in order of increasing ionization energy.
       a. F, Br, I, Cl
       b. Ga, Al, Tl, B
       c. Al, Si, Cl, S
15. For each group of elements, choose the one with the largest atomic radius.
       a. He, Rn, Xe, Ar
       b. As, N, P, Bi
       c. Ba, Hf, Os, Hg
16. In general, ionization energies of the elements _______________ across each period.
17. Among the elements, ionization energies generally _______________ down each group.
18. The measure of the ability of an atom in a chemical compound to attract electrons is called
19. In general, this ability to attract electrons _________________ across each period.
20. In general, the atomic radii of the element _________________ down a group.
21. Arrange the following in order of increasing ion size: Cl ion, Al ion, P ion, Mg ion, Na ion

22. Be sure to know WHY the trends behave the way the do.