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                     Detailed KS3 Scheme of Work 2007-8
Lesson             Objectives                   Outline                                      Resources                       Homework
Year 7
Unit 7.0 Introduction to Rodillian Network – 2 weeks
Lesson 1           Understand why networks      Seating plan.                                Password lists                  Intro to RODS
Logging on to a    are used.                    Passwords.                                                                   network lesson
network and file Recognise the need for         Demo.                                                                        1 homework
management         considerate use of a         Practical.                                                                   booklet
                   Manage allocated space
Lesson 2           Find and load software       Demo.                                                                        Software,
Using software,    Understand why it is         Loading software.                                                            saving and
saving and         important to save work       File names.                                                                  printing lesson
printing           correctly.                   Folders.                                                                     2 homework
                   Understand why it is         Printing 1 copy.                                                             booklet
                   important to use resources

Unit 7.1 Using ICT (presentation) – 6 weeks
Lesson 1           Understand the purpose of                      Starter: Identifying       Pat’s poor presentatio.ppt      Collecting
Selecting and      presentations and                              key content in a                                           images about
organising         audiences.                                     presentation.              Pat’s good presentation.ppt     you
content for a      Recognise presentations                        Considering critically
presentation       are aimed at a particular                      the information in a       Using outliner function.ppt
                   audience.                                      presentation.
                   Create a design using the                      The aim of the unit
                   outliner function.                             Organising a
                                                                  Creating an initial
                                                                  Plenary: Reviewing
                                                                  match of content to
                                                                  Homework: Choosing
                                                                  and collecting
                                                                  pictures to illustrate a

Lesson 2               Choose appropriate images                  Starter: Images for a      Using images.ppt                Collecting
Selecting and          for a presentation.                        purpose.                                                   other images
using                  Use different methods to                   Choosing images            Using images 2.ppt
appropriate            capture images.                            Adding images to a
images                 Combine images with the                    presentation.              Pat’s poor presentation 2.ppt
                       presentation.                              Creating a
                                                                  presentation with
                                                                  Plenary: What
                                                                  images work well,
                                                                  and why.
                                                                  Collecting images to
                                                                  support the message
                                                                  and justifying

Lesson 3               Understand that font style,                Starter:                   Pat’s poor presentation 3.ppt   Annotating
Selecting and          size and colour can change                 Appropriateness of                                         presentations
using                  the meaning of a                           text and colour in a       Text and colour.ppt             to suggest
appropriate            presentation.                              presentation.                                              improvements
fonts and              Evaluate the effects of fonts              Using different
colours                and colour on a                            colours and text in a
                       presentation.                              presentation.
                                                                  Using text
                                                                  characteristics to
                                                                  convey meaning.
                                                                  Developing the
                                                                  presentation through
                                                                  fonts and colour.
                                                                  Plenary: Evaluating
                                                                  the effect of fonts
                                                                  and colour.

238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                                       page 1

                                                                   presentations to
Lesson 4                Understand that sound can                  Starter: Different        Sound.ppt                      Use of sound
Selecting and           change the meaning of a                    uses of sound in a                                       in television
using                   presentation.                              presentation.                                            advertisements
appropriate             Evaluate the effects of                    Using sound to
sounds                  sound on a presentation.                   create atmosphere.
                                                                   Inserting sounds in a
                                                                   Developing the
                                                                   presentation by
                                                                   adding sound.
                                                                   Evaluating the use of
                                                                   Plenary: Using sound
                                                                   effectively in a
                                                                   Homework: Use of
                                                                   sound in television
Lesson 4 a
Extra lesson to
Lesson 5                Explain why it is important                Starter: Rules for a      Perfect presentation           Suggesting
Modifying the           to use consistent formats in               ‘perfect presentation’.   guidelines sheet.doc           presentation
style of a              a presentation i.e.                        Comparing the                                            content for an
presentation for        backgrounds, colour                        presentation with the     Perfect presentations.ppt      adult audience
a different             schemes, fonts and layout.                 rules.
audience                Change the look and feel of                Applying a consistent
                        a presentation to suit a                   format in
                        different audience.                        presentation
                                                                   Adapting the
                                                                   presentation style for
                                                                   a different audience.
                                                                   Evaluating the
                                                                   revised presentation.
                                                                   Plenary: Comparing
                                                                   the style of
                                                                   presentations for
                                                                   different audiences
                                                                   presentation content
                                                                   for an adult

Lesson 6                Adapt a presentation for an                Starter: Suggesting       Evaluation sheet.doc           Reviewing
Modifying the           adult audience.                            adaptions to a                                           what has been
content of a            Discuss using the                          presentation.             Pat’s poor presentation4.ppt   learned
presentation for        presentation with a wider                  Adjusting content for
a different             audience.                                  an adult audience.        Pat’s good presentation.ppt
audience                Evaluate presentations                     Adapting the
                        using set criteria.                        presentation content
                                                                   for an adult
                                                                   presentations against
                                                                   Plenary: Extending
                                                                   the presentation to a
                                                                   wider audience.
                                                                   Reviewing what has
                                                                   been learned.
Goal Test
Unit 7.2 Using data & information sources including Introduction to RODS Internet & E-mail – 7 weeks
Lesson a          Understand why we use the Starter: What is the       Internet passwords.         Internet
Logging on to     Internet.                    internet and what is it                             homework
Leeds learning    Recognise the need for       used for.               Information sources         lesson a.
Network           considerate use of the       What is a browser       worksheet

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                                    page 2

                        Internet.                                  and features.
                        Log on to and navigate                     Demo logging on and
                        around the Internet.                       navigation.
                                                                   Practical: students
                                                                   log on and go to a
                                                                   defined web site,
                                                                   navigate around the
                                                                   Plenary: student
                                                                   Identify browser
                                                                   toolbar icons.

