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									Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject   Subject Formal Description           Academic Org   Academic Group
Aerospace                                                                                  02AEROSP          AEROS
                                           AES       Aerospace Studies
                                           Total     1
Art/Photography                                                                           02ARTPHOTO         ARTPH
                                           ADA       Advertising Arts
                                           ARH       Art Humanities
                                           ART       Art
                                           HUM       Humanities
                                           Total     4
Biology                                                                                    02BIOLOGY         BIOLO
                                           BIO       Biology
                                           Total     1
Business and Information Technology                                                        02BUSINFO         BUSIT
                                           ACC       Accounting
                                           BPC       Business-Personal Computers
                                           BTO       Business Technology for the Office
                                           CIS       Computer Information Systems
                                           COV       Covey
                                           CSM       Customer Service Management
                                           EPS       Entrepreneurial Studies
                                           GBS       General Business
                                           IBS       International Business
                                           ITS       Information Technology Security
                                           MGT       Management
                                           MKT       Marketing
                                           MST       Microsoft Technology
                                           OAS       Office Automation Systems
                                           OCS       Office Career Success
                                           REA       Real Estate
                                           SBS       Small Business Management
                                           SBU       Society and Business
                                           Total     18
Chemistry                                                                                   02CHEM           CHEMI
                                           CHM       Chemistry
                                           Total     1

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Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject   Subject Formal Description              Academic Org   Academic Group
Communication/World Language                                                                 02COMWLNG         COMWL
                                           CHI       Chinese
                                           COM       Communication
                                           FRE       French
                                           GER       German
                                           ITA       Italian
                                           JPN       Japanese
                                           LAT       Latin
                                           POR       Portuguese
                                           RUS       Russian
                                           SLG       Sign Language
                                           SPA       Spanish
                                           SPH       Spanish Humanities
                                           Total     12
Counseling                                                                                    02CNSLNG         COUNS
                                           AAA       Advancing Academic Achievement
                                           BHS       Behavioral Health Services Technology
                                           CPD       Counseling and Personal Development
                                           CWE       Career Work Experience
                                           Total     4
English/Reading/Journalism                                                                   02ENGRDJRN        ENGRD
                                           CRE       Critical Reading
                                           CRW       Creative Writing
                                           ENG       English
                                           ENH       English Humanities
                                           ESL       English as a Second Language
                                           JRN       Journalism
                                           MCO       Mass Communications
                                           NMS       New Media Studies
                                           RDG       Reading
                                           Total     9
Fitness and Wellness                                                                          02FITWEL          FITWE
                                           EXS       Exercise Science
                                           HES       Health Science
                                           PED       Physical Education
                                           REC       Recreation
                                           WED       Wellness Education
                                           Total     5

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Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject   Subject Formal Description       Academic Org   Academic Group
Library Media Center                                                                  02LIBMDCTR         LIBMC
                                           IFS       Information Studies
                                           LBS       Library Skills
                                           Total     2
Mathematics                                                                             02MATH          MATHE
                                           CSC       Computer Science
                                           MAT       Mathematics
                                           Total     2
Military Science                                                                        02MILSCI         MILSC
                                           MIS       Military Science
                                           Total     1
Nursing                                                                                02NURSING        NRSNG
                                           HCC       Health Core Curriculum
                                           HCR       Health Care Related
                                           NCE       Nursing: Continuing Education
                                           NUR       Nursing Science: Basic
                                           Total     4
Performing Arts                                                                       02PERFARTS         PRFAR
                                           DAH       Dance Humanities
                                           DAN       Dance
                                           MHL       Music: History/Literature
                                           MTC       Music: Theory/Composition
                                           MUC       Music: Commercial/Business
                                           MUE       Music: Education
                                           MUP       Music: Performance
                                           THE       Theatre
                                           THP       Theatre Performance/Production
                                           Total     9
Philosophy                                                                            02PHILSPHY         PHILO
                                           PHI       Philosophy
                                           REL       Religious Studies
                                           Total     2
Physical Science                                                                       02PHYSCI          PHYSC
                                           AST       Astronomy
                                           GLG       Geology
                                           PHS       Physical Science
                                           PHY       Physics
                                           Total     4

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Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject   Subject Formal Description                      Academic Org   Academic Group
Psychology                                                                                             02PSYCH          PSYCH
                                           PSY       Psychology
                                           Total     1
Public Safety Science                                                                                02PUBSAFSC         PUBSA
                                           AGB       Agribusiness
                                           AGL       Agricultural Landscape
                                           AGS       Agricultural Science
                                           AJS       Administration of Justice
                                           ANS       Animal Science
                                           AUT       Automotive Technology
                                           DPR       Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response
                                           EMT       Emergency Medical Technology
                                           FSC       Fire Science Technology
                                           LEO       Law Enforcement Operations
                                           TTD       Truck Trailer Driving
                                           Total     11
Social Science                                                                                        02SOCSCI         SOCSC
                                           AIS       American Indian Studies
                                           ASB       Anthropology (Soc/Behv. Science)
                                           ASM       Anthropology (Science/Math)
                                           ECN       Economics
                                           EDU       Education
                                           GCU       Cultural Geography
                                           GPH       Physical Geography
                                           HIS       History
                                           LDR       Leadership
                                           POS       Political Science
                                           SOC       Sociology
                                           SSH       Sustainability/Social Sciences and Humanities
                                           SUS       Sustainability/Natural Sciences
                                           SWU       Social Work
                                           WST       Women's Studies
                                           Total     15

