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					U of W Career Night – Kinesiology

                Barb Herda BPE, CEP

 Employed                        Self-employed (entrepreneur)
 –   Need more opportunities –    –   More responsibilities – GST,
                                      payroll, T4, T4As, etc.
     Reh-Fit, Wellness
     Institute, Rady Centre,      –   RSP
     CORE Training &              –   Health insurance
     Therapy, WRHA                –   Liability insurance
 –   Our professionals could      –   Rent, hydro, gas, water
     be in many other settings    –   $20000-$80000+ (if have
     – hospitals, community           employees making money for
     centres, etc.                    you, etc.)
                                  –   Fitness classes - $20-30/hr

 Kinesiology/Exercise Science degree minimum
 CSEP – minimum of CPT (Certified Personal
 Trainer) – can be done via UofW
 CSEP – CEP (Certified Exercise Physiologist)
 – see Enid Brown
 Others to consider:
  –   NCCP Coaching certifications
  –   CPR, First Aid
Personal Characteristics

 People skills – non-          Role model – active,
 judgemental                   eating habits, etc.
 Your vs. clients definition   Enjoy creating programs
 of fitness                    – avoid “cookie cutter”
 Get involved – try many       approach
 sports, workout regimes,      Enjoy trouble-shooting –
 etc.                          helping clients make
                               active lifestyles work for
Job Description
 Program planner         Organization skills
 Trouble-shooter         Public speaking
 Personal coach          Teacher – run
 Purchasing equipment    workshops, clinics
 Facility layout         Administrator – business
 Equipment repair &      cards, letterhead,
 maintenance             business plan, etc.
 Not a 9am-5pm job       Fitness instructor
 Media – tv, newspaper
Positive Aspects

 Rarely sit at desk
 Meet new people
 Developing different programs
 Going to conferences
 You are your own boss (self-employed)
 Network with other professions – RD, AT,
 physicians, naturopaths, etc.
Negative Aspects

 Administrative – GST, income tax,
 saving/organizing receipts, payroll, T4, T4As,
 making own appointments and NOT double-
 booking yourself!, etc.
Other information

 Join MEPA – our profession needs one voice
 Avoid burn-out – take care of yourself
 Volunteer – get yourself known
 Keep current (professional journals, conferences, etc.)
 Business with another? – get everything in writing
 Enjoy, be creative – this is an incredible field that has
 not even begun to realize its potential

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