Lesson b                Understand how we can                      Starter: What is e-       I                           Internet
Using the               use the Interent to                        mail, why is it used,
Internet to             communicate.                               other communication.
communicate             Recognise the need for                     Equipment and
                        considerate use of the e-                  service needed to
                        mail.                                      use e-mail.
                        Log on to your e-mail, send                Demo logging on to
                        and receive an e-mail.                     LLN e-mail and
                                                                   Pratical: Send e-mail
                                                                   to teacher.
                                                                   Plenary: Considerate
                                                                   use of e-mail.
                                                                   Homework: Internet
Lesson c                Understand how we can                      Starter: What is an       Attachment file.            Internet and e-
Using the               use e-mail to send files.                  attachment, why use                                   mail
Internet to send        Recognise the need for                     attachments.
files.                  considerate use of the e-                  Demo using
                        mail.                                      attachments.
                        Log on to your e-mail and                  Practical: Load and
                        send a file.                               save file.
                                                                   Practical: Complete
                                                                   task and e-mail file to
                                                                   Plenary: How
                                                                   attachments could
                                                                   help your school
                                                                   Homework: Internet
                                                                   and e-mail.
Lesson 1                Identify different sources of              Starter: Identifying      7.2 pupil resource1.doc     Obtaining
Matching                information.                               purposes of                                           information,
information to          Describe how different                     information.              7.2 pupil resource2.doc     Lost and
purpose                 types of information can be                Sample size and                                       found.
                        used.                                      composition.              7.2 pupil resource3.doc
                        Explain why the size of a                  Choosing a sample.
                        group and the people in it                 Phrasing questions.       7.2 pupil resource4.doc
                        are important when carrying                Plenary: Ensuring
                        out a survey.                              that all questions are    7.2 pupil resource1.doc
                        Write questions that will                  answered.
                        collect the information                    Homework: Using           7.2 teacher resource1.ppt
                        required for a survey.                     questions to obtain
                                                                   relevant information.

                                                                   NB can just use
                                                                   teacher resource 1
                                                                   and discuss.
Lesson 2                Identify the information you              Starter: Identifying      7.2 pupil resource 5.doc    Identify
Selecting               need for a task.                           relevant information.                                 information,
sources and             Search for information on                  Searching and             7.2 teacher resource2.ppt   summer
finding relevant        the internet.                              selecting within a                                    holiday
information             Narrow down searches on                    website.
                        the internet.                              Narrowing down a
                                                                   search for a website:
                                                                   Narrowing down a
                                                                   search for a website:
                                                                   practical work.
                                                                   Plenary: Summary of

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                                  page 3

                                                                   Identifying relevant
Lesson 3                Identify how missing or                    Starter: Recognising       7.2 teacher resource3.ppt    Judging
Assessing the           inaccurate information can                 that not all               7.2 pupil resource 7.doc     website, battle
reliability of          mislead people.                            information is                                          of hastings
information             Decide if information is                  accurate.                  7.2 pupil resource 8.pdf
                        reliable and relevant.                     Recognising that
                        State the source of any                    missing or inaccurate
                        information used.                          information can
                                                                   information sources.
                                                                   information sources.
                                                                   Homework: Judging
                                                                   the relevance and
                                                                   reliability of a website
Lesson 4                Find information about a                   Starter: introduce                                      Rainforests in
Using the               topic.                                     task.                                                   geography
Internet to find        Select appropriate                         Practical work.
information             information.                               Plenary: review some
                        Present the information in a               work.
                        suitable form.                             Homework: rainforest
                                                                   in geography
Unit task          Find information about a                        Starter: introduce
Using the          topic.                                          task.
Internet to find   Select appropriate                              Practical work.
information and    information..                                   Plenary: review some
send a file        Present the information in a                    work.
                   suitable form
Unit 7.3 Leaflet Design & Graphics – 8 weeks
Lesson 1           Recognise why corporate                         Starter: What is a         Amstead June.pdf             Plan a leaflet
Corporate          images are important.                           corporate image?                                        for school.
Image              To insert text and graphics                     Planning another           Amstead July.pdf
                   into set layout.                                publication for the
                   To plan a suitable A4 layout                    same organization.         Amstead logo.gif
                   for Year 6 pupils.                              Software techniques
                                                                   for transferring the       Text for Amstead cover.doc
                                                                   design to the
                                                                   computer.                  Amstead August photo.jpg
                                                                   Creating a design.
                                                                   Plenary: Design brief      Page layout template.pdf
                                                                   for the task.
                                                                   Homework: Creating
                                                                   a layout for a subject
                                                                   information sheet.
Lesson 2                Learn to insert graphics.                  Starter: Elements of       Leaflet eval.doc             Collecting
Designing a             Identify features of a good                good design.                                            logos
Leaflet                 design.                                    Transferring draft         Amstead June.pdf
                        Use these features in our                  design layout to the
                        own work.                                  computer.                  Amsteadbad1.pdf
                        Use criteria to evaluate our               Using criteria to
                        own work and others.                       evaluate leaflets.         Amsteadbad2.pdf
                        Select features of a good                  Plenary: Evaluating
                        logo.                                      leaflet design.            Subjects info.doc
                                                                   Collecting familiar        Rodillian leaflet folder
                                                                   logos and
                                                                   considering their          School images folder
                                                                   design features.
Lesson 3                Identify key features of a                 Starter: Considering       Logos.ppt                    Looking at
Creating a logo         good logo.                                 different logos.                                        leaflets
                        Create a logo using vector                 Why are logos used?        Vector v bitmap.ppt
                        graphics and WordArt.                      Creating a logo
                        Use software to ungroup                    containing text and a      Dgitalimaging flash
                        and regroup graphics and                   vector-based               presentation
                        text to produce a logo.                    graphic.
                        Apply teachers criteria to                 Plenary: Evaluating        Logoeval.doc
                        evaluate my own work.                      logos.
                        Identify corporate features                Homework:
                        and images used.                           Collecting leaflets
                                                                   that use images.

