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									                                                                   Research Australia Philanthropy Strategic
                                                                           Framework 2007 - 2010

                                                                                                          • Greater investment and support for health
                                                                                                            and medical research from philanthropic
                            To make health and medical                                                      sources
                            research a higher national priority                                           • A culture of giving for health and medical
                            for Australia as a nation and              Mission            Goals             research
                            Australians as a community                                                    • Establish Research Australia Philanthropy as
                                                                                                            a sustainable program

                                            Advocacy                           Connecting                                 Partnering

                                          Build awareness,                     Build productive                      Extend the alliance and
                                        generate recognition,               relationships between                        leverage through
                                        and enlist support of                 givers and seekers                      effective partnerships
                                          key stakeholders

                                    • Profile philanthropy and            • Identify the giving and                 • Develop alliance partners
Priorities and activities

                                      HMR success                           seeking population                        with key stakeholder groups
                                    • Raise awareness of role of          • Create access tools through             • Support and partner with
                                      HMR philanthropy                      the website, assessment                   NHMRC on specific projects
                                    • Promote policy to national            resources, tools to develop             • Identify potential national
                                      and state agencies                    proposals, resource                       and international partnership
                                                                            referrals points                          support arrangements
                                    • Effective communications
                                      through all avenues,                • Facilitate connections and
                                      including media                       networks
                                    • “Build a supporter base of          • Provide leadership and
                                      champions                             linkage ie advice bank,
                                                                            affinity group.

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