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Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject   Subject Formal Description                    Academic Org   Academic Group
Technology and Consumer Sciences                                                                     02TECH           TECNO
                                           AEN       Alternative Energy
                                           AET       Aeronautics
                                           BLT       Building Safety and Construction Technology
                                           CAD       Computer Aided Drafting
                                           CET       Civil Engineering Technology
                                           CFS       Child/Family Studies
                                           CNT       Cisco Network Technology
                                           CUL       Culinary Arts
                                           DFT       Drafting Technology
                                           ECE       Engineering Science
                                           ECH       Early Childhood Education
                                           EEC       Endorsement for Early Childhood
                                           EED       Early Education
                                           EEE       Electrical Engineering
                                           EEP       Early Education Professions
                                           ELC       Electricity
                                           ELT       Electronics Technology
                                           ENV       Environmental Sciences
                                           FCS       Family and Consumer Science
                                           FON       Food and Nutrition
                                           GTC       General Technology
                                           HEC       Management, Consumerism and General
                                           INT       Interior Design
                                           ITD       Infant Toddler Development
                                           MIT       Manufacturing Industry Technology
                                           NET       Networking Technology
                                           TCM       Telecommunications
                                           TEC       Textiles and Clothing
                                           VPT       Video Production Technology
                                           WLD       Welding Technology
                                           Total     30
All Divisions                                                                                       02GCCALL         GCCALL
                                           ABA       Arizona Builders Alliance
                                           ABC       Associated Builders and Contractors
                                           ACT       Aircraft Construction Technologies
                                           AFR       African American Studies
                                           AHU       Arabic Humanities
                                           AIR       Airline Operations
All Divisions                                                                                       02GCCALL         GCCALL

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Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject   Subject Formal Description                Academic Org   Academic Group
                                           AMS       Automated Manufacturing Systems
                                           AMT       Aircraft Maintenance Technology
                                           AMX       American Express
                                           ANH       Animal Health
                                           APT       Automotive Performance Technology
                                           ARB       Arabic
                                           ARC       Architecture
                                           ASD       Addictions and Substance Use Disorders
                                           ATC       Air Traffic Controllers
                                           ATP       Automation Technology
                                           AUD       Audiology Assistant
                                           AVT       Avionics Technology
                                           AZG       Arizona Government University
                                           BKL       Bricklaying: Apprenticeship
                                           CAT       Complementary and Alternative Therapies
                                           CCE       Court Reporting Continuing Education
                                           CCS       Chicana and Chicano Studies
                                           CCT       Corporate Computer Technology
                                           CDA       Clinical Dental Assisting
                                           CDH       Community Dental Health
                                           CHA       Community Health Advocate
                                           CHD       Chemical Dependency
                                           CIA       Crime and Intelligence Analysis
                                           CNS       Construction
                                           CON       Concrete Apprenticeship
                                           CPS       Center for Public Service
                                           CRA       Clinical Research Associate
                                           CRC       Clinical Research Coordinating
                                           CRP       Carpentry: Apprenticeship
                                           CSI       Credit Service Industry
                                           CSP       Clinical Specimen Processing
                                           CSR       Customer Service Representative
                                           CTE       Career and Technical Education
                                           CTP       Computer Transaction Processing
                                           CTR       Court Reporting
                                           CTT       Caterpillar Technician Training
                                           DAE       Dental Assisting Education
                                           DCP       Direct Care Provider
All Divisions                                                                                   02GCCALL         GCCALL
                                           DHE       Dental Hygiene Education

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Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject   Subject Formal Description           Academic Org   Academic Group
                                           DIE       Diesel/Heavy Equipment Technology
                                           DMI       Diagnostic Medical Imaging
                                           DMS       Diagnostic Medical Sonography
                                           ECT       Electronic Courtroom Technology
                                           EDA       Education of Adult Learners
                                           EDM       Education Montessori
                                           EDS       Education Support Services
                                           EEG       Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
                                           EFE       Education Field Experiences
                                           ELA       Electrician: Apprenticeship
                                           ELE       Electronic
                                           ELN       eLearning
                                           EPD       Education Professional Development
                                           EQS       Equine Science
                                           ESS       Employment Support Systems
                                           ETL       Excellence/Teaching/Learning
                                           EUT       Electric Utility Technology
                                           FAC       Facilities Management
                                           FIN       Financial Planning
                                           FLA       Foreign Language Acquisition
                                           FOR       Forensic Science
                                           FPA       Fiduciary Practices in Arizona
                                           FPT       Forensic Pathology Technology
                                           FUS       Future Studies
                                           GAM       Gaming Management
                                           GCO       Golf Course Operations
                                           GLO       Global Citizenship
                                           GLZ       Glazing: Apprenticeship
                                           GRK       Greek
                                           GRN       Gerontology
                                           HBR       Hebrew
                                           HCE       Health Care Education
                                           HCS       Hospital Central Service
                                           HEB       Hebrew
                                           HEO       Heavy Equipment Operation
                                           HFA       Heat and Frost Technology
                                           HIM       Health Information Management
All Divisions                                                                              02GCCALL         GCCALL
                                           HIP       Home Inspection Program
                                           HIR       Home Improvement Retail