Lesson 4 & 5            To be able to explain why                  Starter: Why do we         Resource sheet.doc           Looking at

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                                    page 4

Capturing               images are used in leaflets.               use images?                                            leaflets
images fit for          Identify and choose images                 Using images in the     Selection of processed
purpose                 that are 'fit for purpose'.                subject leaflets.       images
                        To be able to capture
                        images from:-                              Carousel:
                                     shared area                   Manipulating images.
                                     scanner                       Using a digital
                                     digital camera.               camera to capture
                        To be able to manipulate                   and manipulate
                        images by:-                                images.
                                     Resizing/cropping             Using a scanner to
                                     Recolour                      capture and
                        Adjust brightness/Contrast.                manipulate images.
                        Identify problems with                     Plenary: Using a
                        manipulated images and                     scanner to capture
                        suggested solutions.                       images (for lesson 4)
                        To be able to explain how
                        leaflets are created with                  Starter: Improving
                        reasons for choice of                      images (for lesson
                        design.                                    5).
                                                                   Plenary: Capturing
                                                                   images (for lesson 5)
                                                                   Describing the
May need extra
lesson to finish
Lesson 6                To be able to design a                     Starter: Good design    Leafleteval.doc                Thinking
Creating a              suitable leaflet for an adult              in a folded leaflet.                                   ahead
Folded Leaflet          audience.                                  Changing an A4                                         Review and
                        Refine information for an                  design to fit a                                        evaluation
                        adult audience.                            different format.
                        To be able to copy and                     The final product.
                        paste from an A4 leaflet to                Plenary: Identifying
                        a new layout.                              elements of good
                        Create an annotated                        design for printed
                        display.                                   material.
                        Successfully review main                   Homework:
                        features of a good design.                 Reviewing what has
                                                                   been learned
Lesson 7 & 8     Produce a leaflet for the                         Teacher                 ICT subject example.doc
Assesment        parents of year 6 students                        reource1.wmv
Task             interested in Rodillian                                                   Rodillian text1 welcome.doc
                 school.                       Single traffic light.ppt
                 To be able to design a                                                    Rodillian text2 subjects.doc
                 suitable leaflet for the      Pupil resource 2.doc
                 audience.                                                                 Rodillian text3 conduct.doc
                 Create a suitable layout      Vocab cards.doc
                 using DTP software.                                                       Rodillian text4
                 Copy, paste and format                                                    equalopps.doc
                 Insert suitable images.                                                   Rodillian text5 bullying.doc
                 Successfully review main
                 features of a good design.
Unit 7.6 Computer Control & Monitoring – 6 weeks
Lesson 1         Sequence a set of             Starter: Checking                           Teacher reource1.wmv           Comparing
Understanding    instructions to control a set pupils’ knowledge                                                          manual and
Control in       of traffic lights.            and understanding.                          Teacher resource2.wmv          automated
Everyday Life    Recognise the advantages      Everyday control:                                                          road crossings.
                 and disadvantages of using    traffic lights.                             Single traffic light.ppt
                 ICT to control events.        Using instructions to
                                               control events.                             Pupil resource 2.doc
                                               sequences.                                  Vocab cards.doc
                                               Plenary: Merits of
                                               using ICT to control                        Homework booklet.doc
                                               Comparing manual
                                               and automated road
Lesson 2         Write efficient instructions. Starter: Sequencing                         Teacher resource3.ppt          Creating a
Using flowchart  Break a task down into        instructions.                                                              flowchart.
symbols and      smaller steps.                Flowchart symbols.                          Pupil resource 3.doc

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                                   page 5

writing                 Order instructions into a                  Writing efficient
instructions            sequence.                                  instructions.
                        Use basic symbols in a                     Using software to
                        flow chart.                                control events.
                                                                   Plenary: Matching
                                                                   instructions to
                                                                   Homework: Creating
                                                                   a flowchart.
Lesson 3                Create a flowchart to                      Starter: Using a         Teacher resource 5.ppt         Control
Using a sensor          represent a simple system                  webcam to sense                                         systems that
as a switch in a        including a sensor.                        and log movement.                                       use a loop
control model           Describe how a loop is                     Loops.
                        used in a flowchart.                       Using software to
                        Use a decision box to                      control events.
                        represents questions in a                  Plenary: How a loop
                        flow chart diagram.                        can improve the
                        Describe input, process and                efficiency of a
                        output components of a                     system.
                        control system.                            Homework: Control
                        Refine flow chart systems                  systems that use a
                        so they are efficient.                     loop.
Lesson 4                Recognise systems that                     Starter: Linking         Teacher resource 6.ppt         Controlling
Creating and            use sensors and                            flowcharts to                                           greenhouse
testing control         sequences of instructions in               systems.                 Pupil resource6.doc            conditions.
models                  everyday life.                             More complex
                        Recognise how sensors are                  systems.                 Pupil resource 7.doc
                        used to monitor changes in                 Using control
                        light, sound and                           software for a
                        temperatures.                              simulation involving
                        Understand the advantages                  more than one
                        of using a computer for                    variable.
                        control.                                   Monitoring two
                        Use a variety of sensors to                variables at once.
                        control a simple system.                   Plenary: Advantages
                        Design and use a flow chart                of using a computer
                        to model your system.                      for control.
                        Test the system to ensure it               Homework:
                        works efficiently.                         Controlling
Lesson 5                Use control and monitoring                 Starter: Identifying     Teacher resource7.ppt          Using control
Creating an             software to create a                       the characteristics of                                  in different
efficient system        flowchart for a program that               a model.                 Pupil resource 8.doc           environments.
to monitor an           will switch on a light.                    Developing the
event                   Create a procedure                         model and the use of
                        (subroutine) to make a                     the software.
                        program more efficient.                    Using procedures to
                        To be able to explain how a                build a program.
                        control model works.                       Plenary:
                        To be able to explain how a                Understanding a
                        subroutine improves the                    system.
                        efficiency of a control                    Homework: Using
                        model.                                     control in different
                        Consider the efficiency of a               environments.
                        finished program.
                        Consider how control can
                        be used in real life events.
Lesson 6                Develop work                                                                                       Word search
Goal Test
Unit 7.4 Modelling & Presenting Numeric Data – 6 weeks
Lesson 1          To be able to use a         Starter: Problem-                             Zoo activity.ppt               examples of
Using a           spreadsheet effectively.    solving using a table                                                        models
Spreadsheet       To be able to use a         and presentation.                             7.4t1bZoo activity.xls
                  spreadsheet to display      Using a formula in a
                  data.                       spreadsheet.                                  7.4t1c presentation.ppt
                  To be able to use a         Creating a times
                  spreadsheet to calculate    table square.                                 7.4t1d table square.xls
                  outcomes.                   Setting up a simple
                  To be able to update a      spreadsheet.                                  7.4les1footleague task sheet
                  table.                      Using formulae to
                                              enter information into                        7.4les1 footleague.xls
                                              a spreadsheet.
                                              Plenary: Advantages
                                              and disadvantages of

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                                   page 6

                                                                  using a spreadsheet.
                                                                  examples of models
Lesson 2               Use spreadsheet as a                       Starter: Problem-         Teachers football league.xls    spreadsheet
Modelling using        model, to answer 'What                     solving using a                                           terms
a Spreadsheet          if&?' questions.                           simple spreadsheet.       Less2 footballleague.xls
                       Use a spreadsheet to                       The idea of a model.
                       display data.                              Using a model to find     Less2
                       Use a spreadsheet to carry                 information.              footballleague_tasksheet.doc
                       out simple calculations.                   Interrogating a model
                                                                  to answer questions.
                                                                  Using and                 Alternative activities
                                                                  interrogating a
                                                                  different model.          Zoo activity.xls
                                                                  Plenary: Advantages
                                                                  of using a model.         Biscuit questions and model
                                                                  spreadsheet terms
Lesson 3               To be able to change the                   Starter: Identifying      Rules and variables.ppt         improving a
Using a                'Format' of cells to show                  rules and variables.                                      model
Spreadsheet to         values in an appropriate                   Using a model to
build a Model          way.                                       make predictions.         7.4 less3 whats wrong.xls
                       To be able to find ways in                 Developing the
                       which a model may be                       model.                    or disco 7.4less3
                       improved.                                  Increasing the            tasksheet.doc
                                                                  function of the model.    model and activity
                                                                  Plenary: Reviewing
                                                                  the model.
                                                                  improving a model
Lesson 4               To add additional variables.               Starter: Ways of          7.4 les4 start.ppt              excel toolbar
Refining and                                                      increasing income
Developing a                                                      from an event.            7.4 discomodel activity 3 and
Model                                                             Adding a variable to      4.doc
                                                                  the model.
                                                                  Adding a further          or 7.4 leeson4 football
                                                                  variable to the model.    spreadsheet and tasksheet
                                                                  Plenary: Weakness
                                                                  of the model.
                                                                  Homework: excel
Lesson 5               To be able to use data to                  Starter: Presenting       7.4less5 sportsday              planning a
Ways of                create a report, including                 information for           starter.ppt                     model
Presenting             suitable graphs.                           audience and
Data from a            Discuss why some forms of                  purpose.                  7.4t5e chart data answer.xls
Spreadsheet            graph are clearer and more                 Using tables and
                       effective than others for                  graphs to present         7.4p5f school disco report
                       different audiences.                       information.              template
                       Consider the audience                      Inserting tables in a
                       when preparing a report.                   report.                   7.4t3g disco model.xls
                       Compare advantages and                     Creating a report
                       disadvantages of                           Plenary: Review of        help sheets copying, act5
                       presenting data with                       the modelling             help sheet1, act 5 help sheet
                       numbers or writing                         process.                  2.doc
                                                                  Homework: planning
                                                                  a model
Lesson 6                                                                                                                    wordsearch
Continue with

Lesson            Objectives                                      Outline                   Resources                       Homework
Year 8
Unit 8.0 File Management – 2 weeks
Lesson 1          Revise why networks are                         Starter: Check pupil's    8.0 les1 starter.ppt            Network terms
                  used.                                           knowledge of
                  Recognise the need for                          networks.                 file management.ppt
                  considerate use of a                            Demonstrate good
                  network.                                        file management.
                  Manage allocated space                          Demonstrate
                  effectively.                                    compression
                  Use file compression                            software.
                  software.                                       Pupils use file
                                                                  Plenary: Affect of file

238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                                     page 7