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Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject   Subject Formal Description                       Academic Org   Academic Group
                                           HST       Histologic Technology
                                           HLP       Health Professions
                                           HLR       Health Related
                                           HMT       Hazardous Materials Technology
                                           HRM       Hotel Restaurant Management
                                           HSA       Human Services Administration
                                           HSE       Health Services Education
                                           HSM       Health Service Management
                                           HUC       Health Unit Coordinating
                                           HVA       Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
                                           ICE       Imaging Continuing Education
                                           IEC       Independent Electrical Contractors
                                           IGS       Integrated Studies
                                           IMC       Interstate Mechanical Contractors
                                           IND       Industry
                                           INV       Innovation
                                           IPP       Interpreter Preparation Program
                                           IRW       Ironworking: Apprenticeship
                                           ISS       Interdisciplinary Science Studies
                                           ITH       Italian Humanities
                                           JAS       Justice and Government Agencies Administration
                                           JCI       Johnson Controls Institute
                                           JUD       Judicial Studies
                                           LAS       Paralegal Studies
                                           LBA       Laboratory Assisting
                                           LBT       Library Technology
                                           LET       Law Enforcement Technology
                                           LRS       Leadership Skills
                                           LST       Labor Studies
                                           MAE       Media Arts and Entertainment
                                           MAS       Medical Assisting
                                           MCM       Mediation and Conflict Management
                                           MDL       Medical Laboratory Science
                                           MEC       Mechanical Apprenticeship
                                           MET       Manufacturing Technology
                                           MMT       Multimedia Technology
All Divisions                                                                                          02GCCALL         GCCALL
                                           MRT       Medical Radiography/Radiologic Technology
                                           MSP       Mortuary Science Program
                                           MTR       Medical Transcription

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Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject   Subject Formal Description                     Academic Org   Academic Group
                                           MWR       Millwright: Apprenticeship
                                           NAV       Navajo
                                           NMT       Nuclear Medicine Technology
                                           NSO       New Student Orientation
                                           NUC       Nuclear Medicine Technology
                                           NVH       Navajo Humanities
                                           OSH       Occupational Safety and Health
                                           PAD       Public Administration
                                           PAR       Paralegal Studies
                                           PCM       Plastering/Cementing: Apprenticeship
                                           PFT       Plumbing/Pipefitting: Apprenticeship
                                           PGR       Professional Growth
                                           PHT       Pharmacy Technology
                                           PIM       Pima
                                           PLB       Phlebotomy
                                           PNT       Painting/Decorating: Apprenticeship
                                           PON       PeriOperative Nursing
                                           PPT       Power Plant Technology
                                           PRM       Property Management
                                           PSC       Public Safety Communication
                                           PSG       Polysomnographic Technology
                                           PTA       Physical Therapy Assisting
                                           QCT       Quality Control Technology
                                           RBT       Robotics Technology
                                           RES       Respiratory Care
                                           ROF       Roofing: Apprenticeship
                                           RPT       Radiation Protection Technician
                                           RTR       Realtime Reporting
                                           RTT       Radiation Therapy Technology
                                           RVT       Recreational Vehicle Technology
                                           SCT       Sustainability/Career and Technical
                                           SEM       Secondary Basic Emergency Medical Technology
                                           SFS       Secondary Fire Science Technology
                                           SGT       Surgical Technology
                                           SLC       Studies in Language and Culture
All Divisions                                                                                        02GCCALL         GCCALL
                                           SLP       Speech Language Pathology
                                           SMI       Severe Mental Illness
                                           SML       Sheet Metal: Apprenticeship
                                           SMT       Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Technology

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Glendale Division Codes
Division                                   Subject         Subject Formal Description         Academic Org   Academic Group
                                           STO             Storytelling
                                           SUN             SundtCorp
                                           TCA             Tribal Court Advocacy
                                           TDR             Trade Related
                                           TLT             Telecommunications Technology
                                           TQM             Total Quality Management
                                           TRS             Translation and Interpretation
                                           TVL             Travel Agent Technology
                                           UCS             Utilities Customer Service
                                           VRT             Virtual Reality Technologies
                                           WAC             Writing Across Curriculum
                                           WFR             Workforce Re-Entry
                                           WKO             Work Orientation
                                           WRT             Water Resource Technology
                                           WWM             Water/Wastewater Management
                                           YAQ             Yaqui Indian History and Culture
                                           Total           178
                                           Overall Total   314

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