                                                compression on
                                                school system
                                                Homework: network
Lesson 2           Revise use of my computer. Starter: Check pupil's       8.0 les2 filetypes.doc          File types
                   Recognise the need for       knowledge of my
                   considerate use of           computer and
                   resources.                   mydocuments.
                   Recognise different file     Demonstrate use of
                   types.                       folders, views, file
                                                types and printing.
                                                Demonstrate use of
                                                screen grab pro.
                                                Pupils use screen
                                                Plenary: Discussion
                                                of file types and file
                                                Homework : file types
Unit 8.3 Information Reliability& Bias – 4 weeks
Lesson 1           Tell the difference between  Starter:                   Teacher resource1.ppt           Comparing
Using data and     a fact and an opinion.       Distinguishing                                             information
information        Recognise factors that       between fact and           8.3 pupil resource1 part1.doc   features
sources, criteria make information more         opinion.
for evaluating     reliable.                    Evaluating validity.       8.3 pupil resource part2 .doc
information        Recognise that information   Criteria for
                   must be accurate and         considering reliability.
                   reliable for it to be valid. Plenary: Evaluating
                   Describe features of a       clarity and
                   website that make it clear   accessibility.
                   and easy to use.             Homework:
                                                information features.
Lesson 2           Search the internet          Starter: Using             Pupil resource 2 - shapes       Searching for
Using              efficiently to find the      AND/OR/NOT.                                                information
searches,          information we need.         Searching a website        8.3 les2 shapes.ppt
searching and      Use AND, OR and NOT          and a CD-ROM.
selecting          when searching for           Key word searches..        pupil resource 3.doc
                   information.                 Full text searches.
                   Identify and use key words   Internet search            teacher resource2.pdf
                   in web searches.             engines.
                                                Plenary: Evaluating
                                                search engines.
                                                Searching for
Lesson 3           Search the internet          Starter: Using the         Pupil resource5.pdf             Finding
Extending and      efficiently to find the      advanced search                                            information
refining search    information we need.         facility.                  Teacher resource3 .ppt
methods            Use AND, OR and NOT in       Using precise strings
                   when searching for           and synonyms to            Pupil resource6.doc
                   information.                 refine a search.
                   Use strings and synonyms     Using search               Pupil resource7.doc
                   when searching for           engines and Boolean
                   information.                 operators.
                                                Plenary: Summary
                                                Describing how to
                                                make Internet
Lesson 4           Search the internet          Starter: Purpose and       8.3 What we have learnt in      Unit terms
Searching and      efficiently to find the      audience                   this unit.ppt
evaluating         information we need.          Finding information
                   Choose relevant              for a report.              Pupil resource9.doc
                   information from the         Selecting information
                   different websites found in  Plenary: Review of
                   a search.                    learning.
                   Explain why some             Homework: unit
                   information is more useful   terms
                   than others.
Goal Test
Unit 7.5 Data Handling – 6 weeks
Lesson 1           Decide what the information Starter: Checking           Pupil resource2..xls            Considering
Evaluating and     is to be used for.           pupils’ knowledge                                          the clarity of

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                    page 8

interrogating           Look at information and say                and understanding.        Pupil resource1.doc      information
anexisting data         whether it is biased.                      Considering critically                             represented
set                     Recognise poor quality                     the information in an     Pupil resource3.doc      graphically
                        information.                               existing data set.
                        That using poor quality                    Interrogating an
                        information lead to                        existing data set.
                        unreliable results.                        Generating graphs.
                        To select appropriate data                 Plenary: Considering
                        that could be presented in a               everyday uses of
                        graph.                                     graphical data.
                                                                   Considering the
                                                                   clarity of information
Lesson 2                Use data to answer a                       Starter: Review of        Pupil resource 2.xls     Collecting data
                        prediction.                                previous learning.
                        Use percentages to create                  Proposing and             Teacher resource1.xls
                        new information.                           testing hypotheses.
                        now the key features of a                 Using percentages to      Teacher resource2.xls
                        graph that make it easier to               derive new
                        understand.                                information.              7.5 les2 graphs.doc
                        Draw conclusions and see                   Plenary: Presenting
                        if the predictions are                     conclusions.
                        correct.                                   Homework:
                        Check the validity of the                  Collecting data
                        conclusion by changing the
                        data format.
Lesson 3                Identify the information                   Starter: Introducing      Teacher resource 3.doc   Collecting
                        needed to answer the                       questions to be                                    data.
                        prediction.                                answered.                 Teacher resource4.xls
                        Ask the appropriate                        Considering what
                        questions to answer                        data are required.
                        predictions.                               Framing the
                        Frame questions for ease                   questions for a
                        of collecting relevant data.               questionnaire.
                        Check that the                             Considering answers
                        questionnaire fits the                     to questions on a
                        purpose.                                   questionnaire.
                                                                   Plenary: Comparing
                                                                   local and national
                                                                   Collecting data.
Lesson 4                Create a database to hold                  Starter: Designing a      Teacher resource5.ppt    Evaluating
Creating a              the information collected.                 questionnaire.                                     individual
questionnaire           Evaluate the framing of                    Completing a              Teacher resource6.doc    database
and designing a         questions.                                 questionnaire.                                     designs.
data handling                                                      Plenary: Designing
file structure to                                                  and creating a data
answer a key                                                       handling file
question                                                           structure.
                                                                   Evaluating individual
                                                                   database designs.
Lesson 5                Know how to search the                     Starter: Checking         Pupil resource 5.xls     Improving data
Entering,               data to find specific results              data for errors.                                   collection to
checking and            to our the question.                       Entering and testing      Teacher resource7.doc    avoid pitfalls.
testing data            Identify errors in data.                   data.
                        Explore patterns between                   Creating graphs and       Teacher resource8.csv
                        variables.                                 charts for initial data
                                                                   analysis.                 Les5 census.xls
* may need                                                         Sorting data and
another lesson                                                     using selective           School census.mdb
to enter data,                                                     searching.
depending on                                                       Plenary: Recognising
group.                                                             the need to collect
                                                                   extra data to draw
                                                                   Improving data
                                                                   collection to avoid
Lesson 6                Draw conclusions using                     Starter: Ways of          Pupil resource6.doc      Extending the
Drawing                 data to support them.                      checking the                                       investigation

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                              page 9

conclusions             Explore patterns between                   plausibility of          Teacher resource9.ppt
and selecting           variables.                                 conclusions.
data to support         Evaluate the plausibility of               Drawing conclusions.     Teacher resource10.doc
them                    conclusions.                               Providing evidence to
                                                                   support conclusions      Teacher resource5.ppt
                                                                   and checking for
                                                                   Plenary: Relating
                                                                   conclusions to
                                                                   original questions
                                                                   Extending the
                                                                   investigation or
                                                                   preparing for the next
Unit 8.2 Publishing on The Web – 8 weeks
Lesson 1          Create a webpage using                           Starter: Reviewing       Teacher resource1.ppt    Planning the
Introducing the   HTML.                                            Year 7 learning.         Pupil resource 2.doc     home page of
unit and a text   Think about criteria for                         Introducing the unit.    Various home page        a website.
mark-up           judging a website.                               Introducing HTML.        examples.
language,         Understand that an                               Creating a simple        Homework booklet.doc
HTML              effective website will match                     web page in HTML.
                  the needs and interests of                       Plenary: Planning
                  users                                            extra features.
Lesson 2          Use a word processor to                          Starter: Relationship    www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies   Evaluating the
Comparing the     create a web page.                               between audience         teacher resource2.ppt    use of a
methods of        Think about technical                            and purpose.             pupil resource2.doc      wordprocessor
producing web     issues that affect electronic                    Using Microsoft Word     pupil resource4.doc      to create a
pages             communications.                                  to create a web                                   web page
                  Compare methods of                               page.
                  website production.                              Comparing methods
                                                                   of producing web
                                                                   Plenary: Looking
Lesson 3                Use diagrams to design the                 Starter: Considering     Teacher reource3.ppt     Researching
Planning the            structure of part of a school              audience needs.                                   users’ needs
website                 website.                                   Outlining the                                     and interests
structure               Be aware and take account                  structure.
                        of the needs and interests                 Identifying routes
                        of different users of the site.            through the
                        Take account of the ICT                    information.
                        available .                                File and folder
                                                                   Plenary: Reviewing
                                                                   the plan for the
                                                                   website structure.
Lesson 4                Use software to create a                   Starter: Thinking        Teacher resource4.ppt    Homework:
Introducing web         web page.                                  about page layouts.      Teacher resource5.ppt    Finding images
page creation,          Create the structure of the                Demonstrating the        Hswanim2.gif             for the section
structure and           page.                                      web page creation        School.htm               of the website
appearance              Add appropriate content to                 software.                One.css
                        the webpage.                               Style sheets.            Two.ccs
                        Use style sheets to create a               Plenary: Advantages      Three.css
                        corporate image.                           of style sheets.         Four.css
                                                                                            Pupil resource5.doc
                                                                                            Pupil resource6.doc
                                                                                            Pupil resource7.ppt
Lesson 5                Create the structure of the                Starter: Evaluating      Teacher resource5.ppt    Suggestions
Designing and           web page.                                  web pages.               Teacher resource6.ppt    for improving
creating a front        Add the content (text and                  Planning the design      Hswanim2.gif             the page
page for a              images) to the web page.                   of the front page of     School.htm
section                 Format the display on a                    the section.             One.css
                        webpage.                                   Creating the front       Two.ccs
                                                                   page.                    Three.css
                                                                   Plenary: Evaluating      Four.css
                                                                   the pages produced.      Pupil resource6.doc
                                                                                            Pupil resource7.ppt
Lesson 6                Use diagrams to help                       Starter: Considering     Teacher resource7.ppt    Drafting the
Designing web           design pages for a website.                the purposes of          Pupil resource8.ppt      text for a page.
pages                   Take account of the                        websites.                Pupil resource9.doc
                        interests and needs of                     Planning and
                        different users of the site.               designing pages for
                        Take account of the ICT                    the section.
                        available.                                 Plenary: Sharing

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                            page 10

Lesson 7                Create more web pages,                     Starter: Reviewing    Teacher resource5.ppt     Reviewing the
Creating more           based on your plans,                       home pages and the    Teacher resource8.ppt     pages.
web pages               combining text, images and                 use of links          Hswanim2.gif
                        sounds.                                    Creating the pages.   One.css
                        Format the pages                           Plenary: Sharing      Two.ccs
                        automatically.                             examples.             Three.css
                        Refine your pages for                                            Four.css
                        publication to a wider                                           Pupil resource6.doc
May need to             Continue from lesson 7                                                                     Reviewing the
extra lesson                                                                                                       pages.
Lesson 8                Complete the website.                      Starter: Revising     Teacher resource5.ppt     Setting
Completing and          Devise and use criteria to                 definitions of key    Teacher resource9.ppt     personal
evaluating the          evaluate and refine the                    vocabulary.           Hswanim2.gif              targets
project                 website.                                   Completing the        One.css
                        Check that your pages are                  pages and creating    Two.ccs
                        suitable for publication to a              the website.          Three.css
                        wider audience.                            Plenary: Evaluating   Four.css
                                                                   the unit.             Pupil resource6.doc
Unit 8.1 Public Information Systems – 4 weeks
Lesson 1           To be able to interpret data   Starter: Revising                      Sensors answers.doc       More work on
Revising           from a data logger.            sensors.                               Chartwiz.ppt              sensors
datalogging,       To create an appropriate       Interpreting data from                 Sensors.doc
sensors and        graph from live data from      a datalogger.                          Helpfile.ppt
data               the data logger.               Revising graphing
representation     To be able to identify         software.
                   sensors used in everyday       Displaying data
                   situations .                   graphically.
                                                  Plenary: Reviewing
                                                  how information is
Lesson 2           Consider why different         Starter: Considering                   Import text.ppt           Different ways
Using and          forms of data are presented    data from a remote                     Hourly.txt                of displaying
displaying live    in different ways.             source.                                Hourly temp.txt           data
data               Identify key features of a     Importing a data file
                   public information system.     into the spreadsheet
                                                  and presenting as a
                                                  Importing, selecting
                                                  and displaying data
                                                  Plenary: Reviewing
                                                  how information is
Lesson 3           Consider audience when         Starter: Identifying                   Suggested answers.doc     Graphing
Planning and       planning a public              information needs of                   Pastespecial.ppt          information
creating a         information system.            different users.                       Lesson3.xls
simple public      Describe input, process and Information for a                         Lesson3a.xls
information        output components of a         specific audience.                     Weather information.doc
system             public information system.     Planning a public                      System.doc
                                                  information system.
                                                  How to use ICT to
                                                  set up an information
                                                  Creating a basic
                                                  information system.
                                                  Plenary: Checking
                                                  understanding of
                                                  displaying data.
Lesson 4           Explain why it is important    Starter: Illustrating                  Lesson3.xls               Homework:
Automating         for the ‘input’, ‘process’ and automation in a                        Webquery.ppt              Describing the
processes in a     ‘output’ cells to display the  spreadsheet.                           Webquery2.ppt             information
simple             new data automatically         Demonstrating how                      Lesson.xls                system
information                                       to use a web query.
system                                            Using a web query to
                                                  create an information
                                                  automated processes
                                                  in an information
                                                  understanding of

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                          page 11

                                                                  Plenary: Checking
                                                                  understanding of the
                                                                  web query.
Lesson 5               Evaluate the public                        Starter: Evaluation of    Lesson5.pps              More
Meeting the            information system                         the system                Lesson5.xls              automated
needs of the           considering the needs of                   developed.                URL.ppt                  processes
user                   the audience.                              How to make the           Webquery3.ppt
                       Review and modify the                      system easier to use.     Lesson5.xls
                       public information system in               Modifying the system
                       light of evaluation.                       to make it easier to
                       Explain the advantages and                 use.
                       disadvantages of                           Modifying the system
                       automating a public                        to suit the user.
                       information system.                        Plenary: Reviewing
                                                                  the system.
Goal Test
Unit 8.4 Modelling – 5 weeks
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5

Lesson            Objectives                                      Outline                   Resources                Homework
Year 9
Unit 9.0 File Management – 2 weeks
Lesson 1          Revise why networks are                         Starter: Check pupil's    9.0 les1 starter.ppt     Network terms
                  used.                                           knowledge of
                  Recognise the need for                          networks.                 file management.ppt
                  considerate use of a                            Demonstrate good
                  network.                                        file management.
                  Manage allocated space                          Demonstrate
                  effectively.                                    compression
                  Use file compression                            software.
                  software.                                       Pupils use file
                                                                  Plenary: Affect of file
                                                                  compression on
                                                                  school system
                                                                  Homework: network
Lesson 2               Revise use of my computer.                 Starter: Check pupil's    9.0 les2 filetypes.doc   File types
                       Recognise the need for                     knowledge of my
                       considerate use of                         computer and
                       resources.                                 mydocuments.
                       Recognise different file                   Demonstrate use of
                       types.                                     folders, views, file
                                                                  types and printing.
                                                                  Demonstrate use of
                                                                  screen grab pro.
                                                                  Pupils use screen
                                                                  Plenary: Discussion
                                                                  of file types and file
                                                                  Homework : file types
Unit 9.1 Planning with Mind Genius – 2 weeks
Lesson 1          Look at how we go about                         Starter: What is a        System life cycle.pub    Stages of a
Planning a        starting a project.                             project.                  Planning mindmap.ymap    project
project           Plan the outline of a project.                  What methods could
                  Use software to help plan a                     be used to plan it.
                  project.                                        Demonstration of
                                                                  Practical work using
                                                                  Plenary: Reviewing
                                                                  the learning.
Lesson 2               What to include in your                    Starter: What is good     A good project.ppt       Good
Presenting a           project.                                   presentaion.                                       presentation
project                How to improve                             How can you
                       presentation.                              improve presentaion.

238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                             page 12

                        Use software to help     Demonstration of
                        present your project.    Screengrab.
                                                 Using features of
                                                 word to inprove
                                                 Plenary: Reviewing
                                                 the learning.
Unit 8.5 Managing a Project – St Egbert’s School – 12 weeks
Lesson 1          Look at a system such as a     Starter: Looking at      Teacher resource1.ppt       Input, process,
Introduction to   pelican crossing and           systems                  Teacher resource2.doc       output
the unit:         identify an input, process     Sequencing events.       Pupil resource1.ppt
Systems and       and output.                    Plenary: Reviewing
Planning          To be able to explain what     the learning.
                  a system is
                  Use a flowchart to
                  represent a system
                  Use a timeline to plan an
Lesson 1          Identify the components of     Starter: Brainstorm a    Pupil resource2.doc         Considering
continued         a project.                     charity event.           Lesson1contd.ppt            costs
Introduction to   Plan the outline of a project. Introducing the          Pupil resource3.doc
the unit:                                        event.
Feasibility study                                Creating a mindmap.
for a system                                     Plenary: Reviewing
                                                 the learning.
Lesson 2          Interpret data from a data     Starter: Thinking        Teacher resource3.ppt       Reviewing the
Modelling the     file.                          about the finances of    Pupil resource5.xls         model and
finances          Identify data types.           the project.             Teacher resource4.xls       suggesting
                  Create a simple model with     Selecting data.          Lesson2evidence.doc         improvements
                  a spreadsheet.                 Constructing a
                  Annotate a spreadsheet         model.
                  model to explain any           Plenary: Reflecting
                  decisions made.                on progress.
Lesson 3          Identify relevant data.        Starter: Identifying     Teacher resource 5.ppt      System life
Developing the    Use relevant data to           the required data.       Amstead website             cycle and your
financial model   develop a financial model      Developing the           Teacher resource6.xls       financial model l
                  Enter appropriate formulae     financial model.
                  into the financial model.      Plenary: Reporting
                  Use the financial model to     the feasibility of the
                  test predictions.              system.
                  Produce a report to explain
                  the feasibility of the
                  financial model.
Lesson 4          Recognise the uses of          Starter: Control in      Teacher resource7.ppt       Starting to
Using control     control in everyday life.      real life                Pupil resource8 and 9.doc   draft the report
systems to        Recognise the advantages       Conditions in the        Pupil resource10.doc
automate a        and disadvantages of           greenhouse.              Teacher resource
process           human and computer             Using control            grnhouse.flo
                  control.                       software to regulate
                  Recognise the differences      the temperature in
                  between analogue and           the greenhouse.
                  digital sensors.               Plenary: Controlling
                  Interpret a flowchart that     the greenhouse.
                  demonstrates how
                  temperature in a
                  greenhouse can be
                  Modify a flowchart to show
                  how light can be controlled
                  in the greenhouse.
Lesson 5          Explain how a control          Starter: Controlling     Teacher resource8.ppt       Developing the
Programming       system responds to             the greenhouse.          Pupil resorce12.doc         solution light
and testing the   changing conditions.           Developing the           Pupil resource13.doc        level
solution          Design and test a system to control system              Pupil resource14.doc
                  monitor and control the        Frequency of             Teacher resource
                  temperature, light,            sensing.                 grnhouse.flo
                  ventilation and water level    Plenary: Improving
                  in a greenhouse.               the efficiency of the
                  Use sequences of               system.
                  instructions and sensors
                  Recognise that the
                  conditions in a greenhouse
                  need to be constantly

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                             page 13

                        Use feedback loops to
                        constantly check the
                        greenhouse conditions.
                        Recognise that different
                        systems need different
                        sampling rates for their
Lesson 6                Define the meaning of key                  Starter: Keywords       Teacher resource11.ppt   System life
Extending the           vocabulary for control.                    Refining the control    Lesson 6 starter.doc     cycle and the
control system          Make the control system for                system.                 Pupil resource16.doc     greenhouse
                        a greenhouse more                          Programming the                                  control system
NB may need             efficient.                                 final system.
extra lesson            Report on the feasibility of               Plenary: Reporting
just to work on         the system.                                on the feasibility of
developing              Record what we have done                   the system.
control system.         at each stage of the system
                        life cycle for the control
Lesson 7                Identify the most suitable                 Starter: Marketing      Teacher resource12.ppt   Documenting
Marketing the           marketing media for specific               methods.                Pupil resource18.doc     the system
product                 products.                                  Targeting               Pupil resource5.xls
                        Recognise that advertising                 advertisements.
                        needs to be targeted to                    What data should
                        particular groups or                       companies be able to
                        individuals.                               keep?
                        Use information from the                   Developing the data
                        data file to create direct                 file.
                        mail.                                      Plenary: What
                        Explore the impact of                      information is being
                        electronic databases on                    held about us?
                        commercial practice.
                        Recognise the potential for
                        misuse of personal data.
                        Develop a data file for a
                        specific purpose.
                        Recognise data types and
                        understand why a database
                        is set up in this way.
Lesson 8                Recognise the need for a                   Starter: Key            Teacher13resource.ppt    Reviewing the
Developing a            corporate image                            characteristics of a    Pupil resource20.doc     publicity
marketing               Create a piece of                          corporate image.        Pupil resource 21.doc    materials
package                 advertising demonstrating                  Creating the            Publicity evaluation
                        corporate image,                           corporate image.        sheet.doc
NB may need             awareness of audience,                     Designing the
another lesson          fitness for purpose and                    publicity materials.
to continue             common forms and                           Plenary: Audience
creating advert         conventions.                               and fitness for
                        Evaluate our work justifying               purpose.
                        decisions against specific
Lesson 9                Modify and complete the                    Starter: Key words      Lesson9starter.ppt       Setting
Producing the           marketing material for the                 Completing the          (replaces22&23)          personal
project report          plant sale.                                marketing material.     Teacher resource14.ppt   targets
and analysis of         Create a report to the head                Preparing the final     Pupil resource24.doc
the result              teacher to include the                     report.
                        feasibility of setting up a                Plenary: Reviewing
                        charity garden center.                     the project.
                        Evaluate project using
                        appropriate criteria.
On line testing
Unit 9.1 Managing a Project – New Business – 12 weeks
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
Advertising web
Lesson 7
Advertising web

 238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                                                                           page 14

Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Security system
Lesson 11
Security system

238cc7d2-9ce7-4c58-945a-0be4c00f611d.doc                          page 15

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